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5 Signs You’re Raising an Angry Child Overview. There are many factors that can contribute to a child being angry and hostile. For instance, unresolved Difficulty With Relationships. Hitting a sibling or calling someone a name once in a while is normal in young children.

5 Warning Signs You’re Raising A Spoiled Child And How To Turn It Around. 5 warning signs your child is spoiled. If you’re worried that your little one is growing up to be a spoiled brat, watch out for these warning signs so you’d know how to turn things around. “You’re angry because you wanted to play with that toy.

Check out the top warning signs that you’re raising a spoiled child. 1. Your Child Shows Off A LOT. You’re proud of your child and her accomplishments. You should be and she should be too. It’s natural for a child to want to brag.

What you have to watch out for is excessive bragging. 5 Signs You’re Raising Narcissistic Children. 18 October, 2016 When a child stands out, it’s good to recognize their achievements and virtues, but without comparing them with others.

Luckily, most people experience a number of physical, emotional and behavioral cues that they can use to let them know when they are becoming upset. Some physical signs of anger include: clenching your jaws or grinding your teeth. headache. stomachache. Here are the 10 signs you’re heading for a catastrophe when it comes to your kids Those first 5 years are what really counts. As parents we can be slaughtered if we aren’t careful, since those are the years they are the cutest and hardest to resist With. With the help of mental health experts, we’ve rounded up the surefire signs your child is spoiled.

And if you want to improve your relationship with your children, learn the 16 Ways Experts Say Parents Ruin Their Relationships With Their Kids. 8 signs your child is self-absorbed The single best way to avoid raising an entitled child is to require your youngster to do things for others. This begins in early childhood by requiring. 28 Signs You’re Raising a Spirited Child. by Christine Knight.

LOAD MORE. 28 Signs You’re Raising a Spirited Child. by Christine Knight. March 15, 2018. If you have a child who is all systems go from dawn till dusk, whose emotions run high 24/7 and who knows what she wants (and won’t stop until she gets it), it’s likely you have a spirited child. Here are five missed signs of child anxiety: PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Anxiety isn’t just in our minds, it is in our body as well.

Here are just a few examplesYour child won’t poop. They have been constipated for weeks. You’ve been to the doctor and there is no medical origin.

Your child.

List of related literature:

3 “I will send my child to a room alone for 10 minutes after every tantrum.”

“Saunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri
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4. has a temper tantrum every time I put her on the potty chair.”

“Mosby's Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN Exam E-Book” by Patricia M. Nugent, Judith S. Green, Barbara A. Vitale, Phyllis K. Pelikan
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My child brings out feelings of frustration and anger 0 1 2 3 more.

“Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques: Abstracts” by John Touliatos, Barry F. Perlmutter, Murray A. Strauss, George W. Holden
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These items represent denials of common problems (“Sometimes I put off doing a chore”—False; “My child almost never argues”—True) and attributions of improbable positive adjustment (“My child always does his/her homework on time”— True; “I am almost always on time and remember what I am supposed to do”—True).

“Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment, Volume 2: Personality Assessment” by Mark J. Hilsenroth, Daniel L. Segal, Michel Hersen
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Key #5—Be Aware of Your Child’s Desire to Be Like You Infants and young children are eager to be like Mom and Dad.

“What Babies Say Before They Can Talk: The Nine Signals Infants Use to Express Their Feelings” by Paul Holinger, Kalia Doner
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Children of tantrum age want their mother’s attention and, if they can’t get your smiles, they will take your anger in preference to being ignored.3

“The Parenting Book” by Nicky Lee
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“I will send my child to a room alone for 10 minutes after every tantrum.”

“Saunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri
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The trick is to help your child identify his unique signs before he loses his temper.

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
from The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries
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Another favourite time for temper tantrums is in the store, especially at the end of the day when the child is tired.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay, David Wilson, Cheryl A. Sams
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• Know your child’s triggers—the situations and conditions that typically lead to frustration, anxiety, overstimulation, and anger (List 2.11).

“The ADHD Book of Lists: A Practical Guide for Helping Children and Teens with Attention Deficit Disorders” by Sandra F. Rief
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  • For those school goers who can’t live happily without breaking something or hurting someone:
    I was angry once. But now I’m a complete pacifist. How, you may ask? Well, listen.

    1. DON’T get into fights.
    Even if someone comes to the extent of hurting you, don’t fight.
    Golden rule: laugh it off, whatever it may be.

    2. Make friends.
    This may seem impossible for introverts, but do it.
    If you’re an extrovert, you must have witnessed an introvert’s humourus attempt to make friends with you. All most all extroverts I know have teased that introvert with their friends. But don’t. Talk to him. Make him feel equal to your other friends. Treat him with the same respect you give to your other friends. Lastly, DON’T hurt him, physically or emotionally.
    DON’T look at people as inferior. You and that weird stammering guy with braces are equal. (Not mentioning or trying to hurt anyone.)
    You’ll soon learn to be chill.
    For introverts: You may be scared to talk to people and end up getting into fights with all of them. Don’t.
    Here’s a technique to be popular even though you’re an introvert.
    CREATE A GROUP(which may be hard).
    True fact: introverts who are friends with each other act like extroverts.
    The more friends you Make, the less fights you get into.

    •If people are teasing you, laugh.

    •If people are pestering you, complain.

    •If people make lame jokes to impress you, laugh anyway.

    •if people are bullying you, verbally fight back or complain.

    •if you can’t stand someone and want to punch him in the face, Walk out of there IMMEDIATELY.

    Lastly, The number one thing I can reccomend:

    DON’T fight with the class,
    Fight for the class.

    DON’T get angry with the class,
    Get angry for the class.

    It works.

  • All the pieces of advice given in this video are truly effective if only parents work on their awareness and consistency. Then you’ll be real models for your children and adults that will envy you because of your well-behaved children �� BTW, doctor, you’re a natural-born actor ☺

  • “tonight wasn’t the same without you.”, “are you ok? you can talk to me.” where are those people in my life? not even my mom has asked me that, and I’m so deep in the shit I can hardly breath.

  • I can tell u for a fact the lieing and so forth isnt always true however u missed a part psychopaths dont get things like ptsd and do to their lack of emotion think in black and white and are able to shut feelings off meaning similar to a computer their also many times as ceo and so forth due to this and sometimes they desire a relationship depending how their raised if isolated for long periods it becomes like a need to communicate they also if having a relationship have certain things they look for and are completely capable of being single for life a sociopath may lie but psychopaths will lie to protect themselves however most. Of the time they lack the ability to care about punishment and so forth so lieing isnt necessary just an fyi. And just because someone is a psychopath doesnt mean they kill ppl they only do that if they believe it serves a purpose nd their triggered u can live a normal life as a psychopath but nobody ever talks about that part

  • I’ve been wanting to get help but I don’t even know what i would say to a mental health professional. I don’t know what’s wrong with me I just want to find out and I want to find ways to help with it.

  • Hi everyone kindly support ICU Family on their Mental Health Patreon page I just started it up https://www.patreon.com/ICU_Family, we have a lot of ideas and goals that I would love you to be part of. We give out gifts for 3x months subscribers and help Mental Health awareness to reach thousands of people and helping a lot of people.

  • Am I the only one who hates the repetitive music? Also the choice of presentation is comedic. It doesn’t go with the subject. Take away the audio and the text, the video does not convey the seriousness of the subject.

  • My father was never afraid to show his anger. Which made it so problematic for all of us while always favoring his daughters and being way more harsh with his sons. Felt like having to walk on egg shells whenever he was home. At least one good thing came out of that problem I grew to hate the cold war run to another war in general way more than the average person and so sorry if anyone gets offended if I already told you so by recalling the past.

  • Great video but it’ll never work for me. I am at a point in life where I can’t do the last two because usually it’s my dad whom I’m angry with (and I still live with him) so I can’t just make any distance with him(mainly because he’s very controlling) and he is very negative so I don’t trust him at all to talk about my thoughts or feelings with him.

  • I understand where you are coming from but I am not going to talk to my nephews like they are slow. I am the type we need to talk them straight forward without losing it.

  • Most of the memories I have vivid in my mind are bad things, and I have a picture of me crying over many things that children don’t cry about often. Ps: I loved the chimmy pillow and all might and deku posters:)

  • If a child is angry I I give him/her
    A job. To protect other kids heart ❤️ To be security no one gets hurt! Help other kids. Change their mindset in an instant. Conscious Discipline Approach.
    What do you think?

  • I’m taking care of a child who is already showing intense anger at 8 months of age. I’m deeply concerned and don’t know how to comfort him and soothe him without also rewarding his angry volatile outburst. He slaps at us and pushes us away with extreme aggression and I’m desperate to find the proper tools to address his frustrations without fostering A sense that his physical aggression is acceptable.

  • peww,i cant be a psychopath or sociopath,i cant hurt animals,theyrr fucking precious and i care about othrr humans
    i got the rest of the signs t

  • Teacher: ok ima to make one of my students life a hell
    Me: chilling with happy face that I am sitting alone
    Teacher: I guess I found one
    Teacher: put me next to boy that was my old bully
    Me first day: okay just gonna ignore this bastard and I am going to live
    Next day
    Me: having panick attack of sitting next to him + my crush is sitting Infront of me

    Teacher: nailed it

  • Ok. If anyone is too afraid to talk to a professional about any of these symptoms, please dont be afraid to text me. 8162673791 I dont wanna deal with no trolls, so if you wanna joke with me, dont. But if you genuinely need help, text me

  • ya know most places say that if u are having mental problems reach out and talk to people expecting people to do it but seriously like hell I ant gonna do that I keep it inside where no one knows

  • Wenn du weist das du in Deutschland aufgewachsen bist: deutschen Ausweis weil man hier geboren ist aber beleidigt wirst weil deine Hautfarbe dunkel ist…

  • Hi can you help me with my angry issues i get so mad easily when at school makes fun at me before quarantine i punched him and broke his nose and got detention pls help me

  • Oh man, I so need your videos! I’ve just realized I fail in every point…����‍♀️time to think before acting like Italian family (as that’s what it looks like here now��) ����

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  • Can someone tell me whats wrong? Please. I constanly feel i have to be smart or i have to happy or ppl will hate/dislike me. I make sure everyone is happy instead of myself. And if i cant i worry.

