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7 Tips for Keeping Your Family Calendar Organized 1. Put Everything on the Calendar and Synch Your Calendars Up. Whether you use a digital calendar or an old-fashioned 2. Go Digital! There is probably no better way to keep on top of schedules than using a digital calendar or app on your 3.

Organizing a busy family calendar starts with some pre-planning. Start by documenting as much as you can at the beginning of the year. For divorced or separated parents, this will include laying out the bones of your parenting time or visitation schedule on the calendar.

Admit it: For the most part, your kids have a busier social calendar than you do. Hang the Grandinroad scheduler on the fridge (it has magnets on its back) to help you keep track of where every member of the family needs to be. Includes two pads of 30 sheets. To buy: $35, grandinroad.com.

Keeping Your Family Schedule Organized with Google Calendars. The biggest thing with keeping up with our family’s schedule is making sure that both my husband and I are both in the know. And the one tool that has worked for both of us is Google Calendar.

A Calendar to Keep Your Family Organized by Suzanne Kantra on October 25, 2011 in Family and Parenting, Baby & Toddler, Kids, Tips & How-Tos:: 3 comments. 5 Tips for Keeping Your Family Organized Using a Digital Calendar August 21, 2014 By Lauren Halagarda | 2014-10-01T10:59:14+00:00 August 21st, 2014 | Tech Solutions | 2 Comments 2 Comments. Cozi.com (Free): This free calendar helps organize multiple schedules for each family member using color-coded appointments.It’s so thorough it can even keep track of. Family Calendar Organization Tips. 1. Buy a Calendar with large day areas and areas for notes each month.

2. Assign each family member their own color. No need to write who the appointment is for as long as you use their color. 3. Add birthdays to the bottom of each day in the same color throughout the calendar to keep it looking consistent. 4.

Use a calendar app. Leveraging technology is a great way to keep your family organized outside the home, and calendar apps provide the most bang for the buck. Cozi is a well-known app designed specifically with parents in mind.

But there are some things you can do to help keep your life a little more organized. Planning your Family’s Lives. Between work, school, after-school activities, and all that being a homeowner entails, you’re a busy parent. It can be easy to forget even the simplest tasks.

And, if you have a large family, you have even more to keep track of.

List of related literature:

This is a great tip: give your time in the kitchen and at the grocery store a slot on your calendar instead of leaving it on a long to-do list that might never get done.

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With multiple extended-family celebrations, I try to stay organized with lists.

“Keto Gatherings” by Kristie Sullivan
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Once a month I go through my calendar to see what events or birthdays are coming up in the next few months, and I make a list in chronological order.

“Listful Thinking: Using Lists to Be More Productive, Successful and Less Stressed” by Paula Rizzo
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You may want to keep the birthdays of your friends and family organized on a calendar so that those reminders don’t clutter up your other calendars.

“Chromebook For Dummies” by Mark LaFay
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I have developed my list over the years—often because I’d forgotten something!

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Monthly calendars help control mental clutter.

“Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students” by Patricia M Nugent, Barbara A Vitale
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ADJUSTING YOUR CALENDAR: Sit down and schedule at least one hour per week with each family member for the next month.

“Your Road Map For Success: You Can Get There from Here” by John C. Maxwell
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Also, keep this list in a file on your computer and schedule an alert in your calendar at least every six months to remind you to review and update the list.

“The Art of Extreme Self-Care: 12 Practical and Inspiring Ways to Love Yourself More” by Cheryl Richardson
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The Big Calendar (Recommended) This is the strategy I use for tracking my mini habits.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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Keeping a calendar is a good organizational strategy for remembering appointments.

“The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life” by Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich
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  • You are 100% right and have inspired me to give my kids more responsibility. They do small chores, but after seeing your list, I see they are capable of so much more. Thank you for this video.

  • It’s interesting you mention the potential overwhelm of Google’s color block system. Before now, I had never realized why I’ve never been interested in Google’s calendar system. ��

  • i cant always share my phone calendar, so we have a paper calendar at home in the kitchen on the wlal as i like to do more than one month at a time like programs the kids are in etc, and then i have two cell phones, one is a work phone and one is a personal phone and i usually put everything in both as well so when im scheduling my work stuff i dont overbook into a personal thing.(i work FT outside of my home and i work with families so it is a very tricky thing to really stay organized LOL)

  • Yes! We are a family of six! And it’s definitely important to stay organized!!!

