4 Reasons Bullying Is Downplayed by Educators


Chicago School Teacher Bullied And Tormented By Students

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Detroit school counselor accused of bullying student with special needs

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The Age of Surveillance Capitalism Shoshana Zuboff, Carole Cadwalladr, Paul Hilder & Shahmir Sanni

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Foreign minister downplays China trade tensions

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Parent: Teachers bullied my autistic son

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Bullying: Through a Teacher’s Eyes

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Awful Ways Teachers Ignore Bullying

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4 Reasons Why Bullying Is Often Downplayed. While there are numerous reasons why a teacher or administrator might downplay or ignore a bullying complaint, here are the top reasons why they just do not seem to have time to adequately address the issue. 4 Reasons Bullying Is Downplayed by Educators. By Sherri Gordon What Are the Effects of Cyberbullying? Reviewed by Amy Morin, LCSW 8 Reasons Why Kids Cyberbully Others. Reviewed by Amy Morin, LCSW The Consequences of Sexting for.

4 Reasons Why Activists Burn Out. What Parents Can Do When Bullying is Downplayed at School bullying is a problem educators are duty-bound to address. 4 Reasons Bullying Is Downplayed by Educators. May 26, 2020 Discover what to do when no one takes your complaints seriously.

Most parents know that the first step in addressing bullying is to report it to the school. This type of experience can be very frustrating for parents. When www.verywellfamily.com. MOST BULLYING HAPPENS AT SCHOOL For the school, the costs of bullying are countless hours consumed in tackling a problem that is resistant to change, truancies, reduced student retention, low teacher morale, negative perceptions of the school by.

Families matter, too. Bullying in schools sometimes arises from harsh parenting practices or sibling bullying at home. Even parents’ workplaces matter. Adults experience bullying in their workplaces at about the same rate as children in schools, and it’s even found among teachers and in senior living communities. In other words, bullying is.

4. Use the arts to create context. The arts can be a powerful tool for helping young people see situations from different perspectives. Using drama, literature, and the visual arts as a vehicle for conversation, educators can help students understand the negative impact of bullying.

1. Introduction to Bullying Prevention Facts and Tools 2. Timeline Bullying Prevention and Safe and Accepting Schools Activities. Section 1: Education. 1. Bullying Defined (Fact Sheet) 2. The Difference between Bullying, Aggression and Teasing (Fact Sheet) a. Critical Questions to Identify Bullying, Aggression and Teasing (Tool) 3. The Real Reasons Why People Bully Others. In a recent Ditch the Label study, we spoke to 8,850 people about bullying.

We asked respondents to define bullying and then later asked if, based on their own definition, they had ever bullied anybody. 14% of our overall sample, so that’s 1,239 people, said yes. threats, humiliation, and other verbal abuse. excessive performance monitoring. overly harsh or unjust criticism.

Criticism or monitoring isn’t always bullying.

List of related literature:

Bullying also has shortterm effects on children’s feelings of self-worth and their sense of being able to control what happens to them (Murphy and Quesal 2002).

“Practitioner's Guide to Emotion Regulation in School-Aged Children” by Gayle L. Macklem
from Practitioner’s Guide to Emotion Regulation in School-Aged Children
by Gayle L. Macklem
Springer US, 2007

The pervasive nature of bullying and its impact on school climate and students’ emotional health, their ability to learn, and even suicide make it an important issue for teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to acknowledge and confront.

“Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives” by James A. Banks, Cherry A. McGee Banks
from Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives
by James A. Banks, Cherry A. McGee Banks
Wiley, 2019

Brown et al. (2005:392) suggest educating elementary school and middle school teachers and principals, and recognizing the family, peer, school and societal influences that impact bullying.

“The Hidden Life of Girls: Games of Stance, Status, and Exclusion” by Majorie Harness Goodwin
from The Hidden Life of Girls: Games of Stance, Status, and Exclusion
by Majorie Harness Goodwin
Wiley, 2008

An excellent analysis along these lines by Australian researchers and practitioners, Hyndman and Thorsborne (1994), provides the steps that a school must take to achieve and sustain effective action against bullying.

“Bullying in Schools: And what to Do about it” by Ken Rigby, Australian Council for Educational Research
from Bullying in Schools: And what to Do about it
by Ken Rigby, Australian Council for Educational Research
ACER Press, 2007

When adults ignore or overlook bad behavior, students see no reason to report it—they have no reason to think anyone will act to stop it—and bullies feel empowered to keep bullying.30 Teachers who believe bullying is the norm, a fact of life in the early teenage years, are less likely to intervene.

“Why We Act: Turning Bystanders Into Moral Rebels” by Catherine A. Sanderson
from Why We Act: Turning Bystanders Into Moral Rebels
by Catherine A. Sanderson
Harvard University Press, 2020

Additional interventions that parents, teachers, students, administrators, and safety committees can operationalize to prevent and address bullying can be found in Box 33-4.

“School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text” by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
from School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text
by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
F. A. Davis Company, 2019

Additionally, approximately 1 in 10 teachers, by threatening and intimidating students, regularly engages in behaviors that constitute bullying (Goldstein, 1999).

“Skillstreaming in Early Childhood: New Strategies and Perspectives for Teaching Prosocial Skills” by Ellen McGinnis, Arnold P. Goldstein
from Skillstreaming in Early Childhood: New Strategies and Perspectives for Teaching Prosocial Skills
by Ellen McGinnis, Arnold P. Goldstein
Research Press, 2003

However, these rates are likely underestimates of the actual prevalence of bullying due to underreporting by students, exclusion of relational bullying, and unawareness of the extent of bullying in schools by teachers and parents.

