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7 Most Common Parenting Mistakes By. Vincent Iannelli, MD. facebook; Vincent Iannelli, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr.

Iannelli has cared for children for more than 20 years. We discovered that we were making plenty of mistakes without even realising it and that most people around us were falling into the same common parenting pitfalls. In fact between the two of us, Carole and I have made every common parenting mistake. A therapist shares the 7 biggest parenting mistakes that destroy kids’ mental strength. Published Mon, It won’t be easy for parents, but avoiding these common mistakes can help.

1. Minimizing. The 7 most common parenting mistakes that could end up costing you in the long run! These are the pitfalls and parenting mistakes new parents definitely want to avoid.

Learn Mor. The 7 Most Common Parenting Mistakes. How To Raise Cooperative, Productive & Happy Children. You are likely on the right track as a parent but you may have made one or two of the 7 most common mistakes parents make and that is why you aren’t always getting the results you want with your kids. A psychotherapist shares the 7 biggest parenting mistakes that destroy kids’ confidence and self-esteem.

Published Fri, Sep 6 2019 10:27 AM. Now, I guess that probably doesn’t make me the best one to speak about frequent parenting mistakes or teach you how to raise your child but I am going to give you my opinion on this topic and list some examples I’ve seen or experienced in person. And this this is the list of 7 most frequent parenting mistakes I can think of. The Three Most Common Parenting Mistakes. Top 10 Parenting Mistakes.

The Biggest Mistake Parents Make. The 7 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make. About the Author.

Bluma Gordon. More by this Author > Bluma Gordon is a freelance writer, columnist, and copywriter. Her work appears on national and international online and print publications.

With so many opinions out there, it’s sometimes difficult to judge how to make this whole parenting thing work out. We are always striving to be the best mom or dad to raise the best children possible! Advertisement Dr. Tim Elmore came up 7 general rules, listed below; that are deemed critical in the raising of.

It’s no secret that parenting is one of the most difficult jobs out there. And no matter how conscientious and careful a parent may be, they’re bound to make mistakes here and there. While there’s no set of instructions for proper parenting—as every child, and family, is different—there are certain behaviors a parent can, and should, work to avoid.

List of related literature:

Display 10–13 lists adaptive and maladaptive parenting behaviors.

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Display 17–14 lists adaptive and maladaptive parenting behaviors.

“AWHONN's Perinatal Nursing” by Kathleen R. Simpson
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According to Sanders (1999), there are five core aspects of positive parenting: ensuring a safe and engaging environment, creating a positive learning environment, using assertive discipline, having realistic expectations, and taking care of oneself as a parent.

“Handbook of Resilience in Children” by Sam Goldstein, Robert B. Brooks
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Education to decrease risk factors for accidents in the home, such as preventing falls; education regarding the importance of the baby having its own space and sleeping in its crib rather than in the same bed with its mother; or positioning the bathtub securely, for example, on a table instead of in the shower.

“Occupational Therapies Without Borders E-Book: Integrating Justice with Practice” by Dikaios Sakellariou, Nick Pollard
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No doubt we could give you a list of 40 parenting principles, but no one would remember a list that long.

“Child Psychology and Development For Dummies” by Laura L. Smith, Charles H. Elliott
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For example, when the infant is in potential danger (e.g., inserting a key into an electrical outlet, attempting to ingest a poisonous substance, or reaching into the toilet), the parent must use a firm but calm and brisk approach.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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3 Although the diaper should be inspected and changed if needed, emotional comfort should be offered before returning the infant to the crib.

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Table 3.1 lists nine parenting traits that have been studied since the 1940s.

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(3) Assertive discipline: Parents can use non-coercive and effective discipline practices to promote child pro-sociality and alter problem behaviors.

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Enumerate maternal behaviors exhibited during pregnancy validation.

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  • I’m very Stressed for being forced by my father,, he always force me to not draw and paint… But I like Painting,, and he does not allow me to do (so…) I can’t say Anything thing to him, he always bit me when I say a Single word to Protest about my rights and hobbies…������������ I am really Helpless…����������

  • 10:06 wait for a minute. Let’s just correct this sentence child who put their school first in their life and don’t want to do everyday activities and only just do school/homework

  • I can’t control my emotions and that’s why I am a little antisocial,maybe I am mad and I could scream at them…I’ll rather be quiet and bullying too

  • I want my mom to be like my dad. I wish she could calmly explain things instead of hollering. Why does she holler? I don’t listen the first time. I would probs listen more if we had more trust in between me and my mom. We rarely talk, I’m usually on the I-pad, staying away from her.
    I go down for dinner, and change whatever I’m doing. It is perfectly fine to do, but I change it because she’s very strict. I wish she wouldn’t criticize me as often. She’s probably the reason I am introverted and don’t do things when people are watching.

