An introduction to Parenting in Schools


Connecting School and Home: Supporting Parents to Build Student Achievement

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To help students, start by informing parents

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11-Year-Old’s Passion Vs Grades: Do Parents Really Know Best?

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Good and Bad Childhoods

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Parents Try School Lunches

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Family Engagement: Strengthening Family Involvement to Improve Outcomes for Children

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Parent Workshops: Strengthening the Learning Community

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Parenting: Effectively parenting a child helps to ensure that a child develops the necessary skills and has the resources to succeed in and out of school. Parents can also help. Parent engagement in schools is a shared responsibility in which schools and other community agencies and organizations are committed to reaching out to engage parents in meaningful ways, and parents.

The parent-school relationship is one that should begin early, a fact recognized by both the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Education (ED). In May 2016, these departments issued a joint Policy Statement on Family Engagement.

An Overview of Parenting in Schools. By Lisa Linnell-Olsen Back to School: Your Healthy Kid Toolkit. By Sara Lindberg, M.Ed What to Know About Unschooling.

By Sherri Gordon Universal Design Learning (UDL) Curriculum in Schools. Parenting Education Program in Schools. High school is one step away from adulthood.

There is no better time to talk with teens about their future and choices. The Parenting Center is here to help both students and parents. A cademic socialization includes “communicating parental expectations for education and its value or utility, linking school-work to current events, fostering educational and occupational.

The elements of effective parenting programs include parents being treated as partners with providers, tailoring of interventions to the needs of both parents and children, service integration and interagency collaborative care, peer support, trauma-informed services, cultural relevance, and inclusion of fathers. Parent education programs focus on enhancing parenting practices and behaviors, such as developing and practicing positive discipline techniques, learning age-appropriate child development skills and milestones, promoting positive play and interaction between parents. Authoritative parenting styles tend to result in children who are happy, capable, and successful. Permissive parenting often results in children who rank low in happiness and self-regulation. These children are more likely to experience problems with authority and tend to perform poorly in school.

The more engaged parents are in parenting workshops, the better their confidence, the more positive their view of their role as a parent, and the greater the levels of interaction with their children. When parents increase their levels and quality of interactions with their children, children become better prepared for school and personal success.

List of related literature:

Researchers have theorized that authoritative parenting styles lead to positive school outcomes because authoritative families provide their children with a high level of emotional security, which helps them succeed in school.

“Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Involvement” by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray
from Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Involvement
by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray
SAGE Publications, 2010

It recommended that at primary school level efforts should be made to encourage parents to take responsibility for informing their children of the ‘facts of life’, but suggested that, with parents’ approval, some supplementary teaching could be provided by the schools.

“Sex Education: Rationale and Reaction” by Rex S. Rogers, Rogers
from Sex Education: Rationale and Reaction
by Rex S. Rogers, Rogers
Cambridge University Press, 1974

This includes how to be an effective parent at each age level, and how to interact with children at home about classwork, homework and academic plans and decisions across the grades.

“International Handbook of Educational Change: Part Two” by Andy Hargreaves, A. Lieberman, M. Fullan, D.W. Hopkins
from International Handbook of Educational Change: Part Two
by Andy Hargreaves, A. Lieberman, et. al.
Springer Netherlands, 2014

On one level, the fact that parents nowadays have rights that mean they can know quite a lot about their child’s school and how it works means that schools have to make clear arrangements that allow these rights to be exercised.

“Learning to Teach in the Primary School” by James Arthur, Teresa Grainger, David Wray
from Learning to Teach in the Primary School
by James Arthur, Teresa Grainger, David Wray
Routledge, 2006

Although there is not always a clear consensus about how much information should be provided about sensitive issues such as sexual behavior, AIDS prevention, and substance abuse, recent research indicates that the majority of American parents would prefer that schools address these issues with their children.

“Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development” by Stephen J. Farenga, Daniel Ness
from Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development
by Stephen J. Farenga, Daniel Ness
Taylor & Francis, 2015

4 and 5 indicated that very few schools have written policies for parental involvement.

“Parental Involvement in Childhood Education: Building Effective School-Family Partnerships” by Garry Hornby
from Parental Involvement in Childhood Education: Building Effective School-Family Partnerships
by Garry Hornby
Springer New York, 2011

Parents in the process of making choices about schools must decide the value of socialization.

