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6 Ways Bullying Impacts the Family Feelings of Powerlessness. Because bullying is a choice that is made by the bully, there is very little that parents and Physical Symptoms. Parents often report being physically ill when they learn about the bullying their child is enduring.

Anger, Agitatio. 6 Ways Bullying Impacts the Family. By Sherri Gordon 5 Myths About Victims of Bullying. By Sherri Gordon The Effects of Slut-Shaming on Teen Girls.

Medically reviewed by Carly Snyder, MD Why Victims of Bullying Often Suffer in Silence. By Sherri Gordon 6 Ways Bullying Impacts. 6 Ways Bullying Impacts the Family.

By Sherri Gordon 5 Myths About Victims of Bullying. By Sherri Gordon The Effects of Slut-Shaming on Teen Girls. Medically reviewed by Carly Snyder, MD Why Victims of Bullying Often Suffer in Silence. By Sherri Gordon 6 Ways Bullying Impacts. The best way to deal with bullying is quick intervention.

If bullying is not stopped and is continuously overlooked, it can become a serious problem and cause a lot of damage. Therefore, bullying within the family or bullying anywhere can. The Effects & Consequences of Bullying Bullying Assessment & Intervention Bullying at School Cyberbullying Even the most sensitive parents may routinely act in ways that encourages marginalization of the “others” in our society. This section will explore the different ways parents can critique their own behaviors, because even those readers.

Kids who are bullied are more likely to experience: Depression and anxiety, increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, and loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy. These issues may persist into adulthood. Effects of Family Bullying Once the initial confrontation between bully and victim has taken place or has been suggested, the element of threat of further aggression exists. Both the bully and the victim know that the bullying will continue and that it is unrealistic to expect that a bullying encounter is merely a single event.

The impact of bullying is not only on the child. Unfortunately, when thinking about the impact of bullying, it is not only confined to the child involved. The family of those involved in bullying can also find themselves being heavily impacted.

Maybe they will also have feelings of anger, guilt and stress. Often, they have a feeling of helplessness. Taking action helps to stop bullying, prevent bullying and ensure that a person being bullied gets the necessary support.

Encourage your child to: Model inclusive, empathetic and kind behaviors. Sit or walk with kids who may be a target of bullying. Question the bullying behavior when it happens. Enlist friends to question bullying behavior as.

Bullies are more likely to skip school, drop out of school, smoke, drink alcohol, get into fights and be arrested at some point in their life. 60% of boys who were bullies in middle school had at least one criminal conviction by the age of 24.

List of related literature:

I did find a slight (but not strong) effect for family size and vulnerability to bullying.

“Bullying and Cyberbullying: What Every Educator Needs to Know” by Elizabeth Kandel Englander
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Families promote emotional and behavioural resilience to bullying: Evidence of an environmental effect.

“Handbook of Parenting and Child Development Across the Lifespan” by Matthew R. Sanders, Alina Morawska
from Handbook of Parenting and Child Development Across the Lifespan
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Family dynamics of low parental involvement, poor warmth, minimal family cohesion, and single-parent homes are all linked with an increase in bullying behavior.

“Swanson's Family Medicine Review” by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
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For example, Roberts and Morotti suggest that bullying behavior stems from abusive, chaotic home environments in which families bully the child, who in turn bullies a peer (i.e., a ‘‘kick-thedog’’ phenomenon).

“Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology” by Charles Spielberger
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Furthermore, bullying within families among siblings also occurs (Berry & Adams, 2016).

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
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Ideally data on bullying should be collected across settings of the home, school, community, and lab by multiple informants (observers, children, peers, parents, teachers), using multiple methods (home observations, lab tasks, classroom, playground, questionnaires, interviews) (Swearer and Espelage 2004:4).

“The Hidden Life of Girls: Games of Stance, Status, and Exclusion” by Majorie Harness Goodwin
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Influence of family therapy on bullying behavior, cortisol secretion, anger, and quality of life in bullying making adolescents: A randomized, prospective, controlled study.

“Marriage and Family Therapy: A Practice-Oriented Approach” by Linda Metcalf, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT-S
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As parents give their children more independence and privileges (e.g., cell phones, less restrictive Internet access), the opportunity for bullying increases.

“Encyclopedia of Human Behavior” by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
from Encyclopedia of Human Behavior
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A cross­cultural comparison showed a significant relationship between parents’ harming a child physically and the child victim’s bullying behaviors (Dussich & Maekoya, 2007).

“Family Violence Across the Lifespan: An Introduction” by Ola W. Barnett, Cindy L. Miller-Perrin, Robin D. Perrin
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Frey et al.’s(2009) Steps to Respect program, forexample,targets both individual andenvironment factors to reduce school bullying.

“The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development” by Peter K. Smith, Craig H. Hart
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  • I have had verbal abuse from my parents and grandparents, they also acuse me for stuff i didnt do. So that makes a me very sencetive and a overthinker which cause a lot of strees. Ik they love me and talked to me after but they never notice wheres wrong. They thought it was just me being navy.

