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4 Traits that Help Kids Cope with Bullying Teach Assertiveness. When it comes to assertiveness, research has shown that programs teaching assertiveness skills can Facilitate Friendships. Friendships are important for kids, especially when it comes to bullying. Sometimes bullies Impart.

Bullying Prevention and Coping. Bullying is a widely recognized problem in schools. Learn where it happens, how it impacts learning, and ways to work on preventing and responding to it. How to Help Your Child Cope With Gossip.

By Sherri Gordon 14 Ways to Respond to Relational Aggression. 4 Traits that Help Kids Cope with Bullying. By. Bullies are made and not born. Here are over two-dozen research-based strategies for helping kids deal with bullying.

What Children Can Do: A wise line of defense is avoidance. Know when to walk away. Physical size or strength. Physical disability. Learning disorder.

Minority status ethnically, racially or religiously. Sexual orientation or gender identity. Bullying can take many forms: Physical.

This type of bullying includes hitting, tripping and kicking, as well as destruction of a child’s property. Verbal. What is bullying? You can usually identify bullying through the following three characteristics: intent, repetition, and power. A bully intends to cause pain, either through physical harm or hurtful words or behaviour, and does so repeatedly.Boys are more likely to experience physical bullying, while girls are more likely to experience psychological bullying.

When necessary, get help from others outside of school, like a family therapist or a police officer, and take advantage of community resources that can deal with and stop bullying. RELATED: 18. English | español Bullying is a particular problem with adolescents and pre-adolescents.

Unfortunately, bullies can cause lasting psychological and physical damage to other kids. Because youth typically do not bully others in front of adults, teachers and parents are often unaware of bullying. As a result, they rarely step in to stop bullies or to help children cope with. 4. Know Your Fundamental Human Rights A crucial idea to keep in mind when you’re dealing with an adult bully is to know your rights, and recognize when they’re being violated. “Bullying” refers to repeated verbal, social, or physical aggression that involves some form of power imbalance.

Bullying is an important topic in the field of mental health because of its impact on the wellness of everyone involved, including the victim, the bully, and observers. Finally, the book Healing Days: A Guide for Kids Who Have Experienced Trauma by Susan Farber Straus provides children with a resource to help them through the coping process. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of four children who learn how to cope with the trauma they have experienced, teaching children about tools they can use.

List of related literature:

Bully/victim problems in middle‐school children: Stability, self‐perceived competence, peer perceptions and peer acceptance.

“Violence: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Causes, Consequences, and Cures” by Bandy X. Lee
from Violence: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Causes, Consequences, and Cures
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Research indicates that children with these characteristics are actually more likely to become victims of bullying (Fekkes, Pijpers, Fredriks, Vogels, & Verloove-VanHorick, 2006; Swearer, Grills, Haye, & Cary, 2004).

“Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age” by Robin M. Kowalski, Susan P. Limber, Patricia W. Agatston
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Early studies focused on physical (hitting, pushing, or kicking) and verbal (ridiculing, insulting) bullying.

“Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups, Second Edition” by William M. Bukowski, Brett Laursen, Kenneth H. Rubin
from Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups, Second Edition
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Children who are targeted for bullying often have internalizing characteristics such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and reduced assertiveness that may make them an easy target for bullying (Flannery, Todres, Bradshaw, et al., 2016).

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson
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Bullying also has shortterm effects on children’s feelings of self-worth and their sense of being able to control what happens to them (Murphy and Quesal 2002).

“Practitioner's Guide to Emotion Regulation in School-Aged Children” by Gayle L. Macklem
from Practitioner’s Guide to Emotion Regulation in School-Aged Children
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All forms of bullying result in negative consequences to the victims, including anxiety, depression, lowered self-esteem, impaired social relations, and school avoidance.

“Encyclopedia of Adolescence” by Roger J.R. Levesque
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very kids already at risk for depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, which bullying can worsen.

“Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Committee on Law and Justice, Board on Children, Youth, and Families, Committee on the Biological and Psychosocial Effects of Peer Victimization: Lessons for Bullying Prevention, Suzanne Le Menestrel, Frederick Rivara
from Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice
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Other, less drastic measures call for children who bully to be grouped together for therapeutic treatment, which might include anger management, empathy-building, or skill-building.

“Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Digital Age” by Robin M. Kowalski, Susan P. Limber, Patricia W. Agatston
from Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Digital Age
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For physical forms of bullying, children who always perceivethat their parents understand their problems and worries areless likelytobe bullied comparedto those whose parents sometimes understand their problems.