    My dad on the other hand, is fun, goofy, and amazing. He can be strict when he needs to be, I talk to him more often than my mom. I sometimes show him what I’m doing, and recommend things to him. I showed him what Gacha Club was the other day. When I do something wrong, he isn’t as harsh as mom. Instead of yelling at me for 20-30 minutes, he explains to me in a stern voice so that I listen. I have WAY more trust with him then I do with mom. Don’t get me wrong, they both love me a lot. I just wanna say this.

    I know no one’s gonna see this. Have a wonderful day.

  • An awesome video of some parenting mistakes that can make your child dependent on you. Click here for more https://www.relationshippunch.com/11-signs-youre-an-overprotective-parent-and-what-to-do-about-it/

  • 6:14 not my parents, but my grandmother i remember she would smoke cigarettes when we went to visit my grandparents apparently she was smoking since she was a teenager and now everyone thinks she died from smoking not old age

  • Actually you can not keep a secret from ur mom cause my sister ended up not telling my mom that she got bullied and then my sister ended up crying and we had to find out why so please tell ur parents if something’s bothering you!

  • When our parents scold or don’t understand us we get in depressed.it hurts us but actually we found ourselves in the right path of life. Because by this,a motivation will come to your mind that”I will do too much efforts and I will show my parents that I am really skilled” and this thought will be a great advantage to you to struggle confidently in the rest of life

  • “This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety and reliability. Any action you take upon the information on this video is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damages or losses. It is the viewer’s responsibility to use judgment, care and precautions if one plans to replicate.”
    I was watching this and was wondering where is the basis and justifications for all these advices and suggestions, turns out it is just something that this channel produces to “look right” and simple and easy to follow. Bringing up a child is challenging and simply following instructions in the form of unjustified contents like these may be harmful. Please view carefully.

  • My father has forbidden me to read novels, learn new languages and finally listen to music!!!
    I know it seems impossible but here’s his theory
    1 don’t read novels, they will distract you from your school books
    2 don’t learn languages because this may hamper your studies. Don’t become a failure at the end after remaining a topper for so long
    3 listening to music is a waste of time. You should sing songs (old melodies) of INDIA. What will achieve singing English songs and listening to them. You’ll make a fool of yourself. You already are a Robot. Don’t have feelings so hearing to even the best music is not gonna change you.
    PS I not even allowed to watch videos but still…..

  • I know facing your parents is scary but please if they get to mental or physical please start to punch and kick them back see how they like that and make sure it hurts ALOT SO THEY FEEL PAIN LIKE YOU DID calm down me calm down me calm down me sigh please stand up for yourself I can’t do it but you CAN do you are you don’t let them control you like a puppet.

  • Well my life was perfect untill my brother was born and i never feel so unlove and i start to know about it till im 8 don’t understand ppl who say highshcool is hard but for me its not thats when i start to wish i was Depression in 9 and now till 10 idk why my parent are so ugh but when im old i want to move and i DON’ CARE FOR THEM

  • Wow, when ever I used to mess about in places like a restaurants my mom would tell me the employee s gonna tell me off.
    Now I feel like if I do anything mildly bad at places like the shops or at a restaurant I always think the employee is gonna tell me off lol

  • Thanks to my parents, my mental health is not so good. I think I’m 60% insane now. Heck, I listen to Rainbow Factory every single day and I think it helps me to relax… I’m insane now, aren’t I?

  • I’m only 8 and quarantine stops me from seeing my friends so roblox is where I have all my friends that help me when I’m in tears or in my darkest times but still I’m always depressed holding in tears and my face and heart hurts badly from this and my anxiety and depression is worse my biological mom messes my system up badly she took drugs and probably an alcoholic;-;

  • I think the reason why kids are more compressed in gadgets nowadays is because our parents didn’t even have time to bond with us, and we grow up feeling alone even we have friends but family is different. And also one thing I don’t like about our parents is that they always stop us from doing what we really like than pushing us on doing the things we don’t like or dream about, because we for ourselves can only tell if we will be successful or not. I also don’t like that most of parents or adults nowadays think in the new generation or kids nowadays is that all kids are bad, always talking back at their parents, always in a fight, had a bad attitude, and never respect elderly, but one thing they didn’t know is that not all kids are like that. Also that’s the reason why kids are tempted to do bad things because that’s the vision of our parents and that’s what they show or do in front of us like arguing, fighting, didn’t have time with their kids, also scaring us that if we didn’t study we will not be successful but they didn’t remember that most of the successful person is the ones that made effort not too much study, because if we are too much pushed in studying, we will not be exposed in the real world and will never be reflective or creative, we will also not be able to find our real or hidden talent and skills because our parents wants us to follow and do what they want. For example, we want to be a performer, but our parents wants us to be a doctor or a lawyer and also wants us to focus more on math than other things, for me this is a bad thing, because remember that parents should not control a children’s life because they might do it to others as well. Our parents also stops us from enjoying like they don’t want us to join our friends, play some music, or helps us in our homework, also telling us that we’re already grown up and we can already do things that they can do but our parents forgot that they didn’t even helps us doing our homework or expose us in reality but instead they just want us to study and focus on math. But one big problem is when you have Asian parents like mine. Btw I am not telling all parents are like this but most of parents is.