  • 11 year old me: why do I always feel sad. Mom doesn’t spend time with me anymore. Just because I changed a bit, it means I’ve become worse? I think Im depre-
    Parents: literally sends me to a psychologist
    Psychologist: this kid ain’t depressed.

    me now:oh boy wait til you see me now

  • Dear Antoinette
    I was born 1959 so i am an old man.I grew up with my mom breastfeeding me,i miss her much,but even then there was no problem. Yes some people were starring, but my mom was hardcore she starred right back. Once she said: This is my son and i am his mother, you wanna fight??????She meant it
    Yes she was MY MOTHER and i am her proud son. Greets from germany. Even 1960s we had strong wemon like my Mom

  • I think it makes more sense to not make little kids (1-3yrs old) share. Developmentally, they really aren’t ready for it anyways. So many problems and stress could be avoided……

  • ADD / ADHD was made up by Big Pharma. It just don’t exist as a REAL disease. Well, maybe in the minds of some narrow-minded Baby Boomers.

  • This is why I wonder if I have depression sometimes. I’ll explain:
    I sometimes get swings of sadness or anger when I’m just chilling at home and nothings wrong. Or I get really happy for no reason.(they usually aren’t that intense)
    I have had sleeping problems for years
    I have considered self harm but the weird thing is that I’m not even upset or have a reason to, I just think “what if I did this,what would it be like” (I also chew my skin off my fingers and lips and scratch myself really hard when I’m not really that itchy)
    I’ve started to try and stay away from people, or just randomly question why I even have IRL friends(I have online ones and they’re basically family to me.) For some reason I just don’t feel as close to people I know in real life
    I constantly question why I exist or just things in general.
    I never really get upset, I’m usually calm and I almost feel dead at time
    I’m probably just exaggerating and I’m fine but idk.(it sounds worse in text then it is)

  • I am the products of child depression during childhood up to the age of 24 until my father finally stated that he literally disown me. For some reason I feel relieved. But some of symptoms explained were true. I believe time is the best healer apart from people. So for you out side there that might have similar experience, don’t give up. You are not alone. Everything comes for a reason.

  • This is a related video that talks about a child who is always angry. Dr Childress says that a child who is always angry might be due to an expression of pain. I do agree a 100%. Why? Because I’m currently dealing with the same situation as a One-To-One. I work with this student whose anger situation stems from home. Consequently, the child comes to school already feeling angry because of Dad’s absence. Disciplining the child as a solution is not the best thing to do. The best solution you can offer this child, is by trying to understand his home situation, and giving the child that love or attention that’s missing from home. I’m currently applying this knowledge at the Burlington Township Elementary School, and it works a 100%.

  • No one should shame women for breastfeeding their babies. Granted, people are bound to give weird looks for breastfeeding a child that can walk, talk and has a full set of teeth but apart from that breastfeeding in public shouldn’t be such a big deal.
    I’ve noticed that a lot of German parents seem to bring their kids to events that are not really appropriate for their age. At a classical music concert there was this family sitting next to me. In the middle of the concert the mother whipped out a knife (!) And started slicing an apple and the next 10 minutes or so were spent between her and the father trying to get their toddler to eat the apple while the child was clearly not having it throwing pieces of the apple everywhere (reminder: this was at a concert hall).

  • Difference in schools in the UK: They always have to wear their uniform, even if the little boys in their shorts freeze to death, no idea why, and they only get these floppy bags with the School symbol but no proper school bag. And this is from a very expensive private school. In Germany, we pay a lot of attention to the school bags of our children, they are ergonomically fit, take of the weight of the books, are quite expensive and very colorful with lots of designs to choose from. I have never seen a child without proper bag in primary school. And then I go to the UK as an au pair and my super rich children have to use these cheap wobbly bags you can’t even put on your back, it only matters that the school logo is printed on it, and they have dozens of books and long school days, I really don’t understand why they don’t get them proper bags at least for primary school

  • i think i may have depression or anxiety but i’m scared if i tell my parent i want to seek for psychological help, i’m afraid of what their reaction would be because when we talk about mental illness such as depression or anxiety, they will “joke” about it or say they are faking it or need attention. can someone tell me what to do?

  • I always tell myself that once I’m eighteen I’ll get therapy, but i also know at this point therapy won’t work and then go back on it.

  • In addition to my BS I have two yr in mental health and years of self study and experience in volunteering and or paid work. Trying to program others is trying to control your environment cause you have no self control. Fyi ���������������������������������������������� worthless if evidence not present cause abandoned and neglected is not always created, this is why we created DVD! Its real, get help for depression much is malnutrition from child abuse!

  • Omg 9 pairs of shoes. There are lots of possibilities of borrowing children’s clothing and shoes on various websites in Germany, you might want to check that out. Its less expensive than buying new and also good for the environment.:)

  • I wanted to skipped this because it makes me so angry. Children should not be depressed. I take it very personal because it happened to me. I am in my 50s and am just now getting better. My life could have been so much happier and better.

  • You have to know that nothing deserves sadness..you have to devote part of your day to meditating on the happy side of your life..talk about your accomplishments in life even if they are small..there is something that calls for happiness..a loyal friend..a loyal sweetheart..a mother. A father there is excessive happiness in life.. Sadness is a little thing in life.. See how birds live to something that worries them


  • I need help here’s how my anger works today me and my mom were trying to figure out where to eat she said something I didn’t want but I said ok but inside I was getting so mad and annoyed when I get mad it starts like.
    I want to throw things and hit stuff and scream then I just start crying instead of letting anger out it gets to the point where I hit myself in the face or just hitting others idk why I’m 13 years old I get mad over small things one time I died in a game and hit my remote on the tv and put a crack in it then after that I got mad and started hitting myself then broke down in tears rolling around sometimes I wish I could be alone for a few hours or talk to a therapist about it and get away from my siblings and mom and step dad I have a lot of anger idk.

  • I can relate to all the things in this video… I’ve been acting like this since kindergarten plus I have a family who actually does have anxiety and if I bring it up I’ll just get bashed for “faking it” I just don’t understand �� I’ve never been to mental doctor or whatever… I went to a therapist for one day over me “poking” someone with a plastic spork over purple play dough ��

  • Did that animation of the little kid crying with broken stuff around them make you cry? It made me feel things I didn’t know I had in me.

  • Falling is not a huge risk for children. Their bones are quite flexible and wounds heal soo quickly.They dont have much mass on their body so the momentum is pretty low. Even when they fall from high places they dont hit hard to the floor as we think they would.If you are worried that much just have a casque on her little head and she is good to go.:) I heard that a kid survived after falling from a balcony at 4. floor.

  • By reading the comments, I see so many of us have suffered childhood trauma. We deserved to have been born into a loving, caring family but sadly it didn’t happen that way. I want all of you impacted by childhood trauma and suffer with depression like me to know now that the universe loves you. We may not be able to love and receive human love but we can love the nature and animals as well receive genuine love from them. That is loyal, pure love. Take care

  • This video has been successful in accurately explaining my life. I’m depressed but my parents don’t understand mental illness. They think I’m being ungrateful about life. Now they blame me. I’m afraid I’m going crazy day by day.

  • Thank you for your advice. I will have a question how can I discipline my one and half baby without letting him cry?because he gets ill and it ends in hospital with big seizure.

  • The worst thing about no. 5 is that nobody understands.
    When you’re too scared to answer to text messages because you might write something ‘wrong’ and think that they end up hating you, everyone will simply think you don’t like them at all (since you show no visible interest).

    But what they don’t know are your struggles and worries to make these simple interactions. And the more you like someone, the bigger the fear of failing and being hated.

    It feels like every option is wrong. A neverending spiral…

  • One thing that’s always frustrated me is that I could recall being happy up until about age five, but notthereafter. One of my hopes in seeing a therapist was the hope of feeling happy again, as I once had. Still working on it though, at age 66

  • I couldn’t lash out or imma get beat, instead I suppressed it and remembered it recently once I’m trying to be a good parent myself

  • Why should I like the video before I watched it I don’t know if I like it or not thats like giving something to someone and saying be for they eat it do you like it

  • “You’ve started thinking about self-harm or suicide”

    well. I’ve been trying for two years now.
    My family has only just started to try to talk now when my mind is made up. awesome.
    I still want to visit a professional. Just to know if there’s something actually wrong with me or I’m actually crazy as I’ve overheard my family discussing. I just hope my brother can get help. He feels similarly becuase of bullying and I can’t do much.
    I don’t feel that scared about revealing it right now. Maybe becuase I’ve got my mind set. I hope all of the others who feel this way can find a reason to stay. I think that’s important. I’m not good with this, becuase I’m done playing therapist, but I hope you all find something that makes you happy and want to live on. My best wishes to you.

  • I always feel like people around me are being judgemental, even though I know that nobody really cares.
    But I just can’t seem to get rid of this feeling. I am generally a happy person and I enjoy socialising and none
    of these signs are applying to me. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD as a child, but I didn’t want to continue medication
    because it made me tired. I don’t really know whether or not I should see a doctor, because I don’t feel like these
    thoughts are as serious, but on the other hand I’d like a professional to look into it. Anyone else having similar problems?

  • I resonate with all of the things mentioned in this video and even asked my parents to get me professional help but I had to suck it up because I have an Asian family that doesn’t believe in mental health issues (they’d say that it’s all just in my head) also, my mom just brought me to church lol I even dropped out of school but now that I’m 18, I have somehow learned how to live with it.

  • I have some of these but, I remember this one time I wanted to kill myself so grabbed a hose and I wanted to choke myself but I figured it was wrong. Then my mom knocked on the door and told me why I was taking so long and well I came up an excuse.
    She proceeded to leave and in a low voice I heard her call me an asshole. I then wanted to kill myself even harder but all the times I’ve tried, I just can’t do it for fear of what’s going to happen if I survive. ��������

  • I’m a German dad (two kids, 8&9 by now) and concerning German moms & playgrounds: they don’t know more than you do. They just prefer chatting about organic shite (blueberry juice? Give me a break!) more than evaluating the danger of their kids playing. Do what you feel is right for your children. Don’t be bothered. They don’t know more than you do.

  • That is horrible. And it is not right. People don’t breastfeed their kids in public. Horrible. There are people in Germany, who have moral standards and know how to behave in public. Where do you live???? Horrible. It is not right to tell such horrible stories about all the people in the country.

  • Dear all
    Who ever watching this video and feeling that you are also in depression,do one thing.
    First adopt yourself to mechanical life.i mean to say that work more,eat adequately,sleep at right time,share your problems with some one who understands and give suggestions.never hesitate to consult a doctor if needed.pray to GOD, always keep a HOPE that I CAN get out of it..
    All the best brothers and sisters

  • I relate to alot of these symptoms but can’t think of being that sad in my childhood, or even that happy… it was just kind of a boring blank time for me

  • Yesterday I found your videos again after I had been yelling and things were going horribly wrong. I was able to get myself under control and things calmed down. Started with immediate consequences today after being reminded of their importance in one of yesterday’s videos. He had a complete angry meltdown whenever I followed through. I immediately came back and found this video. He calmed down within about two minutes because I did not accelerate things. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I’m Nana to a 7 year old girl. Her dad, my son, is divorcing her mother, and I found your channel by looking up custody and alienation issues. He is seeking physical custody a week at a time at each parent’s home, and he works nights. If things turn out as they should, I’ll be staying with her when he’s working. She’s a handful, as her dad was at that age, and I’m watching all your videos to learn how to be the grandmother she needs. I was quite the yeller 30 years ago. Thanks for covering that topic so thoroughly.

