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Many parents feel guilty about committing the “sins” that afflict nearly all mothers and fathers. But feeling guilty has consequences related to the emotional health of parents and children’s general wellbeing. Guilt may lead parents to develop unhealthy discipline habits, like giving in to children when it’s not in their best interest or overcompensating for the choices they make. 6 Common Reasons Parents Feel Guilty Yelling at the child:. As parent, it is natural to feel most guilty after losing your temper or yelling at your child. Not spending quality time:

You worry that you are unable to give your best to your child and that he might feel Not being able to go on. A guilty parent may feel guilty about not seeing his or her child every day, about putting the child through a divorce, a new marriage or a new sibling, about moving the child from a place they are familiar with, or many other reasons. A guilty parent may be afraid of losing the child he or she may be afraid the child won’t want to come visit anymore or that the child won’t like the parent or think the parent is.

When a guilty parent pushes a child toward perfection, children may feel the need to appear okay while denying their struggles and feelings. The Good News about Guilt There is a. Understanding some of the reasons parents feel this way may help you set your guilt aside and take some productive steps to feel better.

Read on for more information and tips. But first, you may be interested in watching this video. In it, parents of kids with learning and thinking differences talk about their own feelings of guilt and shame. A parent may feel guilty and will try to reconcile, but it often yields poor results.

Unsurprisingly, many parents do not realize their folly since the deed was unintentional or perhaps they are too busy to learn to be an active parent. Some parents are not prepared for a worst-case scenario, while a segment does not care enough. As important as it is to see our parents regularly, you shouldn’t ever feel guilty for not spending every spare second or holiday you have with them. And still, we feel bad: In that same poll, 79 percent of moms who’d stopped nursing said they felt guilty about it. “After a few weeks of crying more than my infant, I finally switched to formula. But now I’m consumed with guilt,” says one mom. “Everywhere I look, even on formula packages, breastfeeding is touted as best.”.

“If a parent’s mood swings made you feel like you were always walking on eggshells and you were always nervous or scared of what would happen when they were around (even if nothing ‘bad. Whatever the reason, if you’re missing your workouts because you’re feeling guilty, read on to shake off the guilt and get fit—because as it turns out, your workouts are actually good for your kids, too! Why Moms and Dads Should Feel Good about Working Out.

You’ll be a healthier parent.

List of related literature:

Some parents may express guilt because they did not follow their instincts and pursue second opinions.

“Foundations of Aural Rehabilitation: Children, Adults, and Their Family Members, Fifth Edition” by Nancy Tye-Murray
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Many parents feel guilty if they spend time, money, and resources to honor their own needs.

“The Gift of ADHD: How to Transform Your Child's Problems into Strengths” by Lara Honos-Webb, Scott Shannon
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(16) Parents are creatures free of drives and guilt.

“Shame: Theory, Therapy, Theology” by Stephen Pattison, Pattison
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These factors all contribute to the tendency for parents to indulge their children’s wishes more often, to feel guilty more often, and to do what they can to ensure that their children want for nothing.

“Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media” by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
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Excessive guilt or self-blame: Some parents feel guilty about almost anything they may do wrong as parents.

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Parents whoare prone to guilt

“Surviving Your Child's Adolescence: How to Understand, and Even Enjoy, the Rocky Road to Independence” by Carl Pickhardt
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Most parents feel overwhelming guilt, whether or not the guilt is justified.

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New parents may feel insecure, questioning their right to parent or fearing that their children will walk all over them if they are too lenient.

“Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft Revised Edition” by Mary Hopkins-Best
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Many parents incorrectly believe that they are responsible for their children«s condition and feel intense guilt.

“The Handbook of Adult Clinical Psychology: An Evidence Based Practice Approach” by Alan Carr, Muireann McNulty
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Some parents feel guilty every time they say no to their children.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
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  • guys: just because you relate to these things does not mean you automatically have depression, if you’re really needing to know go to a doctor!

  • But!!!
    They say don’t argue, when THEY start it!
    If we don’t reply, they say oh you got no answers, but if we reply, we get DON’T ARGUE!!!

    Always stuck in this situation…

  • Yeah, Ive definitely experienced this one that their the ones who are not being supportive with me esp. with my FATHER thats why me and my Father is not that close and I just stay away but focus on my goals.
    #But it wont hold me back bec0z I will still follow my Visions and Goals even if with or without them…
    I am just be positive and look more some of the best opportunities for me that is suitable for my unique talents and passion even though they will still not believe me…

    #Thats why I am deciding to leave my parents home and go to our province and decided once for all that maybe I have some gr8 opportunities waiting for me there… And I think thats the best thing you will do if they are still stopping in the things that you want, LEAVE THEM AND FOLLOW YOUR VISION AND GOALS…

  • my dad: *is toxic, calls me crazy for having opposing opinions and makes me feel bad for being who i am and what i do* also my dad: why are you afraid of me?? why won’t you talk to me??

  • I’m guilty of using I’m gonna leave this home and live by myself.

    It’s not a bad thing to do in near future but saying it with anger in the middle of a conversation just hurts my mother’s feelings and is a very bad way to end the discussion.

    I’m so sad.

  • I have been growing up in an abusive household for over 10 years now. we don’t make much money, either. im pretty sure ive developed ODD (search it up) because of my emotionally abusive mother

  • Why would they do that? I had a gaslighter in my life just recently, and I didn’t even notice that but my friend did. I’m so happy I’m safe now

  • In this quarantine, we have nothing to do, we’re just playing our phones, video game, and others.
    But my parents took my ps4, ps4 is something that makes me happy in this fucking quarantine and they fucking took it from me.
    Well I don’t want to diagnose myself that I have depression, but they took something that makes me happy and always ignore me entire this quarantine, they just like don’t even care about myself:”(

  • My dad hates me do u konw how I can get to my moms but my dad hates my mom so someone pls tell me how I get to my moms to live with her forever pls tell me if u konw

  • I love my parents and i am always scared to lose them……��������…….If i get any wish then i would say that make my parents live forever

  • 1. I feel invisible 2.hear my mom brag about siblings 3. Have tried to ask for help, even after a breakdown,nothing 5.Try to have alone time, forced not to 6 and 7. mom and dad fight and cause my anxiety attack,as well as always anxious when I get close to the end of a school day, knowing I will have to go home

  • My mom doesn’t trust me and she always snoops in on my things. When I’m not around and she’s alone she looks through my phone because she makes the passwords. I want to change it but my mom would get mad and she would just take away my phone.

  • I’m 23 my father hit me yesterday and I really don’t know what to do, I wish I could leave for ever and never see them again, my parents used to fight all the time since I was a kid and they’d use me and my sisters as a way of pressure against each other, My father left us for a year and we lived with mom and then my mother left and then they separated me from my sisters, Growing up I lived in fear always fighting and screaming, I graduated college a few months ago and yesterday was my first day of work when I came home my father was yelling and hit me for being “disrespectful” and he made me quit my job.

  • Wow. WOWOWOWOW I am not gaslighting any one. WTF

    WOW, i get gaslighted to gaslight… then… WTF… i… wow… fucking hell…

    Okay, some one lied, and i drew the line… But they never stopped lying… so… i got confused some times… but now i realize i got gaslighted… and i only wanted to draw the line further and further… so i gaslighted them in the end…

    Fucked up shit,

  • my mom hates me, she swears/yells at me all day, everyday. She says im a dissapointement and worthless. I have no friends, im all alone, i just wish i had a loving family.

  • This was my relationship. The worst thing is we have small babies and I had to move the other side of the world and give up everything. Now I’m moving to a caravan park, with no friends and family a million miles away. And I don’t even know how much I’ll see my children. Not to mention she physically assaulted me twice today. It’s horrible ��

  • How about living with a toxic family I mean patents, brothers, sisters and feeling the damage clearly and you can not run away from them.

