5 Subtly Mean Phrases Bullies Use


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Mean people. Gross! If only someone would invent a force field for nice people that would make negative vibes bounce off and land in a bush. Until then, here are five phrases you can use to ‘keep the power’!

1. “Why are you spending so much energy trying to make me feel bad? I. 5 Subtly Mean Phrases Bullies Use.

By Sherri Gordon 5 Things Every Parent Should Know About College Bullying. By Sherri Gordon Saying the Right Things to Your Family When You Lose a Job. By Amy Morin, LCSW 8 Reasons Why Victims of Bullying Do Not Tell Others. By Sherri Gordon.

5 Subtly Mean Phrases Bullies Use. By Sherri Gordon Why Kids Who Witness Bullying Often Do Not Report It. By Sherri Gordon The Real-Life Effects of Cyberbullying on Children. Reviewed by Amy Morin, LCSW 6 Types of Bullying Parents Should Know About. Reviewed by Amy Morin, LCSW.

These bullies use their words to torment, even when they may not have any actual power over the victim. Passive-aggressive or covert bullying. Ni says this is infrequent but “in some ways it’s the. If you want to spot a bully, you should watch out for some of these telltale phrases. “I’m not a bully. I’m just honest!” Many bullies tend to use this as one of their main excuses.

They will use the guise of being ‘honest’ when really they are being brutal. This is the way that they justify the awful, mean things that they say to others. These 10 Phrases Are an Insult to Everyone’s Intelligence I can even use it as collateral in case I want to get a loan to buy something at Prada.

This phrase has somehow come to mean: “I. Some forms that mean-spirited teasing or bullying can take include: Engaging in hurtful name-calling or shaming of some sort such as fat-shaming and slut-shaming. Making cruel or nasty statements about another person. Dishing out putdowns disguised as jokes. Using sarcasm to ridicule another person.

Bullies are not accepted here, bullies are the one who should fear. 2. Tell bullies to go away, that we won’t accept them in any way. 3. It is only fair to treat others with care. 4. The size that really matters is the size of your heart.

5. Treat others like you want to be treated. Sometimes, bullies use anger to try and control others. Sixty-one percent of individuals say a bully has used “presumably” uncontrollable mood swings in front of a group as a way to try and. These subtle signs are all used to create an emotional reaction, usually anxiety, which establishes greater control and power over the victim. Deceit.

Repeatedly lying, not telling the truth, concealing the truth, deceiving others to get one’s way, and creating false.

List of related literature:

An example of the last would be claiming that being the troublemaker one is accused of being by the bully is a good thing for the department since change is needed.

“Organizational Socialization: Joining and Leaving Organizations” by Michael Kramer, Michael W. Kramer
from Organizational Socialization: Joining and Leaving Organizations
by Michael Kramer, Michael W. Kramer
Wiley, 2010

The/ go around witha sign hanging out, ‘I’m out of sorts this morning,’ or ‘I’m just feeling bully—got my deal through.’

“Slang and Its Analogues Past and Present: A Dictionary Historical and Comparative of the Heterodox Speech of all Classes of Society for More than Three Hundred Years with Synonyms in English, French, German, Italian, etc.” by Anonymous
from Slang and Its Analogues Past and Present: A Dictionary Historical and Comparative of the Heterodox Speech of all Classes of Society for More than Three Hundred Years with Synonyms in English, French, German, Italian, etc.
by Anonymous
Library of Alexandria,

But they also muddy the waters: gateway behaviors can be used to tease, to be mean just once, or to bully.

“Bullying and Cyberbullying: What Every Educator Needs to Know” by Elizabeth Kandel Englander
from Bullying and Cyberbullying: What Every Educator Needs to Know
by Elizabeth Kandel Englander
Harvard Education Press, 2013

“Your tactics might have been more subtle than shoving a kid up against a wall and threatening to thump them, but anything that involves forcing people to act against their will counts as bullying in my book.”

“Man Vs. Beast” by Robert Muchamore
from Man Vs. Beast
by Robert Muchamore
Simon Pulse, 2013

The last are those most explicitly bullied, at least by reputational jeering and pointed exclusion.

“Violence: A Micro-sociological Theory” by Randall Collins
from Violence: A Micro-sociological Theory
by Randall Collins
Princeton University Press, 2009

“I have something to say to you I’m not referring to the bullies Or the ones they pursue.

“Point of Retreat” by Colleen Hoover
from Point of Retreat
by Colleen Hoover
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

“I’ve seen them before, they’re just bullies.

“Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior” by Millman Dan
from Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior
by Millman Dan
Peaceful Warrior ePublishing, 2015

Questioning can work well, too: “Do you think bullies earn more or less respect from their friends?”

“Raising Children Who Think for Themselves” by Elisa Medhus M.D.
from Raising Children Who Think for Themselves
by Elisa Medhus M.D.
Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2011

Writing down specific definitions for harassment and bullying will leave no loopholes.

