5 Signs That the Teen is really a Narcissist along with a Bully


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Narcissists think only about themselves and cannot see the needs or feelings of others. In addition to being self-absorbed, they also are controlling and exploitive, and they often bully others to get their way. They dominate conversations, talk loudly or interrupt others.

The Narcissist Bully Narcissists are classic bullies. They ambush, attack without cause, and prey on the most vulnerable within their grasp, usually those who love and depend on them, namely their spouse and children, who as a result carry lasting emotional and physiological trauma. Narcissists feed off others’ emotions, and the more your child feeds anxiety, fear and unhappiness into that relationship, the more fuel it gives the narcissist to continue being a bully. Try teaching your child to remain calm when they’re confronted with narcissistic rage – this will immediately help to diffuse the fight. Narcissism can’t be officially diagnosed in a person until 18 years old and there does need to be a previous 5-year pattern of narcissistic-like behavior in order to justify the diagnosis. Possesses a severe lack of empathy.

Cannot accept or even acknowledge the needs, feelings, desires, choices, preferences or priorities of another. Demonstrates continuous examples of envy and jealously. Sets out to hurt and demolish the source of his or her frustration.

Narcissism Three Signs of a Highly Sensitive Narcissist Some narcissists are acutely sensitive. Posted May 12, 2019. SHARE The Bully Narcissist at Work: A Toolbox for Coping. 5 Signs You Have A Narcissistic Sibling – They Steal Your Friends This is just an example of the continuation of the narcissistic abuse I suffered as a teen and 20 something. She had constantly called me names, ridiculed me, refused to acknowledge me at our high school, walked past me in the halls like I was a stranger, all the while. Narcissistic control-freaks rule! They think.

Some narcissistic personalities are so over the top that it’s easy to detect them. You’ll follow your gut reaction and get away as fast as you can. But watch out. If you’re not careful, stealthy narcissists will take over your life – at home, in rel. The problem is, the malignant female narcissist rarely outgrows her excessive sense of entitlement, lack of empathy and thirst for interpersonal exploitation – she merely adjusts these traits to her changing environment.

The female malignant narcissist is not just vain and self-absorbed. She is also a covert bully who ensnares fellow female. 5. Deliberately misrepresenting your thoughts and feelings to the point of absurdity.

In the hands of a malignant narcissist or sociopath, your differing opinions, legitimate emotions and lived experiences get translated into character flaws and evidence of your irrationality.

List of related literature:

Three main personality traits, consisting of callousunemotional traits, narcissism, and impulsivity, have been found to be associated with antisocial adolescents or adolescents with conduct problems including bullying [20].

“Technology and Adolescent Mental Health” by Megan A. Moreno, Ana Radovic
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To measure antisocial behavior the mothers were asked whether, in the past three months, the child frequently “cheats or tells lies”, “bullies or is cruel/mean to others”, “does not feel sorry after misbehaving”, “breaks things deliberately”, “is disobedient at school”, “has trouble getting along with teachers.”

“Beating the Devil Out of them” by Murray Arnold Straus
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a bully is or recognizes the signs she is being bullied.

“Safety Skills for Asperger Women: How to Save a Perfectly Good Female Life” by Liane Holliday Willey, Tony Attwood
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Narcissistic tendencies are also linked to bullying behavior.

“The Social Psychology of Good and Evil” by Arthur G. Miller
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Each of these behaviors is a warning sign of narcissistic personality disorder in children.

“Grandstanding: The Use and Abuse of Moral Talk” by Justin Tosi, Brandon Warmke
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In addition, over time, bullies might selectively attend to certain signs, while ignoring others (see also Keltner et al., 2003).

“Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups” by Kenneth H. Rubin, William M. Bukowski, Brett Laursen
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There is a full range of narcissistic patterns in adolescents.

“Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual, Second Edition: PDM-2” by Vittorio Lingiardi, Nancy McWilliams
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Narcissistic features in young adolescents: Relations to aggression and internalizing symptoms.

“The Handbook of Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Theoretical Approaches, Empirical Findings, and Treatments” by W. Keith Campbell, Joshua D. Miller
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What signs might a child demonstrate when being bullied?

“Pediatric Nursing: An Introductory Text” by Debra L. Price, Julie F. Gwin
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There are also signs that a person may be acting as a bully.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
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  • I took my son on holiday, abd my 16 year old wanted me to give him 100 pound and because I didn’t give him all of it well I refused to give him large amounts of money he grabbed me threw me in the hotel window, then took 2 steps back and punched me full on in the ribs I imeaditly picked the kettle up and free sone water over him and he ran, 2 men came running in and said what’s going on, my son replied my mum has just threw scalding hot water on me, because. I. Didn’t want the embarement, I told the men it’s OK it’s OK, they left, I began to shake and feel week staghtment after, my son said to me you have just thrown hot water on me I said I know I’m sorry but I had to stoo you I said I don’t feel well I feel funny, my son was very angry, we phoned a taxi straight to hospital I felt like I was going to collapse, when I got to hospital I lied I said I fell of a chair, I didn’t want to tell them what had just happened and I was still in shock that my own son has done this, luckily I didn’t collapse but I was in excruciating pain, they told me we don’t do nothing for broken ribs and gave me very strong painkillers and told me if I coughed blood up to ring and ambulance, I walked like an old lady, and as soon as I got back in the hotel, my son looked at himself in the mirror and started punching watching him self box, I found this very disturbing, and I don’t understand why he would do this after he’s just broke my ribs I still carnt get my head around it at all,. If anyone could help, or try to explain what this strange behaviour could be I’d be very grateful as I think it’s driving me mad he won’t get help, he brains everything on me he twists the truth, and has told everyone that I threw the water first. Thanks for listening

  • Am i ghosting someone, if i just keep quiet and hope he leaves my life forever. Tip: I already said that i don’t like the person multiple times, but the guy is a blood sucker. I don’t want to manipulate or anything, just go away.

  • i think i might be have been like this for an while, and now, all my friends slowly cut their relashionships with me, well, that’s fair. I think i can’t get any better anymore, and the world might be a better pleace without me…

  • Yes! I’ve departed. Prior to this I was with a manic depressive. I clearly don’t know what I’m doing. Perhaps staying single and free is the right thing for me, you think?

  • The number one �� to identify a Narcissist is that they will always blame other people. No matter what, they will always say it’s somebody else’s fault.

    If you date a woman who says she haven’t finish college “because”… Or if you say something to her about something wrong she did and her answer is “yes, I did BUT…”. There you have it.

  • I confronted them about getting passive aggressive and they just said,” ��‍♂️.” They never want to work things out with me, they just are constantly arguing with me, they always think their better then me, and that their always right.

  • Narcissists are always on the hunt for something they are never going to find. They pretend to be someone else to ensnare the victim with deception, lies, pretending to feel one way, when they feel the complete opposite. A Narcissist should not be trusted and are often toxic with an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others feelings, an inability to handle any criticism and a sense of entitlement. I used to think that love could cure anything but it only fed my narc’s enormous ego. It is important to be wise when dealing with a narcissist and I’m glad that cyberhackinggenius helped cloned my wife’ phone. I got access to all her dealings both on phone and social media without touching her phone. All I did was share my wife’s phone number with Cyberhackinggenius and I was able to read both her new and deleted messages from my phone through a remote link to a programmed app containing cloned cell information without having to touch her phone. My wife was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad to find out all her secrets and infidelity with the help of cyberhackinggenius. I’m finally going through divorce with lots of evidence against her. I read all her deleted and recent chats on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. You can contact this great hacker “Gavin” via Gmail  (cyberhackinggenius) or text and speak to him directly on his phone and WhatsApp: +19256795146 and thank me later!

  • Another thing is when you’re upset, and talking about how your day was bad or things like that, they will try to 1 up you with their “bad day”. Making it about themselves, and dismissing or belittling your emotions.

  • I was told his pain is worse than mine ��! Everytime I have needed him to e there for me as I emotional support it was a excuse. I was cry and depressed that I found out I have autoimmune liver disease. Or a lump in my breast. I was treated as nothing.” My foot hurts so i can’t come outside with you “ the list goes on and on.

