10 Ways Grandma and grandpa Could Be Great House Visitors


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10 Ways Grandparents Can Be Great House Guests Get Input Before Scheduling Your Visit. Many young families lead hectic lives with diverse obligations. 1  Be sure to Respect Parenting Time and Parents’ Rules.

Of course, you want to spend as much time with your grandchildren as Do Offer to. 10. Behandel u leërskare. Om huisgaste te hê, selfs koöperatiewe, is stresvol. Beloon u gashere, al is dit u kinders, met ‘n teken van u waardering. As u by die tradisie wil bly en ‘n geskenk stuur nadat u besoek verby is, is dit goed.

Moet nooit geskenke vir die kleinkinders stuur sonder om iets vir hul ouers in te pak nie. Grandparents can instill in a grandchild the importance of saving for a rainy day, a college education, and big dollar purchases. They can hire their grandchild to do jobs around the house or in the yard such as dusting, pulling weeds, or raking leaves to earn extra money and learn the value of a dollar.

Do things, don’t just give things. Don’t be a burden. Avoid playing favorites. Take the lead. Be your grandchild’s confidante.

Store and share family memories. Being a knock-your-socks-off grandma or grandpa is fun, sure – but it also takes time and effort. Here’s how to be the best grandparent you can be.

That’s a great way to show the parents that you can take instruction. With older children, grandparents should respect food restrictions, bedtimes and the parents’ rules in general. Grandparents Can Be the Best House Guests With These 10 Tips.

Fact checked by Elaine Hinzey, RD What Grandparents Should Remember About Parenting. Unhelpful guests rarely get invited back. Things you should offer to do: Help prep or cook meals; set the table and do the dishes; drive people in your car; occupy the kids while their parents take a well-deserved nap; fix a little something around the house if you have the skills; or take the dog.

Read Why Grandparents Are Important: 10 Blessings They Give by Michelle Lazurek encouragement for Christian moms!


p>My grandmother had a huge impact on my life, both physically and spiritually. She lived next door to me, so I spent a lot of weekends with her, sleeping over her house, playing games, and chatting. “If you can isolate that person and not utilize a face mask, that would be the best case scenario and the truth is when you wear a mask, that’s not 100 percent effective either,” she continued. You can offer to set the table, cook, wash the dishes, fix something around the house, take the dog for a walk, fold laundry, buy groceries, or run to the liquor store. A great way to get your guest to leave is to tell them that your life is getting in the way of being a good host to them.

In the end, they may take the hint and pack their bags. Let them know that your work and family life are so busy that you can’t be the type of host you want to be at the moment.

List of related literature:

Visitors should conform carefully to the habits of the house, not be out walking at dinner time, nor in bed at breakfast time, and never keep the family up after their hour for retiring.

“The Awakening and Other Writings” by Kate Chopin, Suzanne L. Disheroon, Barbara C. Ewell, Pamela Glenn Menke, Susie Scifres
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A more direct and clearer list of house rules leads to fewer issues with your guests.

“Airbnb For Dummies” by Symon He, James Svetec
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Limit the guest list to the family, but include obviously prospective members.

“Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn-of-the-Millennium” by Judith Martin
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Quality of home visiting: Giving families a chance to talk so they can plan.

“Speech-Language Pathologists in Early Childhood Intervention: Working With Infants, Toddlers, Families, and Other Care Providers” by Plural Publishing, Incorporated
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• Introduce guests to one another and see that they move around instead of remaining in one group.

“Home Economics in Action” by Theadora Alexander, Caribbean Association of Home Economists
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For example, say mom and dad come home tired and weary after a long day of work, and grandma has left a hot, fresh, home cooked meal on the table for them.

“Enchanting Beauty: Ancient Secrets to Inner, Outer & Lasting Beauty” by Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar
from Enchanting Beauty: Ancient Secrets to Inner, Outer & Lasting Beauty
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My parents would often come over co luncheon or dinner, bringing their guests with them, and vice versa.