“Encyclopedia of Counseling” by Frederick T. Leong
from Encyclopedia of Counseling
by Frederick T. Leong
SAGE Publications, 2008

There is also a considerable research literature suggesting that those students who have experienced problems with bullying at school could suffer a wide range of psychosocial problems as a consequence (e.g. Storch & Ledley, 2005).

“Applied Psychology” by Graham C. Davey
from Applied Psychology
by Graham C. Davey
Wiley, 2011

Bullying behavior on the part of peers will serve to create an unsafe school environment for these students, possibly mirroring their family experiences and triggering negative reactions, thereby negatively impacting the conditions for learning.

“Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students: A Guide for School-Based Professionals” by Eric Rossen
from Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students: A Guide for School-Based Professionals
by Eric Rossen
Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2020

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  • We all know that bullying is bullshit, stupid, wrong and a horrible thing. But the only thing that is just as bad is when the teachers and staff support the bullies and do nothing what so ever to help the victims and punish them if they fight back. It’s stupid, it makes no sense and it’s really REALLY wrong. To everybody out there who has ever been bullied and ignored, I am SO sorry, and remember that the world is LOADED with stupid people. You are way stronger and more awesome than you know

  • Bruh all this just because she said what his name was, its so stupid like seriously you harrass her just fro saying that????? she doesn’t KNOW YOUR NAME.

  • I believed the “feel sorry for them” thing. I couldn’t even defend myself
    Thank GOD my bully was able to be reasoned with and that my school had pretty nice people.

  • I got bullied badly by 3 students and they didn’t get in trouble because they were good athletes. I transferred schools but holy shit, My self-esteem is very low.

  • I got Barged and my LSA And Geography Teacher didn’t care. The only Person to care was my school nurse. I Couldn’t Write because my arm hurled. My Geography Teacher still didn’t Care.

  • I used to get harassed constantly in middle school and when I told the counselors, they did nothing but say “you need to just control yourself” or “Try to get away from them” or something stupid like that. And I kept getting bullied, my mom eventually contacted them saying that the bullying should be taken seriously, but yet again, they did nothing to resolve it. i hate all of my teachers at that school.

  • I was bullied and humiliated back in middle school. They would always insult me, throw hard objects at me and whisper things about me. I was also cyber bullied online.I did obviously talk to my teacher and the principal about it. I even came with evidence that I was cyber bullied but they did nothing.Same think with being bullied in class /recess the teachers did absolutely nothing.They would even bully me infront of the teachers but did they care? No of course not.

  • Teachers don’t care about victims. They favor the bullies. I was a very shy person in class and I got picked on everyday by my class mates. One day I defended my self and the teachers jumped all over me, at times I got a detention for fighting back. Meanwhile all the times that I got picked on, the teachers did nothing to stop it. It is true, names hurts more than physical pain. I’m almost 40 years old, and the bad effects in bullying as a child still bothers me today.

  • We have to bycott China. The US has huge economic deficit with China, which may be used against Chinese economy. The Australians have to ask the US to boycott China as well. All dsmocratic states have to stand together to fight against the ruthless authoritarian regime.

  • I had once been bullied alot and after reporting it the teacher told us to apologize to EACH OTHER. That was the moment I lost faith in schoolhelping the problem and I haven’t reported it again and they stopped after the year ended. Not again. If I get bullied again,and the teachers do nothing, I’ll defend myself with words and violence. I have the right to

  • My music teacher bullies a LOT of kids at my school. She made the special kid cry, didn’t even bother to say sorry, she screamed and kicked me out of the classroom for telling my friend to stop bothering me, she called my parents because I told her I was ready for class, she told us we were going to die in a fire, she made the whole school stay in at recess because she thought a kid stole her phone ( she lost her phone), She sent a kid to the office for going to the bathroom in class time ( He got permission), She told a kid not to defend themselves while she is yelling at them, She told me not to make a big deal about mixed up grades ( She gave me an F ) and she makes kids cry everyday. She always makes up excuses to other teachers to get them on her side. I had to deal with her every week. This quarantine reduced my stress and anxiety by a ton. She doesn’t like kids but she chose the job as a teacher. She has had many complaints from other parents and still hasn’t been fired. This is a big issue because the teachers are ignoring her bullying. This needs to be stopped.

  • man i swear i get bullied so much but whenever i tell a teacher the teacher just says “ignore them” or like “dont talk to them” like b** how the hell am i supposed to ignore this dude who keeps following me around everywhere?? hell it makes me angry, even when i talk to the principle she tells me to say sorry to the bully? like what???? thats like telling the victim to go to jail and letting the murderer go. and you know what? this has been going on for about 2 or 3 years now. the teachers just dont care. even my best friend started bullying me. and the teacher just DOESN’T care. so i moved schools and its honestly going great now. i honestly still feel really depressed about it still.

  • There was this one bully that the teachers got so sick of hearing about that they stopped taking his bullying seriously. I tried telling the teacher about him calling me “stupid” or something and she snapped at me for “being a tattletale.” This was first grade. This bully tormented me from kindergarten to seventh grade until I finally fucking moved. I was also yelled at for snapping at him because he was walking behind me in the line and he would kick and step on the back of my feet. When I told the teacher what he was doing she would be like “well I didn’t see it so you’re lying.” (I think that was second grade?)
    Sometime in third grade I decided to just stop telling on him because they wouldn’t actually do anything about it besides maybe tell him to “stop” and if they did that he would just beat me up harder.
    My knees were scraped up really bad and my teacher was trying to get me to say where they really came from. (All I would say is “I fell.”) Thinking back I realize that she was trying to get me to admit to one of my parents being the cause so she would have a reason to call CPS. I know that she knew that the bully would target me but I guess she “forgot” that at that time.

