33 Things You’re ready to Stop Doing for your Kids At This Time


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STOP DOING EVERYTHING FOR YOUR CHILD! Chances are their state of constant neediness is learned; taught and encouraged by YOU! The truth is that by a certain age, your child is able to do many things for themselves.

Even a two year old is competent enough to throw their own trash away, put their sippy cup in the sink, pick up their toys off the. You heard me right. You must stop doing these things because doing these things only inhibits your child’s ability to make their own food. And why should they do this, you may ask.

It’s important when you are raising teens to become adult. My mind was quiet and I could begin the day focused and rested. It was a small commitment, opting out of Facebook and NPR. But it transformed my mental and emotional states for the better.

Sometimes, what you stop doing is just as important as what you start. Here are 3 things you need to stop doing right now. 1. Texting while driving.

Children, to put it mildly, can do the dumbest things and, even a thirty-second lack in judgment can haunt our children for a lifetime. Here are a few helpful ideas to keep your kids from doing dumb things and, hopefully, ease your pain. 1. Online Dangers. The whole world is on the Internet. The good, bad, and the dangerous.

You’re not ‘taking your time’ you’re “taking time from other people.” If there isn’t a line, then sure do what you like. If the answer is unpleasant, you should stop doing it right now. [*] Stop saying things just because you want people to know you know something. [*] Don’t compare yourself to other people. Here are five things that you can do RIGHT NOW to make a memory.

You can do this, mama. It won’t take long. You can make a memory and still have time to tackle that never-ending to do list! 5 Things to do RIGHT NOW to make your kids smile 1. Hug.

So simple, right? Do you see that kid whizzing past you right now?No doubt that parenting is a tough job. We have to say ‘No’ to a lot of things in order for our kids to grow up as respectable people.

But when you find yourself saying ‘no’ repeatedly to the same question, asking for stuff, you know that something needs to change. Here is how we transformed every trip to Target from begging and no’s up the aisles to a once again pleasant experience. Shutterstock.

Even if your kid is saying something that you believe to be less than completely true like, “I hate you,” it’s still important that you don’t try to dismiss their feelings. “‘You don’t feel that way’ is one of the worst things parents can say to their children,” says Karen R. Koenig, MEd, LCSW. “Parents should validate children’s feelings even if they don’t agree with. 8 Things You Should Stop Doing-Right Now Even better than a “to-do” list is a “not to do” list. you will free up a lot more time and energy-and be more productive. 31 things you should stop doing, get rid of, and kick to the curb to make your workday easier August 27, 2015 by Sarah Alright my friend, it’s time to crack the whip on your.

List of related literature:

This list needs to be posted in an easily accessible place for the babysitter.

“Encyclopedia of Family Health” by Martha Craft-Rosenberg, Shelley-Rae Pehler
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I’m going to review this list of ten items, and you don’t have to tell us which ones your child experienced, only how many.

“The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-term Effects of Childhood Adversity” by Nadine Burke Harris
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The list will be a mile long when our children are little.

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Expert advice to parents hiring nannies confirms many of these observations.

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These are especially helpful for first-time parents.

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No doubt we could give you a list of 40 parenting principles, but no one would remember a list that long.

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including tips regarding shopping and cleaning up; (12) “It’s Gonna Take More Than Sit-Ups’— Tummy Tucks,” concerning plastic surgery; (13) “I Miss the Kids Already and They’re Only Sleeping’.”

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I can’t do it all—the diapers, dishes, laundry, meals, cleanup, school lessons, baths, hugs, kisses, correction…”

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10 Things parenting magazines tell you not to say.

“The Handbook of Magazine Studies” by Miglena Sternadori, Tim Holmes
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That’s why parenting blogs are filled with posts like “Can You Trust Your Babysitter?” and “Ten Things Your Daycare Center Doesn’t Want You to Know.”

“How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results” by Esther Wojcicki
from How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results
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  • When my kids throw a tantrum I ask the to give me their eyes and. Talk to them in a calm voice and give them a little think about
    It time

  • The 1# thing to do in the car, there is this game called “find the car” it is really fun to play at any time! So how do you play? This is how: pick a color like red then when anyone sees that color car they say “red car!” Then you pick a new color car! (Yes you can actually find a purple or pink car! But they are a “rare car in the game”)

  • Great time for this video for me! I’m new to working with autism and have a kiddo that is quite aggressive. I was having lots of issues with handling these issues, but now I have some tips to work with!:)

  • hi Mary i work in an afterschool club for elementary age kids we share a classroom hut which school uses throughout the day, an autistic child we care for experiences aggression moment with his support teachers so in turn when class is finished for the day, he and his other class mates with same issues, are taken back into main school building,and then we bring him back into the class hut and he’s always angry and unconsole-able cos he is reminded of the bad times he had earlier, we are at a loss how to help him as the teachers don’t engage with us on what made him angry at the time.so every day is a bad day.wanting so much to turn this around for him hes 8.