“Handbook of School Violence and School Safety: International Research and Practice” by Shane Jimerson, Amanda Nickerson, Matthew J. Mayer, Michael J. Furlong
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The impact of bullying on students is devastating and often leads to social isolation, emotional distress, depression, psychosomatic illness, anxiety, sleep disorder, panic, and an inability to concentrate on educational learning (Forero, McLellan, Rissel, &

“A Guide to School Services in Speech-Language Pathology, Third Edition” by Trici Schraeder
from A Guide to School Services in Speech-Language Pathology, Third Edition
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  • In 2007 while deployed to Iraq with the Marines, my vehicle took a direct hit from a 300 pound IED that was hidden in a culvert. I was lucky to survive, banged up pretty bad, nasty concussion, but alive (thank God my humvee was up-armored) it blew the entire front end of my vehicle off. Over the next week we were involved in 2 firefights and we lost 2 Marines from a pressure plate blast. It took about 10 years before I could think or talk about it without freaking out in my head. I also journaled the experience and it was just recently that I was able to open the old sand-covered all-weather notebook up and read it. It was almost shocking to read, like I had blocked out so many things. It was almost as if I was reading the journal of a completely different person. I still dream about it sometimes. One thing I still do is avoid anything laying in the road. I was Motor Transport in the Marines and while in Iraq, I got really good at avoiding any obstacles on or near the roadway. Like no joke, it could be a fucking McDonald’s bag and I’ll still swerve way around it to dodge it. Soda can? Dodge. Empty cigarette pack? Dodge. Fragments from a blown tire? Dodge. Homeless guy collecting $change? Dodge. White bongo truck? Definite dodge.

  • Recently diagnosed with this, I also have some traits of BPD. Was physically beat up occasionally by my dad, he’d slap me if I answered questions incorrectly when forced to solve Math problems or do homework in front of him. He’d beat my mum constantly, often in front of us which went on for years. Bullied at school almost everyday. I used to walk home as slow as I could because I would never be sure the mood dad was in, if he lost on the horses then I’d better watch out. Such a shitty childhood.

  • I love her point of view but it’s trying to get these stupid teachers to jump in and handle a situation. My son comes home crying saying he has told his teachers and they do nothing. I’ve went to them confronted them and went to the school board and they all claim my son is not being bullied. I had him switched to different classes and it continues. The teacher are nothing but POS that don’t seem to notice my son…. It makes me sick.

  • Thank you for bringing this all up,i feel like i have someone who really cares about all of what happened and understands all of it and somehow cares about the part of enduring all of it and getting threw all of it,i thank you again,love Denny

  • I’m glad I found this channel but I never even started looking into it or found out about CPTSD until around 5 years ago. And maybe it’s because I was searching a certain type of PTSD that at the time, I came to believe that cptsd was significant childhood trauma followed by a long-term narcissistic relationship. Because even though I check alot of boxes for childhood trauma (verbal,, physical, sexual), I functioned fairly well for years and years. It wasn’t until about 3 years into my second marriage of 15 years (when I was about 36) that my body literally started breaking down.

    I guess the way I looked at it is, I knew what verbal and physical and sexual abuse looked like and so when my first husband started beating me very shortly after we got married, I knew to get out of it (even though we got back together 2 years later and had 2 more children ��). But the mental, emotional and psychological abuse that I took for so long for my 2nd husband was completely alien to me.
    When it finally ended after those 15 years is when I first found out that he’d be considered narcissistic. And then I come to find out that my abusive childhood set me up to be the target of a narcissist. I do want to mention that up until I found that out, I had always understood the word narcissist to mean someone with a huge ego. I now know that in most cases, that’s actually quite the opposite.
    He had such an extremely low ego that he had to put me down in order to feel better about himself.

    Anyway, so yeah by the time I finally got out of the marriage my body was so shocked and my mind was just fried. Actually, my body was fried after the first 10 years and even though it was hard because of pride, I ended up having to go on disability. I ran a state licensed to daycare for a long time but just simply could not do it any longer. By the time the marriage finally ended my brain was so fried, I was just in a tailspin for 5 years. I guess I stayed there for so long because after 2 years I just could not deal with it and picked up the bottle one day and didn’t put it down. It took me 2 years and (5) 1 month inpatient stays to do so.
    I was completely sober for about a year and a half but will admit that I have had several binges over the course of the last two years.

    I was a single mom of three when I married the second time plus he had three children and then we had one together. Keeping up house and raising that many kids, I guess I really didn’t have time to dwell in or even reflect on my childhood. Well that and plus I always worked at least full-time and then some.

    My youngest is now a Junior in college and I now have the time to go back and heal all of that and the damage from my marriage. I guess I just simply don’t have the motivation.
    I’ve been living alone in a studio apartment for 3 years now, I’m just so empty and have absolutely no ambition. I am very blessed in that my older children have given me 9 grandchildren over the years and I used to be an amazing grandmother to the oldest of them but as much as I always really want to, I just don’t reach out to them even a little bit of what you really want to. And then I feel guilty about that and pretty much go in a vicious circle.

    I guess I just feel sorry for myself because along with my home, my ex took everything I ever was as well. I know that I shouldn’t. I know that he doesn’t have the power to take anymore. I guess it’s just that I worked so hard for so long to build a life and have a home. And now I live in 2 rooms with no yard it just doesn’t feel like Grandma’s house anymore.

