8 Ideas to Minimize Your Kids’ Fighting


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It’s also helpful to know that your kids will be able to tolerate doses of confined spaces and quiet time a little better if they also have chances to get up and run around, play a game, read a book or sing a song, work a puzzle, or hear great stories that make them laugh along the way. Give some tips. A few well-placed suggestions might be all children need. For example, ‘Can you think of a way you can all use the computer when you need to?’ or ‘Remember to be fair and take turns. Whose turn was it last?’ Give friendly reminders about rules of the house, what you expect and what will happen if a fight breaks out.

For example, ‘Remember we all speak nicely’, or ‘Are. The next time your kids start to argue, stop sibling fighting by allowing each child to express their negative emotions. Show them how they can use their words, give them their wishes in fantasy and model how to creatively express their emotions.

Your state or territory may have a directory of local, minority-owned businesses in your area. 8. Adopt an intersectional approach in all aspects of your life. Remember that all forms of oppression are connected. You cannot fight against one form of injustice and not fight. This helps you work out the best thing to do.

For example, if a child has taken a toy from a sibling, you need to step in. If you don’t, the child learns that fighting is a way to get what you want. Keeping an eye on your children is the secret to knowing the reason for the fighting – and deciding on the right way to deal it.

If Mom or Dad comes running whenever the children get into conflict, they learn that fighting gets their parents’ attention, so they will fight more. If the parents don’t intervene, the kids have to learn to talk to each other and solve their problems. Parent involvement usually complicates disputes. Use these tips to correct this reason for fighting: Limit screen time.

Encourage your kids to engage in co-operative games such as board games, card games and puzzles. Encourage your kids to build things together. The benefits of building include creativity and pushing through failure.

Kids who can learn to deal with frustration during the creative process will be better. Maybe your child tries to make friends by being funny, but winds up pushing kids away with cutting comments; help him recognize tha. 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids From Fighting Over Your Will common because their mothers and fathers fail to take basic steps to minimize the upheaval. watcher’s tips to keep you and your. Tips to limit the kids fight! Fighting is one of the best ways for kids to make you notice them.

In order to avoid them fighting, it is better for you to ignore their fight, so that they only calm themselves, but do not ignore them when they are in fight with any weapons.

List of related literature:

General tips: Older children are not immune.

“Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery” by Judy L Arnall
from Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery
by Judy L Arnall
Professional Parenting Canada, 2012

In addition, we include a separate set of safety tips for parents.

“Making the Internet Safe for Kids: The Role of ISP's and Social Networking Sites: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, Second Session, June 27 and June 28, 2006” by United States, Congress House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Staff, United States. Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
from Making the Internet Safe for Kids: The Role of ISP’s and Social Networking Sites: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, Second Session, June 27 and June 28, 2006
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In addition, teach your child these core computer safety rules: you don’t fight, use bad language, copy something that is not yours, or say

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
from The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries
by Michele Borba
Wiley, 2009

Not all these tips will work with every upset child every time.

“Child Psychology and Development For Dummies” by Laura L. Smith, Charles H. Elliott
from Child Psychology and Development For Dummies
by Laura L. Smith, Charles H. Elliott
Wiley, 2011

Teach your children all these tips as well.

“Siberian Huskies For Dummies” by Diane Morgan
from Siberian Huskies For Dummies
by Diane Morgan
Wiley, 2011

Avoid Control Battles If parents take on one hundred control battles a day and win thirty, they’ve lost 70 percent.

“Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow” by Gregory Keck, Regina Kupecky
from Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow
by Gregory Keck, Regina Kupecky
The Navigators, 2014

Secrets of Discipline for Parents & Teachers: 12 Keys for Raising Responsible Children.

“Resources in Education” by National Institute of Education (U.S.), Educational Resources Information Center (U.S.), National Library of Education (U.S.)
from Resources in Education
by National Institute of Education (U.S.), Educational Resources Information Center (U.S.), National Library of Education (U.S.)
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Discipline: A Positive Guide for Parents.

“The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology: A Contextual Approach” by Alan Carr
from The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology: A Contextual Approach
by Alan Carr
Routledge, 1999

In the Ladies’ Home Journal article “How We Trained Our Boy,” one father explained his successful techniques for child rearing that included using a Spartan regime of cold baths, daily exercise (a punching bag, beginning at age five), and an increasing load of household chores.

“Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America” by Jo B. Paoletti
from Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America
by Jo B. Paoletti
Indiana University Press, 2012

Here’s my suggestion: Try to avoid nasty fights with your partner (count to ten) and certainly don’t have them in front of your child.

“How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results” by Esther Wojcicki
from How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results
by Esther Wojcicki

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  • What about describing the same fight but from two different perspectives? Without boring the reader. First protagonist side, then antagonist side for example. Is it a good or bad idea? And how and when would one best use such an approach? I remember that was used in the book Predator VS Aliens Prey. It is an awesome book btw.:) I loved when they did that, showing the same things but from different perspectives. But I’m not sure I can do that in the same great way.

  • 1. Vary your pacing
    2. Fights must have purpose
    3. Believable (skilled? Battlecry? Applied training? Fatigue)
    4. Use the setting (ex: unstable ground or fridges as weapons )
    5. Deadline of fight/ ticking timebomb
    6. Emotional investment
    7. Outline scene chronologically
    8. Stop repetitive phrases. Focus on most painful moments and dramatic moments

  • On the fight scene necessity thing, I wrote a story with a fight scene (part of a tournament) and made the fight over quickly and glossed over the rest. Basically the MC best their opponent so quickly it was basically just a single move.

    I did this because the tournament was plot important as a thing, but the individual fights were not. The MC being a prodigy compared to the other competitors was the point of the whole thing.

    Later I included a more drawn out scene (several chapters later with relatively low stakes in between) against a more equal opponent to show the MC’s actual ability and establish key abilities that will be used in combat situation for later. I haven’t gotten there yet, but there is one more planned fight scene in the climax of the story.

    So three fight scenes, each getting progressively more detail as the details of the actual fight become more important to the story and as the stakes get ever higher.

  • I’ve live with one for 35 years. I’m so use to her outbursts that in just a few of her words I know where it’s going. I stay calm and minimally responses. She’ll disengage at some point and go to bed.

  • Coronavirus reaks havoc by making the immune system do all the damage. Its like an evil villain making cops shoot each other. The spanish flu, SARS, and Mers all operated this way. Children are spared because their immune systems are underdeveloped. And so cant over react. Scientists should look into this, maybe drugs that limit immune overreaction can help.