  • This is what happend to my friend. He died because if his parents fights. They found Him dead in the neighbors backyard. He was only 5 years old.��

  • My mom and dad argued infront of me… I was c-crying……….and then now my dad replaced me with another child…..but i love mom tho!…. I’m still remembering thing from the past……..

  • i was getting serious boomer vibes in the one about technology.
    like what the heak? do you really think kids dont talk to each other or play outside?
    their parents dont take them places?

  • All because of my parents my little Aries sister is acting like a Capricorn and often get sick. We never get to enjoy nature ��(BTW I’m 9 and my Lil sis is 6)

  • It’s really sad that when one time, my sister was crying and chasing dad. She sounded really upset, while he was smiling as if it was actually funny, taking a video of her while doing so, and I tried to stop him, only for him to tell me to my room. Later my sis came in to my room, and I gave her a hug.:(

    Edit: He also called my little sister an idiot many times

  • As a kid i was teached how to read and talk at 4 b cuz i actually somehow wanted to:<
    Idk wat was wrong with child meh but OKIE xD

  • My Mom has told me for years do not sit infront of the tv to close you will either go blind or it will damage your eyes and now since i am 27 she told is telling me the same thing but except it is with a phone

  • 3:28
    Lol samee
    My mom punched my on the same shoulder over and over again because I got 23/25 on History

  • Who’s parents tell kids this stuff the only thing on this list that my parents told me is that you’ll go blind if u get to close to a tv and that gum will sit in ur stomach forever

  • 1 lie my dad and grandpa always told me is “if you keep ur mouth open while watching TV a mosquito will get in ur mouth” me when the say that:0 ->:|

  • I just found out my lady and i are having a baby, i just listened to all 15 videos of tips for new dads…….
    im terrified….. i know like im ready, but unprepared. these videos are helping, THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEOS, please keep them coming

  • Because of the toxic behavior of both of my parents I ended up moving out of my house at 19 with the help of my SO.

    My mental health is slowly deteriorating to the point where I never left my room where I hardly did anything, it wasn’t because I was lazy it was because I was scared my parents were going to tell me I was wrong, or stupid because I didn’t learn fast enough.

    They always mocked me and told me that I was fine whenever I try to speak up about how I felt. They did majority of these things in the video, and I suffer from very low self-esteem and sometimes I self-sabotage because I feel like I don’t deserve anything else. It’s been hell, and I can’t really afford therapy or a psychologist so I’m fucked no matter what.

  • 1) don’t talk in a vulgar way about sex when your child can hear you. (it may be stupid but it fucked me up and it made me disgusted by sex)
    2) don’t walk on your kids when they’re changing and stare at them commentig how they look (I’m a female and my mum used to do it telling me I’m her daughter and she gave birth to me I shouldn’t be shy)
    3)don’t act like somehow your kid is boring or uninteresting when he/she tries to talk to you
    4) don’t fight with your husband/wife in front of your kid or go specifically into your kid room to ask who is right and keep arguing.
    … My life.

  • Couldn’t make it all the way through the video. I got too furious at the examples remembering how the adults in my life were growing up. I’m not. close to hardly any of my family except for a couple of cousins and my dad.

  • When you show them something and all they do is nod and then go back to their business, it made me stop trying to do things for myself, and just impress them. They point out your flaws when you’re just having a good time.

  • Something that really stressed me out as a little kid was when my Mom would ask me for advice. For example:
    “Should I make a downpayment for a used car now, or wait a year for a new one?”
    “Should I take the medicine my doctor prescribed me at the risk of a stomach ulcer, or just deal with the pain?”
    “What do you think would be a better investment of my time, getting a job now or taking a few college classes?”

    Like, gosh dang it mom. I was eight, not a professional financial advisor.

  • Forcing your kid to act as your servant all her life, and then wondering why she never wants to so much as make eye contact with you.

  • Damn my parents did a lot of these but the ones that hurt the most were the times they promised they’d do something but never did. On my first day of kindergarten I was nervous. My dad had promised me he would get up with me and make me a big breakfast with eggs and pancakes (which were my favorite). That day, he didn’t get up out of bed at all and my mom took me to school. Throughout elementary school, my mom would promise me she would come eat lunch with me, and sometimes she did but the days she didn’t, it broke my little heart. I’m their only child. I feel like they could have put in more effort. Most of the time, my mom didn’t even have a job, she just didn’t like getting up “early”. She also missed some of my school performances
    Ooo also the toxic relationship one. I’ve had to live through too many of my parents’ screaming matches and it has stuck with me throughout my whole life

  • I don’t even feel like a son to my mom I feel like a slave ever since I got in the 6th grade I’ve been having to do a lot of stuff vacuum take out the trash and even cook and my mom who works a good job makes me do all of it for her and I don’t even get paid for it so the rule is: your child is not a slave.

