11 Facts About Friendship Every Girl Must Know


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Girls feel pressured to have a lot of BFFs. But, in reality, friendships come and go. Discover 11 hard truths about friendship every girl needs to know. 11 Truths About Friendship Every Girl Needs to Know Posted on July 1, 2020 July 5, 2020 At the foundation of Project BFF is the experience we each have had with friendships, which inspired our mission to empower women and their friendships. 11 Truths About Friendship Every Girl Needs to Know 11 Truths About Friendship Every Girl Needs to Know.

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Labels: Friendship, Parenting, Relationships. 2 comments: Anonymous March 14, 2018 at 8:06 AM. 1. Do your close friends have other girlfriends? At this stage in life every girl should have acquired a close group of girlfriends. It is always a red flag for me when a girl doesn’t have that.

WHY? 2. Can you trust this person/are they honest with you? If you can’t trust a person there is no need to have them in your life.

The Whole Guy Thing: What Every Girl Needs to Know about Crushes, Friendship, Relating, and Dating Paperback – April 23, 2012 by Nancy N. Rue (Author) 4.1 out of 5 stars 14 ratings. 11 Truths About Friendship Every Girl Needs to Know. 11 Truths About Friendship Every Girl Needs to Know. Posted by Paula at 9:57 AM 2 comments: Email This BlogThis!

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: Friendship, Parenting, Relationships. Monday, March 12, 2018. She needs to know, for sure. She needs to be certain about your intentions, or the lack thereof.

What every woman really needs is for a man to be patient with her. She’ll come around; she. TRICKS TO SHARE WITH FRIENDS Every girl wants to spend less time on housework and focus on other essential parts of our life as entertainment, art or self-de. 22 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend. Sonali Walia.

11. They are your biggest critics & keep you grounded when you feel. Every guy has bros. But not every guy has a girl best friend.

If you’re one of the lucky few to have one then I congratulate you. And if you still don’t have one, then go out there and make.

List of related literature:

4 Keep your secrets to yourself, 5 don’t reveal them to anyone, not even friends— those who hear your secrets may have power over you, and that can turn friends into foes.

“The Inclusive Bible: The First Egalitarian Translation” by Priests for Equality
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This is a very important concept because there are few rules about how many friends to keep close in your life.

“When Friendship Hurts: How to Deal with Friends Who Betray, Abandon, or Wound You” by Jan Yager
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6 Never repeat gossip, and you will not be reviled.b 7 Tell nothing to friend or foe; if you have a fault, reveal it not,c 8 For he who hears it will hold it against you, and in time become your enemy.

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5) not easy, difficult: faithful friends are h. tofind, Pilgr.

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6 Most people will tell you what loyal friends they are, but are they telling the truth?

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For all of these, only after patient and meticulous propaganda work, can a true friendship be won over.147

“Making the Foreign Serve China: Managing Foreigners in the People's Republic” by Anne-Marie Brady
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24 A true friend tells you his secrets and never under any circumstances reveals yours.

“The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition” by Janice Manning, Marshall Masters
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Truths I’d never so much as hinted at to my closest friends.

“How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature, and Informatics” by N. Katherine Hayles
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26 An scheming will earn a reputation of being honest answer is a true sign of friendship untrustworthy.

“Clear Word Bible-OE” by Jack J. Blanco
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FRIEND AND HOW TO MAKE How often I have heard women AND KEEP FRIENDS.

“Open Heart, Open Home: The Hospitable Way to Make Others Feel Welcome Wanted” by Karen Burton Mains
from Open Heart, Open Home: The Hospitable Way to Make Others Feel Welcome Wanted
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  • Thank you so soo much. I was crying before the video because of him, but now at the end of the video I am crying because of how amaizing you’ve desribed things and I am really happy that you now have new great relationship����

  • Guys please i need advice so basically one of my friends came up with the idea of going to a concert/music event thing and it started off with just a few people and they were like we’re not gonna invite X because they dont really like her and i was like… Um. I thought it wasnt that bad because it wasnt many people to begin then slowly everyone but X has been invited and I dont know what to do because X will be hurt that she wasnt invited and i didnt know what to do and now the planning has gone so far that i dont whether there is anything i can do. Someone please help.
    Btw we haven bought the tickets yet

  • Yeah. Going through this, or about too, and my biggest fear (I hate that word), is ruining the friendship. We get each other soooooo much, and this is not my normal. I usually could give two shits about most people.

  • Now I wonder if my ex friend watched this video. I think she left me because I never responded when I had my phone taken away for 4 months.

  • My boyfriend and I are only 13 and he says he say done “things” with other girls. I don’t really believe him but he is the kind of person that would do that! And if I do the maths then he would have only been 9 or 10 and so would of the girl! What should I do???

  • For me if I don’t have friends til now
    Real friends or friend is that usually always by your side and always talk to you nice and treat you food or drinks and loves you real and helping you about your assignment and etc…. And the unreal friend or friends is Scolding you bully you and don’t care what your feelings and not helping you for your problems…

  • I’m 16 I was having boy troubles in this boy that was 17 he really hurting my feelings and needed someone to talk to and I was snapping my friend and then I put a be honest on my story and she was on the top of my story and she said I think it’s annoying that you snap me all the time on the group chat about your problems and it really made me mad because I’m always here for your problems when you needed to talk for me you don’t have to talk about my problems for once and I was just pissed off

  • Always remember when you’re in a relationship, that relationship should also be a friendship. You can’t just be significant others, you have to be best friends.

  • It’s easy to say to dump relationships that bring us down…but it’s hard to do it practically…when u really love that person and don’t feel like leaving them. Well if u ask me…it’s really hard for me as an individual. I’m not that strong enough to even think about it. I just tend to break down bcuz it’s hard to leave someone u love even when they don’t love u back and fail to understand u r love for them…

  • 5:00 and that’s why I now have 2 ex bestfriends:)

    everything was good for the first years but the last few months was terrible..
    I am so much happier without them now!

