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Characteristics of a Controlling Friend Being Demanding. If someone places unreasonable demands on you and expects you to put everything aside when they need Lacking Respect for You. If your friend doesn’t respect you, makes fun of you, undermines your perceptions, or engages Acting Superior. A controlling friend always calls the shots.

Controllers love making the rules and planning everyone ‘ s social schedule. If you feel like the place where you stand with one friend determines whether or not your birthday (for example) will be poppin. Guilting you into things is the golden rule of a controlling person. They use their “love” as fish hook to reel you in. If you question them they will get upset and guilt you into apologizing.

If you tell them you can’t make it to a date, they seem okay, but guilt you into cancelling something else to be with them. The following 6 signs will help you distinguish if you have controlling people within your life: 1. Their behavior is inconsistent. Controlling people often manipulate others by making them feel like they are 2. They don’t accept responsibility for their mistakes.

Controlling people often have a. If you have every felt any of these, it’s quite possible you have a controlling partner: • They have been isolating you from friends • You don’t see your favorite family member, family, or friends as much as you want to or used to • They are making you feel like you need to break free of the. To help you detect the signs of manipulation in your friendship, we’ve put together 5 common signs of manipulation and how they might show up IRL: 1. They Are Passive Aggressive They avoid confrontation, however, their frustration will usually come by way of a mutual 2. They Never Listen The. “The number one sign that you’re being manipulated by a friend is a feeling in the pit of your stomach that your friend is not hearing what you are really saying when you’re speaking to them,” says Dr.

Salamon, who wrote Every Pot Has a Cover: A Proven System for Finding, Keeping and Enhancing the Ideal Relationship.While your pal may be looking at you while you’re talking, it. If there are signs of controlling behavior, take your time to decide if it’s something you can live with and how severe it. 2. Figure out the severity of the controlling behavior and if it can be fixed. Like everything else in life and relationships, controlling behavior is not just black and white. She tries to come between you and your family and friends.

She keeps you from seeing them. She harasses you about how often you talk to or text them. She actively comes between you and other people. She starts fights with your family. She tries to poison you against your friends.

She coerces you to get her own way. Maybe she threatens to withhold sex. They may even guilt or gaslight you into believing you’re a bad friend if you don’t give them everything, when in fact, they are disrespecting your needs.

More Radical Reads: Treating My Friends Like Lovers: The Politics of Desirability. 6. It feels one-sided. One way or another, an uneven power dynamic can be toxic.

List of related literature:

In fact, controlling behavior is, perhaps, the distinguishing mark of the difficult person.7

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Controlling need not be any of these things.

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If your new friend becomes controlling or overly needy, or tries to coaxyou into shifty behavior that you don’t feel comfortable with, it’s time to take a break and reassess your friendship.

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*Not controlling.

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Extreme controlling, jealous, or obsessive behavior 9.

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What is controlling?

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When you let her know your rules, the most common response is, “You seem controlling.”

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Let’s say you’re irritated with a controlling friend.

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What does controlling mean?

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Controlling is how love addicts try to meet these needs.

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  • My friend has been treating us like garbage for a while and my friend just reminded all the bad things he did to us so we left him

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  • I was a unaware toxic friend but I saw what I was doing was bad and now I am learning how to be a good friend and I am learning peoples boundarys.

  • My cousin who constantly gossips crap about me and lies about it. She’s such a terrible person to me except when she needs something. Her sister said she’s jealous of my looks and success when I’m ugly and broke bahahahha

  • How I dealt with my toxic friend:
    1. Block her number
    2. Unfriend and block her on all social media platforms
    3. Called my all close friends and rant
    4. Treat myself and hangout with my close friends

  • I guess thats why being single is the road to happiness so that you can live your life the way you want..finding a good person in a relationship is hard to find these days

  • I have had a this friend for a while, her name is kiwi and she’s really depressed. I wanted to help her, I found out things she liked such as corgis, nature, and books. I would always send photos of things like that and she was really happy about it, we even got into a relationship at some point. But the only problem was she kept blocking me and coming back for simple thing, it pissed me off but I dealt with it. Just recently she started acting as if I ruined her life, then broke up with me and blocked, about a month later she came back and asked if I wanted to chat. Even though I still was quite unhappy about our breakup I talked to her. I forgot to mention a few things, she got sad when I did simple things. For example: she would say bye and I would tell her “don’t go” and she would stay. But she said bye again, it was 5:00 am and I was exhausted. So I said bye back of course, she got mad and blocked me. Back to what I was saying, she asked me if anything new happened. She was acting really happy and calling me a bunch of names (baby, bubba, prince, hero, etc) it was awkward but I didn’t mind. I told her everything that had happened when she left, she was alright until I told her about my girlfriend. Then she was sad again. I noticed something before she left, she told me it was a toxic friendship and she blocked me. I wanted to know what I was doing wrong so I watched this, It didn’t help much. Does anyone know what type of toxic friendship this is?

  • One of my friends is like the unaware and fake but less worse everytime I show her my art she only has bad things to say about, she constantly butts her opinion in a way that makes me not able to talk back. She gets mad over tiny things. She always seeks for attention and validation by saying she’s dumb when she is in Russian math school and takes advanced math. One of her friends cute her off by saying she was toxic for them she then sent it to me and complained about how mean they were and how they are dumb. Everything they said was correct. I wanted to say that I dont want to be friends with her at that moment but I simply couldn’t. If I did all of my friends (who are her friends aswell) would drop me and stick with her.

