5 Strategies for Planning for a Great Summer time for the Family



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50 THINGS TO DO THIS SUMMER (my summer bucketlist 2019)

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My Summer Vacation

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MINIMALIST LIVING » Things I can now easily live without

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5 steps to a fun summer | Planning Summer holiday activities

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The “Block Schedule” System LIFE CHANGING productivity hack!

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Begin summer planning with the events that have certain dates. Put any vacations, summer camp, house guests, day trips, holidays, etc. that you already know on the calendar. Add any important work-related dates, too (e.g., deadlines, vacations of colleagues, business travel). Here are ten simple tips to make this summer your best summer ever with your family. 1. Set aside some time every day to have fun with your child.

Whether it’s running through the sprinkler together on a hot afternoon or counting the stars on a blanket in the backyard before bedtime, do at least one thing each day to connect and have fun. Tips to Plan an Awesome Summer with your Family! During our family summer planning meeting, we talk through each week and create a big calendar to help kids visualize what is happening on each day. W e like to brainstorm how we’ll spend the summer during our meeting. Below are SIX of the things that we talk about and build into our summer plan.

So to help ensure that everyone has a great time this year, here are three tips for planning a summer vacation with your family. Spend Some Time Outside. Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. But for many families, traveling for summer vacation often means spending a lot of time stuck in the car or. Others plan a weekly visit to the library during the summers.

What kind of a daily schedule would you like to have for your family? Take some time to attend to the details. Sign up for the summer reading program at your library. Get a pool pass. Reserve a hotel room for your trip.

Get all of the details taken care of so you can enjoy your. If you are a beginner and don’t want to go it alone, organized surf outfits make it easy for everyone to learn together. The original family surf outfit is Paskowitz, named for Dr.

Dorian Paskowitz who, in 1972, gave up the 9-to-5 grind to pursue a life of itinerant surfing with his wife and 9 children in a small camper.Forty-something years later, the offspring of Doc Paskowitz are still. Tips for Planning Great Summer Vacations Book Now & Save. It’s the time of year child of all ages, love and look forward to.

SUMMER! The season that is most prominent in making lifetime memories that help build the framework and form nostalgia. Look for Free Activities. Many libraries and community recreation centers offer free or inexpensive summer activities for teens.

4. Encourage Older Teens to Find Summer Work. “Your job as a parent is not to raise an Ivy League freshman,” says Bradley. “It’s to raise the parent of your grandchildren.”. Here are our top five summer vacation planning tips to get you on your way. Think smaller. Instead of taking one big (and possibly stressful) vacation, consider planning several mini-trips over the summer. Breaking up your vacation days – and spending sprees – can give you and your family more to look forward to over weeks instead of days, and relieve some of the financial.

Start by asking your kids what a great summer would look like for them. Give them a few options and let them imagine what it could be like. It doesn’t mean you won’t sign them up for something they might be somewhat reluctant to do, but at least give them a voice in the process.

List of related literature:

Plan short trips; plan simple meals, such as oatmeal, sandwiches, and hot dogs; and plan simple activities, such as swimming or riding bikes in the park.

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Include links to kid-friendly recipes, lists of top places to vacation with your family, or fun activities to try with your kids… you get the idea.

“Startup 500 Business Ideas: Business Strategies and 500 Business How to Start” by Prabhu TL, Ashin Issac, Rajil TL
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By planning ahead, keeping an open dialogue with your child, validating his or her feelings and, most importantly, by focusing on family and fun rather than on food, your entire family will enjoy each holiday.

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However, here, summarized in one quick and easy list, are 10 ways guaranteed to save you time, effort, and/or money in landscaping and gardening.

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A list such as the one below can help families learn about things to do with their children and to check what they are already doing.

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These guidelines are also very useful for families when on holiday.

“Clinical Paediatric Dietetics” by Vanessa Shaw, Margaret Lawson
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The list consisted of things like turn off the air conditioning, put mail on hold, water plants, etc.

“Listful Thinking: Using Lists to Be More Productive, Successful and Less Stressed” by Paula Rizzo
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5 These tips should help to make a stay in a foreign country more enjoyable and less frustrating.