  • I am 57 yrs. old and was sexually abused as a child and bullied in Jr. high. I suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and OCD. I’ve been addicted to speed, weed and alcohol and still “disassociate” to escape reality when reality becomes unbearable. I would disassociate to escape when I was being abused. As I got older I called it, “day dreaming” or “spacing out” when in reality it was disassociating. As I have gotten older I have “flashbacks” of things I forgot. I realize now why these flashbacks occur now that I’m older because I am able to handle them better now as an older wiser adult. I now know the reason for my communication skills being so bad. Because I was raised in the generation where kids were to be seen and not heard. I was always told to “shut up” and “quit crying.” Being abused as a child has many different affects on us and we struggle with them everyday.

  • I was psychologically abused at home and bullied at school…..
    Today I am facing many psychological issues….I have extreme distrust of people, inferiority complex, I cannot deal with people….I am uncomfortable when people are around…….I lack self esteem, I am over conscious about my self and I face social anxiety…I get panic while talking….I get anxiety attacks and many times suicidal thoughts….I want to tell my situation to someone…but I can’t…
    Today my parents love me and are fine with me…they are not like that they were before…but remnants of my past are damaging me….������

  • thank you, first video from your channel ive seen. the science and stats help me so much to understand what happened to me and why my family members are the way they are. i look forward o exploring your channel. Subscribed.

  • My shame left me when my mother finely died,and i left my narcissistic family of 8siblings.My life bloomed. Getting beaten for going to uni,i was some what strong,and not stupid, im so alive these days,5years and growing stronger.��������

  • Can you please make a video about Body Dysmorphic Disorder. ��Thank you in advance..
    PS. thank you for helping with everyone’s mental health. Finding this channel is a blessing��

  • This is my mom. She stopped my biological dad from seeing me and he’s no longer here:’( I missed a relationship with the man who loved me. Yesterday I went insane, I told my mom and stepdad EVERYTHING about themselves.. even used the word NARCISSIST!!! And they told everyone I’m mentally sick! So now my family think I’m mentally ill and have shunned me. I now see myself going down that route with my kids.. I’m scared I’ll end up like her. I know this is a long process. Thank you for sharing the tools to be free xx

  • My childhood?
    -mentally abused by my family
    -got into tons of drama making me want to die
    -faked my death
    -called myself toxic and junk
    -told that when im older ill have real problems to deal with
    -therapy didnt help
    -went to the hospital due to stress
    -doctors made me take sleeping pills even though sleep isnt my problem
    -doctors didnt help
    -called a brat multiple times
    -called selfish
    -fake friends
    -only real friends called me selfish
    -believing im an attention seeking toxic brat (still believe it)
    Eh its not that bad

  • Thank you, Lisa, for producing the program. When I was a young boy I was the parent. I realize this was structured so I could be blamed for my parent’s poor parenting. My parents talked to me with jokes and sarcasm. I am a self deprecating person as a result. They have tried to destroy my relationship between me and my wife. I realize this has happened because they didn’t want my wife to reveal to me that I was neglected by my parents. I had good clothes and ate well, when I was a young boy, but I was certainly emotionally neglected to a tremednous degree in the ways you described in this program. I am 61 and my parents have made every atttempt to control me exactly as you have described in your parentification summary. I am grateful to your for this program. It is nice not to feel like a horrible person and your program is the only time I have had my side of heard eventhough it is through your words.

  • For me it was the opposite I started working out and taking boxing classes and people stopped bullying me and I realized the stronger I am the less likely I am to be sexually assaulted bullied or abused again and I worked out so much but I had a massive spike in blood pressure and almost caused myself to have a heart attack being swolo won’t help you if you’re dead

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  • So my mother! I thank god for these videos everyday xx it’s changed my life and thinking, it’s nice to know for sure it wasn’t me and it wasn’t my fault x

  • 30 years old and can’t parent my child with my father around and feels at times he distorts reality and Will call her my name and me my mother’s name. Like hello I am not your ex wife. And wonder if at times he distorts the reality we are currently in. And he was my daughter’s primary caretaker as I worked and went to college ft. And now after my 2nd relationship and having a 2nd child w a narc or type of emotionally unavailable person I have now learns so much but feel to late to help my daughter s she now wants to feel like a child an love with her father which I get but I really wanna get us help and heal all of mine an my parent’s projections onto her before she actually moves and as you said the attachment trauma and making sure she does not have the infantilization parentification swop the words lol aka heal all damage I can at least admit to her and make sure she is enough and her feelings do matter before she if still then chooses to live with her father so before separated a bond can begin to be created. If that all make a sense. Is there any videos you can recommend for an 11 years old though I do know therapy is needed. Living together or not.
    Thanks if so and thank you for all the videos you have provided so far!

  • If you’re going to talk to your mom as an adult and not a child, call her by her name.

    You before the idea that you are still a child by calling her mom, by her title, by her status.