  • I have just cut of my toxic best friend a few months ago, and i now have no friends to talk to and im feeling very vulnerable, so if there is anyone i coukd talk to please help

  • 1. They criticize all you do
    2. They get angry with they’re questions
    3. They use guilt to manipulate you
    4. They have no interest in your opinion
    5. They try to make rules for your life
    6. They start by showing love and then distance they’re self
    7. They try to make you feel bad for being yourself
    8. They try to make fun of you

  • Does anyone else have friends that get angry with you, so you show anger back. Then they ask you why you’re angry, whilst it’s pretty obvious.
    I have a friend that makes me do these things and then brings them up as a pleasure. For example:
    My “friend”: “Yeah Sarah sorry, what you’re doing is just a bit annoying”
    Sarah: “sorry, what was i doing?”
    My “friend”: “It’s just annoying, kind of like when *my name* was doing *bla bla bla* to me, and getting angry at me for NOTHING!”
    Sarah: “oki! I won’t do that”
    She takes it so lightly when it’s someone else. God, I want to drop her but my whole friendship group worships her and if I dropped her I would have nothing because they would all backstab me (4/7 friends have backstabbed me and ignored what my “friend” is doing and follow her, oblivious to the bullying)

  • i was in a toxic freindship in elementary with fakers and users by three girls in 5th grade

    and during this summer I just cut off ties with a unaware toxic person. even though probs unaware of what he did wrong. still was wrong and was damaging my mental health

  • so i had this friend who i felt like they were a fake friend so i decided to tell them that i tihnk they might be a fake friend and that im letting them go then they say that im a fake friend when they say that without proof, i need an answer who is the fake friend here.

  • I actually had a bestie she betrayed me tuned out as a fake friend she lost my trust, she found a new group of friends, we don’t communicate anymore with each other. But I finally found a new bestie who was with me for 3 years, if you want to know the name of my bestie her name is naynah. If u wanna hear a story just reply and tell me, naynah if you are reading this.I love you has a bestie and thank u for being so kind and caring all these years, you’ve been helping me with my maths everything! Thank u naynah i love u as a bestie <3

  • i dealt with a girl like this, she ALWAYS copied what i like, was ALWAYS attached to me, ALWAYS competing with me over the smallest things and i ended up hating her bc it annoyed me alot. I started distancing myself from her, (but i still keep her around bc i felt bad that she was sheltered and had no one..) she still copies all my interests so i never share anything with her..

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  • my friend are toxic but I’m forced to stay with them because…

    they gossip about people if you leave them. I’d rather be depressed for the rest of my school year instead of being bullied for my whole school year ����

  • i used to be the unaware toxic friend as a kid, right now I’m a teen. I have toxic parents so I suppose that was where it came from. I look back and I am shocked as to how I treated my friends. I recently had some flashbacks remembering things from my childhood I had forgotten for years as to the different ways I hurt people. I recently became a lot more self aware with meditation and mindfulness and have had many insights. I lately have had toxic friends who have hurt me so it hurts to know that as a child and teen I hurt people like that.

  • In this game called roblox there’s these “Aesthetic” people. I friended a couple of them but they always turned out to be toxic, they would always lash out on me if I did the tiniest thing wrong. I unfriend them right away.

  • I learned my lesson the hard way..being single is the way to go..I don’t think there is no such thing as a mr/ms right..only if they are the good one but good people are very hard to find like I said these days

  • My best girlfriend who seem to constantly warned me about this meth head around the corner… Warn me two and a half weeks ago to stay away from thiswell I did but when I walked around the corner last week what do you think I found there was my girlfriend worrying and my ex-friend Liz! I could have shit a brick. a bother me so much that I cried so hard my neighbor upstairs heard me and had to come downstairs �� some people say how can I take it so hard it was just a friendship with a woman.well in a way there right because women will put a knife in each other’s back especially when it comes to a man faster than men could ever think possible. I couldn’t believe after this woman borrowed $1,800 from her and only paid back four hundred that she would be around there kissing her ass and getting involved in her brother’s defense because he was accused of shooting and killing someone recently in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania.

    it bothered me because we had made a pact to stay away from this individual I believe she’s been going over there more than once I believe she’s been going over there a lot especially running this woman on her drug runs so she could buy meth at night. But even if I’m wrong on that I know she’s been there more thanonce and to lie to me about it just doesn’t make any sense I’m not her mother although it did hurt me and I am very very disappointed that she would lie to me.when you lie to people you not only disrespect yourself but you’re disrespecting them and then she spun it….. She started to gaslight me. I couldn’t believe itshe picked me up in the car not five minutes after I saw her there and the first thing that came out of her mouth when I was looking at her like I wanted to shake or harrow forehead she looked at me and said raven you’re not yourself today. How intuitive. I just caught my best friend with sumbitch that we had decided we were never going to go around and this is not the first time she’s going back to this woman’s company. So I decided not to answer herthree texts and I decided not to answer her phone call where she says that best friends just don’t stop speaking to one and other. well apparently if she lied to me about going over there she wasn’t speaking to me about it says she’s the one that stopped speaking to me first right?? we’re trying to tell me that somehow I was to blame I took it wrong I wasn’t myself I misinterpreted it all this bullshit that they do when they gaslight, it’s something I’m not going to allow it to happen to me.

    I miss her very very much but apparently I wasn’t put in the four most of her mind and thoughts the last six months that we knew each other maybe the relationship went as far as he could and I got what I was supposed to get out of it. But I will not say I’m sorry ��for taking it the wrong way I saw what I saw and it was a betrayal of me and she knows it.

  • What if you are in a toxic relationship with a friend, but your her last resort before suicide and you don’t wanna be the reason she ends it?