  • One thing my parents do is like the “that won’t help you get a real job,” I wanna be a book writer, or a game dev is my book writing career doesn’t work

  • Don’t yell at me when something is clearly wrong. I get panic attacks very easily and my mom doesn’t know what to do so she yells at me and it only makes it worse and it makes her yell at me louder and it becomes a never ending cycle ��

  • Don’t make fun of your child

    my parents, aunts, uncles, siblings made fun of me for being fat (I weighed 106 pounds)
    since they’ve made fun of me so much, I feel insecure, I have anxiety and I hate my family

  • Don’t talk down to your kids. Ever. I haven’t had a comfortable conversation with either of my parents in years, and at this point most of my feelings toward them are completely negative.

  • Complaining about your spouse, and the child’s father, when you’re unhappy in your relationship. Even worse when you say things to the child and never communicate to your partner.

  • About the failure to keep up with promises, that was my dad. Even though my mom and dad were divorced before I was born, my dad always promised me things but never delivered. For example, he’d go around telling people that he bought me a new car for my birthday or got me an item that logically wouldn’t make sense (he bought me a GPS while I was either in elementary or middle school). I don’t/didn’t care about all the material things, it’s was more of the audacity that he never came to my house just to have bonding moments, the constant lying, and the times that he did come over were akward and forced, or he was drunk.

  • Now I feel like I guided myself out of greif unconsciously as I’ve somehow adapt to it. Like now whenever I get bullied, usually physical ones, I WOULD LITERALLY LAUGH AT THEM at would just LAUGH as I get punch (I don’t know why I just laugh at physical pain [ofc not knife wounds and bullets, you can’t laugh at those] do I have a problem?), the confusion on their faces is just so funny to me. Not that I’m a bully myself, I’m the victim. I’m more of a karma to those who try to bully me physically.

    Verbal ones or more like from my parents, I just eat it, process it, understand what it’s trying to tell. Sometimes I even go as far as “if I tell this to my future child how would it react, what person would it grow into, and then I know the rights and wrong through that and some basic moral principal (the bright side of overthinking is that you can see through most things). But if the sentence is more illogical and infuriating, I can’t just eat that up. I would burst into rage for that moment and try to pull logic and common sense to the centre stage. After that argument, I think of what I said, how they would react, and blah-blah-blah. I only had one physical bully, LOTS of verbal bully (school) but I learnt to eat it up. The main verbals pain is from my parents, sometimes my entire family.

  • A lot of people will disagree, but treating the oldest child the EXACT 100% SAME as the youngest. If you leave 2 kids home alone, and tell the younger one he is equal and the older one is bullying and being “bossy” when simply trying to be in charge and enforce basic house rules, the youngest will believe he has authority to tell the older one what to do. It risks breeding such a unique arrogance because children are already somewhat blind to their own shortcomings as it is. My brother is 4 years younger and goes off on me like he is some sort of philosopher. Criticisms my parents threw at me intending to stay at home privately at age 15, he would exaggerate and use to humiliate me in front of the whole family.

  • Teaching your children incorrect information about their bodies. I have met countless adults who have no idea how their bodies work because parents either didn’t tell them or taught them false information. For example, the vagina and the urethra (where your pee comes out) are not the same hole. Menstruation is not “God’s punishment” for you being wicked, it’s something that the vast majority of the female population will have to deal with, and it’s simply the body’s way of preparing for pregnancy. You will not get another set of teeth once your adult ones start falling out due to your poor hygiene habits. Not all ailments can be cured with bed rest. You’re not being overly dramatic for complaining about pain; pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong, and if it continues, it should be treated. Shame on all the parents who taught their children (sons especially) to toughen up and be a man when they went to them with pain. You taught your son to ignore pain and then were absolutely flabbergasted when you found out he had a chronic disease that could have been dealt with had he sought help sooner. Going back to the main issue, I remember reading this other Reddit story where a woman went to the doctor due to gas pains, but she refused to let the gas out no matter how bad the pain got because she thought she would deflate. While it’s entirely possible she came to this conclusion on her own, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in her family got fed up with her bad gas and told her that if she kept doing that she would deflate, and she just carried that information for the rest of her life. I don’t ask that you make yourself an expert, but if you could stop giving kids misinformation about their bodies because it’s easier or you want to sidestep an awkward conversation, that would be great.

  • The only people i can talk to without being yelled at is people I play with online on my games because I don’t like being yelled at for just talking louder. only online players on games I can talk to with out being yelled at. I’m gonna try not to spoil my kids and am definitely not gonna yell at them and will give them respect. Also when I moveout I’m going to Dallas tx

  • my parents suck
    you think i like having screen time everything locked after ducking 10 pm?
    having contact limits and limits on shit i love that keeps me going in life?
    i’m a teenager..
    wtf are wrong with my parents!?