  • You can either seek help for your issues of take all of your traumas out on an innocent child. Hell, that’s what all of the adults in my family (except me) have done. Every adult will shorten an innocent child’s life all to make themselves feel better. Ironically, my KARMA doesn’t play that shit. Catchem and killem KARMA. I love karma, She knows how to destroy CHILD ABUSERS. ��

  • I was abused too. My life is like hell. In fact, it is not life but survival. I have PTSD, depression, anxiety… I have been fighting for 15 years, but I don’t see any results. I don’t know how to proceed

  • I’ve felt hell so much that I am not scared of God (I am a Muslim) or Hell, nor the Devil. NO ONE can heal me! Can I open up to you reading? If so comment “Yes”.

  • My parents expected me to be in the forces, like my father and brother. When I joined the police the only alternative acceptable to them (they had a photo of me in uniform) and then left because it was not for me and I got engaged, they kept telling people that I was still doing that job long after. The treated me like dirt after I left. The fact that I was unhappy doing shift work and did’t like living in police accommodation,, witnessed sexism didn’t matter to them at all.

  • My Mom hits me with the belt and slipper very hard and I cry and I run to my room and she follows me in and I lock the door and says open the door and I open it and she hits me

  • My mom has done so much damage to my childhood. I feel scared and anxious most times. I detach myself from people to cope. She tries to cripple me under her grasps because I’m only 19. Whatever she could do or say to make me feel bad about who I am, what I do, or what I dream of then she’d do it with no remorse. She believes everyone around her is a problem except her. She never listens to me. For 10 years she’s had my sexual offender living with us and she never left or called the police despite what happened. Her excuse was that she needs love too. My 2 sisters moved out of state and barely call. They are +26 years older than me and they found a way to get away. She tries to dictate and the decisions that I make on my own, she makes fun of and downplays. Even when I would have emotional breakdowns and cry hysterically, it’s only fuel and she won’t stop. She’ll threaten me if I have a breakdown. I had a breakdown last night because she wouldn’t let me get rest after finding out about 3 family deaths in one day (one on her side and two on my father’s side). I asked her for a nights rest because I haven’t had more than 6 hours of sleep in the past 4 days. I told her I could kill myself or runaway and she opened the door. She then kicked me out and told me that my sisters and I could go to hell. My mother is 61 and I ran away to Alabama for college (from Illinois). I tried to be her savior child and have a relationship with her. But I’m on the edge. Either I leave her alone or I keep riding this rode of depression and low self-esteem. I’m already alone. My brother killed himself and my family members are older and are passing away around me. My dad’s girlfriend keeps him (my dad) away from me and she is an alcoholic and an addict to crack cocaine. I have 2 more weeks of this before I go back to school. I wish I knew what to do.

  • I just play video games all the time trying to deal with my own childhood trauma. I’ve been dealing with this shit for 30 years and I’m 38 now. I’m a black male who is an introvert and I hate being around large groups of people. To keep it short alot of shit happened to me from every category. I don’t feel sorry for myself, but I do hate me. I hate everything about me. It almost feels like i was selected for abuse from when i was born. Some of this shit doesn’t make any sense. I do the best I know how to make it day to day. Video games get boring sometimes so I just close myself off most of the time. For the past couple of years it seems like child abuse is the talk everywhere I go forcing me to recall my childhood experiences in situations where I respond poorly by turning to alcohol or whatever I can to not speak or think about it. But I think I’m nearing a point of FHITO. Fuck how it turns out. I never talked to anyone all these years in fear of embarrassment, shame, etc. My favorite group is KoRn and I never knew what Johnathan was talking about until last year. I been listening to them since the late 90’s. Their music takes me to a place of anger where I can control it, and subdue it. Some songs I cry, others I laugh, others I’m angry. And now I am stressed so it ends here. Be strong, I guess….

  • My father was emotionally unavailable and I bottled all the abuse up and I was lucky enough to be good at soccer so I released it through that instead of drugs but when I stopped playing And after I went into a toxic relationship I have fallen into anxiety and I know that it’s because of that trauma so now I have to conduct myself and be the person who I know I am because I have always been social but my parents made me feel like I wasn’t because they didn’t let me go out with freinds who invented me but now ima do everything to become a social butterfly and reach the perss as in I knew I was supposed to be

  • This sounds like the mother, she would tell me how ugly I was or how fat I was ask me if I was ashamed in the way I looked how no one would ever love me Ect mean while telling my brother and sister how wonderful they where how they can do what ever they wanted to do in life, I was never allowed to tell the “family” what went on in our house but if I was ever bad or did anything she would tell everyone and then they would all tell me how bad I was and how horrible I was to my poor mother! I hate her �� I have tried to get along with her but the sister is now one herself and will cause trouble an the mother will side with her always, the last straw was when I found out she messaged my daughter and tried to cause an argument between me and my daughter naaaa she’s now GONE I hate her with everything in me and never want too see her again.

  • I had grew up with both abusive parents that are also fighting with each other and family members. I was ridicule in front of everyone for being benched at youth football, beaten for years as a little child for small mistakes, a lot of things unimaginable that I would not wish upon anyone to experience. I moved on once I had become an adult and cut off toxic relationships with my parents. I am currently raising my son to the best of my ability letting him be happy and discover himself with tons of support and constructive parenting.