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Get basic: buy a huge wall calendar or a year planner, and start penciling things in; this will keep things clear for you and make the information easily available to any other visiting friends or family.

“A Beginner's Guide to the End: Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death” by BJ Miller, Shoshana Berger
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• Assist the family to make the environment safe for prevention of falls (e.g., remove scatter rugs, install grab bars in the bathroom).

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  • I struggle with depression and everything seems impossible, but the 15 min clean up has helped me actually attempt to do things. I love this block Schedule System you’ve helped me so much already x

  • This has to be my 30th time ive watched this. I keep watching it every time I’m reviewing my time management systems. Block scheduling is so helpful. Its been the most important step in getting me productive. Jordan is such a blessing and has helped me navigate adulthood

  • I got your productivity planner in the mail today. I am a homeschool mom to 5, have been for 9+ years! I am the teacher so I can’t leave them on a computer to be taught. Husband works from 4:30pm to 12 or 1am and I’m struggling to figure out how to schedule my blocks to incorporate him and fun times with my kiddos. Please help lol

  • This is a great video. Thank you for the helpful system, and thank you for being so honest about who you are. Our lives are very different but you have something genuinely adaptable here. I’ve got it ready to go from tomorrow morning!:-D

  • This is awesome! Thanks so much for this! Jordan it would make my day if you would respond to this comment with a couple tips! About to start school and want to do blocks! And this is so helpful because of covid! No more wasting time haha

  • I LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I came across this just looking for block schedule template. I appreciate all the details in helping working out what works and what doesn’t. Going to check out the productivity boot camp. Blessings!

  • This is great I’m just going to have a tough time figuring this block system out with working from home and remote learning for 2 kids in kindergarten and first grade ����‍♀️

  • I would love an updated video for full time workers. I work full time, have meetings shoved onto my calendar, and I need heads down time to get work done. Also, I need to keep my house in order. I’d love to hear how other full time workers use block scheduling.

  • I have a few questions… do you use your block schedule to plan your following day? I feel like looking through that whole list daily would be confusing and overwhelming so is it just a template to show where to write in your daily plan?

    Also, what do you do about breaks to play with your kids? Do you take small breaks to play/read/do crafts with them during the blocks?

    And lastly, do you have an A/B schedule for mon-fri and one for the weekend or do you keep it close to the same?

    Looking forward to trying this out this year!

  • This is how I schedule my time because an hour by hour schedule gave me anxiety and made me feel like a failure. Great minds think alike. I actually use a student planner layout and my planning is so much more tied in with my intentions.

  • God bless you girl u have changed my life just printed out the productivity planner it is amazing, if u reading comments for reviews people…10 stars

  • anybody struggling to follow a schedule in quarantine?

    well i have a video giving a bunch of tips to be the most productive you can in quarantine
    it would be great if you could check it out!

  • I started feeling more depressed after watching this video although it is so good and inspirational. None of my days are the same so the blocks could not work:-( Working when needed, kids’ school just on some days, different activities in different times every day…. But it made me start thinking whether it could be simplified at least a bit…

  • I swear I am a good Mom. Surely you are a good and perfectly organized Mom. I need to repeat that word to myself over and over. Whenever I plan a short time for myself (dentist, hair cutter, cloth shopping), I feel like the worst person in the entire world.

  • Sometimes I feel like I’m a major procrastinator and the irony is that I actually studied psychology and neuroscience. That means I should know a thing or two about time management and behavioral changes. Anyway, you’re awesome and your video is amazing. I just love how funny and sweet you are. Well done!

  • 0:00 1:53 -> Intro
    1:54 5:43 -> what “block schedule” system is and why we should use it
    5:44 -> how it works

  • I get the notebook thing. I have several. In the past few months, I have stuck to 2. When they are done, I will do as you say and recycle them. Then use up the next one. I have a box in the guest room closet. I don’t see it, and won’t waste it.