  • watching this when my best friend ignored me or was busy in this so harsh day that I’m passing through that I used to tell everything going on with me in my daily basic i got breakup effects now i

  • Damn this crazy this is my ex girlfriend to the tee. She had a thousand email accounts and profiles on all the dating websites and and jail visits set up with alot of different guys put money on their books. Meet up with random people of off craigslist slept with alot of her childhood Neighbors and then have sex with their brothers who have sex with a guy then his friend then bad guys friend I had a train ran on her by Africans slept with her girl best friend and still denies it even though her girl best friend said that they did. And when you gave him the option to just leave she chose to continue to lie found out she was messing with multiple younger guys even her mom’s boyfriend and his friend. But I’m glad I found this video so I no longer need to wonder why she is the way she is how she could be cold to the people that helped her out the most but karma is a b** hope she gets help

  • I am giving the silent treatment to one of my friends because trying to explain what he did wrong and confront him is just pointless. I have spoken to him about this same thing several times in the past. I don’t want to have that conversation again.

  • Just the video I’m looking for. Sometimes parents can get passive aggressive by silent treatment and trust me it pisses someone off by just doing that

  • i’ve become aware of the amount of abusive friendships i’ve had in my life lately, and this video helped me really understanding. it really takes a toll on you. i’ve been a puppet for so so so long and i’m tired of it.

  • My step son is I believe a covert malignant narcissist and a sociopath. He likes being criminally accepted… Extremely violent with me.. Sadly in this day and time parents don’t have rights. We are at a loss for these violent people.

  • “Silent treatment” isn’t always passive-aggressive, though…
    I’m not talking to my dad at the moment, because he said a few things to me that hit hard and made my already bad situation even worse. I tried to explain to him why I was hurt and he didn’t care. I just can’t deal with him right now and don’t want to see his face or talk to him, so I stopped contacting him.
    Maybe it’s not an actual silence treatment, because he doesn’t reach out to me either, but the point is, that if you’re hurt and need to protect yourself, I think it’s ok to block people out of your life for some time.

  • here for inspo to touture my “best friend” who almost make me suicide

    Tbh i dont think im gonna use the subtle insult cause his dislexic-ass is to stypid to understand

    (Ps. I know im bieng a dick, i want them to pay. Nothing is gonna stop me:] )

  • If people don’t mean well and gaslighting you all the time it’s better to keep your distance and let go because talking is useless. This has nothing to do with controlling the person who is gaslighting you.
    It’s protecting yourself from negative energie.

  • When i saw him on the hamster wheel i honestly cried a little. Especially when he finally got the carrot from the asshole. It’s like i would try to explain how i felt and how i currently feel about it now that it’s over, was almost the hamster wheel. To see him really happy when he had the carrot and almost on the verge of tears when he got it, i automatically saw myself.

  • I’ve been at the recieving end of silent behaviour from my now ex, he just did it over and over again. Even the last time we texted he left me on read. He would say coz I did this or that or whatever. He’s even ghosted me once for about two months. And they would always be after some argument or conflict. I’m like, dude you’re not a FUCKIN teenager! If you don’t wanna talk, verbalize it. He might be trying to guard himself or run away from conflicts which TBH happen in every healthy relationship, but that silent treatment felt like power play to me, I would always have to reach out every single time. I am an introvert mostly yet I don’t do that, not to the people I care for atleast. Safe to say, I don’t care about it anymore.

  • Guys, stop evilizing people. Most of the time, passive-agressivity don’t come from a “need of control”; it just come from people who don’t wants to hurt or who thinks their feelings aren’t legit. So they bottle everything until it comes out in a inappropriate way.
    It even often come from past traumatic experiences sometimes. So when I read things like “My friend is passive-aggressive, I’m going to get rid of them” it makes me insane!

    If somebody you’re close to is acting passive-agressively to you, just know that inviting them to be sincere will start by being sincere yourself. “You are currently acting passive agressively and it’s hurting me. So I need you to tell me honestly where the problem is now.”
    They will resist for sure, but all they need to know is that they’re safe enough with you to be honest and talk about the problems. Because this is the source of everything.
    Sorry for the sass, but this will put you in the position of an actual mature person, instead of a victim player.

  • I think trust in a relationship is overrated. When my husband started getting frequent night calls, i would ask and he would just wave off those calls as unimportant. At a time i could take no more of his lies, I decided i deserve to know what was going on. A friend of mine referred me to this great ethical hacking team( [email protected] ) who helped clone his cellphone without having to touch the device. My husband was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad i found out all his secrets and infidelity and how he planned on using this pandemic to get back to me. I got access to his Facebook, iMessage, GPS location, WhatsApp, Call Logs and Text Messages (both deleted and incoming ones) with a remote link to a programmed App on my phone. I’m here in Florida and able to access my husband’s phone even while he was away in Canada cheating on me. Thanks to Cyberhackingsage, now i have enough evidence for my divorce. If you need help or that little bit of closure, i advice you get in touch with them Via Gmail ( [email protected] )Or Text and WhatsApp them on +15713758467….thank me later.

  • I think im being abused by a narcissist
    My best friend never cares about me but i care about her when im sad she doesn’t care
    When i draw she is always making me feel down about my drawing and saying that she is better them me by making “fake compliments”
    And now is making my other friends being bad to me like when i say something about this hole situation they always defend her and blame me

  • When you give your energy to these Narc types you’re enabling them. Turn into a Stone…… let them be wrong and say nothing.

  • 5 suble signs of passive aggressive communication

    1. Silent treatment
    2. Subtle insult
    3. Procrastinating on-purpose
    4. Sabotage
    5. Keeping score

  • I am passive aggressive but I feel like the way it was betrayed as evil is not always the case. Sometimes I am just scared of the way they will act if I just outright say something. I also don’t know how to be direct because I just keep getting shut down if I do be direct.

  • I stop talking to ppl at work, and avoid, but that’s because they’re aggressive and controlling….they also seem to project their inadequacies, and are not respectful at all. I don’t know what to do…..I’m very much the opposite

  • I predicted this diagnose by myself for a months and I knew this disorder name exist through in my head.
    Except the 5 I’m pretty chill guy. 3. I usually got distracted on computer; gaming (chatting someone in game) once I finished I start doing the task when someone asking me a favor. The silent treatment not type for me, I get frustrated going outside/outside room sitting down there cool myself, but I won’t spoke to person triggered frustrate me.

    I also had some extra trait in Passive aggressive: Threatening behavior can trigger base on level annoyances. (specially sibling, I’ve never threating to hurt other person, unless if the situation out control my head would do the action) rarely I would harm living thing (I am not sure do on person instead animal/pet), I known is dangerous but I can’t control myself staying this stage longer because I am feeding the hatred by creating aggression person, likes I’m waiting someone to hurt me, for more I would be starting destruction (something like smashing, destructive object, this could lead unlocking to harm person whom attempting stopping me) whenever after the physic impact (I means they punching/smack me) on me from person sparked out anger. I’m like absorb other bad energy to start bigger bad energy to myself. I’d manage my best to resisting, being self control, that’s would I do.

  • I sent this guy I was dating a pic of me in glasses and he replied, “You look like a good looking grandma.” Then when I asked for clarity he said it was a joke. He made other similar comments on 3 different occasions but was not good anki giving me compliments for balance. He used the silent treatment as well and admits to being passive aggressive to turn people off. So mature.

  • My in law is manipulative, she exercises it on her naive nephew (my husband) all the time. She is the one who raised him up, she takes good advantage of that by playing games in his mind… I was also a victim of her drama.. I just got out of coma after Sooo long����������

  • Lol some of these sounds like a highly sensitive person. The silent treatment really? I guess I’m passive aggressive to the persons I worked with

  • If you don’t do what someone wants from you because you procrastinate because of your depression you are not the aggressor. If the other gets angry and shouts at you then for being “passive aggressive”. You definitely are not the aggressor.
    And if you then get physically abused you DEFINITELY are not the aggressor.

  • A few months ago, a girl in my friend group started being passive aggressive towards me and i didn’t know why, its not until i started too analyze everything where i came too realization that the reason she was passive aggressive towards me was because she had a crush on a guy in our friend group that im super close with.
    She saw me as a threat:l

  • Notice the father’s constant use of You like “You’re blackmailing me,” “You’re being obnoxious,” “You need to stop filming,” yet he’s the one with a major problem with it. My guy over here can’t even get a single word out without being told that he’s the one with a problem. Poor dude.
    Yes ik this is 6 years old but I’m doing research for NPD arm and after about a year it’s finally clicking (it’s pretty difficult to fully uncover, especially if you’re writing a character with the disorder)

  • I’m the kind of guy who loves arguments, usually it’s just blank is the better blank and then make peace again. but when things got heated is where mistakes happen, usually people say wrong to hateful things to win a heated argument and it’s my specialty to keep track of them, just in case I accidentally made an enemy the spill can get everywhere. Calm down I’m a guy that always attack in retaliation

  • Ok so why would anyone put up with a narcissistic friend? If your friend is a narcissist then tell them the friendship is over. But if you love your friend then that is completely understandable and I get why you would not be able to unfriend them.