  • i have two toxic friends. One i talk to way more and we are closer, and ill call her Sherry. The other one i barely talk to, we’ve known each other for a long time but for a few months we just texted way less often and ill call her Bella. so me and her fight a lot, like what ever i do she gets mad. for example, one time i said that i wanted to talk to this girl that was my old friend and we havent talked to each other for a long time. keep in mind this girl was bella, and the thing is she and sherry are like BFF’s. So yea i suggested i talk to her more often and we just become closer friends. You see sherry for some reason REALLY didnt want me to text her at all. She got very angry when i said that and of course it started a fight. She just wouldnt tell me why that made her so angry and she just said she didnt want me to be friends with her. I told her she shouldnt choose who i get to be friends with, she said i wa choosing her friends like wat. I ended up talking to bella anyway, and then after the fight i apologized (keep in mind she never did) and she made a joke so i thought we were all good. the next day i sent her a tiktok video and stuff and she just said “dont talk to me right now, shut tf up”. So asked why she said “cause you piss me off. it has nothing to do with bella you just piss me off” and of course you guessed that caused another fight. so basically this time i tried to confront her about how she always gets mad for anything i do and she acts like i start the fights and she thinks she never did anything wrong, but she just got really angry about it. she called me a rude and ungrateful narcissist. I told her that sometimes i feel like thats what she is. she says if i really think that then im not a good friend and i should just leave her. I reminded her that she is the one who said that about me first and then the fight continues.

    so this is just a side story thats important, about two fucking years ago two of my other friends told me that sherry was talking shit about me behind my back which this was NOT true, they just said that to cause drama. So like the dumb person i am i believed those two because i mean if two people heard it then it must be true. I told sherry that thats not okay and we are no longer friends. That started drama and when i realized it was a lie all i did was apologize. it took her three days to forgive me for something i did that was only like 10% my fault, but the thing is she didnt really forgive me which is why i brought this up… also i forgot to mention that bella was one of the friends who lied about what amiyah was saying about me too.

    Also another thing that happened back then, a group of friends that included bella bullied sherry and just neglected her, and sherry played along like it was a joke. I didnt really wanna get involved because it was mostly just annoying and i didnt care. Somehow i was the only one sherry was mad at because i didnt crae about what was happening. And the reason i didnt cause i also thought it was a joke and didnt see that they were actually hurting her. Im the only one she never forgave. Im the only one she stayed mad at for two years and im the only one she still calls out for these things and causes fights with me cause it. I still dont understand why.

    Sherry brings this up like all the time. and of course she kept bringing it up in the fights, too. She said that im a toxic friend for betraying her like that and when ever she brings that shit up i just tell her i apologized so man times i apologized months after it happened cause i still felt guilty and it just hurts that i know you’ll never forgive me. I tell her that if she just forgave me this relationship wouldnt be like this, and she says im just pushing her. it makes her mad. she said im just pushing her to forgive me and she says she really doesnt need to forgive me. not only that she says im pushing her about everything heck i admitted that i felt the relationship is toxic, and i wanted to solve the problem she said i was pushing her to solve the toxicity. She calms down a bit after a while so i wrote a really long paragraph lol about how we should do this, she just responds with “idk”. I told her she is not even trying and if she really doesnt care then these fights will keep happening as she wants them to. She yells in all caps that she is trying so hard and im the one putting no effort in this relationship. She says things like “UGHHH WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME THIS IS JUST TORTURE WHY DO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS SHIT” or “I JUST WANNA DIE I WANT YOU TO DIE” and stuff. then that fight magically stopped. I said a few more things and then she just stopped responding so i did too.

    So uh fast forward to the next day AGAIN lol sorry but we didnt have a fight that day, but she was still mad at me and she recited our entire fight on text and said she told bella every single text we sent (which i doubt thats true lmao she probably only told her what i said) and according to her bella said to just drop me and never talk to me again. Bella also said she was gonna block me in a few days too. i was wondering to myself “why are neither of them on my side? why cant they see what i do?” so i figured maybe if i just shut it and let them say those things to me then we wouldn’t have all these fights. So thats what i did, and it kinda worked because we didnt have another fight, so basically she would just say a bunch of shit about the fights we had and what i did two years ago. She tried to mock me by saying the things i said along with a reason that what i said was stupid, but of course i didn’t say anything. I just thought to myself about how i think i did the right thing, because her reasons of how what i said was stupid just reflected back on her. She brought up about how (ahem) IM the one who called her an ungrateful and rude narcissist, and i said she said that about me she still said that im the one who actually meant it and she wanted to kill me cause of it. She said a lot of threats like how she wanted me to die and she’ll kill me and my family, she’ll make me pay for doing that, blah blah blah. I dont know if she as joking or not which i damn hope she was, is she just angry or is she jus joking. So obviously she is still mad and she REALLY doesnt know how to forgive, and i cant just tell her she need to learn to forgive and forget because its a huge problem. She just never listens and takes all that out on me.

    Im quite the opposite. I have had many friends who betrayed me that included bella and this girls who ill call taliyah and another girl ill call jordyn, jordyn is the other of the two friends who told me amiyah was talking shit about me. They have done so many things to me like when we first befriended taliyah she spreaded rumors about me and one day she stopped and we became friends. About two weeks later we were best friends but one day she and bella started gossiping about me and one day i found out and called them out for it, they just started saying a bunch of shit about me and basically just bullied me until i shut up. And literaly like a few seconds later they apologuzed and i fogave them and we are friends again. That just continued and continued and it was a rather bad things. Both me and sherry never knew when it is right to forgive. But at the same time i knew if i never forgave them it would just cause more shit and lead up to more bullying. We were both bad at forgiveness because on her side she never forgave me for anything at all and was just fine with everyone else, and its been twow fucking years and she still wont. So i guess i just never really understood that. I’ve always trusted people too easily which caused me to be trapped in so many situations where i dont know who to trust.

    And that is the kinda situation i feel likw im in right now. I dont know if this toxic relationship is just because of me and i really am a narcissist, is it because of her and i really should just confront her in one big text and block her, is it bella just trying to manipulate us and make us hate each other more, or is it just all three of us hating and hating each other but staying friends? I really dont know, and sorry for this being so long, its not like anyone will ever see this but if you doo just please give me some adivce cause ive never been in this stressful of a situation lol im sorry.

    And “sherry” yea lol that was the only fake name i put there but if you are reading this for some reason idk lol then well you know how i feel about this situation now, yay. but at the same time just shut up.

    In summary i got beef with my own two best friends and im really gay.