  • I asked out a girl over text and she said, “yes” but then when we started flirting she got mad and said, “I was moving to fast.” Idk about this relationship shit. Plus she stills watches my stories and like my post, maybe she just shy��

  • if i like somebody i just cant be friends and not because im mad i just dont see the point in that and if they dont like me thats cool i prefer honesty even of its bad but thats me

  • What should I do?
    I had a friend in kindergarten and we would play all day and when we were home I would go over to her place and ask if she wanted to play. One time her mom answers the door and said she wasn’t at home and I just forgot about her and never asked to play again. Then a day came years after were I saw her playing with a nother neigborhood friend I forgot about, (now that I think about it I had alot of friends I forgot about back in that neigborhood)And their moms were talking on a picnic blanket and they said”Oh so pretty! Are you really moving there?” and that was the last, they were moving and I was stupid and didn’t ask were so I can’t apologize even though I want to. Then I had a bestfriend when I was a little older and we would be with each other like almost every single day for years. And when I moved out of our neighborhood I couldn’t be with her as much anymore. So I tried one time to see in resess if she also had resess but she didn’t and I have up on trying to be with her. We still went to the same school. So I would see her sometimes in the hallway and the first couple of times we would say “Hi” awkwardly but then just continue walking. And that was it. Now I don’t know anymore if I want to become friends with her again since it’s been a few years and she seems different and I don’t know if we could still be good friends. There are more recent instances of me being a jerk to people I like but I don’t think I have the energy to write about all of them. Should I apologize to all of them or should I just let it be and move forward?

  • I recently lost my virginity to a guy who had a girlfriend and honestly I feel awful. Idk why I ever thought it would be a good idea but I did it. We both said we wouldn’t tell anyone which ofc you never really know if you can trust the guy but I did. Now a rumor is going around that we did it which is true but we don’t know how it got around. It supposedly came from a girl who has never liked me and she said she saw my name on his phone which it truly doesn’t make sense to me how that means we did something bc now I’m so scared the truth will get out and I don’t know what to do. This is karma ik but idk what to do and it’s all happening so fast and I’m barely 14 and I feel so helpless and all this stress has caused my eating to mess up and I really just need help

  • It doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want to have anything to do with you, people have the right to not want to respond right away, people have the right to be annoyed and not wanting to text back. It’s not always gonna be perfect I mean we’re humans and we feel things, it’s just the person needs to understand that their partner needs space it’s not that they don’t want to be left alone forever. I mean think about it, you can’t always have one person or everyone as your top priority 24/7 wouldn’t you be exhausted and wanting to be alone? I get where your coming from but your making it sound like you always have to have attention to be proven that someone cares about you and that people are loyal to you. It has to be 50 50.

  • I find it difficult making friends and I just don’t know why it goes wrong and I have been in a relationship were he just want sex and if he doesn’t get his own why he gets really aggressive and he cry

  • i dont like kylie Jenner or 1D and i find it funny to hear about gross guy things. my guy friends and i usually bond over fine arts, rough housing, and stupid jokes

  • Should i ask her out if we haven’t had a lot of contact in like a month? Like if we were close b4 but now we only hear from each other once a week? ‘Cause I mean, she’s not asking if she wants to be close friends again, but of course, I want to, ‘cause I have a crush.

  • My bestfriend is a boy, and he moved schools, and all I heard last year was omg u guys we make a great couple and I still hear this year, what in the words BESTFRIEND only do people not generate through into there head.

  • Type A is basicially a sub description of your personality and behavior tendencies. You can be either Type A or Type B. HOWEVER, Each type has a set of typical behaviors that people lean towards. It’s not a negative vs positive thing and It’s not always in extremes. Type A’s enjoy things with structure, and planning, predictability allow them to think clearly and relax. They do tend to be more aggressive and stressed and competitive, but that doesn’t mean they can’t relax and be flexible. Type B’s are people who like to take things as they come, they find planning and structure to be too restrictive and that causes them to stress, but they are also fully capable of being organized and making plans.

    Likewise, I like to think that there’s the invisible group of Type AB’s and Type BA’s. (not real terms by science) Everyone tends to lean towards one or the other but some are much less extreme than always being A or always being B.

  • I’m a simple guy, I just get straight to the point and ask her if she wanna hang out. If she doesn’t wanna, so be it. If she wants, then that’s good.

  • I have many friends but i have 4 friends that always criticise girls all the time and i don’t know if they criticise me when I’m not with them and that makes me a bit uncomfortable when I’m with them… 1 of them makes me feel like I’m dumb ass and another one sometimes laughs at me. I have other friends that make me feel comfortable, what should i do?!

  • Pretty sure I just fucked up, man. I’ve been talking to this girl, and we got really close. She told me she wasn’t sure if she liked me (she did, but was afraid of ruining the friendship). She asked if I liked her, and I said I wasn’t sure either (same thing I do but I don’t wanna ruin the friendship). I think she took it as I didn’t like her. Why can’t I just be straight up, ya know? Obviously, I like her like a lot. I tried explaining myself, but she won’t have her phone on her for a few days, so, right now, it’s just a waiting game. God, I hate myself, right now.

  • I have 3 guy best friends and I love them all�� but theres one and Idk if i like him or if I just prefer him to the rest of them but I’ve never had a crush so I wouldnt know anyways

  • Thank you for the advice i saw this video its the first video I’ve ever saw of your channel and i subscribed seconds later your like a big sister and i love how ppl share there advice so other ppl can do better and learn and also those nails are so pretty girl ❤️

  • This is so true bc my friend Adrianna we were like the best of friends in 6 grade we did every thing together jus had a blast but now nd 7 grade she’s really not my friend like we sort of fell off nd kinda broke our relationship bc she stop coming to school so it was like I would see her only once every blue moon so I felt some type of way so when I see her now it’s like really weird or awkward moment nd it’s like ok.. �� I’m gonna go now but most ppl ain’t true friends if they treat u how they want like stand up for u don’t be getting pushed around all bc they feel like it um no not happening ��������

  • I don’t understand, my friend she talks a lot about her boyfriend. And I am friends with her boyfriend, I don’t care when they hang out and I’m happy she found him. But she talks about her boyfriend so much to the point where she takes screenshots of her chat, and I love that she’s happy. But…she’s always talking about him and he’s said something rude to me before and she never actually stuck up for me. And I don’t know, she just brings me down a lot and she starts a lot of fights with me just because she’s in a bad mood. I just don’t know how to express it because she would be my absolute bestfriend at one point but another she would be a total jerk and I don’t know how to express it. ��‍♀️��‍♀️

  • Everything happens for a reason, as this situation occured to her,she came to know about the real relationship. Everthing happens for good and ofcourse for a reason.

  • So my bff is amazing and the best bff that I can ever ask for but she lies too much about her having her period a bf and a whole bunch I love her and I don’t want to lose her when I confront her she changes the subject I think this is her way of making her feel better and I don’t want to lose her I want to help her any advice?