“Human Resources Management Issues, Challenges and Trends:
from Human Resources Management Issues, Challenges and Trends: “Now and Around the Corner”
by Ronald R. Sims, Sheri K. Bias
Information Age Publishing Incorporated, 2019

(Bully goes a distance off curling up to sleep without a word) I used to wash Troubles mouth out with soap when he used bad words.

“In the Blood” by Suzan-Lori Parks, Dramatists Play Service (New York, N.Y.)
from In the Blood
by Suzan-Lori Parks, Dramatists Play Service (New York, N.Y.)
Dramatists Play Service, Incorporated, 2000

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  • Bullied must raise the issue to the authorities like parents and teachers. Know your worth, you are human who deserved to be treated well. Fight for your right to express who you are! Do not allow anyone to make fun of you! And lastly, DO NOT BE LIKE THEM!

  • A lot of this is good advice, but is not applicable in the UK. In the UK you have the right to have a rep with you. And if it is a disciplinary they are SUPPOSED to give you a written summary of the allegations a week before a disciplinary hearing… If they have not then state your rights.

    It is highly unlikely that a co worker will stand up for you and even if they do there is no guarantee of outcome, but I have been in the situation with a boss that was an out and out bully. He moved to another department and started on some poor 17 year old kid. Someone told the kid that I had, had issues with the same guy and the kid came to see me early one morning. Fortunately, my friend and a union rep were in the lab when he sought me out and whilst the union rep did not hear all of what was said he did hear me mention his name and point him out.

    My friend asked me at break time what had been said and her response was ‘yeah that guy is a real bastard, you really need to tell the main union guy about it to cover your own arse and so that the union knows this guy is still bullying people’ That evening when no one was around I went to the main union guy who gave me a copy of the company ‘dignity at work code’ and asked me to pass it on to the kid. The next morning I went in and saw the kid in his section, the only other person around was another friend of mine who happened to be training the kid, I gave him the paperwork with a copy of the company jobs sheet on top and instructed the kid to put it in his personal locker or his car and to read it at home. The kid asked what he should say if he walked into the bully and he took it off him, I told him that he was safe at the moment because his bully was usually late in, but if he walked into the bully then he should say that it was from the union, because the management can not punish the union for giving him documents that the employer should have given him.

    Kid takes no notice and waves around document and some brown nose grasses him up to the bully boss and he then tells the bully boss that I had given him the documents. I do not know this, but some time later the kid comes into our lab again early in the morning. This time he starts to say that he has been subject to more bullying and the bully’s sidekick that towers over the kid has threatened to punch him and he is scared, I tell him that he pretty much has 2 choices, join the union and get their help or go back to his job agency and ask them to find him another position as the current one is just not a good fit. He is still gibbering on about being frightened of the bully and I tell him to stay out of the bully’s way as much as possible and not to be alone with the bully. He says that he is still frightened that the bully is going to hit him and I tell him that it is extremely unlikely that the bully would attack in front of witnesses and this is why he should not be alone with him. The kid says what should he do if he does attack and I simply said then you are backed into a corner and you will have no choice, but to defend yourself, but this is why I am advising you to either involve the union or find a way out of here, because if you get in a fight with this guy, it is you that they will fire.

    Unbeknown to me the bully boss had seen him talking to me and asked him what it was about and the next thing I know I am subject of a disciplinary hearing, making out that I had told the kid to ‘kick shit’ out of his bully. This was quite an incredible accusation, given that for a start off the kid was about 5 foot 6 inches tall and the bully was about 6 foot 2 inches in comparison. I had 4 witnesses. My friend and the union guy who actually saw the kid initiate conversation with me and could tell by the tone of voice that he was complaining and whom I had actually confirmed what the conversation was about to, the first time he came into our lab. The main union guy who I had related the incident to, who had asked me to furnish the guy with the ‘dignity at work’ policy. And also my other friend who had seen me hand the kid the policy document. This last witness also said that she asked the kid why he had lied and made a statement that I had told him to kick the shit out of his bully, the kid said that the bullies told him it was that or he would be out of work. ALL OF THIS IS GIVEN IN WITNESS STATEMENTS.

    But despite the fact that telling the guy to kick the shit out of his bully does not make sense in light of giving the kid a copy of the companies dignity at work code and telling him to seek help from the union, who are better able to help the kid than me and it does not even make sense from the size difference alone. The company decided that I had tried to cause trouble by trying to involve the union and that I had tried to incite the kid to assault a member of the workforce. I was issued with a final written warning for this and told that if I talked about what had gone on that I would be dismissed. Frankly, I should have walked then, but I contacted a lawyer and they sent a threatening letter to the kid telling him to retract his statement, the kid, being beyond stupid and not realising that these gits were not going to stop bullying him, showed the letter to the bullies and they fired him. I should have walked then, but the issues was then employer references, I had got a friend to get references from them and they were such that there was no chance that I would get a job. I just had to suck it up and save up for them firing me, which they eventually made some absolute bullshit up and fired me. This time when they started the disciplinary proceedings, I went off sick for 4 months and they had to pay me for all of that time, well I was working a 60+ hour week and doing on call but only got salary of £17,500 per annum, so to be honest I was only getting what they should have paid me in the first place, still at least I won that little victory.