  • This is not entirely true especially for boys. We sent our kid to MMA and the next time two kids tried to throw food at him and push him he defended himself, the school that never protected him then wanted to call our son a bully for defending himself. We pulled him out and sent him to another school, never had an issue again. Some schools allow the bullying, due to politics. The boys that were bullying our kid were sons of a city council man and another high profile local resident.

  • I sometimes regret holding back and not being in as much schoolyard fights as I really wanted to be in. Primary school was a shark tank. High school, surprisingly not so much, but there were skirmishes ever now and then. I was even tempted to rock up to the class room with razor blades. In my home country (Australia) we have super strict gun laws so gaining access to a firearm was out of reach.

    Even as an adult, I fantasize about encountering past enemies and having at them in a straight up punch on. In a combat scenario, I’d engage any threat. Regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, social class, creed of gender. I’ve even wanted to have violent altercations with people who smoke cigarettes or who are intoxicated. I frown at alcohol an tobacco so yeah. Glad I found interests to vent on such as doom, heavy metal, anime, and south park ( Cartman is my favourite character ). Fuck I’m venting alot lol. But this actually feels good to write this. Thanks for listening.��

  • This lady is the mutts nuts on this (forgive the expression if it didn’t make you smile).As a clinician who has been advising kids to ignore the teasing so the teaser doesn’t know they have upset them, I realise I should be coaching kids to come up with these skilful ‘that’s SO lame’ deflecting responses. Slow the video down and demonstrate the 5 or so alternative scripts she models, and get your kid to practice them when you pretend to insult them.. Check out this lady’s books and her PEERs program, it too is the mutts nuts!

  • Just as a point of reference: cPTSD is not a sub category of Bpd. Research has also highlighted cPTSD is not a comorbid to Bpd (which is not clear from the presentation)

    Also longitude studies highlight a significant long-term relationship between a Bpd and a healthy individual/child is likely to be a significant contributory factor in mental and physical abuse that can lead to harm and/or a dx of cPTSD for the healthy individual/child.

  • I’ve dealt with constant domestic violence from my sister. Since she’s my sister and a female, the cops have not removed her. I have been cut with a screw driver, almost stabbed with a knife, had glass broken and smeared in front of my room. I don’t know how i’m still standing, but I am hurt. Not all families are made equal, and some people are so toxic to our health that it is better to remove them from your life. My lease ends in 2 months, and hopefully the healing will begin when I am separated.

  • My fiancé has complex PTSD and PTSD. I wanted to learn more about it so I can understand how her brain works and help her. I love her so much. She understands my Aspergers so I want to understand her issues too.

  • Thanks for this video. What I would like to ask is that you go over some of the was we help treat CPTSD. We the spouses, friends co-workers. How do we help them recover. Besides encouraging them to get treatment.

  • I suffer from cptsd and I have had a great deal of trouble over the years but I’m finally going along with my treatment plan and I feel a little better with meds and therapy because if I didn’t get help I was at the end of the road I still hurt every day but my treatment is making life livable day by day

  • If my son went and told a teacher like a little RAT, I would beat my sons ass!! It’s sad we live in a day where kids are told to be stool pigeons from their teachers. You either take it to the fists and fight like a man, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, either way you are respected for going fist to cuff, but if I got work my son was a snitch or a tattle tale, he would have to worry about me busting his head and his ass, because no self respecting father would promote their son being a snitch.

  • Started a new podcast “The Tango 1 Podcast” I am a former Swat team leader and were focusing on Doing More And Being more, interviewing high impact individuals in our community. In an early episode our co-host shares his childhood story of being attacked by a WOLF!!!!, We talk about normalizing the stigma around PTSD and how to help yourself and the people around you. (if this sounds interesting check it out!)

  • i have c-ptsd and when you said its commonly misdiagnosed as bpd i had to laugh. i was diagnosed with bpd at a psych unit, and when i started seeing my current therapist several years ago told her about that and my other diagnoses. as we dove into all the trauma in my life (at least the trauma i remember, which is frankly Enough for my tastes), she went yeah no. very oddly though, i was also misdiagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, because the psychiatrist and psychologist i was seeing didnt quite know the full extent of the dv i was living through, and constantly being triggered day in and day out on top of the new abuse and the stress of that and university made me delusional. my therapist thinks its sort of the same as ptsd when say, a vet is triggered and believes they’re back in the war. thankfully, ive done a lot of hard work with her and have gotten to the point where my stress levels have to be SUPER high before i start to get the paranoid intrusive thoughts, but im able to combat them with tools that I’ve learned. every day is still a lot of work, but I’m finally safe and moderately happy.

  • What’s the percentage of people who have an ace score of 6 how many percent of people with ace score of 6 have a mental health problem or how many percent of people with an ace score of 6 or higher have either a mental health problem or a physical problems or both

  • Really wonderful explanation of this disorder. Now there is a ‘diagnosis/reocognition” it does help put pieces together and allow self-understanding.