  • I do everything with this person and I do everything with them I tell them everything and I’m pretty sure they like me too i just don’t want to ruin this friendship that I’ve had for 4 years

  • Hi Luhhsetty I had 2 best friends I was always kinda mean but I just blew it off but then during this past school year she just became very rude and left me for the popular group and then my other friend we became very close this year and after she went in vacation for 2 weeks she just left me for the popular group what should I do

  • I thought i was a bad person bc i had a friend who i was with like only 1 month and then kinda stopped talking to them. And sometimes when im bored i hang out with them, but i guess im/they are seasonal.��

  • I think I’m the luckiest girl in this world to have 4 guy BFF from my childhood,it’s a 13 yers friendship now& I’m 18 and I’m the only princess of them,they love me, care me, more than anything,I love you guys ������

  • I grew up with a friend that was so sweet and always there for me, she was my bestie. Then the popular girls noticed her and she slowly started left me for them. It would’ve been fine if she didn’t completely forget about me. But she did.

  • I try to be a good friend,, and I think I am. but sometimes I can be harsh towards my friends (I dont actually say anything) but they often are upset and need my help, which is okay because life happens! but sometimes I get fed up with it and I get mad that they need my help again… I always feel bad for getting mad at them because Its not their fault at all they have problems.

  • when overthinking got the best of you and you kept on thinking that “they surely talk about me behind my back” “I don’t think I’m a good friend” “I think they actually hates me but acts nice to me so that they don’t feel bad” “they’re probably got bored and tired bc of me”

  • I used to have a guy best friend for 4 years we talked all the time and walked home together from school but then this girl spread rumors that he liked me now he doesn’t talk to me I lost him to some stupid rumors now every time I see him I smile just hoping he will smile back but he never does I just want my friend back

    BORING ��
    I’m going to play minecraft with him tomorrow

  • I really suck at texting back. I really don’t know why but I sometimes don’t text back for days even if I’m texting with my crush or someone that is really important. I don’t know what I should do because that way no one even texts me because they know I will not text back fast… Any tips?

  • nobody:
    my entire school: ”oOo, are you guys dating!?!?1”, “aWwW sUch a cuTe couPle”, “sToP tryIng tO hiDe yOur fEeLingS frOm heR [guy friend]”

  • it’s been 7 years since we are friends but from the very first moment when i saw her i fell for her. we studied from the same school after 2 years we get apart but still remain in contact. But we talk like every single day she knows me in and out and so do i. I’ve told her about my feelings twice and she didn’t said no but told me that she didn’t thought like the way i wanted and she wants to be only my best friend. But i love her with all my heart and wanted to spend my whole life with her.Idk what to do. Can someone give me piece of advice. That will be very grateful

  • i severely lack self forgiveness, i just cannot forgive myself when i do make mistakes in my relations. in the other hand i forgive my friends very easily, i do not know why i just act so harsh against myself:(

  • The first real challenging situation hit me and no one cared except my mother and my boyfriend. Can’t believe this shit, man.

    I also know I haven’t been a good friend to one person in particular. Great video.

  • Well it complicated for me because Ime in a position where I’ve crushed in her since freshman year and she comes to me for relationships advice often and for the past 3 years never once have I done anything to jeopardize her relationship and even after all that time I still like her but she’s a senior and Ime a junior and it’s awkward that she’s the one with the car and job meanwhile I don’t have either of this things

  • Ime really scared to ask her because recently I’ve gained 40 pounds so to some pills I take for medical reasons and it caused a dramatic change in me and I just don’t feel comfortable with my own body anymore so it’s hard to believe that their is a chance she finds me attractive

  • I have a difficulty about this actually I can understand her because I al ready told her and I get rejected but after days I feel like she have sexual feelings but I can ask her again is there any things I can do?

  • There’s a quote I would like to share.

    Don’t share your problems with anyone cause 80% don’t care and 20% are glad you have them.

    But if it comes for me to say something, well even if the current situation is hard it is just preparing you for the hard future that’s to come so take is as an harsh lesson from life cuz in the end it’s just making you strong.
    Yeah life’s tough but so are you. So never give up.

  • When you that the person who doesn’t reply messages, I think maybe there are some reason behind it.
    Maybe they have social anxiety and depression.

  • I like her
    She might like me
    But she’s so outgoing
    What if I draw conclusions from nothing
    What if she doesn’t like me and rejects me
    She’s so awesome and I don’t want to lose her

  • 4:05, before asking her out, just keep a camera somewhere around and record the conversation, if you get Rejected just point towards the camera and say “Yo chill, its just a prank, do you see that camera over there?”

  • I asked my friend a few years ago and ahe said no. And after that we isolated each other then ober timw we got back and became friwnds again. Now I feel the same way and I dont want to risk it again.

  • reneedegraaff0:I need some help they hypnotized me on drugs I forgot how life works can anyone help me please I need someone my father and a partner in crime decided to give me a brainbleed if not helped I die in two years

  • I have a difficulty about this actually I can understand her because I al ready told her and I get rejected but after days I feel like she have sexual feelings but I can ask her again is there any things I can do?

  • I’m so depressed lately and I need someone in my life to make me know I have someone or something to live for I feel like I want to kms

  • Now I am confused because, I have a best friend and I love her dearly but I don’t respond to her Imidiatly after she texts me, sometimes I’m in a bad mood and I don’t want to talk to anyone by sometimes I just don’t see it because I don’t have my phone with me (because I don’t really use it that often) does that make me a bad friend now??

    But other that that great video ��

  • I love my best friend I’ve known them for 10 years I can’t ruin our friendship it’s to perfect but I want more it hurts so much and we always jokingly flirt but I don’t know if they like me back I don’t wanna throw 10 years down the drain.

  • I’ve fallen out of love with my girlfriend..
    And in love with my best friend when we met…
    I’ve only been dating my girlfriend for a month and I’ve liked/known my best friend for 8 months…

    I’m now in a happy relationship with my bff ^-^

  • I don’t know what I’ll do without my parents in my life. I truly feel my mother and father are the only people who care about me and they are the only people who love me unconditionally ♥️��. I love you mom and dad. You guys are the best parents in the world ��

  • Yes I know I was I hospital and found out who really cared. No one. And all they had to do was try to understand. I wasn’t asking for anything more. I payed for someone to be in hospital and payed for plane tickets to give her a weekend in my town. When I was alone in hospital and I tried calling her, she didn’t take my call saying that she doesn’t take calls while she is on vacation.

  • sigh We are shipped and everyone’s loses their mind when we’re not together cause we’re always are

    some random girl: OmG wHaT hApPeNeD!! dId yOu gUyS bReAk uP?!?! NoOo mY OTP!!

    “relax..he just went to the bathroom..”

  • I made friends with her at work lasted a few weeks and told her. i think ur cute right away, and that she looks good and then i asked her out and gave an option for what day of two days and she said im down now we r going out. In three weeks that we knew eachother.

