Achieving Balance like a Work-at-Home Parent


Achieving balance as a creative person tips on how to get a better work/life balance.

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Achieving Balance as a Work-at-Home Parent Parenthood and Working at Home: How to Balance The Two. It’s never easy for parents to find balance in this hectic Creating Ground Rules. When you work at home, you need ground rules for everyone. There should be guidelines for the The Time Dilemm. Here’s what else you need to know to be a productive work-at-home parent.

7 Steps to Achieving a Healthy Balance When You Work at Home. 16 Ways to Work From Home. 5 Steps to Finding a Work-at-Home Job. The Balance Careers is part of the Dotdash publishing family.

Although it may seem contrary to popular belief, parents who embrace not just work and family but also community and self may see big benefits. Discover the four-way win that could help you live your life to the fullest. Achieving balance can sometimes feel unattainable, but “integration” makes more sense in today’s world. How can parents achieve work-life balance when majorly working from home? By Bianca Gutierrez Can parents separate work from their family.

Work life balance is always a tricky thing to achieve and working from home can make it even more challenging. When home becomes a place of work as well, the lines between the two can easily blur. Most working parents look to their networks of mentors, coworkers, and professional contacts for advice on balancing the competing demands of work and home.

In addition, aim to: Relax. Regularly set aside time for activities that you enjoy, such as practicing yoga, gardening or reading. Hobbies Volunteer. Research shows that volunteering to help others can improve your connections with others, as well as lead to Develop a support system. At wor.

Work-life balance is broad and can vary from one person to another. For parents, it can mean more time with your kids, more time to spend with your family or more time to get things done. Whatever your goals are, it is imperative what work-life balance for you to schedule your priorities. The key here is to set time for your priorities.

Being a full-time working mother can lead to feelings of guilt and stress because of divided attention between work and family. The key is to focus on. Below are a few valuable tips to help work at home dads achieve the perfect balance between keeping on top of their work schedule and family commitments.

Work a flexible schedule The greatest advantage of working from home is the ability to set your own hours.

List of related literature:

Adults seek to maintain work–family balance through a variety of strategies such as changing jobs, reducing hours, renegotiating household responsibilities, cutting back on personal leisure pursuits, and modifying standards or expectations for their work and family life.

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The at-home parent becomes solely responsible for daily childcare and household tasks, taking over tasks that are typically the responsibility of the away parent, such as managing finances, doing household and yard maintenance, or assisting with homework (Atkins, 2009; Chandra, 2016; DeVoe & Ross, 2012).

“Handbook of Parenting and Child Development Across the Lifespan” by Matthew R. Sanders, Alina Morawska
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It is almost impossible to work effectively and care for children “at the same time,” but home-based working can make the organization and management ofchildcare much easier and less stressful.

“Encyclopedia of Human Resources Information Systems: Challenges in e-HRM: Challenges in e-HRM” by Torres-Coronas, Teresa, Arias-Oliva, Mario
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This is not to suggest that mothers should not work full time, but rather to point out the unrealistic expectations and unbalanced workloads our culture places on this one family role.

“Experience Sampling Method: Measuring the Quality of Everyday Life” by Joel M. Hektner, Jennifer A. Schmidt, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
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In families where all parents/caregivers need to work outside of the home, center-based services may be the best option.

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One advantage to working at home when you’re a parent is that you can be a more involved parent.

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In a pattern common to many homeschool households, where tutoring virtually replaces child management as the instructor’s main job, formal school time in the Eckard household is less than three hours a day.

“Kingdom of Children: Culture and Controversy in the Homeschooling Movement” by Mitchell L. Stevens
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Ironically, work–family balance is also a challenge for the home-based telecommuter.

“Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology” by Steven G. Rogelberg
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Childcare—on-site daycare, flex hours to accommodate school schedules, work from home 2.

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One of the advantages of working from home is the ability to set one’s own schedule.

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  • Have you known the nanny long? Or was she someone you had never met before? Because I couldn’t leave my baby with a complete stranger, even if she’s a professional nanny. I’ve heard too many horror stories.

  • I also work from home and I’m SO nervous about getting back into it after our baby is born in February. I definitely want to be fully present with him so I’ll have to be really intentional! Great tips:)

  • I have to return from my maternity leave early and do my work from home so I can be with my baby, how do you get work done while also caring for your son when you are home with him?

