8 Discipline Techniques for Youngsters With Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


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8 Discipline Strategies for Kids With ADHD Provide Positive Attention. Parenting a child with ADHD can be exhausting. Their never-ending supply of energy and Give Effective Instructions. Kids with short attention spans need extra help following directions.

Quite often, they Praise Your Child’s. Carla Counts Allan, PhD, of the ADHD Specialty Clinic at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City, MO, suggests these tips for time out, whether or not the child has ADHD. Contrast. Strategies in the Classroom Keep Expectations Consistent.

Classroom rules should be clear and concise. 2  Rules and expectations for the class Limit Distractions. Students with ADHD are susceptible to distractions, so it can be beneficial to seat them away from Provide Frequent Feedback. Kids. However, as a parent, it is imperative that you know how to discipline your child with this particular type of condition so that he can have a semblance of normalcy as he grows up.

Here are some useful tips on how you can discipline your child with ADHD as soon as possible without difficulty. 8 Effective Tips to Discipline a Child with ADHD 1. These discipline tips for acting from schools with children with ADHD in the classroom will help you manage your students with Attention Deficit Disorder and / or Hyperactivity. It is important to know the disorder and know these guidelines to help you in the classroom. 8 Discipline Strategies for Kids with ADHD. verywellfamily.

Because ADHD kids often require a slightly different approach to discipline, this post recommends some simple changes to your parenting strategies that will help your child develop the tools to manage his own behavior more effectively. Parenting Tips for ADHD: Do’s and Don’ts. The most common childhood mental disorder in the U.S., attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is characterized by difficulty focusing for any length of time, restlessness, emotional sensitivity, and outbursts that are disruptive to learning and interacting with peers or adults. About 8 percent of kids (some 5 million people) have been diagnosed with the condition, which can be spotted in. How to Discipline a Child with ADHD Don’t. Remember that the goal behind using consequences is to provide an opportunity for your child to learn from her Do. Ignore bad behavior.

If your child is engaging in undesirable behavior that isn’t dangerous or harmful to herself If you found these. Oppositional Defiant Disorder Strategies: 8 Discipline Rules for 1. Treat before you punish.. Never discipline your child for behaviors that are symptoms of attention deficit 2. Exercise away hostility.. A potent tonic for the brain is daily physical exercise for ADHD. It promotes healthy.

Here are 10 tips to establish and carry out a successful behavior management plan to help your child: Define the house rules. Children with ADHD need simple rules for behavior.

List of related literature:

A specific behavioral strategy reviewed by DuPaul (2007) attempts to reduce ADHD symptoms and related behaviors by enhancing communication between home and school.

“Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention for Childhood and Adolescent Disorders” by Cynthia A. Riccio, Jeremy R. Sullivan, Morris J. Cohen
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Referral for instruction in behavioral management techniques specific to the child with ADHD may be beneficial.

“Primary Care of the Child With a Chronic Condition E-Book” by Patricia Jackson Allen, Judith A. Vessey, Naomi Schapiro
from Primary Care of the Child With a Chronic Condition E-Book
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The main psychosocial treatments with proven efficacy for the management of ADHD include (1) parent training in child behaviour management (Barkley 1997), (2) teacher training in classroom management (DuPaul and Eckert 1997) and (3) combined pharmacological and behavioural treatments (Carlson et al. 1992).

“International Handbook of Early Childhood Education” by Marilyn Fleer, Bert van Oers
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Find the ADHD checklist on pages 206–8 and review it.

“The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD: An 8-Step Program for Strengthening Attention, Managing Emotions, and Achieving Your Goals” by Lidia Zylowska, Daniel Siegel
from The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD: An 8-Step Program for Strengthening Attention, Managing Emotions, and Achieving Your Goals
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As pediatricians and primary care doctors continue to receive more training in implementing these guidelines, there should be significantly more consistency in effective diagnostic practices for ADHD.

“How To Reach And Teach Children with ADD / ADHD: Practical Techniques, Strategies, and Interventions” by Sandra F. Rief
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Interventions to increase physical activity in children and adults with ADHD have the potential to foster executive functioning development, reduce ADHD symptomatology, improve everyday functioning, and promote health, with implications for longer-term well-being.

“Lifestyle Psychiatry” by Douglas L. Noordsy, M.D.
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When implemented with consistency, persistence, and close monitoring, each of these is likely to be effective in modifying the behavior of most children with ADHD.

“The School Services Sourcebook: A Guide for School-Based Professionals” by Cynthia Franklin, Mary Beth Harris, Paula Allen-Meares
from The School Services Sourcebook: A Guide for School-Based Professionals
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Between these extremes, treatment recommendations may focus on improving any comorbid ADHD through stimulant medication or classroom behavioral interventions and improving the oppositional behavior of the defiant child through parent training in effective child management procedures.