“Christian Education: Foundations for the Future” by Robert E. Clark, Lin Johnson, Allyn K. Sloat, Kenneth Gangel, Edward Hayes, Wayne Widder, James Wilhoit, Wesley Willis, Warren Benson, Lynn Gannett, C Fred Dickason Jr, Dennis Dirks, Irving Jensen, Lawrence Richards, Michael Lawson, Robert J. Choun Jr, C Keith Mee, Valerie Wilson, Robert Clark, Pamela Campbell, Stanton Campbell, Perry Downs, Brian Richardson, Stanley Olsen, Carolyn Koons, Julie Hight, Marlene LeFever, James Plueddemann, Colleen Birchett, Marta Elena Alvarado, Johng Ook Lee, Doris Freese, J Omar Brubaker, Donald Geiger, Ray Syrstad, Dennis Williams, Harold Westling, Mark Senter III, Richard Patterson, Julie Gorman, Wesley Haystead, Lowell Brown, James Slaughter, Wayne Rickerson, Craig Williford, Cliff Schimmels, Robert Barron
from Christian Education: Foundations for the Future
by Robert E. Clark, Lin Johnson, et. al.
Moody Publishers, 1991

Regardless of how similar parents in a school appear to be, it is unlikely that all will have the same opinions about parenting or how homework should be handled.

“Rethinking Homework, 2nd Edition: Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs” by Cathy Vatterott
from Rethinking Homework, 2nd Edition: Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs
by Cathy Vatterott
ASCD, 2018

Children spend many hours outside the home in educational settings; hence, teachers, coaches, and schools are just as responsible for the positive academic, social, and emotional development of a child as the parents.

“School-family Partnerships for Children's Success” by Evanthia N. Patrikakou, Amy R. Anderson
from School-family Partnerships for Children’s Success
by Evanthia N. Patrikakou, Amy R. Anderson
Teachers College Press, 2005

Parents need to begin asking schools about their discipline practices, and they need to question whether their child’s needs are being met.

“The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived” by Lee Carroll, Jan Tober
from The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived
by Lee Carroll, Jan Tober
Hay House, 1999

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  • In my grade school and high school, we had really good lunches. Sometimes, kids would even go back for seconds. So, I’ve never experienced bad school lunches

  • I was watching a recommendation for a how to train your dragon scene and I realized my entire childhood was me being tortured I never got to enjoy things like other kids who grew up with friends and enjoying life I never ever got to enjoy a single fucking thing I’m going to try to watch movies I missed out as a kid even though I’m 18 about to turn 19 and have almost no friends despite the fact that I’m probably never gonna meet other friends I can try to enjoy something I missed I want to try to enjoy it but I feel too old these characters in these films all seem like children I wish I got to enjoy my childhood and was allowed to use my imagination and cherish the wonder of the world instead of having my face bashed in by my mother’s fists

  • Oh my god
    In my school there was this turkey and gravy thing
    There’s was hardly any turkey and the container was filled with the “gravy” the gravy was GREY

  • At my school everyone would though the food out because it was so gross and the lunch lady would come out screaming saying that we are wasting

  • Yeah. School lunch food is nasty..I used to always find hair in it. And half of it looks like dog food that I would not feed to my dog

  • The mom is excessive, this is coming from a chinese kid with chinese parents (heretically).

    Edit: though I will say that his grades are really below normal standards, no matter his intelligence, however, due to society he may find it tough to make it in any sector that isn’t open minded and can see past his grades to see his intelligence.