  • I’m not 100℅ if this is abuse, and I don’t wanna call it abuse without knowing if it is or not. My mother has narcissistic personality disorder. She disregards everyone else for her own needs, and thinks she’s above everyone else. Her only forms of punishment to me are hitting or making me feel bad about what I’ve done. She always says things like “you shouldn’t of done that, it makes me feel like a bad mom”. And stuff like that. I don’t blame her for her problems, and I know it’s not her fault. My father is also very critical of me, especially when it comes to grades and school. Whenever I set a goal for school or get a grade like A-, instead of wishing me luck he focuses on what’s not done. If I get an Aor B or something he’ll say “why didn’t you get an A+?” “You’re just not trying, do better next time or you’re getting your phone taken”. I like to think it’s just high expectations but I know I’ve done my best, and I don’t know how to please him. My mother is less critical of me, but always comments on small things like my hair, clothes, weight, large waist, things like that. It’s caused me to be very insecure about my body and looks, as well as constantly trying to be the best and feeling terrible when I can’t do something right. Please, can someone explain what’s going on here? I love my parents to death, but I’d like to know if I’m just overreacting to my situation before I make any assumptions and call abuse. Thank you!

  • I know that exactly I was the slave, and my sister was the princess. I hurt so deeply because she was loved and I knew I was not. if I was ever hurt my mom would say get up your just faking it even when everyone knew I was hurt really bad. my sister and mom would make fun of me. and other people would say why are they so mean to you? I don’t go around my family anymore because they deny any abuse, and I am free today. who needs their crap?

  • yo I hate my dad dude buys my sister everything from any food TO 150 DOLLARS TOYS when he buys me nothing all he does is hit me I’m actually done with this he makes me hurt inside I wish he is gone.

  • This man sure knows his stuff fair play to him very informative peace from noeleen in my ireland where the grass is greener than green. Still

  • If I become a mother then I will not be like my parents but will support my children and he or she can talk to me about anything and Most importantly I won’t judge them no matter what will happen

  • One of the best things I’ve learned to get over learned helplessness is to take community classes & workshops. It teaches me how to do things for myself, & gives me a much needed confidence boost. Even free online courses like foreign languages. But most often I’m listening to guided meditations like yours, Lisa, to help rewrite the old programming. Thank you for doing what you do.

  • This video should be required watching for all high school seniors(to show them how childhood trauma effects later life) convicted molestors, rapists….. abusers….

  • I have epilepsy. Regular tonic-clonic seizures every 2-4 weeks. I have an ACE score of 7. I wish I had the opportunity to seek out counseling.

  • the other videos a few years ago about Amen was SSRI, ZOLOFT, ETC… and now he goes to finally talk what other ND’s have been talking about for 10-30 years: nutritional deficiencies

  • I definitely know how gaslighting feels. Not by a parent but a aunt who had custody of me. She has hit me in the face until my nose started bleeding and made fun of me cutting my self before but when I brought it up she act like I was crazy and that it never happen.

  • If you can’t express empathy & are unable to understand emotions of another, get help, before you ruin someone’s life. You are dangerous until you learn how to do this & IT CAN BE LEARNED!!!

  • Hi psych2go. If you read this comment can you help me. I used to let my emotions lose when my family is around but when they saw me cry once for something stupid they assumed that I would always cry for stupid things and stupid reasons and always mocked me. It kinda hurt me mentally. Since then till to this day I bottled my feelings. I am mostly surrounded by my family so I didn’t really let my feeling lose. So now I feel like a bubble waiting to burst at any moment. I don’t know what to do. Can you please help or tell me a way I can explain my family

  • All this suggests to me that bringing up a child to be healthy, both physically and emotionally, is a lottery.
    It is the luck of the draw and there are no certainties.
    The one human thing we should cultivate is a tolerance and sympathy for anyone struggling with their life.
    Why make scapegoats of victims?

  • i live in a society where the government agree that slaping and kicking and hurting by words is a part of the parenting so in shcool teachers can hit with a wood stick when you do any single little move in classe you should only breath no talk no nothing….so most the community is a psycho sick…Moroccan society……not once or 6 times my parents slaped me in the street or in front of my friends not twice or 10 times my brother when no one home or my sis is home kicked me and slapped me until my skin Even my thighs and feet became blue-violet from the beating and i got sexually abused by my brother friend and i didn’t relise that cuz i was 7 years old when i was 12 like one year ago i realized what was that amd i can’t teel my parents because they didn’t believe me…..i can’t say my opinion at most things, mom keep hurt by her woeds all the time cuz im 13 so im big enough to do housework cleaning and stuff all of that and she keeps hittingme and callingme a cow becausein quarantine my thingsgot fatter becauseof staying home…i wish i ahev my free own space or my own room….so yeah they say it’s part of your arab Moroccan childhood

  • Gone through emotional abuse and sexual abuse from my classmates and teachers in high school in my childhood. And with emotionally unavailable and manipulative parents. And through their humiliation.

    And cannot form a relationship in 25 years and a loving crush of mine getting married to another person which broke my heart.

    Now going with depression, anxiety and PTSD.

    Now thinking where did my education brought me. And I should had compromised some where with someone in the past even I don’t like them much.

