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7 Easy Conversation Starters That ALWAYS Work

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7 Greatest Conversation Starters That Actually Work

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These conversation starters can even help develop characteristics that you think are important for your child to possess, such as gratitude, imagination, empathy, and confidence. Bring up these questions when you’re in the car, at the dinner table or in another location when the whole family can focus on the conversation. Try these fun conversation starters!

I don’t know about you, but we spend an awful lot of time in our car. As soon as the kids get home from school we are jumping in the car to go to dance and music lessons, cross country practices and meets, and all kinds of other things. Conversation Starters for Kids to Connect Over MILK! So for my final contribution to The National Milk Life Campaign’s Back-to-School Program, I’ve decided to help you CONNECT with your kids over milk.

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of The National Milk Life Campaign’s Back-to-School Program. However, all opinions are. 101 Conversation Starters With Kids 1. If you could make up a brand new school subject, what would it be? 2. Can you remember a time when you laughed so hard you snorted? 3. Make up a new holiday.

4. What is you favorite letter of the alphabet? Why? 5. If someone gave you $50 dollars what would you. Family Dinner: 50 Conversation Starters for Young Kids Under: Toddlers, Parenting, Kids, Motherhood / By: Natasha Daniels Dinner time with young children can be anything – but relaxing. Conversation Starters for Kids Good conversation questions to use when talking with children.

Personal. How old are you? When is your birthday? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do you have any pets?

Who is your best friend? Do you play a. Starting a good conversation can be tough. To help, here are the best conversation starters for any situation, including social, work related, first meeting, or even funny first date talk.

In order to help, I have compiled a list of 100 questions and conversation starters to get kids talking. Much like any conversation, the key is to just get it started then it tends to take on a life of its own. There are literally thousands upon thousands of things you can talk to. What are Conversation Starters for Kids?

Conversation starters are simple statements or open-ended questions that you can ask your child to get to know them on a deeper level.Research has shown that kids ask over 300 questions in a day.. That means dealing with the constant barrage of “why” because they ask about things that interest them, which is a pretty great place to start. You may be there, too.

The time for a difficult conversation may be now. It could be the “birds and the bees” or it could be about hanging out with the wrong crew. Whatever it is, don’t shy away from it.

Step up and have a real talk with your kids by using these great kid conversation starters: When are you (or have been) most afraid?

List of related literature:

We asked questions such as ‘What do you enjoy about your children?’, ‘What things have you taught your children to do at home?’, ‘About what do you talk to your children?’, ‘What do you do together as a family?’, and ‘What are your dreams for your children?’

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• Ask them to imagine they are stranded in a forest; have them name the top five things they would want to have.

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To progress, kids must answer questions1 such as, “What is your favorite TV show?” and “How many bathrooms are in your house?”2 Kids provide these answers quickly in their quest to continue playing.3

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A parent of six children asked at a workshop, “Is it possible to create special moments with each child when you have six.”

“Handbook of Resilience in Children” by Sam Goldstein, Robert B. Brooks
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To build rapport with older children and adolescents, ask them about their favorite music, food, or TV show or movie.

“Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Susan G. Salvo
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By the time children are four or five, they’re already suspicious of the open-ended questions parents use when they’re fishing for intel, for instance, “What did you do today?” or “How was lunch?”

“The Blessing Of A Skinned Knee: Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Self-Reliant Children” by Wendy Mogel
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Ask them about their earliest memories of music, what they liked as children, what they remember

“Music in American Life: An Encyclopedia of the Songs, Styles, Stars, and Stories that Shaped our Culture [4 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of the Songs, Styles, Stars, and Stories That Shaped Our Culture” by Jacqueline Edmondson Ph.D.
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One week later, an interviewer met with each child individually and asked a series of 56 questions about the show.

“Cognition” by Thomas A. Farmer, Margaret W. Matlin
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For example, while they’re stretching, ask them how they’re doing in school, what their favorite subjects are, or which teachers they like.

“Coaching Volleyball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
from Coaching Volleyball For Dummies
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While the group is sitting in a circle, one child starts a conversation by asking another child a question about one of the following topics: favorite movie, favorite food, place you would like to visit, person you would like to meet, pet you would like to own.