“Defiant Children, Third Edition: A Clinician's Manual for Assessment and Parent Training” by Russell A. Barkley
from Defiant Children, Third Edition: A Clinician’s Manual for Assessment and Parent Training
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This multimodal approach requires the education of parents regarding ADHD facts and prognoses whenever possible, training of parents on a weekly basis, medication referrals when necessary, classroom intervention, social skills training, and individual play therapy.

“Short-Term Play Therapy for Children, Second Edition” by Heidi Gerard Kaduson, Charles E. Schaefer
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Only two classes of treatment have shown consistent empirical support regarding intervention for ADHD: (a) stimulant medications and (b) behavioral treatment modalities that feature parent and teacher management training to promote more consistent environmental cues and rewards.

“Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences” by Robert B. Daroff, Michael J. Aminoff
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  • May I link to your videos for a grant project that I am doing for Texas A&M University, please? If so, how would you prefer them to be cited?

  • I’m always thankfull for you Video’s also when my kids have no ADHS / ADS.
    Maybe you could give me some tips on how to help my daughter (8). She is very clever but also very easily distracted and she can hardly keep her concentration (maybe because she is always thinking).
    At home I can help but at school it stops her to showing her potential.
    She loves to write stories, has many ideas but she does not get ready at school. Partly because she is distracted from the outside or her own thoughts drive her away

  • I am trying to help my step son who has adhd in not starting little issues “fights or arguments” with his siblings… he just does it out of nowhere

  • My son has ADHD. He’s 8 and I always suspected something was different about him but didn’t know what it was. When he was first diagnosed I was a bit defensive about it because I had built up a negative stigma about ADHD through things I’d heard from others. Now having researched it extensively I see that he falls into so many of the traits of adhd that he almost definitely has it. Some days are better than others, his personality is amazing and he’s extremely smart, but the lack of attention, inability to stay in mainstream school, inability to listen to and follow rules, the hyperactivity and how loud he is really is overwhelming sometimes. Equally some days I just think wow he’s so unique and so brave and so confident and so insightful and always sees outside the box and I’m fascinated by him. I try to highlight his strengths, praise him a lot for the things he can do and the good behaviour and try to teach him how to conquer things he finds difficult. I try to encourage him that there’s a time and a place to be high energy and times when he needs to be respectful and listen. It’s tough going and there’s never an easy day but for the most part he is doing well and learning gradually and he has a heart of gold beneath all the drama! If you’re another adhd parent then keep going, it’s tough sometimes when you feel you’re always defending your child and always repeating yourself but they need love, support and guidance not judgement. X

  • i m from pakistan i have only one kid son he is suffering from same behavior doctor recommended risp syrpe but it is a drug what to do 5.5 years old

  • Wish I had a teacher like this in elementary/middle school. Most of my teachers just thought I was retarded until my mom took me to a general psychologist who told her I had ADHD. Once I started getting treated and getting help and understanding my ADHD it helped so much

  • My parents use Jesus and they don’t give a damn about if they don’t know about stuff they need to. they think they can pray away adhd. NO! THEY CAN’T!

  • adhd is a myth. please do not take drugs like ritalin. please do some research about the effects of drugs. ur just an active kid. ur just like the rest. hope this message helps u.

  • For anyone who dosnt wont to help there child and give it try is the problem. I feared my daughter being on medication for adhd but I had to also stop and think I’m setting her up for failure by not atleast trying. I can control the strength and even if she needs to continue to take them so why not give it a try. Why make your child suffer because you can’t handle them or get frustrated with them because there behaviors when its as simple as getting the help they need. I am her frustration my attitude towards her is why she get irritated and angry. Your reaction to your child is the reaction you get from your child. Please atleast try it and see if it works.

  • I haven’t passed a math class a day in my life. Math literally made me zone out and teachers from k-12 basically ignored it and I’d take summer school courses in highschool where my dad would “help” me since they were online. I joined the military and now I’m in college. This is ruining me now. I had all my math credits given to me from military credits except a statistics course required to obtain my degree. I’m 26 and I don’t know how long division works… I feel stupid and hopeless to graduate and I have no idea what to do. Suggestions?

  • All of these so called symptoms are exactly what I associate with children… it seems that this drug turns normal children into adults… how awful

  • Its all based on subjective evaluation.

    This is a controverial subject because ADHD
    Is a concocted medical condition.
    Ineffective parents love this because it alleviates them of all guilt and responsiblility.

    Its the easy way out.

    Pharmaceutical companies love it because they claim to have a solution.