  • At my friends birthday party she was opening her presents right below her porch. her mom had moved her arm and a block of wood feel on her head. Making everyone laugh at her as she ran into the house crying. I was the only one who didn’t laugh and yelled at everyone at the party for being rude and not concidering her feelings and that when i bring her back out they should all appoligise. I then went to go talk to her because she was having a panic attack from everyone laughing at her. Dont laugh at your fucken kids * I was 11*

  • Hitting/yelling at your child for making an honest mistake. Lose your money *smack*. Dropped and broke a dish *smack*. Lost an item *smack*. Everyday things that adults do and dont get hit or yelled at.

  • Expecting your child to have the exact same interests as you. My dad named me after an instrument he’s passionate about, and tried to get me to learn it at a young age. I just couldn’t do it, and lost interest completely. He bought me a guitar without telling me and expected me to play it. I never touched it. He got mad that I wouldn’t put in the countless hours needed to master a guitar, and he claimed he was pushing me so that girls would like a guy that plays guitar. This isn’t the 80s. Now I feel guilt that I never lived up to my name that he gave to me, that I hated ever since I realized what it meant. So basically, don’t plan out your kid’s life from day 1.

  • Family meetings? I think that belongs on a thread about weird shit your family does that you didn’t realize was weird until later.

  • I remember in 6th grade my mom slapped me (the first and only time she’s hit me in the face) and told me that while she loved me, she didn’t like me. This was due to me lying about doing math homework. (Math was the only subject I was failing at. I had A+ everywhere but math. I felt stupid and was ashamed to ask for help so I didn’t. Hence why I lied about doing math work/homework when I was struggling and half-doing them) I was spanked twice and then grounded until my grades improved. I’m 30 now and still remember that, only because she never once said she liked me after that incident.

    My brother’s the ‘golden child’ and watching him and my younger cousins be ‘mothered’ by her and I get jack shit made me wonder if she simply disliked me my entire life. I can’t talk to her about that though. So. Fun.

  • Thats why i keep hearing loud noises in my head like people shouting cause i hear my mom and dad. each time when i tried to sleep i hear those noises


    Thanks i will send to my mom♥️♥️♥️

    Btw thats why i cried loudly hahaha i was scared when someone shouted at me, punched me or even bully me because i thought my mom or dad do that to me. I dont know why i cry loud until now

    Btw im shy unless my friends are here

    And i am 10!!!!!

    And malaysian

    Thx btw


  • Now that I think of it I don’t think I’ve ever heard my mother say sorry. Maybe cuz everything wrong that happens in her life and my own is always my fault.

  • The child has no right or say in parenting whatsoever. Dont talk back dont sass back just take it as it is. Respect and honor your parents regardless if they are abusive or rude. You dont know what they go through and they are just people. No one is perfect.

  • Not so much teaching as a parent but parental behaviour, for example if a parent never admits their wrong and always wants and gets everything their way, their kid will turn out the same, causing constant argument.

  • In middle school, I was kicked out of the first class (filled with so-called the most intelligent kids) and was thrown into the second class for the next year of studies. I studied so hard to redeem myself and got the no. 1 spot for the midterm exam. I told this to my mum and she literally said “Your sister got the no. 1 spot and she was in the first class.” On top of my already low self-esteem due to always being overshadowed by my smart sister, those words sure weren’t encouraging/rewarding in any way after all the hard work I did to please her. 10 years later and I still ain’t forgetting, mum ��

  • Also my mom told me that she used to purposely drop my sister and I off at our grandparent’s house or some other place for days or weeks on end so that we “wouldn’t form attachment issues”. Well guess what? Both my sister and I have a hard time forming meaningful relationships now lmao

  • Me: shows my parents this video
    My parents: is it true? Do not believe everything on the internet.
    Also me: shows her a Mario 35th anniversary direct that Nintendo posted on their channel called “Nintendo”
    My parents: Is iT TrUe?

  • My parents let me quit everything I was enrolled in after it got a little hard. Ballet classes? Quit, Violin? Quit, French? Quit, etc. If I didn’t quit back then I would be skilled in all those areas and wouldn’t be like I am now: A lazy person that quits halfway and gets discouraged when things don’t go their way. I love my parents but I wish they would have been a little more strict with me. Please teach your kids to be patient and consistent plz.

  • oh geez the crying and the never admitting fault hit home. once i was pretty much having a panic attack in the car and my dad told me to stop hyperventilating like a retard then when we got home he said “I love you you know that right?” not a single sorry just his manipulative shite. lol
    oh also told me i was only depressed bc i was listening to a lot of nirvana that week

  • Don’t yell at ur child if they don’t know how to do something like a chore

    I have a step dad who yelled at me a lot when he first moved in,he was stay at home most of the time and would be the one to give what chores to do.There was things like mopping the floor or washing dishes that he gave me and I had no idea how to do that,he would ask me how I don’t know how to do that and then yell the steps to me.This made me real scared to ask questions,cause I thought I would get in trouble for doin that.