  • I was physically and mentally/emotionally abused as a child from as far back as I can remember to 19yrs old. 19 yrs give or take of trauma combined with sexual assault from a sibling for 6 years. I couldn’t imagine the diagnoses I’d be given. I’m calling a psychiatrist today finally for the first time at 22yrs old. I know I’ve been affected my entire life with just way I react, the way I fear, the way I have relationships, the way I feel about myself, about other people even strangers etc etc. I will be glad to get real insight

  • That’s true. Everyone gets teased. Most people think they’re the only one, so I’ve told kids that everyone gets teased, so don’t feel like it’s just you. Tell them to listen and they’ll hear it a lot. I said I know kids can be very mean, but think of a comeback, make fun Of their “oily hair” or something that rhymes with their name, or if they wear glasses say 4 eyes, etc. My tormented was named Garcia so I finally said his name is Gersey Cow, and he said no it’s not, and never spoke to me again. I told one 5 year old he was being a bully and he had never heard of it, he didn’t like being called a BULLY, so that’s a good “bad name.”

  • You’re VERY clear in your explanations as well as in your mannerisms. Thank you!
    It’s very easy to understand you & your voice is incredibly soothing!

  • Is there a way to speak with someone regarding this? I have a hard time talking about anything really, but I know that it seems as though things are gradually getting worse.

  • My ace score is 4. My cptsd is mostly the horrors of a 20 yr marriage. I often cried at night wishing I could go home…my messed up family was safer than living with my husband.

  • This happened to my loved one but it was situational, or single-incident ptsd she had a horrible t-bone car accident. Took a couple of months but slowly as the physical pain continued, nightmares and flashbacks of the accident began, then she quit sleeping, quit eating, became distant and boom, she broke. She was “gone” for about a week before she came back. Scariest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

  • Ah fuck. I just learned I have this… Makes so much sense now. I am glad parts of my “personality” can actually be cured and I can have healthy relationships and not live in a state of paranoia…

  • Somehow this all seems to relate in some ways which went on for long time,i never knew any thing about what to do and didn’t have no help being scared and worried all the time 24/7,Thank You,Love Denny

  • I feel like I should understand why I feel so angry when professionals tell me they are “aware of my pain”. I feel pain almost constantly and it oddly feels frustrating when someone can understand. Maybe it’s just strange to realize others are also in pain. It is painful and confusing.

  • A few years ago I suffered embarrassment so-badly by a member a few months after my baptism. I shouldn’t have taken it personally but it really cut me deep. I wish I would have not been so weak as to allow this guys cyber-bullying tactics as a result in me choosing to alter my feelings and leave the church. I never considered the significance of being the first and only known French-Africanian member in my family; as did I not even consider the benefit of my active role in membership for the benefit of my famiIies sake. I wasn’t even active long enough to live worthy unto receiving my patriarchal-blessing. It’s been several years now and I can’t believe I allowed someone’s arrogance to alter my feelings, course, and dreams of being reunited with my family, and fulfilling my purpose in life.

    A Black Mormon

  • Thank you. I was just diagnosed with this and disassociation, major depressive disorder and anxiety and while I have had the anxiety and depression and PTSD diagnosis for a long time, I am finally seeking treatment from a real therapist and underwent the testing to receive my “real” diagnosis. I am trying to better understand it. This helps. Could you do something on dissociation do to C-PTSD?

  • I’m sorry, when I was bullied I kept it to myself for months before telling my parents and I never told my teacher until one day she caught the bullies in the act. Bullies don’t work like this, what you do is talk to someone else and not be like “Hey u bullied me but lets be friends”

  • I have been diagnosed with C ptsd. I come from a violent alcoholic childhood where I was in fear of not only myself but feared that he would kill my mother of brother sister. Hate to say it but I’m 66 and never got over it

  • A tornado pass by our house on september 2015 ever since then whenever i see a dark cloud i would panic coz I’m afraid it would happen again I’m also afraid of lightning and loud thunders because when that tornado happen it was so loud the wind was so strong our roof was almost torn and a tree fell down because it was struck by lightning it was truly horrific until now I’m still horrified by thunders and lightning i know it isn’t normal but is it also considered ptsd?

  • My father was in a very horrible war and came home an alcoholic and a drug addict. He beat me and my family up every single day and locked us in closets for days. Once when he was drunk he loaded his rifle and started shooting at my mother. She was running as fast as she could and the bullets kept missing her because he couldn’t aim that good. This went on every single day for 14 years.