    When they finally sacked me there was still outstanding pay and those references were obviously pretty awful. My union was involved and threatened a tribunal and the reply was that if we went down that route and lost then they would personally pursue me for the costs. The advice came back was ‘don’t do it’, they have offered to pay your outstanding wages and they will provide you with a neutral reference in exchange for you signing a non disclosure agreement. In other words we will throw you some chicken feed in exchange for you selling your rights to stand witness when our bully bosses unfairly sack other people, I told my union you can go tell them that if they are not decent enough to pay people what they owe them in the first place then that is between them and their consciences, but my principles are not up for sale they can go stick their underhand gagging agreement up their jaxxsies. My union rep said I should accept the deal and I said that I did not want to sell out my mates for 30 pieces of silver and my union rep said you are not selling anything it is them that owe you the money, but she said that I pretty much had to accept it or the bullying would not stop and the employer would be likely to contact any future employer and screw up my future employment.

    And by the way my ex boss PETE if you are reading this, how is your new job at the coffee shop, bit of a come down from being a department manager to serving folk coffee and cleaning tables. Yeah that is right I know all about it and I see from the negative comment about you on Trip adviser saying that you are rude and abrupt that you have not changed one bit, hope they give you plenty of crappy toilets to clean. And you know how your alcoholic daughter got done for being three times over the drink drive limit, take a wild guess who shopped her to the police. Yes, that is right, you are not the only person who can bully people. Do I feel guilty. No. Because I know that I was targeted unfairly by you and that you either lied about me or twisted someone else’s arm to lie about me, the big difference is that you bullied me for just trying to make a living, where as I got a selfish.[where did she get that from] and dangerous young lady off the road who could have killed someone. And yes I did figure out why you bullied me, remember how you used to boast about how intelligent your daughter was, you had us all thinking that she was some sort of Oxbridge candidate, but all the graduates in your old department had a mighty good laugh at her linkedin profile, there is exaggerating and then there is EXAGGERATING.

  • 2:00 “Play around”

    Seriously? A bully who is 7 feet and you are 5 feet 6 inches verbally harasses you and in your defense you want negative reinforcement? That’s just asking for trouble and puts you into much harm. I would just be direct, communicate the bullies error, and report them to upper management. Don’t make it difficult than it seems. A bully wants you to react and feel the need to give into him or her.

  • lol where were you 2 days ago haha. this is good mate. excellent its similair to the CIA training they call it Verbal Judo u can youtube it

  • I am a Author, Writer, I have written to ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE others.

    I have written Poetry, articles, I am a Author,
    I have written many articles, to AVERT, Prevent, the violence harm of others.

    I am no different than any other man, or woman, who dislikes harm to others.

    I am No different than any other man or woman who dislikes harm to children.

    I am No different than any other Author, Writer, Poet, and those who work in professions of Service, Protective Service, First Responders, and wishes write to protect women, and men, and children.

    I am No different than any other, Writer, Author, Poet, or first responder, public Safety personal, who spends their time and efforts to help others.

    I am No different other than the actual fact, that, I have had actual real, direct, person to person face to face threats from persons in, have been in positions of authority these actual threats to make my life difficult.

    I write in many times to prevent harm, and avert harm beforehand.

    This way others can make choices to help prevent, and prepare people to prevent any potential harm.

    I am NOT a person who would harm anyone else, I am just as any other first responder who wish is Provide protection, Safety, Well being.

    I like people, this why I write to ENCOURAGE and help others, in many ways, throughout my life.

    There are many people throughout our history who have a innate sense to help others.
    I innate sense to Prevent harm.

    I have innate sense to Protect agaist the violence, hurt, and harm of women, children and men.

    These people were allowed to help others in our history.

    I am not trying to be great,

    I am just trying to live with the innate sense to help others, in whatever positive ways I can.

    I have only desired to help others since I was at a very young age.

    Not everyone likes the idea that I wish to help others.

    I have been told why should you Care about others.

    I would never try to hurt anyone.

    I am Protective person who desires to help others.

    There is a reason why I have repeated this information NOT difficult to figure out why.

    WHY HAVE I WRITTEN REPEATEDLY, THE REASON IS VERY OBVIOUS, their are those who wish to Slander, lie, create situations, and or deliberately lie to cause problems.

    Note from May 25, 2018, 1:15 PM[Blue]
    Note from May 16, 2018, 2:52 PM[Blue]

    I Jason Sandifer, Have Prayed Concerning the following Written below has been previously in various media formats in similar version this is a Reposted.