  • I do understand where you are coming from and i see a lot of toxic and narcisistic behaviour displayed in this video but in my opinion i do believe it is wrong to film people when they are upset. It doesnt help and only escalates the situation. I could see if it were a stranger and you were recording the dispute for safety purposes but this was just your family. We all do foolish and impulsive things based off our emotions and often dont mean to come off in the negative light that we do. Parents are not perfect and like us are only human. And even they are still healing from their own abusive childhoods.

  • What to Do about Passive Aggressive Women, click here know more https://www.relationshippunch.com/dealing-with-passive-aggressive-and-difficult-women/

  • After taking my teen to 3 psycologists, with no support, I have to resort to YouTube 6 yrs. to identify what I am feeling. My dtr I almost 20. We are estranged, she has moved out to family house, how can I help her.

  • If you can’t change an adult narc with love, you sure as hell can’t change them as a child with love. That’s how parents and families get murdered by psychopaths. If they are evil it will show.

  • The greatest influence aside from the narcissistic parent strategically grooming our son to be like him, abusing him and using the courts to protect himself and punish me was his exposure to media and videogames. His mental health issues skyrocketed as a mindblowing rate when those were introduced his language and emotional maturity regressed and his hygene, mental functions and ability to do anything besides game was stunted. He is barely able to hold a conversation at times. And has a struggle thinking for himself when he is not making dark jokes or bullying or shaming someone. By the time I tried to set a boundary and disallowed it at my house, he started raging because it had become his umbilical cord. I think there is hope, but lets not be confused we may not be the vehicles for that change. Any narc, addict or severely mentally ill or physically ill person changes when they hit a breaking point and make a choice to change but they became like that as children long before anyone noticed. Up to that point, if we can not create the environment for them to wake them into changing (and participation in the narcissistic circus is rewarded in subtle and not so subtle ways, in our culture, in schools we are up against a big machine that we are often no match for even if we are the most reasonable loving people. In fact, we are the people that society inherently punishes for their sins.) they will have to hit that rock bottem on the their own. Fortuately there is a silver lining. When that does happen slowly but surely, all the suffering they cause and went through gets mined and polished into gold. I think I’ve hit a point of acceptance and understanding about my own part in it yes, what we thought was love may have contributed to the problem. When we needed to make stronger boundaries and harsher consequences, we were manipulated and guilt tripped and sabatoged. Our communities didn’t support us, therapists were useless or harmful, and we kept expecting the world to change and support us while the narc seethed in the corner waiting to make their next move. We were not equipped for this war. When I was a teenager I was ENCOURAGED by everyone around me to be a narc too, it was projected on to me and rewarded. It was the rare individual that gently shamed me for my antics and set proper boundaries that allowed me to see how healthy well adjusted people function, how to be one, and why. They were happy, provided for, and were not magnets to bullshit.The pain of getting called out when you have no sense of self to revert to is indescribable. But, the gift of developing a true self as a result, and to see the world for how broken it is instead of as a fantasy ideal and seeing yourself clearly like a fire in the dark noone can give you that but yourself. Just because they are children does not mean they are not old souls, evolved from many lifetimes and carrying the DNA of sometimes toxic ancestry. Just because they are blood related, or we concieved them, does not mean we are entitled to be loved and appreciated by them. And, I dare be bold enough to say that they are not entitled to our enduring patience and forgiveness. Martyrdom is not love, its just a selected role in perpetuating the cycle of abuse. I don’t think there is an easy answer to anyone’s situation with a narc child. There are social, financial, and often legal consequences to doing what is right. Pray for guidance on a daily basis, don’t spend your waking hours trying to outsmart the devil or living in fear of him in all his forms, trust that angels are on your side waiting for your call, and focus on the strengths and gifts and you will learn that even in the midst of a toxic wasteland you can grow a contagiously beautiful garden.

  • NAOMI GRECH QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA That was her name! and she did all of this and much worse to me. KARMA will find you.

    She robbed me of my EVERYTHING I am still not feeling “right”. These people are MONSTERS!


  • 1. They minimize your needs. They make you feel you are responsible for everything.

    2. They forget you exists.

    3. They project false humility. They play the victim. they need ego boosting.

    4. They never aproach you first.

    5. They feel anoied about your problems

  • Man props for you sticking up for yourself. This is literally what I experienced with my narc father. My mom was awesome though she died when I was 12 and since then I was left to be alone with him behind closed doors. May God forgive his evil soul

  • Hey dude. Watching this my jaw kept dropping. Im so sorry this is happening to you. Keep your head up watch dr. Ramani on youtube and richard grannon, ross Rosenberg, surviving narcissism channel-all really great channels. Also quora.com gives you loads of info to just about any question you will come to have. This is going to be a long road to healing, but you are in the right place, headed in the right direction. So not let them twist your reality. You are not alone. Just know that. Please reach out if you feel like talking or if u feel alone. You can vent. We get it. Keep your head up.

  • As I’ve stated before,drs. Carter you’re parent must be sooo proud of you both, Dr. Carter I’ve tried for 3 decades
    They don’t want to learn a different way they think it’s a trick
    You’re trying to fool me
    They’ve learned not to trust very early on
    Even in one family you can spot same behaviour is passed around
    I feel it’s trauma bonding with family members Stockholm syndrome?

  • My daughter is very empathic so i believe she is not a narcissist in her core but i do see the learned behavior from her dad and her trying manipulative tacticks on me and her sister… I tried explaining to her that this is manipulative and not nice and she sais “but dad does it all the time” and she thinks dad is the best and does not match for her if I tell her something is not nice to do and the “nice dad” does it and is okay in his book. How do I explain it to her without “bashing” her dad and instill good morals and habits in her when he models the opposit?

  • Not going to address the huge signs or narcissistic behavior but thinking about this for the unaware type or people with narcissistic tendencies. When it is not purposeful.

    The biggest sign I find is lack of empathy/ reciprocity. They are literally unable to put themselves in your shoes. I don’t think it is that they won’t but they are dealing with so much they’re unable to.
    I find it interesting the parallel drawn with childhood and think it stems from past relationships. They might be unable to show empathy from mirroring how they were treated.

    I don’t like to justify bad behaviors but sure like to try and understand them and again, in a person with lighter narcissistic tendencies where it is more insecurity-based, makes sense.

  • most of them think they’re pretty smart and attractive when in in fact they aren’t �� they usually over shape there brows �� or pencil them darker then what it suppose to be. They flirt but most guys run, or the desperate ugly ones are like, why not?�� They also don’t understand sarcasmthey’ll keep asking: what do you mean? as though you’re the dumb one. Just expose them the way they arethey would. I used to say, huh? how come you don’t get it? others do. He always loved me (about a random stranger) used to say stuff like, yeah right�� Well, usually the narc faked cry etc but I took off when they did it.

  • My daughter could lie without guilt, she tried to fake empathy with �� tears, she would manipulate her brother because she loved seeing him get into trouble, she was 6 years older, so she would say go tell mom you did whatever just to get him into trouble. My daughter and her best friend sexually molested by son when he was 10, they were 16 at the time. I read my kids books, we loved, we hugged and told each other that we love you, see you later. We still do it today. Her fantasy is based on Beauty and the Beast, her being the beauty. Everything shiny, mirrors or toasters, she always has to see herself from a very young age. What can parents do, learn what narcissism is, teach your neighbors, friends, teachers, councillors, therapists, older adults.

  • Whilst i completely hate myself and neglect myself to the point where i hit myself for breathing and genuinely believe everyone is superior to me in every way and that i dont deserve their time, i feel like a narcissist..sure, i try and help everyone without a second thought, and i truly do care for others, but i have no energy or motivation to talk to anyone first, and i constantly whine about my invalid bullshit to others. I have a dumb fucking motor mouth, and i have no social skills whatsoever.. im a stupid autist. I feel like a narcissist, because i know im at fault and that hurts. The guilt i feel makes me feel like i dont deserveto eat or sleep or drink or breathe… i only make things worse.. i deserve all the shit i get.. im sorry i went on there. Im truly awful. Anyway, if you read this (and even if you dont) i truly hope you have an amazing day

  • My old boss, to the letter. I didn’t realise how damaging her behaviour was, until I left. Glad I moved on, working for some great people now!

  • Every single point to the extreme!! But also an alcoholic…good therapists are hard to find and once found, they aren’t accepting patients or have a wait list.

