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Balancing Life as a Full-Time Working Mom | Chelsea Hansen

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Video taken from the channel: Chessa Kali


How to balance motherhood [& work, marriage and everything else.]

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work life balance advice from a full-time working mama

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Full Time Working Mom Morning Routine 2020 | Realistic Productive Working Mom Tips

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Career moms vs. stay-at-home moms

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Some other moms define balance as being able to work a few days a week. They may have not have to be or want to be the breadwinner and can afford to work part-time so that they can keep their foot in their career door, go to wor. There’s some criticism that work life balance simply doesn’t exist. The theory is that being a mom is too chaotic, messy and sporadic to ever get a grip on things. There will always be more diapers to change, more laundry to fold, and more homework to check.

One of the hardest things about working when you’re a mom is being able to figure out how you’re supposed to balance your time. If you have a partner to share your responsibilities with than it can be a little easier. However the reality is that a lot of full-time jobs simply don’t fit well around the schedule of a child. You can find balance in life as a work at home mom.

It takes intention, practice, and discipline, but it truly can be done. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself a bit whether it is in getting tools and supplies, an education, or the hands on help you know you can benefit from. Jennifer Jackson, Julian (15), Ariana (13), Jason (16) Courtesy. “Most working moms struggle to find work-life balance, and we are often left feeling like it is zero-sum game in which 100% is being shared and the balance is found in some sort of 50/50 split.

This is a game we all end up losing, and it is never 50/50. Local mom blogs, such as Working Moms Against Guilt, are a great way to reach out to others trying to find the same work-home balance. 3 of 13 Applications.

We’ve learned from lockdown what really matters at work—and what’s not worth returning to. By Meredith Bodgas posted Aug 24th, 2020 Office closures have taught white-collar working moms that they probably didn’t need to make. Being a working mom is hard and finding balance is always a challenge. We spoke with one working mom who has managed to perfectly balance her work life and family life while doing something she loves. Now she’s helping other moms to follow her path.

Lisa, a mother of 3, was hesitant to go back to a 9-5 job when her youngest child started school. How to Find Balance as a Mother. Since becoming a mother I have been chasing the seemingly impossible dream of a balanced lifestyle. I’ve been a full-time working mom, a part-time working mom, a bring-your-child-to-part-time-work mom, a stay-at-home mom, a self-employed work-at-home mom, a telecommuting work-at-home mom and for the most part some combination of.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards. For many new moms, they feel there is an expectation at work to act as though nothing has changed. Today, Working Mother, FairyGodBoss, ScaryMommy, and.

List of related literature:

It can be hard for working mothers to find the necessary balance of work and play in their lives when they come home to a set of chores and responsibilities.

“The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need” by Stephanie A. Silberman, Charles M. Morin
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What works for most people is balance—all kinds of balance, but balance between work and family is a good place to start.

“What Works for Women at Work: Four Patterns Working Women Need to Know” by Joan C. Williams, Rachel Dempsey, Anne-Marie Slaughter
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If you are working as hard as he is to bring home a paycheck, the responsibilities should be shared in the home.

“The Power of a Praying® Wife” by Stormie Omartian
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For families, the work-family balance issue is heavily weighted on two factors: Do both partners work, and are there children in the family?

“Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society” by Robert W. Kolb
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A working mother from Milwaukee spoke for thousands of women when she wrote: “Between balancing home and work and job, you always feel like you are doing four things at one time.

“It Takes a Village” by Hillary Rodham Clinton
from It Takes a Village
by Hillary Rodham Clinton
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If what you decide will affect your spouse’s daily routine but not yours (perhaps a decision will mean that your spouse is going to have to spend extra hours each week shuttling your child around), give your spouse more say.

“The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting” by Laurence D. Steinberg
from The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting
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The total work burden was rarely equally balanced between the parents when both partners worked for pay outside the home.

“Handbook of Family Communication” by Anita L. Vangelisti
from Handbook of Family Communication
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There are some things you may not know that can help you get a lot more comfortable with being a working parent—they’ve certainly helped us.

“Getting to 50/50: How Working Parents Can Have It All” by Sharon Meers, Joanna Strober
from Getting to 50/50: How Working Parents Can Have It All
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It is possible for parents to both work and care!

“Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession” by Ruth A. Lawrence, MD, Robert M. Lawrence, MD
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Creating a situation wherein mom can be available is trickier as our societal construction of work/life/family balance has not changed in any substantial way since the breadwinner/homemaker model was developed within the growth of the middle class.

“Raising the Race: Black Career Women Redefine Marriage, Motherhood, and Community” by Riché J. Daniel Barnes
from Raising the Race: Black Career Women Redefine Marriage, Motherhood, and Community
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  • It’s really hard to be a working mom. It’s great that you are able to manage it ��❤️ Nice video by the way ������ love it!!
    New subbie here. Hope we can support each other ��

  • i hate depending on people,what if one day he leaves you or cheats on you
    because u have no where to go,you just suck it up or beg him to take you back

  • Hey there! I have a question I’d love input on. My wife and I are about to have a newborn and the doctor tells us they strongly recommend the Tdap shot for my wife and anyone who will be in close contact with our newborn.

    The thing is.. we can’t force people to get the shot. Just curious what you did with your little ones? I had the shot in 2017 so we think I’m good. My wife is definitely getting it. But we live with my Dad and his girlfriend and they don’t seem worried about getting it.

    Which I’m kinda ok with as long as they wash their hands and all that before being around our little guy and holding him. But I don’t know if that’s being stupid and reckless or not.

    Any advice would be great so I can at least try and get another perspective �� Thank you!

  • So while you sit on your judgmental asses, bitching about working mothers; there’s WORKING MOTHERS who are in the medical field working on the front lines of the coronavirus! So F-U

  • My opinion is being a sahm is great until something in the marriage goes wrong. Sorry to be negative but its true women have to be prepared to possibly be financially independent in the future no matter how good you think your marriage is

  • Thank you for this video! I’m a single mom to my 3 year old daughter. I too work as a manager in a corporate restaurant. My hours are insane and unfortunately rarely the same every week. I am off work either at 9pm or I close where I get off around 12:30 at night.

  • Hi Bri. How many mins or hours do you drive going to and from work? I get exhausted by the drive, it added extra effort and stress in my daily activity. Any advise? Thanks. All is well!:)

  • Balance is an ideology that we try to get close to as possible. For me “balance” is when you give yourself time to DO YOU. Wonderful video. I totally get what you mean.

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  • Great video! You’re extremely relatable to us mommas that wear many hats. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve subscribed to your channel so I can see more videos!

  • I think it’s better if women had full time jobs like their husbands and they both do their fair share of housework. If we just let the husband work his ass off outside of home while the wife stays at home, the husband is just going to get taxed more on his income.