  • Parents who behave like this must be simply ripped apart and thrown into some remote island inhabited by wild animals and snakes where they’ll eat the flesh of these “parents” inch by inch and dismember them royally����������

  • Out of these things I have only said one thing to my parents
    ” I’m so bored”
    I couldn’t even imagine saying most of the things on this list to my parents.

  • Sometimes, I don’t feel like inviting my intelligent friend to my parents…because sometimes, I just feel like she is more proud at them more than me-

  • I feel like I’m in a toxic relationship with my father.
    Sure he got me away from my abusive grandmother but we never talk, when I’m around him I feel uncomfortable and scared.
    Honestly he feels like a stranger to me.
    My other grandparents are also so pressuring, Grandfather is obsessed with me doing everything, chores, fixing things etc.
    And my Grandmother is always in my business. I don’t trust her because she tells everything to my father.
    If you made t this far congratulations.

  • I’m realizing I’m having an interesting feeling (not in a good way) it happened ever since I spoke out my depression from that day I always felt worse and I was depressed in a different way unlike before.

    But tbh I don’t like to self diagnose so it’s just my mind☺��

  • They put in my head the idea that I am a victim. Everytime I call for help, every time I explain them my situation, tell that I have depression, they say im fine and just a victim. They say im fine. F I N E.

  • Kind of hard to move out of your toxic environment when the parent you live with makes sure you don’t get a job at the places you apply at just so they can keep complaining about you not having a job

  • all 10 Signs applies to me plus physical abuse, plus I had a relationship and tried everything to make it work, but for her its never enough. I feel like my future is dark, no confidence, have learning disabilities, have little to no friends, but thankful the handful of people who have helped me. hope these miseries will end in future.

  • I dont know If I’m depressed, but I mostly got the signs. I cry a lot like about nothing, cant sleep just staring all night into the darkness. But the problem is I wish I could talk to friends or my parents. But I cant, because I got no friends and I keep shouting to my parents. They keep saying “it’s all gonna be okey” but they dont understand me. I dont wanna shout and fight with them, I mean I love them but I’m doing everything wrong and no one even cares about me anymore just wanna give up����

  • Every thing in this video is my mom she never cares what I show her only if it’s things that make her happy and I try to tell her and she never wants to hear it

  • I had this in the past but when my dad got with my step mum it got much much better, as for my actual mum…. yea shes still really toxic

  • I was gaslighted for the first time a two weeks ago. It was by someone who was also gaslighted. They knew how it felt, so they were the last person I thought would gaslighted me. I was lied to and when I confronted them about it, they did it. They tried to justify why they did it by saying they “didn’t want to talk”. They didn’t want to talk be they were caught in the lie. We would have had that talk if they didn’t lie. I was confused and ended being the one to apologize even though I didn’t do anything wrong. It was the first time I had been gaslighted and it was awful.

  • Actually this channel is the only channel i can relate to but sadly parents think this is normal because they are Mexican and had it “way worse”

  • Everyone: watching this for actually important reasons like jewelry thieves
    Me: watching so I will know if my brother ate the last cookie

  • So, guys, have you ever had to lie about something big?

    Wanna stop your child from lying? Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVhJF8ble40&t=6s

  • Im so stuped last time i said i have no purpose and my mom got mad and kinda sad,
    I was confussed why they are like that
    Know i understand, it will make them feel a bad guardian or parent
    I regret everything i said

  • Families do more harm still today’s then strangers. Learn confidence, communication its best shield. But of all forgive yourself, and move forward always.

  • The sad truth is (an the mental health profession probably will not admit this) is that some emotional and psychological damage can be permanent and irreversible.

  • My reactions:
    1. They do that all the time…(sometimes compares my sisters too).
    2. They don’t even let me change appearance…
    3. They ignore me alot…
    4. They want me to do things I don’t want too…
    5. My mom ignores me when I want to say something…
    6. It’s true…with me though
    7. It happens to me…
    8. Sometimes I feel like I am a sad excuse of life
    9. I get into another room for space,but they disturb me alot
    10. I learned how to do gacha life editing but they don’t appreciate it…

  • I can’t wait to leave my family, they messed up my mentality badly and have even caused a pre-depression in me. This video listed almost everything that either both my parents do or what my dad does. I have never felt happy or loved by almost anyone. I have only felt loved by 5 people in my entire life.

  • Lol, I am well aware that my parents are toxic, I just have to deal with it until I’m old enough to make money and move out, I’m still hoping I can at least make some money out of my youtube channel. ;-; Anyways they do everything for me, I don’t even have chores and when I try to help when I’m not playing games, they’re like “Oh I don’t need help” then like hours later, “Why don’t you help us, you’re so lazy and too addicted to games” like no, I’m not gonna fall for their tricks I am well aware and I work really hard just to move out.

  • The worst part of a toxic family, is when you are the one watching an sibling get treated toxicly. When you love your parents, and they give you no reason not to love them, but they begin to spoil you, and hate and mistreat a sibling, and the sibling fights back. Suddenly, you cannot talk either into being respectful of the other, due to perceived slights, and you feel guilty for accepting love and praise, and watching the other suffer.

    Potato fact: potato is 80 percent water. What might the remaining 20 percent be?

  • I’m actually like….emotionally effed up rn that my parent does almost ALL of this…wtf wtf wondering why I’m depressed half the time I’m 19 and it still happens omg

  • I’m always overlooking and questioning everything between me and my significant other
    Making others dislike me
    Never apologies
    Only nice when I’m needed

  • Many become “sick” when gas lighted to point they have to seek mental health care. Those in abusive relationships that are highly controlling can even convince you to submit to procedures such as ECT or electroshock. Following this procedure as it inflicts traumatic brain injury in their outcomes, patients become docile, apathetic, have memory loss for marital issues that led to admission, more compliant and controllable. Given their neurocognitive issues gas lighting becomes more intense experience for them and reality checks more difficult. Please see videos under you tube heading of ectjustice so you can inform yourselves and others of this greatly increased practice taking place at leading facilities. When you learn the truth of this I hope you will warn others on public social to what you have learned.

  • My family always yell at me and says I need to act normal I get so stressed from school because my dad threatens to hit me and my family says they will be more dissapointed everytime I finally tell them how I feel they always blame it on the phone and they take it away and then they say they don’t trust me and dismiss my feelings sometimes I think I’m the cause when there is no food and why they yell

  • Things parents do I hate:
    Compare us
    Say they don’t care about our friends
    We open up and they put us down
    No privacy ‘because they pay for everything’
    We don’t do anything around the house
    (I think this is just me but) I get terrified every time they enter the room
    Telling us depression is just hormones
    Dig through our stuff
    (Like they said in the video) they keep showing us off like a trophy child then yell at us for not being social enough

  • Idk what type my friend have cause her depression started at 4 yrs old and she’s been suffering so much and her father would always say something about her and her friends too and she would always cry

  • Like 2 weeks ago I cut off the person who was gaslighting me. i was in my sisters room and she said they was gaslighting me and i had no idea what that was and now this is in my recommended ��

  • They are all fucking literally killing me slowly. Draining my life force and making me lose myself completely. I’m a fucking adult and mom held hostage by these almost adult children and 12 year partner. FML.