  • Jordan, super helpful video! And thanks for showing your floor! It actually made me feel more adequate:) But most of all I wanted to comment on how fantastic you look! You eye makeup is immaculate and your hairstyle looks so polished!

  • I’m here from wonderfully ales channel! When she said that you are a “working working mom” I was like YES!!! I have a 3.5 year old and I’m having twins in June and I want to continue to work full time after I have them, how did you go about finding a remote position? Did you start off in an office and then they transitioned you? Thanks!!

  • This is something to work on no matter where you are in life. At least making a plan drives you to achieving success. And that looks different for everybody. Keep up the good work.

  • You are impressive Olivia, it is inspiring to see new moms like you getting carriers while breastfeeding and all! I am fortunate to have a full year off as I live in Canada and going on mat leave next week, but I love your tips and will remember to watch this again when time comes to go back to work full time. Thank you for your help!

  • Yes!! Thank you for this video! There are so many videos on Youtube from stay at home moms. Not everyone has the privilege to be a stay at home mom!! I have a one month old and I am returning to work in November and have been stressing about how I will balance everything. I too work remote from home and am worried about how I will stay productive. Great tips!

  • I last minutes of your video just killed me out of happiness. Really it made me happy. I realized that it is possible to be happy among the piles. Love you Jordan.

  • I’m catching up on your videos. I’m an American living in Switzerland and all the cute stuff from Target, Buy Buy Baby, etc is making me really miss home. My plan was to get my husband his greencard move to US and have a child end of next year. Oh well. I remember being told as a child “you can’t plan when you have a child.”

  • We’re always setting up systems but my hubby sometimes just stops helping for weeks at a time and ADDS to my to do list by making the same messes the kids make. How do I fix this? Pleaaaase Help!!!

  • I loved this video!! (i love all ur videos anyways) but this hit home for me because I work full time, i do videos and Im due in a February with our first baby. I really wanted to hear what other working moms outside of the youtube world do and how they organize their days etc. I’m not saying Youtube is not a full time job but i wanted to hear other an example of other types of jobs if that makes sense. So this was very helpful❤️

  • Great tips. As a full-time working mom I know it can be really hard to balance all those aspects of life. I’m definitely trying to stay organized now that I’m expecting baby number two next month.

  • Hey! I remember you mentioned an app you would suggest for keeping track of diapers and breastfeeding, but I cannot find the video you talked about it. Just wondering what that name was… thank you so much in advance! Expecting our first in less then a month ��

  • Thank you for making this video!! I am expecting my first baby in February and I have been anxious/stressed about going back to work afterwards and this video made me feel so much better & gave me a better insight on how working moms get it all done, all while staying sane!! ��

  • My baby is 8 weeks on Monday and is going through a really fussy period right now and I have mom guilt every time I get frustrated. I don’t mean to, but like you said with little sleep it is hard to appreciate. Mom life is so amazing but so much harder than I ever imagined! Thank you for being so down to earth, honest, and helpful ❤️

  • Have a question. You shut your phone in a drawer but you have your smart watch on your wrist, how do you keep that from disturbing/distracting you?

  • I’m a working mom but I’m so thankful that I got a 1-year maternity so I weaned my daughter shortly after going back to work. She was only feeding in the morning and evening at that point anyways.

  • It’s crazy to me how similar our situations are! I also just went back to work after my maternity leave. I work full-time from home and also take on freelance work as it comes up. I also hired a nanny two days a week. Crazy right? One thing that has helped me is to not feel guilty when I need to take a break for my daughter. It’s much better to just break to feed her or do tummy time together, because I can come baby to my work with full focus. Breaks can work wonders for productivity!

  • I go back to work Monday ��. So glad you did this video. I too work some of the time from home and plan to keep him with me. Love to hear how you manage that on days w/o the nanny.

  • You’re so positive. Thank you. I currently work full time but manage about 1-2 hours art a day. It keeps me focused and sane. I am looking to launch next year. Your advice has been very helpful

  • My baby was born in July, 10 weeks early, so I had to quit work due to him being immune compromised and unable to go to a daycare. What at home jobs would you recommend or how do you find at home jobs? I have a bachelors in psych and a minor in HR management.

  • I honestly found this so helpful! I’m currently pregnant and I have to go back to work after my maternity leave. I have to come back and watch this!