  • Thank you for making this you explained adhd very well my friend has adhd and just got diagnosed and all of the stuff she is doing makes sense now

  • The best way out of an iep situation is by cleaning your neck artery. Make sure you have a big knife and make sure it’s nice and sharp. Chose the neck artery on the left side and clean. What I mean by cleaning is slicing deep in the artery. It’ll clean the artery and reduce your stress. That only applies for iep kids only… so yea

  • i’m doing so bad in school and i know i have adhd i can’t focus no matter how hard i try i literally just can’t do it i’m failing every single class and my mom doesn’t believe i have adhd and gave me a supplement that helps with memory which does absolutely nothing i’m so tired of this

  • i’m doing so bad in school and i know i have adhd i can’t focus no matter how hard i try i literally just can’t do it i’m failing every single class and my mom doesn’t believe i have adhd and gave me a supplement that helps with memory which does absolutely nothing i’m so tired of this

  • I think I have ADHD but it’s ADHHHHHD like I’m way more hyper then normaly cause I went out side in 3 degrees with only pants socks and shoes and no shirt and not even cold like what

  • it took two years to get my son diagnosed, we looked at everything diet, sleep etc., his teachers blamed me it must be the “environment” finally I got a new dr and boom some help. There’s such stigma just getting help�� it’s life changing now. With the quarantine I realized he needs redirecting every 2 to 3 minutes. It’s literally painful for him to focus too long on anything. The public school system just let him fall thru the cracks. I got him writing his name, reading, writing paragraphs. He even wrote a letter to Trump �� He’s 7(:

  • I understand the pictures and lists but I’m not sure about giving a consequence for their area of weaknesses they cannot change how they are wired.

  • My son had a teacher who was the worst.  When we met and talked about my son’s ADHD, I asked him what techniques he uses to help kids who have it and he just shrugged his shoulders and said I don’t have have any “techniques”.

  • Hi my son is 6 yrs old and since he started headstart when he was 3 yrs old. And they were concerned that he wouldnt socialize with other kids and would not stay seated or played he would be all over the place interupting the teacher and so on. He was evaluated for begining of autism as the psychologist thought and came normal in the evaluation. Now last yr he was in kindergarten and he would not or could not concentrate, would yell at the teacher and tell her what he was going to do. It came to the point he kicked her and broke her computer. Things kept on escalating. Now to keep this short hes in 1st grade and i took him to get evaluated with a psychologist in the dept of aps for mental health for kids and he was dx adhd with agressive controling to authority. After the evaluation and speaking with therapist for some blood test they wanted to medicate him and i was against it. Him being so young and just didnt agree with it. I found in a natural vitamin store a natural med that is called added attention, at first i noticed he was actually doing hes assignments at school and being more attentive in class. But recently i notice that after 4 months hes at it again. I just want to say that this video help me understand a bit more that is not a solution of the bat. But help parents understand is not theyre fault. And is a condition thats need to be treated and believe me is very stressful not to be able to comprehend it, Thank you.

  • Literally no one has this. It’s normal to be bored and distracted by things your not interested in. Completely made up to cover bad parenting.

  • I agree that some may be wrongly diagnosed, however, i bet not many as they are careful on who they diagnose, if a child’s traits dont FULLY fit then they get sent home with “not enough evidance” I know this as i know a few whom have had such difficulties getting a diagnosis. I know my son certainly does have ADHD as its heareditary. He is exactly the same character as his grandad. His grandad wasn’t officially diagnosed but he had and still has NO memory for yesterday or 10 minutes ago! But he remembers when he was child. Just like my son. He also acted different. Played tricks on people. Everything was funny. Never took nothing serious. Spoke out loud with things that should of not been said. Ie “oh your fat, do you eat a lot of food?” Etc… unbelievably unorganised! He now has dementure. I believe dementure may be (in some cases) pretty much a progressed ADHD. My son and his Grandad are more ADD than ADHD, however, they sure do have hyperactivity in there too. Thank you so much for your video. You are both amazing people!!

  • Hi guys! I just uploaded my first video on how I will be dealing with my anxiety! Please check it out! I would really appreciate all the support I can get! ❤️❤️❤️ https://youtu.be/eaMiiWu2NFY❤️❤️❤️

  • I have ADHD and it’s really preventing me from learning how to drive and cook I cant learn anything I feel so stupid anyone else struggling driving Im 22 and nothing

  • I literally looked this up because I’m concerned If I myself have adhd. I’m supposed to do my quarantine homework and just can’t focus.

  • im an adult, think i might have adhd, its hard for me to focus, for example, when im talking about one thing, i can always think about another then go on and on about it…. though im here for the hot milf

  • Look a pbs report talked of One billion people have mental and physical health problems according to the WHO and relate to type A Ashkenazi Redemption through Sin Arabs who Insest is the way of life,I trained Techs and none of them could do one fifth of what I did,I was Hologic Eng.Tech genious to them but as a Triplet I thought photographic memory was everyone,I am the Good Will Hunting all to easy right down to my 69 NOVA,it was based on we twins,I was councelled after a motorcycle accident and the doctor in NH said YOU are the One that tested every piece of Medical Equipment he had,but Anxiety does exist when we were apart,now at 66 we are in so.Florida but we can read each others thoughts and my Doctor knew this,Mankind is Evolving,

  • Anti ADHD activities and songs for children to help calm their mind and build focus.

  • The strategies given are terrific. Giving students with ADHD something to do with their energy is a great idea, as is the preferential seating. I love the checklist and homework organizer ideas. Both of these strategies are good not only for students with ADHD, but for any student. Learning to organize your thoughts and your life is useful in the “real world”.