  • What do you do with a guy at work that thinks that rules doesn’t apply to him? He just don’t care,he do what he wants and if he is confronted of it,then the situation creates a massive problem,he still thinks the rules doesn’t apply to him…so what to do??

  • So I should mention how my character feels after she gets a heavy blow to the stomach. One so hard it makes her throw up and her knees weak. That would hurt.

  • What do we do if someone has high narc traits and you have kids with him? We live in South Africa and no future at all here… So kind of forced to immigrate or they have no future. His work is in demand… He will be earning the most… How do we deal with this?

  • Great advice video and it”s just what I’m needing to improve my fight scenes. I’d have never thought of including deadline to up the stakes or even making sure I include using the environment. Thanks x

  • Isaac Asimov said that if you want to write good science fiction, you have to know something about science.

    If you want to write a good fight scene, you have to know something about fighting! If you’re hero knows Kung Fu, you can watch Kung Fu training videos.

    Master Wong has some excellent, short videos on street fighting. There’s one on: How knowing Aikido will get your butt kicked in a street fight. And one on fighting defensively versus fighting to attack.

    Viven, you need a decent microphone! The microphones on video cameras are always poor quality. That’s why your voice sounds so echo-y.

    An external microphone is the single, best way to improve the sound quality of your videos. You could buy a lapel microphone with a long wire, or a boom microphone and a stand to hold it.

  • You never know when you were playing beyblade for the last time:( I really miss this era of metal.Nowadays beyblade just look like huge chunk of plastic.

  • I wrote a fight scene recently, and it lasted like two hours in the story, but I skipped the whole brawl of it because it was a lesson. In fighting. But it’s a fight scene.

  • New beyblades suck, they’re mostly plastic and the launchers are straight, i miss the ones that are mostly metal and have the hexagon with their symbol on it

  • Close All Homeless Shelters and get the Homeless off the streets 200 people in the Shelters will be killed and sick shelters are not safe and clean get the people out of the dirty Shelter off the streets Shelters are dirty client’s and staff is all at risk for the coronavirus get out dirty shelter people who in Shelters and cluttering up together and using same dirty bathroom stall and eating in same areas cannot self quarantine some people who don’t want wash clothes and hands and bed linens dirty laundry dirty get out Shelters and close all down say God looks out for babies and fools close every Shelters down for good reason is coronavirus and what is coming next get people in housing off the streets sleeping in the streets and trains in coronavirus cases going up more staff people who in Shelters are die

  • Regarding pacing of fight scenes, I have a question I’ve long puzzled over. A fight, depending on the weapons/styles can be over very very quickly, perhaps in a few seconds. Certainly a fight can take a long time, but often the actual fighting is a tiny fraction of the time. And yet so much happens and it might even be the climax of the story. With rapiers, foils, etc, a flurry of blows, feints, riposts, etc leading to a death will often be over in less than half a minute or even, say, 10 seconds. No amount of detail can be read in 10 seconds. On the larger scale, the setup of armies, maneuvering, posturing, can take many hours or days but then the actual fight might take an hour (or even a few minutes. Some tank battles and many WWI and WWII dogfights were over in minutes). Not all the time, because some battles take days or even months (seiges, campaigns,…). The “infinite ammo” syndrome in so many gun-fights in fiction drives me up the wall. Most single-person machine guns only carry enough ammo for 4 (or less) seconds. So how much detail should be given? I write sword fights mostly, and with rapiers, there could well be a dozen actual attacks, the hero almost dies, recovers and then wins (or not). There might be more than just 2 fighters; the fates of 6 combatants (let’s say) might be at stake, but it’s all, say, 15 seconds. And I dislike “slow mo” in combat scenes. My solution so far is to ignore the blow-by-blow but describe only the actual tide of battle and the POV character’s focus, until some tide-turning critical blow is made. He/she learns about the other character’s fates when there is a lull, or the whole fight is over, whichever comes first. Any thoughts?

  • Also another tip: if you get arrested for no reasonespecially if you’re a childrun run run. And if they grab you resist, punch and kick the cop do whatever you can to get them away from you.

  • I watched this 6 months ago thinking this was real

    now while i was laughing at some the onion video i saw the title and that it was from the onion then i stopped laughing and kept a straight face

  • Yep, don’t argue with one when you both be druken. anyhow the narcs I live with I no longer speak with. i don’t hate this person just don’t trust. it’s hard to even try to speak to this person, I mean if this person asks me something, I can respond without hate or overtones, just plain ole response.many of might think me and ass, perhaps I am this narcs and I are syblings. yeah yeah, harsh maybe but I realize that I don’t need this narcs crap in my life, cause it’s mostly all negative. I am trying to live a very positive life. bottom line narcs, just want to be in control of everything anytime anywhere no matter what. yes there are other things that will become obvious once you see the charactoritics of a narcs.

  • No one is safe from the virus or any disease. How it affects people is a wide variety of factors, most importanly, the immune system. People of younger ages can still get affected.

  • The best action I’ve read probably comes from Mathew Riley. His books don’t just have action scenes, they are giant action scenes, but in the best possible way. I recommend “The Great Zoo of China” by him. It’s a master class in this stuff.

  • Everyone has Blader Spirit don’t forget that train hard and in future you will get nothing by doing it! still it’s fun and cool 😉

  • I love your videos Vivien. Is there a fight scene by another author or yourself that you can recommend as a good reference, and one that you consider poor? I’d like to see some contrast for what I’m working on.

  • Yep this is true because people who are getting the coronavirus are older people and they are dying because their immune system is weaker than our immune system

  • Im in a very toxic relatioship wit a narc woman and I dont know what to do, Im gonna kill myself I just cannot life in this way, I cannot do nothing, or I kill myself or I go jail or I change my name and go another country…. I need help Please I dont know what to do anymore

  • lol, I enjoyed the John Wick movies.:D They are a bit like comedy for me. I like action. But I realize what you mean. The fights must lead to something and something needs to be at stake or they’re not relevant. I also hate the Forgotten Realms books about Drizzt, the dark elf when it comes to the fight scenes specifically. I love the books, but the fights are stupid. Salvatore describes in endless detail every single movement and it just doesn’t work very well. So, check there too.:)

  • Hello, I am a medical student, M3, and i have never writen any novel (or anything other than papers for that matter), but i have so many ideas that i put by for years for a fantasy novel, and i’d like to start writing for the first time. The thing is that while world building and story outine is not that hard, i struggle with writing per-say. Do you recommend that i enroll in a writing course? or an english language course? if yes for either, do you have any recommendations? Thank you:D

  • Now over 60,000 cases. Maybe Mother Nature is killing off all the old days f doing things by weeding out the older generation and allowing the youngest generations to take over. Out with the old in with the new. Lord of the Flies.