  • Me: What the fuck! He did it too!
    Teacher tryna be a *smartass*: So if someone jumped off a bridge you would too?
    Me: Precisely.
    Teacher: sends me to the office
    Principal: sends me to the counselor
    Counselor: I understand and I will help you.
    Also the counselor: yA mEnTaLLy iLL PiEcE oF sHiT. YoU aNd Yo ReTaRdEd AsS BeLoNg iN a MeNtAl hOsPiTaL.
    Me: gets sent to mental hospital
    The mental hospital peoplez: give me 10x more stress, bring back bad memories/worsen my PTSD, and make me even more suicidal
    Also the mental hospital: says no phone while I stay there which worsens my mental health even more
    My mom: oh wait shes dead ahaha
    My dad: oh wait hes an abusive MURDERER*… *ahahaha
    My sister: oh wait I dont have a sister lmaooo
    My life: oh wait I dont have one XD
    Me: gets released from hospital feeling 20x worse than when i came in
    Also me: cuts some veggies for dinner and “accidentally misses”
    Also also me: doesnt cry cus…im empty hahahaha no tears left to cry
    Also also also me: gets put into a foster home with a foster bro who sexually assults me ahahahahah SO hilarious
    People cough Mallory Burton cough*: joke about how I prolly *liked the assult
    Also also also also me: tells mah story on fucking youtube while listening to music like the* pathetic ass bitch* I am
    No actually everyone lmao*: bruh stop *FaKiNg iT fOr aTtEnTiOn. Your OnLy 11 yOu cAnT bE dEpPrEsSeD HAHAHAHAHA
    Me: stares into their* ugly ass soul* as they back away slowly
    Also me: casually goes back to the funny 11 year old everyone “knows and loves”
    have a nice life ✌
    Comment yo story if yall made it this far ❤❤


  • Am I the only one who thinks I had a good childhood. I mean sure my parent had me as teenagers and my dad’s in and out of jail and I’m poor but I’m pretty happy. Most people around try to convince me I had a terrible childhood but I think their just being a little too sensitive.��

  • The food my lunch ladies make is not over the top and the best but my school works hard to make it so that we are eating healthy we have all sorts of salads veggies and fruits and protein and things like that I’m not saying that lunch food isn’t that bad I just want to say thank you to my school district for putting in the effort to make healthy lunches for me ��


    S O M E C O M M O N S E N S E

  • My middle school food was pretty disgusting. It was very bland and always overcooked, but what grossed me out the most is that I had found hairs and nail pieces a couple times in my meals, a few other kids even got food poisoning ��

  • At our school we can only have salads on Tuesdays and Thursdays and only 2-3 people per class can get one and then kids be going bat�� crazy over them salads ��

  • well atleast you americans get free food, here in australia we literally have to pay 2-5$ for a single meal, and they charge 2$ for fruits and $3 for those small juice boxes, which is completely outrageous. Though every single school menu price is different in Australia but my school’s food specifically is trash.

  • They should really try my school food. Good chicken fillet with rice for a dollar. A freaking dollar. I am also lucky cause my grandma used to own an eatery.

  • Everyone do not have a sweet childhood memory. Some of us has the worst memory from which we want to escape, we don’t want to exist with the harsh memories. I’m waiting for the day when I would earn for myself and get separated from all the toxins around me, free far from them.

  • I can’t call my childhood absolutely horrible but I had and still have some struggles(I’m 14). My parents hate each other, they insult each other and it hurts me. One of the vivid memories is my father beating and yelling at my mom. I like the days when dad isn’t at home so they don’t talk to each other. Also I’ve been bullied at 5-6 grades. Thanks for reading this, I just can’t keep that inside
    P.S. sorry if I’ve made a mistakes, English is my third language

  • and for gods sake if you had a bad childhood DONT HAVE KIDS YOURSELF
    you simply didnt grow up seeing what a good, functional family looks like and how it operates. so you will never know or understand how to do it youerself. dont pass the burden by having children, as doing so is inevitable.

  • 4 years ago trying to end myself at 19, Glad I found this video, I keep rewatching over and over in those hard years, managing my depression.. Thank You School of Life..

  • I teared up at the end. Love the idea of feeling a bit sorry for yourself I’m always busy improving my issues nonstop, nice reminder that these issues aren’t my fault for having.

  • Ahhh this brings me back to walking through the halls, smelling the microwaved, overprocessed “meats” for lunch, as the stench radiated through the school. ��yum����
    edit: ESPECIALLY on the day they srved thanksgiving food, otherwise known as gelatinous turkey noodles, with prepackaged pumpkin pie, boiled greenbeans that were overly peppered, and corn.

  • I have a great childhood thanks to my dad but school ruined my self esteem so ye, nobody life is perfect even if they have a good childhood

  • I always loved to be alone.
    My parents hated that because they thought I would get anxiety (I DIDN’T)

    I am lazy
    My parents hated that.
    I’m always tried, I just want rest

    I am gay and transgender
    My parents hated that

    I want to be a singer, musician, artist,writer, or a Computer person

    My parents hate that because they think that’s gay for a guy and not enough money in that
    One of them wants me to be an NBA player.