  • Got 9 on my ace score �� Anyone reading this who went through hell just know you’re not alone and we’re strong ������ Find your tribe

  • I haven’t been diagnosed with anything although i know i hsve c-ptsd my child hood was horrendous i was being sex ut ally abused by my father and my brother from a baby to my teens, i was rented out for men to live out their fantasies in sexual violence and torture.
    Ive been on do many coursesto learn skills and i cant get to grips with any although the whole course mskes sence and i can see h oi wthe dbt is an incredibly informative course and i highly recommend anyone to take it, however i was slways able to contrribute in the hroup sessions but when i gry jome i found it hard to practice or even just remember what i had to learned.
    Im now awaiting psychology but im concerned about not being allowed to mention my trauma as i have been told for the last 4 year. Its not easy to understand what level of information is considered too much for any profesional in the mental health system.

    I feel like i need to have somebody who i can trust fully to walk through my past and help me to face the trauma and learn to manage it instead of being silenced and allowing flashbacks and brokenmemory to consume me

  • not all of you have this, i have it and almost every time im listening to someone tell there story im like how the f is that even comparable to mine, im not trying to win some pain contest but so many people are acting like they have ptsd and they absolutely are saying it for attention, they havent been driven mad w nightmares and fight or flight etc etc

  • I want help from you, I’ve just seen this sort of thing for the first time, and it’s the first time I have had a lightbulb moment….. So that’s what’s up with me. It is actually a thing. ��

  • Sometimes the lesson isn’t about getting the right results or changing anothers behavior. It’s about making us the better person and in turn feeling stronger and a little more complete

  • Yes bit short and segmented style but helpful. I got the idea of meaning of it fast but a more conversational style b nicer I feel! I have a lady I watch on YouTube always mentions complex ptsd and I sorta got it but wanted b sure. I suppose poor Oprah Winfrey had this b4she woke up2her power as i heard her mention multiple abusers 1 after other in her family abused her. I was like that also in life. Battered emotionally n verbally at home I went out in world attracted abuser boyfriend’s, friends, bosses and teachers were the last great betrayal as i always felt safe at school! Life is a great lesson! My brother rightly told me the vultures saw me coming smelt my fear saw me with my head down. I started faking it til i made it. I simply acted tough n confident. Still it’s hard4me2assert myself. But until u say no more it will keep happen I g as you do get a stamp on u of abuse. Then the abusers really do seek out the weak! It’s so hard2break this cycle but it must b done!

  • Does your own life really have to be at risk to develop ptsd? I didn’t hear her address the fact that someone can have ptsd without being in some kind of violent threat to their life, its literally stress that still has it affects on you even after the traumatic events that happened in the past, post…traumatic…stress.

  • To everyone saying this isn’t realistic, or that’s not how the real world works, and how it’s not as easy as this, y’all are forgetting the gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. Do what the scriptures and the Holy Ghost guides and you’ll be perfect with everything you do. And when people are still mean to you then I’m sorry but you’re still gonna have to suffer it. I pray you’ll have the courage to continue doing what our savior would do.

  • I ve SURVIVED horrible events in my life of narc ABUSE in my childhood,grown up in a ABUSING home as a scaprgoatdaughter..
    PROGRAMMED to attract ABUSING narc men in most of my life,I go NO CONTACT with all ABUSERS,started to do guided MEDITATIONS and MINDFULNESS..❤️��❤️

  • I’m not diagnosed but I was molested by my 2 brothers and my brothers friend (but idk if my brothers friend counted as molestation) at age 5 and I’m not sure when it ended probably around age 9 or 10. I’m currently 14. I remember a lot and I never told anyone about this not even my mom or my friends. When my brothers touch me in a playful manner I get very uncomfortable and irritated, I’m literally uncomfortable to be naked in my house hold. And I also had a ex bsf for almost 5 years was toxic and fake towards me and she acted like she never cared for me, she is exposed me which is literately a fear of mine and that ruined me. But that friendship gave me trust issues and she was the reason why I’m “depressed,” I’m not diagnosed with depression but I have done a lot of research and I’m most sure I do. I hide my emotions and I’m the “happy” friend because I’m closed off. And I try to distance myself because I know I well get betrayed and I know people say things but most likely don’t mean it and I like to be alone and just talking exhaustes me, I also get irritated easily but I don’t show and it I try to act calm so I don’t cause any issues and it hurts me to know that someone I called my best friend doesn’t even care about me when I would do all these things for you. My current bsf gets very mad easily so it stops me from being able to tell her things because I don’t want her to be mad at me and when we argue I feel like she doesn’t care either and I come off as if I don’t either but I have trouble saying things because she makes me feel like if I’m not good enough. And i feel like she’s self observed because she acts like I don’t have feeling and thoughts and when I tell her how I feel about this one current situation (that’s been happen for moths) she’ll just go on about it and act like I never felt this way for months. And I have a hard time knowing if people are taking me seriously or not because people always tell me they can’t take me seriously so i don’t know if the things I say come out as a jokingly manner of wr not.

  • Hello I’m 40 years old and I was physically abused by my Mother when I was 5 years old and that was the last time I saw her,and spoke to her but about 9 years ago I found out she had a brain aneurysm and she was in the hospital for a few days she wasn’t responsive then the last day at the hospital I watched her take her last breath,I have never seen that before and it Crushed me,but then my sister asked me to close her eyes and take her rings off and some of my moms skin came off with the rings I haven’t been the same since,that’s when I was diagnosed with ptsd.