  • 1)Comparing your kids to others
    2)If one of your kids have mental problems don’t excuse there bad behavior
    3)Don’t have favourite kids (or at least don’t try to show it/tell the kid)
    4)If your child doesn’t like somebody, stop having your child hangout with them
    5)When your child’s being bullied from a young age tell them why they shouldn’t hang out with them
    6)Don’t do Everything for your child
    7)Teach them how to do stuff for themselves

  • What about when you make a valid, civilized, and reasonable point in an argument/debate and your parents only means of “winning” the conversation is by saying you’re just disrespectful

  • My parents flat out won’t let me do anything. I can’t date, I can’t drink etc. I do it anyway, just behind their backs. They just taught me how to hide from them, and lie

  • Posting pictures and private details about your children on social media. That stuff follows them for the rest of their lives. I’m so glad I’m a millennial, and didn’t have to worry about that. I feel so bad for Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Stop posting stuff about your kid online, because they have no choice or say in the matter. They also don’t understand the rammifications of posting things on social media, nor any concept of the importance of privacy.

  • Huh, what a weird thing. So, as a child, my parents, mostly my dad, mocked me and joked around things I ended up doing stupidly wrong or for what I was, mostly I remember it was for my small fingers for once, or that I cried at so many movies. At first I remember I hated them and told myself how such horrible parents they were, but with time, I started being able to mock them and joke about the stupid things they did, and I understood that all of that was so no one ever could damage me, and it worked, oh hell it worked, the few times people in school tried to bully me, I could just stand up and face them, and protect myself with strength, just like I did back at home, but now not on a friendly environment, but in the real world, which was scary, but I did it.

  • I HATE when I’m arguing with my parents and they tell me to “stop talking back’. I deserve to be listened to, and just shutting off my opinions makes me feel lesser to you.

    Or, when I actually want to be productive and my mom tells me to sit by her so she can see my screen. It just wipes out my motivation, and when I show even a little dismay she turns it into a lecture. And she wonders why I don’t like doing homework and get distracted by other things.

    Also, when I don’t understand something (usually math) she’ll be like ”HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THIS?”. It just makes me feel like sh*t because I AM trying to understand, but my brain works differently that yours! My brain isn’t built for math, but instead of acknowledging it, she just keeps trying to force it down my throat because it’s ‘what’s best for me.’

    And, when I tell them something and they forget it. Or, when that don’t forget but pretend they do. How do you expect me to trust you if you forget about my life? How do you expect me to trust you when you don’t keep your promises?

    One more thing. When I show them something I’m super passionate about, and my mom just goes ”oh, nice.” without looking at it. Like, wow, I really feel like you care about me and my interests!

  • Forcing an opinion onto your children. I feel this this problem mostly occurs with teenagers. That’s the age when you experiment with genres, fanbases, exc. They treat it like it’s something to be embarrassed of, it’s not. Even if it’s a phase, just let it happen without intervening.

  • My parents were so strict about going out with friends and boys I was pathalogically promiscuous and outgoing as soon as I got out of the house, I fell pregnant, I went back to school and just got worse and worse. Well done, you raised good Christian girl. Slut shaming works so well

  • Something that has affected me is little instances where my weight was brought up. 10 years later and I struggle with body image. Self-esteem issues & binge eating disorder. Never discuss your child’s weight unless there truly is a concern health wise and a doctor has said so NOT because YOU feel they need to look a certain way. I was 5’6” 140 lbs and considered a healthy weight by my doctor because every time I went I asked because of my family and my parents/family would say I need to be thinner and weigh 120-125. I did competitive swimming and I remember comparing myself to all the other girls wishing I looked like them. One parent even told me if I lost weight I’ll take you shopping. I remember telling another girl on my swim team this and she looked at me funny and I thought it was because I NEEDED to lose weight but now I know it’s because I didn’t need to. Which is crazy because now over 10 years later I would LOVE to be that weight. It’s sad too because I looked at old pics of myself during that time period and I see a healthy girl when at that time period I saw this big person and I tried so many ways to lost weight and I always ended up gaining it back. And if my family was never negative about my weight I probably would of maintained it and never developed binge eating disorder.

  • not letting your child try new things and letting them make mistakes.
    Source: an 18 yr old who cant do anything by themselves without having a panic attack

  • when i was younger my parents would always laugh or not really take me seriously when i was upset. when i started to get older, my first instinct when i saw a friend crying was to laugh. parents don’t always realize how much their kids learn from them, and how hard it is to unlearn those things later.


  • Also if your kid has autism or ADHD or any condition please do not use that as a means of making them feel bad. I have high functioning autism, and my mom would constantly rub it in my face that I was autistic, or ‘aspie’ as she called it.

    For example, if I was talking about something I was passionate about (usually pathology or animal-related issues) she would straight up say “that’s enough talking, stop being so autistic. You need to work on listening
    “. Meanwhile she would go on 10 minute long rants about politics or her work that I was forced to sit and listen to.

    Now she wonders why I rarely talk about my interests in front of her, and why I only talk to my dad about the things I care about.