    I still believe that there has been a VERY INTENSE CONCERTED Efforts to make myself (Appear,) and be (Depicted) in a very (Negative light), VIA EXPLOITATION of Situational Circumstances in some circumstances in which I am NOT in control of.

    (This may be a Direct Result )of several prior (Actual) (Direct Threats) (Verbal)

    (Actual Face to Face conversations) stated to (make my Life Very hard, and difficult for me, via some Persons of, and in Authority, and maybe a direct retaliation, and as to EXPLOIT any occurrences of Homelessness, or Situational circumstances, hardships, difficulties, including any loss of employment, layoff, and or any occurrences of unemployment.

    *****For a Very literal Example it was stated to me DIRECTLY
    Face to face, (Actually) told to me (Directly) that I looked like I “belonged in a cage, like an orangutan”, and the person had the ability to ( “make this happen quite easily”).

    This only just one of many such like Threats I have received Directly via persons of, or in Positions of Authority thru the years. I have done absolutely Nothing Wrong.

    *Yet precarious situations come to me. (Randomly) Not the other way around.

    I DO NOT have any medical issues I am healthy.

    *I am NOT Depressed
    *I am NOT on any medications, NOR have I ever been on a regimented prescription medication schedule, I have Never, Ever been on a regimented prescription program other than antibiotics for a cut 15 years ago or so.

    *(I Do Not Seek Trouble at All). Yet by some,
    *I have been many times (Treated like a Criminal) (repeatedly).

    (I have) also been
    for Family, Friends, and Acquaintances, for
    their Well-Being and Safety.

    *In Everything that I Write, Wrote, and have Written, or Speak about it has been to Encourage, and or Help, and or to be of Service to someone else.

    I have moved on, and will continue with Pursuing with My Hopes and Dreams, despite the many (Precarious Situations), Situational Circumstances, and also (MANY, MANY DIFFICULTIES) which I have faced.

    *Although this has been a Serious Threat and Issue.

    *I have also been (Highly Concerned for Family, Friends, many Acquaintances), (for their Well Being, Safety and Protection)

    Jason Sandifer-(Advocate for the Preservation of Life), (and for
    Advocate, Reposted Message

    Author, Advocate for Humanity,
    Jason Sandifer, Michigan-(2020)

    Advocate for Humanity,
    Anti-violence advocate of Women, Children, Men

    Author, Jason Sandifer,
    6/23/2020, 7/23/2020
    7/24/2020, 8/20/2020

  • okay, my opinion, and happy to chat about it.

    1, 2, and 3 can be a sign that an AMAB person is flirting with you but that doesn’t make it okay.
    if these things are making you uncomfortable it should not be excused by saying “it’s okay he’s only flirting”
    now this can be mitigated by telling them you feel uncomfortable and then it’s on them to respond. i can also appreciate that that might now be an option because they are making you feel uncomfortable and possibly unsafe.

    lastly this is to the guys doing weird things. if you want anyone to like you then help them to know they are safe. you’ll get a lot further then inappropriately touching them.

  • This guy in my life, makes fun of me, pulls my hair, watches me from afar, but averts his eyes when I look up, playfully throws things at me, picks lint off me, got really quiet ( we used to talk a lot) but NEVER asks me out. So it’s weird. Seems he likes me, but ultimately does not.

  • Had an a**hole of” Boss-turd” who said rhat other were talk about me. So l spoke the the other co-workers but the Boss-turd got wind of it, then said it was people from other departments. To which l “name name’s or l would take it “sh** stirring bullshit”. From which he said ” l cant divulge that information”. I tben said ” Was this a formal issue or infomal”. Then he was quiet, then he said again ” l cant divulge that information”. From that point l knew without doubt he was totally bullshiting.

  • A kid got arrested at our school for skipping the classes once.
    Aaaaaand what if the teachers made the stupid decision to put you in nearly all of the same classes as your bully?

  • Without trying to support her at the end she should just say that the difference is that indeed she is trying to offend him but is he also trying to offend his students?
    Cause it’s another thing when u do it on purpose.

  • You are only INFERIOR if you allow yourself to be…or report to HR then wait for the response…then when HR doesn’t do jack then you get a lawyer to put together a Cease and Desist letter and serve it to them as a SURPRISE! and sit back and don’t look like a scared dog but a Wolf… take a stand or sit down and deal…I take a stand…

  • so my crush told me that he doesn’t wanna be in a relationship but aPpArEnTly he stares at me in class and looks at me up and down and is just being fridget


  • I got bullied by being insulted but that’s nothing I also got beat up and attacked twice and in those instances the reaction should be fight back and hurt them though like badly I also got videos made about me until I go them back as well yes not reacting does work but for those instances show them what it’s like