  • Thanks for this! I’m due in the next few weeks, so I’m soaking up as much work-life as possible before maternity leave. As much as I love my job, I’m also looking forward to spending the first 3 months of life with my daughter…but then there’s the inevitable return to work that I’m dreading! It’s so weird how priorities and mindsets change at times like these!

  • I wonder why Most of the Male online guru tells so many lies AND the most of the FEMALE ones are really Honest like Gillian Perkins.Thank you so much.

  • Then there’s my son that NEVER sleeps before 1am and barely ever naps. I’m so happy that I’m fortunate to be able to afford to stay at home with him for a couple of years, because I would be a mombie

  • You are so beautiful, strong, hardworking and optimistic. I just subscribed you last month, and will keep on following this encouraging channel. SUPPORT!!

  • Congratulations for you lovely family and your honest tips. To me, family is very important and without them, my life would have no meaning. I am trying to recover a steady job, but with this crisis most companies don’t want to hire employees for more than a few months, so, working in a supermarket isn’t easy and it’s very tiring. But in the last two years I have read more books about my problems and I have seen many good videos, and I think I am finally on the right track. Now about the video, I agree with you, because I get distracted very easily, and I have to be in a quiet environment (when I am cooking, editing videos or reading in my house), otherwise it’s very hard and frustrating and it takes more than the double or more than the ideal time for me to complete a task.

  • I’m a new blogger and no outside help with 8 kids in the house. So I try to get things down when kids are around and that’s impossible. I have been staying up late to get more focus stuff done. Who do you use for your care taker while your working?

  • I love this video, so real. It resembles a lot my own life and work routine as a mum also working from home, spending long hours on the computer with customers and taking care of family. Well done. I loved your video.

  • Really appreciated this. I agree with your ideology on having boundaries with work and family. I’m trying to do better with appropriately compartmentalizing things to allow me to be fully present for the things I commit to. Watching this was really encouraging. Definitely one to keep watching from time to time to encourage me to stay on track.

  • Tho truly helped changing my mind set saying I can do this yes so true I have to try it because in my mind I always say I don’t have time to do it sounds so lazy to me know after watching this ����

  • Love getting to see this side of you:) Thank you for sharing. I seriously appreciate your perspective that you shared as a mom myself. I’m going to try and remember a lot of the insight that you gave.

  • This is inspiring and motivating. I have 3 months left before I quit my job. And I really wanna go and look for a better job probably a few months after birth but I’m scared if I’m gon be able to handle it. But this is very helpful. Thanks Liv

  • I love the last tip of “B+ is your goal. Anything higher is a bonus.” I am naturally a bit of a perfectionist and a few years ago I hit a wall and began having some anxiety issues. One of the things that helped me so much with getting back in balance was adopting a similar mantra, “Good enough is good enough!” Thanks for the tips!

  • I tried working on the beach and it doesn’t work…totally not practical! You can’t see the screen because of the sun etc…. if you know, you know lol.

  • I really appreciate and respect of ur work. Ur children ur father mother and husband all are lucky that they have person like you.

  • Great information, love the chance to see your gallery. I would find it very difficult to buy only one of your works bc there all stunning. When I have the money, sir…

  • I recently subscribed to your channel. I’m so impressed and inspired by how you focus and balance your work and family life especially with such young kids.

  • You’ve got such a beautiful family! Thank you very much for this video! I always tr to be more productive when I have time to work because it is impossible for me to work near my family, I need silence and concentration.

  • I loved! I am starting making money from my YouTube videos and it is hard for me to make videos because my family don’t see it as a job either my husbandso if I am filming or editing my husband is like “don’t do it right now, that is not important in this moment “ so making blocks of time would help me a lot, also letting know them that I AM WORKING’ would help too! Thank you so much for your advices!!! ❤️

  • That’s definitely a great balanced life which I think looks cool and very focused. I really want to maintain the same that will help to organize our tasks. Thanks Gillian. The most motivated channel I’ve seen on the community. Keep it up!

  • Jordan did you ever think about putting your tips and you tube videos on a DVD and sell it through Amazon or whoever? I would totally buy that! Right now I have to write your tips down on paper to keep going back to review.

  • Definitely thankful you posted this! Seeing another mama not only survive working from home but THRIVE…and with 3 small kids just like I have is so inspiring. Does your husband watch them during the day?