  • The seat is an interesting idea. I have adult ADHD and I use an exercise ball as a work chair. I started using it because if keeps my back from hurting (which happens if I sit too long) but it also allows me to move around and fidget.

  • Many of the behaviours described here are perfectly normal. Medicalizing and medicating normal behaviors in children and adult may keep doctors and drug companies in business, but it pathologizes active, curious children and convinces adults that there is something wrong with them.

  • I had problems for the first 12 years of my life and when I fist got my pills it was a 20 dose,That didn’t do shit���� it took me like 2-3 years to find the right dose and damn it really helped me but now I’m getting problems with my gamer I hurt my family members and punch holes

  • always talk about the symptoms, never about someone with adhd who has been successful. people with adhd need to know they are worth it, and not outside looking in. i wish people with adhd would make a video. this is nonsense and stereotyping. how would you people know how to help if you don’t have adhd/add.

  • This is fantastic, thank you. Sounds like I need a morning and night list for my sound. You talked about a list of pictures, are pictures necessary for a visual? My Son is 7 he can read. If he sees pictures he will skip the reading. Does is matter I guess is what I’m asking words or pictures or both?

  • I have ADHD and my parents can’t handle me. I’ve been on probation for 3 years, and i’ve been to boarding schools, group homes, youth shelters, and even treatment centers because I guess i’ve never been able to behave correctly? It’s not fair to me because due to my parents sending me away all the time because I can’t live up to their religious standards, and due to that I have 9 credits in school and I’m a Junior in High school and I’m spose to have almost 20… I dunno what I’ve doen but..

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  • He seems like an amazing teacher, this video makes me so happy! I am a new preschool teacher and have ADHD inattentive type personally and am looking for ways to help kids who are already on medication to have more fun and for kids who may have an attention or hyperactivity disorder themselves still feel like “good” kids who are able to learn and actually get something out of the program. We have fidget toys we only hand out as needed because it tends to get out of hand with preschoolers all wanting a toy but I know not all symptoms are always very present so I like the idea of experimenting and seeing if kids “look at the toy it’s not a good tool”, I wonder if there is any way to explain this to younger kids so others do not get jealous and understand special needs? Any resources you all know of for teachers with kids on ADHD medications would be immensely appreciated, I do tend to have hyper focus on certain things and have a student who seems so bored and it breaks my heart because she is so smart and I just wish that I could find some resources for teachers who have medicated students instead of just the controversial arguments on whether a child should be on medication or not. I am not here to argue about the medication but to find ways of enriching this child’s life who’s life situation is out of my and any of your opinions. Sorry to maybe seem frustrated but like I said I have ADHD myself and tend to ramble and am sick of ignorant people making parents feel guilty for doing something that they personally believe will help their child have a better quality of living. I understand that medication at such a young age is highly controversial and it scares me, I assure you, but to overgeneralize that it is just a parent who doesn’t want to deal with a kid being a kid is so incredibly offensive. Ahhhhhhh there I go again!!! I apologize, please I am just a new teacher wanting to find a way to have a medicated child have a fun and enriching time at our summer camp, not to argue.

  • I absolutely enjoyed listening about all his strategies he used to help with “fidgetting”. The only downside to this strategy is trying to make sure no other children are distracted. As for prefered seating, I find this a good idea because that way children can be seated unknowingly by their learning styles and capabilities. Using graphic organizers is a KEY FEATURE in my everyday life

  • bruh i have adhd and my school acts like i dont even have it. it really affects me and they dont care. i have literally all of the sytoms. i hope ill even graduate 8th grade.:(

  • It kinda pisses me off that there’s so much to have to go through to be diagnosed with adhd. Like what if it’s summer break? You just gon make me wait till school starts

  • My brother is 15 he’s smart and Has a good heart but he gets bullied all the time for being fat by Hispanic kids mostly, when he stood up for himself to these kids the teacher took him to the nurses office and a psychiatrist diagnosed him with adhd and suggested him pills. I don’t know what the fuck this shit is but I don’t like it at all.

  • Great strategies! I think its hard enough to be a kid with all the school testing and homework and a teacher that can be as helpful and proactive would be awesome to have. I think he comes in as very open minded and insighful in dealing with children with ADHD. Great video!

  • I am 13 and I have adhd and have this video I was not even listening and my friends are like stop tapping or stop shaking your leg and I try to put I can’t and my mom and dad yell at me for interrupting when there talking

  • Thank you sooo much! My 11 yo with ADHD has a USELESS IEP. No strategies are listed. I had to push HARD for an O.T. Eval for accommodation recommendations. These strategies are FANTASTIC!

  • Im a clinical psychologist, and she lost me when she said adhd is not due to parenting and prematernal issues. Sure they are not the primary triggers, but they do play a big role in many cases

  • Can someone tell me if this video is good to send to my parents? I was diagnosed about a year ago but they still both refuse to accept it/educate themselves, so I’m educating them myself. It sounds super cliche and attention seeking but I genuinely cannot sit through this video and decipher whether it’s helpful/accurate, thanks.