“Short-Term Play Therapy for Children, Second Edition” by Heidi Gerard Kaduson, Charles E. Schaefer
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  • I have a problem. I’m too scared to say anything to my friends because I’m not confident enough and I’m scared that they might make fun of me like they always do. What shall I do? I need to start speaking a lot more and become more confident.

  • People who ask about things they’re not actually interested in or already know the answer to just make themselves look creepy…

    Just be honest and ask about things you actually care about or don’t know the answer to…don’t be shady.

  • This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about “how do you make small talks?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Owarmey Proactive whisper (search on google )? It is a good exclusive guide for mastering small talk minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.

  • A lot of people are just plain weird in social settings. That’s why people who know other people tend to stick with them. In our post-modern age, a lot of people have no social graces. They go into an immersed tangent with some person or group they already know and never stop to think maybe they should take a moment to introduce persons who obviously are not pat of the group. This has happened to me repeatedly throughout the years. Therefore, I take delight in saying when there’s a moment for breaths to be taken “By the way, for anyone who may not know me, my name is Bob.” A this point the person who’s been on the tangent immediately becomes apologetic. I reply, “Hey, no problem.” Then they go off on the tangent again. I go for a solitary beer at that point. and observe the room, delighting in all the ninnies squirming about in social ecstasy.

  • You suggest “Where are you from?” In the U.S., that could sometimes be interpreted negatively, especially if it’s with a person of color. Some people consider it a “micro-aggression” if you ask them where they’re from, implying that they are an “outsider” or not from America.

  • Actually, ending the conversation can be just as hard.. been standing there talking with someone for like 5 mins and then I’m like.. damn why am I here..and then it gets awkward..and then okay byeee…

  • Wow, I just learned I am really good at starting conversations. I do all of those. Plus I’ve always hated awkward pauses so I’ve learned how to keep convo’s going without them.. huh cooooool

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  • Yep Yep Travel, Music, Hobbies, Future Plans with relatable details and adding who what when where and why with questions that have better answers! I just forget all this when I’m drinking or smoking Bud!

  • Me: Have been kinda sorta maybe stalking someone for over 3 months and knowing majority of the things about them
    Also me: H-hey, what’s your name?

  • I try to create conversation with people but they cut it short which makes it SO annoying for me because everything I say is like they want to end it! Soon I start to run out of things to say and then just go:/

  • You know we only call forced conversations “small talk”. Conversations we dont like having or have just to fill the air of silence. If you just decided to take an interest in people then its no longer small talk but rather a conversation. The best thing to do is talk about things you like to talk about. What might be small talk to you is a real conversation to another and vise versa. I am not saying you have to talk to people but if someone does talk to you then be a bit open minded and hear what they have to say. You can also tell people you have no interest in the conversation without being rude. Just say you have no idea whats going on.

  • This is for women, because they are too shy or scared/insecure to start conversations. Men almost always initiate conversations….especially in dating

  • My mom asked a retail worker if her family was from the Mediterranean and her family was from Jamaica. Later in the conversation the worker said she was interested in visiting the part of Africa my family comes from. Good conversation and my mom is going to go back and give her some of our contacts so she can not be lonely when she goes. Where are you from works so well

  • I don’t even know why i’m here,,,,i am very charming,,,like i litarly have a flirting nature,,
    My girlfriend:babe this is my friend preeta����
    Me:hey there,,pretty ����
    Her:its preeta����
    Me:i know but u r pretty����
    My girlfriend:WE will HAVE to TALK later����

  • 4:24 “Even if they don’t have a reason, I don’t know, I just came with my friend. Oh, who’s your friend?”

    Yeah, but isn’t the other person going to think something along the lines of, “Why is this person whom I don’t know inquiring about my friends?”.

  • Through direct messaging, I usually start with sending a weird ass photo/meme and would usually say, “Oh sorry. Wrong sent.”