  • So I like my BFF and we go way back to like birth because we were neighbours and our parents are close as well. We go to eachothers birthdays( also her families and mine) Idk if I should because it’s really akward also if she doesn’t want to we are still kind of forced to see eachother. So… any advice?

  • Yes I am really waiting for someone. I had someone who was in relation with me.
    who is working with me but since last year is keeping distance from me. We are still as a good friend and do care for each other.
    On 12th September I met a new girl at workplace to whom I got attracted and she felt the same. We text and talk everyday but its just casual nothing love or romantic. one day some of our colleagues saw us together. Since that very evening everything has been changed, that girl stopped talking to me, even didn’t text me back since last one week. i asked her on last Thursday, she replied that don’t keep any misunderstanding about me. She said she feels why I am doing too much for her? I was not able to answer her and today she even blocked me on watsapp. I never send any love messages to her.I really don’t know whats happening. No one know that i am following her as it is so discrete. Please suggest what should I do?

  • I was friends with this one person a few months ago till I started to rethink our friendship cause he always said the things I like suck and he also said that my dad “only teaches me how to play video games” I’m pretty sure he was jealous cause he never really had a real dad. And he also was just an asshole in general

  • I used to have a best friend. After I was raped I acted out and took my frustration out on her. And as if that weren’t enough later on she was used and raped by some other douchbag. And she started taking it out on me. In hindsight, we each would’ve benefited with therapy and probably wouldn’t have hurt (ourselves and each other) so much. I regret being mean to her and I can understand why she acted the way she did. But sadly our relationship didn’t survive. We’re not friends anymore but I will always love her.

  • Recently told a friend I was attracted to her and said she needed to think about how she felt. Now its been 2 weeks and she hasn’t told me anything. Fuck her! I don’t need her or her friendship. People who don’t respect you should not be in your life. That’s my advice boys. Btw loved the vid COCO

  • Oky so who wants to be my guy bestfriend?(TT) I dont have one and want to have one(TT)

    Here’s my ig: y_sey510 go dm me and we can be friend (TT)��

  • One of my favorite quote is that
    “We assume meant to be means forever. But maybe forever isn’t how long we are together, maybe it’s what I gain from you.”

  • I’ve done this before, told one of my closest mates whilst she was dating someone else how I felt about her and that I just wanted to get it off my chest so she knew where I was coming from, there was nothing hidden and that I respected the fact she did have a bf etc. (Not enough to NOT tell her though:P), a few months later and we became FWB for a while. Just do it lads. Wasn’t much of a friendship left afterwards, but eh… shit happens.

  • i was in love with this boy for two years and he knew but then he stopped but i still love him and idk what to do… hes a total jerk now but i still love him. He moved schools and that was TWO YEARS AGO but im still not over it. help? plzz

  • Well theres this girl i met on tinder and ive been goin out with her for few times and i rlly like her as a friend, but i can see that she wants to take a step further and i dont want to break her heart and i want to keep her as a friend. What should i do

  • A good way to think is whenever you do something you later on think you shouldn’t have done, because of the outcome, think back to before you knew what the outcome would be, pretend you don’t know, then ask yourself if you would’ve done the same thing. If the answer is yes, you would have done the same thing, then you didn’t make a mistake, because how the hell were you supposed to know the outcome?

  • Girl: is almost dying
    Nurse: yeah even tho u r exhausted and it’s probably not ok for u to move in the slitest rn I’ll still give u ur phone

  • I am really confused i start bullding feeling for my best female friend i know her for about 2 and a half years now..i was never intersted in romantic realtionship in her before. I ask her out she said wow you suprised me?! After 20 s off silence she says sorry i dont feel the same way…but can we still be friends?!�� I left her on seen…what should i do?!

  • Right. Im going through this situation now. Screw the damn friendship, if you want something deep down in your heart, and that person doesn’t want you, WALK AWAY. yes it hurts, but its better to keep your self respect. You shouldn’t have allowed to be placed in the friendzone. Concentrate on yourself, you are fine, no matter what they say.

  • Believe me, only the roots are your family as they will be with you whenever you would be in a difficult situation. I experienced it that’s why I’ve written it. Love your family!

  • i’m friends with a lot of guys and I play basketball with them and there is one that is my best friend and he is so nice and he likes a girl who likes him back and she is always trying to get in between us and it is so annoying and she thinks I have a crush on him and stuff. having guy friends is the best because im a tomboy and I fit in with them really well and they love sport and they stand up for me.

    So she kinda saved mee ass!!!
    And she works as a, carer!!! And she thought??? I’ll take advantage of her skills!!!
    But she’s a part timer surfer!!! But she, DOESN’T FIT INTO MY BOOK AS A SURF GIRL!!!
    And she’s a, NEGATIVE GIRL TOO!!! So that’s an, EXTRA HELL NO!!!

  • Me and my guy friend have a lot in common the problem is my parents think we are dating and I get so embarrassed and he doesn’t get it before his parents did that with him and then stopped but mine still do that ��

  • I’m not that much of an A person, but I can surely tell you that when in comes to organizing time.. I love to do it, it’s a life style!

  • I didn’t know type A’s could have best friends or at least normal best friends. I thought they would have had other type A best friends. Does that make sense?

  • The world needs type A’s. A lot of people think type A’s are just neurotic and disagreeable. But that is not true. Yes, I don’t just want to ‘chill’ and I have a competitive ego. But I get shit done and I can take it to the bank.

  • Im type A xP
    1) i hate messy computers
    2) im to picky with my food and get mad when they get my order wrong
    3) i arrange the meet ups with people
    4) i hate it when my bestie is late after 1 minute
    5) im awesome thats why hehehe

  • im type a and im not like this but if one night there’s something like a dirt or one single thing that its not supposed to be in that place & i try to ignore it, i wont be able to sleep until i fix it… XD

  • Yeah, this story really hit home. I was recently in an accident. The doctors missed a concussion I had. Now, I have post concussion syndrome. The people I thought were my friends were leaves and branches. Even the ones who helped at first just stopped talking to me after helping me with one errand. The 2 people in my life that I didn’t know were my real friends offered to help me. One even had lunch with me in the park on my birthday. Everyone else had an excuse not to be there. Sadly, I have severe mood swings so I try to avoid people overall and making new friends at this point is beyond challenging. Hopefully, I will get better in a few months and can resume my life. For now, I’m grateful that someone showed that they cared.

  • I’m definitely like the Ellen Page lady in the video, and nothing drives me bonkers more than people telling me to relax when I’m already relaxed. Because keeping my life relatively organized means I’m tense or something?