  • interesting analysis of the interview. About the interview itself: the professor is, given his decades of reading, learning and writing, ofcourse intellectually superior to an all round journalist who has the mission to represent the common people. But ok even if he is intellectually superior (say, in his domain), why the arrogant, ‘laid-back’ and misogynist attitude of Peterson? What is even more alarming, are the comments. There seems to be a massive stored male anger out there, waiting for the narrative of Peterson to be mined. The reactions of male Peterson fans illustrate how the real world still works. Even Western liberalised/enlightened societies remain, in a more or less subtle way, profoundly misogynist. So maybe Peterson is right in saying that there has not been much of an evolution since the time “there were not yet trees”. He is just another man in the tradition of Otto Weininger (who killed himself at the age of 23 in 1903) “No men who really think deeply about women retain a high opinion of them; men either despise women or they have never thought seriously about them.” All this is in the body language of Peterson. Did nothing really changed since John Lennon sang “We make her bear and raise our children, And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother hen, We tell her home is the only place she should be,Then we complain that she’s too unworldly to be our friend.”

  • I’ve been in this environment for about 2 years. Had to hire an employment attorney to prevent my own suicide. I’ve never been spoken to or treated this way in my entire life.

  • It’s not cost effective to lose staff. Try to keep staff at all costs. Communication and acknowledgement of the problem and having the group come up with ways to resolve it is the best thing to do. It’s like treating both of your kids the same. And letting the bully know that you know what they are doing. And to stop it now. Is best.

  • 1.he makes fun of you��
    2.he avoids you when sober��
    3.he can’t help but touch you��
    4.remembers weird details ��
    5.he stares deeply in your eyes ��
    6.he makes weird excuses to talk/see you��
    7.his hands are in weird places��
    8.his eyes are dilated ��
    9.he is pursuing you����

    Have a good day��

  • hi victor, thank you for sharing this video on bullies. does these types of responses can work on female bullies as well because unfortunately i happen to be surrounded by a swarm full of them and it seems to affect with my emotional wellbeing as a young introverted woman because i dont do well with confrontation as well wanting to get too involved in the lives of other women. i love keeping a distance from other people when it comes to pursuing my own goals or hobbies.

  • My coworker hated me and got the boss to hate me. I did a good thing and it was turned around on me I couldn’t believe it. I got yelled at for doing extra that hurt no one at all. It is insane. The bully boss is retiring. But her wicked trainee is still in place. She still hates me but the great thing is I have an excellent review I basically got a 100 perfect score on my review from my boss. Then whispers from her favorites and I’m under the bus. Just crazy making my feelings are really hurt because it’s so wrong. The injustice is real.

  • Yep, what is your primary concern exactly? That’s the easiest and fastest way to find common ground and communicate your point through intention.

  • i don’t know whose opinion i actually agree with, I just like seeing a person’s debating skills and everyone in the comment section seems to be far right and i’m: scared

  • There’s this one guy he teases me everyday he’s only nice to me if I’m in a bad mood but he always starts trouble with me idk if he likes me or not

  • I’m not a particularly good debater, or good with my words. So I’ve learned to compensate with violence. Sometimes you have to go with your strengths.

  • My crush is not really shy but just reserved. He’s so hard to read �� I don’t want to get my hopes high, but my friends always tell me that just go for it, but I’m scared to get hurt ��

  • She is the perfect example of how many women try to win arguments by controlling the conversation/assumed narrative, instead of debating facts and dissecting what is true. These people aren’t seeking the truth. They are seeking VALIDATION for their feelings/values. They assume they are right because it “feels” right. They are not looking for facts or rational explanations. They are looking for excuses/narratives to justify their feeling.

  • There’s this shy awkward guy that I’ve liked for a while that has been doing these.. but he just recently got out of a serious relationship and I’m not sure if he genuinely likes me or if he’s only looking for attention ��

  • i say
    i dont do anything because Its not like i have ppl to back me up becuz my bully has like abunch of minions by her side and i dont have friends so i choose not to pick fights

  • This is textbook what happened to me. I just settled a very large class action lawsuit with the company on wage and break violations. Almost a million dollarsthe feeling is fabulous

  • I don’t think colleagues will stand on your or the bully side. They’ll try to stay away from the issues between you and the bully.

  • An older kid on the bus beat me up and followed me to my house and racially abuses me for being Irish. I don’t know what to do because I have to get the bus

  • It’s the both the charge nurse and the unit manager. I had to shared my concerns with the educator, the nurse recruiter even my mentor. Turns out the educator was part of it also and the recruiter did not give two cents. I was fired.

  • This happened to me, one was sitting ready to type my answers, I had no idea what it was about, it was as if I was in a Police Cell

  • I started a new job a few years back. One of the managers would come in my office and make sexual comments and even made physical jestures (shoved his crotch in my face) more than once. I complained to Human Resources. HR manager called me in his office and says to me… Do you like working here?
    The place is toxic as hell.