  • life is about choices. work is about choices. What is most important for you will decide what you do. Ultimate? What will be written on your grave stone. My mom/dad was working and made $$ but i never knew them. Ask yourself the? now! Screw fame/fortune/$. Creating crap that gets views but does not create eternal value will be forgotten with the next fad. 2cents for thought, not for condemning. FLAME SUIT ON!

  • Separating work from life is a great tip! I also like to view work-life balance from a high level perspective. Meaning I try to achieve that balance from a monthly or even quarterly perspective. Simply because my days differ. Some days I have to dedicate more time to work and others I will spend more quality time my family.

  • Great talk. I think all woman are superstars (I know my wife is!) don’t know how she gets so much done and keeps us all happy. Grateful!!

  • I feel so bad! I haven’t watched a Jordan Page video since I moved! It feels so good to take notes from the budget/productivity queen again!

  • How do you block when you have itty bittys??!! I have a 3month old (who doesn’t like to nap) and a potty training full time at home 3yr old. I’m having such a hard time adjusting and getting anything done! ��

  • Love the tips, and your blog but how can you block your time for work if you cannot afford childcare or have family around to help? Tips! X ps twin mamma here too ��‍♀️

  • July 22, 2020, 9:58am, my new addiction after Motivation Video is Work=Life Balance Video. I can’t start my morning without you Jordan. Each tip is priceless for me. Need to listen again and again to absorb all your positive information. Love You Jordan!!!

  • Love this video!! I’m a full time working mom of a 7 month old. I think overall I was pretty prepared to become a mom in most areas but I underestimated how hard being a working mom would be!!! And I love watching these mom lifestyle videos, but it’s a little frustrating watching most of them whose full time jobs are youtube vloggers (not that they aren’t working their butts off too I just can’t relate as much!)

  • Let it go………………..that last tip is for me. I need to be + and see + instead of I need to let it go. it is impossible to complete all the chores perfectly and timely and absolutely great.

  • Tips for work/life balance
    1. Create a block schedule
    2. Say the phrase “I am at work” often
    3. Be ALL IN (if the time block is for family be with the family all of you don’t get distracted same is for work)
    4. Freezer meals
    6. Have one on one time with each kid and with spouse
    7. Tell things to wait their turn
    8. Get help
    9. Shoot for B+ forget the A “let it gooo”

  • You are so real i love it. Like you are genuinely like a normal person!:) Your so good at videos an explaining everything out. Keep up the good work momma!!

  • i’m 19 and have watched you for over 2 years now. you make me even more excited to have a family than i already was… not because i think it will be picture perfect but because you teach us the little struggles of motherhood, how to gracefully work around them, and enjoy the chaos <3

  • ” the laundry machine”…
    Otherwise known as the the washing machine.
    But, honestly, i am a “work from home mom” & so far this is the only video ive found on youtube about this subject that gives GOOD, real, tips. Not things like, ” light a candle to relax”… or… ” make your bed. ” It’s actionable steps!

  • Life changing advice!!!!! Always!!! I love the B+ attitude!! I’m a perfectionist and it always screws me up. Good enough is GOOD ENOUGH!!! Love it!

  • For me blocking off time for work and sticking to it has been the biggest help. I love what I do and find if I am not intentional about doing it then family will seep in and vice a versa which means I am not giving my best to either….and yes, life does happen and seepage will occur, but being conscious of my time is always a game changer.
    Love your videos. You Rock Lady!

  • I have just discovered your page, and honestly, I wish I would have sooner! I watched/tried your block system, and it has already helped me so much and I’m only in day 2 of trying it! This video, is AMAZING. I am such a perfectionist, I want to do everything all at once, and I’m awful at asking for help. It was seriously like you were talking to me, during your video. I needed to hear this. Thank you for sharing all of your tips/ideas. I appreciate you so much!

  • Love love this. Love the B+. Thanks for sharing your items on the floor! LOL! This is my favorite channel for sure. Do you have any diet/workout tips? Your so busy AND your in great shape! ��

  • Thank God, a mom that puts her family to work because a mother never has to be the ONLY one working. I grew up with every family member having tasks in the house. Now that I’m married and I have a baby, my husband ‘works’ around the house as well. Both of us have a job outside of the home, and both of us do the household and take care of our baby and each other. When our child (hopefully more future children as well) is big enough, he will definitely clean his own room and make his own lunch. Just like I did when I was a small child. My brother and I were baking a pancakes at 5 years old and we grew up very independent, our mother thought us how to be self sufficient at an early age. Thank you mom!!! A mother is suppose to teach her children and her husband that everyone takes care of themselves ánd takes care of each other! Chapeau for this tip and the rest of the wonderful very useful video!