  • So, when talking about being so hopeless that nothing excites a person anymore? What is that like? Is it never feeling excitment over things at all? Can it be little sparks of joy followed by feeling emptiness for 3 quarters of the day awake?

  • well my mom wasnt letting me experiment things as a kid ^^ she always freaked out when i slightly leaned over a fence at a higher spot like a wall or tower on a castle we visited

  • Went to brunch with friends and one table had a breastfeeding mother. We all noticed it but it was just kinda acknowledged, not really commented on, you know? But we all agree that a screaming/crying/loud baby is way harder to endure.

  • Love the videos and advice! See if your camera guy can figure out how to reduce the record level because your audio clips (gets fuzzy) when you get too excited ;-D. Constructive criticism only. Noticed this on many of your videos (I’m a fan) Thanks for what you do!

  • This was sooo interesting! I am German, but had both my kids in the UK and raising them here I have never been a mum in Germany. However, I could identify with all parts (apart from the shoes). Your video explains some of the weird looks I get sometimes:-D

  • You are awesome with absolutely great advice that works and helps develop better relationships not only with the kids but our peers and coworkers also! Hahaha!! Thanks so much!

  • sign 1: you’re in Germany
    sign 2: you have children with you
    sign 3: they are growing
    sign 4: you remain in Germany
    sign 5: they are your children

  • In the USA, if your child gets hurt and you could have possibly prevented it, you will lose your children and possibly face prison time

  • Parenting is becoming harder these days with COVID-19 new realities and lockdowns. Thank you Live on Purpose. I am learning a lot from your videos. God bless you

  • 10 Mental Illness signs-

    1: feelings of sadness or depression that last longer than 2 weeks 0:47

    2: extreme mood swings and don’t know why 1:16

    3: your worry and anxiety have gotten out of control 2:12

    4: withdrawing from others or isolating yourself 2:45

    5: delusions and/or hallucinations 3:09

    6: difficulty handling normal life situations 3:49

    7: sleeping too much or too little 4:23

    8: abusing drugs or alcohol 4:54

    9: extreme anger outbursts 5:22

    10: thinking of self harm or suicide 5:59

  • Got Anxiety disorder for sure possibly bipolar cause i could get screamed at and suddenly get really happy and start laughing i have the sleeping problems and were everything seems to be going completely wrong had a mental breakdown and panic attack over it and almost fainted also have the last one 100% lol i suck at life��

  • My daughter is 3 and she has a delay with speech so how this work with her??? I put her on timeout when she hits or throws herself I tell her, “ that’s not ok to do, stop it” and put her on timeout. And she goes crazy she kicks and cry’s until she calms down and then i pick her up?? By this time her crying has overwhelmed me so much and I’m so tired… HELP

  • I’m starting to feel like child psychology is adult psychology too? Meeting another person with anger, be it a child, an adult or any human at all, would not go well.

  • My oldest, now 8 has had explosive anger that I noticed since he was 4. Even with charts I create, posters in his room, talking about feelings, books we read, behavioral therapy, healthy diet, good sleep, exercise, little to no screen time, rewards, consequences, and my improved reactions and response, it’s all only helping a little. �� I really hope and pray it doesn’t get worse into the teenage years.

  • So…. I can relate to a lot of these symptoms.. But I’m like.. 5 days away from period… But I’ve also been experiencing these signs for over 1.5 week. I don’t know what’s going on with me.. Please help ��

  • Thank you so much! I’ve been learning so much from these videos that I started taking notes and writing little mantras I learn from each one to chant when I feel I’m losing my calm. I appreciate these so much ����✨

  • my child has badhabit for somemonths.He becomes angry quickly and also thiefts some small things likes toycaretc.So please help me how to change this habits.

  • Most psychiatrists and such these days are just pill-pushers. They often have connections to pharmacies, and the more pills people take, the more money companies earn. Did ya’ get better? When I was younger I was stuck in a psychiatric hospital for two months, and all they did was take away my freedoms, shove pills with horrid side-effects into me, and repeat the same rehearsed lines each day. Lol.

  • Why am I so emotional watching this?? Orang tua saya tidak mendidik seperti ini, hanya kemarahan dan kekerasan dimasa kecil saya. Dengan melihat video ini saya merasa kuat dan tau cara saya mendidik anak saya dengan cara yang lembut dan kasih sayang. Terimakasih! ✨

  • ALL WRONG. Anger is a defense mechanism to keep from showing the.pain or discontent feelings. Most kids are looking to be loved, but with an angry child, he or she doesn’t know how to accept or express love, so your methods will fain or be short lived.

  • So a learning experience… next time I will find a babysitter for my almost 16 yr old because she can’t be trusted. Sneaking out getting high and drunk and having sex with a 25 yr old. Then she throws a tantrum blaming it all on u for going back to work. Exhausting!!

  • I’m not doing this for attention but I just wanna get help
    My mom:
    •yells at me
    •tells me what to do because I’m a girl
    •want me to have a rich boyfriend
    •wants me to have a great job that makes a lot of money
    •wants me to act as a girl
    •puts pressure on me
    My siblings:
    •hurt me
    •yell at me
    •laugh at me
    •don’t care
    •ignores me
    •calls me names
    My step dad:
    •wants me to get good grades
    •chooses my job
    •wants be to be smart and successful
    •puts pressure on me
    •puts pressure on myself
    •sleep a little
    •always mad at my family or my siblings
    •cries to get myself to sleep
    •eats a bit
    •dosent wanna be fat
    •wants to be smart and successful but sucks
    •wants to focus on drawing or animating but isn’t great
    •calls myself bad
    •laughs at myself
    •acts different
    •dosent know what to do

  • Dear Antoinette
    i am german and please let me tell u this story. When i was about 7 my sport teacher at school decided that we were old enough to climb a rope hanging from the ceiling.It was high, about 7-8 meters.
    So we tried and i fell, broke an arm.
    I was taken care of and went home with an broken arm. So sure my mom was furious, my dad said: You tried will u try again? Mhhmmmm not really. My Buddies at school tapped my shoulder saying i was brave.This made me proud,. I was scared but i tried again and the whole class was cheering. I made it and was the happiest camper ever.We went best friends not because i made it but because they supported me. They did respect my trying. I think it his helped me so much in my self confidence, supporting me grew the whole class together and as my sport teacher looked into my eyes and said that he knew i would do it again i was so proud like never before

  • My mother completely denies my traumatic experiences. When I was in 5th standard, I had scratched the new covers of my books. Yes, that was wrong. However, my father brutally beat me up. He took me to the terrace at 11 pm. It was pitch black. He tied my hands with a rope and locked the door. I was left there in the dark with my hands tied alone and petrified. My neighbours came and freed me. I can never forgive my parents for the way they treated me. I have completely stopped loving them. I have no happy memories of my childhood.

  • I have a 7 year old girl who’s learned much of her poor anger management from me. I’ve done better over the past couple of years, but still far from where I could/should be. My question for you doctor, is what do you recommend her mother and I do when we have a conflict that escalates? They tend to rapidly escalate, and often times the initial trigger is hard to pinpoint with our girl. This morning for example we had another instance of rapid escalation to the point of our girl hitting and shoving her mother. These episodes have become more and more frequent over the past couple years, and they seem to play out the same way over and over again. Conflict, anger, anger escalates, punishments threatened (typically in vain, iPad taken away, bike, toys, etc.), eventual punishment finally achieved, then as I said, the process plays out again the next day or again soon thereafter. Wanting to apply the techniques you mention in the video of staying calm and talking it through, but the difficulty we’re having seems to always be that we can’t even speak to her when she gets in this frame of mind. She’s literally screaming as loud as she can, over and over, so she almost certainly can’t hear anything we say to her/ask her. We’re at our wits end. Also to add, this isn’t a problem at school (back when school was still happening), visiting family or friends, or anywhere else for that matter. Typically only an issue at home, with the rare occurrence shopping or in the event her mother and I are together. The marriage is strained, and has been so for much of her life, which has been hard on her as well. My anger issues, and her mother undermining my authority while “rescuing” our daughter from consequence when she got in trouble both seem to have combined into quite the monster. Any advice you can give after digesting all of this?

  • I have angry 10 year old so nice to everyone but me. He gets mad at me when he don’t some think wrong or if I take his phone of him I try to talk I don’t get angry only if he screeming at me but I do walk off and don’t talk to him so hard when there banging screeming when you take things of them like there phones any tips please

  • so I can’t sleep so good but always feel tired in the day, and when i try to relax i don’t feel good and when i start to relax i feel super dizzy i think i don’t know but it feels like i’m moving around and i get dizzy

  • Hey, i have a friend who is problably 10 or 11 and he gets angry and at home he says bad words alot of times. He problably has a temper or has alot of reasons for being mad, i told the principal and we are going to talk about it tommorow. We will deal with this problem AND WILL BE CALM.
    Your veiwer

  • I wished I knew about your channel.. I grow up with a culture that our discipline is not much about comforting or showing empathy easily. I grew up with hard love by my parents and I’d show the same way to my kids too but because i think its okay and normal other people will point out and say its not. So now I’m just confused..

  • When you know that you have all the anxiety disorder signs but your parents never believed on metal illnesses so you learned to deal/live with it.
    Like, i know I am, cuz trust me, there some things that aren’t normal at my age. Not that I know this recently, I knew i had years with this but I feel the same way, even on this quarantine time is getting worst. I haven’t went outside since march 16, and last week was hard to me. I went to the optics for an eye examination and then I had to pay for the glasses but i didn’t wanted so i told my mom to do it for me and she just told me i’m dumb and I’m old enough to make by myself these kind of things.��
    Not that I’m too old, just that I’m still on college cuz i had struggles by choosing a career and I’m still living with them.
    Fun fact, i study dentistry so have to see patients, they always ask me how I’m gonna do to deal with it. I always answer that is not the same cuz I always have uniform, a coping, and my knowledge to deal some. Also, I can use a mask and the A/C on a clinic on, to cover with the sweat of the anxious feeling.��

  • My wife does all the things this gentleman suggests, we even went took a gentle parenting class for 6 weeks. Please try everything this gentleman suggests cuz he’s not wrong.
    But if this doesn’t work for you, don’t feel bad to give your kid a good wack on the butt.. they’ll learn.

  • Gotta be honest, the way her voice breaks a little at the end of almost every sentence is really triggering my misophonia. But I really appreciate this video nonetheless.