  • so glad i came across your video im a mom to be 2months pregnant going back to school in September already driving me crazy how im going to balance school and time with the baby and my husband but please definitely keep.making more videos i feel so motivated ❤, and if you have facebook or any kind of social media id like to.add you as well!!

  • I know this is old, but this is so helpful. I am 22 and trying to have a baby now. I work an hour away as a bank teller (once I hit full time it will be those 8-5 hours). It’s gonna be soo hard, but I have to work & I want a family. New subbie! ��

  • That’s an excuse for being able to sit home chitchat on the phone to their girlfriends or go and watch days of our lives while stuff in their ass to get fatter. I want to skinny girl that has a good job that’s willing to work and has something going for herself. Not a fat lazy bitch with kids that lays on her ass all day

  • Wow you have such a nice office, especially for someone with your title! That’s awesome, you really must do much more than your title implies

  • I think that if your work is more importiant than your Kids you should not have any Kids. If you can og it is possible you should stay home with Them. I am a house wife with 5 children. I live in Europe but I dont know the laws in the US for What is possible for women there

  • Shout out to all working mommas������ is even harder���� TFS your day., gorgeous I’m so happy I got to see this ������ also a working mom here ������ New Friend here giving some support to your channel I hope we can connect ��✅��✅

  • So happy I found your channel new subbie here ❤️❤️ you are ROCKING it all! I can relate sooo hard to not getting my eyeliner to match �� noticed lots of similarities in our morning routines I just uploaded my routine to my channel; hope you’ll check it out!

  • All women need is her own money independent money
    Why not create a business or job with which you can have money while being with childrens

  • The idea of having children and then farming them out to someone else to raise seems completely ridiculous to me. Why bother having children at all?

  • moms who dont stay at home with the kids, take care of the home etc are selfish evil people, if you cant afford it, DONT have kids.. only a husband and a wife should have kids, and then the husband takes care of the family financially

  • I plan on keeping my career. I also plan on having one child. I don’t believe having a child means either parent needs to give up their career. The most well-adjusted family out of all of my relatives would be my father’s older sister, her husband, and their 3 boys. That’s also the only family unit in our extended family where both parents worked through their whole adult lives (both as professors).

  • Staying at home with children is very important I hated leaving my daughter it pained me and when I was staying at home with her I enjoyed the time spent but I was broke. If I had a supportive husband who could provide for us I woulda have gladly stayed at home and by age three I would have went back to school full time only then I would have stated working when my kid was five. I feel like that would have been a great balance bc I could have still worked on myself while being there for my kid. These past two years have been rough going to school full time and working par-time long traveling ours and no days off. I envy the fact that some women had a choice to work. I had no help from the other parent it was tough!!!!!

  • Here’s an unpopular opinion.Men should provide and protect the family and women should stay home and look after the house and kids while the father is at work,women are much better at looking after children than men because of their maternal instinct and women are just biogically more caring than men.

  • Stay at home mom’s dont have it all. I’m not even allowed to take 3 days to myself to go to Oregon for some whale watching because it’ll be selfish of me to leave my kids. Yet my husband goes hunting or fishing for a week without calling or coming home. I apparently dont have a real job because I make no money, but I work inside and on my 11acres of land. He works a 9-5 job. So no, stay at home mom’s dont get it all.

  • Men don’t have these questions posed to them because job or title is essential to male respect and identity in our society. Men HAVE to work. Women can if they want it but like this discussion they could stay home also.

  • I took executive assistant in school but couldn’t find a job in it that I liked. That’s awesome you work at a winery! I can relate so much to this video. I’m a working mom too. What audiobooks do you listen to?
    Thanks for sharing!��❤

  • As always your words makes so much sense. ☀️

    Also, the cup of coffee youtubers always hold in their hand, why does it look soooo yummy? ��

  • It’s hard being a parent. period. Why must we constantly argue over this shit? At the end of the day, we all doing what we believe is best for our children. There’s never going to be the perfect parent. This is not a real issue. This is the definition of division within the community. It’s not just about women but dads out there too, are constantly feeling the need to justify and get so much validation. Instead, all we’re doing is tearing each other down.

  • It would be ideal if women didn’t have to carry a baby for 9 months, it would be ideal if she didn’t have to breastfeed the baby. But we don’t live in such a world. It’s thus the woman’s job to look after the baby. Nature intended for you to be the caregivers.

  • Being a Mom is hard and trying on a marriage even in the best situations. All of us struggle to find balance but if you have young kids let your youngest get to age 7 and that’s where I’d say things look up.:) I am starting over so my oldest is 10 years old and I’m pregnant again but we had 3 awesome years from age 7-10 where we were able to get back in to having a marriage again where we could get a sitter and go out and carve out more us time. Hope this helps, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.:) Just get through those 7 years.:)

  • Your videos have been such a help to me as I navigate life as a first time mom to a baby who is almost exactly Wilson’s age ❤️ thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • I am a brand new first time mom of a one month old and I’ve been watching your videos since I was in the middle of my pregnancy. You have been incredibly helpful and reassuring. You seem to post exactly what I need when I need it! You are so beautiful, well spoken, and thank you so much for sticking with everything that you are helps motivate me to do it too.

  • I recently found your channel and have been binge watching! I have twin boys who will turn 1 tomorrow and I’ll be back to work in less than two weeks. I live in Canada so I was lucky enough to have a year long paid maternity leave off with my boys but I’m all kinds of emotional about going back to work.
    I work in HR as well and all your work/mommy life videos have been so inspirational and motivating! Thank you for these, you’re a rockstar working mama!!

  • Let’s look at it from a historic perspective “Hunters” men. “Gathers” women. A little later “farmers” men & women. A little later “factory worker” men & women. A little later “employee” men, “housewife” women. Where did it went wrong? Women worked just like men throughout history, but somewhere along the line it was okay for them to be lazy, and spend the entire day at home.

  • I love u! So true what you said about not looking for validation from other people. I’m now 30 and it’s something I love about getting older! I care sooo much less about validation from others. I feel more free and real and my honest true self. I remember when I was a teenager and in my twenties… exauuuusting how much I used to put my value in the hands of other people. I still care more than I would like, but at least now I know where to search. In myself, not in others!

  • Love your videos. I am a full time student and mom of two boys so ur videos have been helpful. Would you mind sharing the kind of dinners you have. Thank you��

  • If we’re financially well, I’d rather be a business mum/working mum than bein dependent.. It’s ma’ choice.. It’s not bein selfish cuz both u and ur husband will be responsible for raisin’ kids.. Nurturing & takin care of da’ kids is not solely a women’s job.. You just have to multi-task.. Y’all know quality is more important than quantity..