  • i believe i’m friends with a faker. i need help!!

    the situation is, were friends that have dated in the past, and have tried to still have a close friendship. nothing wrong there until you consider that they talk bad about me behind my back, yet say to my face that they care about me. they’re incredibly toxic and anytime i try to distance or ignore, they just demand what’s wrong and be manipulative. what do i do?

  • My friends never take the time to message me themselves, it’s always up to me to message them. They blame me for events occurring in their life, saying that they don’t want ‘negativity’ and cutting contact with me over differences in opinions.

    It’s lead me to believe I’m a toxic person, that I deserve to be treated like this and in all honesty made me feel worthless. It’s hard to make friends, I’m a nervous wreck around new people and find it hard to feel comfortable in social situations.

  • Worst of all even after calling them out on it, they shamelessly and persistently continue doing all those stated in this video.
    When you ask for an explanation, it’s like they suddenly forgot how to construct sentences or that language exist.

  • my best friend is toxic. I cannot get away from her but she always disrespect me. Whenever I am happy she says something that makes me sad, like really sad. but when she is loving she is really good at it. I keep going back to her ��������

  • I realized it wasn’t mean’t to be because first of all when we first met eachother we were already toxic. Then started liking eachother then we started getting toxic again and they blocked me.

  • There are many men & women out there looking for partner thru “Internet Dating Service”……to use them during pandemic after losing their jobs.

  • I had a friend for 2 years and now I realized he is the worst friend ever he controls me like he is my dad I decided to remove him it’s the best decision I have ever made

  • I once doubted my partner but thanks to jent_cyber on Instagram who help me in getting access to her cell phone without her consent. You can reach him on WhatsApp on(‪+1 (213) 559-6597‬) his service is affordable. I’m so glad for the job he did

  • I have a friend that when i tell them a secret, they tell everyone and treats it like a joke or prank. I don’t really trust them with my secrets anymore. They are nice to me other than that and I don’t think they mean to doo that. But I don’t think they understand how much i hate it and how serious i am when i say not to tell anyone:(

  • Haha this describes my dad. My life is amazing I’m not a person who bottles emotions, while struggling from depression, anxiety, Panic disorder, PTSD, ADHD, really bad separation anxiety as well as a phobia of not being perfect or not being enough. But noooo I don’t feel like I’m not enough, I’m not exhausted, closed off, empty, lonley, sad, angry, frustrated, anxious, and nervous. Or gaslighted by my narcissist father. Or anxious someone will leave me like my mother did for drugs every five minutes. My aunt didnt die, my brother wasnt taken from me. I’m not being emotionally and mentally abused. No, no, no, no. I’m just being lazy and dramatic, and I’m lucky for the life I have. Because I have a roof over my head and food in my plate and a nice phone and a xbox. But I’m lucky and my lifes great. I dont have trust issues. I’m lucky right? Because I cook, clean, and take care of my lil sister like a mother who’s a mean to me hurts me and calls me names, I don’t do laundry. I’m only 15 I cant be sad, or have back pain, or want to be a kid again. Because I’m young and lucky because I didnt grow up like he did. And mamas back so I can “be a kid again” I cant after you forced me to be an adult. I cant change my worrisome mindset about Bill’s, cleaning, cooking, children. I dont even know who I am and it’s all his fault. Thanks dad. Thanks mom. Your guys are great. I’m so happy�� I don’t wanna die noo why would I want that?, why would I just want a hug… ����

  • I have a internet friend. We have been friends for 5 years. She was quite deppressed and I had always be beside her and helped her. Our mutual hobby was drawing. A few years ago we had opened an instagram page for our art. Since I had just started leaning drawing I used to suck at it but I still did my best. She mostly published her own art and even delete one of mine cause it was not good enough. Needless to say I had become really insecure about that. I had hold a grudge about that for a long time. Then I started seriously studying about art in my free time and in 2 years I had so long passed her.

    Now here is when the problem started. We still send us eachothers arts. Since my art was better than her she had started showing jealousy and the worst part is I liked it. I liked how better I was from her. And this had started to my ego to grow. A few months ago I noticed what was happening and I hated it. I didnt wanted to become someone toxic! So I stopped sending her my art. It was kinda hard. I wanted attention and feel her jealousy but I really did my best. Then I had list the positive and negative parts about our friendship.

    Positive: Someone to talk about art, a friend
    Negative: Makes my inner ego grow, makes her feel jealous, makes both of us feel insecure.

    In the end I thought of ending our friendship. If it was hurting both of us why continue? Of course I didnt tell her this. She doesnt have much friends, I am sure that would cause just more trust issues for her. So I had started to slowly grow away from her. I didnt started converstaions, I didnt seem to eager to text her and gave short replies. Then yesterday she send me another text and said ‘if I die would you be sad’. I had recieved these kinda text from her quite a lot of time. I knew she wouldnt do anything to herself. She just needed atteniton. But I couldnt just ignore that message so I had talk to her and tell her things like she is amazing and ‘please dont do anything’. What should I do?

  • ‘The biggest regret I have in life is letting people stay in my life longer than they deserved’-idk I just know it wasn’t me who wrote this originally

  • My roblox friend Ihaveafunnyjokeforu3 is saying my other are liers idk what to do should I unfriend him please tell me he’s done this before saying some of my best friends did things to him but didn’t

  • unsubscribing..ya, im not perfect, i have massive ANGER ISSUES, BUT I DONT NEED THE constant negative reminders & self-doubt! Nacassist is the most over-used word of the year, & the home-diagnosers are often as “toxic” or have as much baggage as their target.

  • I now feel like my best friend is controlling. At first she would be very nice to me and then ask for a favour. If I say no or something like that, she would get very angry and say that I am a bad friend until I would give in. She also didn’t like a lot of people and when I go and stay with them, she would get very angry with me to a point where she yells at me and tell me to end my friendship with her. If I also made friends with another person she also tells me to leave them because ‘they’re taking me away from her’.My other friend (lets call her Natalia) and other people are telling me she is trying to control me and how I deal with it. Now Natalia and my best friend are arguing and I don’t know how to tell my best friend that our friendship should end. What do you think I should do?

