9 Ways Parents Might Help Their Children React to Cyberbullying


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Support your child by explaining that you want them to be safe and that you will take steps to protect their safety and end the bullying. Learn details. Ask your child to describe what happened.

Keep a record of details. Keep evidence. If your child experienced cyberbullying, take screen shots of examples and save all relevant files. Contact the school.

Check in on your child’s emotional well-being. Cyberbullying can take a great toll on them. Seek counseling and support during this hard time. Don’t take away their cell-phone.

Often this can lead to children feeling even more isolated and alone. Most of the kids don’t report the cyberbullying in fear that their phone will get taken away. Here’s what parents can do to protect their child from cyberbullying: Be aware: Parents must develop awareness about cyberbullying and talk about cases of cyberbullying. Discourage bullying: Parents must insist that their child must not send mean or damaging messages, or suggestive pictures and messages. Strict punishments, such as confiscation of cell phones and revoking of privileges, must.

(For recommendations on how to respond to cyberbullying, see our suggestions.) In very rare cases, a few parents simply do not recognize the bullying behavior of their children as hurtful, or worse they may even encourage it. Or parents completely ignore what their kids are doing online, even after being made aware of possible problems. Parents, teachers, and school administrators can help students engage in positive behavior and teach them skills so that they know how to intervene when bullying occurs. Older students can serve as mentors and inform younger students about safe practices on the Internet. There are a large number of ways parents can respond to cyberbullying, but it appears the most common response is to talk to children about online safety.

Comparitech found 59.4% of parents talked to their children about internet safety and safe practices after cyberbullying occurred. Parents may not be aware of the apps that their children use regularly or may not be aware of the risks involved in using them. There are many ways that cyberbullying can be hidden in apps and sites, such as texts, videos, and web calls that disappear or do not appear on the device’s call or text message logs. While nothing can guarantee that our children will not be cyber-bullied, there are many things parents can do to lessen the likelihood that it will happen and to minimize its effects if it does occur. Parents can: maintain open and honest communication, teach about Internet safety and cyber-bullying, build self-confidence, establish enforceable rule.

Find ways to demonstrate that your classroom is a safe, emotionally caring environment. Provide resources in the classroom to help students identify, respond to, and avoid cyberbullying. This could be tips on how to respond to cyberbullying (for elementary school or middle and high school) or the phone number for the Crisis Text Line.

2. But anti-bullying advocates stress that adults need to go further than watching for signs of bullying. “Parents should talk to their kids about cyberbullying regularly,” Peck says. When asking how your child is doing, push for meaningful answers and keep an open mind about whatever you hear: Your child may be a witness to bullying or even a.

List of related literature:

Schools can assist parents by sending parent newsletters home with information on cyberbullying and by providing seminars for them on the issue.

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Parents can also make an important contribution in cyberbullying prevention.

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Overall, parents must demonstrate to their children through words and actions that they both desire the same end result: that the cyberbullying stop and that life does not become even more difficult.

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First of all, parent-child interactions about cyberbullying are crucial to enable parents to develop their children’s trust and social support.

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Not following through with these rules can give the impression that parents are unconcerned with appropriate online behaviors, increasing the risk of engaging in cyberbullying.

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With regard to parenting, most studies point to the effectiveness of parental practices that are characterized by warmth and affection, active mediation, and positive parent-child communication in preventing cyberbullying involvement.

“The SAGE Encyclopedia of the Internet” by Barney Warf
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Research on parents’ role in preventing cyberbullying victimization is limited.

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Bullying and internet safety are top health concerns for parents (Vol. 30).

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Blocking messages usability was considered by parents (60%) to be the most effective way to stop cyberbullying.

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Teach parents to be alert to the signs of cyberbullying.

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