  • Being overprotective and over sheltering your kids. It’s perfectly normal to want to protect your loved ones from harm, that’s a good sign. However, there is a line of being too protective. You have to eventually let your kid explore the world around them and let them see things that they wouldn’t have if they continue being under your roof.

    The world is a dangerous and unpredictable place, and it’s reasonable to want to keep your child safe from anyone that tries to hurt them. But, like with being overprotective, there is a fine line and time where you have to let your kid grow up and make decisions on their own, good or bad ones, so they can learn how to handle adult life.

    I grew up with an overprotective dad, an over sheltering mom, and a strict but kindhearted stepmom. If there is one thing to say about this, I appreciate how my stepmom taught me how to do things on my own and willing to educate me if I don’t know something.

    I love my parents, all of them, but with my dad not allowing me to hang out with my friends, or my mom doing everything for me, I feel like I’m suffocated under their parenting.

  • My dad was abusive towards my mother. They split up, then he died in an apartment fire and she moved cross country with all of us when I was fourteen. Unfortunately she had spent the last twenty years of her life rationalizing that “my life sucks cause he’s ruining”. It was true but now she’s out in the world where everything is terrible and she doesn’t have an abusive husband to point to when things don’t improve.

    And amongst all that emotional turmoil I was the kid that looked most like my dad and had gotten on the best with him. He wasn’t abusive towards us and while I wouldn’t call him a great dad he did put in effort with us while he took all his problems out on her.

    So as the kid who resembles him most and had the closest relationship with him I inherited the “I can’t be happy because they’re ruining my life” moniker. It started out small. The worse it had gotten with my dad the more she had gone to church. That didn’t stop when we moved. I don’t have a problem with religion but I didn’t have any interest in it either. And that was very evident as I’d close my eyes through most of the ceremony and just listen. She started getting angrier than was reasonable that I wasn’t paying attention and… well I was fourteen, had just lost my father and been moved halfway across the country from anyone I’d ever known. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to be told how disrespectful I was for not paying attention to the 70 year old priest telling bible stories I’d heard a dozen times.

  • First my dad said last summer that I will have guitar class but I wanted to learn swimming because I wanna learn and he always complains when I don’t know how to swim in deep parts of the pool or beaches

  • 1:23
    (idk my english anymore I’m sleepy)

    This might be a bit awkward and embarrassing, but ever since I was in 5th grade (or maybe younger), I had a passion for art. I’d go and talk about different art styles on and on for hours and tell them that I wanted to be an artist when I grow up. Although my parents seemed to not give an (f), I never stopped drawing. One day, I tried to make a deal with them. I was 11 that time and I got sick of drawing on paper and other stuff so I told my parents if I graduate on the High Honors List with a Character Grade of at least 95, I could get a drawing tablet. They agreed, and I worked hard every single day after that. Heck, I never even doodled in class or did anything artsy until I’ve fulfilled my part of the deal. I graduated 2nd in class (I’m usually 4th) with a charachter grade of 96. I was so sure that I was getting my drawing tablet after my good results, but no I didn’t get anything. Instead, they said stuff like “Well you could’ve tried harder than your walnut brain and aimed at first” and similar things. They never filled in their part of the deal and I never got what I wanted. I know it’s kinda selfish but, I worked so hard for it. They’ve made promises like “We’ll take you to Hong Kong Disneyland” and “We’ll give you P2000 after graduation” for me to get high grades and I shrugged them off, but this one hurt a lot. I cried for nights because I felt so betrayed.
    Now I’m 13 and I’m currently finding a way to get myself my own drawing tablet without their help. I don’t want their sh’t on my face anymore. I’ve learned that you can’t trust anyone for anything anymore.
    Aaanndd this is why I’m the only one in class who likes and understands stuff like Undertale, Deltarune, memes, anime, and other stuff. And yes, the only place where I socialize is here online.

  • I just realise that I might not be a bad mother ( cause I don’t have kids) but I’m pretty much a bad older sister, I hope we’re still in time, and help my sister grow better, if I just have the support of her parents:(

  • not taking your children’s problems seriously is the worst…just because you think you have it harder bc of work doesn’t mean your child’s problems don’t matter..take psychological health problems seriously and take your kids to a fucking therapist when you see that a reoccuring self harming pattern is evident..
    this comes from a person still struggling with dermatillomania

  • Justifying their bad actions “because it hasn’t happened yet and probably never will”.

    Example: My dad will sometimes get mad on the road and start speeding up and trying to pass other cars. I confronted him about it in a more joking, but still serious manner. He told me “Well I’ve been driving for years, more than you, and it hasn’t happened yet.”

    Yeah, just because it hasn’t doesn’t mean it won’t.

  • Making fun of them or putting them down because they’re crying. My parents yell when I cry and tell me that I’m trying to guilt them into being nicer. It messed me up and I hate crying in front of anyone or expressing any sadness.