  • Am a mum of now 3 months and your videos makes me feel better. I used to cry coz I had no idea of how to get things in order. thank you Jess. continue doing this.

  • Omg! My Zoe has been soooo clingy this week! She turns two in two weeks. How old is Emma!? Wish I could see her sweet face!!! But I understand! Was this all one day?! Or did it go into the next day?! Great video!!! ♥️

  • Hey, Jess! I just came across your videos! It’s crazy to me that you think you aren’t amazing at all of the things you listed because we all watch you and we are like “DANG! She does it all!” Seriously grace and love shine through your videos! I bet you are the most AMAZING mom! Thank you for sharing all of this with us!

  • Thanks for such an honest video Jess! I love your content and being a sister in Christ, I love your Christian perspective too. Keep it up Xx

  • My advice: when you get home from work, try and do as much as you can before you sit down! When I walk in the door, I put away my work bag, start soaking bottles to wash, prep coffee for tomorrow morning, start anything with dinner, etc. It’s amazing how much you can get done with that last bit of energy when you walk in the door.

  • Something I noticed that might help your routine more, maybe buying an extra seat for the person picking up your children. Then you can leave yours in the car.

    I have a seat, my partner has a seat and also my brother keeps a seat at his house in case of emergencies when my partners is away for work and I’m running late:)

    Love your video, thank you

  • I love how everyone talk endless about moms should stay at home or work but not talking about father. Like he doesnt even exist…or he didnt involve the situation. Funny.

  • Men don’t have maternal instincts or patience to raise children generally their mind wanders and can do basic house tasks but can’t do it all. I tested this with my husband the house would be cleaned but children would be ignored he even once was on the verge of crying.

  • They need there mothe/ father. Parents if they can, need to raise there kids. No one can take care of your kids like you can. Especially during critical years of 1-3.

  • I love watching your videos thank you so much for being so real bc i have taken a lot of advice from your videos and feel more confident in my mom skills

  • I honestly find you so inspiring. I am current pregnant with my first baby and stressing about how I am going to get everything fitted in once baby comes. Seeing you accomplish so much makes me feel confident that I can do the same! Thanks xx

  • Stay at home moms are lazy twats who have rich husbands and refused to go back to work after their kids start school. It’s not a job title, so don’t put “stay at home mommy” as your job in Facebook. It’s not cute, you are unemployed…

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    nice day

  • Finally a working mom! Very rare indeed. Appreciate your advice. Since being home due to covid I’ve realized how I’ve stressed myself out with school/work mornings. Thanks for the tips!

  • This is �� true for me too as a work at home mama. I’m so glad you shared. Being with the kids 24/7 (homeschool) is a lot sometime. But fricken frozen waffles so I can drink my damn coffee and be in a good mood is PRIORITY numero uno fo sho!!

  • That is crap. I work 40+ hours a week as a single mother of three and my children have learned to be self reliant, appreciative, and successful children. They see me work hard and also mother them…they are well rounded and prepared children.

  • I find what ever puts a smile on your face. Children all they really care about is a healthy stable and happy parents and home. Working mom or stay at home mom as long as you are happy your children will fine.

  • I love this video so much!! You have no idea how badly I wish I’d found your channel a year ago when my son was born. We live far away from all our friends and family and have had no one but each other to turn to in this difficult year when we needed so much help but got very little. Thank you for your honesty and your love. You are amazing!

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  • You serve really inspiring and great messages, and give off such a joyful spirit that I am now invested in your channel! Please do more like this:) I still find it relatable and I don’t have children just fur babies lol

  • Only about 2% of women will have fulfilling careers, the rest will have jobs. The Public Relations Industry is 64% women who try to use propaganda to flood workforce and keep wages low. These Public Relations women are also representatives of the 1% and have orders to keep the masses busy working and in debt so they won’t know what’s going on. That’s why Trump is president.

  • You shouldn’t have to apologize for taking a break. Life always throws up curve balls. Glad to have a new video to watch though! I loved seeing what you do for a living. the cuddle time with you and your baby and when you husband got home! SOO cute.Loved your singing at the end too haha. Great video girl!

  • As someone who has very little interest in being a mother at this time, I was pleasantly surprised with how entertaining this was! You do so much! You are a superwoman! ❤️

  • I love this video! I connect to so much about you and your flow and energy! You’re motivating me to get back into healthy habits!!! Also? It makes me miss working in an office! (I haven’t in almost 10 years!).

  • Stay at home moms contribute less to climate change. Corporations are destroying the environment, so career women are part of the destruction, otherwise, women need to think for themselves.

  • There are woman who need do a work to have food on the table….
    There are woman who married a rich man and can enjoy raising their kids…..
    There are woman who work since elementary school to build a successful career and work twice harder to jungle between family and job…
    There are woman who has a dump job and just wait to have kids to get the excuse to stay home…
    There are successfull career woman who abandon all it to stay home to take care of a unhealthy kid…
    There are woman who are the bread earner and chose a stay at home dad…
    There are born wealthy woman who don’t need to work and have nanny to raise their kids…
    There are woman who feels it’s her destiny to raise a family…
    There are woman who just choose to not have a family…

    So why are we focusing on only two specific categories? All i can say is when you don’t have the choice, you are usually miserable. I can also predict that when you are financially depend on someone else, you are vulnerable. But not all people have the strength and the chance to have it all…but even when you have it all, it does mean that you won’t have a bad day.

  • Why is this still a debate? If you can stay home and you want to..Go for it! Fuck it’s no one’s choice but your own. I know I am not going to have children, I am also not going to get married. I like being alone and I enjoy working. Also, remember many women cannot stay at home with the kids. Sometimes it depends on if you can.

  • Everybody is different:) My mom stayed home with my 2 older siblings (thru fundamental years) and only started working when child 3 and 4 (me) came along. She took on 2 jobs most days and I will never know how she managed it all. I do remember as a child, frequently yearning for mom (she was gentle & affectionate). I don’t know what (hehe) but I’m guessing it has affected me negatively in some ways. What I do know with certainty, is that both my sister (no.3) and I have benefited from having had a working mom. We are far more independent, driven and adaptable then our older siblings. We became more adept at problem solving and are usually the solution providers in situations. We’re also both better off financially. My older siblings on the other hand always seem to need help and have one problem or another. They’re get emotional in many ways and let the smallest issues get to them. Who can really say what’s best for a child… a selfish mother could do more harm staying home with the kids lol.. Happy Weekend everyone!:)

  • I don’t often leave comments, but I find you so inspiring and relatable I wanted to share this with you. You seem like a really authentic, strong person and I appreciate you sharing your videos! <3:)

  • I may not be a mother or even married yet, but I’ve been thinking a lot about family and what that would mean, look like for me. This video addressed a HUGE worry of mine. With the reality of two working parents, I was concerned how I could be a good mom while also working from home (ideally) while also caring for aging parents.