  • No kid is going to nap after school, wake at 6pm, then go back to sleep at 9pm. Yeah ok, and please add your house cleaner u have to that fake schedule. You people so full of bs ��

  • Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree is the best channel for mindset videos and teaching us how to be the best version of ourselves possible ���� I actually created my own channel, ‘Taylor Victoria’, to show even MORE videos like this �� Come and check it out and I will always follow back ��

  • I appreciate you so much Jordan for being your epic self and helping us like this! I’m implementing a block schedule this next week once I have this weekend to figure out exactly how I want to place everything. Thank you!

  • How do you manage having little ones at different ages? I have a 21 month old who takes one nap a day and a 3 month old who naps several times a day. That makes things so hard!

  • See I have 3 Schedules. My Monday’s are always the same. It’s just like an early out day back in high school. I have my Monday schedule, my Main schedule and my day off work schedule. It’s working for me so well!!

  • When I was younger, I never missed a chance to take free gadgets (during events, when gifted together with magazines…) just because they looked cute or funny in the moment, just to forget completely about them shortly afterwards. ����‍♀️ Now I think they are such a waste and I do everything I can to avoid them (as well as flyers).

    Congratulations on your wonderful anniversary, by the way! ☺️

  • How do you start a block schedule with little kids that have never done that before? I have 3 year old twins that would be so confused if we just started a block system.

  • Hi Jordan, I have a silly question but wanted to check with you anyways. I don’t have outings or errands to run everyday. Can I use that time for my other blocks? For example to work ahead on my next block. I know it’s kind of obvious but what do you suggest? Thank you!!

  • I have downsized my wardrobe so much lately! I use to buy all the name brands of clothing. I work with children all day, they do not care what I am wearing! I would spend my Saturdays wandering around through stores looking for the latest styles / fashions. Now I spend my Saturdays practicing yoga and meditating and of course watching your videos:-)

  • I was introduced to this video for one of my classes in college and wow! The block schedule sounds so feasible and easy. I am definitely going to incorporate this immediately in my life. I thank you for this tool and will subscribe for my helpful tips. Congrats on your new bundle of joy on the way!

  • Jordan, I just have discovered you. I can’t believe the amount of energy you have! Here you are going to have your 6th child but now you already have 8 children and still energetic and productive. You have inspire me to get my act together and get on with it…the only thing I would like to say is that I don’t think it’s a good idea to make the bed straight away after you get up. I believe that it needs to be aired. But hey who cares about that whit such a busy schedule! You got my admiration.

  • Whenever I feel down and need more energy to complete my duties in the office and at home, I especially watch this video. Great and great!!!!!

  • You know, sometimes I even click on your videos when I‘m not especially interested in the topic, just because you radiate calm and clarity. So thank you for doing what you do!:)

  • It comes down to money…I’m betting Kim kardashian is not running to Kroger, making supper, doing laundry and helping with homework…I’m betting people with money pay for that….

  • i hear that you are offering the month of may free for your productivity bootcamp. after the free month of may is up, will i be able to access teh videos I have already watched and the videos I need to watch? Just wondering if I should run through this course fast so I can finish it before the end of the month or if I can take it at the pace that Jordan recommends. I am so excited to start this program!

  • So what if my toddler won’t sleep during nap time. Or what if a kid is having trouble understanding homework. So that block gets carried over.. what to do then.

  • Jordan, could you do an updated version of this video specifically. We see what you give the kids to do but what do you & your husband do?

  • Do you have any block schedules for life with a newborn (our baby girl is 2 months old)? Sometimes her schedule is so unpredictable.

  • This is such a genius plan and I’d really love to implement It. I’m a bit confused on how to with my current work schedule. I do not have a set schedule. So Monday I might start at 6am and Tuesday I might start at 4am and Friday start at 6am and Sunday I might start at 10am (these are just examples) so how can I do this method when she said don’t have multiple different types of blocks?

  • I really need to do this for my after school time because it’s getting out of hand and less and less productive. my “problem” is i can never seem to stick to it.

  • I’d like to see some feedback o research on using this type of block schedule for people who have adhd, autism, tbi, bipolar disorder, or other issues that affect executive functioning. For instance people with autism (which includes Aspergers) are normally trained to use very specific, step by step, detailed schedules. I have seen similar recommendations for adhders. Is the block schedule too lenient and flexible for this kind of brain?