  • Thanks for the video! ADHD has been one of the hardest things to deal with as a child, more importantly when I was trying to learn how to read. I will never forget the first day of school, looking around and seeing everyone else beginning to grasp reading so quickly… Except me ��

    Never felt so alone before. Can anyone else relate?

    Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts about something regarding my kids. Have you heard the talk about ADHDSoldiers.com and their Reading Head Start program? It is an awesome one-off guide for teaching children with ADHD to read supposedly. I’ve heard some incredible things about it and I’m on the lookout for something just like this for my own children as they are set to begin school soon ��

  • So interesting!! Great video!! Very true, as I also heard that anger doesn’t work for kids with ADHD, as they are not receptive to it. It’s only through explanation you can get through ����

  • I wish I could send this to my mom cause she works in a hospital but has such a negative stigma around adhd and she won’t research or see that adhd effects everything not just focus, anytime I mention my adhd my mom gets pissed and says I’m normal there is nothing wrong with me, and I need to stop labeling myself or lowering my standards for myself, she told me to not use it as an excuse. It’s not an excuse, it’s an explanation as to why I think, act, behave the way I do, why I talk loud why it’s hard to focus, and I’m not saying I can’t do it I’m just saying it’s a little harder for me so I’m gonna find a different way to do it, and she hates that i “use adhd to label myself, I’m glad their are parents who aren’t like this, and choose to learn about what’s happening with their child to help in the best way they can!!

  • Fidget tools are not for my first graders. They love to throw and toss things around. Besides, do my first grade students truly know the definition of what it means to make good choices? I use the Class Dojo point system.

  • Im on concerta, it really helps alot, but I don’t want it to be my future. Without it everything just doesn’t make sense at all and I get distracted so easily��
    Any help or tips please��

  • Excellent and informative! Thanks so much. It’s a shame these strategies often aren’t applied at school. My son struggles with his school accepting and understanding ADHD.

  • My teacher used to divide my math tests into 6 question chunks for 15 minutes.
    I was no longer stressed about finishing, just about her nagging as it gets closer

  • (for all parents ) how to make your children base from the beginning of their studies


  • What a great guy. Passionate about his profession, and full of creative tools when it comes to students with ADD/ADHD. This wasn’t talked about as much in the 80s when I was in elementary school. I was one of the worst inattentive ADD kids in class, and teachers would single me out whenever I was caught “spacing out”, “daydreaming”, “being lazy” by making it a point to call on me when they knew I wasn’t paying attention (because my attention span was/is near zero), constantly embarrassing me, and pretty much encouraging the other kids to laugh at and ridicule me. I was actually diagnosed in 1981 (in 1st grade), but my mom refused to put me on Ritalin (the only ADD/ADHD med available at the time). My parents thought it would be more effective to punish me (and this included a LOT of physical abuse, as well as being called a “lazy idiot”, and “having the brains of a tsetse fly”). So naturally I entered adulthood with no self esteem or tools to deal with my disorder (after all, I was convinced that it was all my fault, and I brought it upon myself). It wasn’t until a co-worker at a bookstore I worked at when I was 20 brought it to my attention that I had the worst ADD (and self worth) that she had ever seen. And she was someone with the same problem. I finally got tested (with no help from my shitty parents) and got the Ritalin and counseling I had needed for so long. Actually, the Ritalin didn’t help, so they put me on Dexedrine, and that worked wonders. When Adderall hit the market, I switched over to that because of the hard edge I got from the Dexedrine. Fast forward 22 years. I’m 43 now, still on 60mg of Adderall IR (30mg twice a day), and it has saved my life. I do take a “vacation” from it on occasion because I don’t want to need more than I’m taking (which is a fairly high dose). Anyway, thought I’d share this with you. I originally got punished for having ADD, but finally got the help I needed.

  • My son Braelin has this. Hes 9yrs old but Ive noticed something was different from even age 1. Its very stressful and aggrivating. Sometimes i get upset but then i have to remind myself that he can’t help it. Its the constant talking and going from room to room making a distaster that have given me many panic attacks. Stick in there parents.

  • The teacher had some great tools to help the students with ADHD in the classroom. He had a grasp on effective ways to make things smooth for the students. I think the checklist was a smart idea for the students. The act of being consistent with these techniques/stratergies will likely help the child as well.

  • I have ADHD and I’m in high school, and ever since I entered high school, my symptoms have become more obvious and more disruptive, for example I can’t concentrate and I am unorganized, and I always lose things, and I have a hard time controlling my anger

  • I’m 19 and I went to the doctors last week and I have adhd. The doctor was furious that my mom didn’t take me as early as 14. I’m on dextroamphetimine and the differences are extreme. I know have the ability to concentrate on a task more than 20 minutes and I get shit done now. I wish I knew about this earlier.

  • It’s not our fault society wants us to do things they’re way. I refuse medication because I don’t want to change myself for everyone. Schools need different classes to teach kids the way they learn best.