    Your daughter is so cute! Wishing you guys the best.

    also “gotta pay my bills real quick” i felt that

  • Due in ten weeks give or take and your videos have been so helpful and inspiring I thank you for taking your time out to be so kind and considerate and relatable!

  • I used to work full time but now I am a stay at home mum. However your drive is so inspiring, it made me think I could manage a job and my
    Family! Thank you x

  • So glad I stumbled on this video! So few traditional work out of the home moms on YouTube where are you all hiding haha I feel alone in this! Thank you for sharing your day Kilee and representing! You are rocking it with being productive and tending to your kids and you work in a restaurant which is no walk in the park! Thanks for filming this!

  • As a newborn mami, I’ve been struggling quite a bit this first month of my baby’s life. A lot of things have been happening that are out of my control (rats got into my home and I’ve been staying at my mom’s until I get that rpoblem solved… just to give you an idea)…. and in between a lot of things I feel exhausted and I feel like I lack this knowledge of being a mother and all the things that come with it. I follow my instics and love to watch your videos because I learn so much, but this video really got to me because its exactly how Im feeling. Quite unfocused and lost in my thought and my mind. The way you emphasize to do few things at a time is exactly what I need to have in mind for the moment. Thank you for being so real and sharing also bits of your struggles with us. Makes me feel like I’m not alone in this and that Im gonna be okay for my baby.
    Much love!

  • Great advice and very motivating. I am happy to hear your advice about not sweating it too much on homecooked meals. It’s such a relief hearing that. It would be great to find out which health readyto-make meals you buy.

  • Love. Love. Love this. Your videos have spoken so much wisdom and truth to me lately and I feel like I’m in your living room just sipping coffee! Thank you so much for your content, I’ve REALLY been enjoying it. I have a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old and life has never felt more crazy or out of control

  • Love you and your videos, Jess! I can’t believe how much Eloise has grown since Sam’s DTS in 2017! She’s way too cute! & You are such a bright spot, Jess. Thank you!

  • Stay at home mothers primary job is to fool their husbands into believing they have the hardest job. Realty is their days are filled with play dates, coffee catch ups with other mothers all sitting around discussing child development and when the kid started walking. Husband comes home after long shift and gets the kid dumped on him because mother fools him into believing she had the day from hell and now he has to feed, bath,and put kids to bed while mother sits on arse eating more cake and coffee. Stay at home parenting is a breeze and it’s all about routine.

  • The first step for me was to realize that I cannot do it all so when I can’t do something, I make peace woth it and keep it moving.

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  • This is such a broad subject. A woman who stays at home to avoid work is not the same as a stay at home mother. A career woman is not the same as the mother who has no choice but to provide for her family. Gender equality, in my opinion, is the least of the many pressing issues in our society. Instead of change, we’re having discussions on subjects like this. I stay at home and if the next person doesnt like it, they can keep their opinion, without me trying to justify my life, and walk away. Why is this so hard? What can we do as a country to let go of trying to make everyone believe what we believe? Im neither conservative or liberal. I stand on my belief of Jesus Christ. And Im not trying to convert the next person who is a budhist. People, please. Enjoy your lives. For they are short. You may spend the rest of this day battling your opinion but no matter what belief we hold, we will all die. Kids dont ask to be born. I didnt ask to be in the family I am in, neither did you. Dont forget what its like to be a child. To be fully trusting in your parents. Thats massive responsibility, in my opinion.

  • My personal opinion is that it’s fine to be a traditional working mom, work-at-home mom (WAHM) or SAHM as long as  your schedule allows enough time and health for your family’s needs. Some kids need more than othersbut they all need nurturing, quality family time, and one-on-one parental attention.
    Also, it isn’t only about whether one or more parent works. There are multiple factors that affect and determine a healthy upbringing, some of which the SAHM mentioned. Kids who are kept with a consistent caregiver tend to be more emotionally and mentally well-adjusted than those who are often shuttled around. Young kids, especially, tend to have a very high need for familiarity and individual attention that demands a lot of time and patience.

    However, it’s also no secret that kids growing up in cramped and/or unsafe spaces with a shortage of necessities tend to have developmental issues in several areas. Sometimes financial stability shields more damage than constant parental presence, and some single income households have to stretch their money too thin. The condescending mom farthest from Drew also had a point about some ppl needing a personal goal outside of the home to maintain their sense of self. A LOT of SAHM develop mental illness or alarmingly high stress levels from the isolation and lack of personal time/space.

    I’m not a mom and won’t be for a few years if I become one, but right now I think being a SAHM until they’re in school then working at home part-time during the day will be best for my family. For one, I want to be as present as possible during the most crucial development years.
    Also, I was abused as a child. I don’t see myself trusting anyone other than my husband to watch our child who can barely speak yet, when they’re out of earshot. If they’re gonna be miles away when something goes wrong, they need to have our address and number memorizedwith a decent understanding of good/bad touches and phrases. Not to mention I’m disabled, so it may be too much to juggle work with house chores and a toddler so I may have to stay home out of necessity.

    I don’t think every parent who works as a choice is selfish or that every SAHM parent is selfless or better. Every household has unique circumstances, so all or none statements won’t always apply. Pay attention to the whole family’s needs, and find the best balance for your family.

  • I just want to say that I think I you’re the most inspiring person ever �� you have helped me & so many other women in more ways than you know. Thank you for being you ��

  • Limit your time for watching TV or You tube, make scedule what you really want to watch
    You will got a lot of extra time
    Trust me on this ��

  • Whyyyyyy did you have to post this at the most perfect time?!?!?

    I am over here bawling because this is my last week of maternity leave before my little guy goes go daycare. I manage an outpatient speciality clinic, I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, homemaker. And I don’t know how I’m going to do it all. How do I crush my job, be the most amazing mom, a loving and supportive wife, keep a clean and tidy house, prioritize my friend and family, EXERCISE?!? But I know I can and I know that some plates might not get to be the main course at the moment, that sometimes work might have to become the mashed potatoes while momming might have to be the turkey. Maybe one week I might have to focus more on work and the green bean casserole (laundry and vacuuming) might have to wait a little bit longer. Above all, I am going to give myself grace and allow myself to be present in whatever dish I am currently working on. Because that is the only way to eat a whole thanksgiving meal.

  • i love the method you implemented with your little one where she gets to pick her own clothes!! Around what age did you start that?