  • Glad I watched this video. WOWWWW! I learned a lot about myself and I am going to practice this with not just kids but everyone I know… Thanks & new subscriber…

  • Aloha Antoinette, thank you for sharing and welcome to Germany! I hope you and your family can feel at home here.
    If you speak German: It would be great if you could share your experiences here in German language too. I suppose it would be very interesting for the folks here who don’t speak English fluently. Mahalo!

  • I really appreciate you’re videos! They’re really helping my husband and me.
    I have a quick question about our 6 year old daughter. She’s always been a very emotional (dare I say, dramatic) child. We always used a crying room when she was younger so that she had a place to let out her emotions, and we talked about it after she was calm. We always told her it was ok to feel these emotions.
    Well, she started kindergarten this year, and we’ve run into a problem. Her teacher said that she gets so upset by very small things and then cries very loudly in class for a very long time (much more intense than any other kid in her class).
    How do we tell her that it’s ok to express her emotions, but at the same time help her to stop disrupting the class?

    (One more thing, she was a micro-preemie, born at 1 lb 2 oz. So we feel like maybe she’s just behind with her emotional development because of her prematurity).

  • Im having a very hard time with my 4 year old boy. I feel lost and like a bad mom. My son is very good at prek which he only goes for 3 hrs. Every day he wakes up mad or upset. I can probably take fault of doing alot of things wrong since i get super frustrated when hes not behaving well. Looking for help because i feel so frustrated at the time.

  • #4 I always believed in this, allowed my kids engage in free play. Yes, it made other moms anxious about my children’s safety. I refused to be a “helicopter” parent. I was brought up when kids were expected to take risks. Yes, they would probably get hurt at some point, but parents addressed that if and when it happened. I always told my kids that they knew they had a real childhood if they had stitches at some point or had been to the emergency room. Childhood is about imagining and dreaming big, believing you can do anything and are invincible, and taking big risks. Kids will naturally figure out their limits. Telling them constantly they could get hurt is crushing their creativity and making them dependent. Parents never did this when I was a child, and if a child did have a hover mom, other children did not want to have anything to do with that hen-pecked child! I refused to be that mom. And yes, studies have been done on inhibiting free play in children, and it does affect their development where they do not learn a sense of their surroundings and boundaries, because that must be tested to develop awareness. As a result, these over-protected children have underdeveloped gross motor skills and are clumsy.

  • I’m a sociopath, the weak minded end of the stick, the one who does have fear and empathy and can’t deal with stress as much as psychos… I wish I was a psycho

  • I want to search for help but my mom doesn’t believe me. She says that every 14 years old girl goes trough a fake/attention depression

  • When I was 9 my best friend died, and i burried my face in Amstrad CPC 6128k computer and then a NES and then a SNES etc.. got bulled at school, turned down by 500 girls and so I stayed away from all humans, I ended up with Xbox one and PS4, my dad hit me with his belt and smashed my face on a radiator between ages of 10-20, now I’m still a hikikomori at 41 locked away from all

  • My step-son still loves his absentee mother. I’ve been with his father for 5yrs. The step-son is unmotivated and angry with life. I’m pretty sure it’s because he can’t accept his mother doesn’t want him. His twin brother has accepted this sad truth, but I’m still totally confused on how to deal with this stuff. Now things are worse because thier going through puberty. HELP!

  • So am I a psychopath because I love death I’ve hurten animals I’ve acted different emotions when someone is around and I’ve gotten very angry for very little things I don’t really care about people dieing like I’ve watched 9/11 and started smiling with people dieing?

  • You brought up a good point. Im asking my kid to do something his brain cant really do, meanwhile im fully capable of staying calm & I dont always.

  • Is your tips works for all kids Doc? I’m Indonesian (Asian), it’s hard for me to make my 4 y.o son to calm down, when he’s crying aloud

  • I loved your practical solutions to everyday parenting struggles and challenges…. Simply wow!!! Thank you again for this useful post!!!������

  • I get mad when someone shouts at me and like days bad stuff about me and lies about me I have a lot of anger issues when I get so mad I literally hit something or my mind says hit someone

  • They are only climbing a wall! In addition, they are small and nimble and the gangway is much broader for them then for an adult. This is nothing. My friends and I shot each other with bows and arrows when we wear 7!:D

  • I would like to add to this video:
    Being an Ambivert makes many symptoms hard to self-realize. I am 1,and spent most childhood in denial or upheaval. BUT I can entertain/occupy myself both ways, so it was easy to stubborn thru it thinking I’m a badass,etc.
    Now as a late 20s adult,I am STILL doing it but fully aware of everything from past-future(including what ifs). My life is disgusting,painful,and failing. “Practically pointless” is what comes to mind.
    Lots has happened during adulthood(health,connections,etc)that only piled on the pressure/took away support. My options are lost to me and so did a piece of my ❤.
    Sry for the rambling point is if ya got this personality type(or know them) get ready for complications/confusions cuz that’s literally what we are.its a curse when damaged

  • Grew up with neglectful parent and always thought I’d made it out unaffected for the most part until parenting threw up a mirror in front of me. Your videos are really great at teaching and redirecting behavior in a non-judgmental way. Thank you.

  • This is great for one on one. Though I have four kids total and I can’t get my other kids to stop “feeding the siblings anger” or to stop interrupting while I speak with the angry child. My kids are ages 6,6,4,3 and when they’re angry with each other. I find it very difficult to calm them down. Without letting them tell it out.

  • I have watched videos to help my 11yr old son with his anger and I can’t seem to find the right one. he’s autistic and closes up when he’s mad, really he doesn’t express many emotions often. he will get so mad over silly, little things, sometimes! like if the internet dips out for a few mins. that happened yesterday and he was so mad that he threw all the dishes and went into the pantry and threw everything off the shelves onto the floor which broke my large crock pot and prob more but it’s knee high in there so I can’t see much. so then this morning I was waking him early to get some things done before school and he yelled at me that I never “shut the F up!!” and laid on the couch and refused to move and almost missed the bus, which happens often. then he walked home and didn’t ride the bus and then right away broke his sisters barbie castle from xmas! I tried to talk to him all thru this. no yelling, just asking why he was so angry and I needed to understand what was going on and he just told me to go away and leave him alone. I’m so frustrated right now!! he calms down and then says sorry and thinks everything is fixed. I talk to him when he’s calm and not angry and explain that he needs to talk about feelings and to try to calm himself, etc. not enough time to tell all that I say, and he kinda listens and gets very bored and kinda annoyed and his adhd kicks in and he can’t or won’t listen for more than 2 mins. I talk with him whenever I get the chance, just little comments or pointing things out that are helpful. I’m at a loss! I don’t hit my kids but sometimes I feel like that’s what I need to do!! I dunno, I’m just so frustrated!! I’m trying to listen and understand but he uses that as a weakness and walks all over me!! aughh!sorry for rambling but if anyone can help me, please do!!!! thanks!!

  • You cant be a future psychopath you are born that way but you can become a sociopath lol this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about I watched a video of a guy explaining what psychopath and sociopath really are this guy just says his own opinion this link I’m about to post proves my point https://youtu.be/9rkiWlYlzCY

  • Every one of these signs describe me perfectly. So sad to have lived this way for 60 years. I have not found therapy to be helpful and I have tried for years. The patterns and trauma are ingrained into every cell and I believe will never be overcome. Myself and siblings are walking wounded caused by the emotional and physical abuse we suffered as children. That’s when I think about putting an end to the pain. At least I didn’t pass the family abuse onto my kids, except they are scarred from having to be raised by a depressed parent. In my opinion, there is no help.

  • I’m from Bangladesh. I’m currently following your youtube channel. Because my sister lives in german so I watch germany video. And I found interesthing thing about german in your channel. Keep it up.

  • Thanks for these Tipps

    I have four boys (2,6,7,and 10 years)
    It is daily routine that they fight but my eldest get mad very easily

    Example: today he wanted to take something from his little brother and he resisted and during their „fight“ his younger brother hit him accidentally and his noodles (which he was supposed to eat at the dining table) fell off from his plate and he got angrier
    So he hit his brother who is extra dramatic and started yelling like mad
    So he hit him back etc etc
    When I run into the room I was already fed up coz I have been sick for the last days and as a single mother of four it is not always easy. Anyways I entered the room and yelled „what tha hell is going on? Both of u don’t come near to each other“
    And the eldest got mad and started yelling at me and yelled „i will leave the house and not come back“ (ya over dramatic aswell”
    His little brother is cheekier and tried to leave the spot with a big smile but the eldest got angrier and yelled “I hate u… I hate u so much”
    Anyways I grapped my eldest and said “calm down”
    No chance!!! He was mad for several minutes
    And after that he was little bit normal

    What to do in such a situation when the kids start yelling at u?
    Normally I warn him and say it is better u stop talking now but he gets disrespectful and I don’t know how to deescalate the situation

    Any idea?

  • Am I the only one who is sick and tired of people talking but not demonstrating… I rather Cesar he actually demonstrate what he says on a real life dog… How about you take notes.

  • I am a 31 years woman and don’t have any kids yet, but I really don’t want to see a naked breast in public. If you have small kids I think you should make your program around the kid feedind or allawys have a bottle of your own milk with you or at least, in exceptional condition, have a blanket or something like that to cover a bit. This is my opinion and it may change in time, maybe when I will have kids on my own, who knows…

  • Damn… this video describe me way too well. I’ve gotten really good at pretending I’m ok, but I think I never really been ok
    Thank you for the video, I’m not ready yet to confront my childhood trauma but I think it’s the first time that I realized that I need to

  • My toddler is 2 years old he listens and is a sweetheart for the most part BUT can you give me advice on his bad behavior; he slaps in the face and throws himself on the floor.

  • Need this video today!!! My 5 year old has cabin fever BIG TIME. Poor kid can barely play outside since it’s over 100 degrees outside all day. My husband and I finally decided to enroll her in summer camp so she can play and interact with children her own age.