  • I’ve been doing a lot of internet research lately about ADHD & Dr. Russell Barclay has a number of great videos on the subject to explain it. He’s lectured all over the world & is a great resource for information. Here is one video clip of one of his lectures.

  • Great tips! I love the idea of a picture list for the little ones. Ahh this is going to help us so much! Unfortunately, our family is plagued with adhd and man oh man is it hard. Thank you!

  • I am a monitor on a school bus. I was working with a child that had issues with riding the bus safely. While talking with her and explaining that she was cteating an unsafe ride for herself and others she said “I am ADHD, I’m supposed to act this way.” She was a third grader, so we discussed the topic for a little while. I said that I understood what that was and that it was difficult for her to acomplish some things but it did not mean that she had to act that way. I said if she would let me help her that she coud ride the bus a safe way and everyone would get home safely and probably quicker than having to stop or slow down making the ride longer. Then I reminder her again that just because she had ADHD did not mean that she had to misbehave or have “bad” behavior. She understood and let me help her work on riding safely. It took about 3 weeks but she was successful and was able to see it for herself. I also wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your chanel and find it very helpful with my job. I have 5 children that are grown and one of them has ADHD he is in his 40 now and still struggles with it. I wish I had your channel when he was a child. That being said I love your chanel it helps me a lot in my job and in dealing with people in my day to day life.

  • Thats what I’m talking about! Thank you. Somewhere i watched that adhd kids needs something physical like you mentioned before outside of the head. I home school now and before we started I let him draw pictures of each task. We made a big bored put itnon his door and he refers back to it. So glad to know this momma did something correct! Thank you again for all your videos.

  • The most thing I struggle with is when I get in disagreements with my parents and arguments I will not stop arguing back and I never win and it’s hard to control what I have to say sometimes (extreme impulsivity) it’s super hard to keep my mouth shut and then it digs a bigger hole for my situation

  • I can deal with my kid’s adhd except for his being a sore loser. If he loses at anything no matter how trivial he goes into a rage and destroys furniture and such. It’s like he turns into another person. He is only 8. Im scared for the future.

  • This is Excellent. Im a substitute teacher and some of these tools i see kids use in class. theres a new device they use that spins by flicking it. its silent but so useful during times when u just need to move. I love this idea

  • Just what I needed to be explained to me. Would so love a video in what kind of consequences to give depending on the task or direction that was not followed.

  • Just about every video you make has relevance to my life! Haha. Thank you for the powerful truths & principles that you & Vicki teach. I’m loving them & listening to them multiple times. ��

  • This video has some really great strategies for student with ADHD. I liked the Rubix Cube fidgeting tool because the child doesn’t have to look at it to move it around. The child can concentrate on the teacher. I also like the idea of a checklist for children that have trouble keeping up with what they are suppose to do for class and homework. I know I do very well with checklist’s to keep my life organized.

  • +
    Now I actualLy sense inkling of the slight remorse or embarrassing required when outta place the reactions… No one whom to concerns. I’m sure the counter effect catches on N nature has its course. Needed the positive impression.:)

  • I have 2 friends Leen and Catharine, Catharine makes fun of me because I have ADHD but I stay friends with her because Leen wants to, one time they got in a fight then Catharine said something bad about me then Leen said “imagine how hard life would be like if you had a disability” then Catharine says “yeah but I don’t” and I think she does just one that makes her really violent because she always hit Leen when they’re arguing, the last fight we had she did something really bad to Leens arm, every time they argue my brain just feels so much pain, like emotionally I doubt you get what I mean, like when you want to cry but you can’t then it’s just your head crying, it makes me really upset how Leen and Catharine just fight every week then the next week or next day they’re friends again, Catharine still bullies me from having ADHD from this day, today I told Leen how I felt about what’s Catharines doing, I then told her to remember all of the arguments they had, but putting this in the comments on YouTube is starting to make me feel guilty of reminding Leen of all the bad times she had with Catharine…

    Edit: hey guys, thanks for being there for me Leen stopped being friends with Cathrine over The last few months she officially ended their friendship, again, thank you all for being there for
    Me I love you all ❤️

  • i have all ADHD symptoms, and i want to go to doctor to see if i have it, but my mom keeps telling me “Everyone goes through that, you just need ti Focus!” or
    “why are you giving yourself sicknesses” or “i didnt raise my child to be mentally ill” ��

  • My grade 5 experience 13 years ago was nothing like this
    My teacher would always yell and say ehy dont you behave, always pull mr out of the classroom and threated to call my parents, call mr stupid, un orgonized, un willing to learn… It was a nightmare now im 25 and just getting my diagnosis. Procasition is the worst, took me almost 5 years to get a doctor, i would always say ill call next week

  • Thank you SOOO much for this video and all the others. I’m always waiting for a new upload and referring back to videos for help. My 4 year old is incredibly hyper and being seen by a paedratrician we still haven’t had a diagnosis of any sort. We have behaviour problems, I’ve been using tips from your videos especially the consequences and it’s taking alot of practice but she’s understanding now.