  • What about reducing aggression in adults with autism who have never knew or be taught how to deal with things in life? My husband has a lot of signs and gets really angry easily. I’m trying to help him notice what triggers him.

  • I am a kid and kids Badger parent so they’ll say yes and parents just let your kids do whatever they want because if they get hurt it’s their fault

  • Before 30? I would be so embarrassed to have kids any younger than 30. It just looks irresponsible in like you’re desperate for attention on Facebook otherwise. Like, you have to really not have life in your twenties to try for kids at that point. It’s sad.

  • Do you know any resource, particularly YouTube that discusses aggressive behaviour in autism ie punching, kicking, slapping and how to de-escalate this quickly and to not be intimidated and let this damage the relationship with this person?

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  • When I didn’t eat dinner, lunch or breakfast when I was a baby, my dad just said “if it won’t go to your tummy island, it’ll go to my tummy island. I’m gonna eat it now…” that made me eat it ��

  • We as energy definitely appreciate the passion…and the RALPH smart part infinite waahters..diving deep had the tears falling ������

  • Really enjoy your videos! Content is super interesting and really appreciate how you explain even what words mean. It’s like a drama filtered version of House M.D. But better! Thank you.

  • Once while im sitting on a church bench in the church with my cousins and grandma my two cousins quarelled over who will sit next to me. To stop them from fighting i offered to sit between them so that it turns out that they’re both sitting next to me

  • Happy Medical Monday! ��‍⚕️��‍⚕️�� ����
    English CC (subtitles) written by me are available at publication! Other language subtitles are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  • Turns out my 2.5 year old grandson has been biting scratching his babysitter and her children, he’s been through 2 babysitters in one month. He hasn’t had an evaluation yet he’s on a waiting list because of covid. He also doesn’t speak. I knew it was autism ��

  • Don’t let your kid play side and block alone don’t let them do that but things like running around with sucker stick in their mouth you could let them do that depends on what kind of sucker stick in their mouth if it’s the kind that has a hole in it it’s okay

  • Hi I’ve a 10 year old brother with down syndrome and high functioning autism he’s also pre verbal. He’s aggressive with anyone he interacts with through out the day multiple times a day. It’s very hard to manage since he’s disobedient 85% of the time. He hits scrapes pinches along with other things. when he’s at his worst me and my siblings would have cuts all up our arms and on our face. Just wondering if you’ve any advice on how to deal with him because I can see my parents are exhausted from it

  • I have a five year old, we’ve not been diagnosed yet but ruled out everything else. Due to school holidays we’re having major issues with pinching while clenching his teeth during a tantrum. We’re trying to work on calm time, sugar free. Time outs im becoming black and blue in bruising several incidents a day now and at a very low ebb. Any advice please?

  • As a mom of a 4 year old son who is non verbal I can now more than ever see it’s about understand them n the fact that he is expressing himself when he bites or acts up he doesn’t express himself like other he has a disablity so I need to understand him I not the disabled person I here to take care of him he is my responsibility and my God gift…. Hopefully other can please understand there own children

  • Thank you so much Dr. Barbera for sharing your wealth and knowledge of ABA with the world. I have a nine-year-old non-verbal son with autism and his aggression has spiked during COVID-19. I am on my way to becoming a BCBA as well and my ABA skills have definitely helped a lot. It is a unique time though with this pandemic but his ABA team and myself are doing all we can. Again, I admire and appreciate what you’re doing for the autism community!

  • our family has moved several times over the years and with each move our son would have a long period of adjustment and aggressive behaviors, so the main trigger in our house is “change”.

  • Way way too long winded, talking in circles. Watch the last few minutes. Seems more like a promo or ad than an informative video.