  • I just find it amusing that “stay at home moms” used to be called housewives….One term is stimatized and
    the other is not….Is it more noble to be a “stay at home mom”???

  • Stay at home mom seems to be so boring. I would rather focus on my career and education and enjoy my free time than taking care of kids all day and everyday.

  • If I have to work from 8 to 5 and then sleep 8 hours, and then I have 8 hours left to drive to and from work, grocery shop, cook, exercise, take care of the house, and find time for my husband, then my baby better understand that I am busy and he better not plan on wanting me to be laughing, talking, and holding her. He’d better not. I know how babies think they are the center of your world.

  • Thank you so much for being real and honest! I’ve watched a few of your videos and I knew that there was something about you that Drew me into your videos, and I believe it’s your humble attitude. My husband and I moved back to Tennessee from California last year to have our first baby and I have really missed my church community! Your encouragement reminds me a lot of the women from the church I was a part of. It’s so refreshing to hear this spirit and attitude again! Please keep making videos and sharing this type of humility and the message of Jesus and how it relates to our day today.

  • Stay at home Moms only make remote sense before the kids are oldest to go to school. Once the kid is over 7, the kid will be at school for about as many hours the average Mom will be at work.

  • Preach girl! I work outside the home with a two hour commute to work. My kids are older but I remember those days hustling and bustling when they were smaller. I dont work on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays so that’s the days I can get in the kitchen and cook full meals and do other stuff but you’re absolutely right!

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  • According to a CNN story, daughters of working mothers grow up to be more successful in the workplace than their peers. They earn more and are more likely to be bosses, according to new findings from a Harvard Business School study. Many moms choose the compromise of working part-time, and there are more opportunities to do that in the gig economy.

  • I love watching your videos! I’m 20 weeks pregnant and I work from home full time, my husband and I are so busy with different projects and we are about to be much busier with baby. I was really glad to find your pregnancy updates and even more excited to see how much you talk about being a working mama and balancing all of it. Thanks for taking the time to make these great videos:)

  • I feel like once your kid or kids are old enough to be in school you need to take your behind to work. What do you do at home all day?

  • I think you’re amazing. Your love and kindness for other women is a gift from God, and I’m grateful that you’re sharing it through YouTube. I can tell by how you say things, that you are incredibly critical of yourself. I struggle with the same, but it made me sad to hear you prefacing advice with “I’m not very good at this…” You’re clearly doing very well at what really matters in life. ��

  • What if your husband hired another man to sit in for him at your anniversary dinner? Would you feel like that’s a good trade? No. You can’t just pawn off your job as a mother to some other woman.

  • Just got married last month! We’re not ready for kids yet, but I found your channel because we want to eventually. I love this video so much! I especially can relate to trying to do everything and be everything at once. Last year I was fiance (and planning a wedding), grad student, new librarian all at once and it was rough. And sometimes it’s hard to try to slow that momentum and curve the feeling that I should be doing more and doing better. This made me feel so much better! Thank you so much for your channel and this video!

  • Free to choose?! What do men get to choose?! Oh do I want to argue with my wife after working all day to come home and do everything around the house as well?! We pick our battles so chances are we don’t wanna here her wine and complain bc she’s expecting you to come home to do everything because that Mac and cheese with hot dog lunch and watching Mickey Mouse all day is such a fucking task!

  • Ohhh the sweet sounds of Emma crying. i am so glad those days are gone but now she talks and has “interesting” things to say. Great video. Just subd

  • Sending good vibes and positiveness to you and the family! I appreciate the video and time that you put in to remind all of us of balance. God bless.

  • I am so glad I found your channel! I can so relate. I have two kids one daughter who is six and a son who is three. I also work full time and I am wife. All can be so stressful at times. Thanks for the advice!

  • How did you get in to HR? I am new to your channel and I don’t know if you’ve made a video about this already. Loving the content I’ve seen of yours thus far.

  • My dream would actually be to live in the country if I had kids, and not work outside the house, but instead work as a curator for the house. I’ll explain, I’d love to have a piece of heritage property to maintain; being an experienced heritage professional that has always been my dream, to be in charge of an old victorian or Georgian cottage or even Manor House, curate it and make it rentable, like a museum (by opening it to the public). That way I would be a stay home mum, while living in the country (my dream) but also while working. Perfect combo! I’d be able to not only be there for the kids but actually also work, and get them involved in the project through giving them little tasks and teaching them about heritage conservation. That would definitely be a full time job, because there’s so much to do with those houses, but I’d also be accessible to the kids, because I would actually be in the property (moving around like a crazy bee, but I’d be there lol). As we all know though, such a life is only possible to the very few. It does annoy me though when I see documentaries of people who are trying to do that but have no clue what they’re doing, people who have inherited historical property but are about to lose it because they just don’t know what to do with it, and can’t figure out how to make it profitable. If you are given something beautiful merely by birth right, it’s so you can share it with people, and in so doing keep it alive! But anyway, my point here is that there are ways in which stay home mums can make themselves more useful than emptying and filling the dish washer. A woman who is in charge of a heritage conservation project can do that from home (whilst also moving around a bit of course to liaise with boards of conservationists, and all sorts of people) a woman who is a writer can do that from home, a woman who feels prepared enough to homeschool her kids is also a lot more useful than yet another bored out of her skull, and hardly any career satisfied, office mum. The thing is I’m afraid that all these ways of being a stay home/working mum, who does really cool interesting things, involve one having enough money to be able to do so, which is something that most people don’t have.

  • As a career woman about to start a family, to me it’s about happiness and balance. To be quite honest this debate surprises me because I could careless if other women stay home or not and I most certainly don’t care what an outsiders opinion is of my choices are either

  • Love your channel! New subscriber here. I would love it if you checked out my channel too. Your daughter is lovely even with the clinging. I ‘m sure it’s just a phase she is going through.
    Your job sounds really exciting.

  • Thank you for being more realistic than the other youtube moms. I’m a new mom (9 week old baby). I had my son at the beginning of the pandemic. People are complaining that they haven’t met him yet, but I don’t feel balanced enough for company.It’s just me and my husband at home alone with the baby. I’m not sure I could do this without him.

  • I rather work for the people who love me in my own home than some moody boss and co-workers.
    I don’t need to “prove” my self to anybody. I’m not in comepettion with emn. Men have their strengths and weakeness and so do women. That’s why we ALL need one another. Lets not make a mountain our of a mole hill.