    I’m a new youtuber, my channel is about family life and I feel like I can connect with you, donyou mind checking out my channel? You gained me as a subscriber. Thank you!

  • Hello Tracy. I just discovered your videos and I am loving them. I just watched this one and the one on motivation. They brought an idea to my mind, it would be awesome if you could do a video in what a regular day in your life looks like. I’m sure there are a lot more ladies wondering the same thing. Thank you for all the great tips and ideas.

  • I like the family calendar idea. Tracy, random question, where are you from? (Which state?) I’m new and i haven’t heard you mention it yet and I didn’t see it on your website either but ya know what they say, I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out the other (anyone else have that problem?:P) If you dont wanna say, thats cool. I’m just hearing southern….a lot of southern…but idk, i could be wrong:)

  • Hi Tracy,
    I have 3 boys 6, 4, and 2 year old. I love your systems so much! I am just now getting to a place where I am trying to implement better ways of doing things at home. But love all your content…I feel like it will take me my whole life to get to where you are lol

  • Tracy,
    I found your channel at a time in my life where I am recognizing the need to seed good habits into my life involving organizing myself and keeping a calendar if I truly want to succeed as an entrepreneur. I learned how beneficial it can be to have a mastermind on your side to keep ourselves on track and moving in the direction we wish to go. Thank you for being that voice that I needed when I need it it!
    You are very much appreciated!

  • I love your calendar and EC spreads! They don’t look like a mess at all; very colourful but also organised and functional:o) I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of weekly planning in the Franklin Covey when the EC ends.

  • Great content! LOVE the bloopers! I have always been a paper calendar girl, and always keep a family calendar. Now that my kids are older, its not as full as it once was…kind of makes me sad!!

  • This video is so adorable ♥️ I love your voice!! I been having a paper calendar for about 2 yrs for myself. I usually mostly input things I’ve already done. I’m going to start following your advice and really plan weeks ahead! When I start my own family I will definitely implement this method! You’re videos are some of the most useful on YouTube!!!!

  • Tracy, oh great, i have the two calendars but now must go buy notebook with clipboard on outside of it… Seriously, HOW DO YOU ATTACH that fridge calender to your fridge??

  • Tracy, I adore your videos and all your tips and advice. I wish I had you in my life as a friend. I use your advice even on my own without children etc. but it works so well. THANK YOU!! XX

  • Hi Tracy. I am watching some of your past videos as I am a new subscriber. I must say these types of videos are my favorite! GREAT job!

  • I love the ending of this video and all of your videos. Thank you so much, Tracy! You indeed are an inspiration! I have learned and grown so much as a wife and mother from your videos. Abundant blessings to you! �� ✨

  • Tracy just watched your video on time management.I realised my limitations and I plan to work under a structured format. Indeed to change myself and in turn benefit my family.

  • Hi Tracy,
    I tried doing this several times but it didn’t work. Thanks for the explanation this really for me. I am going to use your approach this time around. Thanks for sharing. God bless you

  • Out of curiosity, What do you use as your work bag? I have been lookin for one that is strong/durable to hold my laptop and notebooks for work but also fashionable/sleek.

  • I have bigger blocks. 6am-9am PERSONAL PLAN. Workout, shower, etc. 9am-noon MORNING MADNESS. It’s all about the kids. Noon-4pm Work, if it’s not my day of actual part time job I Work on chipping away at working at organizing. Catch up things if needed. Projects I’m doing. Etc.
    4pm-7pm FUNCTIONAL FAMILY. Dinner, activities, fun time, chores. Etc. 7pm-9pm BEST BEDTIME starting with kids before adults.
    Each week bullet points for each Time to check off. List what each time slot is for.

  • Love this! Your kids must be at least in elementary school at this point. My oldest is a kindergartner, but she and the toddler are helpful with certain chores (ok the toddler is “helpful”). I’m wondering what tips you might have for folks with littles? My youngest is 6 months… talk about distracting! Lol.

