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Bullying Prevention Tips The Impact of Bystanders Joel Haber, PhD


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No Bullying Schools Bullying Prevention Software Demo with Tom Thelen

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Bully Prevention and Intervention

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Bullying Prevention and Coping Bullying is a widely recognized problem in schools. Learn where it happens, how it impacts learning, and ways to work on preventing and responding to it. Bullying prevention consists of more than a one-day event. Rallies and assemblies focusing on bullying prevention are a great way to kick-off a bullying prevention program.

Even bullying prevention demonstrations can be useful in getting the point across. But they should not be the only thing a school does to prevent bullying. Read class newsletters and school flyers. Talk about them at home. Check the school website Go to school events Greet the bus driver Meet teachers and counselors at “Back to School” night or reach out by email Share phone numbers with other kids’ parents.

Tips for Prevention and Coping. Talking to Your Preschooler about Bullying – It’s never too early to talk to your child about dealing with bullies. These tips will help you address the issue with your preschool-aged child.

When you use bullying prevention coping skills you win in two major ways: The first thing you win at is preventing bullies from picking on you. Yes, these bullying prevention coping skills even work on mean teasers. The second thing you win at is your self-esteem and self-worth increase. Coping with Bullying See also: Helping Someone Else Cope with Bullying Our page ‘ An Introduction to Bullying ’ explains some of the terms and concepts in bullying, including why bullying happens, and gives some general advice about how to cope.

Coping Strategies for Bullying Bullying revolves around psychological abuse, and while abuse of any type is unpleasant to endure, there are things you can teach kids to do that will minimize the impact as it is occurring. Below we list some coping strategies for bullying that kids can utilize in the here and no. One of the ways to detect bullying is to recognize the signs and understand a bullied student’s coping strategies.

If someone is being bullied, he or she may have physical signs, such as. These approaches, particularly universal school-based programs that strengthen youth’s skills and modifying physical and social environments for youth’s protection, have been shown to reduce violence and bullying. See Youth Violence Resources for articles, publications, data sources, and prevention resources for bullying.

When adults respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior they send the message that it is not acceptable. Research shows this can stop bullying behavior over time. Parents, school staff, and other adults in the community can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating a community-wide bullying prevention strategy.

List of related literature:

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program schoolwide guide.

“Media Violence and Children: A Complete Guide for Parents and Professionals, 2nd Edition: A Complete Guide for Parents and Professionals” by Douglas A. Gentile
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An effective antibullying program should not only seek to redirect the bully, it should also help the student who has been on the receiving end to learn how to respond to bullies.

“The Educator's Guide to Texas School Law: Ninth Edition” by Jim Walsh, Laurie Maniotis, Frank Kemerer
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Counselling and rehabilitating employees involved in bullying.

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Two of the best-known and most researched victimization prevention programs are the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (www.violencepreventionworks.

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There are several school­wide bullying prevention programs available, yet little research has been done on these programs to provide evidence­based practices.

“EdPsych Modules” by Cheryl Cisero Durwin, Marla Reese-Weber
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See this program’s website at www.smart-girl.org and its page “Take A.C.T.I.O.N. against Bullying,” 2011, www.smart-girl.org/kids-area/take-a-c-t-i-o-nagainst-bullying/.

“The Bully Society: School Shootings and the Crisis of Bullying in America's Schools” by Jessie Klein
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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has the Stop Bullying Now Web site (http://stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov/adults/default.aspx) with resources for students and adults who are concerned about bullying behaviors and mental health information links at http://mentalhealth.samhsa.gov/15plus/ aboutbullying.asp.

“Counseling Children” by Donna A. Henderson, Charles L. Thompson
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Other programs that address bullying or include bullying issues in the interventions also show positive results.

“Crime Prevention: Approaches, Practices, and Evaluations” by Steven P. Lab
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Interventions to reduce bullying.

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  • He wasn’t listening to what I was saying he just started bitching about me going to the bathroom when I can go it isn’t marked that we can not use the bathroom when we are at work. I am not in there that long just 3 minutes about or less. I work hard an never get noticed always something unthinkable.

  • Satanic Corporate America is achieving their edict.. take God away..out of schools…out of the government.. and turn people into violent beasts

  • I don’t get bulling… It is so pointless! I mean, don’t get me wrong… I have been bullied but it is for no reason!!! Maybe it is because the bullies have something wrong with them.

  • Nothing happens to workplace bullies. If anything, they get promoted or work the best hours, positions and departments than the targets do.

  • My last manager bullied me to the point where I had to leave my job. The kicker? She was a devout Christian that was also a counselor at her church.

    So no, faith/religion doesn’t keep people from being cruel. A sense of respect for others does.

  • This seems to be a blatantly racist video. All harassers/bullies are of one race. Does the author/creator of this video not believe that other races are able to manage/bully/harass others? Is it their opinion that only one race does this?