  • Guys the “type A” mean that that person need to have everything perfect, like make the whole plan for the night like in the video and more

  • I’m a type A. Basically means everything has to have a schedule, lists are what keep things on track, time oriented, and clutter is a big no. It’s all about everything being in its place. I don’t know how else to explain it. The blond girl (sorry, don’t know names) is the type A and it’s talking about personality.

  • What about the nosey ones who will run to find out what happen so they can tell the world ��. There are so many negatives in this world you have to purposely protect your energy, name and company

  • I can’t value the time I had w them (why would anyone?), I can’t even yet apologize to myself for caring about them in the first place

  • I pretty much realized I had no real friends as soon as highschool was over they all disappeared and didn’t hear from them and still don’t

  • The most valuable gift you can receive is an honest loyal friend,whose there for you when he or she could be better off somewhere else.One loyal friend is worth a thousand relatives.Once you feel you are being avoided by someone,never disturb them again.

  • My friend told his best friend that he liked her, and she simply said she didn’t see him that way and that it wouldn’t work, but because they were so close, I have seen literally zero change in their friendship at all. It was so bizarre. Nothing changed. They’re still just as good friends as they were before, and they still hang out and talk just as much.

  • I’m definitely like the Ellen Page lady in the video, and nothing drives me bonkers more than people telling me to relax when I’m already relaxed. Because keeping my life relatively organized means I’m tense or something?

  • Heyyy
    Whoever is reading this right now

    If you want to
    You can text me
    Insta: it’s_me_1
    Pinterest: Littlefiregirl ARMY

    I will help you if you need help
    I will always give my best to listen to you and help you with all your problems cause I know how it feels like to be alone

    I know how it feels like if you want to talk to someone but you can’t because there is no one

    I’ll help you ❤️��

  • I once got in a Xbox party with one of my guy friends and his friends who didn’t really know me and all that and the first thing I hear is
    So are you his girlfriend? Automatically had to go no and this dude started hitting on me and my guy friend Hunter said “if you saw what she looked like and knew her you wouldn’t have a chance” (knowing that I’m lesbian)
    Now I’m like mY gUy fRiEnD dOeSn’t tHiNk iM uGlY?? Yeah idk��

  • I remember when I was sick, only my mom, brother, cousins, my best friend and my guy friend came to visit me. My other friends and the guy I was dating didn’t come see me, and when I was released, I realized that those who took the time to come visit me I’m keeping around and threw away from the fakes, including the guy I was dating. The guy friend I mentioned is now my husband of 15 years and a wonderful father to our 2 kids.

  • Really so true. I just want to let my heart out. I had a friend in school whom I really trusted a lot and even considered my sister. We used to share many things and we were really close.Then our section got changed and that changed everything. She used to be with another girl (who too was my friend as we lived in the same locality though not bestie type). They were in same section and I never minded that(honestly speaking) until a day when she came to stay with her and she didn’t even came to meet me infact I didn’t knew about this. Later I came to know about this…I felt very bad but still forgave her. Then she even once got up from my side and went to sat beside her…and didn’t stay with me any more. I was heartbroken. From that day I thought I would never get emotionally attached to anyone…ofcourse I will make friends but no more friendship. Later her friendship with that girl broke after school. However she is still my friend though not my bestie. After this incident I again trusted a girl in university and thought her to be my real friend but once upon a matter I disagreed with her and that was enough to break our friendship. Infact knowing it was not my fault I said sorry to her to save our friendship but she never would text me or call me…I was always the first. I think to her her ego is more important than our friendship. Now I really doubt whether true friendship really exists. Don’t know why but these incidents still hurts me. May be I could now never trust anyone else or I don’t know whether I could now myself be a good friend…

  • No point being friends if you like her.

    If you do ask her out and she says no. She may forgive, but will never forget. Your friendship is screwed

  • I have a lot of guy friends and 2 are best friends:v and i have 2 best friends which are the best, one of my best friend liked me but i dont like him, but we are best friends so:P and what we always do is play roblox

  • #save_men_india #black_laws_india
    In india, around 50 anti-male gender biased laws for destroying millions of innocent men every year….
    A fake complain (without evidences/proof) is enough to destroy men life in india…. men time (productive years ), money, irreversible respect is lost…
    Hindu marriage law is against hindu husband in india..

  • I’m trying to work up the courage to ask her out now. It’s a little bit easier to stomach the risk since our jobs kept us so busy (and pushed in the opposite directions geographically) that we’ve only run into each other twice in the last year. If it backfires, I haven’t seen her in a while anyway. If it works, I know I’m going out someone I have an easy time talking to, and everyone always said we had great chemistry when we used to work at our part-time Summer job in college

  • I thought 9 years was a long period of time, I have a so-called “best friend” she was the one that visited me when I had an accident, I was with her every single day, after school we would call each other and do a lot of things �� now she chose a group of friends over me that changed her so much ����‍♀️ because of them the trend of depression influenced her, even tho when she needed someone the most I was with her she still chose to be with them �� she even “changed” her sexuality because of them and now turns out I’m the bad friend for confronting her about it ����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️ I still don’t get what they mean by a long time

  • wish i watched this earlier… my heart got torn when my ex best friend turned on me for stupid reasons. this video really helped.

  • This came up on my recamended and so I watched it and I once fainted and all my friends were scerd but one he thought it was funny and kept going on about it so I decided to move on from him ��

  • Hey Jay ����nice meaningful video
    I lost all subs as the channel was hidden for few days.. and now I have only from 220 to 3, all gone for����

  • Hi Coco great job on the video and keep up the great work and I like your hair style and your nails they look cute as you and thanks for the advice and keep doing you and have a great day ��

  • Sigh… I had a toxic friend once who was the opposite of these things…

    A long time ago, I used to like… not just like anime, but go to cons for a few times as an adult when I’ve never been to one and knew when and where they take place growing up. ^^; But then I stopped when I found a lot of toxic people there, though it’s kind of hard to recall…

    But for my friend, they were like one of the only people I’ve met offline instead of online (and I think they were still rather young too, like barely 18, but… whatever…) But like, they’d never wanted to do stuff with me and would hang out with other friends and kept acting like they knew freaking everything about what it means to be a mature adult and that I should figure things out on my own and go conning by myself..