    He would target me because we lived fairly close by and we would both walk so I was a convenient target for him.
    Fortunately my mom was finally able to move me to a different middle school, and even though there was only one high school in the district, I was able to avoid him because every single kid in the district in grades 9-12 was in that school. Sometime between grade 9 and 10 he was sent to a boarding school that was basically jail for something. I heard him complaining about being grounded from video games for a week because he got a DUI at the age of fourteen. If that didn’t get him sent to that school I’m not sure what it was that he did that finally made people think “yeah maybe he shouldn’t be free to do things” since apparently getting a DUI before you’re old enough to get your license isn’t bad enough. Maybe he murdered someone?

    Around senior year of high school I don’t know what the fuck I did but there were a couple of kids younger than me verbally bullying me whenever the teacher wasn’t around. (It was a study hall.) Again the teacher had this “I didn’t hear it therefore it didn’t happen” attitude about it for a while. It was around that time a person killed himself because his bully didn’t get punished and his parents were rich enough to sue the fuck out of the school. (There was a huge thing about bullying almost ten years ago. That case was why. South Park did an episode on it.)

    Sooo I decided to try something. I was already pretty suicidal for something unrelated at that time, but I let it “slip” that I wanted to kill myself loud enough for a teacher to hear. I dunno what she said to the bullies but it worked because they didn’t say anything for the rest of the year. I didn’t even get to blame them yet. She just suddenly decided that maybe she shouldn’t ignore bullying when she’s told about it. HMMM…

    Edit: I know that this is already fucking long but I just remembered this: my little brother had a best friend who got in a physical fight (2 against 1) so he jumped in to protect him and make it 2 against 2. My dad is huge (6’3″ and very muscular from his job) and my brother got most of that bulk (I’m a girl so I didn’t exactly get his muscles. I am pretty tall for a girl though) so he was able to scare them away after one paunch.

    They ran to the vice principal and he called my mom. Since my brother wouldn’t usually get into fights (at that point in his life) she asked if my brother instigated the fight. The vice principal paused and was like “he punched someone” and my mom asked if he instigated it again and he again was like “he was in a fight.” So she finally just said “Did he start the fight or not?!” and he was like “I dunno.”
    This vice principal of the high school didn’t know what “instigate” meant.

    She scoffed, hung up on him and asked my brother what happened. It could’ve been bullshit though it did sound plausible considering the kind of person my brother is and the kind of person his friend was. (Just kind of annoying everyone, where my brother at that time was pretty chill for the most part. Chill, but protective of his friends.) So he didn’t get into any trouble at home.

    Even when they’re dealing with bullying, they target the wrong person.

  • My life brother was being bullied (age 8), and he once came home with red scars all over his face and arms. He said the boy had done it in the morning, which means the teachers had seen his scars all day and done nothing.

  • So we have the teachers that joined in teasing and sometimes pushing. Then we’ve got the ones who respond to girls bullying with “maybe she likes you”. My favorite was the kind that refused to believe me but readily believed my accusers.

  • I don’t give a shit if the bully is from a bad family. They need to get disciplined, I’m going to be teaching my first year as a 5th grade teacher. And U can bet this won’t be happening under my watch.

  • You know, it’s one thing to start fighting with a flipPING SECOND GRADER, but it’s another thing to frickin place a bet on the winner!!!

  • I am autistic and lived through terrifying prejudice many years of elementary schoo; not just harassment from other kids but parents and teachers as well.
    I recall a time I had a meltdown and my first grade teacher locked me in a janitor’s closet, while putting a recording camera in there to make sure I didn’t try to get out. This was back in 2001, not ancient history.
    This story sickens me but it does not suprise me….

  • Teachers and other school staff members do and enable bullying behaviors. These authority figures do and can become sources of trauma and resentments.

  • I’ve never said, but the one time I try and tell my teacher, she just ignored me!! I don’t want to go into school anymore because of the girls who I just know think I belong in a mental asylum just because I’m autistic! I’m not broken, yet they act as though I am. I have very few friends and they understand me, my nan says to keep my head down, and to get good grades, but by year nine, my self esteem is so low, I don’t like taking photos of myself or running into people I know from school outside of school or do do anything that could help me. I feel depressed and my brother recently started taking me to ham woods, but it hurts me to say that I don’t feel safe all the time there, even with my brother there. It’s scary to know that if someone attacked you, nobody would find you.

  • Typical…. gutless politicians putting their own personal gains over Australian lives… AUSTRALIA NEEDS TO DISTANCE ITSELF FROM CHINA ASAP….

  • this has happened countless times somtimes not kids but teachers picked on me and wene i told my parents they would no it was my fault they would say i was little lier thats the only thing i was good at that i was the problem kid that picked on special kids they would say all those things to my parents until even my parents didnt believe me my music teacher in 3rd grade called me a “big fat liar” my homeroom teacher in 4th grade always treated me like trash when i was in 6th grade there was a girl that always verdaly abused me it eventualy got so bad we nearly got in a fist fight and the teacher she thought it a good idea to put my permanent seat spot right next to her so we could work out our issues she never left me alone she and her gang would never leave me alone PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE BULLING IS EVERY WHERE

  • At Farnborough my Sister got bullied by pretty much everyone. I went to the Teachers about it and they said they’d sort it but clearly they did nothing as the bullying never stopped! In the end the Teachers actually JOINED IN with the bullying! This eventually led to both me and Freya being puled out as I had to take on the entire School to defend my little Sister from bullying because the Teachers did fuck all to prevent it but instead made it much worse.To this day apparently Farnborough School still has a 0 tolerance for bullying and it always gets sorted if it happens. Bullshit. I feel sorry for any kids that actually go to that School even now.