  • Hi Tracy, start of a new week, can you give a few tips on insta stories about time blocking, planning and scheduling for the incoming week. Thank you

  • Omg I love women like this, the do-everything-for-everyone mom who manage to make incredible dinners, look gorgeous and shower everyday, and still keep it all cool while crushing her business. I mean I’ll never be done up so well, but I love seeing these women who are! Honestly, you’re the kind who’s husband and children better know what he’s got, because she can pickup and go any time she pleases.

  • Hi Tracy! That was very helpful. And I loved the bloopers! Too funny! I am looking forward to the next one with the task lists!!

  • The whole video I was like Preach! You are amazing. I love you. I have always been crazy about color coding, organization, and trying to make life more structured. Found my mom.

  • After a lengthy and in depth research on you tube I have decided to follow two channels for life/time management. Ms. Hensel you are one of them. You do not waste time, talk to the point and your videos are full of actual helpful information. Thank you, for being real and effective.

  • Awesome!!! We are almost a family of 5 and I can’t even imagine the chaos ahem I mean organization we are going to be facing!! Love the calendar idea!! They are young so we don’t have too many things…yet…

  • Honestly you are goals. I watch at least 1 of your explanation videos everysingle day for the past week, and its like ive woken up. Ive got spirit again. Im a stay at home mother dealing with PPD and its been a struggle for the past 2 years. I get better and then i get worse. This is the quickest ive ever felt myself become restored with vigor because of your videos. I was taught all of these things when i was a child but slowly forgot them as I got older. I feel powerful. Thank you so much❤��⭐

  • I love every video you do! What an amazing person you are. I would love a work/life balance video whenever you have time. As a mom of 3 kids 4 and under plus a foster teen i feel there aren’t enough hrs in the day. As a mom of five you seem to have great balance. Thx!

  • You rock girl…I’m a calendar girl too! love your scheduling and organizational tips! Excellent tips and strategies! Love your work!

  • Do you lose track of what you are doing and thinking about a lot? We have 4 kids and I am constantly distracted in the middle of stuff! Or are you maybe completely fine with just one reminder for what’s coming up next?

  • Thanks for helping the women out there who haven’t learned a proper healthy family life structure in their childhood. Love all the videos.

  • Such a motivational video, thank you! ���� I do have a question regarding this system: so after you schedule in your non-negotiable tasks, then do you have a separate to do list for each day and just try to get the things done when/as you find the time in the day? Or do you schedule in things like calling the insurance company, going grocery shopping, returning library books? Then do you sit down & time block for the following day? Isn’t that time consuming? I’d love a little clarification, please! ☺️

  • Tracy thank you so much for the information. I am so glad l ran across your channel. You gave me food for thought. l am going to try and incorporate your scheduling methods into my planner. I am looking forward to watching more of your videos. Thanks again!

  • Hello! I have found your your videos on calendar very helpful! I’ve looked at both your videos you have out on calendars but can’t seem to find where or how to print your day. I have cozi but can’t seem to find how to print the day out. Could it be you have the upgraded and I just have what’s free? Thank you for your help�� you have taught me how to time manage and get organized. Love not feeling frazzled!

  • I find my attention span if very short how does this work for like ADHD people. I find I get excited about things and maybe a few days later I lose interest
    or my mind is on other things. my mind is all over the place and can’t stayed focused very long seems like. How does this work with people that can’t stayed focused for a long period of time?

  • I like watching your videos. This doesn’t really apply to me because I am just not as busy as you, but I admire how organized you are

  • I love your organization, its scary close to how I like to organize. Your on point though without a doubt. You definitely in touch and able to add so much value to life. Anyone who is looking to get organized should follow you to the “T”. I love how you matched that bracelet and ring to your clothing. It went perfect. Ah the small details……..my guess its in the blog post haha Great Job!

  • I agree with you about “pacing myself” if I have too much to do too many days in a row… I will have a meltdown emotional and physically.

  • Love the organize video’s! I’m setting up my personal planner for the new year and watching all kind of organize video’s from entrepeneur planning, housewives, students, productivity coaches, you name it. I would really like to know how you plan your bigger projects around your family, your blogposts and everything. I’m interested in the time blocking and as an artist and youtuber I often time have ‘bigger projects’. It would be great to see a ‘plan with me’ video, how you actually plan your timeblocks. Do you use an hourly schedule with timeblocks for a couple of projects or do you use whole days for one task? I’ve seen the other organize video of you btw.