  • I can relate to 1 3 6 8 and 10
    They once threatened to lock all of our electronics in a box and send them away just because of out bad attitudes

  • I’d like permission to use this video in Mental Health lessons with teens in schools. Who do I contact to do so? You can send me details at [email protected] mbfpreventioneducation.org

  • I had depression since I was 3 and im 12 I’ve had 8 different therapist none helped so I take pills still doesn’t help I have no friends i always lock myself in my room i cut my ancle so no one knows I’ve never had a toy since I was 2 and I have epilepsy I had my first seizure when I was 2 weeks under 1 year old it was on Christmas I had the grand mall type and I couldn’t breathe for 3 minutes and I had brain surgery in 2019 so I stop having seizures it worked but it made my depression worse and my brother always abuse me my dad is a alcoholic addict and I just wanna die

  • Those cringe fakers(Y’know what community it is, I use it, I don’t wanna fight that whole community. Since I’m in it): Y E S I C A N M A K E I T R E A L I S T I C!

  • Is it possible to gaslight yourself? Because otherwise, I don’t know how to explain why I relate to so many of these despite NEVER having received this treatment from another person.

  • ive realized that im being gaslighted by my own mother. so dat sux. especially when she tells the family im the only one that loves her.:/

  • Please someone talk to me. My family doesn’t care. I have no friends. And I can’t talk to a therapist because my parents won’t let me. I need help.

  • Hello there, I seem your watching this because your depressed or someone you know is:(…

    These are some things to do before you die that might make your feel better!

    1 Get Mcdonalds ❤️
    2 Have a nice bubbly bath, make sure to not bring devices because of dangerous terms ��
    3 Watch music videos in 10d (it sounds like a concert) ��
    4 Go hiking in the mountains ��
    5 Get a massage (relax yourself, relieve dress) ��
    6 Get a white chocolate frappachino from Starbucks if you like sugar xox ��
    7 Make a fort in your room ❤️
    8 Go for a picnic in the park on a sunny day ��
    9 save up 100,000 cash in adopt me (roblox, if you play) ��
    10 Say hello to everyone you see (if you don’t have severe anxiety) ��

    You don’t need to do them all i just want you to have a good life, make sure not to bully other people because you don’t know how they are feeling ❤️��������

  • I hate my dad, what he does is whenever hes annoyed he’ll get me into his room at 9 pm and yells at me and sometimes hits me while I have to say that I’m an idiot and I always side with my mum because it’s easy. Whenever I have money and he gets annoyed (about once every 3 days) he takes my money. for example he got pissed yesterday because ms.marvel was the main character of marvel’s avengers on steam

  • My issue with gas lighting is that.
    The reaction to false allegation and
    deflection of a guilty party is the same thing
    it also allows a crazy person to logical fallacy there way into winning an argument

  • My mom won’t back the freak off she thinks that she can control me. Huh worst mistake she ever made. I might as well go back to my dad’s house


  • Uhm. My parents know I’m depressed due to me being sexually assaulted twice and still dont take it seriously. My mum even uses it in arguements. Is that toxic? Or is it like they say and I’m just being dramatic

  • My dad ALWAYS compares me to others. When i was in cheer/volleyball in High School, he tried to get me to do basketball bc that’s what my god sister did. Now hes trying to get me to go to college in texas because my cousin goes there. He also blows up on me and abuses me when he finds out i lied to him. But i always have to lie to him. He doesn’t accept that i am bisexual. He says he doesn’t want a gay daughter. And he doesn’t agree with me smoking weed which is medicinal for me. Yet he wants me to tell him that i’m straight and i hate weed just to please him, when really hes damaging my mental health because i feel like i shouldnt have the things i want because it’s “not right”.

  • People in Northern VA are gaslighters and haters abusers followers they fuck with your head and they are crazy here! I hate it here my life was hell on earth when I had to deal with people like them! THEY are gang stalking me too and they are soooooooooooo evil!

  • everysingle one of these is my fucking parents I wanna kill myself alredy I can’t take it anymore my parents and other people are ruining my life

  • Bright side: a liar useless confusing wording
    Me: remembering that time I farted at my friends house and pretend like it is not me keep in mind my sister was there
    My sis when we’re home: I know you farted at your friends house
    Me: was it really that obvious?
    Her: yes you literally try to blame it on me
    Me: knowing if it’s obvious the next time I come to my friends house it’s going to be pretty weird

  • only feeling free when they’re gone or asleep is a good indication. Try and enjoy those moments of mental clearness and don’t be afraid to tell family members that you don’t want to talk.

  • If someone is saying that they have the same game we have
    We can say about something is new to the game and if they say yes that means they are a lier

  • My parents: compared me to my classmates, sibling, relatives and etc…. They don’t even care about my happiness…..

    Me: telling my feelings

    My parents:turned the conversation about my classmates and sibling

  • well damn, that was like a guided tour through my life up until I finally got out of my parent’s house…. smh. The author must have known my Mother.

  • These things are what we want but not what we need. Friends (end) bestfriend (end) boyfriend (end) girlfriend (end) family (ily I love you) don’t pick anyone over your family!!! If you need advice and someone to talk to then talk to God. He listens, he sees, and he knows. I love you!! God loves you!! Your parents love you!! Have a great week!

  • For some reason I’m so confused about how gaslighting works. I’ve been researching it over and over, trying to find examples, but can’t seen to grasp what it actually is or how it works. Can someone help me out here? Thanks guys ❤

  • I literally can’t talk to my brown parents bcs they take everything out of context and don’t believe in a word u say about common sense

  • “Persuing a carrier you’re uncertain of” Yes my mother is exactly doing that. Can someone tell me how to heal with it ‘cuz she’s threatening me that she’d ruin the carrier of my choice (she behaves like a toxic, demanding, spoiled brat who’ll do anything it’s wish isn’t granted smh)

  • Whenever I say something and suggest something I get pushed aside. If I want to do something I am told to do it their way. All my siblings are older but they make me feel small because I’m the youngest and they’re “adults”. I’m just tired of my family thinking little or less of me because I’m the youngest or I’m a “baby”. I’m gonna be 17 soon but I feel like they’ll still treat me the same and it won’t change. I’m sad because I’m getting into arguments with them and I don’t want to talk to them because they make me so upset.

  • It’s basically how the scamdemic works. 1, They lock you up for doing normal things. 2 After they scared you enough with the disease they made up, they tell you, you are a racist and you always have been. 3 Politicians who keep lying to you after you voted for them to lie to you.

    They use every tactic as described in this video. Word by word. It’s happening on an international and worldwide level by governments in order to gain power. If you question your ways, or reality: STOP LISTENING. STOP THEM TALKING. STOP BEING OBEDIENT. YOU HAVE TO MAKE A STAND. YOU ARE RIGHTEOUS TO PROTEST PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE.

  • My son is engaged with a manupilative narcistic girl. She toxicated his mind with pure hatered against me and now he shows all signs of gaslighting towards me.
    But I love my son above everone and everthing, what am I suposed to do? I would give my life for his hapiness ��

  • I kinda wasn’t punished…
    When I behaved appalling, I was just sent to my room to protect the rest of the family from the toxic atmosphere I created and to reflect on the errors of my ways.
    Afterwards mother and I would “talk it through” in the kitchen.
    I sat on a chair while she stood above me. She would pick a few examples from my naughty list corresponding with the recent offence.
    Then she would repeat again and again how bad I was.
    A classic was when my brother had pulled my hair, causing me to scream.
    Mother decided he did not pull that hard. The problem was my ridiculous sore scalp. If I had a normal pain threshold it wouldn’t have hurt at all. “In other words, you allowed yourself to terrorise the entire family because of an imagined offence”
    During these talks I could fade out. So mother had to upt her game to get through to me.
    A favorite was sticking her finger down her throat and gag. “This is how people feel about you”

  • Whenever I criticize my mom for not taking care of my mental health she yells at me and says that if I think she is a bad mom I should move to my aunt’s house. She does that in public too. But I can’t do that because she lives across the country and I have a brother.