  • the fact that they are black, makes matters worse, this is why we can’t come together. this is fucking disgusting, who raised these kids and how is this funny? this is why teachers are now allowed to pacm guns. smfh DISGUSTING point blank.









  • Surprisingly it was the only thing it was that kid tells his father after his mom. But also it was abused about it but sometimes I was going to have to record around the public. Anyway at school the kid was the right thing to do & the other guy named Austin is not telling them. Sometimes changes are difficult, but there are rules that everyone will need to learn respect to their children for no reason that will never be like that in the seemed. That making the way it was going to be fine or how it was. So the teachers will not handle it but life is always fair if the other ones did not do it. Somehow…changes will be easily like this if these people will need to stop or how they are doing. Or else there wil be consequences!

  • This is quite upsetting to me on a personal level, as well as many others i’ve seen in the comments section as well. Those who assume to have the absolute knowledge over someone else’s intelligence truly has no grasp on reality. We cannot control what someone is or isn’t, but to treat a person as if they are gravel only to be walked over or an ant only to be stepped on is just cruel. It makes living and coping with autism extremely difficult, especially in the more severe cases.
    I have Asperger’s syndrome myself, and living with the fact my teachers nicknamed me ‘retard’ just makes all situations of attempting normality worse. In truth, i’ve accepted i will never be the world’s definition of normal, and am instead what is considered an ‘undesirable’. The fact no longer bothers me. But for children, who’s lives start fresh when young, to belittle them because you think your rule over someone elses life is justified, simply because they were born with a different mindset than yourself? That is the very definition of a monster. I’ve known far too many autistic children in my schools that have committed suicide because, i think, they believed they were scum under everyone’s fingernails and already hated who they were. They probably got tired of hearing it from everyone else too. Call it ‘selfish’ if you want, but if you have ever told someone to go kill themselves, wouldn’t calling them ‘selfish’ be hypocritical? That’s what you want, isn’t it? If you want to rule over their life, tell them they aren’t worth the air they breathe, and call them selfish when they do as your majesty commands, then so be it if this is how the world is now.
    But if you want to change this, then start by asking questions. The human race will move forward if we learn to understand problems that don’t concern our individual selves.
    And you may comment back, hating on me in any way you possibly can, but at least I’d know you’d be proving at least one power I can hold over you, and you’ll never experience it for yourself unless you change your perspective. I have human decency, and the capacity to understand that we are different but we share this world as one.

  • that teacher fucking has no respect. just because she considers herself older that shows she is actually just much more immature. Fuck that teacher. she´s fucking immature

  • Stop using the word “bullying”. Bullying is an imbalance of control, “abuse” is a more appropriate word cause it’s when one has all the control. The child in this instance would not have control. They have to turn to their parents.

  • No wonder some teachers beat on students! Then the District wants the teachers’ head! What about the SOB students? They got an award?? Off course! And the administration is USELESS!!!!

  • I’d like to thank every teacher and the fellow students at my school for treating me (an autistic) like crap because it’s made me who I am today (someone who refuses to attend school reunions).

  • Australia’s very existence is reliant on a foreign Communist Regime.
    Cowards, Australian politicians are cowards through and through

  • I was yelled at a teacher because I didn’t go to the bathroom because im absolutely TERRIFIED OF TOILETS I m-mean t-t-the holes and how they look it scares me I always have to have my big sis to come with me… I wanna be normal just like the others…

  • He doesn’t deserve a name, but a number in prison. Thank rap, liberals and Black Lives Matter. I feel for the young ladies who had to fight this beast and the girl who was sobbing

  • A teacher once bullied me for being autistic and she made fun of my religion once, and she told an entire class I was faking it when I got upset.

    Edit: I’m an atheist now but thinking of it just pisses me off more than it should

  • One of the worse kinds is when principals somehow have the foul gall to act as thought the victim was at at fault and give them a punishment even when they clearly are nothing but a victim who should be protected.  That doesn’t make sense any way you slice it.  Even when faced with such principals, there has to be some kind of solution to assist with that sort of thing.


  • Australia is stupidly grandstanding in front of the world demanding that China open its door and show & tell the U.S. all its secrets and dirty laundry. China is peeved that it’s Favored Traded Partner in it’s neck of the woods wants to expose China’s secrets to it’s mortal enemies.
    This is the history of Australia. In Iraq they promised a fair inquiry into WMDs and as soon as they got the green light they sent in their Army SAS to spy along with their master the US. Pure deceit. And they think they can get away with it again. China is NOT Iraq nor Afghanistan nor any other backwater.
    This is insanity to ‘lead the charge’ to carry the flag to demand China lift up it’s skirt so their mortal enemy the U.S. can peek.
    For fifteen minutes of fame on the world stage we have cast away our Favored Trading Partner status and exchanged it for the title of China’s not to be trusted public enemy No. 1 in Asia.

  • Autism Autism get the glock and destroy that thing autism is retarted that’s why we should be able to kill autistic kids and save earth

  • With someone who grew up coping with Autism, i must admit it was the hardest thing to ever listen to.
    Just the hatred and anger coming from the teacher when the boy was still learning.