“Clementine Churchill: The Biography of a Marriage” by Mary Soames
from Clementine Churchill: The Biography of a Marriage
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Give each guest a

“Frugal Living For Dummies” by Deborah Taylor-Hough
from Frugal Living For Dummies
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Familiarise them with the call bell, bathroom, space for their belongings, TV, how to adjust the bed and introduce them to other people in the room

“Essential Enrolled Nursing Skills for Person-Centred Care” by Gabby Koutoukidis, Kate Stainton
from Essential Enrolled Nursing Skills for Person-Centred Care
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Elders often have cluttered homes because they have accumulated the memories and possessions of a lifetime; they also may place furniture close together to make it easier to hear conversations.

“Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Public's Health” by Karen Saucier Lundy, Sharyn Janes
from Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Public’s Health
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  • Little girl: I am old
    Her mum (I think): how old are you?
    Little girl: Sixteen! I’m a grandmother.
    All sixteen year olds watching:������

  • even the babies are one of the most dangerous animals in world so I built this cage to keep them safe so there’s no possible oh my god…

  • WTF is wrong with these kids, they should be totally proud of their incredibly successful and badass grandparents. That’s way better than what any of my grandparents did.

  • When I saw the one about American girl dolls and I heard the little girl say “I know more about America girl dolls than you genies” I am like “ no I know more than you because I have 20 something counting the Wellie wishers and bitty babies and I also have a big American girl doll house”

  • My grandpa is probably not “ cooler “ but he has an interesting story. He was a sociopath who had killed a kitten because it annoyed him. He flew in the RAF for a long time and died when his plane crashed under suspicious circumstances. His friends who are still alive said he was a good pilot yet after doing everything he could to stop his Cessna 441 crashing it dived into the forest. He taught people how to make bombs in the Middle East because he would get a lot of money and he supposedly killed someone on a golf course for hitting on his wife.

  • I LOVE GRANDMA SMITH. I have already viewed some of Ross Smith’s videos & Granny is COOL. If you haven’t watched the videos, watch ’em. She’ll have you laughing.

  • YOU LIED TO US…THE COUPLE at 1;56 arenot the ones you are talkinjg about….am not trrusting you….they are my neighbors here in kenya…what the hell

  • “My grandma is cool because she’s got an amazing sense  of humour! Not only that,  she’s also spiritual, and hard working! Sin she is fat, thanks to her big gardening project, she lost some body fat and gained muscle! She’s still not slim, but I can see the difference in her tummy! She spent about 5hours a day gardening!”

  • I love you but your analogy of a cluttered home in comparison to a chapter book with many words was wayy off. It makes reading sound like a bad thing and we know that’s not true!!

  • My grandma spoils me rotten and is still as energetic as a normal woman with pretty good sense of style. And my grandpa was my dad’s soccer coach as well as a former military soldier. I have cool grandparents and I even called my grandma my mom when I was a baby since I spent a lot of time with her XD she also didn’t only make cookies BUT BROWNIES! She also makes the best spaghetti in my opinion:P

  • my grandma makes great food and my grandpa is a good planter and they are the best grandparents in the world for me they are the better than the ones in the video

  • I don’t see what’s impressive about old men shooting steroids in their rectums.
    They’re just leading themselves to an earlier death, and that’s fine but it’s not impressive.

    And before you reply, if you think at that age you can build that much muscle you don’t know shit about the body.

  • My grandmother is way cooler. She cheated death many times already. One time she was declared dead by the doctor, minutes later she started breathing again. Hhahahaha

  • i am 41 and my first grandson was born in october, i grew up doing all those things we raise our own beef dairy cows goats pigs chickens mainly for eggs im not much of a chicken person.. lol i actually no several people that still do things the old ways and im hoping to teach my grandchildren the same things and hopefully it sticks and atleast 1 will continue on..

  • I have experience in each of these things, and could list dozens more skills that are not common. I grew up in a rural background, but living in the city now, most of those skills are of no use to me. What I learned from my farmboy days was to be self reliant and use my common sense to solve problems.

  • This will be a very exciting series, I am trying to pare down too, the more i get out of my house the better I feel, my house is small and doesn’t look good which too much stuff, can’t wait to see what you change in your home, because, it always looks great to me.

  • I have been transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle over the last year it has been immensely liberating! And yes, definitely do a how video!