  • You are amazing sis…. The way u talk…how natural u r… Was searching for this kinda information n here I got the best…. Loads of love to u…

  • I love this. I honestly thought your job was YouTube! I’m scared to go back to work after having my baby 3 weeks ago but seeing others go through it is motivating & helpful.

  • It hit me when you said “You need freezer meals” I do! I almost never do takeout but cooking can be even more stressful! such a good tip

  • I love your tips, and I wish the block scheduling could work for everyone but any advice for someone who is on call all the time/or has a non_traditional schedule like a physician (surgeon)? Impossible to truly do blocked off time when you are always “on call”, obligated to always answer your phone, and could be called away at any moment.

  • How do you keep your energy up, serious question, how do you keep going long days every day? Mom of 3, work from home, run kids everywhere, housewife duties, trying to work as much as possible, something always gets left out, I feel like a nap all day, it’s a real issue. Please help!

  • Have you tried the profits scotia media fast? My husband and I adapted it to our lives and found 1. we are more checked in with each other and 2. when we are on media its more meaningful we see more of our friend/families posts and announcements and less fluff

  • I needed this and didn’t know it, thank you! I work at home, my hours vary and I am a mother of two school-age kids, so this was very helpful. I also like the background music! LOL

  • I love you! Your energy is amazing and you always make me feel like I can do anything. I always have more energy and motivation after watching your videos. Thank you!

  • I’m not a mom, but I love your videos! They are great for getting my life together. This is all the info I needed in high school to prepare me for life.

  • H Jordan, my kids are older. I have one going on a mission trip, and my other two are homeschooled. I am a wife, singer/songwriter, I enjoy speaking and I just started a business. Thank you so much for the information that you give that can help us plan and schedule, I definitely need help in this area. Thank you! I also here Phil Wickham in the background, I love that song, just downloaded it on my phone earlier today!

  • I’m 25 with 2 small children, a house, a full time job, and trying to run a side business. I’m already burned out. Idk how women do this for their entire lives �� we definitely need a better system. I struggle to find balance every day. Thank you so much for this talk. It’s good to know I’m not alone in these feelings or experiences.

  • I try hard not to touch phone for 1 hr when am at home. Every 1 hr, I use for 10 min. this is wat something I am trying to achieve nowadays.

  • You seriously give me hope for having more babies! I get so exhausted but I’m a first time mom so it’s tough sometimes figuring out how to balance it all. Thank you for your tips! ��

  • I find it hard to find someone to watch the kids.
    You once made a video about your freelancing starting time, when your husband worked as an employee and you did the work, when he returned from work and watched the kids.
    But it is actually very hard for me to convince my husband to do that, because after work, of course, he wants some outtime too.
    And we share one computer and live in a two room appartement (with 4 people).
    I tried to go to the library but I also have to deal with comments like: Your job is to look after the kids, don’t do things that take away your energy…

  • I’ve tried the blocking system but with a 6 months old it is too hard for me to Wake up early. I AM alwayss tired. How do you manage to get good rest??

  • Just subscribed and so tempted to binge watch instead of clean��Love your channel and personality. I have 4 crazy boys but definitely could use these tips as a new YouTuber!��

  • I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMEONE LIKE YOU. I followed a few other moms when I was on maternity leave with my first that were working full time and found it so helpful. Now they have the opportunity to “stay home” (YouTube is their full time job so I am in no way taking that away from them, I can’t imagine the work that goes into this content, woof). Unfortunately for me I felt suddenly disconnected with Mommy routines that involved going to Target on Tuesday or cleaning in the middle of Thursday afternoon during nap time.

    You are a BOSS keeping up with both and no idea how you do it. And if you do have the opportunity to make YouTube your full time work, that is amazing too!