    Sorry if it was too long

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  • I have a fake freind

    Well im a user type freind…

    But before i was a user freind.
    My fake freind hates it when i tell her whats wrong she did but always argue that saids that her idea is right


    Point what my ideas wrong

    Now I only had one thing to say to her


  • Why didn’t I see the sighs before?
    Why? Hopefully this helps other people
    I just wish her and I needed in good terms…I’m sorry to my toxic friend
    But she doesn’t deserve my turns or forgiveness

  • My bestfriend is suicidal but toxic she has good intentions but is just so messed up I am an INFJ I dont want to let go (neither does she) and i try so hard to help her but she has anger issues when i try to tell her how we can make this work she just said this is the real me so many things are going on in her life but I care too much about her to see her go down hill she is just so stubborn please someone help me our last talk is tomorrow at 1pm she said I’m the only thing keeping her alive and if I tell the school consular it will just things worse I cant do this anymore please give me advice thank you
    And if you need more info I’ll give it to you

  • i remember this girl at work would make an effort to talk to me only on the days when she was going to ask me for a lift home…other than that, would barely acknowledge my presence….

  • Marlon my sons so called friend I will use the following energies to keep him away from my son for the next ten years death panic the. Lake fire and hell paranoia 30 miles this energy will be in full effect by 9 am

  • On a sidenote, if you’ve got somebody that has done quite a few things in life, you cannot tell them to except some money that has never done something for themselves and consider that praiseworthy. There is a difference in peoples level of ability so yes some people are going to look down on others, that’s just life

  • The only thing I’d like to point out is that jealous people can often mask themselves by “trying” to fix their flaws and “improving” their lifestyle just so they can have more reasons to brag.

  • TBH I’m kinda the unaware except I don’t plan out the future of others. If ur wondering the reason….

    It’s simple my whole childhood I used to hide under blankets cuz of fights. That’s pretty much all u know.
    Another thing is I cried everyday after returning from school cuz I had no friends. Still in school lost my BFF who was the faker and competes with me.

    Yep this is my life

  • *realizes that my best friend is unaware and an user but still terrified to tell how I feel to her and the entire group of “friends” *

  • my “best friend” constantly talks bad about me, criticizes my body and face and is just toxic over all. the issue is she always regrets it and texts me saying sorry.
    but idk what to do anymore. i’ve tried to stop being her friend. it has never worked. whenever i tell her what she’s doing is toxic she starts making fake accusations and calls me toxic.

  • https://www.facebook.com/100048443602105/posts/145376203753832/?d=n

    I couldn’t spot one, until it was too late

    I had an evil friend for real

    She used her kids to manipulate hundreds of dollars from me, when j was in hospital with kidney failure

  • Beautiful video, it’s explained extremely well and all needed details are there! It’s very well structured and very pleasant and motivating. Thank you for making it!

  • my old best friend left me because the class shipper shipped us (i actually see why, we would flirt as a joke and was really close..) a day after that and she started avoiding me and our friend group. (Not standing by us, sitting with different people, being friends with the bullies, she even unfriended all of us on roblox too.) I didn’t know she was avoiding us and I would try to get by her to talk to her and all she did was push me away and leave. I asked my friend group and one of my friends said she was embarrassed by it and was avoiding us because of me. I didn’t have her phone number, discord tag, and she blocked me on roblox. But, this was all 6 months ago. I’m over her and I am really glad the friend group was able to act normally after she left us. I share a lot of classes with her and I just ignore her.

  • OMG psych2go I need your opinion!! So, my sister is just like what you’re describing, what should I do? I honestly want to cut ties, but it’s hard because she’s my sister and her only friend is one of my friends. Advice??

  • You are talking of narcissists, all these traits are common in ppl with high number of Narcissistic traits.. Study narcissism, let’s change the world!

  • I’m in a toxic friendship with a good friend I’ve met w years ago. We had a time where she ignored me and gossiped about me behind my back. I had no one to really fall onto. So for 5months it lasted. I even thought of self harm to get her to fix things. We still aren’t amended. But thanks to some of the best people in the world I realized how bad the friendship was.

  • I swear I play a online game and I’m a high lvl (max is 200) after I’m friends for a couple days they will ask to help lvl up and I say yes the next day same and then after that it’s on repeat and I lost so many friends with this issue to the point I hardly trust anyone

  • It’s been 11 years that me and my best friend are friends. I feel like our friendship is force because ours parents are best friends. I did a lot of things with her like traveling, ect. She has a lot of problems in her family. I think that’s why she started being mean to me. She call me selfish, a person that just wants attention and a perfect girl. She often says that my life is perfect and that I don’t have any problems. I might think that she is the first type of friends.(I don’t remember the name) I’m kinda scared to lose her.

  • Almost all of my short friendships since I became an adult were with a “user”, either for: my car, my time, my energy, my help, my money. They knew I loved to always help a friend in need in any way possible in exchange for laughs, memories and their company, which results in me getting emotionally destroyed in the end. Only my childhood/teenagehood friends weren’t users…
    Why is it so difficult for adults to be mutually respectful with their close ones?