  • Jess you’re amazing! I tend to watch this video over and over to remind myself this! Also, your voice is so peaceful it’s actually very satisfying!! ❤️ Thank you so much for helping me get through these hard times as a mommy! Btw tried out the hello fresh…. yummy! ����

  • You are the sweetest! Your content is so beneficial for me even though I am not a mom I am soaking this up. I really appreciate you and your kindness <3

  • I think if you have the ability to stay home and you choose to work I think it is a very selfish choice to your children. As it has been proven that children who have a mother staying home with them do better in school, and tend to be in a lot less compromising positions. Because they know they have someone they can come home to and talk to. I’m a stay-at-home mom who also works though. I homeschool my children and take care of a under two-year-old 3 days a week.

  • I appreciate so so much how you come across so genuine and vulnerable and sincere. I just wanted to thank you for that. I respect you so much for being able to, especially to a crowd of strangers. Through all your struggles and shortcomings, you are an amazing woman and you inspire me.

  • Happy Valentines day everyone! Sorry this video is so late. Life has been kicking my butt lately and managing work with life and kids is hard sometimes. I hope you enjoy this real day in the life of a working mom. I hope you also have some good work like balance. Let me know if you like these types of videos. xoxo

  • … can we get outfit deets in the description box?! I’m loving your sweater!

    Also, this video is awesome. I’d give it two thumbs up if I could.

  • Hey you had some b vitamin and omega 3 supplements at one time you mentioned. I couldn’t seem the find the video you had them linked to if you could let me know what they were. I believe they were safe while breastfeeding

  • This has helped both me and my husband! We’ve been feeling a lot of pressure lately. I’ve been feeling like the person I used to be is gone forever. This is just a season though! God bless you, thanks for the awesome content!

  • Thanks for being raw and vulnerable �� definitely something so many people are afraid of being online.. including me ������ and your videos help me so much! ������ #bravemama

  • your videos have really helped me accept that we definitely need to get some help and that it’s FINE to seek out and accept help and that it doesn’t make me a failure as a mom. like it’s so ridiculous that i (and i’m sure tons of other moms have) felt like it made me a failure to need help. overwhelmed mom reading this: hire that cleaning lady, order that takeout, hire that babysitter!!!!!��

  • Hey, this video is just what I needed this morning, inspiration and motivation. I am a full-time working mom of three and will be staring my family vlog next week. Getting all the tips and ideas, great video ��

  • As an American I actually have more respect for a porn star than a stay at home mom. One pays taxes and one just wants others to pay for taxes like schools and security. The stay at home moms in my neighborhood just send their kids to school and smoke pot all day. How about we drug test the moms since they are the ones with the hardest jobs?

  • It really surprises me that women begin to believe that they lose themselves because they are a mother or a stay-at-home mom. When reality you’re just finding yourself. It’s easy to have the world revolve around yourself when it’s just you. Having small children remind you how selfish you really are. As an adult we should start to consider that its not about us (just you) anymore it’s what we can leave behind to our children. Women however can become so stubborn and consumed about themselves and losing themselves and gratifying themselves. If you want to focus on yourself then you shouldn’t become a mother. That little person really need you to focus on them.

  • I honestly love you. I love the fact you think the easy way. I’m the same way, why have all the added stress when you can pick your battles and make things so much more simpler. You’re so relate-able ❤️❤️ keep your hard work momma, you’re killin it

  • So you choose to bring a life into this world but then choose to only parent part-time and work full-time. Hmmm… complete strangers at a daycare become the full-time caregivers independent of your values and ethics. Well, that might be okay too as you do not value your children. They obviously are not your first priority. Perhaps just don’t have children in the first place. Being a parent is a full-time job and the most important job one will ever have. It is not just a title.

  • My mom left w nannies / my grandma for the first 10 years of my life, she had to work and i admire her for it BUT it has caused me many problems and abandonment issues. I strogly believe a strong mother figure should be w their kids during the developmental years.

  • YAY! I’m so excited for this video! I 100% agree with you on a good night time routine girl! Doing this stuff is needed for a good, smooth, morning. I enjoyed your tips! We lay out everything the night before. Underwear, shirt, socks, shoes. I lay out all of my things the night before too! Helps A LOT. Until my daughter changes her mind & wants to wear different pants lol. Anyways, a good night time routine makes a good morning. What lipstick do you have on and what? Looks very pretty on you! Also, I wanted to recommend “Love Missy XO” for dinner ideas & I also enjoy “Kim’s Farmhouse Life”. They both are great & realistic. Easy peasy meals. Have a nice wknd. Much love from Kentucky. Also, I want to give your props! Girl I worked restaurant work for 14 years. WHOA! It was rough with a child. Them late nights ggiirrlll I praise you!! Keep up the awesome work. Stay safe out there. Wash your hands! lol Have a beautiful day.

  • You are so beautiful and really motivating. Im a workin mom too…feeling tired all the time..thanks for such an encouraging video! 😉

  • It’s just so weird, I feel like SAHM get bashed so much and are looked at like outcasts. They’re not living in the 1800s, they’re just ride or die for their child. IDC what anyone says. I do not want to go back to work, but the fact that I may even have to is my fault for not planning accordingly. You don’t have to go to work…you want to.

  • This has helped me so much! Was sat here crying about how hard it is and how much I miss out on my child, but thank you so much! Really cheered me up

  • Loved this video �� so encouraging and refreshing, I feel like I needed it ☺️ I also think that help is so important when having kids, I was constantly with my baby more than a year without help of others than my husband of course but who has to work also, and I was exhausted �� I always thought I can do this all by myself but I realized I was burning out.. fortunately we decided to get a nanny for few days in a week and I feel like I’m reliving my life and I can do things that were on pause etc �� Our nanny was a really an answer to a prayer she’s amazing and loves the Lord ❤️ anyway enough for me writing here. Love your channel!

  • They keep citing what feminists say. Let’s talk about what anti-feminists say. Let’s take for example this.
    So these people keep saying time and time again that women don’t earn as much as they aren’t as able. While at the same time bitch about women who who choose careers over families. This page’s like many other’s content is borderline promoting rape culture. Still it is a thing.

  • You are AMAZING! All the best for you and your family. I´m a portuguese working mom in Germany and I have 2 children (Luisa 3,5 years old and Emilia 22 months). i´m also a youtube Mom and by the way till this moment I thought that I´m a bad Mom because I work full time but NOW I´m happy, that I´m not the only one. xoxo Sofia

  • Give me a break! I work and my kids went to daycare and they have NO attachment issues!!! Omg! The longer you’re not working the harder it is to get a job, because you’re going to be competing with younger more educated generation. I’m sorry raising child is not a career or a job!
    This obsession with women being nothing but baby vessels is ruining this country!

  • It’s called women are lazy as fuck I want to lay up on somebody. Until they get bored and then I won’t walk out leave and take everything you got because you got them used to not working. I will not date or marry a lazy bitch

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  • Thank you for posting this video. I just had a little girl two weeks ago and I’m distraught at thought of going back to work full time, but I have to. I’m also a graduate student with an internship starting in September. This was really helpful!