  • No. 4 my mum was very comfortable with my sister (7) take me (2) to the playground all alone �� she didn’t really care �� I broke my arm once tho ��

  • I can relate to most of these mainly the Out-Bursts of anger and a lot of the depression stuff, I also have suicidal thoughts every day, and sometimes there are days where I think: “Is today the day I end it all?” but I never do… I want to reach out for help, but I’m too scared to go to my parents that they might think it’s my friends when it’s not and that my mom will think it’s because of the internet and my phone when it’s not, it’s the people at school that make fun of the things I like and genetics, both my parents have depression and depression can be passed through genetics, I also recently back in February had a family fight where it ended up with my aunt, uncle, and cousin leaving us… that hurt me bad cause I loved my cousin to death and I still hate myself knowing there was something I could of done to stop it…

  • I actually can’t take this anymore, all of these apply to me. I’ve been depressed for almost half of my life it started before i was 12, everyone hated me, everyone bullied me no matter what, so i grew up depressed, i’m 19 now, and i don’t know what i would be like if i wasn’t depressed, i was still a little kid when i was mentally killed. I have no friends, no one’s ever loved me and therapy isn’t working at all. I don’t want to take antidepressants, they’re fake happiness. It just doesn’t get better, i can’t recall a single happy memory from my life, i don’t have anyone left for me but my parents, but they don’t understand me. They don’t make me feel better, they try, but it doesn’t help. I can’t really even put it into words how much i want to die. There’s no hope, for almost 10 years i’ve suffered and it just doesn’t get better. I’m starting to feel like i’m just not meant to be here, like these are all natures ways of saying to just call it quits. Everyday is the same lonely and gray miserable hell. It’s like all life is throwing all the shit it has streaight at me. It’s like i’m actually cursed or something. I’m not afraid of death. I’ve got nothing to live for. I didn’t sign up for this, i never asked to be born, i don’t want to play this game anymore. No one can help me it seems, no one cares, and i don’t blame them, it would be a waste.

  • Wow. I found this by accident and all in a time where I am really struggling trying to help my angry son. I need your help Big Time sir ��♥️

  • I am the alienated parent, and it has been going on since I divorced her Father 20 years ago, she is now 40 and has two children, so it is affecting the next generation, who are 13 and 10. Your video has revealed exactly what has been going on. So I have had to give HER the silent treatment since Christmas, and she repeated exactly what you said, I believe her Father is a Narcissist, who has recreated another one in her. I’ve just left them to it now. Wonder how they will get on. now I am out of the picture? Good video, Thanks.!

  • 5. I dont even dare to touch animals
    4. I just love my phone
    3. I just get sad then i no sad anymore the next day
    2. My emotions? I always get sad during sad movies and laugh alot
    1. I only hide my emotions when im angry or sad
    I only lie about when my mom ask me what i ate during school��
    I dont but people look down on me

  • Love between my parents I never saw, there marriage seemed like shit, whenever I wanted to cry everyone shut me down telling cry quietly, been sexually assaulted by boys since fifth grade, my closest friends didn’t even knew my fav color, now I don’t even have friends. Now I’m scared of marriage, intimacy, betrayal,. I have insecurities, low self esteem, social anxiety hardly got out of depression. My whole life I just explain ��

  • This is FANTASTIC!! I know this works! When I say “i understand” & “ I’m not angry” my toddler is sooooo much easier. I think my worries just got resolved. I’m going to practise meeting her frustration with understanding. Something matters to her a lot. She wants to do things and just gets so angry when she hears no all the time.

  • Very helpful. Thank you so much this is so reassuring for me as a mom of a child (7yo boy) who seems to be angry and/or dramatic about simple issues or problems that come up in everyday kid life… most days I can get to the root of his anger and turns out it’s not REALLY anger he’s feelingrather it’s sadness. He misses his brothers & sisters when they are gone (we have a split family) back to their moms. This video was reassuring to me that I’m on the right track to deal with helping his through the sadness that’s it’s not anger he’s dealing with. Thank you for the plain speak and the information.

  • I commented on your other video few minutes ago, decided that I’m gonna post the same comment here again. So here… I have an 11 year old sister who immediately gets mad when something goes wrong or does not get what she wants. She barely listens to us and we often end up in a yelling contest. Sometimes she’ll break stuff also. I know she can change but I don’t know how to start helping her, since we’re not really close because we used to fight everyday before which is wrong. But believe me, she’s very intelligent and does well in School. She’s a varsity player also. But her attitude when not in School is soo different, when we don’t follow her she’ll get mad. I always try to keep my composure and managed to reduce those yelling moments, but she still barely listens to us. I did all the 5 Don’ts to her for years thinking it would help, but it isn’t.:(

  • Hmm, thank you for this. I’m a teacher at a preschool and this definitely gave me some food for thought. I noticed our student who is always angry just blows up and gets worse when a teacher combats her anger with more anger, so I’ve been trying other ways of dealing with her outbursts

  • You forgot to mention the sociopath intense stare and sociopaths are predisposed to inheriting genes from one parent who is/was also a sociopaths.

  • This video really helps me to understand everything better.. I felt like almost crying

    I know I need profesional help deep inside, but some part of me believes I’m a drama queen and it will be OK after some time…

    But it last over a five months already and It didn’t get better..
    I couldn’t tell anyone because when I tryed to say something to some people, they just said everyone feels like that sometimes too… So I’m scared that everyone would think it’s nothing and I only annoy them being so dramatic, because I don’t know the words how to describe how I feel… When I start thinking about my situation, I only freeze and scream in my mind or it just goes blank and in the end I do nothing about it…
    I also don’t want to worry people I love.
    (Sorry about my english grammar. I hope you understood)

  • i told my friends i think i had depression but they say everyone gets depressed. then i told my parents i have suicidal thoughts and i attempted to kill myself but they laughed it off saying i was dramatic and its because of youtube.. i honestly dont see the point of living anymore when i have tried to ask and seek for help multiple times but im trying to do this all by myself since no one believes btw im shaking while typing this. oh and i told my parents today…

  • The second one (Do model appropriate self-regulation) has been a MAJOR one in our family, our 4 year old will often say “umm…mom and dad…we all just need to be nice to each other.” At least she’s noticing the differences in other people, she’ll learn it for herself in her own time haha!

  • If you are having problems with your child, read the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It helps you get to the bottom of what is the issue causing the dysfunction. Perhaps your child is old enough and can understand the book himself/herself. If not, I would suggest the parent read it and explain and implement the tools with your child

  • I am totally shocked to hear that people would refuse to wear swim suits, because they do not look perfect or are pregnant, and I really hope that this point never changes in Germany. No one is perfect! Perfect is to be the way you are. We all are so influenced by these sickening advertisement stereo types that we start to judge ourselves by that “standard”. But that is not reality. In reality, we all are old, young, skinny, fat, tall, short, light skinned, dark skinned and every thing else nature has in store for us all.

  • This is so interesting to me! I am a mother and I am German. I expect that parenting is not an easy thing anywhere on this world, yet I feel for myself that this way to extremely confidently imply to others how things should be done can make things even more difficult in a way. Sometimes I feel a bit stressed out over this. I like to think that there are alternatives. I like a bit of intuitiveness. In this respect I find your view on things very inspiring. I do not think it is the question, whether one nation does parenting better than the other, but that there are indeed alternatives that all work out.

  • Thank you Dr.Paul! I always try to follow your suggestions very religiously. I would like to request your advice for the parenting issue that I am facing. My daughter who is 2 years old is having issues with her newborn brother.. How can I resolve this? Can you please let me know if you already have videos on this..

  • Thank you.  I have long searched for this answer, something that can be put into a action plan.  And you summarized it in 3 minutes.  Nobody can understand the deep pain the parent feels, when no matter what she does, she is causing her child pain and anger.  And seeing the connection to the child falling apart.  And feeling guilty and helpless.  I will type this up onto a small piece of paper, and keep it in my purse.  A tool, that perhaps gives me some hope I can hold onto.

  • I had a friend ask me recently if I had any good childhood memories. I literally couldn’t think of anything.
    My childhood memories are nothing but getting ridiculed by teachers, constantly apologizing to my parents, constant chores.
    I hated summer break as a kid. Every morning my father would leave chore lists for my brother and I. And of course he wouldn’t do anything because I would do everything so dad wouldn’t scream at us. And here’s the thing. It wasn’t just simple stuff like take out trash. No it was clean out the chicken coop, for 300 birds. Then do all that other stuff.
    Pick up sticks and we lived on five acres. And if the littlest twig wasn’t picked up, we would have to hear the lecture of the blades were messed up because we didn’t pick up all the sticks. Do the dishes. And if we missed something we weren’t just simply told “hey you missed this” it was “when are you going to get the dishes done?!” And it would be over as something as missing a spot from wiping down the counter.
    I couldn’t talk to my parents unless it was a commercial break. God forbid I needed help on homework. If it couldn’t be figured out during a commercial break, then I was just told to ask my teacher. Mind you, small rural farm schools suck so it was just at the beginning of class.

  • Oh god! When my son attended KiTa he didn’t need so many pairs of shoes, ok house shoes, Wellies or Winterboots, sport shoes but 8 pairs?! Ok I live in NRW and winters are here not so severe as in the south, but still I find it a little bit too much.

  • Children tend not to embrace individuality. Instead, they want to be like all the other kids. They want to be the cool kid in school.

    He probably is upset because he sees things other kids have that he does not get or have.

  • I’m adopted right now and my parents still don’t even understand why I’m still angry and 24 years old and I lost so much in my life my biological parents and they don’t understand why I’m always angry I lost sisters I lost four sisters of mine I lost my biological father I lost my biological mother and went crazy now feel like right now I lost so much and I continue to be angry all the time now my adopted family doesn’t understand all the information that comes on that side now they sort of treat me like I’m an outsider and I don’t like that because it also makes me feel like I’m not a part of the family. ��������

  • if you are angry it shows u care about someone or some situation… all anger can be replied to with love and it will help if the child has the ability

  • i have a kid in my class who is very attached to me, and refuses to do anything unless i ask him to individually and praise him every step of the way. Every morning however, he comes into class and Hits me, and refuses to talk to me for at least an hour… I don’t know what he’s trying to express, except I think he might’ve mixed up showing care with anger. It makes me sad that I won’t be around as kids like him grow older.

  • Mental health-related issues tied to our childhood experiences are something that we want to raise more awareness. We want to help parents and future parents to learn how important our childhood is in shaping who we are. If you support this mission, we encourage you to help share this video and two others that were posted recently on this topic. For some reason, those topics haven’t been doing well, but we feel they are super important for our current generation. Help share if you can and if you did, let us know so we can thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Memom I need to talk. I’ve been feeling really down lately and think i would benefit from talking to a mental health professional.

    My momiTs BeCaUsE oF tHat DaMn PhOnE

  • First of all, I basically line up with all the things in this video. I’m not afraid to say it, yes I’m pretty insensitive towards my dog. I don’t care. Why the hell are you showing all these pictures of murderers when you say psychopath? Especially sociopath, I’m not trying to self-diagnose but my I’m pretty sure I’m a sociopath. It literally just means I’m not able to feel empathy. Guess what, my friends tell me I’m one of the nicest people they’ve met. Just because I have something “wrong” with me, doesn’t mean I’m the future Ted Bundy. By you displaying the word psychopath and sociopath with pictures of murderers, puts it in the mind that all sociopaths and psychopaths are horrible people. Making people not want to be around them, or be friendly towards them. Which makes the sociopath depressed or whatever it is. Which causes the “murder” you think they are. So just fucking stop. Also you can’t even pronounce amygdala right. You shouldn’t even be talking about this if you still can’t pronounce words. (Sorry about this, I went on a rant cause I was angry.)