  • Thank you, everything you said is exactly what my daughter does whenever she gets Bullied. She is pretty and has a lot of friends but sometimes they are just manipulative and selfish. She sometimes lets them walk over her and sometimes does stuff she knows is wrong. I am so thankful for this video becuase now I understand why she makes some of the facial expressions I think you did every expression that she does.

  • Bullying might make you feel like your world is being surrounded by them and there is no way to turn. But always remember, it is their problem, not yours. As long as you are being yourself and showing your best and positive self everyday, the bullies will soon realize they are wasting their time trying to make you sad, and will eventually make their way out

  • I feel like im white knuckling through my life. My father beat me from the age of 6. He taunted and teased me and continues to ruin my life. Ive been worse since my mother past. Sadness overwhelms me

  • What if you always had food and most was not abused physically for the most part, but were constantly psychologically tortured mentally? I am aspie and my family just fucking made feel like garbage constantly. They are embarrassed they tell me they are. They seem to think I’m just weak and making up excuses. Or I’m just hopeless. I don’t want to go any further here. But I will say I now am resentful towards neurotypical people and do not like being around them at all anymore. This is beyond the normal stress aspies usually feel. It’s become a hatred emotive ideology. I’m started to feel they are wilfully stupid, ignorant, incapable of introspection, rude, unwilling to be sympathetic, and destructive. I’m started to believe they are the ones with social skill deformations. If we ran the world we wouldn’t just be at the moon we would be in another dimension. We love and respect each other therefore there would no war. The greatest works of all forms of art, music, film so on would be all over the land. We are the most talented, creative, intelligent, focussed, and multifaceted humans on earth. Unless you are a professor or have proven capabilities, you most likely are the one’s who seem weak in our eyes. I’m not sure if I want to have these supremacist ideologies.

  • I was born one year before the so-called “troubles” in Northern Ireland & was injured in my first I.R.A. bomb aged four, waiting with mother to have lunch with my father in the city. Over 3,000 civilian police were slaughtered (as well as a couple of thousand British soldiers) as well as civilians in almost 30 years. Doctors also say we have lost almost 2 whole generations because we had to learn early that we could never pick up, anything deliberately made to look attractive to a child, as it would mean losing, at least a hand or arm. After studying for years to earn a career that, like yours, would help heal my fellow man. The sad thing is, even if one receives a diagnosis of C-P.T.S.D. in the U.K, as I did & one agrees to “treatment”, one still receives the flag of a “nutcase” here, unlike the U.S.A. where we also have a home. When I was asked to go for treatment in N. Ireland, I brought this fact before my specialists &, sadly, each one had to retreat in both defeat & agreement! So, we are dying, or wish to die but daren’t reach for a life jacket.

  • Thank you so much! I have complex PTSD and I was misdiagnosed with BPD. I knew in my heart and soul I didn’t. I have never heard anyone communicate this information so clearly. It’s incredibly frustrating and in my oppinion, very dangerous to misdiagnose a person. I suspect, the majority of people with my condition don’t find this out until their 40s which makes sense really. Thank you��

  • i think Your videos are very informative,i would appreciate if You bring more on as they might be helpfull in some way Thank You,Love Denny

  • I want to brain wash myself. I am tired of fighting, frustrated every solution just fails. Constant flashbacks and dreams that haunt me thrice a week. I am tired, its a living hell. I can’t trust anyone. Can’t do anything.

  • I have high functioning autism and C-PTSD; and I believe that the C-PTSD that I have could be a result of the autism. I had been mistreated since my childhood because I am very straightforward person, and I cannot maneuver or cheat (ridiculously they called it socialize)…

  • Sadly this does not work yes u can forgive but the bullying continues even if you are good with them the only time they stop is if you speak up abt it and u have others to support u to let the bully know what they have done to u is wrong and it is them who needs help, they stop bullying when u speak up and what they’ve done is out in the open and ask God to heal ur wounds.