    Then when I eventually blocked them on Facebook, they made another account just to tell me I’m a horrible person just because I’m so “negative” apparently, so they could have the last laugh… Freaking stupid bastard… Sigh…

    I even had another person do the exact same thing to me and thought it was the former person and called them a sociopath to their face for hurting me like…

    I really hate some people… People like this have made me lose my trust in people…:'(

  • I’m a girl and 11 and I asked my bff (who is a girl) if she will be my girlfriend, in the same text I told her I’m lesbian and the boys at my school call me and her lesbian together cause we spend every second together. I feel a bit embarrassed about it she hasn’t responded becuase school just ended and I messaged her while she was in class and I was at home (I’m sick) I’m nervous because I asked her before watching this I hope she stays with me even if it means we stay bffs I don’t care if we do cause I will not regret telling her how I feel ��

  • I am the most important person in my life and I think that no one will ever be that important to me…
    If I think about my friends and family it feels like there would be no emotions for them…
    Just nothing…

    Today I was in school and met my friends. I haven’t seen them many weeks and I didn’t miss them
    I thought they would be happy to see me but they weren’t…
    They ignore me and i don’t really care about that

    I often lie to my best friend bc I don’t want to meet her, I tell her I am busy and are not allowed to meet her bc of the virus

    But that are lies, I don’t want to meet her, I just want to be in my room.
    I don’t know why it’s just that I don’t need people to talk to or something like this.
    I like it if we text and laugh together but I don’t need it.
    I don’t want to meet them and it feels like I wasted my time if I spent time with them.
    They are my friends but I only can laugh with them.

    My mum thinks everyone need someone he/she can talk to but I don’t. I never needed someone to talk to.

    I don’t know why I told you this but yeah
    And I am sorry for my bad English I am from Germany


  • My friends were always telling me I need a boyfriend, I need a boyfriend. And they would say it’s because I’m pretty and whatever. Which I have mixed emotions for cause it’s like they meant good. I ended up dating a guy, that I barely knew. I gave me so much anxiety being in a relationship. I felt like I had to be someone else, I felt like I wasn’t good enough. He was a good person in the beginning, but he ended up falling for my best friend:(

  • My friend, I was with her since primary school, she had an accident that day with her family, at first I don’t know anything about that, later my cousin tell me about it at school then after I finished school I told my mom abou it, then the next day, I visited her at the hospital, then my family help her family, we also give some money to them, then after 4 month in the hospital (I visited her after I finished school like everyday), she came to school and everyone ask her what happened… Then until now she’s not with me.. she’s with her friends that didn’t even visited her, help her, and she’s with them until now… And she came to me only when she’s in a problem.. then after it has been solve she’s with them again�� BUT I KEEP THINKING POSITIVE ABOUT HER, I STILL HELP HER, but when I need her ofc she’s finding an excuse to avoid from helping me… OKAY I still think positive about you.. but someday I hope you know how I felt when you treated me like that ����

  • I had a frnd once she was that one true frnd who always stood with me bt now she is no more and even today I think I can get 100 frnds bt like her I will not be able to find 1 frnd in my life��������

  • I have good friends and I also try to be good for them.i also have experience of these situations in life this is the time when people show there true colors.

  • I have some friends and this friends if you tell them something they Will be sad so much and they cant take it like a joke and i have some friends that if i do a joke they are going to laugh and they are not going to make sad or the other that if i tell something secret to the they are going to tell it everywhere

  • I was sitting on my guy friends lap,which I always do I’ve known him since preschool, and then his girlfriend showed up and got mad and started yelling so I started singing that song toxic. He broke up with her as soon as I sang that it was funny. I love him with all my heart. My brothers dont��

  • I hate fake friends now the only real friends i have are my two closers friends i had a bestfriend but then things didn’t go so well with us �� i miss her each day but were friends but not best friends
    We both help each other and at least i can also call her my good friend
    But she can be alittle greedy to others but not me lol

  • One of my guy best friends really hurt me. And I told my other close friends about it. They told me to stay away from him, but I want him in my life. I want to be in his life. One of my best friends told me she doesn’t wanna hear it anymore and that she’s done. I want her to be with me, she didn’t hurt me as much as he did, but idk what to do. I wanna be in his life and I wanna be in his life. He texted me and said he didn’t want me to leave, that he was sorry, that he needed me. My other friends aren’t as soft as I am and I accepted his apology. But I feel like I’m losing all my friends at this point. I’m trying to keep everything together but it’s not helping. I want him to be with me but I don’t want to lose my best friends.

  • OKAY SO.. I’ve been in this squad who left me out so many times, and they’ve been mean to me sometimes and all. I found out they had all these plans to avoid me, and I just left. IF YOUR FRIENDS ARE DRAGGING YOU DOWN AND MAKING YOU DEPRESSED, GET YOURSELF OUT OF THERE BECAUSE YOU WILL FEEL HAPPIER ALONE THAN BEING WITH TOXIC FRIENDS. I PROMISE YOU THAT.

  • So this is a little more of a complicated scenario but say if its a high school or college relationship and you have known the girl for so long that getting rejected would never heal because you may not have that much time left in school..?

  • i’d love to be a good friend, but the problem is nobody just counts on me because everybody refuses to talk to me and due to my anxiety i’m afraid to even interact with people

  • Remember what your mom/dad say? Always makes friend with a good friends. If this actually true that would mean that your friend might not find you to be good so there’s no bound of being friends as long as your having fun with him and him having fun with you too and accepting each other that is what Good friends is.

  • I’m not ya friend I’m just giving you a heads up to respect my privacy bc it won’t be hard to prove not only did y’all gain access to my house to set up hidden cameras to stalk me with the help of that guy BUT ALSO there was OIL RUBBED on my keys and my door was open when I first moved in now connect that to the POWDER that was dropped on my kitchen Floor and boom it was y’all sick Demonic hateful Stalking asses sad part is y’all all planted y’all selves right around me ������….I could NEVER bc that DUMB but I’m guessing y’all think I’m gonna support y’all lifestyle….So keep Stalking me if y’all DARE ☑️

  • When I was in 2nd grade my friend told me that she had a crush on someone in my class and she told me his name,she told me not to tell anyone even my other friends but talkative me told my other other friend that she like the boy in my class,then my other friend ask my friend if she like the boy in my class then she said no but my friend no she was lying and she said “I know you like him(I don’t want to say her name) cherine told me then my friend come up to me and she was very mad and said “cherine why did you tell her” and I said “I’m very sorry’

  • I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I’m in a little bit of a situation now. I’m in a group of friends (there are four of us in total), and three of them are on the complete opposite side of the political “world” as I am. They always make rude jokes about stuff that my side supports, and they know I support it. (At least I’ve told them a few times before) I’ve been silent for a while, but I’m scared of getting “ganged up on” by the three of them. (Since we all hang out as a group). We all agreed to not talk about politics, especially in person. But they keep making jokes and comments. Does anyone have any tips please? Thank you in advance.