  • You’ve done a phenomenal job about this topic. Congratulation! I just feel like if you spoke it all on my behalf. The worst case scenario of gaslighting is if 95% of the population stand against you, you have no chance to get out of the hell anytime soon.

  • To whoever’s reading this
    Your skins not paper don’t cut it.
    Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it.
    Your heart isn’t a door don’t lock it
    Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it
    Your beautiful
    Be you and stay safe
    (From a small youtuber)
    This is not my quote i’m just trying to spread positivity��

  • He always told me my feelings didn’t matter. He blames me for not checking emotionally on him when I was dealing with the most severe depression episode of my entire life and I feared reaching out about my feelings because the talks became arguments of who had the worse childhood growing up, which he always had to be the one to one-up me to feel like his issues were much bigger than mine.

  • Omg yes! My mom has gaslighted me my whole life. I am certain that she is the reason why my sisters don’t speak to me much and why I had to eventually cut my oldest sister out of my life!

  • What about the parent or guardian that treat you like a maid or a slave your whole life then treat you like an adult as a child and then a child as an adult?
    Then the relationship is so strained you can’t go on any further but the other person keeps pushing it forcing it to work even though it’s not what is this situation called?

  • GasLighting is when someone won’t agree with reality. They insist on a different reality which isn’t real. They are usually in a position of power over you to begin with: A boss at work. A partner in a relationship that thinks they have you trapped. They won’t admit to being wrong. They insist on their lies. & Most importantly: They paint you as crazy to others.

  • there’s one thing I’ve said before, I told my dad that my phone was my business and then he told me “you’re my business.” like??

  • Stop being a people pleaser. stop caring what others think. You are not responsible for what others think. Lower your expectations of everyone. Most important, Love yourself take care of yourself. Good luck

  • Yes i need help…i need councellor…i need someone with whom i can be free…all points mentioned are being practiced here daily…i need help…i wish no one gets parents like i have been gifted….its so hard to breath inside home theres no freedom of my choices they would be happy when i do as it is they want…in return things hurt me and i dont feel comfortable walking on there decisions….plz help me…

  • My parents tell me what to do almost all the time. And I usually don’t have a choice or a saying. Like for example when my mom’s friend ask me if I want to come over and play with their kid, my mom would say “You don’t have too, okay?” like, dude, let me choose what i want to do.

  • Yo say I am positive 9/10 those things do happen…small things trigger my mom one time I left a bottle a bit elsewhere where it supposed to be she took it smashed it against the counter, it thing in it splattered and replied “you will clean this” with everything I do she always tells me “you will not have anything by this” and “it’s a result of those stupid retarded and idiotic games” constantly compares who is better…me or my step brothers….and always end up in a fight and in the end I am the one who is idiot in it and brat…..she vents on me everytime she had bad day at school…..she always acts so mean….and today I accidentally left something white on counter a small thing that isn’t hurting only mildly annoy but she picks it up and slapped me then proceed to guilt me for 2 hours…I was thinking about running away to my grandpa…..and she constantly wants to know my salary….and when I dont want to tell her she is mad……I don’t know what to do I am talking about this with my grandpa and always begging him not to tell mom….or with psychiatrist….but then the feeling that I am lying…..that they will call for my mom and invite her and she would tell that I lie…I wouldn’t have much to defend myself or else it would result in shouting back at home…

  • My ex boyfriend rarely apologised for cheating on me (with multiple girls) and blamed me for it. He wanted to make a sexual advance on me but I declined. This made him upset and he told me that any other guy would look for someone else if I wasn’t going to put out. But he was the one who was cheating on me the whole time.
    4 women later, and a month after I dumped him, I get reports of him drinking constantly with no friend groups and writing shitty stories about a self insert character who gets broken up with. Life’s good. Leave the gaslighter. Destroy them

  • What doesnt kill you makes you stronger! Just love yourself graduate high school go to college and focus on yourself build yourself to never need anyone dont cry dont look for sympathy cuz nobody cares and who has it easy? Whos really happy? Suicide is for the weakest softest worthless selfish PEOPLE on earth cant stop wont stop keep going

  • Depression has been hitting me a lot since 2 years ago starting on middle school
    All my dad does is complain about my grades say how he’s gonna beat me if my grades are bad, I literally got no one to talk to
    I have been hiding my depression all the time, on the outside I’m happy but truly I’m crying inside ��
    I want to suicide so much rn

  • I got beat up on school last year my dad was called
    When he came all he did was give me an angry look for no reason. He was acting understanding when the teacher explained what happened.
    After school my dad picked me up and he told me this is what I get for having low grades, cuz my grades I gotta be around these kind of people in lower classes
    I didn’t think much about it then
    But now depression is hitting me I want to cry so much ����

  • I had my life screwed up by someone like this it was only an 8 mounth relationship but it ruined my life for a while and I still find it hard to trust people ��but I have meet someone nice now and is going well

  • Hello, sorry for the horrible English, I’m Brazilian, and I’m using the Google translator to see if anyone identifies…

    I turned 13 in July this year (28 / Jul / 2020 to be more exact) and I have noticed that I have always been someone like that, I am afraid to leave the closet because of my parents, I feel bad, very bad and I’m ashamed of myself, like, I can’t make friends and I feel like crap, I think everything I try to do goes wrong, a place that little by little people come to hate me and try to get away from me, but maybe it is thing in my head? it confuses me, and it makes me sad; I don’t know, I never knew, after all my parents never make mistakes, right? I’m always wrong and I just pretend to get attention, if I pour out on networks I end up being a joke for my age, but I really feel that way… why all this free hate? or maybe why am I still like this? I have no reason to be sad, but why am I? it is something I have been asking myself, and I end up getting worse, should I leave my room? need help? why do I always answer that everything is fine? why can’t I vent personally? I feel so useless, so… I don’t know, empty?

    Olá, desculpe o inglês horrível, sou brasileiro, e estou usando o google tradutor para ver se alguem se identifica…

    eu completei 13 anos em julho deste ano (28/jul/2020 para ser mais exato) e venho notando que a tempos sempre fui alguém assim, eu trnho medo de sair do armário por causa dos meus pais, me sinto mal, muito mau e tenho vergonha de mim mesmo, tipo, eu não consigo fazer amizades e me sinto um lixo, acho que tudo que eu tento fazer dá errado, sitno que aos poucos as pessoas vêm a me odiar e a tentar se afastar de mim, mas talvez seja coisa da minha cabeça? isso me confunde, e me intristece, devo dizer que me afastei de pessoas queridas e que não consigo socializar com muitos amigos e parentes, por medo e por… a simples tristeza? eu não sei, nunca soube, afinal meus pais nunca erram, certo? eu estou sempre errado e só me finjo para ganhar atenção, se desabafo em redes acabo por virar motivo de piada por minha idade, mas eu realmente me sinto assim… o pq de todo esse ódio gratuito? ou talvez pq eu continuo assim? eu não tenho motivos para ser triste, mas pq sou? é algo que ando me perguntando, e acabo ficando pior, será que devo sair do meu quarto? preciso de ajuda? pq eu sempre respondo que está tudo bem? pq eu não consigo desabafar pessoalmente? eu me sinto tão inutil, tão… sei lá, vazio?

  • My parents: You can talk to us we will always be here for you
    Me: * Talks about an issue in my life *
    Them: the world isn’t against you.

  • Here’s another tip: Whenever you ask someone something and they answer and to get the truth say, “lier lier pants on fire you are a big big lier”. If he laughs he lied if he doesn’t laugh he is telling the truth.