  • why thank you mother.

    there’s a quote i read somewhere it went like this: no parent will love a child like the child does a parent.
    And it hit me hard cuz most people glorify their mother, portraying them as if they do no harm and their love is unconditionally (that maybe true for some) but that idea is damaging for those who go thru abuse. We still try to convince ourselves that this is their way of love, that they love us they way we do to them. But how many times have we have to win this ‘unconditional’ love? How many times have they tore down our self-esteem, beat us under the prétense of ‘tough love’?
    The truth is, we never needed to be strong, we just needed to be loved and safe.
    All this glorifying, just makes it harder to recognise the abuse. There should be recognition that mothers also have this capacity for abuse and that not all mothers are loving and caring that society says they are.

  • I feel like my mother’s made up stuff about me having health complications when I was a child to maintain some control or feeling of rejection I know that sounds crazy but I’ve heard of parents making up health problem in their childern to maintain some control over them. I don’t really believe anything or alought of the things she’s said. Her need to tell other people something is wrong with when I’m in a perfectly healthy situation and a happy living my life has always been over whelming is just strange and over powering. I could be working a job and doing perfectly fine and be in a happy situation for about 8 months and my mother will go into my work and out of the blue go to my work and tell people that something is wrong with me behind my back and will get treated deffrent because of it it feel like it’s out of the need to have control over a person. I’m curious if this is something a narcissist would do? I think it’s very easy to spot a narcissist aswell but they mask them selfs so well and make you the victim in every aspect possible like their ten steps ahead calculating your every move to maintain control over you it’s very odd and I spend much of my time thinking about it and I’m sure that’s what they’d like it make them feel powerful…….I say take control of you lives and be happy don’t let hateful bitter people destroy who you are.:)

  • I had to be stuck in therapy since I was 12 because of all the problems I had with depression, hypersensitivity, and anxiety. The therapists just thought that my parents were doing everything good, and that I just needed to ignore the bullies and just be happy because it gets better…

    In reality, the bullying and neglect that my parents and step parents caused me acting out in frustration, depression, constant fear, and crying. And so did all of the school bullying. Have you ever tried ignoring a bully? Seriously? If you have to legally be in the same place to learn every day, and then someone constantly seeks you out to make you miserable, and then adults do nothing about bullying?!

    And my parents, father especially are still adultist, conceited pieces of trash who treated me like I was ugly and can do nothing right. My father wouldn’t even let me move out when I was in college.

    I’m finally away from them, but I’m hermiting because I’m ugly and have no social skills. I learned that I was unlovable my whole life. And I was just forced to do chores without ever having proper modeling because my father had extremely high expectations and anger issues.

    So, anyone who says, “children don’t matter”, FUCK YOU.

  • Being a boy who is liked until his orientation causes old friends to push him away, and a few not to care, is trauma. I’m sick of people looking for explanations of trauma. It is so obvious. There are so many causes of PTSD and in my case it was not related to sexual contact. If anything it was related to lack of sexual contact until I was 21 or 22 years old except I wanted same sex contact. Humans including I, are nothing but primitive animals. Now, I’m old and the scars are so many. The abuse and distancing as if I am corona still continues.

  • Hey there it’s all temporary know your self stay healthy go burn the work and break records
    Your problem is solved since you realised it much love and hope for all of you talk to me if u feel lonely I am also ��

  • Well it’s true I can vouch for it, I was abused by my kindergarten teacher, she beat me repeatedly everyday for a year straight I stopped caring about school even till this day, so I ignore all school subjects and make no wish to make friends till I got to high school, and while at it my parents misunderstood my trauma for incompetence and laziness and they punished me for it, and my classmates treat me like some stupid person because I don’t talk much to them and they harassment me to no end. I went to see physiatrist few times but none successfully identify the issue, so my parents took that as assurance and blames me even more, never once I tell them the truth because they will never understand, i never thought of suicide only because of my stubborn will, however I used to think I won’t live till My adulthood cuz I think I will probably die somewhere in my 18th of age, so since feeling that I don’t have long to live, it actually made my life a bit comforting cuz to me it’s like make the remaining days count, since my elementary till the end of my school years, everyday I go to sleep feel hopelessness, rarely I lash out to them because I don’t want to be like that and part of me know that I know better than become like them, but there’s some uncontrollable rage inside and hateful words between the age of 15 till 20sh, so I never once cared about learning what school taught me not because I don’t like to learn, quite the contrary I always had a strong desire to learn so I spend countless hours in library to read for myself, and slowly I start to learn how to communicate with people simply because Im willing to share my knowledge, but I never truly connect with anyone, which force me to be independent mentally, After I start working I meet a girl I feel for but quickly reject, since the rejection it actually triggered something inside me, something awoken me, I start to meditate in daily basis and listen to music more often, the inner hate start to die down, and turns my resentment for others into understanding, soon I start a long lasting self inspiration, and spend far more time reading even than before, I start to forgive and those people and not remembering them for what they inflict on me instead of what they are nice to me, my inner outburst rarely happens now but it’s getting rarer by the days then weeks then month, I turned my past into my greatest lesson and proof that one of my belief is correct, I have a will no one in my life have, and I will make this into my relentless strife for productivity