  • As a second grader in the 70s I had to use a fountain pen in school a big change from using only pencils in the states. I would like to know if this is still true. About the risk factor at age 7 I walked to the center of Juelich with my 10 year old sister, another 10 year old and an 8 year old. It was dark. We were going to a bonfire. We each carried a paper lantern with a lit candle in the center. The 8 year old’s lantern caught fire. She didn’t miss a beat. She dropped it, stamped it and then stamped some more. She would not leave the spot until she was certain there was no danger. That was St Martin’s Eve. Do they still do that?

  • Fun experiment:
    Try to see if a close friend or someone you know very well has these symptoms and come to a grim realization your best bud may be highly depressed

  • Its been on and off… My mood swings way too fast. At times im too jolly but in a short while be extremely iritated if things dont go my way. There were times that i widraw myself and think that i dont belong in the group though friends are not doing anything wrong to me. I thought that it was just lack of communication but it seems that it some sort of mental illness. There are times that I dont feel that my love understand me. Resulting to too many argumentations and I kinda hurt myself too. Throw things at hand aswell and cant control physical reactions such as itching, knocking things off, etc. There were instances that Im thinking if something is wrong with me…

  • Hey if any of you parents have advice i would appreciate….so my son and his cousin always have argument and more so do to my nephew lieing that really gets under my son skin hes 8yr my nephew is 6yr. my son gets upset because for my nephew to get his way he lies and his mom knows hes lies but doesnt seem to correct him….plz help any advice

  • So me and my little sister went into an argument because she accidentally deleted some of my really important stuffs. I was super angry so I put her phone under my pillow. But after watching this,I calmed myself down and yea we both apologised and became happy again:D

  • This hit the nail on the head in every possible way. I began praying for god to kill me in sleep since I was 6 years old. I now have CPTSD, schizoaffective/bipolar2 and clinical depression. Nothing helps. I have been on all types of medication. I try to exercise, I meditate, I get sunlight, I try hard not to isolate. I also try really hard to get up, believe in myself and keep going when I hit set backs. It’s like my brain is scarred. I can’t afford the psycho therapy I desperately need. I can just barely afford to see an NP for my medications. It’s weird, and people think I’m super unconfident, but I actually really love myself. A lot. I’m smart, talented and kind but even thought I think I am wonderful, the depression never goes away…… Every day my alarm goes off, I hit snooze and hope I never wake up. No matter what activity I’m engaged in, who I’m with, what I’m doing, I am crippled with sadness. The only thing that has ever alleviated the pain were magic mushrooms but since they’re expensive and illegal where I live, it isn’t very tangible. I hate living like this… I have never known true lasting joy. Not that there is such a thing, but I know plenty of neurotypicals who genuinely feel like life is a beautiful and happy experience. I feel cursed and I just wish it could end. I’d give anything to be cured. Anything in the world.

  • Hi Antoinette! Your videos are so helpful and so spot on (I am married to a German).
    But I find that in your videos, you always concede to the German way. Whether it is dubbed German Videos or parents teaching their kids sharing is a choice, you mention why this is culturally very different from you, but then you always put positive spin on it and that you “have to get used to it.” For example, now you watch English movies dubbed in German even though it isn’t your preference.
    This message makes me more scared to potentially move to Germany because it seems that one has to give up their own culture/identify/preferences to make room for the German way simply because one is living there. I am all about respecting another culture. But I don’t think moving to a country means you suddenly have absorb everything they are.
    My husband lives with me in California and he is still a very true German. I do not desire him to be “americanized” and I do not expect him to simply ‘accept’ everything he doesn’t like about the U.S just because he lives here.
    I do find your channel lovely and appreciate all of your work! Just wanted to let you know how it can come across sometimes:) Wishing you a lovely November!
    P.S. Of course all the positive aspects about Germany make me excited and I thank you for sharing

  • Very fair consideration of both sides! The first example with the toy: i just feel sorry and ashamed of that german unfriendly way to handle things. I think, people today are thinking too materialistic anyway, like in your second point with the shoes. I think, it’s a sign of the time, too. We didn’t have that, when i was a kid, like you had just 2 pair of shoes and that’s it.
    P.S.: You have a lovely way to tell stories!

  • My son and I watched this and he really learned a lot. He struggles with his anger but hopefully he uses these tactics and get better with controlling his emotions.

  • I just hit my roommate on the head with a broom! because I asked her to vacuum her cookie crumbs up and carmel peanuts up she dropped on the floor. Well she picked up the big pieces and left the tiny pieces. She didn’t vacuum liked I asked. I just brushed it off. Today I walked on the floor and stopped for a minute. In those few minutes ants were crolling up my leg. I exploded and called her a filthy fing cow and I got so mad I hit her upside her head with a broom twice and on her back. She also some how managed to drag chicken shit in from outside.. I threw stuff at her and went off on her! I am a horrible person. Should I live on my own? I can’t handle roommates! I just can’t deal with the filth and I get physical fast!

  • thank you for making this video. this really helped me a lot. I’m sure my friends who also suffering from depression thinks so too I’ll share it with them. We got called to the councelling room about 3 times now because our mental health score and we might get called again for the 4th time and it involves our parents tnis time. we don’t want to trouble or burden them with our own problem
    I’m so sorry, this is the first time I’ve ever typed out a lot:’)

  • Its really pretty normal here for children to climb on fences. Parents often let children do it, while holding their hand at a very young age and they learn fast. When I was nine I was walking on very narrow wooden fences. I think it’s super important that children learn to explore things.
    Children are very sturdy, and they don’t hurt themselves as easily as grown-ups. I even once fell on my neck from a climbing thing and nothing happened.

    It’s so interesting to see what things are normal here in Germany, but not in other countries (the pregnant mums in bathrobe for example). I wouldn’t even think twice about it, since there is absolutely nothing shameful about it. Quite the contrary I find it kinda cute when I see the big bellies of mommas to be in bikinis and think “You go girl, still so active with that huge belly!”

  • Did you know about any of the warning signs in this video? And did you recognize any of the signs in this video? What are some other ways you can tell that you may be dealing with a psychopath? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • I think I can relate to all points. However (point 3) I was never a kid who throws tantrums or whatever. I was (and am) always retreated and isolated. Likely emotionally numb. And though I am looking for help I am also like in point 7. I dont care. In fact, I cant imagine my life being diffrent.

  • If only you knew,I think was a psychopath dude,man if only you all knew what I use to do,I would murder ants,cut off their heads and burn it,just for the fun of it.

  • Holy fuck. I use to choke my cat and throw it on the wall to see it coughing/suffocating for air as a kid. But I don’t do it now and hate seeing animal cruelty. Did I outgrow it?

  • @ the high fence
    there is a playground for very young kids near me and the kids love climbing the (grown-up)-hip-high stone wall. There is soft sand on the one side and cobble stone much higher up on the other side. My kid and another mom’s kid did fall, both were not injured but experienced pain. Both went up there again. I do NOT feel comfortable letting my kid do this and usually hold his hand. My kid is a tentative kid and sometimes clumsy compared to other kids his age. I know he’s not as good as falling softly and has quite a lot of bruises and after 3 runs to the ER… i just know that my kid is not as got mobility-wise as others. This is a circle though… since he’s slower and has more difficulties, he does enjoy mental activities more and choses a puzzle over a playground or sits with me on a playground instead of climbing stuff (so i go out and climb with him). I do exersizes at home that give him more body feeling like fun gymnastics stuff. But… if in my heart i feel its not safe for MY kid, i don’t let my kid up. I admire kids who are that mobile and I appreciate relaxed parents. The three ER trips freaked me out a bit ; )

  • thanks for your help i get mad at my girlfriend a lot and yell at her and i was done with that so i wanted to see how to control my anger issues thanks

  • No one’s ever cared about my anger or pain. I was simply invalidated. I wish I had someone who understood growing up. I wish I wasn’t alone, didn’t feel alone.

  • I work with a wonderful 6 year old boy with trauma and abandonment issues at his school. His Mum would verbally abuse him and eventually kicked him, his Dad and sister out of the house. He often blanks people speaking to him and has fits of rage during which he tracks to hit people, throw things such as chairs at them and absolutely trashes the classroom. During the most recent of these fits of rage he often didn’t seem to register what anyone said, apart from when someone mentioned his Mum and when his Dad eventually arrived and spoke to him privately, which calmed him down. I’ve only been present for one of these but I’m told they used to be almost daily before I worked with him. How do you get around it if I child simply doesn’t register what you are saying to them? I’ve only been working with him a week and a half but I already feel quite attached to him already and I am desperate to help him manage his emotions. He is an incredibly intelligent, sweet, kind, loving, creative child when calm.

  • I feel like I’m always grieving although no one actually died. But I feel like something died… from within but I can’t figure out what.

  • To 1: That’s more of a local thing, I think. Where we live, every toy brought to a playground can be used by any child, with only two basic rules: If the original owner insists on getting the toy back (for actual playing not for keeping it away from others) it has to be given back and second of course the toy must be returned when the owner is leaving.
    To 2: That’s also different from Kindergarten to Kindergarten. In our former Kindergarten, the Kids only had to have house shoes and gum boots. In our recent Kindergarten, which is a “Waldkindergarten”, that is they spend their day outdoor all the day, almost no matter how the weather is (only if it get’s really dangerous like when there are strong storms, they go inside), so of course they have to have according cloths.
    To 4: Of course you weren’t the only parent being afraid in such a situation. It’s just that the others don’t show it when their childs do such a thing for the first time. Showing your child that you are afraid will make your child afraid, too. I remember when my biggest son, three years at that time, first climbed up a climbing frame more then 4 meters high. Of course I was standing close by and of course I then had to help him down. Once I also had to catch him when he started falling, but it didn’t take him long to master the skill of climbing and when we visited the playground again, I could walk away relaxed.
    To 5: Yes, that’s basically it. I can’t understand why it should be different. Why should pregnants or new moms stop to have some fun when it is not dangerous at all? Why should they be ashamed on how they look? It’s a completely natural thing. Plus: If you are or have been pregnant that does very likely mean that you don’t have to impress men, doesn’t it?

  • You have to add something very important to the “toy story”. Many parents immediatley stop their kids from using other kids stuff. Some just say no, some others teach to ask the kids. Of course this can lead to a strong defending of the own toys, but at the end it teaches not to take from others right at the start.Later, so i can tell, the kids are left with an other choice: if u dont share, why should other kids share with you.