  • Metal series launcher hack:Remove the (goddamn) pawl and accompanying spring,and watch the rpm rise even higher.Not to mention that you can launch even harder.The classic modification.

  • Well, till this moment all the time they said: feed your child with this suppliment, such a diet in case to PROVIDE, DEFEND AND MAKE THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM BETTER, it is basic biology,, young human beings’s cell recovery is quicker, faster, but the immune system gets stronger with time, years. Everybody knows that children do get sick quicker, and they are more harmful.

    So this COVID, is such a kid-friendly type of virus, really:) fantastic! BTS ARE ART is right,,,and this guy in the news today not even his eyes are allright…

  • Has anybody ever watched a show or movie using the audio descriptive service? It’s for blind people. Daredevil has it. I love watching shows/movies with this on. Watching Daredevil with this on REALLY helps me to describe fight scenes.

  • Do not try to reason with a narcissist run as fast as you can there is no helping them they can never be real ever thing is a lie with them how could you ever trust them

  • Wow very very good advice LOL thank you so much I’m working on a light novel i have’nt picked up since i was 16yrs. Now im 27 and finally getting back into it but it’s just been very difficult so much stuff goes through my head so hard to just focus on what I’m trying to write or even get it on paper sometimes. And the way my brain works I already have ideas and titles for four other books so it’s hard cuz my mind decides to jump backwards and forth between all 5 and total and I’m not getting enough done…�� and on top of having kids, doesn’t help as much with trying to have free time to get things done.

    This was very helpful I’m new to your channel so I will be subscribing thank you very much can’t wait to get more tips from you!����

  • children are spreading it undetected amongst each other, in schools and at soon to be at playgrounds and on play-dates during school closures. Parents and other older adults will get it and will experience it much worse than children. This is not dissimilar from Influenza, but this viral adaptation may be exaggerated in Covid… spreading undetected in children (or disguised as a simple, small cold, sniffle, minor cough, etc)… stealthy virus.

  • Ghost on them, do not reply if they message you for whatever reason. I know with me it was to blame me for everything that he had done but would never face the consequences for his actions. And I refuse to do that for him. Best thing to do is go silent stay that way. Never go back. That would be a huge mistake. It’s given them what they want and that’s the power over you. Best of luck.

  • In europe, children who got the virus was put to ICU, so technically, they’re not safe either.. it just happens that China had lower cases, but lets not just depend on those numbers their death rate given is 1% but for the rest of us like Italy has 5% death rate

  • In regards to outlining a fight scene, I don’t really do that. What I do instead is put both combatants on equal footing (or the MC on the backfoot) and make the fight logically unfold in my head, where it then can go in any direction I want, like the MC narrowly escapes death or loses and eye or something like that. If I plan it out before hand, it’s usually because I’m having trouble thinking it through on the go.
    I also have a bit of an issue with going too in-depth with fight scenes but thanks to this video I should be able to correct that now.

  • Have they made comparisons between children who get the virus, and AIDs patients who get the virus? If infections and mortality in both groups are low. Thats your answer. Strong immune system does more damage when infected with coronavirus

  • The sad true for normal people is the amount of time they waste with a person that will never, ever, be good for you. I’ve been there. I never loved the NAR actually but OMG the daily telling stories got me on a riddler and I was like “man wtf did happened?”.

    Eventually a got in touch with this type of videos. Now, I feel sad for her. The new supply have no idea of what is coming for his life. The thing is that he seems so in love. Me and my friends see him sometimes and we are like “man oh man you have to get out of there”. We never talk to him, we don’t know him but we know her and all her history. All the lies to the family, the abuse to her mom, the abuse to her friends, the lies everything.

    Poor guy if he wants to marry her and have children. She’s gonna take all his money ones he realize who she is.

  • Jackie Chan once said something interesting relating to combat in his movies. Alternate between combat and calm scenes, so neither becomes too long or boring.

  • Medieval/fantasy setting.
    X is a cold-hearted contract killer.
    Y is a massive berseker-type security guard for a wealthy man, Z.

    In a crowded plaza, X is stalking Z.
    Taking a quiet path around the buildings, X goes for the kill. His plan is use the crowd’s cover to reach Y, stab his windpipe, and disappear back into the mob, right under big Y’s nose.
    X walks calmly, breathing deep, focused. The thrill is always there, even after all this time. But it must be tamed.
    Sharp steel makes the leather hiss.
    Y heard, stopped the diving blade and punched hard.
    X’s vision was blurry. His back against the wall, his feet off the ground, Y was crushing his throat.
    A desperate kick to the testicles sends them both to their knees. X draws a second blade and buries it in Y’s neck.
    Coughing, X stands up. Before him, an empty plaza and Z, looking shocked.
    Z’s eyes flinch. I must run!
    A blade rotates through the air, gleaming in the sun.
    Gasping for air, gurgling blood, Z’s last sight was Y. Standing up, behind an oblivious, beaten-up X.

    (I tried)

  • Oh, she so maaad right now!! LoL. Left several years ago, hooked up with a guy thought was going to work out, blamed it all on me and left. Gets in touch couple yrs later after the youngest moved out and Mr ain’t gonna hit it left. You changed will you come back and live with me? Oh yeah. No sex she say, ohhh noon. We not married I say. 2 yrs later? STILLNO DICQ NONE! CUT OFF. Try to tell me now you need to move cause I’m going to hook up with someone else then??! LoL. No, no your not. You done hit the wall, nobody wants you. They not going to play that game you play with me for the last 30 yrs. Are you crazy? What you got?

  • To all those who were wondering if this is real: Yes, this is 100% really real and go share this video with your friends and family to show them how real this is. The onion is #1 most trusted yet fucked up news outlet.

    Edit: I just wanna see the world burns.

  • He curled his hand into a fist, cooked it back as far as it could go, and knocked his opponent into a tree, several yards back. Was that okay?

  • Hi Vivien, I am fairly new on your channel. I must compliment you for the amazing job you are doing and for the quality of the content that you post.
    I have a question. I find that a lot of tips can be applied in RPG’s and Role Playing Games. Have you ever played?