  • You are so amazing! And Inspiring! We love seeing you be you. Thank you so much for helping so many of us with all our questions and watching your journey has helped so many! I just know it!

  • Hey Chelsea!! Your amazing!! And baby girl Rey is adorable. I did IVF also and I have a 4mo daughter just a question did you give Rey cereals when she was 4mo or when you started to feed her? What kind of purees did you give her?

  • Before women were allow to work I’m pretty sure there were less cheating(that goes for men too) because all men working wouldn’t have any women to cheat with at work and all women wouldn’t have any men to cheat with at home. I’m positively sure that some women want to be able to work away from home so they can find new cocks to suck on.

  • In a world that is screaming at women to be everything and do everything (have a baby, work 40+ hrs and climb the ladder, have a side hussle, be a great spouse, be thin and fit) this is the most refreshing thing I’ve ever heard. Thank you thank you thank you Jess for being so real.

  • The best line in this video had to be “You have to tell yourself sometimes this is going to be really hard work”, I watch so many motivational girls on YouTube and I love to see their success, but they make everything look so easy so when you attempt to do it all and get discouraged you feel a bit like a failure because they seem to do it seamlessly. I am so glad you are preparing and advising that this is not easy and take sacrifices. Love it!! <3

  • Hi, I just wanted to drop a thank you for the video, Im a full time doctor, a mother of a 6 year old beautiful girl and a dance instructor (and single mum also), so Im constantly exhausted, questioning my life choices and going through a particularly flat time. I took a rare day off today and sought some inspiration/organisation-advice/coping-tips online. I really liked this video, it was helpful and inspiring. Thanks so much! You’re doing amazing, well done!!!

  • I’m so glad there’s a channel like this because I keep finding youtube channel’s that sort of make women feel bad because they don’t have an immaculate home. These same youtubers are basically saying that we need to get back to traditional femininity and stay at home with our children and make home-making a full-time job. I think every woman needs to decide for herself what she can do. However, I am not a woman who has the luxury to choose whether or not I work. It is an absolute necessity! And I’m so glad that you’re addressing this on your channel because it seems like everyone wants to sit in judgment and tell us what we should be doing. I’m glad that you are offering suggestions for those of us who have a career/job and the other job at home. I’d like to see more people actually acknowledge that most women have two jobs and stop making us feel guilty for providing financial support to our families! What a breath of fresh air you are! I agree there is no one way to make everything sunshine and rainbows because that is a much too high expectation. However, learning things here and there and making small changes over time can add up to big results!

  • I mean today I would choose to be a stay home mom. Why? Because the world is different now and I don’t trust day cares or nanny’s. I read up on a story that a mother dropped her 9 month baby at daycare and when she went to go pick up her baby he was dead and the whole time the workers thought he was “sleep”. And we all heard of the abusive nanny’s caught on hidden cameras stories. So no I would like to stay home with my kids and make sure they are safe under my supervision.

  • I start a new job next week (after being a work at home/stay at home mom for 2 years). My son is 2, and this video was very motivational to me. Thank you!

  • I will be soon married, we don’t have kids, but I can relate so much with what you are saying. You are such an inspiration! As a lot of people with no kids I complain about not having time. I have around 4 hours between work and going o bed, trying to go to the gym, cooking, cleaning, washing, folding, ironing clothes but also relax:))

  • I’m in a similar situation. 3 months old through IVF. Transitioning from full time in the office to part time from home so I can take care of baby. Totally relatable, though I don’t know how you can get up at 4:45 regularly. �� Something to aspire to.

  • My mum was on her own with a mortgage to pay for. So as a baby my grandparents helped out a lot while she toiled so hard to make ends meet and pay for the mortgage. She did this so I would have a home and an inheritance. I decided as a child not to have children and I am unchanged at 31. Though if I had ever been that way inclined I would have worked. You cannot rely on one parent to stay and the other to work. Some people make it happen but especially in the UK, you have to work so much. If people want to do it and can afford it then that is up to them. But if you can’t afford it,.. you gotta pay your way.

  • Nice to see other moms routines! I am also a working mom with 2. New subscriber ♥️ i also have a youtube channel, i would love for you to check it out ��

  • Thank you, Jess for another awesome video. You just exude positivity! I’m a first time mum of a 3 month old. And I totally agree with focusing on a few things, try to do them well then increase if you are able to.

    Got a question for more experienced mothers. My son’s sleeping pattern has gotten worse over the weeks, night and day. But to be honest, it’s more tough for me during the day as that’s when I need to do things and also catch up on sleep. Is there anyway of dealing with a baby who wakes up as soon as he gets put down. He used to nap for 2 to 3 hours at a time. But now it’s 30 mins to 1 hour and sometimes it’s a 10min nap. And to add to that, he can only handle sitting for 10 mins on his bouncer. He doesn’t settle until he’s in my arms.

  • One thing that really helped me as a mom of four little ones is asking myself, “Is this my BEST YES?” I think it came from Lysa TerKeurst. Is what I am doing the best thing I should be doing at this moment or in this season? It really helps me Be more present, be OK with saying no, and prioritize all the many things! Another important aspect of balance is finding things that are life-giving and making sure there’s even a tiny bit of space for that in your life and then working out of that place. It’s like the idea of abiding and then bearing fruit in the Bible in John 15. I love what you say about receiving help. I pray that each mom that watches this has a beautiful community around you, but if you don’t, figure out how to foster community. Create space for relationships. We Were never created to go alone. You also made a comment about just doing the next thing. That’s how I live right now! Yes, there is a lot of lists and planning ahead that goes on, but instead of getting overwhelmed with the list, I have to just do the next thing, each time. God gives grace for each moment.

  • I am preparing to have children and all the other videos just give me this anxiety because being a mom just seems very hard and that I would never be as good as them. Thank you for making me believe that we can all do it and we are not perfect! You are doing amazing!

    You sound very humble and open to talk about what you are learning and how to do better and how to be better. Our whole life is about learning that everyday.

  • Stay at home moms do not have an affect on child development if the mom is not actively engaged with the child. Most stay at home moms that I’ve met don’t teach the child to clean, cook, read and to do basic mathematics, or even how to behave around others. So… I don’t see the benifits of a mother staying at home. In fact, most of the things I’ve learned was taught at school, work and by friends. As far as cooking and cleaning are concerned, there is this thing called time management and shared responsibilities that can be done by everyone living in the house. If anyone is to stay at home, it should be a grandparent of the child that is retired. Grandparents have more experience and knowledge, and it gives them something to do other than to be at home all day doing nothing. If stay at home moms help in the development of children, then why are Latin America families where the mother stays home can not produce a positive outcome?

