4 Greatest Problems Blended Families Face


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4 Biggest Problems Blended Families Face

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4 Biggest Problems Blended Families Face Sibling Rivalry. What’s the Issue? It’s hard enough for a child to compete with siblings in a nuclear family. When it’s Everyone Needs Attention.

What’s the Issue? When the number of children increases, as it frequently does in blended. 4 Biggest Problems Blended Families Face Blended families are on the rise. According to Pew Research Center, 40 percent of new marriages include at least one person who was previously married.

And 20 percent of weddings feature two people who have both been married prior.1 Many of those remarriages involve children who are thrust into a world of. The Three Biggest Parenting Mistakes in Blended Families Divorce and remarriage are significant life events, and when those changes also involve kids, the stakes multiply for everyone. Many couples, of course, create happy blended families with lasting bonds, while others face challenges their marriage cannot withstand.

When it comes to growing up or raising a blended family, there will be challenges. And one of the best ways to adjust is planning ahead on how to communicate, navigate, and grow through these. Major issues that newly blended families face include integrating discipline styles and coping with strong emotions, while at the same time building new relationships from scratch. When a blended family has serious problems, it is no surprise the marriage itself can experience problems. If you are constantly arguing about former spouses and how to raise the stepchildren, the frequent anger and negative emotions are going to affect your relationship with your new spouse.

It can be very damaging to a marriage when a spouse. A blended family also includes a host of extended family. Extended family that try to include the new partner and children or include the exes or all of the above.

Extended family that rushes in with love and attention or stays away for fear of scaring children off. All of it well-intentioned and born of love, and all of it can sometimes feel. Common Problems With Blended Families. Almost every family encounters problems once they have children: differences in parenting inevitably arise, and the parents must figure out how to compromise.

The parenting challenges that most families face become even more complex within blended families. As the structure of family changes over time, so do the challenges families face. Events like divorce and remarriage present new difficulties for families and individuals.

Other long-standing domestic issues such as abuse continue to strain the health and stability of today’s families. Challenges Facing Families. Couples who have chosen to work through marital problems will find that the Holy Ghost will guide them on their journey.

Using the gospel for guidance will not only mend marriages, it will strengthen them to last through eternity. “Marriage is sanctified when it is cherished and honored in holiness.

List of related literature:

Families are changing: the past three decades have seen rising divorce rates, increasing levels of lone parenthood, and growing numbers of ‘reconstituted’ families – family households produced after separation or divorce, when a parent forms a new ‘step-family’ with their children and new partner.

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Issues for blended families include discipline, money, use of time, birth of an infant, death of a stepparent, inclusion at graduation, and marriage and health care decisions.

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People divorce and then remarry, creating “blended families” with children from more than one marriage, ex-spouses, step-parents, half siblings, and several sets of grandparents (Cherlin 1992).

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Turning points in the development of blended families.

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Most families seek help when there is dysfunction in one or more of the three main stress areas of the nuclear family system: (1) marital conflict, (2) dysfunction in a spouse, or (3) dysfunction in a child.

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Same families, same faces, same problems, again and again.

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• Increase in blended families.

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Such structural variations include divorced families with young children; blended/reconstituted families; adoptive families; multigenerational families; single-parent families; and lesbian and gay families.

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Because of these characteristics, families are at an increased risk for interpersonal conflict, separation and divorce, decreased parenting selfesteem, higher levels of depression and anxiety, and a heightened sense of social isolation.

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Blended families—with all their inherent conflict—have become more common in recent years.

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  • wow all the negative comments on here are crazy. I have a blended family and have one daughter with my husband now. and we all get along my kids(step kids) love me and i love them. the kids all love one another. and my brother in laws kids are not biological but they do have one lil girl together and all the kids call him dad to. the problem mainly comes from the other parent. the exes.

  • Here’s a great resource on blended families! http://www.northamptoncouplestherapy.com/blog/navigating-blended-family-challenges-3-fool-proof-tips-for-success

  • I don’t get what is so hard for parents to understand. You have to be stern, you have to follow through and have consequences for bad behavior and not give in. If you start this right away they will be much more likely to grow up listening and being respectful then if you don’t. I don’t even have kids and when I ask them to do something and follow through with punishment they respect and listen to me.