  • Idk how this just came up in my feed, but this is my childhood & adult partnership. Holy hell. I stutter & developed vocal cord dysfunction bc of shit like this. I finally found a great therapist after both parents died, & it’s weird that he lets me finish a thought. I’m so sorry you’ve gone through this & hope you’re safe & healthy. I can’t watch the whole vid, but I support you xo

  • why is there a medical diagnosis that essentially just calls someone evil. is it a forensic pyschologist definition. if a narcissistic is truly evil at least the way I understand this condition being described then why even diagnosis it. accept it and move on. there are features of narcissism like deception and selfishness I understand but just because I like being coy doesn’t mean I like to hurt people and just I do everything for my own self benefit doesn’t mean making people happy is not something I don’t want to do. traits within narcissism could have a useful dsm definition but they don’t because you have to be a bad person to be put into the box to begin with.

  • If you get tired you have to learn how to rest, not to quit. Stress, sadness, anxiety etc may always be a part of your life, but it shouldn’t overtake your day to day life. These things are a few tiny little trees in your forest. Step back and look at the whole forest. Having negative thoughts and of going wrong is having to remind myself it isn’t the way to make things go right. Worrying won’t stop the bad things from happening, it stops you from enjoying the good. Ask yourself, If you can solve the problem then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it, what is the use of worrying? When I am anxious is it because I am living in the future. When I am depressed I’m living in the past. Don’t think you’re ever alone bc that’s a lie:) Stay strong //“A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.” Joyce Meyer. “People tend to dwell more on negative things than on good things. So the mind then becomes obsessed with negative things, with judgments, guilt and anxiety produced by thoughts about the future and so on.” Eckhart Tolle

  • People are just WICKED, today’s children are most not all are evil and selfish, Demonic in spirit, they are lawless, and unruly, sad but true, Welcome to the LAST DAYS!!

  • Yes this is exactly right, as long has I’m praising celebrating them everything fine they have to have all the ideas a person thought was a friend like sister best friend, laugh talk, they even initiate let’s do this or that, idea etc… but what I make suggestions their busy or no answer no response etc… they even called or texted everyday or every other than suddenly drop everything I thought something was wrong I started to check on them… that totally was explosive �� they turned on me I still have no clue so now it’s why you came over I said I would call you weeks no response it’s hurtful and wrong someone can drop just like that no explanation or event happened, ridiculous not nice at all

  • I beg to differ with the covert never approaching you. The ones I dealt with did. They do this with a plan, of course. This covert always called and invited me places and gave gifts. Later, I was told that I never call or do this or that. Coverts do approach first. It depends on their plan.

  • I am in the process of seeing what I do to attract narcissists. I was married to one for 13 years. I am divorced for 5 now. Funny, I found myself back into a narcissistic relationship all over again, now knowing that I must be doing something to not be able to spot them. She was overly sweet and nice for the first 4 months, then when I felt it necessary to step up the relationship, she literally did a 180 on me and things having been the same since. I realize now that I am an empath, when all the while she had been telling me she was. Suddenly her actions when through the roof and the sensitivities and all came barreling down! I fell in love when I knew it being too early, and now I seem stuck. Oh no, not again! Help! [email protected] mac.com

  • I’ve been dating with these kind of women. Felt like hell on earth… Bcoz I can’t often supply her with attention, money, affection, etc… She dumped me. Months later, I realized… How lucky I am. Successfully escaped from bear trap.

  • I understand this. I am so sorry for you, hope you get the fuck out of there as soon as possible. Stuff like this is so painful to live with.
    I would do my damndest of be out of the house as much as possible until the day I leave. I’m sure you already are! You don’t deserve that. Your father is an asshole.

  • Most women under 35 are on the narc spectrum hence the growth of mgtow and mens groups. Look at selfie culture and social media attention seeking. Its vile.

  • i have female friends like that. they are a lot. they are doing shit also in friendship. i am a feminist but unfortunately i can understand why men blame them. even if you are loyal to them they will see you as a resources and take advantage of you. they are not under controle

  • You can never change a narcissist its an illusion to think you can do that! Dont give people false hope just because you therapist want to make money out of it! Have empathy for victims!

  • Yes! I had a friend in college who was like this… 20 years later she’s still the exact same and teaches her kids to be like that. So sad….hate my kids have to go to school with hers

  • My son was mad about homework so when I was in the shower took my meds from my underwear drawer he was 10 at the time gave them to him and is brother I never knew I sent them to school like a regular day and next thing you know police are at my door saying my children were unresponsive due to carbonminoxide l Make huge long story short I had 16 charges 9 felonies and 2 attempted Homicides well we got to court my child told the truth but yet in still I was forced to take a plea to get my children home… i am just figuring out he is possibly a narrricist with sociopath tendencies he will be 13 now he is home and his other sibling but they were ripped away from me for 2years I made world wide news and now suffer from Severe PTSD… them as well but yes they were mad about homework and I am sure alot of other things played apart but I really went to jail illegally for 3 months went homeless and everything now he is home and I love him I just wanna help him but Definitely afraid bcuz of everything I been through

  • Dear Sidd:
    You’re never hurting me again.
    I’m gay. I’m trans.
    I’m atheist.
    That doesn’t mean I made fun of your religion.
    When you were hungry, I gave you my lunch time and time again, you couldn’t spare an apple that you wouldn’t eat when I hadn’t eaten in two days.
    You dropped people who were working on a project with you. They carried you, then you stole their group.
    I never mocked your religion. You took away my best friend.
    You sat next to me at lunch. You played the victim when I was worried about you.
    You weren’t talking. You always talk. I was worried.
    You were trying to make me feel bad for saying I knew you were Hindu.
    I study several religions when I’m bored and what they follow. Plus, you told me several times.
    I don’t get it. How did I hurt you? I told you time and time again you have to say what was wrong for me to know how to prevent it.
    I’m not working for that. Not for you.
    It was emotionally draining.
    No teacher will believe me if they heard. Because you played the victim card so well when others were the real victim. Scapegoat and Hero scenario.
    I don’t want to help you cut me down.
    I’m not drinking poison because I’m thirsty, when water is right next to me. I’m not going back.
    I don’t want to be your puppet.
    I’m a human being. Not a toy to destroy and throw away when you’re bored.
    Stop saying you’re suicidal, then say you hate suicide.
    Stop saying your home life is bad because your grandpa died two years ago.
    Especially when the group of people you chose to fuck up was a group of people from real toxic families, most of whom’s parents died less than 1 year ago.
    We are human.
    Quit burning down our bridges.
    I’m not reconnecting.
    I’ll go with water.
    Goodbye for good.

  • So much dysfunction…the only voice of reason is the guy recording this because this is his ammo/evidence/proof. The whole attitude and aggressive nature of the dad…ugh…this poor guy can’t get a word in and everyone is ganging up on him. Dude, get roommates and move the hell out.

  • This is not real. If you are in pain from a relationship these videos will only make it worse. There is no long term healing or truth here, only temporary relief from being a lost, confused human being A made up answer to explain away the fact that you are not willing or able to understand yourself. Find the real solution to your suffering inside YOU, and not blaming others. Please avoid these sites. They can really mess up your life. Focus on becoming a whole person, then it does not matter what someone else is or does. Strive to be self-actualized (see Maslow’s hierarchy of needs), stop relying on other human beings to validate yourself. Study the Tao, “I Ching”, for example.

    The person that will treat you “right” does not exist, you will always be disappointed if you look on the outside for love and validation it must come from within, from your God head. Only you can treat YOU right. Find your God head within. This video is pseudo-psychology. Self-reliance is the answer, then you can’t be abused. Love yourself and no one can reject you. Be careful diagnosing yourself or others. Someone who does not need you to be complete is a healthy person. Relationships are a gift not a right. They are not based on need or availability. Real psychologist know that it is not possible to diagnose someone there is no such thing as a narcissistic person, there only narcissistic behaviors which we all have from time to time. It’s part of being human and much more. Listening to these will just perpetuate your suffering by allowing you to look outside of yourself for reasons to live. Be free from the opinion of others, and the opinion of yourself and no one can abuse you. It’s your choice to be a complete human being.