  • A lot of people are sharing their experience about them and their best friend. Please press read more if you want to hear mine:)

    When I was 2, I moved to America and me and my parents didn’t speak English at all because they wasn’t raised in a English speaking country. From where I came from, my grandparents and my best friend’s grandparents planned out where we will live. The day I arrived to America my best friend’s parents picked my family up and drove to their house. At that time my family only had 3 people and so did my best friend’s family. We grew up together. We would basically see each other 24/7! Day and night! After 6 years of living with them, my family eventually had to move away. Our house was actually pretty close to theirs! We still saw each other a lot and we went on family trips together! We would play bored games, 2 player games, tag and everything that 2 friends would do. We always had each others back *always*. After many years, when tiktok became popular my friend decided to make an account. I didn’t really like tiktok that much but I was okay with her being on tiktok. After 4 months we saw each other again in real life because of coronavirus. We was SOO excited!! Then after going on family trips with them, my friend would always talk about tiktok and about a few people she met on tiktok. I was happy she made new friends but I didn’t really like her talking about them and tiktok all the time. So once I asked her if she could talk a little less about her friends because she knew I didn’t really have any luck of making friends. She didn’t stop. She got really mad at me and told me I was just jealous! She didn’t really talk to me and whenever I text her she would always talk a little bit and then she would stop talking when I bring up something I wanted to talk about. After a few months in July 2020 I wanted to see what was going on. So I made a account and went to her page. She made videos about me! And all her friends and people I didn’t even know would say mean things about me. After that I went to one of her videos and replied “ Please don’t make a hate video about me please” after that she deleted all her videos of me and she blocked me. I wanted to talk to her on the phone about it but her mom said she didn’t want to talk. I left tiktok again. And I came back on July 2020. She made another hate video about me and she tagged me. She blocked me so I couldn’t see the video. I made another account and saw everything. Her friends were hating on me a lot and she joined in with them. On September 10,2020 I went back to tiktok to see what’s going on. She made a video that had her gacha character and her new best friends character. She said in a audio music voice: She’s my best friend. Break her heart, I’ll break your face. She never smiled around me and hurts to see that video.

    I wrote a lot already lol. This is basically how my 12 year old friend ship ended. Thank you for reading my story:)

  • Sorry for the rant mainly just getting out my feelings here lol
    Don’t mind me �� A long term friend of mine was most definitely the unaware. They were homeschooled and only had two other friendships in their lives one ending poorly because of very intense issues. Now we had another friend who’s a faker, abuser, and most definitely a user. This girl would straight up insult my unaware friend and make her feel horrible when I was around because she was jealous that she wasn’t getting my unaware friends full attention. But I tried to be nice and maybe if all three of us were friends she’d cool down. It worked for a little while. Then the abuser started lying and sneaking around after being a tight three group for years. The week of Halloween I had lost a family member which took a lot out of me. Then Halloween day my supposed two best friends lied that they were hanging out that day as I was trying to get together with them. The reason why I found out was that my family bumped into them at the store looking at costumes. At a time I really needed friends on a holiday where friends get together they lied and ditched me. After telling them how I felt the abuser manipulated the entire situation saying that I was being overly jealous even though it’s completely valid to want to hangout out with people I did feel comfortable with after something like that. After which they said they didn’t feel the need to speak to me and said they had no idea what they did wrong. Then the abuser stated lies about me and completely ruined my friendship with the unaware. I tried everything I could to salvage the friendship but they wouldn’t even answer me for six months straight. Finally their parents stepped in and told them they were wrong. Honestly just a terrible experience and an awful way to end a friendship especially with one person I thought was genuinely my friend. It’s definitely hard but it’s just one stepping stone in life and there’s plenty of people out there.

  • Yesterday was my bday and many of my friends wished me happy bday some posted stories on Instagram some texted me etc one of my closest friends didn’t say nothing to me we didn’t talk at all I had posted him for his bday a year ago but he didn’t say anything for me this year and we used to hang out before quarantine and the whole year. He has helped me a lot but idk I was expecting something from him. One more I posted him too for his bday twice for 2 years and he just told me happy b’day he didn’t post anything we are pretty close but I feel like he cares more about his girls and less about me. Tomorrow gonna hang out with both of them completely random and idk if I should be mad at them or something:/

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  • I just learned I have a fake friend. OMG!:(
    My so called friend only likes to talk to me when they’re down. And if I don’t agree with her she gets kinda mad. She never said thank you for always helping her out.. What should I do??

  • My friends never take the time to message me themselves, it’s always up to me to message them. They blame me for events occurring in their life, saying that they don’t want ‘negativity’ and cutting contact with me over differences in opinions.

    It’s lead me to believe I’m a toxic person, that I deserve to be treated like this and in all honesty made me feel worthless. It’s hard to make friends, I’m a nervous wreck around new people and find it hard to feel comfortable in social situations.

  • I’ve had a best friend who I broke the relationship off a little while ago because, well, she just didn’t treat me like a human. Then I realise that it’s because she was jealous of me.. everything checked out, she said that she didn’t have a crush, but the second I said that I did, she immediately starting “liking” the same guy. She would say that on all of my school projects that, anyone could reach that level of achieving. And of course, she talked about me behind my back. When I would leave for the bus at the end of the day, she would say ‘Bye!’ and then go to the other girls and say my name like “Holly This” “Holly That”. So thanks for the information!

  • “they only come to you when they need something”
    This happened so much to me, when someone comes to talk to me i just say what do you want as blunt as possible cause I know they only need something and it hurts that i’m never wrong

  • I have a crush on her, she already rejected me, and were still best friends… I just don’t wanna lose her because I know If I do I have no other friends and I would be lonely, and she probably wouldn’t care because she has a girlfriend and a lot of other friends..

  • I just saw this video (like the thumbnail) and I already knew I was being used for like a whole year by my so called friend and it hurt me then they moved on to someone new and I felt like the second choice or leftovers:(

  • Omg, I have a toxic friend I think! They threatened me for something in a game or they’ll end our friendship and block me so I can’t call her. She also is very bossy, and always acts like all the signs! I’m starting to dislike her. What is the best solution?

  • Mom and Kali to a T. Also almost anyone I met in real life has used me. I had an old neighbor who dead now. But he would use me for everything!

  • Hi to all at Psych2Go.. I hope that you are all in good health, wealth and waist! I must say what a wonderful video. So beautifully animated and put together. The characters were just so pleasing to the eye(s) and they made the whole subject of people using you a bit more bearable. Because the idea and images in my mind of people using other for their material gains are akin to a horror movie with creatures that are visually and aurally terrifying. This video brings calm to those feelings so I would just like to say that, thanks for making such a wonderfully animated and calm-inducing video. bye4now….SqueezyHugs…

  • I know that this video was posted along time ago, but I kind of want some advice, so basically iv had somone who I consider to be my bestfriend for about 2 years and we basically talk all the time, iv stayed at her house, we’ve gone on trips together etc and she for some reason hasn’t texted or contacted me in over a month ( she didn’t even wish me happy b day on my birthday) and I just….idk, maybe shes just going through something? But I rlly miss her and idk what to do about it…….

