7 Little-Known Advantages of Joint Child custody


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7 Little-Known Benefits of Joint Custody Sharing the Responsibility for Disciplining Your Kids. Shared parenting means also sharing the joys, the challenges Scheduling Parenting Time With Your Ex Will Force You Into a Routine. Granted, you may not want to share parenting time Joint Custody. Another benefit of getting joint custody with the help of a child custody lawyer Peoria IL counts on is that it could lessen the trauma on children. Divorce can be a difficult process for any couple, but when children are also involved in the proceedings, things can be even more complicated.

Parents may choose to seek joint custody in order to. Joint custody gives you a routine. Joint custody arrangements give you and your child a routine, as everyone knows the schedule and what days the child will be with which parent. Not only does this type of routine help your child, but it also lets you schedule your own life.

Benefits of Joint Child Custody Arrangements. The obvious benefit of this arrangement is that the children will be happier having both their parents involved in their lives. However, what parents might not know is that children can be happier with joint custody than being exposed to conflict between parents in. Pros of Joint Custody.

The child/children are able to grow up with the influence of both parents. Parents with joint legal custody are both able to make legal decisions for the child. Parents with joint physical custody both have legal rights to live with the child. Little Known Benefits of Sharing Joint Custody Types of Court Ordered Custody Parents should not interpret a ruling of joint legal custody as an indication that the court is likely to also grant joint physical custody. Moreover, “[c]hildren in joint custody may benefit materially, as child support is paid fully 75 percent of the time, compared to 46 percent in solo custody arrangements.” Children benefit when parental relations are cooperative and there is no extended legal wrangling. “When parents are reasonably satisfied with their custody plan, they are.

When two households share custody of a child, and both households request Food Stamp benefits for that child, include the child in the Food Stamp household that first requests Food Stamp benefits for the child. The household considered to be the “household that first requests Food Stamp benefits for the child” is the first household in. He discovered that children living under joint custody have several benefits over sole custody children such as less behavioral or emotional problems, higher self-esteem, better grades in school, and stronger family bonds.

It is not just the children that reap the benefits of joint custody, it can also greatly benefit the parents. A study conducted by Harvard University found that children in joint custody settings fared better than those in sole custody in the areas of depression, deviance and school grades. An Ohio State University study showed that children in joint custody arrangements scored higher on measures of well-being, such as displaying less aggressive.

List of related literature:

Dr. Deborah Luepnitz published an excellent study of joint custody.

“Mothers on Trial: The Battle for Children and Custody” by Phyllis Chesler
from Mothers on Trial: The Battle for Children and Custody
by Phyllis Chesler
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Joint Custody To deal with problems associated with child custody, joint­custody arrangements—where parents share decisions related to their children, including how much time children will spend in the home of each parent—have skyrocketed.

“Gender Roles: A Sociological Perspective” by Linda L. Lindsey
from Gender Roles: A Sociological Perspective
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Joint custody works well in the minority of situations where it is freely selected by parents who are both equally committed to providing half of the child’s everyday care.

“Unbending Gender: Why Family and Work Conflict and What To Do About It” by Joan Williams
from Unbending Gender: Why Family and Work Conflict and What To Do About It
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When it works, joint custody has been cited to have some very significant benefits.”

“Family Medicine: Principles and Practice” by J. L. Buckingham, E. P. Donatelle, W. E. Jacott, M. G. Rosen, Robert B. Taylor
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Joint custody and frequent exchanges for visitation lead to markedly worse outcomes for children when imposed in cases in which tensions between the parents remain high (Johnston, 1994b), as is consistently true in custody disputes involving domestic violence.

“The Batterer as Parent: Addressing the Impact of Domestic Violence on Family Dynamics” by Lundy Bancroft, Lundy Bancroft Jay G. Silverman, Jay G. Silverman, Silverman Jay G., Peter G. Jaffe
from The Batterer as Parent: Addressing the Impact of Domestic Violence on Family Dynamics
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Children benefit from joint custody when parental conflict is low, when parents can communicate and cooperate on behalf of the children, and when the parents prefer, or at least accept, joint custody as a means of each parent’s maintaining a significant relationship with the children.

“Child Development, Third Edition: A Practitioner's Guide” by Douglas Davies
from Child Development, Third Edition: A Practitioner’s Guide
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Fathers’ rights groups support presumptive joint physical custody, regardless of the history of care, and actively fight against the primary caretaker rule, which rewards past care and concern for children.

“Encyclopedia of Gender and Society” by Jodi O'Brien
from Encyclopedia of Gender and Society
by Jodi O’Brien
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The Joint (or Shared) Custody standard is claimed by its proponentstobeinthebestinterestsof childrenbecauseitcreditsfactorseven more critical to child well-being than stability: mutual parental responsibility and the children’s relationships with both parents.

“The Role of the Father in Child Development” by Michael E. Lamb
from The Role of the Father in Child Development
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In reviewing the propriety of the trial court’s denial of joint custody, we find it necessary to distinguish between two interrelated aspects of a joint custody arrangement.

“Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials” by D. Kelly Weisberg
from Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials
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A review of studies of custody arrangements found that, in general, children who spent at least 25% of their time with each parent (joint custody) had better self­esteem, behavior, family relationships, and emotional adjustment than children in sole custody.

“Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Engagement” by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray
from Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Engagement
by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray
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  • It sounds very nice to say that one should focus on what you do and what matters for the kids. But when you see that totally wrong reaction of the other parent that you know for sure is going to bring problems to the child, it’s very hard to be “a nice human being”.: )

  • Thank you for this live chat! It was so helpful for my case!

    Quick question: does the court differentiate between psychological evaluations and mental health evaluations? My ex husband was court ordered to take a psychological evaluation but he took the mental health evaluation instead!

  • I think a GAL should be appointed automatically if there is even the appearance of problems like an imbalance of power, anger issues, or potential for high conflict. A lot of broken families need coparenting counseling and less legal action.

  • This only works if two parents are willing. My husband has alienated my children and they now refuse to visit at all even though I have a 50/50. He is trying to change it so I never see them insisting they only want to live with him. He has smeared and villianized me and even though my children know I love them and have always been there for them, they are believing he is the victim and I am horrible for leaving him. He is using them as pawns and they have no idea. My heart breaks for my lost relationships with them.

  • This is great advice for a couple that just has irreconcilable differences. There are normal people that this works with, those that will listen and are willing to change…and then there are abusive people (extreme narcissists) who will never change, their mind is set on ruining the other parent, and use the kids as pawns.

  • What are the laws that cps can and will violate against parents and also why are they allowed put people children through abusive and get away with it.

  • In my ex’s point of view, what’s right is for me to disappear. She has taken the mantle of supreme determiner of what is right for our daughter and anything other than is not in her best interest. Yet on paper, especially when correspong with lawyers and therapists, she “supports” the daddy-daughter relationship, but in action, she sabotages it by turning our daughter against me. How can i deal with that?

  • Someday there will be Justice and an overhaul of this entire system and the people responsible for extorting other human beings of their hard work will be put in jail.

  • Always get a guardian ad litem on your case because they investigate the guardian ad litem that was on my case did a really really good job

  • I really needed this right now. My lawyer told me depositions will be tough and they’ll try and catch me in a lie and yada yada… Like I should probably settle because they can’t substantiate a lot of the abuse allegations against him. But this made me feel a lot better about going in and having my side heard. Not giving up, thank you!!!!