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  • I’m a dad watching this I know a person who has a kid he eats almost everything
    Now his dad just puts new food in front of him he dose not say would you like to try this

  • Bobby hemmit speaks of when he couldn’t afford vitamins and programmed a fizzy drink (I’m from the U.K.) as a medicine and didn’t get sick, so we can programme these foods as they mess with ALL foods anything from the store should be questioned

  • I had two teachers she wanted a baby he wasnt ready or sure. They had a baby because he said she wanted one. A baby is like a pet if you don’t want it you can’t send is Back within 2 weeks to Amazon. It was the silliest thing ever they soon broke up with 5 year old in the middle.

  • Very lenghty intro for sure.
    This family has tried a lot of different techniques/medicines with this very physically agressive teen but he keeps going back to aggression… hitting/biting/screaming/runing away! He does have speech problems (only capable of articulating basic sentences) but is very receptive capable
    He’s now tall and strong thus increasingly more difficult to keep from hurting himself and/or others. He does have proffesional help as well as medical, ultimately none seem to help.
    Has someone successfully dealt with such an extreme case? Plz help!

  • What about is aggression is entirely random? Sometimes baths calm, other times it causes flailing. Sometimes food calms, other times it causes flailing. Sometimes going outside calms, other times it causes flailing. Sometimes movies calm, other times it causes flailing. So there is absolutely nothing that never causes meltdowns or aggression. And by flailing I mean anything from arching back and falling backwards. Other behaviors are biting, ripping out caregivers hair, head butting, hitting child’s own head, or hitting head into walls or other objects. Sometimes he can’t sleep, sometimes he wakes up nice, other times wakes up aggressive. Sometimes won’t eat, other times won’t stop eating. Child is age 3 and entirely nonverbal. Also been diagnosed with AHDH. On medication for day and night but not working consistently. Caregivers are out of options. Medical professionals keep saying nothing is medically wrong, but none offer any solutions or relief for parents. Any ideas of what could be done?

  • Whenever my aunt finishes her food before my cousin, she (my cousin) has leftovers. In that way, my aunt gets angry and persuades my cousin to eat up all her food but my cousin refuses unless someone feeds her

  • I love how clearly you explain topics. Your videos have given me such a great understanding and sense of relief in dealing with autism.

  • I hope you don’t take it the wrong way, but maybe you could look into suppressing or decreasing hormone levels in this people/kids.

  • Can you do a video on neuro typical tribal aggression and how to cope bullying and nonsense hierarchical orders that serve no purposes other than stopping neuro typicals from killing each other

  • Starting my BCBA coursework now and it is so nice to hear your perspective. I fortunately haven’t been hurt by a client either but I like working with kids with aggression because I feel like it I can help reduce it it makes a big difference for the family and their quality of life. But of course yes rule out a medical problem! That is so important for us to not practice beyond our scope. Glad you made this channel because I feel like BCBAs are so busy all the time so this is a great resource.

  • This video made me cry. My 5 year old DS has severe Autism. Teacher called today. DS has been aggressive and struggling at school. He is non verbal. I get beat up daily. We get services but seems not helpful. I’m struggling. Not getting any answers. Professionals are amazed at his severity. I’m lost. I’m glad I found you! Thank you.

  • Me: hey u points at TJ*let’s fight, * Me eating a gummy so I’ll be strong

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  • I thoughthe was talkin bout the kids when he said “take care of your little imperfections” �� I don’t know if that means I should be a mom or… ��

  • my client gets aggressive with mainly 2 reasons:
    1. Access denied
    2. Transitioning (moving from one preferred location to least preferred location)

    The things I tried:
    1. Manding, I let her mand. However, I have to say no for items that are not allowed. That starts her aggressive behavior (headbang, biting, kicking, pinching, hitting)
    2. For transitioning we did show pictures where she wants to go, and even used a timer and say “3, 2, 1 my turn, let’s go”.

    She has out of the blue behavior. What we observe is that the first 2 hours of the session, her behavior is okay. 1 hour and 30 minutes, it’s okay the next 30 minutes she has some behaviors but manageable. The next 2 hours, as she has a total of 4 hours of behavior in the clinic, she starts being really aggressive. So what we did is that we give her more demands on the first 2 hours, then the next 2 hours we lessen the demand.

    She has no problem with demand actually, she’ll follow your demands because she knows she’ll get something. But once she didn’t get what she wants or when she has to move from one place to another place that’s how she starts having a behavior.

  • Hi I am a teacher in a Montessori School and it is my first time teaching in the environment. I have a child diagnosed with autism in my classroom and I was also informed that his past teachers had hard times handling his aggression I would like to ask if you could suggest an activity that I could do with him before starting the class like a therapy or calming activity that would prepare him, stimulate his sensitivity and calm him down in preparation for the class.