  • I wish my mom would of gotten remarried ( she married my brothers dad but not mine) and I wish she would of done it when I was a lot younger so I could of had a stepdad and father figure. Step parents should get respect and be able to be called Step mom or step dad or some form of it and discipline the kids. I would not tolerate it any other way. I think people that even tolerate the disrespect are crazy and nobody is worth the aggravation. Meet the children before marrying and ask the parent how it would be if u two married and if there is any confusion or attitude forget about it. A lot of parents are messing up their kids take it from me I know I would not raise a child without their dad or father figure period I grew up in a single parent home. If something ever happens to daddy momma is getting remarried quick and kids will have to accept it.

  • This woman is FANTASTIC!! She addresses the basics of marriage, parenting, and dealing with individual people and their pain/trauma in such a direct yet loving way!

  • why do parents put their kids through this you don’t need to force strangers into your child’s life there needs to be normalcy it’s too stressful for kids to do this it puts too much strain on them like when the kids bio parents want to do something but they don’t get to because of these “stepparents” ruining the plans especially with some demanding to be given the title of parent it’s annoying you forced yourself into their life they didn’t invite you which also means you cannot tell a child what to do because only the parent can also didn’t we all learn in kindergarten never to talk or go anywhere with strangers what’s this then?

  • It’s real simple. After the hell and misery I have gone through with my own kids and my current wife’s kids from a previous marriage. DON’T DO IT! Period! If you have children, you stay married to the person you had them with until those kids are adults.

  • To be honest, a lot of Suoernanny’s approaches to learning and molding families, are not practical or effective. There’s something called positive discipline and when enforced as early as 1 years old, your child will comply, understand and execute what is asked of them. The time out method doesn’t accurately reach them anything.

  • I was one of three kids. My older brother only responded to a belt, my younger brother responded to having his toys taken away, and supposedly they just had to give me a look, and I got straight. I now have two kids, and the oldest only responds to spanking. My youngest is like I was as a kid. It’s crazy how different kids are.

  • Blended families cause problems. Me and my stepsister was messing around while my father was with her mother they never knew. On top of that my father was low key lusting for my stepsister. On my biological mother’s side I was treated as the black sheep because I had 2 half sibilings. They always treated me like their life would be better without me because I guess it kept reminding my stepfather of my mother’s past. I was beat for stupid things and beat when ever my half siblings did anything they thaught it was fair. I ran away at 13 hoping I could make it to my father who was in another state but a police officer caught me in the cold winter crying with nowhere to go and returned me back home to my abusive parents who acted like they never did anything to me. After that I never stayed with my mom for a full year because me and my step father kept getting into it because I started standing up for myself but my mother always picked him over me and said I had to leave. No one thinks about the kids situation.

  • It’s too easy to blend families. If you want to really do it right, make it work!!! & You don’t have to be miserable in order to do so. A lot don’t seek counsel & they move on to the next & all a sudden things are “easier” gtfoh it’s just different, not “easier”

  • Jo needs to stop telling at parents! parents being emotional makes them more human than Jo! I hope Jo has stopped being mean to parents right now!

  • And here I am, now watching videos on how to deal with this situation. Dating five years, we have his two kids three weekends out of the month. (I have no kids) Living together is no longer fun, we both aren’t happy, and the kids have zero rules, zero accountability now as teenagers. I have given up. I’ve always just been the girlfriend and that’s it. Covid made it worse. No I didn’t sign up for all that. I just want to be heard and respected. Thank you for posting and listening. I very much appreciate it.

  • What if bonding with the kids isn’t the issue.. But rather how to agree on parenting views and the relationship dynamic between the spouse and the Ex. I have found that dealing with the Spouse un these aspects is far harder than wining over the kids….

  • The real issue is when one of the parents is high conflict. My stepdaughter asked me tonight at her kindergarten parent teacher meeting if she could have a picture with me. And her bio mom flipped out. Like yelling and everything. It was really sad to watch my little ones face crumble. Luckily tonight was our midweek rotation and the teacher stepped in and made very sure everyone in the classroom knew that Stepparents were included in everything. And then my husband and I took our daughter out to get pictures with us, and we 3 went and had pizza later.

    I’ve been in my bonus daughters life since she was 2.5. Doesn’t matter what BM says, my little one see me as her other mom.