    If they react badly, forget it. If they react positively, or with another meme, then I found a new meme buddy

  • No. 7 Do You Know…
    No. 6 Where Are…
    No. 5 That Looks Good…
    No. 4 I Like Your…
    No. 3 What Was…
    No. 2 What Brought You…
    No. 1 How Do You…

  • But after we say a comment or a question as a conversation starter? What do we say next? Like I would go up to someone and be like “wassup, hows life?” But then if they wouldn’t have anything to say then I would have to start the conversation just saying weird things and I always ditched the conversation saying stupid things when I get lost or too nervous like “my pet monkey needs me bye” running away

  • Do you know where the restroom is? Wow, that’s gross, awkward, and very stupid. Never start a conversation that way! Where are you from? Wow, another dumb one. Hey, I like your shirt? Yeah, that’s a pretty creepy conversation starter. I’m figuring out that after watching a few of these videos… these two are just too young, inexperienced, and naive about the advice they are providing. My advice is to ignore all of their videos and seek more mature and experienced advice elsewhere.

  • Does anyone else find the drawings incredibly distracting? Dont even know what I just watched as I was too busy watching the drawings

  • I went to party and started convo by asking about the host she said is this from YouTube and I said yes I asked have you watched it she said yea so I said does that work
    The convo lasted to the end of the party

    So.. it works

  • Everybody has something to give in conversation. It’s a natural ability that we all have. We are very blessed to be alive. So share what you have.

  • personally i feel i am so out normal social world whenever i meet anyone i have nothiing in common, except i m human and breath a lot. Besides, the context of these starters seems to be quite particular, ie its like a situation like date or speed dating. i suppose you have to arrange these situations, and you have to have a clear agenda. friend, girlfriend etc. just a chat whatever.

  • I don’t like sharing my hobbie because i am playing metal, which is one of the hardest genres to play, and people would just ask me to play Edd Sheeran ;-;

  • i can relate…once asked a girl on a bus i saw every morning in a bus i took every morning…excuse me where is this bus going….

  • 1) where is the….
    2) so where are you from…..
    3) that looks good….
    4) I really like your shirt, spectacles,
    5) what is the best part of your day (good emotions )
    6) what brought you here today
    7) how do you know so and so

  • So, at the end of a conversation you know what their holiday plans are, favorite music, favorite restaurant. You should meet them again soon, otherwise it’s information you can’t do anything with.

  • I’m and extrovert after a few shots. I guess I just need to drink a bit to start a convo. And after a few more shots I would even talk to a sign board.

  • recently out of a long term relationshit, I found this video better than most.

    Usually you get tips that are better suited to a “how to flirt” video, but after going to town and usuing the “that looks good” and “where you from”it made those awkward “what do i say next” moments pass with ease even for me. an embarrassingly introvert outside my screen and keyboard.

    its redundant to say since you’re reading this and already watching/have watched the video yourselves; but these are bloody red hot tips to mentally jot down, they’re gold when you need em.

    @AWxinc thanks for your video, ima watch this again now but w/out adblock because this was a good one and real life helped my awkward silence moments.

  • I think the most important thing is to be at ease and don’t overthink it. Having a forced conversation about food because you saw it in a YouTube video isn’t exactly natural

  • 0:32 when I understood that I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere in life. Career, job, relationships, some people, like me, were born only to be failures of nature
    But not only starting a conversation. How do you actually keep them going? how do you jump to a new topic when one has ended? How to have something to say or to reply when the other person is talking? HOW, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HOW?

  • Being communicative is very important in building relationships. Relationships are made through the exchange of emotions, ideas, kindness, and thoughts.

  • It’s also about taking attention off each other so if someone holding a drink u can say what u get. Then ah ok and tell one of your stories related to say gin that was in it.

    Also u can say how do you like this place. Then mention what you do and don’t like so much etc.

    Or what I use often is hey you seem like the best person to say to here…. what’s your name. Then beaver the name you tell a story about a person you know with that name etc.

  • Example:

    Me: “Hey, do you know where the restroom is?”
    Stranger: “Oh it’s in the hallway”
    Me: “Cool, have you been there before?”
    Stranger: “wtf?”
    Me: “idk ok bye i guess”

  • im introverted but i love small talk, i do love meeting new people…..small talk can turn into a great conversation…….theres a difference between introverted and self-proclaimed intellectuals.

  • And then you live in Germany, where small talk is seen as time waste���� if you do much small talk you could get problems your job interview ��