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  • Just unfriended one of my friends without saying anything because if i do something she will try and make me feel bad about doing so..

  • Wow. I tought I was the problem, but this video made me be sure that my “friend” was never my friend, he was always using me… I was already a bit suspicious tho. Thank you:)

  • Hello weekend everyone! We decided to release two videos in a single day, because this one is special. We have a new animator on the team. If you enjoy this animation style, please thank Annie Bernie if you’d like to see more! Also, this topic is important too. If you feel that you’ve been or are in a toxic type of relationship, then maybe it’s time for a change.

  • Your “Signs You Have Depression” video helped me learn I have depression. People think it is fake, so even though you’re videos are for education, I watch them to cheer up.:>

  • this girl that i used to be friends with (she stopped being friends with me bc i tried to talk it out with her friend that i had drama with, then when she texted me she said “i’m not gonna sleep,drink, or eat for the next 3 days bc of you”…) keeps coming to me when she needs me to calm her down and it kinda bothers me bc as much as i want to talk to her i hate that now she’s only talking to me when i need to solve her problems even though we aren’t friends. and when i start a conversation she never reply’s bc she has to restrict me or else she will get in trouble cause she’s talking to me. i have my own problems too and i’m not even good at helping her so idk why she keeps coming back..

  • I have a college classmate, and the sign of it, always at them.
    So i avoided them, but i have to reponsible for them, because i am leader of the class.
    And, that’s hard��

  • I dont believe fully that people use me. Buts more on the lack of respect and acknowledgement i exist and what i do.

    Ive drawn art for people before and sometimes they say thank you. And when most friends were depressed or needing advice, i always reached out or offered them help but they never bothered.

    I often felt like i was a problem because most of the time, people dont talk to me. I have self doubt in myself because no one tells me anything, they only tell me things like “your art is great” or “your a cool person” and well, compliments make my day.

    But the first straw of trouble was my birthday. No one said happy birthday to me. Nobody acknowledged me. Only 1 person, a stranger, did. And another friend until i had to remind him. I even posted a screenshot of my account on twitter with balloons, indicating my birthday. But nobody else said happy birthday. It really hurt me. Especially since some of those people who follow me have been given respect and art for their birthdays. I dont expect art. I just want acknowledgement that i exist. I was sad. I felt alone. But i got over it, although it still lingers in my head.

    The 2nd problem was when i took a week off twitter and i didnt say anything about that. I just didnt use it. And surprisingly enough, some (by that i mean 4 out of the 94) people including the late friend were asking me where i was, am i ok? After the week was over, i didnt say why i was gone, just a simple hey im back and i got back to drawing.
    And those same people besides the 1, dont talk to me ever. And its funny that i thought nobody cared about me.

    And..two of my friends left. And some dont talk to me at all. One who messaged me asking if i was ok. And my other friend who decided to leave twitter for a few days but got on my case just because i told him if thats what he wants to do, go right ahead.

    And..i felt alone at that point. I felt that nobody actually gave a shit about me. Everything people told me that were nice or friendly were lies. They either leave, never talk to me, or reinforce the point they make. It just feels like they are trying to butter me up and then i fall for their bait. And..now. i just want to vent my frustration at them and quit.

    Im tired of doing so much for people and being there and i get nothing in return. No respect, no care or comfort from people. Fucking nothing. I just want to ball up and cry. Im just wasting my time. That friend who left twitter for sometime was my only person to vent to, to talk to and feel comforted by. Now i have nobody.

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  • I think we need to put bosses, employers, and supervisors into a slightly different category… We’re talking about overtime, here… Staying the extra hour… So long as they don’t ask me to clock out and keep working (wage theft is illegal in the U.S. btw) they’re playing “fair”. That extra overtime gets to be “time and a half” or “double time” when you exceed 40 hours a week, or are working Sundays or Holidays, depending on the company… It might suck at the time, BUT when the work season gets lean, that overtime looks REAL damn good!

    The exception here is being offered a “Salary Job” as a supposed “promotion”… In some companies, that’s true. In a LOT of companies, it’s a line of BS… The worst offenders I’ve seen were in the food industry and janitorial services… There’s been a glut of restaurants, fast food joints, and other eateries jockeying for “top dog” positions in the markets. Similarly, even when some companies get tired of their buildings looking like shabby shit on white-bread, they don’t respect their janitorial staff enough to pay them a decent wage to do the most disgusting job in the whole damn place…
    SO sure, the offer of the salaried job sounds good, and the contract does read up 5,000 bucks higher than your wage as wait-staff… BUT when you find yourself working TWICE THE HOURS… you’re hourly work-pay balance went to hell in a hand-basket. This isn’t necessarily the company’s fault, though… YOU choose to sign on or stick it out…

    There are a few ways “wage theft” can happen… AND you need to keep up with your own hours on an hourly job… Watch out for any “time clock” that doesn’t have a hard-copy output, that means, beware of a place that doesn’t print-out the “time in” and “time out” when you “clock in” or “clock out”…

    Some employers only “skim” you… That means, they disregard the “minutes”, or “dock you” the entire hour for even a minute or two off… It just “doesn’t count”… SO you can clock in five minutes past the hour, and work 55 whole minutes FREE OF CHARGE!!!

    Now, ANY time-code calculation as a “precision” question… Most are decent down to 10 or 15 minutes, and at some point, you have to decide when you’ve just split enough hairs… It might suck to think you can work 9 to 14 minutes Free… BUT it’s hardly worth quibbling about when “at least, you have a paying job”.