  • Hey i have a question if you have some advise, it would be appreciated. So im trying to make the block system for me and i need some ideas. So i work at a hospital and i work 30 hrs a week but my schedules different than normal. I work every thursday and friday 10 hrs from 6:30 am -5pm, and i work every other weekend from 6:30 am -5pm. So the weeks vary. I’ll have 3 days off, work 2 days, then have 5 days off then work 4 days etc. Im starting to get a part time job working the typical 9-5 for 1 day a week. Anyways as a mom of almost 4 i struggle sometimes with my time… on my work days im just so tired at the end of the day we hardly make sure the house hold is going good, and on my days off it sorr of feels like i have a whole pack of saturdays in a row where i am tempted to just sleep all day or dont schedule the off days very wisely. I feel like there are so many types of days wherre it just starts to feel complicated. Please and thank you.

  • I LOVE THIS!!! And I love your energy!!! I’m LDS too so this “Block system” was perfect for the things I personally needed to schedule in. ❤️

  • Heart skipping beats every time you set off the alarm sound because I kept thinking I was waking up late for school. I’m 24 next month.

  • The most shocking thing in this video is hearing you just had your 18th anniversary with your boyfriend! How old were you when you started dating 10?? ��

  • Anyone on here that works 12 hours night shift and what your A/B schedule looks like? I really struggle keeping myself consistent.

  • How is this Covid 19 affecting your block schedule? We are in lockdown and can’t go out. Don’t know how to change it up, also now have to homeschool.

  • I’m wondering if there are any teachers here doing the block system, not COVID-19 sched but normal sched. I’d love to see some examples to see how I can apply for when, if we go back into the classroom I have ideas but would like to some examples:) thank you

  • I thought I had to have a lot of craft supplies for any possible form of crafting. The papers in all thickness, stamps, colours, scissors, everything under the sun. In the end, I had so much that I didn’t use any of it because getting everything out to make something small was overwhelming. Last Christmas, I packed almost all of it up and gave it to my kids’ school. Now I have the basic items and I feel so much lighter. Since then, I’ve haven’t bought any more craft supplies.:D For me this is a huge step forward.
    Now I’m going to watch the wardrobe video. I don’t have a ton of clothes but I could reduce it a bit… 😉

  • Holy moly where has this been my whole life!!! I am for sure going to be doing block schudles

    from now on! Thank you so much Jordan!

  • It’s a little misleading to say that everyone has the same # of hours in day and then castigate us for not finding the time for certain things. What I mean is that for those of us with physical disabilities, it may take us MUCH longer to do what would normally be a short task for someone else. For example, a fair number of us don’t sleep soundly due to pain or other physical issues and may need more sleep than a non-disabled person or time for naps in order just to keep functioning at a minimal level. Or low stamina & pain may mean it takes us twice as long to put in a load f laundry due moving much more slowly than a non-disabled person. Additionally I myself also have MANY medical therapies I just do throughout the day along w many meds that take a lot of time to ingest several times a day, just to get me to a basic level of function (which is still much less than a “normal’ persons). So, no, we don’t all have the same number of hours in the day, when you’re dealing with physical disabilities.

  • I got into makeup and skincare pretty late, I was 19 years old when I started using makeup. I started using skincare when I was about 22 years old. But when I got more into skincare, I was living in South-Korea at that time and my korean friend recommended me couple brands. Korean skincare is really affordable and they have heaps of brands that are ethical, curelty free and environmental friendly and they have lots of innovative, re-usable packaging. So I am glad I got into skincare through k-beauty because it showed me that I can buy and use only those what I need for affordable price and save money, no need to buy tons of those expensive brand cosmetics. Now I’m almost 31 years old and I still use those affordable k-beauty products and enjoy using them. When I first got excited about makeup in general, I kind of hoarded products but in recent years I have cut back and I have completely banned myself for buying makeup before I have used up something completely and it runs out. I seriously opened my eyes and looked at my stash thinking, this is way more than enough for one person. Thanks to opening my eyes that I have too much makeup, I have saved money for other much more nicer and useful things.