  • I work for fed ex package handling unload I’m a female and other females that dress more reveling get off easily I been there for over a year and I’ve had issues with two bank managers one that said I couldn’t do standard an belittled me made me leave work basically said I didn’t deserve to work there and get paid like everyone else because I wasn’t doing standard 1049 unloading a hour when a girl from smalls with skimpy shorts lifting her shirt to fan herself was told to take it easy

  • What a load of garbage!! The prevention advice “treat all coworkers fairly etc” this is a joke! Like if you do this no one will bully you. Absolute nonsense!

  • Safeway will never change, they reward their bullies, and you’re the one getting written up, they hold me to standards that they don’t hold everyone else to. I’m blamed for other manager’s hostility towards customers, it’s always my fault. They just don’t respect you.

  • My boss is forcing me to work late nights in the office so that he could take me with him in his car and drop me at my home…….due to this I am traveling to my home late nights all alone……and I refused his offer all the times……What should I do in this case……

    Also, my boss is a Muslim and he doesn’t assign any work to any of his Muslim friends or colleagues in my team…..and he assigns all the work only to me….Even though I did all the work he never gave me a better rating, just because I never took his car on my way to home and also because I was non-Muslim…..Somebody, please help me….What should I do in this case other than resigning the job

  • that is the perfect definition of a bully at my work. the guy looks identical to the game “Beat The Boss” too. I told my boss today about the bully at work, it was hard but it had to be done. he was very understanding, and will do a review. My health and well being is the utmost importance

  • I am being bullied by a co worker who is an old man so I can’t really do anything, I can’t punch him in the face even if sometimes I’m thinking about doing it, I’ve reported him before to my boss but nothing changed… I’m not going to leave this job because of him, I’ve got a sun to feed…Life can suck sometimes you just have to be strong and carry on…if you leave you let them win! There will always be somebody who is going to hate you wherever you go…

  • Can you post a video on a free, public social media site like YouTube then make the claim that it’s illegal to ask people to watch it without paying a licensing fee?

  • How can you stop workplace bullying? it’s simple! That’s some bullshit right there. Stopping bullying is not simple. Most of the time bullying won’t stop!

  • I’m a nurse and just wrote my first book on nurse-to-nurse bullying. Yes. Nurses bullying other nurses. When laypeople find out, they are shocked. How can nurses be so caring and compassionate to patients but horrific to each other. There are many theories but in the end it’s the same regardless of “justification”, bullying has no place in a profession that is supposed to be caring and compassionate!!!

    Thanks for posting this video.

  • workplace. Bullying stopped in middle school when I moved so I was lucky to have healed sometime after that, but it only takes one bully or more to re-open that hopeless feeling of not being to turn to someone to talk to. I had no one to talk to in my job. Sorry so long. But I needed more writing space.

  • I’ve been a victim of workplace bullying & it sucks bad. Bullies act like this because they want you to act violent & do some dumb shit so they can not only get you fired, but have it put on your job record & making it even more difficult to find new employment. My advice to all employees when it come to workplace bullying is the following:

    1. Don’t act violent or do anything stupid.
    2. Keep your anger under control.
    3. Try not to let bullying get to you.
    4. If that’s not good enough, get another job & do something else.

  • I’ve experienced bullying throughout Elementary School to Workplace bullying. It never changes. It’s always the same type of bullying. Never changes. Picking on your weaknesses, pointing out how slow you are, and how they ‘love’ to abuse their power over you. Instead of leading by example, they lead by intimidation and fear. I had both intimidation, fear, and threats. It’s like they were bullies their whole life and enjoyed picking on the hard working employees who try so hard just to fit in-

  • Bullying is for the weak-minded. A bully tries to have power over people to gain something by preventing someone else from have something. Do not let people dictate and control you. If they are in authority and you’re a subordinate, they should “LEAD” and persuade you to do something, not DICTATE or force you through intimidation or ridicule. A good leader is a good follower. A leader/manager persuades and not dictate.

  • I guess I’m being bullied by my chef at my job.. god damn he’s a fucking asshole. Luckily, only 2 weeks before my place here is over.

  • Have viewed several vids lately on subject and it seems most all historically revictimize the victim or target instead of dealing with the perp. very disheartening and illogical.
    may be that is why God created Hell?
    Maybe that is how it plays out in the end.

  • I do have to say this also, there is the day shift custodian he uses foul language on the job in front of the kids, and the boss acts like he don’t even care, as for me and my 3 ladies that work in the kitchen, we all 4 go to church and they know this, this is so disrespectful on so many levels, this video show’s me  I have a voice, but I am so scared if I file a bullying complaint it will come back to bit me in the end, I am so confused on what I should do. help anyone! 