  • I am in a blended family. I have a son and so does my partner. We make it work by making decisions as a whole family and we include the kids and ask what they want. We all feel included. We have our moments but we are good. We discipline our own children and don’t cross that rule.

  • Thank you for this video. Am married by a man who has a step daughter five years younger than me. His wife died and his step daughter didn’t accept me she hates me for no reason and she has made my marriage life a living hell. She abuses me and one time poisoned me and they blamed our house help. My husband doesn’t support me and because of the abuses I lost my child and went into a depression. I feel bad when people say all step mothers are evil when most of us are abused by our step children.

  • Gotta super crop em in a way but with a loyalty that last till death. With that many are designed to be parents. Stay confident and show that Big mama love. Open thy heart. Star date 10/8/18. Man+woman, three daughters…

  • I’m a teen. My step mother used to be really kind to me. Once my half sister was born six years ago, she got resentful. She doesn’t talk to me. She doesn’t let my sister in my room when I’m there Bc one time she fell when she was two. She doesn’t let me go on my email on the computer Bc four years ago I went on my email and something got deleted off of hers.

    She is a wonderful mother but an awful step mother who talks to everyone in the house except me Bc she never forgives. And I don’t know what she’s angry about. I have so much pain from it.

  • I am one of nine siblings between my mum and dad and I’m sick of it. I am the second eldest and it has been really hard work, different views,Religons and jealousy.

  • Jason and shady Shady is the type of female that I will cut you with her tongue and smile like a Cheshire cat. she’s a piece of work and her daughter doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of having a successful relationship in the future.
    Jason well he’s obviously a damaged and wounded individual. Is desperately searching for someone to worship him so he can elevate his own personal opinions about himself.

  • The worse part about it is when it doesn’t work out and they end up divorcing. The father of my kids remarried, she had 4 he had 3 kids. Domestic violence and manipulation, they divorced, and my kids lost their step siblings and dogs. Now he remarried a 3th time, to a woman with a 2 year old and a 5 year old and now he aliniated me from my kids and my kids want to live with him. Me alone, childless. He is a narcissist and I can’t fight him.

  • Now, you see why a lot of grown people is disrespectful, machivous, criminals, here’s the answer BAD PARENTING, and this is just one family out of the thousands out there

  • If you are the step dad your balls has just been detached. You can’t say anything to her children they are not yours period. No matter how good you are the minute that you try to discipline them or say anything about to them you will be wrong.

  • And how long will the new marriage last once the adult stepkids start having children of their own? and what if their father wants to do the grandpa thing and wants a relationship with their grandchildren, and the new wife wants children of her own?

    It can become a tricky situation when the kids are adults, when their father gets married for a second time.

  • After reading all these comments from stepparents and stepchildren, it is sad to see how negative outcomes can happen without proper counselling before blending families. When adults decide to marry and if they have minor or grown children, the feelings of the children have to be considered and cannot go into this relationship with a selfish attitude. Children, we want our moms/dads to be happy, but we want the new stepparents to respect the child’s place in the family. New stepparents, just because you decided to marry someone with children, you must accept them like them or not and if you cannot stand them, its your problem as they aren’t going away. Showing each other mutual respect is a start to make a blended family work. IF this isn’t done, turmoid, stress, anxiety, and severe problems will arise. Consideration needs to be on both sides and everyone needs to be considered(the ex’s, stepsiblings, stepparents, inlaws and their families as well).

  • I don’t agree with how she speaks to the parents. She harks in about respecting her but she doesn’t respect the parents feelings and emotions. This is an unpopular opinion I know but parenting isn’t as easy as Jo thinks. She may have a degree in childcare but it’s different when it’s your own child

  • I think it’s amazing how many blended families are being a great example for showing the world that families come in different shapes and sizes. Appreciate your stepdad this fathers Day.
    Stepdad& son
    And stepdad & daughter

  • Myself and my family continue to struggle with negative emotions from Bio mom and grandmother, however in my full time step mothering experience with my hubby and our son (my stepson) we are very happy. I do believe I have a pretty great relationship with my stepson, so far so good. I have been his full time stepmother since he was 4.  I am even expecting and my stepson is very excited to become a big brother! I hope in time the negativity from the other side will fade. If only all sides could come at this blended life with love and care, it would be such a beautiful thing. I would love to hear from other blended families who have had more positive experiences!