  • I was worried about I was a narcissist but since I’m pretty much the opposite of every proof I think I’m okay…… great video!! Your animation style is really nice

  • Just left my narcissistic ex gf, at first she played like this innocent vulnerable person who was a victim in her past relationships, then slowly became an emotional manipulator, always randomly trying to sabotage and create chaos in our relationship when there was no need, extreme mood swinger and highly sensitive to constructive criticism, always wanted things her way, extremely focused on self image and trying uphold this perfect persona, highly insecure and emotionally lashed out on the insecurities, she has conflicts with everywhere she has contact, from me to work to friends, there is always an enemy.she would start problems then block me off social media, then post suggestive pictures to get attention and validation off the 100s of thirsty men on her lists, she was sneaky and always was protective of her phone, the effects of this 2 year relationship turned me from a confident healthy minded person to a having anxiety and depression, loss off confidence and dependant. Once I left, she hoovered me back within 2 weeks with constant crying and anxiety, lured me back with telling me she loved me and sex, within a week of taking her back she rejected me all over again like an object she’s no longer needed.

  • I feel like I’m in one right now, I don’t like to assume but they mainly vent to me and they change moods really fast from talk about how sad they are to how pumped they are about a certain thing. I try to comfort them and continue to shower them with positive comments and they just say whatever, they make a situation seem more dramatic like referring to a school transfer to a dropout. Whenever I’m doing something that requires my full attention and I dont respond to them for a long time because of that activity they assume I’m just ignoring them and that they are just going to be by themselves and be lonely. I don’t know, I want to continue to be their friend and support them, I want them to know they don’t have to manipulate to get attention. I want to confront them about it but am afraid of losing them for making them look like they are something when in reality they are not at all that way and I lose a friend because of that.

  • I recently broke up with my ex who had all these traits and could be described by this video
    Which explains these situations to me as I felt really depressed being around her at sometimes which is why I broke up with her

  • I can reflect back to the other day at work, when I felt the urge to sling my coworker’s sippy cup down to floor because he left it in my way again.
    I had already staged a chair on our worktable and I left to gather the tools that I needed. When I returned, his sippy cup was sitting right there and he was gone. I’ve told him straight up once before that I don’t want to touch his belongingsso keep up with them and don’t leave them laying around. So I’ll admit that I did aggressively pick his sippy cup up and shoved it down out of my reach. When he returned, I told him that I accidentally knocked it over when I had to move it out of my way while I finishing up working on the chair.
    Then I told him that I didn’t really want to touch it because of our coronavirus guidelines, and he should go sanitize it and try to keep up with it.
    A part of me really did want to throw it on the floor and then tell him I did it and why I did it and how I feel about it. I notice a lot and im
    I do believe that he is being passive aggressive towards me on purpose and wants me to say authoritarian things to him. But maybe next time he pulls his little stunts, I’ll just react with my first impulse and then tell him that I am not his keeper or his servant.
    But anyway, things like that pisses me off because I feel like they do that passive aggressive bullshit on purpose and try to play dumb and innocent when I call it out.

  • When my daughter was little (she’s the second oldest of seven) we’d take her to the store, and if she didn’t want to go into the store, she’d start screaming at the top of her lungs “Help!!! These aren’t my parents, they’ve stolen me!!!” She’s fourteen now, and she’s even MORE malicious/coniving. Every couple of days is a living nightmare with her. If she doesn’t get her way, she threatens to break walls and ruin the house �� The worst part of it is that she’s every grandparent’s favorite because she puts on the charm like no one’s ever seen. When her grandma (my mom) leaves, she talks about how fat she is and how she has the grossest crook-nose she’s ever seen. When my husband’s dad leaves, she says he’s only good for buying her things. And she’s BOTH of their favorite grandchild ��

  • i am usually passive aggressive just cause i wanna be an asshole, like using sarcasm or making them realize that they did something wrong in the “niciest” way possible ��

  • My 16 year old step daughter ticks off ALL the boxes for covert narcissism, taking after her natural father.
    Her mother and I married when this child was 2 years old so I watched her grow up. We would like to think that we modeled a healthy relationship. However, the sneaking, lying, talking back and endless arguing was noticeable as far back as 6 years old. And GRANDIOSE? She would tell everyone that she spoke 4 different languages (she only knew a few words) and that she also played several different instruments, convincing everyone that she was a prodigy even when she couldn’t perform the most rudimentary things. Of course, no one ever called her out on her fantasy; she was always so CHARMING!
    Fast forward to today, in regards to boundaries and consequences; SO WHAT? Boundaries are crossed, consequences are followed up, what are you going to do about it NOW?
    This is just fodder for more supply. I’ve personally had to go no contact just for my own sanity. My wife and I are just waiting for her to turn 18 at which time I will personally help her MOVE OUT!

  • Piece of shit family like mine. The psychological damage is greater than any beating. I visited my dad last week, raging alcoholic. Threw him across the room and threw a refrigerator on him. Felt great and he wasn’t acting tough anymore, hiding behind his words. These types of people are the biggest pussies with the most unfulfilling life who drain others.

  • I had a narcissist friend. At first he was really charming and charismatic but as the friendship goes on he was treating me more worse. When I ended the friendship, he was being really petty and would talk behind my back. It’s been months now, and still he would say stuff just to get a reaction out of me. Really such a narcissist. He likes the reaction of belittling someone just to bring himself up.

  • Sad thing is, is that I used to exhibit some of these behaviors years ago. I know there’s a stigma or thought that narcissists can never change, but the truth is, is that people can change. The best way from what I know for a person with narcissistic tendency or tendencies to change is to have them understand in actuality how they’ve affected the people they cared about, what damage not only to their loved ones has been done, but the world around them. Having them take a bigger look at what has been damaged and having them actually understand that no matter what they would like to say or think to justify their actions, it was their fault.

    Personally, I feel that people can have these behaviors without realizing some of it. Others who don’t care, and only care about themselves know about these, but simply don’t care. Those types tend to be harder to change, considering how self absorbed they are. Honestly, I’m glad I’ve done a lot lately to make sure I’m never a person who would ever do these things to someone else or for myself ever again. Very eye opening video that I wish I saw roughly a year ago so that way I could work on myself earlier on and put a stop to what I was doing before things got harder for me.

  • Passive “aggressiveness” is usual not intentional but responses to behaviors of others who are selfish and don’t listen when you try to communicate with them.
    I would say I can be passiveresistant when others try to control me.
    None is meant to hurt anyone.

  • Recently gave my friend an ultimatum if she doesn’t change I leave. She’s ignored the message so I now know where I stand, I’m heartbroken �� but ya know what for my own sanity I need to do what’s right by me and be around people who actually want to see me win. Not loose. She has lost another friend for the exact same reason so it’s definitely not on me. But I’m sure I’ll get the blame for sticking up for myself. Never met someone so self absorbed in my entire life. Only time I hear from her is if she’s looking something and lately since she’s got new friends that hasn’t been as often. Distance your self from a narcissist that’s how you weed them out.

  • I can be ill and I get bitched at that I am not paying attention to him, I want my space and I get bitched at that I am avoiding them, they expect me to drop everything for them and follow them like a puppy,but they can do whatever they please. Makes me a villain to people and threatens to “make my life a living hell” if I end our relationship. I have no one to talk to because they convinced me way in our relationship everyone was using me,I moved 250 miles to live by this person, they are jealous of and abusive to my children. Wants me to send them to their father. I don’t know a way out.

  • Off topic but I normally like the logo animation best, but this one is really cute too! It reminds me of old Tom and Jerry animation mixed with the black and white Mickey Mouse short films

  • How old is this guy? Why is he not living on his own? And why is he recording his father and mother while they only realy want him to move on? They are not going to live forever you know, get a job a girl and a house of your own you over grown child. This is what you get if you overstay with your parents, they may be tired of a overgrown child in the house.what i obsurve here is they are just tired of a big child he sould go. That is why they are like this. This is every parents nightmare.

  • I’m often told that these narcissist women are hot and beautiful, but so are live volcanoes, and you wouldn’t go near one of those, and so the same applies with them. Avoid them and keep away at all costs, their not worth it.

  • Um rant below
    So if you dont like rants then…

    I get abused by a friend who bullies me at one time but “pretended” to befriend me
    So he can look like the good guy
    And make friends with everyone
    He really ends up begging like its the end of the world to use me
    like a pet he Begged to let himself in to my house to play Playstation 4 he begged for me to sell my bow to him (that bow was made by hand by my friends dad who ended up getting arrested and i never saw him again) and thought he was the kind of the world and i was a worthless pet he had
    Since then i have never trusted him and i will never again

    Sorry if i have grammar errors i dont speak fluent English

  • we love abusive parents:/ i cant get away from them so thats fun. both my parents are narcissistic,,, even both my therapist’s agree.