  • There is this guy who I kinda like and he stared at my boobs one time and the other at my lips altought i wore a glossy lipbalm. He is making fun of me, tries to bring me to laught and jerking around but he is this like all the time to everyone. He just texted something a bit naughty well i think it was just fun and he didnt say it direktly but I am still not sure if he is flirting with me!!?! Help!

  • I helped get a bully fired who’s last name was on the side of the building.
    Work your tail off. The owner will notice. Sooner or later the owner will ask what you think of the bully. Briefly state facts with no emotion.

  • Keep copies of that tape recording like 5 or 6 copies
    One gose to the lawyer one goes to the state eeoc office and other state agencies

  • I made a complaint about 1 of them bullying me then all of a sudden 2 days later I was accused of bullying all 3 of them. I guess I made it to the manager before they did. I see how they are trying to set me up. I have never bullied anyone. Ever. I did not know if I should be angry or hurt. I was floored. I can tell you that.

  • Lol my gay friend is trynna flirt with me even tho I’m a boy too and I think he thinks I am gay but I’m not… (btw he stares at me in class. Also the weirdest thing in class what that he started at me THROUGH HIS HAIR!)

  • I felt like someone I have known for 2 years was flirting with me because he kept only talking to me when no one was around just joking around.

  • I remember when I was 14 years old and started working at Burger King. We were told that after the guest had ordered we were to ask “And What else?” as opposed to “Will that be all?”. The reason we did this was because people usually added something to their order, thinking they had not ordered enough food. It worked like a charm but in hindsight I feel kind of bad.

  • This is currntly happening to me& I wish I knew where to begin…
    The bully realizing I’m not even being phased by her petty lies& defamation attempts is now targeting the vulnerable clients/ consumers to get to me, that’s where I draw the line! The rumor & lie mill about me has been going on for years… the Truth always comes out hence why I still have my job!
    I do my job w/o complaints from any clients (clients: the only people who should have any opinion on my job!). The only problem is the supervisor dont seem to communicate with the client but instead with everyone else who has 100% NOTHING to do with me or my job… I dont get it!?

  • I had been getting bullied ever since whistleblowing…every 2.5 months I was getting reprimanded and verbally abused/humiliated. Had a 4:1 where all four heads of management verbally assaulted me. (Mind you our local organization employs less than 20 employees but somehow there are 4 heads of management.) I was calm…a week later passed now I’ve been fired. ��

  • I appreciate this video, but seriously, no job is worth going through this BS. I just let them talk and get my unemployment check, I just have to find another job and thats it, job is not life, remember that

  • Take a relaxed posture if the discussion gets aggressive
    Break the questions down when your opponent asks severe questions (blames) in one breath

  • I was bullied for 12 years until I finally had enough of it, I killed him and his dog….. good times though. Hes stopped bulling though!

  • I saw this interview and Cathy wore me out with her insanity. I had no real opinion about her as a person prior to watching, but a very negative view of her by the end of it. She made a fool of herself.

  • I believe it’s more of a psychological bullying now…id rather deal with what I did as a school boy than what my nieces go through with the verbal torment

  • right so this boy always punches me so I turn around and then he just smiles and then he always tries to fist bump me a lotttt what does this meannnn ��������

  • Once I was in a party and a dude approached me, sayed he liked my shirt, stood there for a while and then put his hand on my head, that was sooooo weird hahahahah

  • Excellent video but I think that every person working in the world needs to watch this video millions not just 71,000 views. Add a lot of these meetings are a “surprise” under a different topic and when you arrive it is a “you will be fired meeting” (you will not have preparation time). Does not just happen on Friday afternoons. Trust your gut and if you feel something yes collect emails, etc. Also voice record on your phone discreetly (tell then you are muting the phone).

  • That gotcha was deserved tho. Not for cathy but for jordan. I mean that must have been pure relief to say that, after successfully navigating through the minefield cathy laid out for him to cross.

  • I went to the ethics compliance officer regarding criminal misconduct at the company and two days later I got the ambush meeting exactly as described in this video. The feds came in a year later and my bosses lost their jobs despite written employment contracts. They should have all gone to jail.

    Corporations in the US today are nothing more than racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations that need to be strictly regulated and prosecuted by the government. And people wonder why the corporations supported Trump’s cheating to win the elections.

  • Audio record the meetings and any bullying. Upload it to social media / youtube with company name anonymously. Nobody will touch the company. If more people did this it would make allow so much change.

  • Oh I didn’t get that opportunity I was called into a meeting and immediately terminated because I complained about someones prejudice remarks with witnesses too.

  • I came here for the touching part. I am 13 and I like this guy and we were sitting together and I go “I want a hedgehog” then he goes “I want a snake” then he continues to swerve his hand on my shoulder for like 12 seconds And then we were in band and I go “I hate the 2nd saxophone part” then he starts patting my arm for a long time. And today he touched my hand. I know no one cares but my family wont listen to a word I say so I will tell you people

  • This is spot on. I’ve been through this before and am going through it right now. I’m waiting to get let go. I flat out refused to sign my Written Warning. It contained several accusations that were false.
    From now on I’m recording every conversation I have with anyone at my job.