    I hate Exercising

    They make me do it 24/7
    And it does not remove my stress or anxiety, it worsens it

    Yeah, screw this

  • The way you come to think of yourself growing up really becomes part of you. According to psychologists I was emotionally abused and deprived as a child. I am now able to see that it was wrong how I was treated and not justified in any way.

    But despite this, every single day I still fight these feelings deep inside myself, that I’m not valid, I’m a bad person, I’ll never be good enough. The thing is, I know logically now that these things aren’t true. But no matter how much I try and reason with myself, they just never go away.

    Sometimes I’m exhausted after fighting so hard, some days these thoughts overwhelm me so much I am not able to function in my life. Luckily these days get fewer as time goes on.

    I am still a work in progress. I continue to see those first 20 years of my life in new ways and understand their impact. I see more and more now how it all really wasn’t my fault. I have learned to forigve. Hopefully one day I will be able to find peace and not be so hard on myself.

  • I had a medium childhood, my parents died when I was young but I lived with my aunt who cared for me so on one hand it’s awful, and on the other hand it’s pretty good

  • I’m scared that I will be a bad person because of my very bad childhood but I like to imagine being the most understanding person in the future. Someone to whom everyone will confide their sorrows to. Something like, I went through all this pain for a purpose. To be a comfort to others. But maybe the reality isn’t that kind.

  • My parents are toxic and neglectful. They told me an eating disorder isn’t much too worry about. Isolation is just a normal thing that will go away. I lost my trust. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t want to live here when I’m 18 years.

  • I could sit here explaining my childhood too, i guess but i’ll bullet point it..Bullied by everyone at school since nursery..Dad a drug addict and alcoholic..Uncle is a convicted child molester.. Been suicidal since i was 6 year old ( im 14, only recently gotten better). In a scandal with the law, cos someone hacked my IG saying im a pedo and a thief, could get kicked out of school or arrested..Sexually abusive first relationship. Dad in Malta with new bird (Who attacked him and cut herself to get my dad arrested ) was just about to come home and then the pandemic happens. Mum and dad arguing and fighting constantly. Just to put into perspective of how bad his alcoholism was, he was told by a nurse that his liver has been on the verge of failure for 5 years and that the booze would kill him long before the baccy would. This is when i was victim to peer pressure, (I was 11) and smoked and drunk (I dont drink anymore, but i still have a smoking problem) and this is where i at now, addict, money trouble etc

  • Omg I’m still going in school and I just remembered all the school pizza they make always had WAY to much sauce! I hated it but I still have a love connection to pizza �� ✨

  • This is a short and very well-done video. It felt good just to hear and reinforce the things I’ve been doing in my self-care. Thank you.

  • Try to offer a logical proof that stealing, or anything regarded as “bad” in general, is wrong. Or, show that no proof can be made.

  • CHRISTIAN ADVICE FOR NEW PARENTS The most effective way to quell a rebellious mind in children is to put the fear of God into them when they first start to trust the word of adults, couple this with a generous serving of guilt and you are on your way to a mostly harmonious journey through their childhood. As soon as they can comprehend you should tell them that there is a man in the sky continually watching them and writing down everything they say and do, they should be grateful that this invisible Skydaddy created them and allowed them to live, but don`t step out of line kids because there is a place he will send you which is full of horror. Have other adults reinforce your beliefs and keep pumping it into them so that they will spend a good deal of their young lives feeling guilty, paranoid and unworthy. When they reach puberty explain the sins of the flesh, Jesus expects them to remain pure and you are letting him down if you experiment or think about sex, really pour it on about their responsibility to the invisible man, keep a close eye on everything they say and do, remind them that there are bad demons out there trying to get them to stray so that they can throw them into the burning pit. At about age 17 your teenagers will start to question your beliefs and will begin to explore other attitudes and beliefs in this big wide world, STAMP OUT THIS BEHAVIOR IMMEDIATELY, through punishment, nagging and more guilt trips, really lay it on, you can`t have children thinking for themselves. By now the guilt and paranoia will be deeply ingrained into their personality and you can manage their minds if you see any danger signals, encourage them to only mix with people of their own color and faith. Age twenty they will have started to form relationships with people you approve of and the responsibility for keeping them in line now rests with their new partners, you can begin to relax. Early 20s they will leave home and marry, they will employ all the strategies you used in their upbringing on their own children, you can help them with this. CONGRATULATIONS you have succeeded in raising religious, guilt ridden, paranoid robots who have caused you minimum fuss and dramas, you can relax now, light up a joint, bring out the bourbon and go about the remainder of your life with the feeling of self satisfaction and condemnation for all the other failures who didn`t follow the instructions of the invisible Skydaddy, Praise the Lord.