  • my ex friend always played a victim, she lied about being bullied, also she never or if fake apologies my ex best friends always cancels plans and she never listens to my problems and she forgets about me.their nacisstics thanks for making this and then when I left her (best friend) she cried

  • I have 2 narcissist female Friends what should i do? Now they acting like victims, i fear them to trash talk me.
    What to do? Please help

  • So I just worked out my mum is like this and its making me miserable I live alone with her and can’t move out (im 21) because i dont have a job and im struggling to get a job because of my poor mental health

  • So my friend does basically all of these but I don’t want to do anything mean because she has social anxiety, anxiety, and depression but I do to but why treat me that way?? What do I do?

  • No one ever speaks about how to not bea narccasict I’m. Scared I think I am I don’t want to be bit idk what’s going on someone help

  • A guy I used to hang with always used the excuse
    “I have bills to pay and no time to hang out.”
    Yeah, you work 40 hours a week… Everyone mostly does. Quit lying to me.

  • My whole life I’ve lived with a narcissist and it’s emotionally draining. It’s basically torture. He sees me and my sister as his rivals. He said if only he didn’t have kids, he would have been a millionaire now.

  • Yeah… not always a friend or romantic partner… sometimes it the good Mormon mother who supposedly loves the kids she kicked out.

  • Look, there’s no ‘beating’ a narcissist. This isn’t some childish video game.
    If it’s bad for your health mental or literal, or makes you compare yourself, you can cut them out. But don’t show up someone or start calling them a narcissist just because you feel like they are. You aren’t worth more than they are, they aren’t worth more than you are. As actual existing people you have the same beating heart, same exhale and inhale, same anatomy. Also please, don’t see yourself as the victim or the abuser or such, that makes it easier for you to resent someone if someone opposes you in a way you don’t like. You are NOT the victim, there isn’t a victim, you are NOT the abuser, there is NOT an abuser. You are simply getting wronged by someone who thinks what we can be born with (talents, looks, etc.) automatically makes you better or worse than other people.

  • Listen to asshole talking about what is right…what a laugh. the teenager ought to know his
    idea is so not going to work.. delete, the film, make peace and work on getting out of that house.

  • Had my fair share of narcissistic friends… glad to have finally cut them out. Good luck and prayers to those who are still trying to get away from such people

  • Thanks for this. I have recently formed a website, raising awareness of female to female abuse. It is a safe community of support through shared experiences of survivors. It is so hard to believe that women can be our abusers. x

  • Well I feared I was narcissistic, but now that I think about it with that confidence of mine it’s highly unlikely. I was in love with one tho..

  • Hooray….My entire fucking family in a nutshell. Just entitled shits with the logic of an eldritch monstrosity. At least my cousin is cool. Another interesting point is that they tend to make YOU think that you’re the problem. You’re not. They are the issue. Took me years to realize this. Oh, and whatever you do, do NOT let them know your counselor. It will only make things worse.

  • Hey not sure if you are there and if this still bothers you, but you were not obnoxious. I know how this feel. I hope you are alright

  • I had a ‘friend’ worse than this. Everytime I accepted something from her(at least a word, for example) I felt like I sold my soul to davil. She was absolutely toxic, and make me believe she was such a good friend and anything wrong was my fault or a misunderstood. I got trapped in the friendship. I needed to move town to get way from her. Glad I did. And I just find out that a friend of mine felt the same about her. But he showed her his theeth.

  • I remember my ex friend blaming me for ruining his Valentine’s day by doing absolutely nothing.The reason why i dont want to support him is i dont want to interfere between him and his crush because i might ruin their relationship.In the end my ex friend got bestfriendzoned by his crush.And i remember the times he feels superior and he must be helped because he is very “kind” to us.

  • My best friend has been treating me like this for quite a long time. Now I understand she’s a narcissist and I don’t know how to feel. I know it’s toxic but still I don’t wanna leave and seem the bad friend

  • Honestly I like being passive aggressive. I’ve received so much hat and betrayal in my life that I enjoy making some people suffer so they feel the pain… I only do this because they are Horrible to me and treat me as something they need for comfort instead of a friend. I hate myself for it but it gets me through the day despite me having these spiteful emotions boiling up inside me constantly… but then there are one or two people in my life that actually care about me but because I’m so used to shutting people out and expecting a toxic friendship I treat them like they hurt me even though they did nothing wrong and I hate it I wish I could be better �� I’ve told my parents about this problem I have and well they pretend to care in the moment but as soon as I do something weird or wrong or bad they threaten to expose my vulnerability. My mom mostly threatenes me with “do you want me to tell them” ya know that sort of stuff. On the other hand I have my dad who is a Christian man he’s tries his best to be a good father but we he found out about how I wanted to kill myself because of the harm I cause to others he simply said “don’t worry this happened to me as a teenager as well, you’ll get over it” or “it’s just ur hormones” “ you just need to pray and God will help you” truth is I’ve been feeling like this since I was around 7-8 yrs old and I’m 14 going on 15 in September and I still feel the same hate, guilt and sadness in my body and the way I deal with this is being passive aggressive. I really want professional help but my parents don’t think I need it… so I just try and get by life and sometimes I have a few suicide attempts but who fucking gives a shit right. Honestly I just want to die so I don’t have to live in this world with these people because I know God loves me and that he’s waiting for me in heaven and I’d rather be with him now than wait out this toxic life. I just wish I never existed.

  • See the reason he is hell bent on erasing that footage is because one, he knows what is in that film is not normal behavior and he looks bad.second, he feels you are gathering evidence to use it against him because that’s what he would do.

  • My ex best friend is a narcissist and I just realized. Also one of my exes is also. It’s the worst experience to be gaslighted by people.


  • Is there a possibility that narcissism only appears or occurs at some cases and then go away?

    Ok, listen: my mother has ever been emotionally and psichologicaly abusive towards me and my sister. I won’t detail these abuses but they were almost always linked to how, as we grew up, we were creating our own perspectives and becoming our own individuals. She would scream at us, hit us, even leaving scars, when we standed things she didn’t want us to. I tried to k*ll myself 3 times till this day and everything she ever said is that I was weak and I should die because I’m a failure. It was before she kicked me out of her house.

    Ok, given my background I’ll go back to the question, and it’s about my own behaviour.

    I came out about a year ago as a lesbian. But before that, I was dating this guy, he was really nice, but I wasn’t nice with him. I convinced him to open the relationship so I could go out with girls, but everytime he wanted to go out with someone else I invented some drama and asked him not to go out. And he didn’t. Everytime. I checked every sign on this list at the time of that relationship. I wanted to feel needed, loved, worshiped, I needed to feel that he needed me to feel fine and well, I even asked him what happened in his psych sessions to know what the psych or him tought about me. Everytime he was talking about his own problems I talked about my own and somehow managed to make it about my feelings. I treated him very bad and to this day, years after we broke up, I still talk to him and I apologized a lot.

    But this stoped ever since I got the time to think about my feelings and how (and why) I was acting like that.

    We met in middle school. I was in 9th grade and he was in junior. We started dating and we grew up together, we’ve become attached and needed each other. I needed him because he was the only scape valve from the hell in my own house. I was affraid I would lose him if we broke up and then I would have no one to talk to and cry on, so my subconscience figured that making him need me he would never leave me and I wouldn’t be alone to deal with my hell.

    When he left for a master degree, he couldn’t break up with me because he still felt he needed me, so I broke up. When I came out, my mother kicked me out and now I’m living with my girlfriend and all the signs of narcissism is gone. I don’t know if that’s because I’m not living with my mother anymore (living with her was hell, I was always feeling uneasy, nervous, it was really really bad) or if that’s because I’m freely living my sexuality, but it’s the fact.

    Don’t worry about my ex, he’s struggling with masters but otherwise he’s fine and dating someone else. We talk every week and I ask him about how he is doing in therapy.

  • While Watching this I was thinking about one certain Family…

    (MHA Fans will understand)

    The B A K U G O U F A M I L Y

    Mrs. Bakugou being the Narcissist

    Mr. Bakugou being the Victim of the Manipulative Narcissist

    And then the Son, Katsuki Bakugou gaining that Same Disorder from his Mom, then putting others down.

    (Bullying others like Deku physically and mentally)

    Making sure that he is the best in trying to become the Number 1 hero

  • Mother in law, husband and our daughter cut from the same cloth. They are so alike, it’s sad. They tried to sabotage me. I see my grandsons…..i just don’t know anymore…i wonder if they will be like this too. So sad..