  • My whole idea for this story I created started with a big fight scene. I thought i’d be cool to pit a skilled mideivil warrior against modern day fighters. He fights cops, thugs, kidnappers,rapists, pedophiles and all the sick, creepy, insane guys, along with skilled fighters as well. kidnapping and saving are what move the story along. This kid gets kidnapped, or asulted by some thugs and this guy in midevil clothing shows up and saves him, and in between those moments they get to know each other and build a relationship. The main character has 2 goals, save/protect this kid, and avenge his family. The main character who’s name is Jim, Goes hunting so that his family can have a nice dinner for there sons 10th birthday, while he’s hunting some bad guys attack his family. His wife cries for help and Jim, runs as fast as he can back to his cabin. On his way he’s slowed down by solders that are searching for him. When he arrives his wife is already dead and his son is killed right before his eyes. the main villain escapes to our present day and Jim comforts his dying son. When he dies Jim screams with rage and he grabs his gear and goes after the main villain, determined to keep the promise he made to his son to avenge there deaths and to not allow what happened to him to happen to anyone else.

  • There will be fight scenes in my Isekai series I am still worldbuilding and there will be errors in my worldbuilding since it will be my very first book series so creating a book/book series will very new for me. So sorry if the plot, world, and everything isn’t perfect or realistic enough.

  • I recently encountered hostile behaviour from a narcissistic co-worker. I called her out completely, stood up to her, calmly and firmly spoke my piece and didn’t back down. She spat nails for a minute and then gave up. You have to be blunt with these people.

  • Here’s a video I would LOVE to see. How to avoid frequently using “he did this” “he did that”? I know they’re wrong and I hate using them so much in my writing but I don’t how to fix it. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Intentional attack by nature on “so called” wise and grown up humans…sparing all the innocent lives of children and pets…! This is an obvious nature’s attack to teach us a lesson to not infiltrate her space and disbalance the ecological system. Learn from it or u will dig a grave for ur children’s in future!

  • The first fight in my book is like 30 minutes into the school day because of the beef of the antagonist and protagonist’s sister ��

  • Honestly, looking a little grubby probably increases your chances of having your shoulders creepily rubbed by a 60 year old man while you’re waiting in the empty restaurant for your milkshake. whom then tries to whisper something in your ear but your so paralyzed with fear that you don’t quite catch it.
    Source: was once 11 year old girl.

    You disgust me Robert. Rot in hell.

  • When you said that the character should get hurt sometimes, I remembered of my lady fighter named Emisa (based on Elsa). Well what did you say? The character should be immediately tired after the fight or not?

  • He emotionally dettached himself from me and left me in the cold for a month now (also not responding to my messages).. I’m letting go and moving on.

  • Can we talk about this he mood whiplash at the end of these things?
    Like, this guy got stabbed by the kid he was trying to rape, now let’s talk about perogi!

  • Fight scenes are hard for me to write. My strength is dialogue so having a fight not broken up by banter, like between an animal and a person, are especially difficult.
    I like to choreograph it in my mind, like a movie, then try and describe what I see in my mind.

  • Shouldn’t have to make kids look a certain way to not get molested. That’s so fucking disgusting the man should learn how to keep his disgusting fucking dick in his pants

  • …. and!.. Thanking my “Fortune”…!.. I’m not working under any “Boss”!….and!.. also thankful, that my Parents no-l onger “Alive”!… because, if they were, whatever I did on my would be termed as “Nepotistic”!….In the Sense!..(N. O.)!…?!…��☕������

  • The don’t talk to strangers thing Is actually true. You shouldn’t teach your kids talking to strangers is dangerous. 82% of the time this happens by people who the kids know or are comfortable with. Uncle, cousins, youths leader, parents, grand parents. It’s almost never from a stranger. Teach kids that this is inappropriate an it’s ok to talk to someone about this type of thing.

  • And the deadline? Ok. And the deadline? Yes, I remember that report. And the deadline? Got it. Be like a pitbull to the steak in the conversation. Don’t let that narcissistic husband of
    mine throw me off my axis. Got it! Thanks.

  • Hello! This isn’t theme-related, but maybe you can take a few minutes to help me.
    I’m currently writing a book, meaning I have an outline and around 100 pages of manuscript. However, in the last time I noticed some issues with my protagonist. She is really passive in the first half of the story, and even later on, she isn’t really a hero. And, also-she isn’t a very interesting character. I also noticed that the most interesting scenes and aspects of the storyline only happen because of two other characters as those two are definitely more active and interesting. And I actually like them more than my main characters. So, should I make one of them my actual main character, thus changing the point of view from the story? Big parts of the story would also change. I think this would make my book more interesting, but I am hesitant since I put so much work in this book and I am afraid to delete it all.
    What do you think about that? (If everyone else wants to answer, please do it)

  • Research shows that they are unable to stop Pedophiles with physical nor chemical castration. It is all psychological. Frightens me how much better this guy is abput hiding it as a “child expert”. God Protect the children.

  • Is this ok?
    The hefty men forms his beefy hand into a fist and connects it on the scrawny man solar plexus with immense force causing for his intestines to shoot out from his ass, then in a quick move the hefty man picks up the bloody intestines from the ground and raps it around the scrawny mans throat, then jumps on his horse and drags him.

  • I don’t actually have my own beyblade, but I play with my cousins sometimes, and I find it really interesting. I’ve never watched the show/anime thing, but I think I might. I’m also planning to make my own beyblade, which I know is kinda dumb, but I’m broke and I think it would be fun. ����

  • Kidnapper: Kidnaps

    Me: E

    Kidnapper: out of the TRUNK!
    Me: E

    kidnapper would duct tape Me

    Me: in ductape E

    Kidnapper: Ok your annoying me get out

    Boss of Kidnapper Whats that So noisy!

    Me: E

    me when free Albert flamingo Saved me

  • The janitor at my school was an ex-pedophile and I gotta say, he’s improved a lot. This year he only molested a classmate of mine, when last year he had 4! He’s showing such progress. Really proud of my janitor. If he can improve, I’m sure most can.

  • Hi ladys and gentleman’s i hope i can get a logic answer, almost in the end of my wife starts coughing very bad and continues dry caugh, before her i was coughing but not really that much then our little baby 10 months old was sneezing and looks like he have flue, that time in the country where we leave there is only few cases and very far from us thats why we never think is corona as my wife is not working so she is at home only, she was very sick for almost 2 weeks we try diffirent serops and some other medicines adviced by our pharmacy but she never get better, but after the 2 weeks and few days i think, she become great and automatically the baby stops sneezing and caugh. for me as a heavy smoker (pls do not smoke or stop if you can) i was coughing but i never think there is something wrong as i cough since years coz of the cigarettes, now because of what happening every where., i am thinking that we was sick with that virus and we never know until our body recover alone. And my 2 questions is: do you think we (coronized) as per my story and why i am asking this once we are ok, its because i am really worryed about my 10 months old baby. 2 if we was sick are we still going to worry about the virus, as some people are saying if get well after that u wont be sick again. God bless you all and i wish you safety whenever you are in the world.
    Some inportant information:
    I am a taxi driver
    My wife told me that time that she feel cold, and i remember ones she said she cants breath properly.