  • My dad did pretty much every single one of these, and he was/is super manipulative, and recently I broke my ties with him. This video helped me a lot, by knowing i’m not going through this alone, although for some reason I feel kind of depressed after watching this video.

  • It’s so messed up cause my parents/family did most if not all of these things. Extremely dysfunctional. I would saying the most damaging thing for me from dad was the beatings and I was not allowing me to express my opinion. From mom, she was the empty promising type as well as being ridiculed about my appearance, weight and interests. Always trying to change me. These things caused low self esteem which is really hard to fix.

  • Teasing/ mocking them for their hobbies or intrests, everyone in my family did that to me and now they litterly know nothing about my intrests cause i never say anything to them. I even buy merch and things like that secretly sometimes.

    Also dont put a diffrence between the boy and the girl, my mum always did that, so me and sis ( im a female) always have to do the dishes and other house chores “because im a girl” while my brothers do not do shit, its honestly so depressing im not allowed to do most stuff “because im a girl” at this point i cant wait to leave this house, that wont make me happy either cause that will make me away from my dad and i honestly dont know if ill be happy with that cause i love him.

  • I am a child.

    There are many parenting phrases I find annoying and unreasonable, or just plain pushy

    Eg: Dont (emotional response)

    Dont cry. Dont be upset. Its nothing to be upset about. Etc.

    I find this very invalid because:
    They cant control our emotions. Were all different, and get upset about different things. I see this phrase as telling a kid not to feel, to not be human. Humans are very complex. My father, who tells me this alot, will cry a bit if the Eagles lose the superbowl. I dislike football and genuinely dont care about it. I will cry if my cat starts being an ahole and starts biting me, which she will or try to when she gets hyper. He tells me dont cry, but I do. Then he gets MAD because I’m feeling. That ain’t the way the world works. People will love, cry, and scream, because we are human and imperfect and complex.

    Instead, try these:

    You will be okay, I promise, Its okay to cry, or even let people cry and get it out.

    My mother says nothing of the sort.

    So I’ve been being taught by my fathe to not feel, though I’m old enough to see right through it.

    Thank you.

  • 9:14 we didn’t even have sex ed, they just taught us about rape, and that we should be scared of men. When I was groped by a few female “friends”, I was told to “just ignore them”.

  • Not giving your children chores to do, nor teaching them how to cook. It’s important to give children chores that are reasonable for their age, and tach them how to cook when they are old enough. It teaches them responsibility, and how to adult. You don’t want our kids to grow up to be invalids.

  • My mum never let me be angry or sad. She never let me talk back or try to explain anything. Because of that, now I have a lot of problems dealing with anger and sadness. I just don’t know what to do with it. I had a lit of fights with really close friends of mine because of that.

  • As someone who just went into college, I can see how bad helicopter parenting is. You have a bunch of kids who were never allowed to do anything under their parents so they wild out in college and they forget their goals in their major.

    Me: Stop yelling other wise you will lose your moth
    Me: look at the video
    Mom: umm…………running
    Me: running after her ������������

  • “Because I said so” is a fucking virus and needs to be eradicated.

    Anytime I would ask a question, more commonly, “Why would I do that?” The answer was always “Because I said so.” It just taught me to not say anything back and just do as said.

    People need to suck up their pride and explain why they’re child should do that task. It’s not hard to say why they need to do something.

  • the first one already hit me hard…. my family tells me things that make me think im crazy bc they “dont remember the things i have remembered”

  • Telling your kids that they’re better than the other kids at school. It seems harmless, but most of those kids who grew up hearing this can end up being bullies.

  • Giving chores to the oldest child and not the youngest, my mom does this every time to me, i understand this will set rules in my mind but not for my 10 year old brother. What does he do play video games and lays in bed, while i have to clean the dishes, sweep the floor,clean the stove, pick of the mess that they left behind,clean the table,do the bed, sometimes clean the bathroom, cook most of the time. She would tell him a few things to do and then soon leave to play his games. I was 7 when i started cleaning and helping my mom but now since I’m older i have to do half of the things she does but never tells my brother

  • I like the one where if you sit too close to the TV I don’t know her I like that that’s a Lyft because my mom would always say that I would be like watch TV

  • Not hearing about their day.. I know you’re busy and all but that can really loosen a bond and make the kid feel super invalidated especially when a parent shows more interest when other siblings tell their stories of the day (not intentionally but when the story actually happens to be a hood one, it makes a kid go “why are they listening to sinling’s story but not mine?”.. Another thing is always teaching them JUST the good things.. As life is, not everything is good all the time.. As a kid I always thought I shpuld only share the GOOD parts of my day and my damily was completely clueless that I was bullied by almost the whole class and was a total outcast when I was 8 to 12(although it got much better at 12) and now I have BPD (bordering on depression), trust issues, anxiety and whole lotta other problems.. I’m not saying these are completely the parents’ fault but it could be helped

  • Partially neglecting your child and traumatizing them for a sum of years and then ask them why they stay in their room all the time.