  • Trauma + interference.. Raping mentality is increasing. Getting worse. Not helping. Starting with one that was THAT bad. Only to be exposed to a worser man.. Stupidly set up man whose WORSE. This is Safety trusting.. Eroding. You cant even call out the guilty. So why trusting or care LET.. To.. Threatened by those who hurt… If it was some CRAZY deliverance.. For me?? Really.. Why is FRUITS still so worsening? A WORSE man got in by foolish helping friends?? No.. The roots are Family wishing to never acknowledged there pieces of pie.. RATHER something someone must carry WHAT they refused.. I see THIS.. Softer YOUR gonna play musical chairs. your not helped. Dumped killed so Only strong in LIFE.. Steal &murder the weak. Its serious. Y could I.. Cant.. Gain again. Against arsonals of animals intentions to hunt NOT but PEOPLE. The family.. Is noahs family.. My father and his father set a date up my sisters also.. If im to die as my 4 family members have ALREADY.. And no one else cares about i DO.. Death isnt my pain. This shit is killing me… His home is new by his own transaction mommy. 100 Solomon’s cant have wisdom enough but GOD in HEAVEN whos sees the hearts of every man woman and child. SOUL of each matter. Building on lies belongs to kingdom of evil. Devil hates humanity he lost so to hurt humanity.. Is his WAY to hurt GOD WHO’S LOVES US.. IF WE COULD EXPERIENCE HERE WE’D EVAPORATE PHYSICALLY.LOVE IS THE WHY. ALSO OUR FLESH CANT. HE noah belongs in jail. He wont be a physical jail. No no.. Hopefully pangs of guilt.. With KNOW LOVE OBEYING GOD WHO’S ONLY GOOD.. THE JESUS IS FOOD FOR GOOD.. NOT BAD OR HOOD. ASSHOLES.. GOODBYE.. BOTHERING.

  • After about ten years of ptsd I learned by myself that trauma was an emotion just as much as anger, grief, joy, fear etc and I could process it in the same way,it was only then did my ptsd fade away

    The therapists all made me worse and told me trauma isn’t an emotion, it was only when I ignored them an followed by own path and wisdom did I get the cure

    Fk namaste and all that love and light rubbish but god bless everyone fighting a battle with ptsd

    Im living proof you can win and this time last year I was walking around picking cigarettes up off the floor and eating out of bins

  • You Ever want help so bad but fight with the issue of not wanting to be a victim
    my whole childhood I was told I’m not a victim just a pussy man up just even writing this is hard for me

  • DO NOT make it look like the kid requested the teacher to stop the bullying. I am 18 years old and have been bullied throughout my middle school. You need to hand out severe punishments, otherwise it will continue, as it did for me. If you make it look like the kid requested the intervention, it will hurt their reputation and they will be indirectly bullied and it just feels terrible. Just pretend you saw it happen, rather than it was reported.

  • Maybe teachers should i don’t know…. stop putting up dumbass posters and get involved?
    I don’t care what happens if i get involved. No one and i mean NO ONE messes with the boys.

  • always forgive the people that bullies you because then they would start having a sad life and we all want to have a lovly life so please if your reading this please forgive one another because that means your teaching the bullies to always be nice and never be a bad person be like a angle and watch out for covide-19 as its spreading around hope you guys are okay god bless each and one of you so have a safe evening and pray to god or jessus for help because they would guide you with there holy spirit even please look after black people we dont want them to have bad lifes they need to survive and they need to live so they have fun with theri family and friends and just to let you guys know im a mormon so i somtimes be bad well you can make mistakes so i make mistakes but love people and wants to be a mormon and a child of god because i have been learning the aticles faith with my mom,dad and brother my brother is only ten and like i have two brothers and i have one sister im a girl my name is Mele im eight years old and i love my family and friends too i dont wanna die because my family and friends heart will be crushed and i dont want that to happen to my own family and friends because they are joyful,lovely,careful,nice,a hero,mormon and loves there family we all can do mistakes but learn to love care kind suport hugs kiss aand responabillity please remember to dont do bad things in purpoes do it in mistakes because god and jessus loves all of us and forgives us always like this comment if you agree with me or boo if your bad because if you do boo well you gonna have to read the bible or mormon have a safe day and i hope you love or like my comment its super duper long and church. i love you guys stay safe byeeeeeeeee:)

  • I am late to this, but there have been a situation in my life, 2020, where I have been feeling very down, sad, anxious to the point I feel like it is something wrong. It is august now, but in march, my family took down our dog. I cant tell everything but he was the best thing ever happened to me, for my anxiety and mental health. He got put down for biting a neighbour and supposely attacked another neighbour resulting the neighbour giving a police report. I have not been feeling myself since march when it happen, and feels like I am rewatching it happening every week. It happened thursday 26/03. Every thursday I think about what happened, I can’t go one day without crying about it and I get mixed emotions when my family talks to me, and I feel like I have a heavy dark cloud over me giving me a guilt feeling. I know many people grieve, but Idk if it is normal to grieve for almost 5 months. I feel like I can never get over it all though I try to do normal things. I also get anxious being home alone and those places we used to take the dog with us. I alos get triggered seeing other dogs.

  • Wow I am one of those misdiagnosed people who were told it’s bpd just to find out way later oh ooops it’s really C-ptsd. As if life didn’t suck enough without thinking I had mental health instability and felt like I was crazy because I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did and I expected schizophrenia or bipolar disorder to come next. I was always feeling lowly and negative because I knew nothing else my whole life. Life is like waiting on the next ball to drop whenever things are okay. Things are never okay for long.