  • Met a guy at work and he stared at me during a meeting for way too long. I tried looking away and when I glanced back he was still staring. Really unnerved me…but I have felt other signs he might be into me. I’m currently using the be mean thing…as I figure out if I want it to be “flirting”

  • Only a man firm in his stance and having ripe views cannot fall in such traps because they never forget what they said and what they stand for, their views are defined and concrete. A man having undefined views can easily stagger in such debates, as he’ll fall in these straw man strategies very easily. And men having defined views often use the strategies you mentioned to trap the others in a debate, and it definitely doesn’t take much effort to put them down. But these men are also very good at avoiding being trapped by these strategies because a man who knows how to play also knows how not to be played.

  • Lol tf he calls me ugly and then says “well you aren’t pretty” and idk he’s so weird he says “good night” and i say “k” and he just says “damn okay” or when he leaves for soccer practice “will you miss me?” And I say “no I won’t shithead” he just says “good cause I won’t miss you either”
    Idk what this guy is up too

  • I’ve got autism so I have faced a ton of bullying at work. I don’t even want to work anymore because the costs of the paychecks is enormous. Being demoralized, hazed, and subjected to a hostile work environment is health harming and no paycheck will be worth that.

  • Sooo the guy I like flirts with everyone I feel like. He could even flirt with an inanimate object. For fking sakes. Life is complicated �� I don’t think he knows he does it.

  • How can the first one be ok? Devaluing a person to increase personal value is never ok. Actually it is more of a set up for a toxic foundation.

  • He also gave Cathy an indirect «acknowledgment» by saying «pursuit of truth» instead of «to protect your position». That was the first brilliant move. Then, he moved to the acknowledgment of her doing a good job by not having to think about being offensive. It’s a compliment, which there is truth in. A journalist is respected for seeking the truth and daring to ask difficult questions. These compliments are pivotal, not because she needs it for her ego, but because of the «respect» for her in her general profession, despite the persona she took on in the debate. So awesome

  • This happened to me as a Trainee at the Veterans Benefit Administration in Milwaukee. It was horrible. They hire vets, say they will train and then you sit in front of PowerPoint classes. Then you are told your performance is never good enough and fired like a dog on the street. A Disabled Veteran. I’m still traumatized. Check out the Indeed and Glassdoor reviews. I’m suprised there hasn’t been a decent Congressional inquiry. Soon there will be more criminal acts committed.. Veteans doing this to Vets so they csn pad their wallet.

  • Great phrases. My power phrases are
    1. Thanks, you have a very good intuition
    2. Sorry, what did you say? My penis is too big

    But I’ll add yours to my list:)

  • I need help,so I have all classes with this boy. In math ystr he walked by me and w like locked eyes, and I just turned my head. But then in science we were doing a thing and the teacher said she would randomly pick one to read, and he said pick callie’s. Then after he read some of the thing he said you should make callie read next. There is other events too. My friends say thats flirting. Is it?

  • I’ve been bullied for nearly my entire life!
    Story 1: I was in 3rd grade. This girl and I had to sit together on the bus and she was mean! She always slapped me, ripped my homework and called me names. I tried to tell the teacher, but the teacher always hated me for some unknown reason.

    Story 2: 4th grade. I was outside during recess, just minding my own business. All of a sudden this boy ran up to me and stayed to beat me up. I called for help, but the supervisor just stood there… And laughed at me.

    Story 3: middle school. I was different. I loved to read, that was all I ever done during free time in class and lunch. I was bullied and teased EVERY. DAMN. DAY. for my weight, acne, and my autism. One day I was in gym class and it was free time and we were allowed to sit in the hallway if we wanted. I was minding my own business and these group of boys came up to me and called me fat, ugly, and so much terrible names. I walked away, locked myself in the private bathroom in class…. And just let it all out. One day I met this amazing girl. She was my only friend and we were inseparable. We’re still friends to this very day!

    Story 4: Junior high. I was in social studies, taking notes and minding my own business, then a group of guys was throwing a ball made out of tape at me and let me tell you that fucking hurts! What was the teacher doing about this? Nothing! He absolutely ignored me!