  • Psychopaths are not created they are born someone can not “become” a psychopaths,only sociopaths can be created due to environmental factors

  • My daughter displays almost every one of these signs. She loves talking about horror, blood, and death ALL the time. She talks to herself saying that it’s her friend and she loves gears and gadgets. She also has multiple personas if that’s what you want to call it.

  • I enjoy whenever I see a girl is in pain.. first I make relation with them thn I fuck them and thn I brk up but I always make sure they suffer… Like I show our sex video to her parents or people who know her, verbally or physically abuse them, blackmail them etc.

    But nothing gives me more pain whenever I see animals are in pain.. I always help them, give funds to different animal rescue shelter etc

  • Life goes up aaaand down…..there is no cure for depression, love or hate…..we all have to deal with it on a regular basis…
    Trust me, I know after being alive for more than 50 years…..life is a battle just fight it the best u can and that’s good enough:)

  • today my mom accendeltly stepped on my ipad and badly broke it! I was so mad! Later, I was getting very stressed about homework and one of the lessons was managing anger and i found this video so i watched it and i feel better now. You are amazing.

  • I think this video is great! I agree with everything he’s saying. Actually putting these tips into practice is going to be difficult as I myself am quite an emotional person. But I know its not impossible. I’d like to just ask… What if my child’s aggression is towards another child? My son has one friend in particular that he hits quite often. I don’t realm now how to deal with this as at this point I’ve got 2 screaming children and don’t know who to deal with first… Sometimes the mother is here when it happens and she can see yo her daughter while I deal with my son. My only concern with using this calm method is that which if the mother thinks I’m nor doing enough to discipline my son for this sort of thing? NOTE: my son is 4 and the girl is 6 and she’s also quite tall for her age. Sometimes my boy gets angry with her because she is teasing him or just annoying him. Other times he’s upset about something completely different but still takes it out on her. I don’t know what to do

  • Thanks doc! I have a question plz help me! My son is in 5th standered, from the class first to class 3rd, he was really shy and immuture in behaviour but in studies he was good. Other children always mocked at him and beat him. But from the class 4th eaverything changed he started beating children.his anger is coming out..now everyday i got complaints from school and parents.I dont know what to do. He also starts lying. Plz help

  • Fick I’m already killing my fishes like when I’m stressed I kill my fishes and I put my fingers(nails) in my hand and then there’s blood everywhere

  • What should you do when your little sibling is getting angry at one of his friends and start screaming and yelling at their friend and calling them a “fricking idiot!!!!!!!”?

  • Don’t try to get used to this horrible behavior. Not all the parents are like this. Healthy people teach their children to share. It also might depend on the area where you live.

  • Modeling emotional regulation is hard because our children trigger us to all of our own unmet needs and unresolved emotions. So this is your chance to focus on yourself. It may seem selfish to focus on yourself, but it’s actually equivalent to putting on the oxygen mask on an airplane before your child…

  • My son is two plus years old and it literally never happened to me that other parents were protecting their kid’s toys on a public playground… I guess your experience might be a local one?!

  • I spanked my son for punching his fit and kicking the table. I feel awful because we usually have great communication and he’s a great kid. Help!

  • You hit the nail on the head right here. I was bullied to the point of sucide as a kid and all the shrinks my parents took me too just wanted to drug me instead of getting the bullying under control. I was always told the bullying was my fault. Kids would come up and hit me or call me names for no aparent reason. But it was always my fault.

  • Why I haven’t seen this before last weekend? My older kid got angry, shouting and all that and my younger, which is still a toddler was crying. Instead of calming everybody down I basically started fireworks fest. I was the lord of destruction. 30 minutes of crying/shouting and later of course whole evening of frustration that I am bad parent.
    Thank you for these tips. I will write them down on a paper and wear it on me whenever I go. Hope this never happens again

  • I’m 12 years old and I babysit spoiled 4 year olds almost everyday and that’s why I’m here.. so I don’t lose my temper in front of them:)

  • Thanks for your share. I have a six-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. I accompany and educate them at home everyday recently. I always tell myself that calming down when they fell angry or dispute with each other. Boys and girls have different personalities. I always tell them it’s okay for having any emotion. For example, let my son go to his room to calm down, and accompany my daughter in her teepee to calm down. But it’s not always effective, especially my impatient son sometimes knock the door of his room hard and throw something to vent emotions.

  • My two boys bully each other physically and saying bad words to each other, I am feeding up by their behavior! Can u do a video about this and also do a video on how to be at the same page with your spouse when it comes to discipline kids! My hubby never been on the same page with me, he gives whatever the boys asking for and not discipline them at all, let them be the free range kids. But the kids run the household, I am very stressed out and frustrated, they r 3 and 7. Because daddy spoils them mommy is the bad cop so my two sons hates me:( pls help, dr Paul! Thx

  • When i was a kid, me and my cousins caught a bird, literally tortured it and burnt it partially alive. I guess i never taught a lot about it. My uncle which is a year younger than me also chokes his dog a lot and throws it around. I thought it was freaking hilarious but now i’m starting to rethink our actions. ����������‍♀️

  • Hey, im an aussie loving in austria, yoohoo! And I wanted to say that i also found the playgrounds here wildly different to auatralian ones. Theres plenty of playgrounds here that have high climbing areas or poles that you jump from the top of one to another that are above my head height, etc etc, and no nets but just bark to cushion any potential falls, whereas in Australia all playground are over the top ohs standard basically wrapped up in cotton wool (an expression for overly protective). At first i was shocked but now i love it, and that my kids get to assess the situation themselves and make choices as to whether they think they are capable or want to try.

  • Thank you so much Dr Paul for doing these videos i just discovered your YouTube channel today and i already subscribe I’m a mom of 2 boys they are 3 and 1yr old and its just so hard i just watched your video about how to control anger as a mom and it really helped me realize a lot of things i will watch it over and over to remind myself because i get angry all the time I’m reading all the comments and thank God I’m not alone in this I’m thankful really for doing these videos pls continue to do more positive videos God bless u

  • These videos are great my kids are visiting grandparents for a few weeks so I am watching you trying to brush up on my parenting before they come back. I have a question my nine year old has a kidney disease and often has to go on prednisone ��������, it takes anger to a whole new level what can I do???

  • I am absolutely shocked at all the people I see in the comments who are having a hard time and can’t find help because they are not taken seriously by the people around them. Come on people, parents, relatives, can you have some empathy and help people around you or at least let them get some help? BTW “Come on, cheer up” and “Just wait, it’ll go away” are two very bad ways of dealing with this. Listen to the person if you want to help them.

  • 1. Ich hasse das, wenn Eltern ihre Kinder zum teilen zwingen. Würden wir fremden einfach unsere Sachen überlassen? Ich nicht. Ich wär auch sauer, wenn einfach wer käme und mein Zeug nimmt!
    2. Ich nehm nie das teuerste zeug. Zählt sich im wahrsten Sinne einfach nicht aus für n paar Monate.
    3. Ich freu mich sehr, dass du diese Erfahrung gemacht hast. Es gibt auch hier die “flaschenmafia” die sich sehrwohl aufregen leider…
    4. es ist für alle Eltern schwierig “Gefahr” zu akzeptieren. Aber ein guten körpergefühl und auch dass fallen-lernen ist super wichtig! Das Kopfkino haben wir aber auch. Wir tun nur so als ob, denn wenn Kinder unsere Angst spüren fehlt ihnen vielleicht das Selbstbewusstsein:-)
    5. es sollte sich keine für seinen körper schämen. Wen juckt es?! Hauptsache spaß und Happy sein!

  • My parents never care. They just tell me i need to loose my attitude. i dont even know why i am angry i just snap at people alot any idea

  • ive been thinking about death/suicide a lot for small reasons. i get angry easily and i just recently failed my first test of the year and ive been bumbed about it all day. i considered choking myself with a belt in the locker room at school but i just couldnt do it. im scared to tell my parents about it bc theyd ask a bunch of questions and i dont feel safe telling them about it. my parents scare me when it comes to me being honest w them bc they make me feel like a burden.



  • Found you when I was pregnant with my first child. Three years later, pregnant with second child and back again to learn from you. THANK YOU for strengthening us as parents!!!

  • On the one hand I think it is very German to define everything as ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ in general (grown ups, too) and it doesnt even mean we dont share or are cheap, it just needs to be clear ��. E. g., we put always fences around everything that belongs us, even the fence is just 10 cm high.��

    On the other hand, I live as a German with kids abroad, too and also in a society, where parents come to the playground, throw all the toys on the ground and everyone can use it. It sounds nice and sharing, but what I also discovered is, that first, the little owners of the toys dont feel comfortable, when their toys are just given to others without even been asked, and second, the other children dont care much about the toys. They take it, break it and leave it just anywhere on the playground, because they do not relate it to one certain person. This mentality you can see in grown ups later, too. I live in a very safe country with low crime rate, but when people see something they like, they just “steel” it from society as it belongs to “all” and not one in particular.

    I am actually like the first mother you described. I explain my children the advantages of sharing, e. g. you have more if you share as you get other stuff back, but I never force them to do so. I just act as an example and share a lot with them at home, like food, clothes, etc. Thus, they learn to take responsibility for their own things and of others, they experience the joy of sharing by deciding it by themselves and they accept, if they cannot have something sometimes, because it doesnt belong to them.

  • Raised my kids in Vermont but was raised, in part, in Germany and am German/American. From the time my girls could walk, I always let them do (mostly) whatever they wanted in terms of risk taking, letting them climb and jump in ways that other parents might not. Now I know where that comes from. Our girls also always had lots and lots of shoes. Could just be the weather up here in Vermont, but maybe old habits?

  • when i i had 9 years old, without noticing it, i did self-injury, everytime i got anger, now i’m still doing that, but, i don’t get angry as much as before, and most of the time, is because my mother

  • Yep. Been depressed since I was a child. Couldn’t fit in with others. The best time ever was studying n teaching. Then my world came tumbling down. 21yrs later, many psychological n psychiatrist later, nothing has changed.
    Decided to limit myself to 1 anti depressants only. The side effects were terrible. Meditation is my go to right now. I’m still hiding from life, at 58yrs young. ��❤️

  • Tell these German mothers to move for a year to a third world country and they’ll see how sharing your toys if you have any is a good trait and sharing is also how you grow as a group member.

  • I am a smart girl and can control my emotions easily but when I enter to teenage I am really angry and I can’t control my emotions.I will follow these tips

  • You’re so naive… You talk like you’re fourteen. The Germans I know indeed did not share anything, they took everything. They wore boots and mother Germany did not breastfeed. And indeed mother Germany did not care about her children and let them take a big risk; something they had to pay for with death… Peoples do not change, they are waiting for the next opportunity. Sorry to ruin your little happy party.