  • Nice video content! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about Trentvorty Kids Science Theorem (just google it)? It is a great one of a kind product for becoming an excellent parent without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my old buddy Taylor after a lifetime of fighting got excellent success with it.

  • I really liked this teacher’s strategies. I thought his fidgeting tools were a great idea. I also feel like all students can benefit from organizational strategies. I know that I benefit from checklists and routines and I think that kids need these to manage themselves as well.

  • I wish my mum understood how hard it is to have it. I always got lectured cause of it. I’ve never had a solid friend group that wasn’t toxic that lasted over 2 years. I have never been anyone’s best friend. I always get told I’m annoying, loud, weird, unique. It’s annoying and hurtful. Idk. I hate people not understanding.

  • Im a parent with adhd and tried watching a video on how to help my child with it. failed miserably because i couldnt pay attention. what now?!?!im a failure:(

  • A question for you all. I am a father of three children, two girls born in February 1974 and September 1978, and a son born in May 1980. I brought them up with my wife to be polite, respectful, well behaved, well mannered, and considerate of other people and to be honest. They haven’t brought the police to my door.

    I am the eldest of five children. I was born on the final day of March 1949. We were brought up the same relatively speaking. Perhaps my kids have brought their kids up less strictly that I did with them. Or I was.

    But you have to look why my kids haven’t behaved in the manner that is classed as ADHD or ODD. Neither have I or my siblings. In fact I have never seen kids with strict or disciplinarian parents who have displayed ADHD or ODD behavior. Or parents who have just been there for their kids


  • Treatment for Children with ADHD how you can best help your child Think medication is the only ADHD treatment? Learn about all the effective treatments and how you can best help your child.

  • preferential seating could be front or back depends on level of distraction. Fidget tools such as rubics cube, ball to squeeze, seat cushion wedge some tricks or tools wind up being a distraction. This leads to discusiion about making good choices.
    Difficulties with organization: checklists-homework laminating page with marker use the same way everyday. Writing graphic organizers so even if you get distracted its easier to get back to where you were, homework organizer everyone in the class everyday. Following directions: write them on the board, chunk the directions (this is the first part, then…) all the directions at once seems overwhelming.

  • When I tell my parents about my problem with school and everything because of ADHD, and everyone is like “no you are just lazy” or “you are deaf” which really upsets me, I always fidget things, I can’t pay attention, it’s really annoying.

  • I have a child in kindergarten who’s ADHD.. I have the hardest time trying to keep him focused and retaining information. Everything that causes concentration is a struggle. I hope his teacher have some techniques we both can use. He’s busier than a bee.

  • I’m 37 yrs old, and have had adhd my whole life and have some weird immunity defect against outside influences on my body,

    Such as medications, alcohol, coffee and energy drinks don’t effect me until I’m past the amount normally considered overdose

    Like when I have a simple tooth ache, normal people have take like 4-6 ibuprofen maybe twice a day, well I’m taking like 10-12 every 3hrs to barely get an effect

    And then when others drink coffee to stay awake, I’m drinking more than a 64oz mug I have and then still be tired

    Also I can drink a 16 pack of cans of beer in under an hour and nothing happens and I’ve never had a hangover or been drunk from anything, I’m always the boring drinker to everyone I drink with

    Then with energy drinks, I’ve had a 4 pack of 5hr energy drinks bottles to try helping me get through a mandatory extra shift at my old job and it didn’t do shit to me

  • My son has adhd I moved to georgia not to long ago and they talk so bad about my child it hurts so much I wish people can get info about things like this so they can help them my son feels so horrible about himself since we live here it makes me cry I have 8 kids he stands out but I love him so much never treat your kids different because they are different

  •  What about the other kids in class. They can get distracting with other kid around bouncing or throwing a ball to the air. How you help the rest of the class handle that situation?   

  • Thanks to the video, turned out in the learning process in the classroom the teacher does not need to use a lot of media or tools that can disrupt the concentration of students due to the number of props concentration of a student can be interrupted and therefore the need to use tools that can support the process of hearing a student.

  • This video was great. The teacher had a great grasp on what really works for his students. The fidget toys were a great idea. It makes sense that keeping the hands busy might allow the brain to focus on what is being taught. The homework organizer is a tool that the entire class can use so that the ADHD students don’t feel singled out. I really liked the idea of chunking the directions into manageable pieces so that the students wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

  • Star and Fox, calm down.
    Your swearing and name calling is not helping your argument.

    Have you noticed that you consistently spell certain words incorrectly but exactly the same way?
    “People” you spell “ poeple”, and “cause”
    You spell as “cuase”.

    So why cant you spell them consistently but correctly???

    Yes my friend you have a learning disability. It may be a severe learning disability. You may have emotional problems to compound it.
    But you dont have ADHD.

    If you believe you have what they call “ADHD”, you will never overcome your real problem because you are barking up the wrong tree, so to speak.

    Why are you so entrenched in the idea that you have it? You are much too invested in the idea that you have “ADHA” to see another possibility.