    Story 5: Freshman year, possibly the worst. There was this boy, he always teased me and he didn’t even knew my name. He made fun of me for being slow during the 10 minute jog in gym, he always screamed in my ear, and always found a way to make me feel worse about myself. The same boy in health class and even got his friends to join, teasing me on my weight and stuff. I started to starve myself and try to eat as less as possible. I still had my best friend since middle school by my side….. Until she came out as bisexual to me. I was so happy she trusted me and was brave enough to come out to me and it made our bond stronger…. Until her parents figured out. Her parents are Christians and they are mean. They told me I couldn’t see her anymore…. And my world just stopped. My only friend since middle school was taken from me. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I… Tried to end myself. My father found out and had me take to a facility to get help. The other patients at the facility were nice people, but the employees weren’t. The employees were always yelling when we were trying to sleep, the food made me sick, we only had thin bed sheets to keep warm, the beds were hard as rocks, it was the worst. I was lucky to get out early. When I went back to school the bullying didn’t stop. I tried to talk toy counselor for help, but she tried to get me and my baby sister taken away. She failed. Luckily I was able to talk to my friend again (without her parents knowing) and from that point on I had trust issues. I refused to try to make new friends, I never asked the teachers for help if I was stuck on a problem, I barely even talked to my own family.

    I don’t self harm or starve myself anymore. My only friend is still by my side and if it wasn’t for her, my cousin, my older sister, and my mother…I’d probably be dead by now and you wouldn’t be reading this story. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I don’t ask for likes, I don’t ask for sympathy, I don’t ask for attention. I ask…for whoever is reading this to please smile. Tomorrow is a new day! Don’t let yesterday ruin your today.
    Yesterday is history tomorrow’s a mystery!

  • what if all of these signs are there but the touching part is just playful
    btw he gets super weird and just says smthg mean or out of context when we are talking

  • my crush makes fun of me alot and we play fight alot and i really like him and his best friend and some of his friends told me he has a 100% crush on me and while we fight he keeps smiling and laughing and now i dont even know if he likes me or not he sometimes acts kinda weird��❤

  • Workplace bullying is and has been the disease in the 20th century workplace for quite some time. The symptoms are workplace shootings and more. A man or woman’s livelihood is based on their income and when you play juvenile games with grownups in the workplace then more tragedies will occur. We live in a click or club mentality society. This behavior in the modern workplace won’t stop overnight.

  • There’s this guy at my high school and he’s kinda mean to me a lot. He said I looked like a drug addict when I was tired, he kicks my chair (he’s 15, not 5, facepalm) and one time he ruffled my hair when he walk passed and messed it up (we’re not friends so this is weird). It’s literally so annoying. I wish he would just make conversation instead.

  • I think my crushes friend likes me. He talks to me a lot, talks to me about random stuff, he sometimes touches me. I haven’t looked at his eyes though to see if there are bigger. I’ma edit this, when I find out. And also he stares at me sometimes.

  • I’m being bullied because of my medical condition, I had one of these meetings recently, I used to work from home for a full pay check, I got transferred to another dept and they took it away to work from home, now I make 400 a month lost my home of 25 years, the HR person said we’d like to offer you a Full Time 5 day a week position, I’m like I am full time I’ve been here 31 years plus, they know I can only make it into work 2-3 days due to my condition, she said no severance pay for all these years, I said bull, she said okay I’ll ask corporate and get back to you, it’s been 3 weeks still no word, but I have this hanging over my head.. ugh…

  • Projection is all this people have, and is funny how they come as sexual predators later one, they are what they project to others.

  • Yes.. Yes… I had this happen. They didn’t like my performance and that’s fine and they can just tell me i’m terminated or fired and everyone gets on. with life But no, The dickhead boss had to setup a meeting with 2 hours notice and ambush me with all these exaggerated criticisms and it was almost like he was putting on a show or acting performance. If I had pulled out a recorder he would have stuttered and been confused. I probably could have even stood up as he was a small guy with a Napoleon complex. Using the techniques you mentioned you can cause a bully to get flustered and confused.

  • Wow so much info about bully!
    Actually physical bully go learn some martial art n try to defend yourself without much action n less hurt to the bully.
    wat is the best martial art to defend from bully without causing alot of action n hurts

  • Some guy in my class always called me fat but then when my friend asked him who was the hottest girl in the class he said me like wtf

  • I used to go to her office for 5 minutes before going home and asked her how she was doing eventually bring her an ice coffee until she said please stop bringing me stuff ��

  • my class mate and i (btw im a female) played roblox me and him played adopt me this is what he texted me “BED” thats what he said he also did this role play thing like this $e,x with doll it was just gross he started to texted me saying uh uh uh then when he sit on the sofa he texted me saying Mary come sit on me (thats my name btw)does that called flirting? He also took his shirt off i told him to stay away from me then he put his shirt back on and i said thank u he texted me and put the “����”im not sure if his flirting with me but i seem like he is because why would a guy do that its just weird

  • I’m in middle school right now
    And I get bullied on my drawings
    I love drawing
    I draw monsters like ghidorah and Godzilla
    I also get left out of games with my friends
    I am getting to the point where I am about to snap
    What makes it worse
    Is that my school’s number 1 rule is no bullying
    Then a kid said something that almost cost me a really close friend, who was a girl
    Now I get bullied on the fact that I don’t play certain video games

  • So I was in class and this guy keep squeezing a girl’s thigh and I wanted to help but idk if she liked it but like she was playfully saying stop