  • I think what I experience the most throughout my childhood is the inability of creating my own identity. It sucks having siblings, but having siblings who literally shape you into them and you knowing you’re not original is one of my biggest shame.
    “You’re just like your brother!”
    “Your brother used to do that.”
    “That’s what your brother says.”
    I don’t know when I’ll be ready to take a route to find myself but I don’t ever think that’ll happen. My parents don’t really know what I’m going through and they don’t have time for it. I love them and know they’ll support me but they don’t even know me. I don’t even vent anymore since it’s not “what your brother would do.” I’m writing this wondering if any of you are going through the same identity crisis, a very very critical identity crisis. If you are feel free to share you stories.

  • bad childhood left a deep scar and mental burden which i still bring until now. it is so exhausting.
    i know i cant change my past, but how i accept my past and doing a radical forgiveness for everything and everyone., give me a little spark of light and serenity. its surely hard. but doesnt mean impossible to heal from bad childhood.

  • I showed this to my parents and told them witch one I had and they got really mad of this video and said it was a lie and I was just being crazy

  • The worst part of bad parents is when they finally admit they were ruff on you they just tell you
    “Gett over it” and “Its in the past”

  • Mom: “OurR sON is not doINg welL”
    Also Mum: “juSt loOk aT thE otHer kiDS theY @re stuDyINg veRy HaRD”

    Son: learned the most universal language at age 2 drawing already playing piano at 1st Grade made a robot a 3rd Grade

    And still the mother does not value his hard work

  • I have bad childhood and still in childhood
    If i do wrong my mother would do physics to me without dad knowing
    While dad is on a good side but hes never noticing anything bc of his work
    Im just shortening what i have experienced so its easy to understand

  • I wish i could do back in time and talk to my younger self. reassure her, Give her a big long hug, hold her in my arms for hours and tell her how much i lover her and how much lover actually deserves.

  • I wish i had a better childhood. Having to deal with with my bad childhood in my Adult life Daily, is exhaustingly hard work. But once there is acceptance and self recognition, its easier to work on it.

  • Why me God… Pls…? Why me? Why I deserve this… Why did I do wrong… Why did I do before? Pls forgive me… I just a child… Why everyone hate me… Why family didn’t understand me? Why you letme destroyed? I am deserve this? Just take me God if you hate me… If I don’t deserve life just vaporize me… Let me be rocks or dust.. I don’t care….

  • When I get upset I get in trouble. My dad calls me useless and worthless. When I make a mistakes I’m called a failure. I wish I was actually loved

  • I had a terrible childhood. If you ever dared to feel sorry for yourself it was an invitation for more pain and vitriol
    It takes a life time to wake up from the disassociated state of mind formed from all that pain. Thank you for your insightful content for those of us still working to establish a proper, baseline perspective.

  • The Mom says that she would be ruining his future if she will not make him study hard but instead she is ruining it by putting more pressure