  • I’m a choctaw/cherokee and these skills are common to me including motorcycle riding and navigating by eye and starting a fire. I struggle teaching my younguns these values sir

  • Yes, agreed, good points. Also knitting garments (without patterns); sewing (again, no patterns)); spinning and weaving. Also Mending what you already have?! Good job PN1!! X

  • Ooh I definitely want to see a “How” video. I definitely lean towards minimalism, my husband leaned toward keeping EVERYTHING. Lol loved him anyway. ��

    Love your videos too. ��

  • I have sort of a love-hate feeling about minimalism. Part of it reminds me of, heck, I’ll be dead soon, no one wants any of my memories or crap when I’m gone and or, I want to all ways be in a state of getting ready to move because I have no roots or I get bored easily. So why bother with being sentimental at all. Lol

  • Sorry not a hater AT ALL… but why is the lighting always so different/kinda off on all of your vids. They never look cohesive… it’s kinda distracting… ��

  • I try not to attach sentiment to inanimate objects. I keep my love for parents, grandparents, children and others in my memory, not in their objects, their purchases, etc. This means my kids won’t inherit a big job of decluttering my stuff when I am gone.

  • Yes! I’d love to see another video on this subject and how you did it. When I saw the subject line I became so excited. I believe a lot of us have been thinking about this subject but don’t really know where to start. Thank you!

  • You are so wonderful and yes please share how you did this in your own home. I want this for myself and my family, but honestly, I get so overwhelmed that I don’t even know where to start.

  • Please do a process to minimizing video! I have been struggling with this last purge cause I’m now down to things I love but I clearly love too much stuff! Your tips are spot-on! Tfs!

  • Bravo! Bravo! for this video:) And Yes, it would love to see how you did this. Until next time Happy Valetina in your minimal home:)

  • How to dig a well and find water to drink
    If we had a EMP people would learn quick or die
    What would people do if none of the electronics worked?
    Just think about that!!!!!!!!
    I just heard on the radio about EMP electromagnetic pulses from the sun or a nuke
    He said that America would be dead in a year most of us 340 million down to 30 million

  • My grandma was a gold digger and my grandpa worked as a post man he used to always leave his wallet on the table every Friday so she could go on her shopping spree then she left him when he was all out and that my story

  • people used to help each other and teach each other these things.when that’s gone…..who will sell it to you and at what price shall you endebt yourselves..what bank,what corporation?mass production,,doesnt replace anything,,,trys to but doesn’t..it just enslaves the unknowing to a paycheck,,when all of it,,even grandmas soup recipie didn’t come from them.. you caint make better on your own.?.as long as you are buying and eating the mass production dependentcy soup.?not that something is lost,,or not appreciated…,its that old home cookin,everyone has their own..and alot of it is soooo good…its where innovation came from..doing with what you have,and people coming together,,until someone?ahh people see it now same as then,,,dont worry..….way better than the one size fits all soupline…or the crackdonnalds..ya get the point….ya wont do it…..without a help self and each other freely,,thing inside you..,bring what ya have to share with all in the name of goodness,the resistance discipline,is a need to or else…if separated from that,,then its all you and what you have learned,better use it and teach it freely…or is the corporate socialist soupline.where they teach none of it.and people wisper to each other in line for fear of being overheard….then its ww1 or 2 or 3 etc on and on and on…until one day what really happened to so called civilizations becomes self evident…someone took it over and crushed any competition..to take it all,,and offer it,,as a one size fits all..laws rules and the so called works..its all been seen before….what wasn’t seen was that drink of water someone brought me when I was thirsty,,,whats already there,,doesn’t cost anything..till you let crony nations take it all away and sell it to whomever they want at their price…Indians found that out the hard way..get on the reservation,,!.when will everyone else learn..what should have been learned,,,,has to be…..all relearned…as the government places all on and under their reservations…free thinking is critical to all that would improve anything,…lend that to those that would rule over you, and yours,,and your all screwed every time…as if,,it was ever theirs…strict rules and guidelines..one size fits all..they call it law…lol..the innovation goblin…they hide in and behind..that,,and just brutal mercyless force..all on orders,,one size fits all,,under whos law and one world order of course….screwing people over and getting them and using them to turn on each other..for century after century..on and on..then adventure is over..they don’t even know what advent really is..till all the holes in their history to get where they are opened,,and unsealed for all to see..privacy for them…..and you..well you get a microscope stuck up your asses 24/7…so to speak….so they can see where it came from and where they went wrong..