    I think it was a little insulting that she was “Transferred.” rather than fined for verbal abuse

  • I’m autistic and I’ve been bullied by people but that was in elementary school! I’m in high school now and I have a Lot Of friends

  • Wow what has happened to the heart of people?
    to tell you the truth some of these teachers just need a good stiff boot up their backside not that that’s the right way to deal with it but I bet that Dad would have felt a whole lot better had he just been allowed to slap the spit out of that person’s mouth.
    that being said, it’s a sad sad thing that in this country of so much that people can be so cruel to the weakest of us and then the moment something happens in their individual lives they want to start movements and start wearing wristbands and exspect everyone to sing Kumbaya because it’s now them or their life or their family member that is going through a particular situation God help us

  • I believe there is a passive genocide taking shape against the disabled community. I believe there is a shared interest in silencing this community by both the right and left wings of our society in doing this. End goal is redirection of resources the undermining of what is viewed as less valuable with in our human family. As will as the redirection of funds to other pet projects. And the best way to break drones will to stand against victimization is to teach them from childhood that being Dishonored is no reason to speak out. Slowly breaking their will to challenge any behavior imposed by those with the power to implement against them over time. We need to stand up against this and march as a nation against these harms as we did with Brianna Taylor and George Floyd. Will you make a pledge to stand with me against cultural malignancy. I you do like a comment below.��

  • The people who make fun of autism and say people with autism are dumb are usually the ones who are dumber than they think people who have autism are

  • I guess we can’t expect a Foreign Minister with “testicular fortitude” as we don’t have any politicians in either major party with it either. That’s what has got us into this idiocy rather than address it earlier and preventing the closure of much Australian manufacturing and the sale of over 15 MILLION Hectares of Australian agricultural land to China, when IT allows NO non citizens to own Chinese land whci is wide spread in Asia, except for Australia.

  • Groundless propaganda hiding behind the notion of freedom of speech.

    It’s cowardly and pathetic.
    God will not forgive those who participate in such dark arts.

    Deception is the work of the devil, choose wisely whom you serve.

  • CCP makes cheap copys of everything that the west does,it takes our honey adulterating it and screwed that market round the world,it also buys stock piles produce and then dumps it on the market to kill our prices for years,they need us more than we need them,cut off ties and all goods for 6 months and the CCP will collaps and be back beging Australia and NZ

  • This is DISGUSTING. How dare they treat a child like this, a child with a condition that they cannot be blamed for, a child that cannot be at fault for how people treat them, a child who needs to be protected at all costs, since his fragility is so much higher than that of people his age. If I could….A BILLION likes for that dad, and for showing those teachers what he’s made of. I, personally, have Autism as well, and to see another of my “conditionitory species” treated in this manner is horrifying to watch.

  • Students like that do not belong in any school. I am sorry, but they r a danger to staff and other students. If he needs help, he needs a psychiatric hospital. A school should not be a psychiatric hospital. Since when did America become so permissive of students like that? Ridiculous. That is no disability.

  • m payne mia just another chocolate soldier melting under the heat, can we get some Australians on the front line who stand up for Australia & Australians. AND it’s called the wuhan virus.

  • Can you imagine if Australia done only 10% of what the US is doing to China…?? restricting funds / restricting some visas/ states suing the CCP for the economic losses / arresting professors for working for the CCP… and so on… do you think that the US is scared of getting threats from China..!! But China knows who’s button to push ( countries like Australia or NZ or some weak European countries ) would they do that to Russia or India…. the answer is no yet.

  • At last,someone not driven by US geopolitical ambitions!
    The much hyped dossier into whether covid19 was leaked from a Wuhan lab-is a complete failure.

    Most virus experts and intelligence agencies reject the dossier’s claim.
    Your very own Bolt has also dismissed the theory along with;socmo,dr fauci and Columbia University.

  • The dairy industry in Tassie is owned by the chicoms…..way to go Australia. Even the Kiwi’s managed to hold to to most of their farms.

  • I had this crappie and worse some of the teacher added to the bullying. yes some teachers step in but from my experience most don’t. they act all concerned and no tolerance but after the parent meeting speech it goes right out the window. my son was bullied as well I tried everything to stop it. I even called the billing association here. they said when the teachers are doing it its hard to stop. tried moving him to another school… but out od district wouldn’t take him. I finally fiscally moved but too much damage had been done. he now has no confidence or self worth. still of course working on it

  • Some people might think that this is a spat about trade versus wanting an inquiry on the origin of the virus…. WRONG.. IT IS ABOUT THE SURVIVAL OF THE CHINESE CCP… Countries around the world along with majority the Chinese people have realised that things have to change.. if that change involves the dismantling of the CCP,, that is what the CCP fears.. not only it has to save face in front of the world.. but of its own people… THE CCP’S FEAR IS THAT IF THIS SNOW BALL IS NOT STOPPED IT WILL BE A RECKONING BY THE CHINESE PEOPLE OF THE MIS-DEEDS OF THE PAST THAT THE CCP HAS DONE..

  • Australian government is stupid they’re still going ahead with RCEP trade agreement which is largely dominated by china and Chinese government doesn’t follow the current WTO rules any way so they won’t the trade rules either. These are two reason why india left RCEP agreement.

  • A modern take of an old saying;
    Hard times create strong men and women
    Strong men and women create good times,
    Good times create weak men and women,
    Weak men and women create hard times.
    No prizes for guessing where we are now.

  • AUSTRALIAN soldiers have shown bravery from the second Boer war 1899 to 1902 to present war on ISIL since 2014 why can’t our politicians be as brave has our soldiers SEVERE ALL TIES WITH CHINA

  • Stop all trade with CCP and bring all companies and production back to Australia, more jobs for ozzies. CCP are nothing less than a criminal cabal that bring misery on all including extraction of organs from live political prisoners, who would want to trade with this type of monster.