  • I wasted my whole childhood
    All of it because of people.
    They seriously broke me and made me avoid about everything.
    Just where do I start… And from who… I’ve always been broken, even before the age of 6.
    My parents had a bad relationship, they cheated on each other and as innocent as I was, I thought being honest was right,so I did what every chatterbox did. The result was a parent confronting the other, me being yelled at. I got beaten as a child and I don’t even remember why.
    I’d crawl under my bed, and they’d drague me by my feet. I’d cry and cry, all dusty because of the floor…
    Besides the beating, I never had a good relationship with my parents nor my siblings. For some reason, the three of us are all introverts and don’t really socialize. We’ve always been shy, which resulted in us getting bullied…
    The reason behind the bullying was different from a school to another.
    In a Richie Richie school, almost everyone was rich, sons and daughters of ceos, owners of hotels, doctors and such. My father is a civil engineer and my mother an art teacher. Father had a good income, almost what’s considered rich, but he never spent all of it on us. Instead, he’s always sending money to his brothers and parents.
    He’d always negotiate with vendors when we go out to buy clothes, it was so damn embarassing for me. Listening how he asks the employee to reduce the price even though he can afford it, and the poor employees keep saying that it can’t be helped since the shops aren’t theirs.
    He was so economic,to the point where he’d hardly buy unnecessary things. We didn’t even get to go to amusement parks, ice rinks and such.
    The kids from our classes were always hanging out, their parents would give them any amount of money they asked for,unlike us,so we never really went out with them(really never). They’d call us names and mock us for ‘being poor'(and we really weren’t, my parents were just not money wise.)
    I never cried about the bullying, I’ve been bullied for as long as I remember.
    The first time was for being mixed raced, and I know many kids were jealous of our appearance that’s why girls never liked me and bullied because I didn’t care about makeup, dressing up and the useless shit they cared about.
    The second time I was bullied (after transferring) for ‘being poor’, as I mentioned.
    The third time was also for my appearance, I was fluent in my mother language so they’d mock me and say that my other race is just a lie. The girls would ask me about the number of the hair colour I ‘used”, whether I shaved my eyebrows to be ‘perfect’, this and that,you know,about what jealous people do.
    The other kids didn’t really care about me since I was a stranger, and I didn’t laugh at their jokes (they found me weird).
    The third time (highschool) because as before, I was weird. At this point, I had severe social anxiety, didn’t talk much,replied with the quickest answers and avoided about everyone.
    I’m still in my third year or highschool, the last year, and I feel like I’ve waisted my life.
    I never had actual friends, was bullied throughout my life, I have trust issues (being betrayed by a ‘friend’ who didn’t want to be bullied with me, my parents who swore to keep secrets and revealed them,my relatives who hated me for being the daughter of a foreign women whom they disapproved as a wife of dad’s)I still have social anxiety, was depressed for a long period of my life,only went out with my classmates for 5 times (maximum I think), never tried all the sports that I like (judo, taekwondo,ice skating, horse riding and so on)(I only did kickboxing and karate for a year), hardly went out to places I like, didn’t really study until the two last years (I hated studying because my dad would mock me when I get bad grades Infront of my whole family (big family)),never liked someone romantically…

    I feel like I hardly did anything as a teen,I really I’m envious when I see people enjoying their lifes and being carefree as teens because I never was carefree. I’m always overthinking and I always imagine the worst case scenario. I guess I just feel empty.
    I didn’t even reveal half of the shit that happened in my life because I know some people had it worse.
    Maybe I’m being emotional because of puberty, but I really do feel empty inside.

  • Gosh, School grades aren’t even the end! Scores do not determine what you will come out in the future! Grades are just numbers, a small “test” which won’t even make 10% impact in our lives! Do you think the creators of smart tech giants goes 100% in every single thing?!

  • In elementary school they forced us and this one group of kids (including me) would wait until the person standing at the trash can would take out the trash and go go goo.

  • This video provides the tools that saved my life: reflect about own situation and be a bit sorry for yourself (just a bit is about being kind to yourself and excuse you for having a past that was not your choice and therefore it is not your fault). Just these two things gave me so much maturity, helped me knowing and love myself better, and free me from the past a little more.

  • I hate the phrase “Stop feeling sorry for yourself”. I grew feeling so weird and ashamed because of how differently the family treated me and my sister all due to the fact that my grandfather remarried the woman he was fucking while his first wife was dieing of cancer. Him and my Aunt chose the step family over my mother and on top of it she turned out to be a pentecostal wicked step mother from some fucking horror story. My poor mother wasn’t even given a chance to heal from her mothers death and was never giving the proper love from her father. All he cared about was keeping his dick wet. I despise the man and my aunt who is currently one of the biggest cunts and parasites I’ve ever seen.

  • This is the exact kind of good in my school cafeteria and that’s why I stay in the boys toilet all recess and lunch and I even see other guys In the bathroom

  • I looked up “How to enjoy childhood”
    Im dying to get out of my parents house and Im only 12, I want to get a job, and a car, and meet my online friend so we can live together in a nice apartment in Oklahoma City, and maybe eventually a house.

    I feel like I have everything planned out, but I still dont know what ill do for money, if ill go to college. Im horrible at saving money so that is something I need to work on. And im sure that when I actually do get out there, im gonna fall flat on my face.