  • Angels are manipulating the masses
    Guiding them to the fall
    They like when humans fall
    People listen and turn to god when they fall
    Exactly what the angels want
    Then they are in control

  • Ooff me to My mother went out never came back My father and uncle were worse then sateen himself and they have done so much wrong to me I would not want to speak of horrifying Disgusting awful things I can’t live like a normal person because of them I hurt so much people Because of them I

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  • It totally messed me up… I felt not like my peers bcuz i knew that what happened wasnt right and i became suicidal and cut myself so much and i became so confused and on top of that there was being physically hurt and i couldn’t even speak to begin with and i was scared of everything my whole life and couldn’t speak and then being hurt and id rather not say but even some friends would do this and just i dont trust ppl and I am totally confused by life and what ppl will do to one another idk what think about ppl and im still scared of them


  • My score would be 8. Thank you for the confirmation and being able to listen to this spoken out loud. I am now 51 with no children, living in another country away from all of my family. I renewed my faith in Jesus last year and found my joy, while experiencing real unconditional love with Him. I have true peace for the first time in my entire life.
    God bless you all who are here for the same reason I am. Acknowledgement.
    May you ALL find your Joy and Peace.

  • For me:

    From the age of 4-6yo: my father would spank me if any task was not done.
    6-10yo: my parents would scold me and would yell at me for almost anything.
    10-12: my school grades suddenly became the most important thing. I am constantly being grounded and yelled at for the slightest flaw in school.
    I am almost 13 now and I have attempted to run away 4 times. Any kind of disrespect or disobedience leads to punishment. The last time I heard both my parents say “I love you” was probably when I was 7. Every time I leave for school my mom says, “love you”. But my dad just says, “bye have fun”.

    I know that there are so many people that have had it much worse than me physically, but mentally, it is worse than anything I’ve ever known.

  • I have a perfect example of gas lighting.. My mom took my keys to my car and told me I was too ADD. That’s why I couldn’t find my car keys meanwhile she had them the whole time. My grandmother had signed for me a car and my mom didn’t approve of it and made up some lies about me so that my grandmother didn’t want me driving. Thanks Mom

  • How do I get past having a mother like this so I can get the most out of my life? Growing up my mother’s behavior caused fear and frustration almost every day in my. I struggled with a severe eating disorder and suicide attempts to try and cope with having her in my life. After loads of family therapy I learned she was narcissistic. Now she is almost 80 and is still crippling me. I can’t just cut her out of my life because she is recently widowed and has many struggles right now. Most of the family believes she is a sweet little old lady and would crucify me if I so much as yelled at her. I have no siblings and my father just died, so there is no one who truly understands what I’m going through. She blames me for her high BP, her obesity, mental health, etc. I wish I could write a book for my family so they can all see what I had to live with and that I’m not the bad guy here. Thank you so much for your videos!! ��

  • Wow, I feel so bad for everybody in the comment section… Ive never been abused. But i’d recommend reading the Bible to settle you down, and if your stressed. Even if your not Christian, it could still work. Please don’t give me any hate on this comment. ;-; I’m just tryna help.:b

  • All I can think of when I have seen your videos is how pissed your family must be. I KNOW my family stalks me on line I fear being honest in videos about this.

  • No contact ever again at all costs!!! Excuses will lead to more abuses and they will never change. Abusive parents get off on causing harm. It is really sick and twisted. It gives them a sense of power. They know exactly what they are doing and they don’t care. They should pay for all the harm caused and be arrested and sued.-Period-THE END