  • I’m narcissist. If you don’t pay attention to me I’ll get pissed but eventually I’ll leave. That’s the best way of getting rid of narcissist

  • Yep had a long disrance relationship with one never again…This should teach so many empaths out there its not who you are is what you attract its what you have attracts others of what they want! Because they will never have what you have…the most beautiful thing….Empathy! Thank you for teaching me something new…Belinda Brinkman! I knew exactly what your game was…I forgive you…But I am not a option and I will not be used! I hope you enjoy your karma I didnt wish it on you, you made that happen for yourself…yep rather be a asshole, stupid, than a narcassist! But you keep up the bad work! You never wanted to sleep with others over here,but you was always jelious and envious of me….IT IS SO OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rather have passive aggression than violent aggression. Thats goes for mostly males. Passive aggression rarely kills if any. Males kill way more

  • My last manipulationship shed light on what these horrific creatures really are. Fucking demons man, straight up. She even said she was Satan. Should have seen the red flags right then and there. Stay Red Pill my brothers

  • Ok i get their a narcisist and designed to be the bad person, and their hair is made to show how they show off and stuff, but that hair looks great.

  • Just a bit of a reminder for some folks: narcissistic personality disorder is, well, a personality disorder, meaning that most of them aren’t doing it out of spite! It most commonly comes from a poor childhood: children who are neglected or abused as well as those excessively praised are both at risk of developing it. When they are denied emotional skills growing up, they can’t cope with nasty situations well and instead try to protect themselves with an inflated ego and grandiosity (“I didn’t fail the test, it was the teacher who’s wrong!”), which eventually leads down an unhealthy spiral.

    Just know that narcissists are people too, even of they aren’t nice!


  • Excuses like “It just happened” or “I didn’t notice till it was too late” are just pathetic. Everyone of us is clearly aware when he/she decides to give into something. Cheaters are selfish people. My wife doesn’t love or respect me. Otherwise she wouldn’t choose to hurt me on purpose. I got help from Greatermindhacker as he helped hack my cheating wife’s phone and I got access to all her phone call logs, emails, text messages both deleted texts and also social media chats; whatsApp, Facebook, Instagram without having access to her phone because she is mostly out of town due to the nature of her work and I was able to track her location too, as far back as 2 years. He’s available 24HOURS. Just Call OR Text +16194310306 and On WhatsApp +12626837511. Contact him for closure greatermindhacker AT gmail.com….I’m glad to uncover her, lies, secrets and Narcissism.

    I’m thinking of talking to my lawyer about a divorce. Any suggestions from anyone?

  • I started remembering back, my daughter started lying to me at 5 because she was late, so she made up a story about a man trying to get her into a van. Peer support made her a better lier, a better manipulator, mouthy, then she left at 15 because other people believed her lies and they had no boundaries, it was just what she wanted. Then her husband took the abuse for 20 years. After the divorce, she turned worse on her daughters, now there is a granddaughter in the home, I feel so helpless because, I have no rights and I can’t take on this drama. It’s never ending.

  • Is it shocking that I’m a woman who came here to figure this out about my own sister? She’s older but because of how well she has played the victim I have been like the big sister which worked perfectly for her plan of manipulation and looking like the innocent one…I constantly told her that it wasn’t a good thing to play the damsel in distress because it would make narcissistic men take advantage all the while she had the game in a chokehold..smh

  • Yes i am been marry for all most 2 years i noteies a change in him right away.Anger will come out of him more an more then lies then saying things un true behide my back to my love one.We go to then same church he is a pastor.Every body belives him but i get to see then real him at home.I need help.

  • Silent treatment for me is for me.. I’m not trying to make you feel bad I just like dealing with my emotions alone because last time I trusted yo broke ass you left me alone so please leave me alone I don’t want to trust people who will end up breaking me again

  • I like how the boot crushes a person. Definitely the strong boot of a narcisstic female, just crushing people in order to be better due to the inferiority complex that hides behind it.

  • Is there a limit though?
    Why cant I love myself by dressing nice or why cant I have attention?
    Isnt saying sorry too much at one point blaming myself for something that isnt even my fault?

  • I RECOMAND NARC SURVIVOUR CHANNEL ������,I grow up in a narc sect family and attracted narcs in my whole life.
    Eduacate youre self as much you can,and HEAL and do SELFLOVE ��

  • myself and my former girlfriend have both use them I need help to get through some of this it’s just too overwhelming how to get through some of these issues but thank you for making the videos because they really help

  • Female Narcissists are the most fake people on the planet. They put out a clever act of being a great person. And if someone figures them out, they will go into immediate ‘victim mode’ to make it look like the person who figured them out is crazy. They are just as vile as male narcs and are huge back-stabbers. They also love to trick people out of money and gifts by acting like they care about the giver. It’s a big fake act and it never changes because they never change.

  • I’ve been called Passive aggressive… I always warn people when they’re rubbing me the wrong way. I try to avoid them after they’ve did something I told them I don’t like in order to keep from blowing my top. I’ll never do anything to hurt anyone and If I feel you hurt me after I already communicated to you about how I feel, Yes I’ll ignore you. I always tell myself not to be stupid because people know exactly what they’re doing but they’ll play the victim to the end and then call weeks later and apologize or get upset when you treat them how they’ve treated you!!!������

  • Understand that your not responsible for their pathetic behaviour. Do not bother with revenge, they say “karma never loses an address” they will get what’s coming to them sooner or later.. its inevitable. Sit back and enjoy having them out of your life for good.

  • In my last job, I was in an office team with 5 other people. Three of them were typical narcissistic. I experienced this gaslighting situation. There was a time I felt myself useless, even being always openly complimented by the board of Directors. I even got a promotion to that department because of my good work… and I started to get worried when I discovered that, as soon as I arrived at the new workplace, these three people knew more about my professional achievements in the company and even my PERSONAL LIFE than anybody else including some details I’ve never shared before. The most devious trap: these three people were close friends. Well, needless to say it was a living nightmare. I decided to shield myself, interacting VERY little with them, and just a little with anybody else. The three went insane. They attacked me in an everyday basis. By this time, though, I was aware of their ways, and I just avoided any kind of reaction. I went in “blasé mode”, even when I was dying inside or about to explode. During my last days at this company, I had some meetings with my boss to set things right prior to my leaving and I noticed something which made me laugh inside: everytime I left the boss room, the leader of the three walked in, saying “excuse me”, and closed the door. Through the glass I could understand this person was complaining heavily about me. As the days went by and since I had no clear reaction to it, this person began to leave the door ajar, and we could hear pieces of the words said about me. When the conversations began to become more delicate like when this person said my name the boss always ordered the door to be fully closed. When I finally left the office, a friend of mine approached and gave me all the info I still hadn’t about the case, telling me these three narcissistic people seized every second when I was absent to gloriously share with everyone else (from my department and two other neighboring ones) what they considered to be my flaws and how I was an incompetent wrong choice for that department. Point is: thank godness, their “methods” were widely known by everybody else, so people just listened, nodded and continued with their lives. After all this, I left that job for a better one. I’m happier now (of course, lol). Thankfully, I didn’t carry any scar from that period. In fact, I learnt A LOT during it, but I must admit, I had family support with whom I could share all my frustrations and fears during that time… and today I thank the Universe everyday for that period of my life being over.

  • The parent says that you need counseling due to the mental and emotional abuse they created.But they clearly need the counseling….

  • In short to the master manipulators of crazymaking they will say stuff and do stuff and then two days later pretend like it never happened, the cheese slid off the ctacker.

  • My mom my dad my stepfather and even I seem to have some of these characteristics yes me and my parents seem to feed off of eachother that’s why I spoke up again and finally made it clear that it’s unhealthy for us to be seeing eachother anymore so I left and I cut them off

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  • He rarely joined me to get togethers with my friends. Sometimes I was going through important things in my life and he seemed to be sad or anxious and that made me feel as if he wanted to have the spotlight and attention, always. As if, what was happening to me was not important or to make it seem less important or to always draw people’s attention.