  • What do you recommend to someone who is on Medicaid, which doesn’t cover all the professionals that you mentioned in your video?

  • Ok I’ll give it a try. I’m afraid if I don’t get my 9 year old extremely aggressive child under control soon, he may end up killing me. And I am not exaggerating; I am literally covered in bruises and bites. I have everything to gain from trying this. I’ll order it.

  • Von I hadda question I juss wanted to know im currently on semen retention, and I take tumeric and black seeds everyday does this help?

  • After five years of childlessness now I’m finally pregnant������❤.. All thanks �� goes to the powerful spell caster who helped me✌��, I’ll be forever greatful to him����.

  • My brother is 22 years old and every time he gets angry he wants to only bite me. My sister, my dad and I have told my mom that he cant live with us anymore and she just doesn’t care. I feel like my mother is waiting for my brother to end up either killing me or someone else to realize that he is not able to live with us or in society.

  • My child bites once to twice a day. His OT/Speech/School all have denied him this year/ We have come to a point where we don’t what else to do. The one thing we haven’t done is to give him medication. He is not on medication and we don’t know where to start on medication. We got a pack of CBD oil with THC but are afraid to give it to him.

  • I’m always telling my hfa verbal son that he’s good at this and that but he still continues to destroy break things choke me he’s 15 and I had to do inpatient he’s scared and I’m a mess

  • Hello mam my son is autism he is 13year old. always he is runing around playing. But he didn’t speek yet. But i notice now some time he is very quite no playing some time he is criying only minit than stop most the time he love biscuits crips but now he not playing not runing round since this morning i notice he is criying only minit than. Stop plz telll me why he is doing this. After week he is better becoz i notice last month is willl same problam is same problam.

  • Great ideas. For parents and teachers, learning these are an ongoing process. I keep revisiting Mary’s videos time and again. I really wish to show these to a large majority of ei professionals who have no clue in dealing with students with autism

  • This finding is false vitamin A can’t damage your liver to that extent because the give accurate to many people which is so highly concentrated that it would be to that level

  • My 5 year old daughter get’s very aggressive when she doesn’t get her way, or when you take something away from her, she grab your hair and pull it, sometimes she squeezes herself if I tell her not hit or grab someone.

    she is very hyper and runs from one end to another while vocal stimming saying ahhhhhhh, she can’t sit still to do activities, she just wants to move all the time, except when using iPad or iPhone and when using the toilet.

    she can speak and says words, but cant’t communicate with language, she has echolalia most times.

    she like to Tapp objects on her front teeth, I got some chewy stixx but she didnt like them, she prefers to Tapp hard object on her teeth very hard.

    she was diagnosed at 3 years old, and I potty trained at 3 years old, she can tell me what she wants now after 2 years of therapies in the USA, but can not have a conversation.

    she is having SALT, OT and VBT, in a centre that provide all 3 therapies, she started in beginning of November 2018 and goes there 4 days a week for 3 hours a day.

    she beside’s other kids but can’t really speak with them because of language disorder.

    she has been on the GFCF since November 2016, recently I gave her L glutamate for a week and the hyper and aggressiveness became very bad, so I stopped it

    sometimes I know what she wants to say to me but she can’t get the words out, and if I write the sentence down on a paper she will read it.

    Please how do I stop her to be aggressive and stop tapping objects on her from teeth?


  • I’m glad I found your channel. I have a 9-year-old son with high functioning autism who is quite aggressive at school with peers and professionals

  • the piece u got is sold out. alot of stuff on there is sold out which is kinda a good thing cuz clearly they got gd shiiii. im tryna find a turquoise piece myself

  • Well everyone is almost a kid watching so this would be helpful if you get married, but there’s no point watching this if you’re not getting married

  • My autistic son charlie has been very aggressive lately,so im going to discuss the topics in this video with his teacher tomorrow!

  • If you can afford $200k+ over the course of the baby’s life, you might be able to have one properly atleast. That is…the factor that you have stable income, insurance, well planned home ownership and have a financial cushion that lasts for years. Which most likely happens after you are in your 30s.

    Baby in my teens and early 20s? 80% DOOM gaurenteed.

  • I appreciate the fact that you emphasize looking for medial reasons for aggressive behavior. I have found that, in our family, medical or physical reasons are almost always the cause of aggression or other serious negative behaviors. I plan to share this video with my subscribers.