    I’m due with my second in 6 weeks and will have some time to catch up on your videos ❤️

  • Im not a mom… Or married… Or in a relationship… �� but this is really helpful for me because of nusring school… My new slogan is going to be… how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time…❤ love that

  • I am obsessed w/your channel! I wish your videos had been available 15 years ago when I was raising littles. You are the mom I really wanted to be but I always felt so tired from running in circles & never feeling like I got anything accomplished. I find your time & money management videos super helpful & I’ve learned a lot from you. Thank you for what you do! ❤️

  • Girl I love your block scheduling. Freezer meals. You.have rocked my world. I work from home and when I can stick to it life is amazing.. however. After having another a baby i have a horrible time sticking to it now that we are getting to toddler age being a stay at home working mom. These blocks are often interrupted and this is the sole reason why nothing gets done. How do you handle interruptions in the moment because there are times when I can’t say “I’m at work” because of safety or wellbeing

  • Ive recently came across your channel and is my favorite now! I have a request, not sure if you have already made a video on it. Will you make a video on if you had any hardships specially when they kids were so young… all your videos are very powerful and encouraging and so positive we all love and wish to live by. But it would be so nice to also see a video of yours when you had any hard times with your kids specially newborns etc. would like to hear your part take and how you over came it. Id really appreciate it thank you again for the videos you make ��

  • My husband and I get so exhausted sometimes both working full time and raising 3 young kids. And then we have to remind ourselves that it’s not just us. Everyone is tired and trying to make it in this world. Great tedtalk

  • Do you have freezer meals video? I think I’ve seen some but more ideas would be great! I cook like 2 to 3 times a week. Not too bad but I could use some freezee meals to enjoy “me” time while baby naps

  • Here’s hoping for a reply in the sea of your fans ����have any of your children being difficult babies? If so how do you find the energy to balance everything. I have just had another baby and he is super difficult and very time demanding. I usually can’t get anything done. TIA

  • I love the advice to NOT multi-task, but do one thing well. I was such a serial multi-tasker that I did a lot of things at the same time, but nothing was done WELL!

  • Jordan!!! Thank you. I don’t know why we have this strong sense of I CAN DO IT ALL AND I WILL!! (It gets stronger when people you rely on for help bail).

    I am a mom of three, B’H, and I love how relatable you are. Thank you for your tips. Also what activities do you suggest for a 3.5 boy and 2 year old girl? I’m just doing like mommy and me classes and library with the younger and preschool with the older with maybe some intro to sports classes.

    Also, how do you have time to even double up on meals enough to freeze. I feel like I barely have time to make a meal.
    Thank you in advance!

  • You should read/listen to the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport (re: the phone addiction). He does a great job of framing how we can use technology exactly how we want with the most value rather than just blanketing our lives in it (and how to make those choices and optimize it). Worth a read for sure!

  • As a perfectionist and someone who also has suffered from depression, I’d just like to add that something is better than nothing. I usually end up just doing nothing most days because I keep thinking that it will just get messy again, which makes my problem worse. Recently I’ve been trying to adopt the idea that something is better than nothing. Washing the same load of laundry three times because it sat in too long and started to smell is better than not doing laundry at all.

  • How do you deal with phone calls that come in, and you have to answer and deal with them right away, but they don’t fit the current block? It throws everything off for me!

  • Fellow artist here. Glad to have all confirmed by you that what I do is “normal “ for an artist: work in spurts, wake up at 3:30, spin multiple plates, hunker down in my studio, (isolation, but I’m good with it) and so on. My studio is too smelly to take naps. I work in oils. Your studio is amazingly huge and so clean! Where do you actually work??

  • What do you do with your son when you work from home the other 3 days when the nanny isn’t there? (Since you mentioned you work 40 hrs a week)

  • Friend, you missed out on a very important point regular exercise.I cycle for half an hour every morning and it really helps me concentrate better while painting.And on a lighter note, you seriously need a bigger couch.��

  • Thank you for your excellent advice and your passion which I feel is better then the top 10 richest living artists on the planet. Keep up the good work.

  • Just discovered your channel. You are so fun to watch! Love the tour of your beautiful art! Interesting and knowledgeable advice!

  • 100% agree with all your reasoning, family and work should NOT be mixed. When I have to mix both (e.g. I’m helping my twins with their homework and then a client starts calling or texting and I have to respond), I get so irritated and disctracted and it’s kids who suffer the most, so I hate this condition and I’m trying my best to avoid it.
    p.s. I LOVED your new video style.

  • I am sure you keep track of that type of art work you sell because your style is all over the place….I was
    wondering if you sell more of one method of work do you go in that direction more then all your other