  • Well I was a little bit shy because of my parents raising style, they’d always tell me that spending too much time on street is dangerous because someone might try to kidnap me.
    I was kinda avoidant but I was pretty fine considering the situation. When I first transferred schools back in 2005 I couldn’t get along with my new classmates at first, one day I had enough and cried at the class, I was feeling so insecure.
    But after that day my classmates changed their behaviors and I became even more socially active than before. It was hard at first but after starting to getting along with my classmates I had my best years back in 2005-6.:,) we were always playing together yes there was a couple of punks in class and school but it wasn’t a big problem.
    And than I had to transfer to a dumpste… cough school, I had to move to another school.
    And I was basically on my own in there.
    I was bullied a lot of times, I always tried to not to break any of the school problems but this behavior literally tied my hands. They kept doing worse things than before as I was too afraid to talk about it. One day one of them hit my eye, they were obviously planned that, they told me that they were wanting to talk and make up for their behaviors. And that was a lie. When I run into the management in order to get rid of them they yelled at me for asking for help.
    Vice manager hold me on my ears and told me that he didn’t want to hear any problems occurring. Well at least that’s what I think he was saying, I couldn’t hear it properly because he was pulling my ears so much, I remember reading his lips with fear and loosing all faith in them. That day was one of the worst days in my life. I was feeling so hopeless so afraid and uneasy.
    I always prayed to God every day I go to school for some of the kids that I had problems with to not come. I was always worried and afraid. When I finally graduated from that school at 2009 I thought that I was finally free from the emotional turmoil that I was having.
    But since I didn’t make any friends I was always reluctant about talking to someone. I was always saying hi but I wasn’t the person who keeps conversation going. I was socially inactive.
    One of my high-school friends was always trying to talk with me. She was so cheerful and bubbly. I was finally feeling normal around her. But then classic high-school stuff happened.:D our classmates are started to mock us by saying ‘are you two in love or something? ‘ even teachers were doing this:,D
    I didn’t payed attention much but after reconsidering my feelings I realized that I really had some feelings for her. But because she was one of very people who I was comfortable to talk with I was too afraid of approaching to her. I didn’t knew her thoughts about me and I was worried about our friendship would be at risk. But I think she had feelings for me as well. I still remember that warm hug she gave me back in 2012. It was the only time I had a hug from another person. I was on the verge of tears because of happiness. I didn’t knew how much it meant for me to be in a such intimate relationship (crush or Friendship doesn’t matter)
    I think she had a huge part in my emotional growth, until meeting her I was kinda scared of keeping conversations because I was always worried that they’d might be in a disagreement with me and this would cause them to abuse me.
    But in 2014 she put emotional distance to me, I guess I had made a mistake by putting her in to friend zone and she just wanted to end our friendship which affected me more than I thought back than. I couldn’t focus on interacting with the other people. Sometimes I wonder if she knows what she had such affect in my life.
    After 2015 i was finally feeling normal but I was too distant to the people.
    Now I still have problems with talking to people. My friends, professors at the college saying that I should be more engaging because I’m just a really good person to have a conversation, they always told me that having conversations with me was like reading a book or watching a documentary. They were getting inspired by me.:) but I can’t talk with people who just doesn’t share the same interests with me.

    Well that’s it:D my life.
    Good at start, terrible at the middle and uncertain after the 2015.
    I wish I could talk about these with people in real life. I just can’t find the proper company.

  • Anyone here experience sexual abuse by……. ummmm….. someone or people…. in… their family??? Coz reading the comments…. makes me feel alone… hehe….:”)

    Hang in there….. we can do it. We’ll live happily soon.

  • I thought I was fine UNTIL lately.did all the work, did all the “education” but lately my 95 yr. old mother with dementia is triggering the living daylights out of me….. what a miserable woman she has been her entire life..she still sticks the barbs into me & now plays the ‘helpless victim’………No wonder my brother 60yrs. has been an alcoholic since he was 11yrs. old………brutal household. All we ever heard was how SHE never wanted kids, how WE ruined her career prospects, blah blah blah. Drama Queen. Parents fought like cats ‘n dogs. Hated that household & I cringe when I do the token visits. You can care about your family, BUT you don’t have to like them.

  • This video brought tears to my eyes Lisa. Thank you for your compassion and understanding. Growing up I was told from conception I was born into sin. My Mother was there for me whenever I needed anything but emotionally not at all. She was extremely anxious person and due to some health issue I had she was always fearful of losing me. She smother Mothered me. My Dad was a good provider but a workaholic, perfectionist, cold, controlling, a covert narcissist and extremely religious. People would see his outgoing friendly personality and adore him. I was always told by others what a great Dad I had. My Dad would say some cruel things to me but my Mom would always tell me “Oh he didn’t mean that the way it sounded. Your Dad does love you”. I thought I was going crazy because there was no one I could talk to about this throughout my childhood so I always thought there was something wrong with me. At my Dad’s Memorial last year everyone who spoke made my Dad out to be this saint. Other than close friends and my therapist I still have no one in my family to talk to about this stuff. I have worked through a lot of codependency issues but since my Dad’s passing all this painful stuff is coming up again.

  • and dont b in denial SHE KNEW EXACTLY WAT SHE WAS DPING dont let her keep hoovering u as an adult, look at you makin excuses for her bullying A CHILD…. tiger dont change their stripes, betta beware

  • She.. Physical abuse… slapping, hitting…..

    Me.. what about using an belt and slippers for that ��

    …. Me… What!! She said apologize!!! They think it’s their right and my birth right to beaten by them.. ��

  • When ever I did something bad my mom would slap me as a kid. I’ve kinda pushed those thoughts away and I forgotten a good majority of them. But what I will never forget is when my dad called me fat and said, “do you want to end up like you sister?” when I was 5 or 6, all because I was eating a little too much. My mom told me to stop eating past a certain time at night because my dad didnt like it. This later developed into an eating disorder that I still suffer from. Thanks dad

  • It is beyond words how hard life is and all the little ways being unsafe as a kid shows in day to day life as a adult. My score is 8. I guess the good news is I don’t hope to live long I never felt a future is something for a person like me.

  • I’m a minor so I still live with my parents, my father fights with my mom and verbally abuses me, he brings me down every time. I’m planning on getting a job when I’ll be 16 and moving out as soon as I can.

    Side note: I’m so happy that I found this channel. I can find so many things I can relate to, in the comment section and in each video!