    The other way I’ve seen it, most blatant, is being told to “clock out” before your work is done, since your on an hourly wage, but they just won’t pay enough hours for the jobsite or quota they need to cover. This is usually out of a small time operator or a less experienced “bidder”… BUT it’s illegal, and you shouldn’t put up with it…

    In the janitorial service, for instance, a “jobsite” is a building to be cleaned regularly. The “bidder” walks through and determines whatever needs done and how often (usually by a company designed spreedsheat, so he’s not unprepared) and then decides how many people are needed to do it equitably, and reasonable costs and wages… That’s “calculating the bid”… An inexperienced bidder can get more easily “exciteded” by a job offer, and in his enthusiasm to get it, he tries too hard to “undercut” competition… This ends up with the job costing more than it makes, and putting a financial strain on the company. They get forced to ask workers to clock out early and stay late, or face bankruptcy and a “breach of contract” lawsuit.
    The other side of a noob’ bidder mistake is “getting buffaloed”. This happens when a company has won a bid, but the jobsite suddenly starts making new demands, refuses to pay or threatens to cut the contract off… The bidder caves, and one little step after another, it marches right off the same “costs more than it makes” cliff…

    It’s hard to bid in… It’s hard to find work… It’s tough to break into business out there. BUT the words “I couldn’t possibly…” should never be outside your vocabulary. I’ve been lucky.I could escape without too much hell to play, but there have still been awfully lean times. I’ve been taken advantage of and kept my mouth shut… BUT immediately started scouring for new work, and better conditions… There’s no reward for loyalty out there, so don’t bother being loyal. Don’t ask for a character reference when you “jump ship” or “leave ’em high and dry”. You won’t get a good one.

    BUT there’s a BIG BIG difference between being the boss’s trusted favorite and getting fat fat stacks for all the overtime, because he or she or they CAN trust you… AND getting dumped on for someone else’s fuck-up. ;o)

  • Does it count as “using someon” when i ask them about when assignments have to be done what we have to do, and how to do cetaint things, even tho next to those questions, we talk allot as acctual friends???

  • Thank you for telling me all of these signs
    I Finally realize I need to cut off people in my life T n T
    I’ve been used for too long, none of them thought of saying thank you for my support and initiative.

  • I try to run but she just sucks me back in with her act then hurts me with words makes me insecure makes me hate really nice people

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  • Just a small reminder that you are worthy, that leaving these people will preserve your mental health, that being alone is better than being with a toxic person. Spare yourself the stress of always having to comply to them, spare yourself their exploitation of your fear of rejection, realize that they are abusing the weak spots to exploit you even more, preserve yourself.

  • The toxic person puts you down to build themselves up. Toxic people are insecure, self-centered, and abusive. It was my fault that I was raped by my ex because I refused to give up my apartment and move in with him. I’m to blame for everything because I allowed the rape to happen. If I just gave up my apartment, the rape wouldn’t have happened. I wish I died.

  • 5/6 signs are there still I don’t want to let go…I think the genuinity and the sense of security that friendship provided is hard to find elsewhere.:(

  • That will get you killed and maybe not just you maybe all of your kind and there kind after there kind �� think about it a normal person comes in contact with a narcissistic controlling person and then in retaliation the opposition is killed as well as many others

  • Yes this narcissistic [email protected] comments on everything and puts me down. Then recruits the flying monkeys to bully me even more. They act like I should be jealous of their sociopathic tails.. They try to ruin my mood.b if it weren’t for the few people I can confide in I don’t know what I’d do..

  • my whole family is very toxic but that really goes for my twin sister who is all this to the extreme. But everyone in my family blames me for everything and they think I’m toxic but I’m not the one doing this behavior they are.

    I’ve tried to stand up for myself. I’ve pointed out what they’ve done wrong. I’ve been very straightforward and to the point and they all still refuses to admit they’ve done anything wrong. and I’m owed a million apologizes but no one in my life ever given me the apology I’m owed.

  • I have been in a simular situation. When I was younger, I had a friend that was not only using me, but was also toxic. She would steal toys from me without me knowing, she would talk bad about me behind my back, and when she did say thank you, event though she had a happy smile and seemed like she really cared, she never did. She took my kindness for granted. I never really liked confrontation, both me being confronted, or confronting others. I never got to tell her to stop, and my other friends ended up having to fight my battles for me because I wouldn’t do it. I never asked them to, but they were so close to me that they did anyway. I never got to say goodbye to that bad friend because she moved away before I could tell her. And when she told me she was moving, she really tried to stay in contact with me, or at least pretended. I never got her perents numbers to talk to her, and I’m glad I didn’t. And to add all that together plus the fact that after she moved I found out that she was fiscally and verbally bullying my brothers without me knowing, I almost wish she didn’t leave so I could shout at her! All that is in the past now, and thanks to her, I have a hard time making friends, but at least I don’t ever have to see her again.

  • For this being a ‘psychology’ channel… It does a pretty good job at not actually going deep enough into the psychological aspects of character. To say that you ‘are not responsible for the the behaviour of others’ is not only a lie, but it is monumentally irresponsible to say. Yes the only person you can control is you. BUT. “You get out of life what you tolerate”. “You line up to get exploited”. Peoples weakness invites exploitation. To put it another way. Say you are in a long-term relationship, for years, and the man in the relationship gets complacent, lazy and or something happens to him, hurt on the job, wounded in war, hes just not the same again. The woman leaves him, because he has gotten fat and lazy. Or hes lost a leg or a arm in battle and isent the same again. The woman takes the man through divorce court…shows him who she really is. Get the picture yet?

  • Ive been through this something very similar and I hope that no one else goes through this because IT SUCKS!

    Make sure you have friends that make you feel special and beautiful bc that’s what you are <3

    If you have an issue you want to talk about im all ears!

  • Am being used up many times by my classmates ��it makes me worry because they don’t talk the other time with me and one person lied me as being good but now the person left from my life by saying nothing ����

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