  • But I’m on the outside

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  • You become a good secondary parent. Nothing should change. It doesn’t matter how they act. If you want to love their parent, you have no choice but to except their child. People who are selective and keep step kids at a distance are retarded and selfish and childish themselves. If they have shown your child any disrespect, that’s the ONLY sign you need to dump their sorry butt. But this is why you people need to start making your own psychology a priority in your life’s. So you won’t keep fucking up, ending up with relationships that won’t last. You’re all just running around like a bunch of cats in-heat. This stuff, huge families and stuff. Was only a success back in the day because of how little women felt valued. It had nothing to do with us getting worse off. We only grew as a species and became a better people, more reasonable. Trust me, if we had the rights back then we have now days…. a lot more homewrecking whores and male sluts would have been shot��

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  • I deserve better than the abuse I endure from my girlfriend. I know this video has nothing to do with relationship strife, I just happen to be watching this and am thinking about what I’m going through with my girlfriend right now. I really am suffering and she doesn’t have the slightest clue that I’m even upset whatsoever. It’s actually ruining my life and I’ve been realistically contemplating killing myself just so that I don’t have to deal with the heartbreak or live with the pain of knowing I failed and lost what used to be the greatest source of happiness for me. God I don’t know what to do from here. Please send me a sign. Please I am begging.. I don’t want to fail anymore.

  • “Step parenting” is a redo for irresponsible ppl who have kids with people that they don’t want to raise a family with… an absolute travesty.

  • The most wonderful person that is Nanny Jo Frost is too over weight. I hope she loses some weight for her health. It is bad for her joints, her heart to carry all that weight. I want her to live a very long time.She is a international treasure to parents the world overnight in. As someone who has lost over 50pounds in the last year. It can be so hard to do. But health wise it is so important. Please Supper Nanny Jo Frost lose a little weight your fans Love you and want you around for a long time.

  • Don’t do it. It’s very selfish of you as a parent. I still hold resentment to my mother for it. I love her but when she married my step dad there were 6 new siblings and I already was a bad ass kid. I needed a foundation, guidance. Not a drastic change in my household.

  • I’m very grateful to find you. Just by listening the way I see or feel has change. Thank you, thank you. I share this video to friend. I’m in a blended family. Step -dad. It’s blessing…

  • I want to ask supernanny. Here in Sweden, the harsh and strange law protects the child from separating his parents and children. Leave the family home. I’m afraid of protecting children. Here Swedish laws worse every day check a year and 2. I feel stronger from social services

  • Also parents have to realize that if you remarry your will is no longer valid. The children that you have from your previous marriage they no longer get to claim anything not even there baby albums it goes directly to the new Lover and the New Lover will obviously leave it to his children or her children many times people get remarried and died to three years later and it’s like a jackpot for the New Lover well your child is screaming and crying unable to even get there baby albums because it’s thrown in the trash think twice, protect your assets for your children from a previous marriage

  • I wish my step mom would do some stuff with me so we could have like a bond or something, but she’s pretty busy with the toddler and my three-year-old sister. I just don’t want my step-mom to feel obligated to do things like that, cuz then it wouldn’t be meaningful.

  • This is what the bible was trying to explain. Most blended families have inside murder, rape, and segregation. This is way better than Steve Harvey’s bull crap. No one thinks about the kids who is their future they are just trying to satifiy there self with worldy pleasure and love instead of seeking the love God.

  • I grew up with a Step dad that thought he could discipline me and when I got big enough I slashed him in the shins with my high heals and jumped the fence. If you lay a head on your step children you better watch out. I told my dad and he put sugar in my step dads gas tank and that’s not all. Believe me when I say you don’t want to abuse a child these days. I would not be so stupid either to think gaslighting the child after is going to work either. If your a step parent leave the child alone and mind your own. Your not in charge of discipline got it, good!

  • In my family stepsisters older and young and half sisters older and young get along in the life of visitation rights but as the parents they are engines they don’t like each other.

  • If BOTH parents have children, they need to be committed to each other and have their own rules, and don’t let anyone, including the ex, to interfere with your rules of your home. DON”T let the ex try to control what goes on in your home or it will be chaos for everyone, been there done that!!!