  • I absolutely love this video that you’re doing…..this is exactly the way that I feel. It seems to me as you get older you just want less and less!!!

  • When I was a little girl, I loved looking into my great grandmother’s China cabinet, she had a beautiful collection of miniature toys, miniature working sewing machines and tiny tea sets… It was heaven! Now I have a cabinet full of my own treasures, a huge cat figurines collection sitting in tiny chairs, which I also collect, among a collection of Coca-Cola efemera… I know it sounds horrid, but it’s not:) I truly enjoy my beautiful cabinet… I’m not and could not be a minimalist, I do enjoy looking a at minimal interior design and architecture (I’m an architect BTW) and I hate clutter, don’t get me wrong. All in all, I think it’s about finding that balance that’s right for YOU…

    Love your videos, I don’t miss a single one! ❤️

  • I just did the same thing! I even now have some empty cupboards. Woke at 3:00 a.m. after a kitchen remodel and started loading boxes of STUFF. I feel so much better. Never liked excess around me now even more less is more.

  • My home is not minimal, buy no means… however there is not one thing in my home that I do not LOVE… I have just started over…all new, have learned in this move, all you are saying… very careful now about everything I do, and purchase… simple, my new mott… love ya❤

  • New subscriber! I absolutely LOVE ❤️ your passion and enthusiasm. The squeal at the end is something I relate to so much when I’m passionate about something and it is what made me know I needed to subscribe. ��

  • Totally agree! I moved to my home north of Montreal just before covid hit, it was only suposed to be a secondary home. I have very little, but the basics and decided I work from home here, during covid lockdown. I was OK with the few cloths I had. I think the fact that it had so much less stuff than my condo, I felt in heaven, I swear, I even lost that pesky extra 10 pounds I’ve been struggling to rid myself of. Now I will sell the condo, and you know what my biggest fear is? Filling this place up. I need to stay strong and give the extra stuff I don’t need, even if I have hardly used it. It’s hard, even though I know the benefits. But then, the right thing to do is hardly ever the easiest. I am strong.

  • So right, it feel so good to put away things. It’s like i can breath. And it looks nice, its easier to clean, and makes you more calm. Sometimes when i decorate i think i shall put some more things here and there, but after i while i take it off again. ��

  • I just adore you. You’re always so timely with your videos. Because of you I completely changed the decor plans for our extension and now the rest of the home.

  • Please show your thoughts and progress as you minimize your spaces please”” we need to get to the start and that may very well be the hardest part…knowing where to start. Thanks for helping and being you.ox

  • I am not a minimalist or maximalist…clutter is one thing…having treasured pieces that
    make your space look special Is another. Trimming, editing and downsizing are words that
    I prefer. It seems like the design styles of today are about looking barren, although
    impressive…not really yummy or relaxed. I think we go through different kinds of obsessions
    and neuroses throughout life…back and forth…happy today, discontented tomorrow. It is nice
    to think, some of our things are not just stuff, but pieces that reflect our life journey. I try to use
    what I have. There is no ideal…ultimate home, it is always evolving instead of just staged.
    Sometimes quirky vintage pieces are interesting….warm, and inviting, but not perfect.
    Thoughtful furniture arrangements really make a house a home, and is kind to our guests.
    Loving something” absolutely” is kind of relative..Impressing others with making our homes
    look expensive is an act, not a life style. Our homes work for us and we can breathe stuff in
    and out without guilt as needed. Enjoy listening to your insights..

  • When i’m working from home i like to listen to your videos. Such a bright lovely energy from you and your hubby. I’m getting into minimalism so this is what I need today!

  • This is such a wonderful video! Kept getting interrupted so watching late…lol. Wanted to appreciate all your great ideas! Can you maybe do future video of how and what you should store for possible later decor use, etc? Like you may not be using item now but you like and don’t want to get rid of yet…How to know what to keep you know

  • My grandmother likes to bake and she aways bring for baking everyday and helps everyone that she see when she see people getting injured

  • I’m all about zero clutter! I do have an issue(s) w/ my grandparents & parents beloved belongings; how I use at times and then have to find other uses or store them. So Yes, how? ��✨

  • I’m only 39 seconds into the video and SOOO excited! I started cutting down when I hired a stager to sell my Amarillo home. We lived in the home after it was fully staged (cabinets and everything)…. was the BEST decision I ever made and my stager, Wendy Neighbors, in Canyon changed my life. Now… I want less on the walls, less in the closets, and happier each time I breathe in the serenity it provides.