  • I know this will get lost in the comments and I need to get this off my chest. Even though I am commenting on a public YouTube video, I ironically don’t think anyone will really read this due to it’s sheer length. So here goes nothing. My father is a narcissist. Always has been one. My mother has been an alcoholic for nearly 5 years now, presumably because of my father, who has also been cheating on her for the past 7 years. To try and improve her addiction, my mom decided to get a job after being out of the work force for a long time to raise my brother and I. It worked for sometime to help her to stop drinking…but things went to shit once I graduated from high school. He has moved out to a bachelor pad with another woman and sent my mom divorce papers. He is trying to get everything he can out of the divorce, even with it being a 50/50 state. He leisurely spends several grand on whatever he feels like. Trips to go see women, buy them jewelry and lingerie, stay in a 5 star hotel, get a limo to be driven around in, furnish his new bachelor pad with outrageously priced things. Meanwhile, this is still half of what my mom will be getting out of the divorce. So my mom is still paying for my dad to do this sort of stuff. His argument? This marriage has been dead to him for a long time and he deserves all the money he is spending. But I’m just a kid, what do I know about quote on quote “adult affairs.” Maybe it’s perfectly normal for that sort of behavior and I am just brainwashed to view relations a certain way. So I’ll just still to the kid relations. He openly admitted that he failed as a parent. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop him from calling me a disappointment. Why he calls me that? Because I am going to a community college rather than a school such as Stanford or MIT, which he pushed on me every moment he could. Because I have struggled with depression to the point of suicide attempts all throughout highschool and he didn’t understand because I just needed to “snap out of it.” Because I had become involved in having online friendships once I was bullied and pushed out of friend groups. Because I had given up on sports as I no longer found them fun but I should do them anyways so my resume looks better. I want to believe that he was doing what he did with good intentions, to push me to be my best self, but to me it just seems like he was trying to mold me into something I wasn’t. He wanted a different child, as he has proclaimed himself, yet he was stuck with me. A no good depressed teenager who can’t do anything right. And you know what I said in response to that? Fuck you and all your standards. I can do whatever I want and become whatever I want and I am going to be happy doing it. Rather than throw myself a pity party and beg for sympathy, I am going to push through all the shit he has dragged me through and come out a better person. Er well…that’s what I would like to think. But it’s not quite as easy as that. I DO depend on the sympathy and love from others. I find myself crying out about all the misfortunes that have fallen across my lap and having anyone acknowledge how crappy my life has been. It never helps though. I never feel any better and if anything I feel worse. So why do I keep feeling this urge to spread my story and get the pity of anyone that can hear me out? Is it perhaps this need of acceptance that I am lacking as a child of a narcissist parent? Or is it something entirely different? Who knows at this point. All I know is that I have a lot of psychological damage done and no clue where to start. I guess part of him has gotten to me though, I believe that my own psychological damage is just another thing wrong with me, another flaw, another crack. I have chosen to try and ignore it as I can only grasp at straws in attempts to patch up the damage. I have spent a few years with a therapist, who I was then forbidden to see as she had tried to tell my dad several times that he was wrong in hopes of helping me. I have been on countless medications to alleviate symptoms. I have talked it over with counselors at school, same situation as the therapist. I got a new therapist who I saw only twice as my dad decided it was too expensive for something that did nothing. Long story short, it’s been hammered into me that I am the soul cause of my problems and I believe that to be about 75% accurate. Why does any of it matter though? Can’t I just become the person I want and say screw what anyone else thinks? Put all this behind me and start over becoming the person I want…I wish it was that easy, but I don’t even know what a good person would look like. Sure I’ve seen enough movies and such to know who the protagonist is, but in the end it doesn’t really help. People say that you should try and become the person you admire and once you achieve that, become a person that they would admire. Sounds great and all, but who am I supposed to admire? The only people that strike a cord with me are people that are living off of doing what I love to do(gaming). But that is considered a taboo and causes you to become a social outcast. Not to mention the odds of actually making a profit off of sitting around gaming. It feels like my life has shattered, or really it was never together. And now that I have been thrown into the adult world I have no clue what to do with myself and I have no sense of self to cling to other than knowing what I like. It makes me angry just thinking that I could allow myself to become so unprepared for life. And so, like any angry teenager, I look for a scape goat, my dad and his narcissist traits. But in trying to pin everything on my dad (and my mom too in some regards) am I not just hiding from the harsh reality of life? Tough shit, life isn’t fair, grow a pair and go build your own path, right? I seek some sort of validity to show me what is right and what is wrong but I can’t even seem to make up my own mind. I read up on all sort of issues I face and consider both sides but I find myself agreeing with both sides. Everything is both wrong and right so how am I supposed to know what I stand for? Nothing is ever as it seems and I am left with no black and white area just a maze of grey to try and navigate my way through. Unlike the other kids who seem to have some sort of map, I am left with just trying to force my way through through trial and error. I can’t help but feel like I am falling behind in this imaginary race. But anyways…I think that’s enough rant for a lifetime. Maybe I should do this more often though, but in like a private diary or some crap.

  • The key is if your bullid in school then you take the mater to the teacher if thay don’t help you for some reason then you get a fue friend who were also bullied get the bully when he is alone and bet him up trust me revenge feels good