  • I have been a victim of bulling at my place of work now for over 2 years, and just recently because I was doing my job, I was embarrassed in front of a cafeteria full of middle school students and teachers, I have also have had more work added to our day and next school year he is even going to change our time to come in to prepare the meals for students by 1 hour, which now puts us in a much now need to try and finish our work with in a hour and a half, with no breaks, my boss has really made us fell like we are under appreciated and like we don’t even matter to them, I cry all the time coming home from work, I feel powerless and defeated, and to make matters even worse, I love my job and my co workers, but he has made us feel isolated and like we have the plague.  

  • Everyone of the actions described were promoted by management in the company I resigned from. Worst place I have ever worked. It had the atmosphere of a grade school. Unfortunately it is a small part of a huge corporation but is apparently isolated from adherence to policies/rules/practices mandated by company/Federal/state interests. They only rewarded people who conducted themselves shamefully as depicted in this video.

  • Doesn’t matter that it is against the law, The company protects certain favourites regardless and especially when it is members of their own families.

  • I was bullied by a supervisor, the DON, and two CNAs. Whenever they weren’t around, I felt good, happy, and successful. Whenever I was in another hall working with other CNAs, I felt good. Whenever those bullies came in, my work performance began to get affected along with my positiveness, my willingness to come into work began to leave me, and the feeling of hopelessness made me quit. I couldn’t fight anymore. It was just too much for me to handle. I also have Asperger’s Syndrome and ADD.

  • I have dealt with a mean, hateful boss who used foul language and made joke about me. Then he told me that my job was terminated because I was working while I’m disabled. Is something wrong with that?

  • Setting unrealistic standards and deadlines which are unachievable and are arbitrarily changed without notice or reason, left to do everything alone, while my boss takes hours for a break… Not given the tools to do said work with. Co workers, not working with and otherwise being condescendingly hinder-some. Bullying?

  • HP has a policy HP Way  which talks about this and sounds really good to begin working in a company with this policy. Too bad it is just a suggestion and not a rule like they say it is. A lady from South America came and gave us this talk. Like most of you say management just laughs at things like this.

  • I experienced workplace bullying in a school where there are people who spread gossiping or making rumors about me. Besides, there are people that I treat them as my friends but they underestimated me and even it made it to the point that they said to me bad words. Sometimes, I feel humiliated and when I told it to the department, our leader didn’t believe in me. Besides, that leader told me that I am a liar. =( What I am going to do?

  • What if it’s been reported to management AND human resources, and they refer you to EAP, work comp, etc, and don’t do anything else about it?  And it continues?

  • Oh…Electrogeek, so sorry about your negative experience with your bully supe! Just know, that some people ‘claim’to be Christian and they have never been saved by JESUS or even have a relationship with him. Going to Church and doing works does not mean you are a Christian okay? Hang in there, the LORD loves u and he saw everything that was done to u! I was bullied @my job, so I know. I was Blessed, that I kept great notes,had witnessess,and etc. HR and the Union are jokes!! Please call below

  • I have experienced workplace bullying in the past.

    The problem was an attitude of indifference towards the bullying on the part of those (the Human Resources people) that should have stopped it.

  • Threatening comments like “do you want this job? ” are abusive and so is following worker to washroom and this is in Mississauga Ontario Canada!

  • Bullying was used by administrators to force me to leave to save money because I was at the top of the pay-scale and 6 weeks paid leave per year. It worked, l left and they hired a newbee at 65% of my salary starting at 2 weeks paid leave.
    At a different job they bullied my good boss out and the new one bullied me out because I was known to like the old boss and the new boss felt threatened.
    In both places, the businesses’ reputations are widely known as a toxic work environments (Numbers 32:23)

  • The corporate monsters laugh and smile as they take God away from the sheeple and interject the RELIGION of human pornography,moral depravity and violence; they are hiding behind the facade of riches as if that is a testimony to their decency..they are sick immoral violent psychopaths entombed in their moral depravity…i would rather walk with Jesus and be poor..follow the example of the father of goodness and eternity..then the father of lies, deception and violence, their father is Lucifer

  • Be happy not to fit in with a bunch of mean people. Rejoice! You belong to a group that Jesus our father in heaven is a leader of. Jesus Christ the messiah and savior, was persecuted by the majority and he didn’t “fit in ” either. He was an outcast by many in “authoritative” positions. The rich Pharisees and Saducees were unjust, cruel and wanted to kill Jesus as he was good.Do you want to “fit in” with Jesus or the Pharisees and Saducees. Take it as a compliment and a blessing NOT to “FIT IN”

  • I have studies bullies. They are on the same end of the spectrum as antisocial personalities. They share common traits with psychopaths. They lack empathy and conscience for their victims.It is about power and control. They have the potential to kill if they need to. They are sociopathic(good actors) and are extremely narcissistic.They share the same traits /psychopathology as serial killers.That is why they have no problem doing this over and over. It is about stealing, killing and destroying.