  • What about the shame and disappointment for us the parents? They ARE choosing this awful behavior. My son chooses to act out and throw fits, he chooses to say hurtful things to people, he chooses to lose his temper all the time. Why isn’t there any responsibility put on the child? We couldn’t act like this when I was a child.

  • Sheva Hercules. I loved these ADHD classroom strategies. The preferential seating I thought was a great one and the rubic cube. You can tell the teacher really studied these materials on what would work with ADHD children.

  • the other problem is, someone at my son’s school had the nerve to tell him he had adhd. so he came home thinking there was wrong with him. and he was thinking he can’t this and can’t that as a result of this a.d.h.d. he supposedly has. he has never been diagnosed by a doctor. not to mention I have talked to two doctors who also said it is way over diagnosed, because here in CA you can gain financial benefits. it is crazy! I also want to mention a theory I had for a long time. he is super smart, finally got him tested, and I was right. one of the doctors that I spoke with said most fairly intelligent kids are diagnosed with a.d.h.d.  he said they are misdiagnosed. it is easy to be hyper, when your brain is working harder and faster than most. hard to stay focused on school work if it is not stimulating enough for you. in my county they have nothing to accommodate higher functioning kids, then tell you he needs meds for a.d.h.d. if you give me a work sheet, and I finish it faster than the rest of the kids, then you expect me to just sit there and be still, is illogical! so mine would get board, then start to go nuts, I would to. but instead the teacher could give him another work sheet, or a chore to help out in the classroom. but they refuse to do that. then instead tell you he has a.d.h.d. and take him to a doctor to get him on medication. super frustrating. if your brain is retaining more than the other kids at a faster pace, I’d get forgetful to, but it dose not mean he or she has a.d.h.d.

  • Umm, no, it is not a myth! It is an actual, verifiable condition that many students possess. Try taking a test with a hot, steamy, juicy steak sizzling in a skillet right before your eyes, tantalizing your senses and never ever being able to get up and move somewhere else less distracting. THAT is th effect ADHD has. It is VERY real! 

  • My grades are so bad, because I can never pay attention. I try so hard. In my math class at school I stay telling myself I have to concentrate but I easily get super lost in my own mind. impossible.

  • I just wanna say that i was diagnosed with adhd since i was like 3 or 4 at a low wtf ever miligram becaz i had it fastforward to about 13 i was on so many pills for adhd that i couldnt even count on my hands they told my mom if i didnt take it then id be taken away and never see my family again and a bunch of other shit happend then fastforward to about 14i was taking 80miligrams of aderall i wast the same person i was lost in my brain i thought the worst shit a child should think it destroyed my brain ruined my life made me think thoughts i never wanna think again i hated myself anyways fastforward to 15 i found out that i could stop becaz ig its the legal age to stop taking medication that isnt nessasry for ur being or some weird shit so i stopped and i have been still recovering from the trauma that it did to me im much happier all aderall is a deperessant that no child is u just need to controll ur child dont let them act out like a jack arse tell them no and shit dont be a fucking shitty parent and let ur kid do whatever the fuck they want whenever the fuck they want be a parent to ur kid dont let them do that shit im 18years old now and i feel like people dont know how to parent there kids caz they had shitty parents that either over beat them and they didnt wanna do that to their kids or didnt get enough ig “beating”�� (i mean like telling them no and shit) so they let them get away with and then theyre kids act like assholes at school and the teachers tell them theyre kids need medication to make them normal just be a good parent dont goto the fucking doctor to have them solve the problem for u udumb fucking parents so yea ima dislike this utter fucking video caz kids say no to drugs����������

  • The 200 likes make me cry why wood you like this I have adhd techers like this ruind my life and I’m only 12 I cry all night all this stuff will do is make us mad sad WE HAVE FEELINGS TO YOU KNOW

  • The preferential seating is a great suggestion but I am not exactly sure how I would set my classroom seating chart. Students with ADHD often fidget, like mentioned, and can be a distraction for other students if the student with ADHD sits in the front but I have also found that students with ADHD can be easily distracted if they sit in the back since there are many distractions between the student and the teacher, for example, 23 other students who may fidget or cut up occasionally.

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  • It’s mostly elementary school kids that have ADHD. Some kids are lucky because their ADHD changes as they hit puberty as a teenager and the symptoms are not like they used too. But some kids stay with it and the same symptoms for possibly their whole lives. I think elementary school need to have more responsibility than middle and high school teachers.

  • As for the seating: Be CAREFUL. it might depend on the school, but the ones i’ve gone to have people talking a bit in the back of the classroom. When the teacher is teaching and their are some kids in front of someone with ADHD, that someone might not be able to help but listen to them, or at least get his/her attention pulled from the teacher, which if he/she’s like me, He/she’ll start thinking about numerous other things besides what’s being taught in the classroom, and will not hear the teach

  • this is so helpful for me because iam starting work as personal helper for person who has ad/hd so thank you so much!!!!:) and greetings from Finland!