  • Another one for the books ���� i am sooo happy not to be working anymore.. ppl really don’t get how great of a struggle it can be �� I’m subbed, hope we can support each other ❤️ just dropped a 10 min couple vlog Q&A. check it out, we’re pretty cute lol ���� TFS❗️

  • Oh gosh this video! You just talked my feelings out. God bless your heart and gives you strength. Love the idea of the Unicorn! Im printing one and put it in my refrigerator to remember it!

  • I see so many youtubers advertise for Hello Fresh… And normally I fast-forward through…but omg, the quality of your videos and that ad were so amazing!! Seriously! Also, your daughter and family are adorable! ding! Dead. �� Thanks for being so open and genuine in all of your vids. New subscriber for sure! ❤️

  • I work from 10am-7pm and I just started and it scares the hell out of me and all the what if’s makes me want to run the other way. It’s been 7 yrs since I worked so this is all so new help please

  • I think women are being hard on themselves. Husband needs to be wide awake and engaged in housework and parenting as much as wives do. As one female pregnant comedian said ” No, you change the channel! Cant you see I’m busy here making an eyeball. I don’t see you making a foot!” Cause hey, man and wife made that baby together, its not the mother’s sole responsibility to care for them and do the housework. Absolutely not! And if he can go to work and I wanna go to work, I should have that freedom to do so too. If he goes play golf or have boys night out, i wanna have that freedom to do so too. And if your man doesn’t help you out with child caring and house chores, well you better get them started. And if I need to order pizza once a week coz im too tired to cook, hell I’m gonna order pizza and not feel guilty about it.

  • One of the biggest reason to be a stay at home mom is because it will cut down on teen pregnancies and relationship abuse. I know girls who invite guys to their homes all of the time to have sex because their parents work all the time; if a mom was present she could monitor these kinds of things. It would also help with abuse because say she is home with a boy and that boy is trying to take advantage of her. The girl could scream for help and all of the sexual assault could be avoided… just think about it future moms.

  • I’m a new mom and it’s been hard getting used to all of these changes in my life. I feel like I’m not the same person I was before pregnancy and I struggle to feel adequate at anything. It’s liberating to know that this balance doesn’t really exist and that it’s better to accept not being good at everything and pick and choose those areas you want to work on. Thank you for your openness and prayers! ��

  • Jess, this is so so good! I’ve followed you for like 7 years *I’m also a YWAMer*! Your life, vulnerability and heart blesses my life!

  • omg your daughter singing the Dora theme song is sooo cute! enjoyed this vlog makes me want to go back to working outside of the home.

  • Hey girl! New subbie here ❤️ hope you’ll share the support. Love seeing a working mama!! Don’t worry! You are not alone! My daughter recently has one this past weekend ��

  • These opinions are so one sided. Why are women always responsible. Women need and outlet it’s soo draining to only have a life of taking care of everyone allll the time. Everybody isn’t born into that perfect household smh.

  • It’s really nice to have someone on youtube with a “mommy channel” that will say “I’m not very good at homemaking/cooking/whatever facet of momlife”. It’s great to have this instead of the general “morning routine etc” videos that make you feel like you just aren’t getting it right.

  • Feminists that have a chip on their shoulder… I’m so tired of this fad.
    Stay at home Moms work harder because they are actual moms to their children. Career mom’s do it for themselves not because it’s financially wise. It’s proven that it can be done. Feminists are so damn annoying and insecure as women.

  • Hey Chelsea! My name is Kaley and I am one of your subscribers, I have been following you ever since you got pregnant! I was also pregnant at the same time with twins (born in June 2019). Anyway, I am trying to get more subscribers and I was wondering if you would consider giving my channel a shout out in your next video? I would seriously love you forever! Thank you for considering me!

  • I’m a single mom. 2 kids, very difficult running a house with balance no stress and Exhausting, and well behaved young kids who are 2 and 8 now. I work and go to school, and once home I’m beat down, so it’s hard to have full attention and full energy once home. Not only that, I start my day being beat down trying to get the kids ready and myself ready, get them to school which both schools are in two different Directions, and then I’m able to start and focus on my day, But I just been on a three hour roller coaster running around like crazy and the kids feel the same sometimes. My oldest said, mom you are only one person slow down you have to many places to go and to many things to do! She only 8 and said that! I keep thinking being a stay at home mom until my kids get to middle schools I could care and give full attention to my children plus give myself a little self care to be happy and build balance in my home and build my family up instead of running after a career at the moments. My kids are young preschool and 3 grade, and I been like this from birth of my children. I know Stay at home is better for the Atmosphere of my home and for my children and myself too, beating my mind and body up being superwoman has huge Consequences But us women cover the consequences with a paycheck. I don’t have a nanny or amazing childcare’s like women with high income, so it’s only me and basic daycare. But Putting my children, home, and my mental and physically health first by switching to a stay at home mom while my kids are in Elementary school is the smarter decision. But I feel ashamed because I been taught by Society I have to be super mom and super woman always on the edge with the world on my shoulders no peace and home balance, faking that my home and kids life is to my Standard of Living. There is a statement with career business and schooling “fake it until you make it”, but it looks like we are using the motto for our home and kids instead. but no mom should fake it until she make it with her kids and home life, that should be Priority and time and attention given. a mom SHOULD’NT be fake acting like or even in Delusion that her kids and home life is balance, happy and running smoothly! people look down on you and think you lazy if you speak the words stay at home mom, But if you truly being a stay at home mom and doing it right by caring for your children and caring for your house keeping everything running smoothly that equals no break and no days off it’s overtime but worth it because of happiness and balance made in the home has truly been created. Also I think we forgot about our happiness and peace of mind for our kids and ourselves. I haven’t met one women who isn’t stressed and beat down being super mom and super career woman, if so a nanny is the mom where mom duties are lessen by the help. But are the kids happy and house in peace and the family bond right! We lie to ourselves to continue the new Modern ways of living. The worst is if you are the working poor mom, you are automatically Typed lazy working or at home. High income from fathers or women they get the okay to stay home with kids. Society is truly crazy sometimes with their stereo typical fake ideas of moms based on income levels. A 10 hour working day is a 10 hour working day, just because somebody pay is higher it doesnt mean that the higher income worker gets different Judgment when it comes to picking to be a stay at home mom!

  • Great video! I have an 11 month old and this has been a constant struggle since becoming a mom! My viewpoints are very similar to yours!

  • I started watching your channel for your IVF journey because I am doing embryo adoption. You are very articulate and obviously caring. I am several years older then you so I speak with love and experience…….don’t worry about what anyone says or finds relatable. Be you and the right people will show up. ��❤️