  • I always love your helpful information Tracy! I am wondering though, I do keep certain papers, like wedding invitations for example. I have a 1-31 day file and I write the event on my paper calendar but then I put the invitation into the file because then I have the location, the wedding gift website, etc. to refer to without writing all of the details of the event on my calendar. Also, I love the idea of the Cozy App. I never knew it’s possible to print something from my phone!

  • This was so helpful. Thank you! I would love to see a video like this on how you manage monthly bills and budget. This was something that was never really taught to us in depth in our home and as a young adult I’ve had my fair share of late bills, fees, confusion, etc.. I’ve always felt at a loss when it comes to effectively managing bills and finances. Would be so grateful if you would do a video on how you do it/tips. xo

  • We just created the family calendar tonight and it has relieved so much stress, especially since we now have a baby on the way and are due in April. It was fun writing in appointments for the baby, too. ☺️ Thank you so much for this!

  • Your video gave me an idea regarding childen bringing home paperwork besides homework. Have a folder and a sign in sheet for the kids and the kids leave it in a specific spot so you can look at it and review it. I think I may do this for myself.

  • Hi. Thank you for all your hard work �������� could you please help us for loosing weight steps, organization, steps? ������������

  • Great job some interesting ideas on setting u pa calendar for the family and connecting it to an effective individual calendar. I just added a link to this video at http://www.scheduleu.org/social-proof. It’s a page on time blocking, which we call Total Task Scheduling.

  • Excellent tips, I’m loving everything you’re teaching me Tracy. I could even use more specifics, like when do you create your personal task list for the following day…during the time frame that you’re working on your putting together the task lists for your children? Also, can you talk about how you do your children’s task list or what you put on those lists?..We have 4 children so far, ages 10, 8, 5, & 3 and I’m not sure who’s old enough for a list, who’s not, how much input they have on their list, etc. While I try to be organized with my calendar and lists, I admit I haven’t done a great job at helping my children develop that skill, so any and all help on that would be greatly appreciated so that I can raise organized, productive children. Thank you!

  • Hi Tracy, I’m new to your channel and enjoying your videos. Could you or do you have a video about how to deal with other paper (mail, bills, etc.)? I’m going to have to buy a paper calendar. ��

  • Good morning, Tracy! ����
    Such a great video! I enjoyed it so much, especially because I feel like I need it more than ever. With my son joining cross country and basketball and Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, I feel I need a better organizational tool and your family calendar is just perfect.
    I can write down his practice times and dates, his races, big projects due, holiday cards to be sent out.
    Again, thank you for sharing your organizational tips with us. You’re the best! ������

  • I start every year with a calendar….old fashion still,but i tend to not use it after a few days. This is very clear and easy to follow…thank you!!

  • I absolutely love your idea about raising adults! My mom used to say that all the time to my brother and I and now we’re very independent and have high expectations.:P

  • Love this! I do something similar. One on the wall in the kitchen, the phones and I have a planner for work.
    Love your organization videos (and all the others too!)

  • I realize this is an older video, but I’m SO GLAD I found you. I can’t wait to check out some of your other videos & the Cozi app. Do you already have printable shopping lists that people can use?

  • Listening to some of these old videos on my way to work this morning in prep for tomorrow, and I have a request if this is something you’d be interested in sharing. What was your system for saving your daughters’ keepsake stuff i.e. kindergarten graduation diploma, mother’s day artwork, first this and first that, etc. There are many videos on youtube on how different “minimalists” do it so that we are not overwhelmed by all the “stuff” but in the spirit of avoiding the paper overwhelm from kids’ school etc I was curious on how you handled that especially having 5! Speak soon ��

  • Thank you for sharing your efficient structure as this goes beyond calendar planning: it teaches kids and family members the value of responsibilities.

    A1 video!

  • I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos!! Thanks for sharing! Love your organizational tips along with the decorative aspects of planning…We have so much in common..LOL I’m already looking forward to your next video!