  • 1. You don’t feel like you don’t fit in anywhere
    2. You question and doubt yourself
    3. Your self-esteem is much lower since you’ve been around them
    4. You become depressed
    5. You’re constantly guilt-tripped
    6. You are frequently let down by them
    7. You are frequently lied to
    8. Your fears are used against you
    9. You are isolated from others
    10. You question everything

  • * I talk about how I feel *
    “You’ve ruined the night”

    Im crying to him about something that’s annoyed me
    “You’re over reacting”
    “ why are you even crying”
    “You’re crying over the tiniest thing”

    Is this gaslighting?

  • My mom lives to play victim and make me the villain. She blames me for everything and all I do is hide away in my room 24/7 from everyone

  • Only after moving out I realized how toxic my family was. I just randomly found these videos and it described my situation perfectly when I lived at home. I thought they were just tough but watching these make me realize how terrible my family was. Now that I’m moved out I’m slowly separating myself from them and their toxic behaviors.

  • I hate how everything that is on the list is what i am feeling right now…

    I never wanted to admit nor acknowledge that i have this signs.. I’m just going to think that this is just part of growing up. As i don’t want to grow up thinking i have this when im not sure.. i hate this feeling.

  • I don’t have anyone to talk to:-(
    Everyone yells and laugh at me.But I realized that god was there and he was ready to listen to me.

  • Lol there are people in the comments section who think they moms were gaslighting them and that they were not disrespectful teenagers.LMAO

    every single teenager is a disrespectful no it all. Thats the nature of being a teenager, and if you believe you wernt its not cause your mon was gas ligtenings its because you are arrogant as fuck

  • I grew up in a toxic family. I then left there and married a narcissist. I left him after twenty eight years of marriage and finally married a good man.

  • *My dad is in a wheel chair paralyzed from the neck down but able to move arms..and he has anger issues..my mom is raising 3 children and 2 of them come from a different mom and I am her child. My dad constantly verbally abuses us and sometimes physically hurts us by slamming into us with him special chair that is 500 pounds. And he yells at my mom for no reason even thoe she takes care of the whole house him and my brothers including me..I just want a normal family��. Were I don’t have to worry about my mom being stressed..were I don’t have to do almost everything by my self. Dear god please make this pain go away in Jesus name amen ��.

  • Most mother always show love at a young age for me I didn’t realize I was being emotionally abused until today and it’s been for a long time my mom always made me feel like I am the really bad one but I am very nice and easy to talk too I also get attached to people when I feel that we are close and good friends and whenever I hit my lowest I have emotional stuff going on

  • My family acts like this. my parents. and my mom blames me for it and calls me rude, degenerated, etc. my entire childhood was toxic, i was always lonely and treated badly. but I know that im not like my family, im an positive and friendly person

  • I can’t tell my parents I have depression, because they will blame it on my phone and take it away. I have no one to talk to. I have no hope.

  • I am a 12th science student, and my father doesn’t believe me that I study a lot. He thought I am wasting time but be honest I am studying hardly. My thinking is different from all my family members as I’m always being scientific and logical and take smart moves, I am a tech enthusiast but no one care beleive me and do whatever they want but wrong. They all are unsuccessful in there life as they are wasting there time as they have no goals in life and watch india reality shows and local series on YouTube.
    They all are hardly like scientific logics and have a very narrow thinking. As much I love tech and logics in Marvel movies, that much they hate. They have a poor mentality and also they discourage me and demotivate me. I feel forced while living with them, there’s lot of negativity and negative vibes from them. They never blame themselves and never think about there bad habits but irony is that they blame me for whatever wrong they have done. They think that I am same as they are but I’m different. I always think about betterment and development in life. My sister are so selfish and greedy and unsuccessful as mentioned above my dad never scold them for wasting time. And all of those illiterates behaves badly with me. Can someone help please ������������.

  • My parents: you can tell us everything, we will understand u
    Me: i don’t wanna live anymore, i am not happy anymore.
    My parents: you’re just being childish, stop talking rubbish.

  • This just basically sums up how I am with my family and it really hurts me so so so much ������ no freedom at all just hate given instead of love.

  • me: hey mom and dad! I got straight A’s and I’m even an honor student!
    parents: it did go low though. what happened? just focus on your studies.
    me: oh okay..

    pretty much because Im asian I guess

  • i hate my family
    my dad is probably cheating on my mom, my mom does drugs, (like Weed)
    my dad almost died because of opioid drugs
    my parents keep blaming me for cutting the cat’s fur, despite me telling them over and over i hadn’t, my PC already got taken away because of this, and my mom threatens to beat me up next time, and when i said its child abuse, she said she didn’t care.
    my parents always say “oH gO cOoK foR yOuRsELf” despite me not knowing how to cook at all, and they are aware of this.
    they don’t respect my gender nor sexuality, and they both openly make homophobic jokes, and other offensive jokes about the LGBT community.
    my parents think vaccines cause autism, they’re Trump supporters (i know not all Trump supporters are bad, but these are the bad kind who try to force it upon me to support him.), my mom thinks Trump is Elijah from the Bible, they think the earth is flat, and many other conspericies (idk how to spell it).
    my parents have hit me before, over the stupidest things, like accidentally spilling something or breaking a plate.
    my mom has said, to my face, that she does not care about my depression.
    my parents are always fighting, and they both leave without warning.
    i am literally afraid of telling my parents about my mental symptoms and disorders because they may thing im overreacting, or even possessed.
    and thats all im gonna say, dont wanna make this too long

    TL,DR: my parents are fucking terrible

  • I’ve been in a marriage for 31 years. For me gaslight had been one of the hardest parts. I am happy to say I have hope again after falling in a dark hole that seemed to have no bottom. I had become nihilistic. Now I am free and happy. The sun is warm again. ��

  • My dad abused me for not listening to him only once.. he said he feels ashamed of me and i should die and he didnt want to have me as he was okay with one child. Also he abused me called me bitch and so many bad words.. also when i argued with him he came to slap me thrice my mom stopped him… ABOUT MY MOM,she said a day before yesterday in anger that why don’t you go away from this house or earn something so that we don’t need to incur your expenses… i am 19 years old and wanted to become a singer still i am taking tutions and i earn rupees 2000 per month.. niether of my parents talk about my future

  • Try not to take telling parents to back off so literally, that’s just an expression telling them that you need privacy and boundaries

  • @fallie yes! How dare you be happy around other people but not happy around us? I mean your friends have never hurt you and we have but we’ll just claim we have never hurt you and you have to force yourself to be happy around us. Sounds logical, right?

  • I’m right now just trying to figure out how I can make my dream come true, move to the US and work in the movie industry (not as an actor just helping produce movies). I’m 17, I have one year left and bitch I’ll be gone when I have my A-levels. Bye bye…
    They won’t understand and they’ll be angry or even hurt. I don’t care. I was hurt too and this is my fucking life and my fucking decision.