    Thank you so much and really i appreciate your effort and time to right me a comment

  • I miss the days when everyone in school had one even some girls and people about to graduate used to have at least one at my old school

  • What’s helped me most with fight scenes is attending Taekwondo, and studying martial arts. It gives me more perspective on the attacker, and also the victim. What places are most vulnerable. What moves give you most leverage. How someone actually reacts in a fight. Not to mention how much it hurts!
    Obviously not everyone is going to do some form of martial arts, but researching it and gaining information would (I think) help a lot!

  • This was very helpful, the novel I wanna work on is gonna be chalked full of action scenes; something I find incredibly hard to describe in writing.

  • new subscriber here. it’s great stumbling on this channel. i love the way you deliver and share these tips in your videos. extremely useful and engaging.:D

  • how to not get kidnapped
    i guess:
    be a introvert
    dont go outside
    Get a RPG on your pc so you can play on them
    use aimbot hacks
    use fly hacks
    you are now very safe

  • I set up notifications for your channel but never got any and just realized you have a bunch of new videos! So I will binge all your awesome videos! They are always so good =)

  • Hey vivien!
    Love your friendly personality. You’re a really cool and helpful person
    I was wondering if you could make a video series where us viewers and aspiring writers send you small drafts of our work and you can edit them. Nothing too long of course.
    If its too much in your schedule tgats fine but i feel like thats a really cool idea. If you could do it we could get some great practical examples. Please reply if you would do it or not. Thanks!

    Btw ur intro looks really neat.

  • When you’re kidnapped but then you’re chill and also cooperative. 2:49 3:30
    Me: Ok, tie me nicely so that I can’t get away easily.
    Kidnapper: what tf is wrong with this kid?

  • Kidnapper: where do you live
    Chaotic me: Earth
    Kidnapper: Where is your house
    Me: you won’t believe this but
    Kidnapper: what?
    Me: I live next to my neighbors house
    Kidnapper: where is your neighbors house
    Me: next to my house
    Kidnapper: GOODBYE, IM DONE.


    Kidnapper: get in my car
    Me: no, you get in my car.
    Kidnapper: GET IN MY CAR
    Me: pulls out ak-47 I SAID GET IN MY CAR
    Kidnapper: nervously gets in car hey man I don’t want any trouble:(

    Edit: (this is not original. Credit to: TheAddamBrown he commented on a different video)

  • My one i am sure she loved to fight and argue. I am half Irish so i used to fight back, couldn’t walk away.
    Usually was a false accusation from her jealous side.
    She would screetch at me, Don’t defend yourself. Often it turned physical. With myself losing blood and skin.
    I learned to just look at her, tilt my head to the side, and just watch, remain calm and quiet. She would then wind down and stop.

  • Hey,that’s just like how the world’s governments are dangling our freedoms in front of us in order to get us to take the vaccine.

  • Good afternoon, today I discovered your channel, but I have a question about this video, the fight scene that you talk about is maybe an assault or a stole with physical contact? or I can use those steps if I wrote a simple discussion, maybe into brothers or friends… Thanks for your attencion!

  • I’m married to one, for so many years his mind games robbed me of every ounce of joy in my life, not anymore! Those days are over!!

  • NEVER GET TAKEN TO A SECONDARY LOCATION. Fight for your life before they’re able to get you somewhere, where you’ll likely to be killed. Search for “the gift of fear” by Gavin de Becker.

  • My l drago destroy worked nicely after this first it used to lose against big bang pegasus but after this it broke big bang pegasus

  • pretty Helpful i’m writing my own story and i have a issues with writing fight scenes in my book. i’m not so descriptive i can imagine in my head what is helping but i can’t write it down.

  • Everything is true for real. I remember arguing with my ex narc about iphone 11. He tought it is my obligation to get him it. I told him no and explained all the reason why im not going to buy it for him. After the long explanation he said: so anyway Tommorow you would get me it right? I was like oh my God he really is crazy. I went no contact a month already. Im tired of his manipulation and him using me financially

  • My littler sister is 7 years old. She has a fever of 102.2 and a bad cough. Does anybody have tips or info on what to do or any info in general?

  • thanks for the tips, im actually a father of 2 daughters and i’ve been worried sick about this kind of thing, i’ve searched youtube from top to bottom but i couldn’t find anything until i came across this video, thank you for your contribution, i’ll take measures to make my kids safer for the future

  • Hey Vivien, I’ve been told I have amazing skills when it. Comes to fight scene narration but I fall flat with all the other stuff. I’ve been trying to figure out s good method for all my character dialogue but still seem to have alot of trouble. Any tips or advice. (P.S I just finished watching your 9 things to make dialogue better Video)

  • A method I’ve found useful is to pick out a song or other piece of music which matches the mood and tempo of the scene, and mentally choreograph the fight to its rhythm and flow. Music often comes pre-formatted to the ideal flow of action sequences. This is why a the soundtrack of a film can make, or break the overall success it sees.

  • It’s not all about the Beyblade’s strength through training and battle or good maintenance, it is the Blader’s spirit that makes a good blader.

  • Lisa would you demonstrate with mock arguments to give us a visual? I listen to your explanations but as a survivor of a narc father and husband, I know how impossible it can be to do these things. Also talk about the “rage” factor. The explosive nature of some narcs is extremely threatening.

  • I wish I saw this video when I started a new job almost 2 years ago working with a narcissist and toxic person. This video is helpful.

  • LORD Save us and Our families..it is scary for us all and our families…and just got this email in my inbox about the pandermic survival…
    check the link for: https://tii.ai/QEuXdM2

  • I’ve yet to read a decent gight scene, yet to view one in a movie. Honestly, they’re intolerable. If you haven’t been in several fights, you’re going to suck at this; fortunately, your readers probably won’t know how badly you’ve failed.

    One tip: Once you take a few knocks to the head, although you may not be in danger of being knocked out, you’re not thinking clearly, at all. You’re operating on auto, doing what you’ve practiced with a desire to either kill or survive and find some oxygen before you go back on the offense. I’ve stood there and let a guy kick me in the head in order to rest and get my heart rate under control.

    In boxing or mma, when the fight’s winner is interviewed, he’s not quite all there. Even when you win, you get hurt.