  • Stop bullied is not good if somebody treated you wrong you have to people who have been bullied and apologize to them and be responsible and respect others

  • my trauma allegedly (memory issues) began around age 1 or 2. still trying to figure it out..pretty much all of my psychological help/resources have either done nothing or deemed me unable to be helped. having money is a huge portion of my/the problem and I’ve never been able to hold a job. barely go outside now..

  • Bully is not good if people be mean to a person I will stand up for them because I can’t be doing nothing and do stand up for some one

  • I don’t know if there is a chance to heal from trauma caused by sexual,physical,emotional,verbal abuse,being subjected to fgm I’m 42 years old woman and I still wonder why God has abandoned me!!!!

  • It is so easy to get misdiagnosed. You can get a wrong schizophrenia diagnosis and end up with the completely wrong treatment if they look at the symptoms alone.

  • You must teach your kids to speak up if they’re getting bullied. Schools push the idea that bullying is bad but rarely does the administration deal with the kids bullying other children. Schools are afraid to give consequences and lose students in their schools. Because the fewer kids in a public school, the less money for the school. Schools and districts have useless “bullying” hotlines and the bullies continue to harm other children. I’ve seen it in my 10 years as a teacher in the public schools.

  • The part we see is only the tip of the tip of the iceberg.
    As a child, I was bullied a lot; however, when I became an adult I worked very objectively with kids like this and helped to guide them through the obstacle course.

  • I have CPTSD and would like to talk to someone that has it too. Can someone please give me their contact information? I feel so alone.. it feels like i’m slowly dying, my traumas is going on loop and my body is sick, I just wanna end this nightmare

  • When you have cptsd and people around you,tell you to go for a walk… like that will help… I tried looking for help in group events and stuff but I got misunderstood..so I gave up on it… now im dealing with it alone… im to sceptical to ask for help from anyone else…

  • I’ve been bullied too but look at the tragedy the bully who used to bully me is now my best friend she never let me go anywhere and gets jealous when I talk too much with other girls once she even said that when we’ll grow up we will marry each other(since we were just childs) but I said it’s not possible then she said I will find a perfect guy for you so he will take care of you she behaves hard like a rock in front of others but soft just like a teddy bear in front of me I love her so much. ��

  • Many years ago after my “bully” fought an intense fist fight, my Mom forced me to bake her a cake & TAKE IT to her personally with a I’m Sorry Note; several days later my “bully” brought me homemade cinnamon rolls! We became VERY Good friends from then on.

  • I think this works if the child’s heart has not been completely hardened. He probably caught the bully right before he became a bully. The reason it is harder as people get older is because their heart gets harder and harder the longer they are bullied or bullying. They slowly get more and more disconnected from hearing the Holy Ghost. By time they are in high school it would take more of Saul of Tarsus action in order to reconnect them. So be careful. Our hearts can get hardened in the same way with different things.

  • I’m having a hard time figuring out if I have ptsd or cptsd the video helped but I need some else’s opinion. I made friend with this boy when i was four, he was the only boy because slowly more girls started moving in. He has always hurt my sister, I and many other people…but never the girls he knew could beat him up. We were the closest so he hurt me the most, I finally drew the line at him choking me against a fence. I was done with him hurting me and having no voice about it! I was reluctant to tell though, my friend ended up telling after I told her not to. I never had a voice and I wish I would’ve spoken up but it’s too late. I noticed I had a problem when people played with my in the pool or just accidentally touched my neck and I would freak out. If anyone could help me figure out why I have these problems and trust issues please let,e know!

  • I’m getting more suicidal and paranoid day by day. I have a million thoughts racing through my mind, i lived a lie. My mom and dad lived a lie, my siblings lived a lie. We’re wasting our lives, we cut off our relationships almost.
    The worst part of everything is that i can’t fully express myself, my thoughts get very dark at moments. I’ve wasted my life by heavily relying on religion, higher power stuff. I’m fucking furious. It’s all placebo.

  • I scored a 10 on the A.C.E S, so, I got that going for me.
    ComplexPTSD, Im really struggling and just want to be out of this nightmare, Im having HORRIBLE nightmares now and I dont know what to do.��‍♀️

  • That doesn’t work if a group of kids bully you, then the other kids can reward the bully with their laugh. The response doesn’t need to be the victim’s. What about changing the bullies values or instead of ignoring them. Why do you accept the kids leading each other in same-age classes? It’s still fun to kick a stone even if it doesn’t cry. You’re barking up the wrong tree when you teach all these survival skills. childhood is not something have to survive, it’s something you have to enjoy.

  • For me it’s the opposite the people that get picked for everything kinda casually bully me it’s not as bad as bullying but still makes me feel horrible

  • if your having a hard time trying to cope with bullying you dont have to tell anybody if you dont want to just ask your parents just like your curious what they would do if they got bullied in their childhood

  • When ever someone tries to bully me, i always keep telling a teacher, so the bully gets afraid to bully, bc they don’t wanna be in trouble

  • I tried to do that but it was all the opposite ��my best friend always bully me but all i now is to make friends make people �� happy