  • My mother is the only person I’ve ever trusted in my family, my little sister never treats me with any sort of respect, my brother makes me feel inadequate because he always finds a way to make fun of me, my father is just an asshole who tried to kill one of us, yet he thinks he should still have some custody of us

  • Just past 12AM and is my birthday today but I just don’t feel happy. My parents divorced when I was 4 and I live with my dad and my dad he have a kid with his girlfriend and they lives with us a few weeks a go they were arguing and when my dad went out I was in my room and my dad’s girlfriend was talking to her mom and I heard that she want me to go die and after that she has been telling me to go die. And I just don’t know what to do now, and now I’m always sad and crying in my room I feel like no one even likes me in this world. Like my whole world is all dark. I don’t even know why am I even in this world. And it has been three year’s since I started cutting myself on the wrist. (Sorry if some doesn’t make sense cause English isn’t my first language)

  • I’m a Sagittarius trying to tear down my old programming and reinvent myself with a life that represents my deepest and truest desires. When it comes to self-love, can someone please reinforce that I am and have always been exactly the love I’ve been looking for? When it comes to romance, can someone please reinforce that Universe will show me whether myself, Ty (Sagi) and Ali (Leo) are heading towards the beginning stages of building a healthy, strong friendship based on mutual trust, respect and profound love that culminates into the most remarkable long-term romantic relationship either of us could have ever imagined? When it comes to abundance, can someone please reinforce that everything I need easily flows to me, is permanently attracted to me and wants to be with me as much as I want it? Thank you everyone and I send these sentiments right back to you as well. May we all find what are our hearts and higher selves truly hold for us! Love & Light, Everyone<3

  • This is my mom:
    She’s emotionally manipulative, I didn’t know till now. I thought it was normal
    1. She guilt trips me when I say something
    2. She compares me to everything and everyone
    3. She tells me that shes loves me then screams at me
    4. She gets angry at me for random reasons
    5. She has giant expectations that I CAN’T fulfill
    6. She’s the ”Victim”
    7. She’s an angel in public
    8. I’m a trophy
    9. I want to be a lawyer but she doesn’t allow me to go that way
    10. She gaslights me

    I’m in Grade 7

  • I dont know if this is gaslighting but it makes me feel bad anyways, A few months ago I had a huge fight with my grandma about how bad she was treating me, she automatically brought up all my bad traits, and how “I never help her” “Dont you think you are hurting me!” Then she went further saying that if we went to court to get this sorted out I would have to abandon my little brother. She doesn’t treat him nice either. I started ranting about how awful I feel when she yells at me for the littlest things. She then said that “I’m not rude or toxic! Toxic is abuse. I dont hit you!” I really don’t know if my situation is that bad. My friends and various people have told me that my family sounds really mean, but I cant believe it, one minute she loves me and the next minute she acts like she wants to leave me with someone else. She makes me feel bad about things that keep me happy too. Whenever I talk to my friends while playing games with them, she says “All you ever do is play games! Whats wrong with you!?” The reason I’m always online is because it keeps me busy and distracts me from her constant yelling. Anyways if you took time to read this thank you.

  • I remember giving my former spouse concrete examples of things he did to me that were very painful. I used to love entertaining and having our families over. Usually his family (because they were from out of town) would stay over for days. In 25 years, twice I told him I wasn’t up to it because I just wasn’t feeling well. It didn’t seem to matter to him in the least that I didn’t feel well. I’m a strong person and relatively healthy, so if I was saying I didn’t feel well I meant it. On one of the occasions, I had his family (5 people) stay over at my house during the Christmas holiday for about 5 days. The day after they left, I miscarried my baby. The second time, I told him that I wasn’t feeling well was many years later and I was scheduled for major surgery about two weeks after Thanksgiving. He and his family are all narcissists. When I told him to ask his siblings to take over and host Thanksgiving that year, nobody wanted to do it. So me being the dumb-ass that I am and also because as Christian I thought I was being nice I just prayed that God would help me and give me the strength to do the work. How did he thank me afterwards? After the last guest left, I went to my bedroom to rest and put my feet up. He went to play with two of our four children and after playing for a couple of hours outside while I rested, he came to my room and called me self-indulgent. Meanwhile, I had the worst backache because I had been on my feet slaving for days on end to entertain his lazy family. I’m so glad I left him. When I gave these two examples during a therapy session, he said “but I was so proud of you”. He was proud of my entertaining/hospitality gifts because they made him look good. If I died in the process, it wouldn’t have mattered. Now I am alone and happy and don’t think I would every marry again.

  • My whole family thinks I’m retarted saying dumb things to get me stay dumb very sad.�� I’m 26yr old grown man they act like I don’t have mind on my own.

  • What does a person do when their husbands sleeps in the car lychees homeless and has allowed adopted children who are adults now use walk over and spit on all of us literally? Just curious because I met all the benchmarks of being in a toxic family

  • I watch it ’cause i see it while im scrolling. Then when i watch it, i feel sad because i fully have that 5 signs. It’s just something that i found the problems and sadness here in our house instead of happiness, right? So yeah I can’t even go out of here but I’m okay.

  • People should respect the boundaries of others, if someone is trying to get too close to you (EVEN if you are close! You must respect emotional, physical and mental boundaries: like for example emotional like do not try to change someone’s personality to fit your needs OR bc you think “it is right for them” ; physically you get it ; mentally like don’t try to brainswash someone into your own opinions on any subject there is something called liberty of thinking anyway), they may be gaslighting you (it’s not a systematic case, like for example in early stages of a relationship you tend to be very close, like… yknow stalking crush on social media / spamming crush with all your cute messages xD…etc. It’s not intentionally harmful but it is a violation of someone’s boundaries. But in this case it isn’t gaslighting).
    And if you just are as icy as me, if you manage to notice you’ve been gaslighted (and it may be hard to have a clear mind, and it doesn’t depend on people bc anyone can be gaslighted, we have a so strong feeling of being judge everyday you know, it comes from there so we can be so easily influenced) but if the person doesn’t want to give you a point and keep convincing you and stalking you, just shut them out really and report them (there may be government sites where you are and where can report even just spams. But in this case it may not be spam but harassment or emotional abuse if there is an option like that). Shutting people out (only if they make you feel so bad you can confirm 100% they are emotionally abusing you!) is so easy and requires not sm mental energy. Don’t try to please these types of people, don’t explain or justify yourself to these people they aren’t worth your time.

    It’s important to be surrounded with as many different people as possible to prevent gaslighting, but also know if you don’t have someone who you feel enough close with, it’s not a problem bc in the end the thing that matters is you. Try gathering all the knowledge you can, work on yourself daily to prevent these types of creepy people. These people usually have a low self esteam imo, or maybe a mental disorder or psychological disorder idk. But in any way they are confident with themselves…etc. In no way they are at peace with themselves (I mean emotionally mature, like someone who’s reached a spiritual level equalled to someone who has work on self improvement).

    “I’m so bored.” 0:58
    “School sucks.” 1:41
    “You can’t tell me what to do.” 2:35
    “I never get what I want.” 3:10
    “No one cares about me in this family.” 4:06
    “Why can’t I just be like everyone else?” 4:40
    “I don’t need your advice.” 5:13
    “It’s all your fault.” 5:42
    “You’re a monster.” 6:06
    “I can do perfectly fine without you.” 6:30
    “I hate this house, and I’m gonna run away.”
    “I don’t see any meaning in my life.” 6:58
    “I wish you were dead.” 7:27
    “I’m gonna kill myself.” 8:29
    “I hate you.” 9:08

  • As long as I can remember I was told by my parents that I was insane whenever I told the truth. I was suffering from life threatening anxieties of getting schizophrenic for more than 10 years. Until I started therapy and realized how toxic my “so wonderful” parents have been.

    Be aware folks, this process is very demanding.

  • Thank you. I am so depressed from my boyfriend doing all of the above. I have tried to break up but always go back. I needed this video. Thank you

  • I hate how familiar this is, having a parent who failed control over their life then go right around to bring another life in just to share their short comings with then gas lighting the kid into believing that failure was never an option. Because they’ll remind you time to time again that you don’t want to live the way they do right now.

  • Pooooollllppooooooòoooooooooojj7m7ki, lol


  • Sometimes, I don’t feel like inviting my intelligent friend to my parents…because sometimes, I just feel like that they are more proud at them more than me-

  • I’m in situation like this,i recently started my first job and now I’m bad bc i don’t give my parents money and save for university,but in fact i leave most of my salary at home and….I’m not able to save for anything,no matter what i do i can’t satisfy anyone no matter how much i work I’m still a shit failure they make me feel guilty bc i want to be happy and have my own life….