    Outside of sports, add chaos and terror.

  • So, guys, are you good at keeping calm? ��

    Click here to know how to relax in 5 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3-O7gPsQK0&t=1s

  • Man idk why im watching this. Im the best in my area. We haven played beynladenin 2 years since i won the tournament in our area for the 5th time. God i miss the tournament days

  • Children’s lungs have the least number of ACE receptors a major site to bind in the cell… ACE receptors are involved to control the blood pressure which is at a growing stage in children.

  • “Dress your kids in dirty clothing”
    Me looking up like I’ve actually washed my hair in the past four days and ain’t wearing grease stained jeans

  • It means kids might secretly carry the virus and no one will know because,symptoms in kids are mild and for the parents, their kid just got flue/cold till the whole family is infected. School is a bad idea for kids at this time and stage.

  • In a fight, the consciousness is typically focused very narrowly, at least most of the time. You can create a momentary pause to allow the protagonist to refocus, and identify a new threat or opportunity but then the focus must be laser sharp again. Also the POV should remain fixed to build up the intensity, concentrate on one person’s experience of the fight. At least, IMHO.

    Battles are a different proposition but, of course, battles can include one or more fights.

    Great video.

  • great thing mostly keep your phase and be calm. If kidnappers watching this we prefer more be scared.
    so I prefer delete the videos and never show in the internet again.

  • This is my first time watching one of your videos and it was VERY helpful. THANK YOU��

    I subscribed and liked immediately after this

  • me why i in back of car
    bad guy i am kidnapping you
    me whers my bed
    bad guy i ment i am steling you
    so then how mutch am i $$
    bad guy get out of the car
    me bye bye

  • Thank you so much lol, I’m writing a giant Daredevil fanfiction that is basically the size of a novel for my Adv. Creative Writing class.

  • I am in begging STAGES of a DIVORCE w a NARCISSIST…!
    And FEEL I have already LOST!!

    Q. Where is this FREE BOOK of yours… I feel very very lost right now…. My name is: KITKAT

  • Actually, right now, I’m doing something new… a hybrid per say… blending two styles of writing and it involves a lot of fighting and I would like a bit more guidance…

  • My galaxy Pegasus cant lose…

    So,my bro has a geist fafnir. I have galaxy pegasus. Me and my brother will battle these two because they’re both kings of two different yrs. Galaxy pegasus is king of 2019,geist fafnir is king of 2020.

    Its a fun battle. Galaxy pegasus will win and never lose. I haven’t seen him lose ONCE! so my mom decided i should go into a tournament.

    so she brung me to the world tour and we went and i brought my bey. there were alot of different people with dark bulls,Spriggan,valtryek,and l drago! I get worried when i go up against really good beys cuz i just got galaxy pegasus and hes a beast and all but theres alot of beys in japan but not alot in america.

    In japan,they got EVERY SINGLE BEY IN THE WORLD! But most people chose l drago but i was still confident.

    My galaxy pegasus got all the way to the tournament! I knew that if i got this far… I can lose now! So i went all for it. I launched GP so hard that when he hit l drago, it was an instant burst! Pieces of l drago went everywhere!

    The top piece hit me,the metal piece hit the ref,and the performance piece hit my opponent! Everybody went silent for a moment then started cheering!

  • Kids would spread the virus to their teachers, parents, and grandparents then what? wait for theses adults to get a Coronavirus Explosion then let them die… oh yeah theirs no cure, like really let kids go to school…how about this check kids who enter the schools for the virus instead of letting them in with the Coronavirus

  • MMR vaccine is the reason why kids don’t have it. All over 50s should be vaccinated by MMR.they know it, but they have their reasons.

  • I had a relative that was a narcissist and he didn’t play those games with me because I would verbally destroy him. He was totally scared to go up against me. I was not playing his games. I would totally call him and tell him where he can go. And that works wonders for me! LOL

  • Please spread word to world that idiotic Chinese leader Xi is fully responsible pandemic virus chaos and should be kicked out of leadership and imprisoned!!!!!!!

  • My ex wife is a narcissist, she bullied and abused me for years, after i left i started a new, healthy relationship, she also abused my kids and as soon as my children were old enough they left their mams care and came to live with me and my new wife (their step mam).
    My ex has never had another relationship and has lost both her children (they regard my wife as their mam).
    My ex is now living in perpetual hurt which she brought on herself and nobody has any sympathy.

  • Get out of the Homeless shelter for the sake of your life and Health a curfew would not ever help them get out of the dirty city Shelters are not safe and not clean dirty bathroom stall and people who cluttering up with coronavirus in your face what next close all homeless Shelters in USA for good reason is coronavirus and get the people out of the dirty shelter and off the streets homeless sleeping on the streets and trains not going to be helpful cold and coronavirus end up getting sick and dying homeless situation must end now how is the homeless population supposed to self quarantine from the streets and coronavirus and in a dirty shelter that people who been living together in Shelters for years coronavirus get out dirty shelter staff needs to stay away not exposing themselves to the people and coronavirus and other diseases and viruses what next coming up close all homeless Shelters and get out the Shelters for good reason is coronavirus and people safety and Health is at risk

  • if i ever write a story with a ticking time bomb, you can bet that it will go off and whoever was trying to escape/stop it will have a bad day.

  • If you want, cut the Teflon tape in half and get just enough to wrap around your threads under your tip and it’ll hold it. That’s the purpose for Teflon tape.

  • I just heard Calexico got kidnapped and criminals were holding for him a ransom of $1 million because the criminals found out that he was a billionaire

  • if we need a straight ripcord why in packages its always taped to make it bend now i think pepole who make beys watched this and do it on purpose.

  • So kids and teens are basically carriers for the virus, so the virus uses the healthy kids and basically tricking them into thinking they just have a cold and then the kids helps spread the virus to people who are older and have health problem…….well

  • I don’t understand how being passive with a narcissist is the answer. Do we just let them continue on with their behavior or do we break it. Do we help fix their problem thinking or do we avoid them at all cost. And with that does that mean that a narcissist can never have a relationship?

  • Just expel narcissists from your life once you identify them. Whether they are “friends” or family, it’s not worth it to keep them in your life which ultimately can shorten your life due to the stress. They don’t love you, they never did, they are incapable of truly loving anyone, even themselves. Just take the red pill and get them out. It’s hard but best long term.

  • On my last big argument with my mom I voice recorded cause I was going crazy how she would always change subject and then accuse me of saying what actually was coming from her mouth.
    What I realized now is that her memory is getting worse, so she doesn’t even recall her own lies and believes what she says is the reality but as she can’t take accountability she will blame me for the “reality” she created in her mind even if I keep repeating that was not what I said.