  • Dont sell shit then, I bet ur godfather American is willing to buy ur beefs at the sake of their own farmers, and leaving their own people wondering on the street begging for money to pay their bills.

  • Always money before principle, ethics, morality and Australia’s long term national interest.
    There no reliable future for Australia trading with a nation like China.

  • Trading with China is just the lazy status quo -we can get off our arses and may trade deals with other nations. ANZAC SPIRIT! Stand strong against Nazi China bullies just as our forefathers stood strong against Nazi Germany!

  • Down play trade tension but up play Chinaphobia?
    It is time to knock on China door on fear of losing ton of export dollars.
    The 2 decades of huge trade surpluses with China is about to come to an end.

  • The world leaders need to grow a pair and actually help their people for ONCE and destroy the CCP. The CCP are evil mass murderers. Our politicians are weak and pathetic.

  • The whole world needs to unite against communist china, by dealing with this communist regime, we have helped then to create a super power, along with mother Russia, of course.
    Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines etc, stand by your claims to the South china Sea Do not bow down, to china,s threats,.

  • Palachook and Jackie trad. You both locked and destroyed QLD over this Scamdemic now you are pandering to the Chinese like a lapdog as you are broke

  • All of the free world should stop trading with China and trade with one another. We can all make money together and china can be isolated, hopefully stay isolated, and go back to the 18th century alone. We don’t need cheating lying partner

  • She didn’t give a rats arse about farmers a few months ago it was just a big push to the left with her,she’s got the cheek to turn around and say I’m pro farmer all of a sudden she doesn’t have the Chinese money. Time for you to disappear into history self interest politics does not belong in Queensland whoever gets you voted in..just shows you how plastic this woman is,we want real people with a view forward for Queensland and she’s going to try and push this coronavirus how good she done she didn’t have a clue it was the experts around her they don’t come and go with elections now she want to buy a Airline. $200 billion and there are private people who want to buy it If you want an airline become a pilot

  • Of course they will downplay it, they are dependent for now on these urchins. This won’t happen overnight as the process of reshoring and finding other suitable export and import markets is not easy. I’ve been offering with my exp overseas to aid and assist both Australian and Nz companies with the export/import trade for years and all I’ve ever got are closed doors. Perhaps now they will wake up and grow some balls.

  • While we are echoing the US claim and having a confrontation with China, the US farmer and energy company is more than happy to pick up our lost market share vacuum.

  • In going to be honest:

    I stood up for myself, got in trouble 20 times total. This was from kindergarten to 7th grade. I ended up slapping my bullies little brother. They hurt my self esteem so bad that I took 80 total days off in one year. The teachers told me that I couldn’t call in sick if I wasn’t sick. As a punishment if you say hit a little brother of another kid, you get stuck in a room for 3 hours straight. Now during 9th grade I am getting bullied by a teacher who drops my Citizenship grade for doing nothing wrong. Some people. My confidence was hurting and I told my teachers about him they said they would “look in to it”, but they never did. So just thanks for reading.

  • It’s come as a great BIG surprise to some Austryians that Chyyyyna..is our biggest trading partner since the HOWARD/CHYYYNA Mining BOOOOOM!!!…………. trade agreement..

  • Australians want clearer labelling on the food products that we buy in our supermarkets and if the product has a mixed ingredients of Australian and imported we want to know where it was imported from it’s our right as consumers to have a clearer understanding of where our products come from and who owns them

  • Wtg australia canada stands with you wwg1wga patriots time to stand to all or countries enought is enought just like muslins cult isis iran islam cult they are a threat to the world

  • Many of my friends are teachers. If this happens, the person is suspended. Particularly with video evidence, its case close.
    And I’m surprised the teacher didn’t really say much. Particularly when the kids were picking up the chair. Myself, I would have stood up in the loudest voice told them to stop and listen up, and proceeded to tell them all to go to the principle’s or dean’s office. And naturally if they didn’t go, I would have either called up on the intercom or called a phone or walked myself to the dean’s office or principles office.
    Problem solved.

  • Us regular ���� Aussies ���� should directly communicate our attitudes to China, we can all do this via email. If our politicians are too gutless to tell China what we the people want them to say, then let’s do it for them.

    Let’s all go and poke China in the eye!

  • Australia has been pissing off China while enjoying a huge trade surplus. First the Huawei ban, the fake Chinese spy, then the virus inquiry. Plus the daily negative coverage from sky news. Why would China buy so much from a hostile country? Time to face the consequences.

  • It’s like that you want your friends or someone to be good to you, however you are always not happy, always criticise it, for years and years, it had enough! Then you say: see I told you it is not a good friend!

  • “trade tensions” more like “Trade Blackmail” so as to attempt to impose their agenda, while also trying to avoid an investigation that would require them to face their responsibilities and negligence.

  • I get bullied from lewis he is 13 and I am 12 also I am autistic and he has “learning issues” but now I know the whole truth about him

  • According to latest intelligence reports, exports to China are not worth $130 Billion as claimed. Estimated that only half that amount helps Australia because Chinese owned companies based in OZ are profiting hugely from selling products back to mainland China at below market price. All revenue and profits go through Chinese owned banks. CCP owned companies pay no tax as they claim Primary Producer status exemptions. AUSTRALIA HAS BEEN CONNED, THIS IS A MASSIVE SCAM.