  • Yesterday, My Mom told me that I am a mistake, and people like me should be kicked out of the house, I felt my heart sink and I asked myself: “Am I really a bad person, did I do something to deserve this treatment? I always knew I am a mistake, but she just said it herself!?” I ended up bleeding my hands and thighs, I wept for hours not knowing if I’ll ever be able to change. And today and now, I am at my grandparent’s house and my grandmother noticed that I’m sad than she asked my mom and she responded: “I don’t know, since she woke up she’s acting this way.” after 3 minutes she came and told me:”don’t you dare show them you’re sad, or they’ll know I’m lying to them.” I just nodded. Until now, I didn’t let her notice my injured hands. I just want to die…

  • Okay okay… let me rethink every thing they said…

    It is probably true, what they say… but that doesn’t mean everyone is gaslighting you, just becouse they say “You remember that wrong” or “You are different” or what ever…

  • “Talk to you’re parent’s”

    Parents:-Takes away phone and don’t let friends in-
    Parents:-Yell at me and blames everything to me-

  • I don’t know if I had an experience of that tonight. We had hotpot at home. One type of food is individually wrapped in plastic. My partner discovered plastic floating in the pot and straight away blamed me. I told her I couldn’t remember taking them out of the packet. I honestly only recalled adding the vegetables. It left me very worried that I had a mental blank. She kept calling me a liar and accusing me of sleeping around whilst she was pregnant etc. I told her she was gaslighting but she was adamant and kept up that I was lying. She couldn’t even see my genuine concern and shock. I was getting really scared that I had a mental blank out or something. I was nearly going to ring the health line for urgent advice in case something was neurologically wrong with me! I still have no idea how I could add the food and not notice. Which leads me to believe she put the food in and blamed me.

    No idea if she forgot and then blamed me or if she purposely blamed me. Also no idea if I just blanked. It was too confusing.

  • Well why dont you run them over with your car at work it is funng how most people think it is funny in a community even people in the medical feild I need under ground parking or private park like the cops have that tell jokes jesus christ that is funny too

  • My mom literally knows I have depression and anxiety and I literally try not to show it in front of her cause then she’ll get all sympathetic on me so I literally just cry and act like a maniac in front of my cousins instead��

  • I grew up in hell. My parents were horrible in every way imaginable. I left at 17. Married and had 4 kids that I myself put through hell. My mother died recently from alcoholism. My father remarried in under 5 months of her death. I cut all contact and took responsibility for the way my own children have suffered because I didn’t know how to do things differently. Still, I am not going to make excuses. I am in therapy now, I don’t want my kids to continue this cycle. I want it to stop here. I don’t want anyone else to feel the hell of broken, irresponsible parents who refuse to admit they are wrong and refuse to get help.

  • i’m looking at all these signs and they are all quite accurate to me, except someone in my life isn’t doing it to me it sounds like a lot if the time i’m gaslighting myself

  • Hi, I’m 13 so I can’t leave, and I’ve tried to ask for a therapist, but she said it was to expensive and I have no idea what to do

  • I’m feeling guilty because I said something hurtful towards my dad.

    I said: “Not to hurt you or make you feel bad. But, it feels like you don’t belong in this family anymore..”

    And my dad said: “You shouldn’t talk like that.. ��”

    At first. I felt nothing and now I feel like everything’s out of hand in my life

  • Watching this video, I saw a lot of eerie resemblances to the last several years with my soon to be ex-wife. She often had me questioning if I had misremembered events or things I had said. She tore me down by comparing me to my deadbeat dad, whom she knew I resented. She kept making me feel guilty for not spending time with our kids even though I was the only one who was working. I was spending upwards of 50 hours a week working nights and only getting 6 hours of sleep so that I could get the kids ready for school so she could sleep in. My life was only work and home so I didn’t have friends and rarely spoke with other family members. I felt alone and depressed, yet she kept reminding me that only she can be trusted and she knew me better than I knew myself. I’m thankful to be able to move on and I am hoping I can learn to trust again.

  • This sort of thing is really dangerous when the media starts doing it. Then you start to have all the people who fall for it going around pushing some narrative they never would have thought about otherwise. To go against it would make you a social outcast.

  • i feel like of weird talking about depression to others. they usually say “lmao” or “same” like, dude I’m not joking. its a serious matter and I really feel like I am depressed even though my parents have tried their hardest to provide me with basic necessities and like, we go out together like 2 times a month. but since sophomore year, I’ve lost my love for art and learning languages. tonight is the sixth night in a row in which i haven’t gotten sleep. I’m so tired but i cant fall asleep. I’m crying all the time, because of school, because of how I’ve been avoiding my friends, because of so many things happening. i already have childhood trauma, but i don’t think my depression started there. my anxiety sure did, but i think that contributed to my depression. i haven’t talked about it before, but ive tried overdosing on medication about four times now (last time on July 27, 2018) and i really don’t know what to do anymore. i don’t want to cause anyone pain or annoyance, but ive also been doing it cause ill randomly lash out at my parents, my little brothers, my cousins, literally everyone. i don’t know what to do, or how to feel. but i don’t want to tell my family, cause i know they’re trying their hardest, especially now that there’s a pandemic, but i just cant anymore. please. what should i do? I’m a high school junior, and college is coming up too. i might just join the military and not tell my parents. i wear glasses so i don’t think they’ll send me out to fight and stuff, but i have no interests in anything anymore and i don’t know what else to do. college is too expensive for my parents to afford and i don’t want to go in debt. literally, i hate being alive, but i don’t want to die either. please send help, and chicken nuggets with bbq sauce

  • my dad said I’m not capable for living and finding a job… that’s the second evilest things after he said few years ago that I do not deserve anyone to love me

  • I think my wife and I gaslight each other. She wouldn’t agree to that but I think it’s a fair middle ground if I’m looking at it subjectively. So what do I do in that situation? We have 10 years together.

  • my mom: “hey,,, i’m always here for you. if you ever feel sad come to me. i love you”
    mom makes me do something that i really don’t like
    me: “i,,, that made me uncomfortable” shows signs of discomfort
    my mom: what? i thought u liked doing (insert thing i don’t like)?? now all of a sudden you don’t?
    me: “ow, this (object) hurts, it’s really tight
    my mom: oh you complain about everything. everything hurts for you doesn’t it?

  • “why are you always so rude?”

    “do it or else”

    “my fault? give me your phone”

    “im gonna punish you”

    “shut up trash”

    “im doing this for your own good”

    “why cant you play piano like your friend?”

    “im getting your dad”

    “you dont deserve privacy”

  • y’all talking about parents and all i gotta say is parent(s)/guardian(s) need to start listening to us bruh. they fr don’t know what we go through because we can’t open up to them because we’re scared they’d judge and etc. like smh-

  • My family is toxic and so my friends adopted me. But I can’t go to therapy hearse my parents probably won’t let me and I’m too afraid to ask. I’m only 13 so I can’t move out and I don’t know what to do

  • Bright side— a liar’s speech is always simple
    Also bright side— a liar always uses complicated words
    Me— im not a part of the conversation so why am I stressing my brain out��

  • My grandmother has a bipolar and a narcissist disorder, and recently my parents and I have had a huge fight with her and we decided to cut ties with her because of her toxic af behavior, but she continues talking to me like nothing happened and asking me things about school and I’m wondering if I did something wrong or if it’s my fault
    Everything points the fault at her but I can’t help but feel bad about it and it’s really getting to me
    So I kinda think it’s gaslighting? Or just a less severe type of manipulation?