  • John Wick 2 was dope though. You have to admit XD. Thanks for advice, my fight scenes were a little too long before I watched this!

  • I bet the man that played the paedophile had to grow out a beard and wear a wig because that act was so believable to a lot of people! ��

  • There once was a lady who came up to me and offered me her chocolate and wanted to talk to me, and I just said: “no thanks, we got loads of that chocolate at home, I don’t need more” and then I walked away

  • I hope with all my heart that everyone stays safe and that this virus will deasappear very soon,protect yourself amd don’t forget to smile,stay safe.

  • I wish I listened to this yesterday. Too late now.
    I agree that this is good countermeasures EXCEPT for the Buddha this. Maybe Jesus’s hand in it. that would be more Real to me.

  • Wouldn’t it help to set up the rules to your characters’ style of fighting? I’m thinking of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” as an example. It seems that he spends time setting up the fighting styles so that when the climatic fight happens, you the reader, already have a sense of pacing.

  • Kids aren’t superhuman! Kids get killed all time run over by car. They aren’t superhuman! If a kid gets hit by bus they are more likely to die don’t assume kids are superhuman ��‍♂️

  • Thankyou one of our friend is going through this same situation and we are really trying hard to make her believe and pull of of that imaginary world.. but all our hardwork is falling off… So your video is helping me now on how to deal with her.. ��

  • Wait so all the likes are the people who got help from this video

    That means…

    The dislikes are the kidnapers

    Think about what i just said

  • I know this is an old video but thought I’d add my two cents.
    It is always important to consider spectacle when doing fight scenes. Those cool choreographed fight scenes in movies? Most are only slightly based in reality. In reality fights are messy, chaotic, sudden. Most flourishes, spinning moves? They’d get you killed instantly. Facing multiple enemies? Basically impossible. Don’t even get me started on how armor means nothing in fantasy where in reality you would be hard pressed to hurt someone in plate armor. But here’s where spectacle, or “the rule of cool” comes into play. Real combat isn’t all that fun to watch. Impractical, silly, impossible combat? Could very well be.
    Writing isn’t a visual medium but the reader will still envision the events to the best of their ability. Depending on the narrative weight of the scene, it may well be appropriate to give ample description to a critical move (villain is slain, hero is wounded etc). On the other hand “mooks” don’t even deserve one short phrase each, it is better to paint a picture of the battle as a whole.

  • Thank you so much. I’m dealing with a narrcist. You have really helped me. When he tries to bait me I agree. I think also because he’s white and I’m black. He thinks he’s morraly superior. Example we saw this black man. As we were walking. To wind me up. He said just think you could have been married to someone like him by now. The old me would have got angry. Instead I said your right the sky’s the limit. This man really is unhinged and pathetic. Another example i told him when you go visit your friends. Enjoy you don’t have to text me. LMAO like I child he threw a tantrum. And said i was being friendly. I thought no you barstard you want to check my movements. By texting me. He said i I shan’t be texting you again. We walk twice a day. I told him. Im not walking with you. And I left him on the street. LMAO he looked so pathetic. He couldn’t finish the walk. So i thought screw you. I’m doing my walk by myself.

  • It now explains why I felt so drained after even just talking with my ex. We went round in circles for hours just trying to work things out. And he would try to punish me belittle me if he did not get his way. I nearly had a breakdown as I didnt realise what a vampire he was for my soul. I know better now and can see the signs a million miles away. Won’t let anyone do that again to me.

  • It’s like the money python skit I didn’t come here for an argument… Yes you did… No I didn’t… Yes you did… No I didn’t! Excetera excetera excetera

  • Okay this is a great tactic. One question I do have is what confirms that you’re dealing with a narcissist? Otherwise this is not a good tactic. Can we just trust our better judgment?

  • Very cool info because in past you had to read a ton of books. I’ve learned a lot of things from channels such as these here on Y-Tube.

  • I think it is because of the fact that children have not yet undergone the physiological effects of a high saturated fat diet. The coronavirus COVID-19 differs from previous versions primarily by the method of binding to the type-2 alveolar pneumocytes. COVID-19’s spike glycoprotein binds to the ACE2 (Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) in human beings. The ACE2 is present in higher prevalence in people with Arterial-Hypertension, Heart-Failure, and Diabetes.

    The common theme between those three things is they are greatly influenced by diet. A diet consisting of high amounts of saturated fats contributes to all three conditions. Saturated fat in high amounts will increase the bad cholesterol or LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins), a condition called hyperlipidemia. In the case of heart attacks and stroke, cholesterol in the blood becomes plaque. Specifically soft plaque. You have specialized immune cells which consume this plaque. They’re called foam cells. When they become engorged with plaque they look like suds, hence the name foam cells. You only have a limited number of these foam cells. So once they’re full, that’s it. If the diet causing the cholesterol continues, the soft plaque becomes hard. plaque. Foam cells can accumulate and become a necrotic (poisonous dead cell mass) center of a nodule mass on the wall of an artery. These nodules can rupture sometimes due to the presence of hard calcified plaque which is almost like tine shards. Once these toxic containing nodules open and spill their poisonous content. The body’s response is to quickly seal the pathway in order to prevent the poisonous substance from spreading. In this case it is the body’s own defense response that causes the myocardial infarction (heart-attack). If it happens in the brain its a stroke. Sometimes the blockage is caused by an embolism. This is where instead of spilling the poisonous content into the blood, an actual piece of the plaque or a blood-clot causes the heart attack or stroke.

    The fact that the body has immune cells which interpret the plaque as a foreign invader in indication that the consumption of saturated-fatty foods isn’t something we should be doing. Saturated-fat is found almost exclusively in animal based products like meats, cheese/milk, and eggs.

  • Covid 19 are for the sinners only, not for children. The higher the ages, the higher of sinning, the higher of death mortality. The most who died were God non-believers or atheist. Not believing or worshiping God is an ultimate sin.

  • Omg…social media is full of narcissists �� so sad…and is people I once knew..perhaps a neighbor..she was a crazy chick alway yelling at her kids and hitting them with paddles.. etc. Living off welfare…Anyway..so on social media she is a total different person..she became a fitness trainer and she sells products..good for her..but it seems she forgot where she came from…she never likes non of my pics..only when she wants to push her products on me or wants me to join her stupid team lol.. isn’t that consider a narcissist?? She’s married and she posted pictures in underwear!! She comes across to me as superficial.