  • When my biological dad told me in his confused and defeated tone that he didn’t even think I was his child because my mother was “on the streets”, I knew right then that my mother was absolutely right about him. And that even though I didn’t think my stepdad was any better, in that moment, I felt like anybody would be better than the trash I was related to. He told 8 or 9 year-old me that he wasn’t sure I was his kid to make me hate my mother who was never “on the streets” and my stepfather, who truly is and was a douche in hindsight, just so I would decide to live with him and stop child-support payments. After that night at his house, I never exercised visitation again. At first, he made me feel bad about not going, but the longer I stayed away, the easier it became to not care. I didn’t speak to him or see him for about 3 years. I saw him again in middle school, and I didn’t care that he showed up with birthday gifts. I appreciated the gesture, but wasn’t guilt-tripped into rekindling our relationship. I don’t have the ability to escape my toxic household right now and I didn’t back then either, but I certainly had the ability to pull away from a toxic relationship. One toxic parent is bad enough, but three all at once? Jesus help me…

  • This is very good video and the signs given in this video are true. We have an article about passive aggression https://www.girlandpower.com/psychology-explains-five-causes-of-passive-aggression/ let’s see

  • Not really a personality disorder cause it’s natural you will love yourself more than other people just consider this situation:
    You and another persona are trapped and they tell you that you can choose who dies
    And of course you will choose the other person and not yourself

  • Hey guys there is this Korean channel which I think they copied/translated your video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2px0FRnXH_0 is the one, please like the comment to make this go up top so eventually Psych2Go sees this.

  • I’m stepmother to a 22 year-old daughter with covert narcissm. I started a Facebook group Stepmothers of Adult Children &Teens with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If this applies to you, I hope you’ll join!

  • I saw only men doing this when I was a teenager and today. Ladies go most of the time to buy lottery tickets. But this insane woman goes to the liquor store each night after work grabbing a beer.

  • If You want to see hell, see how it is to be a decent person with a narc child…I have seen it with others..false acusation of abuse..fake emotions..having no real interests in Life…thinking they are the most georgeous beings that came to earth..fires..abuse of siblings,animals,skilled in sucking money around them,getting in Trouble,being manipulativne,lyeing,they don t care about anything…except themselves…it starts very,very early…they are just evil kids who love to hurt…Why is it such a taboo to say that..They are like that

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  • I want to add to number 4. A narcissist (female OR male) will indeed apologise in a convincing way if it’s their last line of having things their way. They won’t mean this apology at all, it’s a fake apology, but they do it so well that it seems genuine. This is part of their pursuit to regain trust and control of the victim.

  • this describes my ex girlfriend perfectly… she was just so sick and abusive.. both mentally and physically.. she would bring me to tears and when I cried shed either humiliate me sometimes by filming me cry or hitting me.. and when I tried to ditch her she locked me in her room and threatened me.. shed always try to “fix” me and make me feel bad about myself in every situation to the point I was afraid to say anything which just let to more abuse.. the last time I saw het she was repeatedly kicking me in the head in the street to the point people called the police so she ran away.. which I guess wad her signature move since it happened a couple of times.. I don’t know why I stayed but I know I shouldn’t have.

  • DISCLOSURE: this doesn’t apply to all situations i just write this because at a time when labels are getting thrown around to describe a phenomena that has been occurring for a long time it might serve someone seeking a deeper understanding of how the f**k they ended up in the situation they did. First concept to understand, a person exhibiting narcissistic personality traits and a person exhibiting codependent personality traits at any given moment are two polarized opposites of the same coin. One can’t exist without the other. It’s a pattern. They both learn to regulate their own emotions based off another because likely when they were developing, boundaries were crossed normally and what they were feeling was invalidated regularly. That’s likely why they attract one another. People are dynamic and personality is not set in stone. The pattern is no ones fault it just is and it triggers people into emotionally reactive states that just feed off one another. It’s horribly confusing and cloudy for all parties involved. The cure is to notice how you can come in to balance between the two. Codependents think they need to appear loving and selfless to get their needs covertly met (which is usually subconscious and inauthentic which is why it doesn’t play out well). So to get out of it, be selfish and find away of not feeling guilty about that so you don’t fall deeper into the pattern by flowing resentment toward your neighborhood narcissist (emotionally hooking yourself in). Narcissists think they need to appear selfish and use their force and power to get their needs met. So to get out of that, be selfless damn it there is no shortage of good things in this world. Someone having less or feeling less will NEVER give you more of the things you ACTUALLY want in life which is security, meaning, and connection. Also It’s not kind to do nice things for others expecting things back. That’s called you attaching strings to things and trying to turn people into puppets. And on that note codependents, realize you are already a real boy Pinocho so take your power back by realizing you have choice and say in how to move. Own you play a part too (don’t shame or live in guilt about it though you have to save yourself first). Since we as a society have demonized half of a paradigm that used to be the norm people we’re raised on, Codependents being the victim in the dance, are more likely to be willing to look at themselves honestly (people sympathize with whoever they think is the victim) so if you have identified you exhibit codependents traits heal or keep attracting people you think are narcissistic, come to center where selfless and selfish meet at Self-FULL (and this is going to require you start caring how you feel and finding ways to not base your emotional state on the emotional state of others) You can offer compassion if they are down or angry but if they don’t ask for help and make it difficult don’t press. From there, boundaries start to become a natural thing you don’t even have to defend or feel violated that someone crossed. It becomes more of a thank you i didn’t know I had that boundary there until now…now don’t treat me this way or I’m leaving (calmly always calmly). Remember if you take on the role of feeling offended or taking the offense it will most likely trigger their defense and the game begins. Hold true to your intentions. Also and this is probably important for initial healing, take ALL the space you need. You can’t see a pattern without the space to give you that perspective. Or while knee deep in it with someone holding you in it. Again this is may not helpful to all specific situations but i hope this reaches someone it might help. Good luck. I truly wish everyone navigating out of that horse shit well. Here is another side. Meet you guys here.

  • This lucky son of a bitch is lucky because I am not his dad. If anybody dares to record me without my permission in my own house I whack him out cold with a baseball bat.

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  • Watching this made my palms sweat and soooo frustrated. Been there… so sorry you had to put up with that. I hope someday he sees the follies of his ways but he seems just too entrenched in his skewed beliefs. Best of luck to you, piece and good vibes. Don’t try to figure it out. He’s projecting all of his insecurities and self perceived inequities onto you. Kudos to you for recognizing and recording the incident. You may not be able to help him see himself (especially if his mother is the same way), it is firmly entrenched in his egoic persona that he has developed as a coping/ protection mechanism for his EXTREMELY delicate ego. I hope your life and/or your relationship with your family has improved since this video was posted. Thank you, a lot of people need to see how narcissistic behavior can manifest and how hopeless it can feel to try to speak rationally to someone like that. Best ����

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  • I think my girlfriend’s five-year-old grandson might be narcissistic. This kid threw my eyeglasses on the floor and broke them in front of me, then smiled in my face. I’ve seen him kick sand in another kids face who was minding his on business. I’ve also seen him attempt to harm pets and animals numerous times. My girlfriend brought him to the gym daycare while see worked out once and within 20 minutes she was asked to leave because he hit three other children. I’ve told my girlfriend that her family should see about getting some help for him, but she downplays his behaviors; tells me “he has a lot of anger and his behavior is normal for a five-year-old, don’t worry we are handling it”. I’ve been around children with broken homes before, but I’ve never seen a child really enjoy hurting others as hers does. In addition he has a two parent household where both parents correct and discipline him, so I don’t know what is going on; bad parenting or mental illness.

  • I’m so sad about what I see in my 18yrs old son. He is like a copy of his father who is a covert narcissist to the core. He grew up seeing his father verbally and emotionally manipulating and abusing me and he is doing the same. I really do not know what to do. I feel defeated. Is it too late to help him and rescuing him from going down the toxic path. He doesn’t listen to me, he blames me for not loving him.

  • This has been my life since I was a child, in my teen years I decided to not talk to anyone, it led to fear, fear to hatred and hatred to indifference

  • My 9 year old is a narc. There have been horrible things I’ve said to her because her personality and mouth and behavior. She is VARUKA SALT from Willie Wanka and we’re not even rich or spoil her like that. She just thinks because we don’t crawl up her to live and doevery beckoning thing she wants, we take care of every NEED, she literally has said I will maKe your life hell then. She doesn’t follow the rules, doesn’t respect personal space, puts her hands on me when punishing puts her hands on her sister. Does dangerous things to get hurt so she can go to the hospital because she says they’re nice to her and give her lots of attention. She’s 9 almost 10. She now has failed 3rd grade and doesn care at all. Doesnt want to do chores unless I pay her in $$ bills everyday (I can’t afford that), she wakes up way before me and will spend hours on the phone that she stole put of my room while sleeping. She will try to cook food without permission and no adult supervision while we sleep. She tries to dress like a slut and lbs of makeup that other family give her, not from us. Nobody likes to be aroundher. The friends she did have don’t want to be friends because she’s bossy and mean. She is a drop dead georgous child. Beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Very athletic. She knows it too and all she wants is the be the center of EVERYONES attention