  • China cause these damages globally, CCP threatening everyone now were going to surrender and kneel to CCP?? That is exactly what CCP wants from the West, showing our weaknesses and that should be one of the last thing we should do! Move on and start looking for other trading partners! there are a lot out there! It won’t be easy but will probably be the best decision. Would you rather take the short term pain while we’ll have to go through rebuilding process or the long term pain that CCP is going to give to us if we stick with them?

  • The public should demand an investigation into Daniel Andrews, into the belt and road contracts signed with China.
    The federal government has already red flagged that these contracts are not on Australia’s interests. Andrews has sold Victoria out in the most reprehensible way possible and show answer at a national level.

  • I was bullied the same way as that poor kid in middle school. Except it was an AP who yells at me like I’m at a military school. All I ever did was to be honest with the AP by telling them that I was being bullied. He never listened to me and believed in those bullies only because he said that they were girls (they told the AP that I was harassing them).
    The worst thing I ever did was to run away from the AP who was scaring me real badly (I didn’t ran away from him because I wanted to, I ran away because I needed to, only because I was being bullied and scared away).










  • I see these “teacher abuses special needs kid in class” things everywhere. I wonder what STUPID people are thinking before that happens.
    “Why do you want this job?”
    “I want to help the chirren and help the chirren get educated.”
    Literally smacks a kid’s head off while everyone can see it.

  • They don’t do nothing. If someone bullies me I don’t tell a teacher. I use my intellect to manipulate the bully and make them expelled. Hurt, and make their life a living hell without them even knowing it.

  • Outrageous. Sadly it happens all over. Sadly Ive witnessed this type of staff/student behavior. Theres nothing can be done on how this lady was raised but my money is on the fact that this is not the first and Administration knows it and turns a blind eye. Heck they probably do it too. The very reason why I am becoming a school counselor. Can you imagine what is said to students behind her closed “confidential” doors. My God. The very reason why I am becoming a school counselor. Brought me to tears. That poor mother. ���� so sorry this happened to your child. i pray he is ok and you ha e an option of another school.

  • This is probably not going to be the best example, but there was this incident in 4th grade. One of the kids in that school didn’t like me for whatever the reason. I wouldn’t call this an act of bullying, but here I go. So we were just playing around. We were just being dumb kids and we were “R.K.O-ing” each other. It was a thing then, I assume. So I did it once, but obviously we weren’t even throwing each other to the ground. So I wouldn’t even consider it “wrestling.” We weren’t even knocking each other off balance. And then after that, I was walking by the garbage can, I assume I was throwing away something, and then the same dude either “dunked” on me, or pushed me, and I fell into the side of the garbage can. I didn’t go inside, but I hit the side of it hard. The side of my face turned red. I told my mom about it after school, and she reported it that same day. Since she told my teacher what had happened after school, they decided to talk more about it in the morning. That was when some other staff member decided to deal with the situation. We talked about it first thing in the morning with my mom. Later on in the day, he put me and the other kid aside in the hallway, and we talked about it there. Even though I was in the wrong, I will admit, but I feel like that “staff member” held it the wrong way. He brought in some “witnesses” and they said exactly what happened. All the kid that pushed me into the garbage can said was “But he R.K.O’ed me!” over and over again. Then, the “staff member” looked to me finally, and said “Did you do that? Just yes or no.” I started, and I said “yes”, and tried to explain exactly what I did. Then he cut me off and was like yes or no which is like the dumbest way to answer a question “yes or no.” I said yes. I don’t like lying. I am bad at it, and it makes me feel really bad. And then all of a sudden he flipped it on me, and was like “so you guys were wrestling” and stuff. He knows darn well that I didn’t throw him on the ground of any sort. It was play fighting. For literally 2 seconds. You don’t push someone to the ground while play fighting. You might fake punch or kick, but never throw someone to the ground. Then he asked me what was my “relationship” with him. I brought up a history of him trying to steal some of my stuff, and just other small acts of “bullying.” He interpreted it and said we were friends. That was a big “wtf” moment for me. If he bullies me, how are we friends? Huh? I am not saying I am in the right, but that was a really dumb thing for him to say. Anyways, he let the kid go, and he called MY mom and told her how I was lying and that we are friends and we were wrestling and stuff. Thankfully that was my last year there.
    Another story (I promise this one is shorter) is more general. There was another kid who liked bullying me. Let’s just call him Ben. This was in the 3rd grade. Apparently, in the 3rd grade, no one liked me. They just wanted me to get correct answers and stuff, and one asked me for answers during a test one. Obviously I didn’t tell them the answers. ANYWAYS, he would mainly verbally bully me. One day in art class we were going back and forth about each other. People like insulting me. Bullying doesn’t really happen to me anymore. People know that I could care less about what they got to say to me, besides the lucky few. He started making fun of my mom and stuff, and me, wishing I was dead and stuff. I had some very corny insults that I threw on him. Thankfully I don’t remember them. I told my mom about what happened, and she told the dean. Anytime I report bullying to the Dean, all she does is come to the class, goes like “class bullying is bad so don’t do it” and leaves the class. Well done Dean, you saved the world. Now we all live in peace. And then one time she caught me whispering to my friend in the hallway and decided to call my mom. My mom sounded dead inside, and was just like “Hey, don’t talk in the hallways alright?” And that was it. It was only a few months ago she brought up that phone call again. She said she wanted to tell the dean off because she called her for the dumbest reason ever and she does nothing about the bullying. It was funny. That’s it.

  • I remember I told my teacher I was getting bullied. They dealt with the problem very poorly by just saying “*bullies name* apologize!”