  • 0:37 I am yet to see one organisation fall because of bullying that’s any organisation worldwide. Rather, you’ll read about, or see, victims lives destroyed. 4:55 is the worst advice ever never tell your manager nor HR, just leave and go to another place.

  • Also I have been having issues with this guy I been working with now he’s a service manager but my manager for my bank I work in. A women has personal issues a month and tonight I was made crying for going to the bathroom he said I go all the time an was making me sound worthless to the work compared me to other girls that’s not in our bank saying they don’t go like I go an I explained about my personal issue which I shouldn’t have to an he said I use it as an excuse every 2 weeks

  • You are in a very difficult position and I am sure you are feeling the affects of bullying. Physically and psychologically. You must act because the situation will not improve until you do. Speak to upper management.

  • HR, are usualy looking after management and can make matters worse, any non unionised workplace is subjected to higher levels of bulling than unionised workplaces, it is now a global problem with root causes linked to industrial competition in third world nations, the fight needs to be fought there as well.

  • I wrote a short helpful essay about workplace bullying. https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/book/workplace-bullying-growing/id1148849274?mt=11

  • NEVER go to management or HR, they are well aware of the problem but have chosen, usually due to the bully’s ability to lie and make it seem like they are running a “tight ship”, to ignore it and condone it in fact. Your solutions are as follows A. Get out, get another job ASAP, B. Collaborate and support others affected by it, C. get other things going on in life so you can dissociate from work and be in that better place mentally, D. FIGHT BACK call these bullies on their shit right as it happens, get fired, but I’d rather be fired on my feet than work on my knees suffering anxiety, anger, and stress from a POS who has no life other than to mess with yours. Most bullies have borderline personality disorder and going up against that is a losing battle. Any company who condones and supports bullying is not worth working for EVER. Peace. (this video above is bullshit)

  • to the workplace. Before the nursing home I worked for, I had too many friends in the last workplace I had. I wasn’t happy, but I was just starting to socialize with my co-workers. Now after the nursing home, I’m a different person. I’m more shy and more less trusting. I don’t trust many anymore. I think I suffered from PSTD at one point from the bullying I received at the nursing home. Then I just had enough and found myself unable to reach for my potential. I experienced burn-out and a full

  • blown Asperger’s Syndrome and ADD. It only took the following words, ‘You don’t fit in’ to undo all that I’ve worked for to adapt against both disabilities. These words constantly rang in my head as if it were a gong. ‘You don’t fit in’ is possibly the hardest thing to hear when you’re like me. After quitting, it still haunted me until I discovered my own true talent. I’m slowly coming around after the round of bullying. I’ve been bullied almost all of my life from Elementary School to the-

  • HR IS JUST AS USLESS, the whole company. There is no respect, only greed and threats. I know a guy who was terminated because he reported and told the truth. His appeal was even worse as they treated him even worse.

  • I work for a high profile telecommunications company. And although I thought that HR would have done the right thing when I had no choice to file a complaint, they closed the investigation while I was still gathering the information they asked me for. I was targeted by team members who where given permission to openly harass me, they spread lies about me in the office, my bosses turned on me when I refused to falsify financial information. My boss leaked my person medical information to people on the team. It was disgusting and in the end nothing was done and my supervisor claimed she knew nothing about what I was experiencing although for YEARS I kept bringing up issues with her. Although there was proof of what was happening, WRITTEN proof, nothing happened. My boss actually was scrambling to get people to nominate the team bullies for awards to boost their appearances. That woman had vendors build her a custom home office, kitchen cabinets and every time she goes to dinner it’s 1000 and up. Disgusting. And it’s not even a secret. Her boss funnels millions to his friends company and is constantly harassing and stressing people with unrealistic demands. And the best thing is, he never puts it in writing. They waste money like water and try to hide it. When I refused to go along I became untrustworthy because I wouldn’t participate in their corrupt agenda.

  • I worked for the WESTWOOD PUBLIC SCHOOLS in MA for over 12 years & was bullied for 10 by the Admin, including falsifying my personal file,being humiliated by my superior in front of students & faculty, & finally getting fired for a misunderstanding with a coworker who took the blame for it by WESTWOOD SUPERINTENDENT JOHN A. MAYBE because i have 1 ear & facial paralysis. I’ll never know. WESTWOOD SCHOOL SUPERINTEND JOHN A. made it quite clear that bullying can happen to adults as well as kids!!!!

  • Thats terrible.. I think sometimes you have to just ignore people.. dont look at them, be the master of your own energy let them fight for your attention..it will turn the tables a bit.. dont try to socialize but dont accept poor treatment either, just dish it back out if necessary.. if they sack you dont even argue, just laugh and walk away with your dignity held high.. they are scumbags and they know it.. your indignation will hurt them more than you will know