    But for now, I just really wanna get out of here

  • I Love this one! I had a bad childhood! I did therapy, read books and spent time to think. It’s not going to change what happened however Now I can pick up and carry on.

  • I think the mother she’s just not helping creativity it’s most important at the end its not about what you know cuz no one can do a robot job better then a robot

    Btw this not my speech this from Prince Ea

  • I’m 16 and I’m stuck with caregivers who are cruel punitive and mean I wish I was dead they say everything is my fault I’ve had a bad childhood and never had an adolescence I’m envious of those who’ve had an emotionally healthy childhood and adolescence while stuck with caregivers that are the opposite of emotionally healthy I’m fucked up cause of the cruelty and foolishness of my caregivers

  • I may not hate myself, but i feel like i should since my parents…. They dont really support me on any choices, my dad calls me an idiot simply because”im not interested in anything” that is not true, i am not interested in anything because ive never been thrown a rope to climb out of the pit as in ive never got help only asked financial questions like “oh if u want to have your dream, DO U HAVE MONEU FOR IT?” and its the same over and over every day and because of that i dont really feel confident to talk to people in real life, the only way of conversation for me in the outside world especially with people who talk like they came out of prison simply because they talk trash to eachother simply because they did some sick move in sports and starts to show off… Personally id like to take a gun up the persons forehead and pull the trigger because im disgusted by the language and the attention of talking to a person who dosent do sports and tries to make a life without improving his body muscles. My mom is eh how should i say, shes a carring person, feeds me, gets me clothes etc,but whenever i ask for something she also tells me if i got money for the dream/idea i have and like that i loose my interest in living i am not depressed and i do not hate myself i just hate the fact i got a “good” family but a bad outcome thru the years ive been living.

  • Don’t hate on the mom too much. She’s definitely too focused on grades, but it’s not entirely her fault, as grades can be very important for your future depending on your career. Many parents are like this, probably because when they were young they had to work harder for what our generation has to work very little for, and they just want us to be successful. (Edit: I’m not saying she’s right. Kids should focus on their passion more than grades and being the top of the class. I’m just saying that the mom has a point, even though she is wrong.)

  • Couldn’t relate more. I’m a coder too, my parents didn’t pay for courses so I found free ones online. Being the topper of the class is always a big pressure, and it just keeps increasing. All of the comparison to others is so annoying.
    I am having frequent panic attacks, I feel like crying but I don’t really have the time because I have to study for exams.

  • The mom needs to think correctly. Her son couldn’t even walk straight because he was so tired from everything.I would definitely still have him study other subjects, but he if Tech is what hes great at, let him do it!

  • look inside my channel, i have the same parent screaming at me for having all good grades and cant do anything i like, like football, basket ball and coding

  • This is reminding me of Runaway: Diary of A Street Kid by Evelyn Lau. She was under so much pressure from her Chinese Mom to be successful and only do what she wanted her to do that when she became a teenager she broke down one day and ran away from home on a whim. She said that the two years that she spent on the streets were actually easier on her than when she was living at home and she never went back to live with her parents. Her passion was writing, she did it from a young age but her Mother didn’t want her pursue it.

  • stereotypically, all they care about is scores. but here’s the thing, in the future, they are not gonna hire people by looking at the grades. they gon be hiring people with TALENT and ZI XU has talent. i rlly think his mom is way too obsessed with GRADE. ppl, this needs to CHANGE.

  • If you believe whole heartedly that your son can build his own tech company in the country u live, keep him in tech. But are you willing to risk ur sons future? He will not be able to get a job at any of the big tech companies W/O a uni degree not in the US, EU, and much of Asia. Also he needs an ass kicking for talking to his moms like a little emperor.

  • I can relate with him. Before qurantine Basically all my days were filled and i had two tuitions. Whenever I get an A my parents just become angry as they want me to get A+. My passion as you can tell is Gaming but my parents have other views. Anything i do wrong they blame it all on me.

  • This family is one of the lucky ones to actually have a passionate kid who knows of their passions early and interested in tech (which is one of the big money industry in Asia)

    Imagine that kid likes drawing and wanted to be a painter. I bet even the father won’t approve of his passion.

  • ‘On the outside, I may look lively and happy, because that’s my nature. But inside, I’m feeling the pressure from school and other stresses.’