    And that’s it, no phone call, no suspension nothing else. Maybe if teachers were trained for bullying, they would ask the children if they were getting horrible treatment at home, if they say no just call the parents. If yes call the police. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

  • She is not powerless. She could have raised her voice. She could have gone to the teacher next door. She could have called campus security. I’m not saying it’s her fault, but you have power. Use your power! I am thinking she was a fairly new substitute teacher? And no, raising your voice is not illegal. Disclaimer: Just my opinion on how to handle the situation.

  • I wonder how many days she had subbed for that one group. At least here where I live, you can tell from the beginning, day 1 is bad, day 2 is worse, day 3 is a nightmare, and day 4 you quit. What I mean is if she had them for a few days beforehand and they were already misbehaving a little, she should have ran for the hills.

  • I’m autistic and had a sixth grade teacher who was, in comparison to my other elementary school teachers, grossly negligent in her responsibility of keeping the toxic bullying behavior in the classroom under control. I suspect she was a malignant covert narcissist and she was deliberately negligent in controlling the bullying in the classroom because so long as she prolonged her wait until she finally interfered in the bullying, the more the kick of euphoria she could experience from the bullying that took place for longer because she did not interfere. The teaching profession, like the attorney profession, is one of those career paths that has power dynamics that can appeal to some narcissists’ narcissistic behavioral traits and preference for power dynamics and prolonging the suffering children experience from bullying for the teacher’s enjoyment without fear of getting reprimanded is something a Narc teacher would do.

  • Those who wants respect, give respect. Lived by that rule all my life. Its the reason my nephews say im their favorite uncle, ever since they were little, i gave them respect and spoke to them like adults, no childish nonsense.

  • Africa is exchanging kids. Many sincere ones want to be taught in schools here. Send these little skunk punks to Liberia and let’s exchange them. The problem is the parents-or lack of them.

  • Oh because she asked him for his name more than once, without a response. You don’t do that. She must be new. What you do, is you memorize a detailed description about that person, and tell the vice principal after class. You can usually ask other classmates for the name too. However, in this situation they all seem to be united against the sub. This is horrible! And yes subs did graduate from a 4 year university and took and passed the CBEST.

  • Hoffentlich wird die Prügelstrafe in den Schulen wieder eingeführt wie frech und respektlos er zu einer erwachsenen Frau ist was für ein pisser hat nichts in seinem Leben erreicht

  • You have to be stupid to be a teacher. You also have to be stupid to send your kids to public school. This makes it a great match for both…

  • The only ideas have are bullying, wolf diplomacy, fake news propaganda and cyber terrorism. They knew that they will collapse soon as the international community has started isolating them. Nobody will buy the “Made in China” anymore. That’s the demise of the chinese communist party regime.

  • At away Australia, just suck it up and kiss China’s butt. Looks like there’s no more real men down under. Maybe you can get China to sell you knee pads in exchange for your barley. I’m sure they’ll show you what you can suck

  • My sister and my friend’s mother taught at predominantly black schools and they no longer work there. This is a product liberal policy.

  • Poor teacher!:'(. I am currently a substitute teacher, and I have been assaulted by a kid who was 17 at the time in the past, that and everything bad in the video are some reasons I will never ever be a permanent teacher and substitute teacher eventually ever again. The fact that more often than not that substitute teachers can’t do whatever should be allowed to defend themselves in the classroom as long as the need arises is one of the reasons I will never be a permanent teacher either and why I am getting out of substitute teaching ASAP as well. Misbehaved children need to be freaking re-trained for heaven’s sake! God bless the poor teacher in the video.:(

  • Despicable behavior. Bible teaches to discipline kids while they r little, bend their necks…. If people follow this teaching, they would not be problems like that

  • man I feel so bad for the teacher like she wants to cry already just doing her job and thats what she get like fuck if thats me its time to move another job I feel for all teachers very sure everyday its like this

  • Makes me sad how much racist shit is going down in these comments. No one wants to talk about the issues or what can be done to make things better, all anyone wants to do is point out that they’re black.

  • When did education get banned from schools?!!
    The teacher is basically gaged by the system that demonizes a teacher who comes to work to make better people and not just feed information to students. Both student and teacher are aware of that and it’s sad for both.

  • Yet all you hear out of the liberals is “we need more money for inner-city education and black kids are more likely to be expelled because of racism.”

  • I dont respect adults if they dont respect me. The dad is correct that every child does deserve respect. I dont have autism like this little boy but the way the teacher talked to the little boy is disgusting u do not call any child a bastard. Where do schools get these type of teachers? I think some people choose to be a teacher just to control kids or at least try to control kids. There are good teachers and bad ones. When I was in kindergarten I had a teacher call me retarded. I’ve had teachers put me down and talk down to me my whole life basically im now 26 and now that im in school having to do with that im happy. Hopefully this little boy can have a better teachers in the future. Good for the dad for taking action if i had kids i would of took action the same way that this dad took action. No child should be treated badly by teachers or other kids. I do however respect adults if they do respect me. If adults do disrespect me I just blow it off and I still try to be respectful to other adults. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. But I do stand up for myself when needed and I think this kid will learn to stand up for himself in the future and hopefully he can have better teachers and he won’t have to be afraid.

  • This is what happens when you grant 70 million to help “Empower” female students in Pakistan and spend 0 on your own Country’s educational system. Good Job Michael “michelle” Obama.

  • This is a huge problem with these out of control students. What are teachers to do? These students need to be taken out of the class. Psych ward/jail.

  • This is an example of inner city schools in America, no respect to teachers cause parents dont teach them respect. Its pretty sad, and we wonder why these ghetto kids dont get out of the prison life; no culture at all.