  • wow, i love this block schedule system, i tried it and found myself doing so much more then before. why didn’t i think of this? lol. What a great system. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Did this using a white board and washy tape. Being quarantined we needed this structure! Day one, my daughter had her morning tasks done and started her school work early! I also had so much more accomplished! Praying this continues as we adjust to this new tool. I have already thought of ways I can improve my system but its a great start! Love it!

  • Glad to see you back again. We are also Scotland based but on our last week of 7 weeks holidays! Such a great tip. I’ll be doing this for October holidays!

  • So I can live without the perfume, makeup. Although being a flight attendant I do have to wear some makeup but a lot is not necessary any longer.
    I like clear polish. I use to really love a pretty nail nip color but I no longer want to spend the money plus the buffing was damaging my natural nails. I clip, file, and polish myself. I use to have so many lotions. I use just one brand and an essential oil. I do find I need a lighter lotion in the summer and a heavier moisturizing lotion in the the winter but I still use the same brand. They make both.

  • Side note: I think it’s magical that Caitlin is old enough to see you pregnant with a sibling. Elle will probably not remember but Caitlin will and can enjoy seeing you like this and enjoy it with you.

  • I have a little girl age 5 and an 11 year old boy, I find it difficult to think of things they both want to do so thank you for this ��

  • Hey my friends, thanks so much for watching! ����
    What’s something you can now easily live without, that you never thought you would be before? ����

  • Part of my journey started with not shaving my legs. Then my arm pits. Saving time. The makeup went. Then face cleansers etc. My skin is better than high school. I use soap and water and coconut oil. Chanel #5 is no more. I’ve always hated doing my hair. So I got a buzz cut. Empowering.

    I have time limits on screen times. I’m also a firm believer in online wishlist shopping. My wishlist is just that: Wishlist.

    I’m a hugh fan of online shopping wishlist. My wi

  • Hi Vera! Great video!!
    One thing I always keep in mind is that it is the marketing’s job to create “necessities” where they don’t exist… This applies especially on what you said about the beauty industry.

  • Hi Vera I’m busy de-cluttering again we should be moving next month now!! Still lots to go but boxing things up helps you realise how much you actually have?? And don’t actually need �� thanks for this I definitely feel the same less is more ❤️

  • I am really curious to know how old you are, if you are already having your 18th anniversary with your boyfriend?? You look so young that you must have met him before you were 10 years old… Happy anniversary anyway, and very wise words in this video, as always! ❤

  • Om laundry it was great to hear about you and Bubba and how different you can be and that there can be times where co-existing happens. My hubs and I hit that once in a while. We are so plugged in and end up passing out watching something but at VERY (I cannot stress that enough) different times. I get sleepy and fall asleep like 2-4 hours before him. He is a late late late nighter (like 4am going to bed at times…) And I am up at 630am with a 1 year old and the kiddo may sleep at like 9am for a nap, then between 2 and 4 he takes another. Not talking 45 min to an hour
    …nope nope my kiddo likes a 2 hour nap often. Daddy will nap with him, mommy cannot do a late day nap (just not who I am) I’d rather get things done

  • Hi Vera, would you consider doing a video on long term relationship tips and how you deal with disagreements etc.? 18 years is a long time to be together!! ��

  • I totally can relate with photos. Photography was my hobby before, but it became a burden and started to realize that taking so many photos during holiday actually made me remember less of the moment itself. So I ditched my camera, and now I just take 1 or 2 pics during holiday with my husband and enjoy the rest of the moment together without any gadget. Blissful.

  • So many similarities, I used to have/buy make-up, I used to buy lots of notebooks and stationaries. Which I don’t anymore. And I’m trying to use up the ones I have. And I don’t enjoy shopping that much now. When my friends ask me to go out to a mall or shopping center, I refuse and suggest to go for a long walk somewhere nice.

  • Hi Jordan, can you please create a sample block schedule for school-age kids now that they’re home all day? Would appreciate any ideas!