  • You are honestly so nice!!������

    I was shocked to hear from americans, that breastfeeding in public is problematic there. I thought: wtf?
    The main task of the female breast is not to whoo men, but to feed children.
    I once walked in a german book shop and asked if i can feed my kid there. They were so nice, showed me a nice sofa to sit on and asked if i need anything. I was able to be outside, having fun with my kid all day and feed wherever i liked. I evem talked to people while having the baby on my breast…just casually talking about the kid and how nice and sweet it is. When friends visited, i feeded in the middle of the game-round.
    I felt so welcome as mother

  • Why would the children fall off the wall? Children often have a much better sense of balance than adults. When I was in kindergarten and elementary school, I used to climb on trees all the time, up to like 8 meters high. My parents were fine with it because they trusted my skills at climbing and nothing ever happened to me. You should have some confidence in your children because then they will be confident in themselves too.

  • Everything sounds good, but I don’t see why #1 is really a “don’t”. At worst, telling them to calm down will be useless, but can’t it help if you train your kid what “calm down” means while modeling it yourself?

  • no, first point doesnt make sense. i think those are just certain people and they are raising spoiled brats with this type of parenting.

  • I’ve had the misfortune of being around many bad people and so I have bad memories. I still wouldn’t say being a kid was all that bad though.

  • My anxiety got so bad that I would say something nice to someone whenever I left the room because I was scared that would be my last words to them, or the last words they heard.

  • Self diagnosing teen(me calling myself out): hmm yes I think I might could possible be something a little maybe like that yes probably

  • I noticed that in Germany people love their dogs just as much as their kids and they love to get licked! Even when they just saw their dog eat his own shit they love to get their mouths licked by their dogs shitongue!

  • I’m not a parent, however I still find your video VERY helpful. I’ve been working as a casino table games dealer for over 11 years. I’ve experienced people, men & women, between the ages of 21 to 85 years old having actual temper tantrums. Your video works on adults as well. By the way, MANY adults have NO emotional regulation. 1:21

  • Meine Omma hat immer gesagt: “Kannst bei Allem sparen, aber nicht bei Schuhen für die Kinder! Nur das Beste!” Und wie so häufig hatte Omma Recht.

    (und für die Meckerfritzen: Bei uns im Ruhrgebiet heißt das “Omma” mit zwei “m”)

  • Great video! So much of this applies to Canada too. Aware parents do not force their kids to share. We always are prepared for the weather. Breastfeeding with no cover, no problem!

  • To share your food is good. If you dont eat it all you may ask do you want to share my sandwitch or banana or piece of pie? Living in Finland! In Finland we dress our babies and let them sleep outside in their baby trams and they sleep so good! It should not be colder then max -15 degreese. Stroll whit the kids is important both for mom dad and their child children!

  • Another sign of disturbed people is the art of Chinese/Japanese face reading, it’s called Sanpaku eyes, a Japanese term, meaning three whites, and refers to eyes in which the white part of the eye is visible above and below the iris. According to Chinese/Japanese medical face reading, when the white part of the eye, known as the sclera, is visible beneath the iris, it represents physical imbalance in the body and is claimed to be present in alcoholics, drug addicts and people who over-consume sugar or grain. Conversely, when the upper sclera is visible it is said to be an indication of mental imbalance in people such as psychotics, murderers, and anyone rageful. Stress and fatigue may also be a cause. In either condition, it is believed that these people attract accidents and violence.

    In 1965 George Ohsawa, assisted by William Dufty, wrote You Are All Sanpaku, which offers the following perspective on the condition:

    For thousands of years, people of the Far East have been looking into each other’s eyes for signs of this dreaded condition. Any sign of sanpaku meant that a man’s entire system — physical, physiological and spiritual — was out of balance. He had committed sins against the order of the universe and he was therefore sick, unhappy, insane, what the West has come to call “accident prone”. The condition of sanpaku is a warning, a sign from nature, that one’s life is threatened by an early and tragic end.
    Famous sufferers of the condition include: Charles Manson, John F Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Princess of Wales, Sal Mineo, Audrey Hepburn, Ted Bundy, Susan Smith, Ed Kemper, John Wayne Gacy, Diane Downs and Natalie Wood.

    More info on the man who predicted famous people’s deaths, ( because of his theory on Sanpaku) including John F Kennedy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Ohsawa

  • As a german mother, I’ve experienced point 4 the other way round, that kiwis have much more trust in their children regarding risks and thus I think the kids were more brave and confident. I definitely got inspired by it. I have breastfeed my son in NZ everywhere and did not even notice if someone finds it unpleasant ����

  • I can relate to 5 of the 7 and this video made me cry.

    I’m considering professional help for a diagnoses, I guess it’s probably a good idea

  • I have had family problems all my life. I was verbally abused by someone who I thought was supposed to love me. I also have a brother who gets all the attention. Recently I snapped and got into a huge argument with a teacher…. Luckily another teacher really understood me and told him it wasn’t personal I just needed to let my feelings out…

  • As a German myself, I gotta say that mothers who tell their under 5 year old that they don’t have to share things are a bit off. I used to work in a kindi and this is by far NOT the way most German mothers would act. Just out of common sense. Under 5 year old have to learn to share stuff since their brains are all about impulse. Good luck with the kiddos and these hipster mums later on in life, haha. They gotta learn to share amd comminicate.

  • I am so angry right now, i want to destroy everything around me. My online school teacher just doesn’t want to listen to me. I unmute myself and some dumb students tell me to mute myself. Fricking why? I just want to ask a doubt but no. I hate my teacher and online school. Thank you for the video. At least im calmed down now.

  • When I had my now 3-year-old, my mom gifted me 3 years unlimited shoe money and did not stop imploring me to not look at the price. We are not rich, but she was so adamant about getting really, really good shoes. and NOT second hand (except if they’re as good as unworn, which happens with all the different kind of shoes. I would not hesitate to buy rain boots or swimming slippers second hand.)
    There is a whole culture around kid’s shoes for my family (and i suspect many parents who grew up in the Eastern Part of Germany). When i was very little, good shoes were expensive and scarce. It might also come from the fact that both my parents were raised by parents who raised their kids during the war and did not have good shoes at all and it was the most important thing to have to develop a healthy way to walk.
    I did follow their advice, but did not go for the 100+ euro shoes, but still spent about 60-70 for a good pair (and way less for the ‘speciality’ shoes you mentioned.) Our Kindergarden asks for 1 pair of seasonal shoes (rain, snow), gymnastics shoes, house shoes.



  • The sharing thingactually that makes sense. It sends the wrong message to kids that you can just go up to someone and play with their toy without permission. It sends a bad message to the child who is being forced to share against their will, too. Almost like, You are powerless and you have no possessions.
    I think I agree with this one

  • Ich bin ziemlich verwirrt von dem was hier erzählt wird. Jedes Mal wenn du sagst wird „the German Parents“ verallgemeinerst du deine Erfahrungen für ganz Deutschland. Vielleicht musst du daran noch arbeiten aber sonst sehr interessant Einstellungen. Danke!

  • I am German and my mom always told me, when I was climing a tree and thought I couldn’t make it down again: “when you can get up, you can get down” XD

  • Quick heads up that most every child will at some point be interested in the concept of death and morbid fascination has kept us alive as a species. It’s perfectly fine to be interested and i would go as far to say healthy! If you’re worrying you’re a psycho/sociopath, don’t. People with those diseases wouldn’t worry.:)

  • I have always had a happy boy until he got to 10 now he gets angry and crys for no reason I can think of when I ask him he tells me to go away so I’m lost

  • Thank you, for these Info.
    I’ve been searching for videos that teach us how to raise our children in the German way.
    German children never scream, or cry.
    They are self-confident..etc.

    Please make a video about this, or link me to the information,

    Thank you again

  • My childhood ( childhood emotional neglect) oh yes had the best clothes, holidays, money etc… But what other people thought about our family was that it was well balanced and lots of love and cuddles. Fantasy was the correct answer. I don’t want to talk about it anymore�� At 54 yrs you’d think it would all be ok now. I’m an empty shell.

  • I seriously feel like I could scream about this and I’d lose my voice loooong before it would register to anyone, even my loved ones. I don’t have very many people in my life because I don’t want to burden people with my clumsy awkwardness

  • I wrote it in a comment of an other Video:Please shut off your autofocuc of the camera. Adjust the Focus manually and the Video will look much better. Due to your movements the camera tries Always to follow the Focus and it is to slow, so it take many seconds to make the Picture sharp again.The better way will be. Adust manually and open the aperture to max open to increase the Depth of Focus. Perhaps you have to reduce the amout of light or use a ND Filter, but the Look of your Videos will be much more professional.If you habe Questions About that Topic, you can ask me if you want.

  • We lived in Germany for 3 years. These are spot on and also happen to be some of things I loved… the directness, the openness, the focus on play. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hey guys,
    I want to say thank you so much for all your amazing feedback on this video! I read every single comment and wish I could reply to all of you individually, but it would take me days. I want you all to know that I am in no way judging the German or New Zealand style of parenting and I believe that any child who is raised in Germany or New Zealand is extremely lucky! I’m also not implying that every German or Kiwi parent is going to raise their children in the way I’m describing.

    Also I want to say that most German parents DO teach their children to share but this doesn’t mean the child has to automatically give the toy they are playing with to another child who wants it. As adults, we wouldn’t be happy about someone taking our belongings off us, so why should children feel any different? I understand the logic behind this.

    P.s. lastly, I should have said ”cobblestone wall’’ and not ‘’cobblestone fence’’ during the playground story. I realised this when I was editing and it was too late to change it.

  • Didn’t include 2 of the 3 most common specific elements/behaviours
    1) Harming Animals (you got it)
    2) bed wetting
    3) setting things on fire

  • Pregnant belly? A mother carrying a new life under her heart is something wonderful. Why shouldn’t people appreciate that and be happy for her?

  • How can the child hear your calm voice through there screaming.?! Better to talk after the fact. I found any type of talking during tantrum makes them scream more. Give space, lack of attention during tantrum, i found calms them more.when you hear he/ she calming down id go and talk in a calm voice and discuss feelings and how they could have reacted different using words.

  • in germany there’s a lot of body positivity because i guess in our culture we aren’t afraid of being naked and we don’t judge big people, old people pregnant people because it’s a natural thing. everyone gets old or big (especially considering the typical german diet,, hsksks) and pregnancy is a good thing so no one is scared to show it off. I never knew it was so unusual to see big people and pregnant people or people with lots of stretch marks and rolls. I also think it’s disturbing that in other places breastfeeding is something you can’t do in public. It’s sexualizing the act of nurturing your baby it’s the most natural thing. I would never feel ashamed to breastfeed in public because it’s so natural. I mean what do you do if ur baby is hungry and you’re outside? Give them formula? when there’s milk already there?