  • When you don’t know if you’re the gaslighter because you think you’ve been gas lighted.and you think you’re the one who’s at failt

  • Worst type of relationship! I lasted nearly 2 yrs in one. 11 years later, I’m still in trying to regain my self-esteem and be comfortable with hanging around strangers. I lost friends to this person because they were so good at making me look like I am the crazy one. This is a serious diagnosis, please be careful on who you decide to allow into your life….. I am so glad I got away.

  • I think when watching this, there’s some problems with interpreting the info; Because, I personally may feel like many of these sign, fits into the notion that my friend might be the narcissist. BUT the narcissist will (knowingly or unknowingly) feel the opposite, thinking I’m the narcissist and being the one to gaslight, because when arguing over something, I would say she quoted me wrong, over saturated stuff and her view might not be totally fair..? She would always be very sensitive and think whatever she felt, what was the reality of things, were as, tried to explain to her that I have my view, she has hers and then there’s the truth somewhere in the middle. She would say: You don’t accept my feelings about it. So, the dilemma is.. Who really is the narc? Both might feel it’s the other person. What do you do?

  • Unbelievable! This is totally my fiancee… I was positive I was loosing my mind!! Now that I know what he’s is doing how can I get myself back on track?

  • The biggest gaslighter I have in my life is my older brother, it has taken it far to the point that I just think I am the burden in the family. He is so good at manipulating that the whole family does nothing in fear of what he could say or do. I am actually tired of it and I feel like I could explode someday and do something I will regret…. I wish I had someone that could support me, someone who can kick his ass. Also If I do something, they will blame me for being very aggressive for no reason. Tried to kill myself a couple of times, I want to move out even if my family thinks I hate them ( I love them more than ever) but if he still there I rather not return.

  • Isn’t it a surprise how it’s females who are victims of this via other females. Guys don’t have time for this manipulative shit, we are too busy getting shit done. A guy that fucks you good is better than a girl who pretends to like you as a friend, which let’s be honest is pretty much the case all the time, because females compete with each other on a base level.

  • Anybody if wanna talk, I’ll hear it out for sure. I have suffered too and ik how it feels. Comment here or dm me on instagram. It’s “freeetherapy”

  • thing is, i watch videos like this because i feel out of place and alone in my family, but here it says that it’s the family’s “fault” but i’m pretty sure it’s mine… (even though 3 or 4 signs actually are true)

  • My parents usually just say, “We have high expectations for you”
    my good sir you just said, “B’s are unacceptable.”
    Jeez reading these comments make me feel like I’m not alone.
    Thank you for making these videos!

  • Went through this myself took me after we broke up to finally see it. And he honestly made me feel like I couldn’t find someone better which is why I stayed for so long. He gaslighted me by
    taking my insecurities( my glasses, my forehead, my skin tone, my teeth) and made comments consistently like “4eyes”, ” or “why are you so dark you forehead should shield you from the sun”….. and he would always counter with “ITS JUST A JOKE”… to make me seem like I was overreacting for being hurt by what he said. its not a joke if you mention it consistently..
    lied a lot and when I actually caught him in one he tried to make it seem like I was wrong, example: another girl was calling his phone, I saw the name clear as day and he told me it was his mom and that I need new glasses cuz clearly “your blind” meanwhile he couldn’t even show me the caller log…
    he cut my arm trying to grab his phone from me and blamed the scratch on the fact that I was holding his phone
    never admit when he’s wrong etc

  • That’s why I’m so depressed I’m 14 now been since 8 was younger from family issues seeing my brother go to jail a lot see my mum get bashed nearly to death by my old step dad seeing my nans dead body plus school on top (not self diagnosed or seeking for attention)

  • Sometimes, I don’t feel like inviting my intelligent friend to my parents…because sometimes, I just feel like she is more proud at them more than me-

  • I’m a high school graduate and I want to go to a beauty college to become a hair stylist, makeup artist and a nail tech, but I can’t because my mom wants me to pursue business and I told her about this and she agreed to let me go, not before I pursue business so, I have to wait for years, until I can pursue my dream. I cry everyday, because this is not what I want my future to be.

  • I wanna try stand my ground but.. Ill get beaten the crap out of me if i doT-T and my mom compares me to my older sister SO MUCH, even this literall genius girl that i was in class with once.. My mom: WHY ARENT YOU LIKE HER!? SHE GOT INTO THAT HIGHSCHOOL AND YOU DIDNT! YOU WERE BOTH IN THE SAME CLASS SO HOW COME YOU DIDNT GET IN!? CUZ YOUR LAZY, YOUR ALREADY 11! YOUR NOT A CHILD ANYMORE! GROW UP FOR GOD’S SAKE

  • I lived every one of these. Just received an email of lies yesterday. If it wasn’t for the damn Chinese Communist Party Virus shutting everything down, my nightmare could have ended already with a finalization of the divorce. But instead, I am having to stay vigilant and counteract the lies and made up accusations in their effort to get custody of my child. Being with a narc and being gaslighted is one of the worst things one can go through, and I got deal with the master level narc.

  • Wonderful and insightful Elisabeth! I am a firm believer that guilt has absolutely no purpose. Even the hardest emotions have a purpose but I still have not found a purpose for guilt! Thanks for the terrific video!

  • The gasligther is unfortunately my boyfriend (well I broke up with him 2 days ago). He’s even trying to turn my own family around on me..

  • My parents:Wait until your 18
    My parents:I’m taking away your phone
    Me inside:��
    Me outside:��try me

    Real storie,pray for me and my bad decisions,but taking away my phone is to far to far I say!!��

  • I have been asked a numerous times to get out of the home. They constantly remind me that I’m living on their alms. They are always rude and dominating and have never supported me. I’m grateful for whatever they’ve done to me but I wish I never existed

  • I used to yell “school stinks” Every night before bed and asked to be home schooled but that backfired and now I’m homeschooled and have only 1 friend and I’m socially awkward and only talk to my friend and my brother

  • I tried to teach my mom some of this videos to softly call her out on her manipulative and toxic behaviours and she said “Gladly i don’t do any of that” what do i do when she denies to accept that she’s doing wrong

  • Well, my parents do pretty much everything on this list, and at 2:39, the “change” I noticed I became so much more jaded, and pessimistic about everything that included me.

  • i had to put 2x speed on and double tap constantly to get through this video and i finnished at 9:23 and funnily enough it only took a few mins to watch instead of 10 minutes. why tf is brightside so money hungry to stretch a video to 10 minutes. just my thoughts.

  • Me tells my parents I am depressed
    My mom* gets a mental breakdown, belittle my emotions and compares my struggles to other people because my problems isn’t that bad*
    My dad*refuses to accept the fact depression exists*

  • All of these except #1.
    What makes it worse is that I feel guilty about it because I know that my parents are trying to be great parents.

  • Yes! I minored in psych.the PROFESSOR USED MY NOTES & DIAGRAM of crazy family dynamics on overhead PROJECTOR FOR THEENTIRE TERM!!!! Jas c

  • There was this quote online of a little girl that was pouting and saying “ Grandma mom won’t let me have a cookie come and spank her! “

  • I have a grudge to make a new happy family. I will treat my parents the way they treat me.
    I have a debt of gratitude to my uncle and aunt who educated me and prepared me to live independently. Right now, I’m preparing something for my uncle and aunt to make my parents jealous.

  • School is not boring. It’s a place of education that will determine your future. Sure, you could be an entrepreneur that never went to school, but without education, you still wouldn’t be as successful as you are, since you would have no idea of what you’re doing and no knowledge of the field you work in. School may be boring, but don’t take it for granted. Take it seriously and harness the power of education you get almost for free, from school, o at least seek to learn more or in another way because knowledge and education, along with many other factors is key to being successful.