    I relate

  • I don’t understand why isn’t his mother proud of his own son for having such a lot of talent. Like he literally can do almost everything. If I have as same amount of talent like him, my mom would be super proud of me and i would be proud of myself too -_-

  • Meanwhile future zi xu, he will never meet with his mom. And meet his dad in mansion. If he had child. He will never rely on school and rely on skill. Or opposite, he will attack his child

  • Fun fact it’s not really what parents know best it’s the kid will decide what they will do
    However tell your kid what’s right and wrong

  • Ok I don’t blame any of the parents, I understand that they just want the best For their son but the actual
    problem he has too much after school activities that he doesn’t get the chance to be a kid and have fun.

  • I agree with the father the son should at least get an 80% and stay with the technology field, I will need to disagree with the mother that he needs to be the top of his class. I think the mother needs to focus on his overall health.

  • dad: I am not expecting you to be extremely good.
    also Dad: is 80 and above expecting too much?
    Parents level: a, Easy b, Hard c, ASIAN

  • The mom should be happy that he used the word “討厭” which kinda means “Think someone is annoying and disliking them” instead of hate, and not “恨” which means completely HATE someone.

  • The mom needs help.
    She’s ruining his future, comparing him with the other kids.
    My mom never does that, because she said she doesn’t want me to compare myself to others and feel bad when I grow up.
    And by the way, I play video games every weekend and I’m half Chinese, my grades are also 80+
    Like, get help

    wHy YoU sO fucKiNg beautiful

  • Let me tell you one thing lady. When the life will challenge that boy in future then it won’t look the subjects he studied or degrees he got but it will look for the skills that he has to adapt in the challenges.

    It’s a sad truth in Asian society that degree is more valuable than skills.

  • Okay first of all I live in Taiwan. This is what they call a tiger mom and dad.
    I’m an American living here but not all parents service psychotic.
    I’ve seen really good parents and I’ve seen parents that need parenting classes.
    As a teacher the first thing I notice is the health of the kid are they are overweight
    Or underweight
    Do they feel comfortable in social settings? Do they smile or they’re happy?
    Do they get enough encouragement and hugs?
    Are they disciplined out of love and with kindness?
    Did their parents help them to work through their emotions,?
    I feel sorry for both of their children. It’s hard when I see families that aren’t loving and functional.

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  • He can beat Bill Gates with his tech when he’s an adult, but his mom insists on him getting a casual job like a lawyer. Why would be a lawyer if you can make AMAZING TECH? I see why he favorites his dad over his mom. His mom thinks he doesn’t even any potential!

  • Okay, so the kid is a genius and has like one of the coolest passion (passion in tech) and yet the mum wants him to stop pursuing it? The mom really need to rethink her decision.

  • I am Asian and I’ve gotten 50s in Chemistry….and i​was told to try harder not to give up on what I love and kill myself with studying

  • School should be teaching us how to do resumes, tax, and all that stuff for living. The kid is tired let him rest, my mom is strict about my studies but not this much. Plenty of sleep and rest help your studying too y’know.

  • This just further reinforces my belief that having kids is immoral. Life is not worth living. Sorry.

    I have so much hatred for parents. Breeding is not a praiseworthy accomplishment. It’s the most selfish act you can commit.

  • I asked my mum the same question (without giving her the context of this video) tech vs studies. She feels that both are equally important because tech is the next big thing now. However, studies is important because it gives you more flexibility and very few people know what they want to do at 11 years old (I am sure all of us experienced this we may change our minds of what we want to do in the future). At 11 years old, I wanted to become a professional pianist but now (10 years later), I am studying mathematics in university

  • I’m sorry but parents could make an effort not to argue about their child’s future at night in front of him and especially in his sleep. The poor work until the evening it can hardly sleep quietly. It’s really bad to take the lead so much for her future the mother wants her good but she does the opposite. Already if he sleeps little it can not be productive they put pressure on him of his age and it’s bad. He’ll be able to do all the studies. But he will not succeed so mentally it is not much later she will ruin his life. If the child wants to work on technology I agree with the father. Especially in China technology is growing especially for our future it is inevitable. Serious what is this world of stress people.Now we’re making children sick just for a future. The child must be happy his father should tell him that his note is good or tell him I wish you would have done better there really is a communication problem