  • Sometimes overwhelming is one of the toxic/bad things. I was really advance and always tried to install a establishment in school or had no care if I showed my art and if the school wasnt really good at art and were jealous, and overwhelming people with your rules and ethics.

    I learned through from that though, and I hope to be a more mature and responsible Ate(Filipino for sister, I’m the oldest of my class)

  • Ok, so, I’m watching this cuz I’m moving to another country and I just realized that after I told my bff that I’m moving she has been ignoring my texts and she always lashes out on me

  • How about woman ask men out most of the time & start implementing the gender equality they have been demanding for generations now. Either that or take your rights away until you take genuine responsibility foe equality.

  • I don’t know if my friend likes me or not
    Before she would call me all the time and we would talk for hours but now she dose not and she never texts me when she dose she says she is busy or gets mad at me
    For texting her to much she has been my friend since kinder garden but now I don’t feel like she likes me that much anymore… ��

  • I still can’t forgive myself for repeating something my therapist told me to a friend that offended them somehow and just ignored me and still does… I blame myself still

  • Kinda a Nieve, opinion, People get tired of it, your friends fuck your girl and you fuck your friends girl, it happens evertime. Not a big deal for me anymore. People like sex, so what. Why are you twisting it into some story at this point.

  • I have best friend and we become best friend already 11 years and I trust her, but I have 1 secret and I not yet tell her.. Because, I just afraid that she will hate me and leave me:( so I just keep it secret.. Can somebody make me feel calm? I always sad, and stres when I thinking that..

  • i have self-awareness,I forgive very easily but only when its nothing really serious,My friend always says that im a good listener and thats why she can always go to me,I commit,Im incredibly honest to her too(brutally sometimes)

    dOeS tHaT mEaN iM a gOoD fRiEnD?

  • I’ve ended most of my friendships because I can be very passive aggressive, I don’t realize when it happens but it just happens. I feel like I shouldn’t really have any friends until I’ve become a better person myself.

  • I’ve always been a good friend but because people only talk to me about things they can’t tell there bff the moment I step back I’m two faced

  • Im a good listener but my friends say ‘OMG why dont you talk? Dont hangout with me anymore!’ i like to listen, not talking, thats why i have no friends ��

  • Wanted to find the reason I feel like I cant seem to have strong friendships. Sadly I still don’t know, I really want to learn to be a better friend

  • I’m bad at listening, and have trust issues. I also like, say what every sentence ;-; I’ll beat some people up if they hurt my friend

  • I’ve been praying that one day and maybe this year that i will have one hopefully i would really need one cause i only have one friend and i am going through tough situations right now so.. pls God. let me have this life time chance. <<<3333

  • For various reasons, people will never admit that “friendship” is really like the consolation prize, most of the time. So nah, fuck that. It’s worse than the Bronze medal in the Olympics…. the “eh, you were ok…but you weren’t good ENOUGH” medal.

  • I tick off all these boxes except the forgiveness towards my self part, and the commitment part. Im extremely introverted. I like to socialise with people that i click with (and there are only a handful of people that i feel comfortable hanging out with and i have a good time with). But i need alone time alot. And if i am commited to a friendship with someone, im going to have to go out with them all the time. I dont want that commitment. I dont want them to be my friend, only for me almost never wanting to go out. I dont want to do that to someone. My intentions arent to hurt anyone, by doing that, but it seems like that is going to happen. I dont know what to do:/

  • I believe I am a good friend to others, but I want to be a better friend because I know there are many things I could fall short on.

  • am only 8 Year old any i get bullid someone time by me friend but this vidoe has help me And know i under stand who boss and they never bully me again Am happy that you possed this vidoe

  • I fit these all. It’s just the commitment part. My friends know I’m a ride or die and will literally go out of my way to save them from a crisis but I just havent been showing up lately. I let them know that I need space and that I just need to be alone for the most part and I’m sure they understand. I wish I could just show up more tho bc I know they miss me and I miss them so so so much but I just need to be alone right now. I’ve been alone for months now and it’s not that I am scared to be social, but I’m just still working on myself and I dont wanna accidentally hurt anyone while I’m still hurting somewhere deep inside. I’m just done putting on masks and I told them the truth about how I need to get my shit together before making plans to sit down and hang out with a friend for an hour or two or more. There’s only like 3 people I really have the energy for and even with them they know I need my space if I’m not constantly talking to them.

  • the fact that im all this and my “best” friend just threw me away because i was helping her way too “much”. I never had a best friend i can really talk with, wish i had one

  • We girls are their diary where they will surely share their daywise crushes, chat with crush, heartbreaks and then the next crush….. Lol…. Beside that they’ll never count you girl for sure

  • Sooooo I have some guy friends and I really like one of them,and he is completely different around his friends(he ignores me and doesn’t talk to me)and completely different when he is with me alone (he is ao much caring and protective),but he already has a girlfriend and he is always texting with her like 24/7, so what does this mean and what should I do??

  • Me n my guy best friend are just beggining our journey. I can’t wait to spend summer nights on the beach together and have so many things that are so special. He has a gf and she thinks we like eachother more than friends but we don’t he’s my rock and my lifeline he knows everything about me (even the weird stuff) but it’s great I never want to lose him idk what I’d do without him he just gets me and our convos r magical and that’s all there is no romance or secret love we’re just best friends and that will never change

    Edit: he flirted with another girl and said it was a joke. I lost him ��

  • when you bring a lot of your guy friends to your house and your little brother asks “Are these all your boyfriends” and all your guy friends say “yes”
    just me?


  • In my opinion….there is niether true nor fake friends. It is just based on a demand and supply concept. And if you are self grown and highly self dependants person then you need not anymore friends. And you fullfilled with self and only self growth. Then you will see all your connections and friends are available for you any time. So it just quite depends upon you(self)

  • Having a guy best friend Is great!! Hahaha!! Tho most of the guy friends would leave for their gf!! But in my case!! My bestie doesn’t want to have a gf!! And he told me to “wait for the right one” ������lmfao.. He’s handsome and he’s perfect + dumb -_+ ugh!! I hate him when he’s angry!! But never mind!! He already said “u r mine now ��” XD idk

  • When your friend takes your phone and texts him as you saying that you like him and having to call him in the morning to explain everything that happened the night before and explaining the texts…..fr tho anyone else?

  • Coco im bleeding. I just saw a girl and wanted to speak to her but i failed i hesitated. I am feeling so bad and sad right now. Please i wanna see her again. Please just one time i will never let that happen to me anymore that i let her go.