  • You can also unscrew the launcher and take it apart in half and take out a spring i think (Been some years since I did it but should still work)and it allows for a faster spin and the prongs will keep spinning when you launch your bey.

  • I want you to know that I thought I was going crazy I was so hurt I would ask for help but I didn’t know how to when I would talk to friends I didn’t know how to explain my pain I couldn’t think of anyting did he was doing wrong it got to the point where no one really understood me or even believe me or took me serious and I started keeping a journal and I noticed how he would pick me up just to drop me down in the more he would pick me up and the more he would love me in the end it soon as he would get me to trust him then he would do something horrible each and every time I noticed it every single thing I told him that I feared I was like if I would have asked him to do that to me and I run into one of your videos by accident and I just want to say thank you because now I know what’s going on 100% sure I know it’s not me and I’m not suffering as much now I’m still in the relationship or I don’t know this one day he loves me when he doesn’t but I’m just trying to get some of my self-esteem back in order to leave and I just want to say thank you again because the suffering the pain I went through was horrible it was really really bad I would cry I would send them videos text messages and videos of me crying trying to beg him and he just never cared

  • I’ve always had a rule not to argue or fight with stupid or crazy people! I had this rule long before I found out my wife was a narcissists! My rule is this” arguing with a stupid or crazy person is like a mosquito landing on your jaw, you may hit the mosquito but you are definitely are gonna slap yourself! ” Why put yourself through the pain? I ignore my wife and realize my identity is consistent with the WORD OF GOD! All I am what GOD’S WORD has already spoken about me! I was validated over 2000 years ago on Calvary!!! When GOD took on sinful flesh and came down through time to save me from myself, this all I need 2 know!!! No one gets to take up space in my head and heart who is not about building!!! I get rid of negative people! U should do the same!!! IAM PRAYING FOR EVERYONE WHO FINDS THEMSELVES DEALING WITH NARCISSISTS!!! HOLD ON!!! ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS IS VICTORY IN JESUS!!!��

  • If walking alone/at night or somewhere unfamiliar, walk towards the oncoming traffic. If someone wants to bundle you into their car, you will be facing them and may be able to spot any danger, or it may force them to do a u turn in the road, giving you a bit of time to run off or get help.

  • love this video. The only thing I would disagree with is the pre/post fight scene dialogue portion. Yes you want to give the reader a reason to care about the fight, but that doesn’t have to be dialogue. Internal monologue can do the trick, maybe a short proclamation if that’s the character’s deal but I would posit another option. If you’ve developed the relationship between hero and villain well it can just be a look of recognition before both parties jump into action. It doesn’t have to be a princess bride (god I love that movie) witty banter exchange. TV, movie and anime fight scenes with too much internal monologue or too much dialogue can cheapen the experience in my opinion. That said the characters should show emotion I mean that is the big payoff for a fight scene after all XD. Alternatively they can be struck by their own callousness after the fact, that can be a fun twist. As with all techniques though, for the love of god don’t overuse it. I just want to say again I really like this video it was super helpful.

  • Can you gain your dignity and integrity back when it comes to your kids?
    I needed this video YEARS ago because I have been baited more times than I can count.

  • I have to fight back..because its so toxic and im sick of it.
    Ignoring their evil feels they are winning by getting away with it
    Would rather go down fighting

  • There’s no way to win with a narcissist. They’re too clever to fall for any new tactics you use. They recognize you’re trying a new strategy and they’ll thwart anything you try to say. They don’t care what you say unless it’s something they can use against you.
    If I leave the room to avoid abuse, I’m followed and physically harassed and told that the cops will be called and I’ll be accused of domestic violence.
    Just get away from them and never look back.

  • After all it might be government made virus so retired or elderly get cleared off social security charge list?? At least our future is not threatened.

  • Razor blades in shoes no danger take a mini swiss army knife take off the handle and there you go shoe knife i have one in my vans

  • Writing my first story, this is helpful, thank you! My fight scene is maybe to big? Too much going on. Not sure how to write a scene where there are 3 different fights happening at once. �� Is it too much?

  • One time I was kidnapped. All I did was give him a hammer fist to the nuts and kick his shins. That’s when I realized it was my uncle giving me a hug.

  • Hey!!! Great video Vivien! I dont think I have any fight scenes in my book yet, but I will definitely practice a lot with these tips when it comes to one!:-)

  • I’m in the middle of writing a book called The Sacred Moonstone. The protagonist finds out the magic powers of her moonstone necklace in the middle of the fight when it falls into her hand and throws the antagonist into a window.


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  • Fight scenes are probably my favorite part of the book to write…I tend to just imagine the fight scene as a movie in my head with every move shown. (It’s easy for me since I’m a martial artist and have a lot of experience sparring.) After that, I try and par it down with quick powerful words so those who don’t know fighting will get it, but not dumb it down completely.

    “His opponent rushed at him with a jab and followed with a left hook. He parried the jab and ducked under the hook and twisted his body to return with a rising shovel hook to the liver that double his opponent over.”

    This isn’t bad, but to someone who hasn’t fought it’s going to be a little slow and ponderous. You want just enough technical detail to be correct, but allow the reader to imagine the scene in their mind.

    “His opponent lunged forward with a flurry of punches he batted away. His breath coming in gasps, he ducked under the massive swing and countered with a shot to the ribs. There was a snap. ‘that had to have broken something,’ he thought.”

  • I don’t understand a doctor here in the US stated on TV that they’re getting information from China that their doctors are saying the Coronavirus isn’t affecting kids as much as adults but for years I always heard don’t trust China so why trust them now and believe me I wish God every country would try to figure out a cure for this and help each other out instead of hating each let’s work together and get along

  • Um….I little quetion what happens if the characters are like very powerful? Like flying at high-speeds, super strenght, energy beams type of attacks? Or kind of OP characters?

  • This is a war that young people can fight here and “WIN”.. millennium generation has a chance show what they’re made of!! By doing their part too, It’s up to “them” to win this war against the virus and show the Chinese that no one is going to throw us into the corona river and messes with us….. ����..

  • I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR SUCH KIND OF VIDEOS! i learned from other’s pain through these videos,i didn’t wait long to go through a trauma,
    i saw my younger sister physically abused me,and twice verbally abused me,that was all,
    i left her.i loved her so much but there was nothing to love,she was an illusion who was trying to be me,so i loved delluded myself only.
    seriously thankyou for such videos!Yes i had always found her off as if i talked to a baby about human emotions,very exhausting was,
    1st i didn’t believe these videos completely out of love that they don’t listen to you and that they enjoy such reactions but i realized soon enough that each and every word these videos or people who have suffered say are 100% true.

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