  • Shopping yesterday. My eye fell on THE beautiful
    purse on display. In the center a brooch read
    Valentina. Thought of the beauty Valentina on youtube….you!

  • Absolutely agree! I regularly de-clutter and donate items to the local animal shelter thrift store. It is a win-win. My life is calmer when I de-clutter and it raises money to make the critters more adoptable. I have also tried to be much more discerning about what I buy. If I don’t love the item and know exactly what I want to use it for, I don’t buy it.

  • Valentina, you are so inspiring. I need to save this and watch it everyday. When I get bored I shop, ugh. It could be clothes, makeup, houseware, furniture, it just doesn’t matter. Listening to you makes so much sense and I do know all this but I still do it. We are planning on moving to Florida within the next year or two and I am determined to get rid of 3/4 if the stuff we have and start a minimalist life style. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and sharing all your tips.

  • This is exciting, but it’s too late in the evening to start. (I hope I can fall asleep.) I’ll watch this again in the morning for a dose of Valentina Motivation. Yes, a ‘how to’ would be great! I don’t like clutter, but I do love personal ‘treasures’. Now to find the balance…

  • I would like to see a video about how you did it with before and afters:) also, I love beautiful packaging, but, at the end of the day, it;s just something that has to be thrown away., and that’s hard to do when it’s so nice. A nice box is something you think you might be able to use somewhere, so you endi up saving it. Repeat with all the nice packaging you receive things in and pretty soon, your commitment to minimalism is undermined. I’d rather see thoughtful packaging that’s easily recyclable and, yes, more minimal. Just saying.

  • OK, you’ve convinced me to go minimalistic! I’ve been thinking about it for a while and we’re moving to a new house so I have no excuse not to try it. I’d love to hear more about how you achieved this.

  • My father taught me this lesson from day one. When he bought something it was an investment, he had 3 pairs of shoes, they were expensive but good. A couch that lasted years and handed down to me and my sister. I was just trying to organize and I got overwhelmed and stopped. I’ll be cleaning out big time soon! I hate being overwhelmed and it makes me nervous all this stuff! I’ve cleaned homes for over 20 years and I’m so happy to come home to my small space and watch YouTube!

  • Awesome vid! I have been trying so hard to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, thank you so much for the motivation! ❤️ I am off to declutter everything, one space at a time! 100% loved this!

  • One of the most gratifying things I have learned in the past two years is canning. So many of the othr things you mentioned I have no idea even where to start. My husband is a mechanic. So we can fix things, build things and can things. But hunting and processing an a animal? That would be new.

  • I LOVE minimalism! I decided a few years ago I only want things I love and use the hell out of. I got rid of SO MUCH stuff and I have to say the hardest part for me was knowing how much money I wasted on those items. I recommend selling as much as you can to whoever decides to do this.

  • I just moved it an “open concept home” and it is a struggle to keep things decluttered! I’m always donating, throwing out and sometimes returning items to the store. I’d love to hear your tips about minimalism and realistically how long it took you to declutter your whole home. Also, it is difficult when you want to declutter but most of the clutter is not yours… I’m trying to lead by example but it’s hard when your husband is sentimental. If you have tips for working with your family that would be great! I love Marie Kondo but I would love to see a different perspective.

    I’d also love to see a hygge video. ����

  • I love minimalism & living with less! I especially love Scandinavian minimalism which I have learned so much about from your videos! Would like to see anything pertaining to Scandinavian living, culture, minimalism…
    I truly enjoy your channel, thanks Valentina!!!

  • I believe there is a happy medium! I love my collections and would never trade them for the world, so I’m not feeling the minimalism vibe.

  • OMG-The photo of the man going thru boxes, piles of umbrellas, baskets and suitcases-HYSTERICAL. You are right-this THE time to dial back and breathe.