  • 1 Corinthians 7:1-4 

    7  It is good for a man not to touch a woman.
    2 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

  • My only dearest friend is god
    He never leave me in any situation
    But instead send someone stranger in different period of my life when I need help

  • There are also not enough talking about the rights each individual rights when it comes to walking away from a toxic friendship & convincing a friend to not be close to a person that have been toxic to me and my life at a point. At first I couldn’t accept or understand the kind of situation whenever I see my friends are still friends with people who have hurt mentally. But later as I read more and more resources about emotional quality & emotional intelligence, I have learnt / learned and will try to understand that no human being is �� / perfect. Have you seen a quote that says something like “Hurt people, hurt people”?

    Yeah so I understand it this way, I will not take away the right of choice anyone I care have… including how they can be friends with people I don’t click & don’t get along with.

    Example: I had bad with person A, doesn’t mean person B has the same bad experience with person A. So there is no reason for me to break person B & person A ‘s relationship.

    However, I also have my rights. I have the choice to not to be around them when they hang out for the sake for my own peace of mind. Basically knowing & creating my own boundaries & this is part of a personal growth. And I make sure to be honest to my friends that I care for the genuine reasons why I won’t wanna be around if they hang out with the people I don’t wanna be around with. I’m grateful for the maturity levels of my close friends though, they understand me and never invited me to a gathering that includes certain people anymore which I’m happy about.

  • So girls would only be JUST FRIENDS with a guy, if they are gross and are so detestable that they can’t even be seen as a romantic interest? Point noted.

  • My best friend is a guy and I was protecting him the other day cause someone was gonna hit Him and said “ DO yOu LIke hIm?” I was like “NO hes my best friend and im just protecting him….Is there a problem…..?”…..she kept quiet and kept walking away

  • I take band class at school and basically the social expectations for band class is that all of the band kids get made fun of so all of the band kids stick together. In band class there is one other girl besides me and there is five guys and we sit together at lunch and hangout. It’s so much fun and there is literally no drama and I hope it stays that way!

  • I met this boy, 4 years ago now…and we liked each other for 3 of those 4 years and I was planning on asking him out this year, but when we came back to school he acted really horrible towards me, cold and distant, he didn’t talk to me or look at me, and now he treats my best friend the way he used to treat me, like I was the only thing in the world that mattered, and he was the first boy I ever really really liked. He talks to me sometimes now, but not often, I miss him but he doesn’t seem it care, I’m moving schools next year and I’m gonna cut him off because he doesn’t care about me or want me in his life, I want you all to know, like luhhsetty said, don’t let them control your life, if your friends don’t treat you like the amazing and wonderful person you are than you don’t have time for them, they don’t care what’s up with you, you couldn’t care less about what’s up with them, if they try to guilt trip you like my ex best friend did, just remember that there are people who genuinely care about you and want you in there lives.

    (: long speech ❤️

  • I don’t lie 1D they aren’t my type and I hate Kylie I like more k-pop like bts,EXO, Monsta x,NCT,NCT 127,NCT U, NCT dream,Got7, Bigbang,Txt And STRAY KIDS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • my life is sad i have this old guy friend who was just a best friend no more, and my other best friend was also friends with him, but then last year my friend left so then my guy friend made new friends cuz i was too shy to ask which ruined everything. my old guy friend now has a “friend” which is one of my friends, but i never knew until the end of last year but they were a thing since almost 2 years ago, it breaks my heart becuz she literally asian version of me, we like same thing just different culture/heritage. mostly becuz i never realized i had a crush on him the full 3 years until i missed him now he never talks to me.

  • I have a crush on one of my guy friends and people always say my other guy friend (let’s say M and my crush is E) so my other friend M apparently has a crush on me, which I don’t believe BUT he does act weird around me ����‍♀️ But I have a crush on E and he does show signs on crushing on me but that might just be because we’re friends ������

  • I do feel deeply feel that way with my crush but I still would want to be friends even if she rejects me, so thank you COCO for the advise

  • “We’re just friends, nothing romantic going on between us”

    Then why are you their friend to begin with? Or better question: Why is HE YOUR friend?

  • People come into your life for a season a reason or a lifetime….don’t mixed a seasonal person for a lifetime people and don’t mix up a reason person with a seasonal person sometimes people come in our life just to teach us a life lesson and move on….much luv❤️

  • another experianceis when you are just talking to him and then OUT OF NO WHERE they start teasing you and you guys keep teasing each other lmaoooo or is that just me? ������������

  • Hey. I eat a lot of pizza and go 3 weeks+ without washing my jeans. Gross, I know. But they’re the only jeans I like and they were second hand so I don’t know where to get more.

  • This is so true lol. Even when your G-6 your friends (girls) always tease you about having a crush on your guy friend or having a crush on your guy friends. They did when I was G-3 but it eventually wears off. What’s horrible for girls who has guy friends is that, when someone has a crush on him. The girl will target you as her friend, hang out with you and use you to be close to one of them. Or they will bully you if the girl is popular. Though, no one bullies me. ��

    Being one of the boys is better than being with the girls.

    Boys are risky and if your a boyish type of girl then you get how fun it is to be with boys. They always have your back when you really need it.

    Girls are… Fine for me. Though not many girls are real friends nowadays. The plastic friends are mostly girls. They’re fun to shop with and talk about other girl stuff. I think that’s just it for me. All my friends who are girls are fake

  • also, my guy bestfriend has been friends with me foe half a school year and just yesterday he asked me out, secretly I also had a crush on him so I said yes and now were dating!!!!:)

  • Being one of three girls and the only one who actually hangs out with them outside of college s awesome! Having all guy friends I think is perhaps one of the best things about me that I love.

  • 1: Confirm if you are willing to take risk.
    2: Be prepared to accept whatever comes out of her mouth.
    3: Tell her, plainly and confidently, that you have feelings for her.
    4: Make sure to tell her that you don’t care what she says, or that you don’t want to ruin your friendship.
    5: Listen. Ask why, even if she said yes or no. Say, “that reason is completely valid and is respected.”
    6: If yes, hug her and take her phone number if you don’t already have it. Tell her how much this means to you.
    7: If no, try to move on. Tell yourself that there is a better relationship waiting for you somewhere else in life. Try not to be sad.
    8: Move on. Make sure you keep in touch, and support each other through thick and thin.
    That’s my tips…. I need to remember this for when I do this ��

  • I have this guy friend and everyone thinks I like him
    Like No I can’t even look at my crush without my entire face turning red, how would I be able to talk to him

  • These are all so true (except for the having-a-crush-on-a-guy ones) because I’m lesbian, but HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THAT I’M NOT DATING MY GUY FRIENDS? You’d think my school would catch on by now