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Tips for Raising a Strong-Willed Child

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10 Signs You’re Raising a Strong-Willed Child Strategies to address the most common strong-willed child behaviors. By. Amy Morin, LCSW. facebook; twitter; instagram; Amy Morin, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, author of the bestselling book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do,” and a highly sought-after speaker. You can also help a strong-willed child feel in charge by saying, “Show me,” and let the child teach you how to do something. Your child may show you how to put on your shoes in the morning.

Your child may show you how to put on your shoes in the morning. When raising a strong-willed child, all those things can feel like a burden, but I’m calling you to reframe the personality traits you see in your strong-willed child. Qualities of a strong-willed child. Our strong-willed sons and daughters have amazing qualities, some of which are: Moral; Bright; Driven; Energetic; Confident; Inquisitive; Passionate; Determined.

Parenting a strong-willed child is full of ups and downs.These children are outspoken, prone to power struggles, sensitive and even more likely to have meltdowns. At the same time, they’re born leaders, dynamic, and a tremendous source of pride for their parents. 10 Signs That You Have A Strong-Willed Child If you are exhausted from perpetual power struggles with your child, are tired of hearing “no” multiple times every single day and in general, are awed by the stubbornness of your feisty kid, chances are you are dealing with a “Strong-Willed” or “Spirited” child. If you are really struggling with parenting a strong-willed child, focus on how you are feeling in those moments: Angry, frustrated, irritated, tired, fed-up, weary, at a loss for words, like you’re failing, like nothing you are doing is working, like your messages aren’t getting through, that your child doesn’t understand you very well.

10 Signs You’re Raising a ‘Spirited’ Child By Jenna Galley Jun 18, 2018. 177. So how can you convince your strong-willed child to stop what they are doing and listen to you? You probably can’t.

But you can bribe them, which may work some of the time. 3. Signs You Have a Strong-Willed Child 10 Signs of a Strong-Willed Child and Why It’s Actually a Good Thing. August 30, 2017 by Lauren Levy.

67.1K Shares YOU’RE. Here are the 10 signs you’re heading for a catastrophe when it comes to your kids Those first 5 years are what really counts. As parents we can be slaughtered if we aren’t careful, since those are the years they are the cutest and hardest to resist With those cute little smiles and puppy dog looks.

If you are exhausted from perpetual power struggles with your child, are tired of hearing “no” multiple times every single day and in general, are awed by the stubbornness of your feisty k. Stay safe and healthy. Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. Check out our resources for adapting to these times.

List of related literature:

Your list might include being mindful about your own mood and about your values, or changing the tone of your voice when you give your child a command, or asking questions about what your child needs to succeed in that moment.

“The Joy of Parenting: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Guide to Effective Parenting in the Early Years” by Lisa W. Coyne, Amy R. Murrell, Kelly G. Wilson
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Key #5—Be Aware of Your Child’s Desire to Be Like You Infants and young children are eager to be like Mom and Dad.

“What Babies Say Before They Can Talk: The Nine Signals Infants Use to Express Their Feelings” by Paul Holinger, Kalia Doner
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According to Sanders (1999), there are five core aspects of positive parenting: ensuring a safe and engaging environment, creating a positive learning environment, using assertive discipline, having realistic expectations, and taking care of oneself as a parent.

“Handbook of Resilience in Children” by Sam Goldstein, Robert B. Brooks
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In addition, being a “good parent” meant doubting your nurturing instincts and obeying “expert” advice.

“Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby” by Deborah L. Davis
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7 Her sense of discipline extended to family life as well.

“The Trumps: Three Generations That Built an Empire” by Gwenda Blair
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Directions In the list below, indicatehow strongly you agree with each motivation for becoming a parent.

“Health & Wellness”
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These charts also serve as a reminder for the child and may eliminate the need for Mom and Dad to constantly nag him.

“The Motivation Breakthrough: 6 Secrets to Turning On the Tuned-Out Child” by Richard Lavoie
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There are five main parenting styles: domineering, doting, dependent, detached, and developing.

“Counseling Through Your Bible Handbook: Providing Biblical Hope and Practical Help for 50 Everyday Problems” by June Hunt
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In other words, cuddling our babies, showing up at soccer games and piano recitals, reading before bedtime, and active loving—the most basic opportunities for parental intermeditations—can have radical positive effects.

“Make Me One with Everything: Buddhist Meditations to Awaken from the Illusion of Separation” by Lama Surya Das
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Your child’s strengths: Discover them, develop them, use them: A guide for parents and teachers.

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  • Society just wants to blame the parents. kids nowadays are not disciplined and they’re out of control I think they can get away with anything if their parent even tell them to put their cell phone down I’ll call the cops and say you hit me it’s the way kids are nowadays

  • My parents bought into this crap. It did irreparable damage to me and my relationship to them. Please do not follow this advice. It is not biblical and actually was a key factor in nearly killing my faith.

  • Beating a child will literally have the child rebel (hell, I would it’s abuse) or create such a fear of authority they will be spineless. Not to mention it’s highly immoral and unethical to hit someone without someone aggressing towards you. Beyond sick and disturbing people follow this bullshit.

  • I had a few children in my preschool land published author land a dream come true since 7 yrs old…. why do some people THINK they can control adults when low wages does hoops to get to my encourager ministry timeline it is how God blessed my writing uplifting the world when my letters began with u… 30 yrs later single adult me says retired teacher influences a local city and God is working on our before yet people pressures of ship wages is a wait that is wrapped up now as others see prosperity gospel as larger homes and money first…. glad for my rent paying house delighted to live in a loft bedroom attic style ceiling now i know WHAT a loft is like

  • Good story as i learned what a strong will child is.. it was not me.. thankful yet bathroom spankings makea goung to bathroom difficult like spanking with a spoon or hairbrush..

  • parent who count to 3 to get their kids to do what they want thats funny I mean are you trying to learn your numbers or something? lol Come on I raised kids and they knew i was in control if they needed a paddle i gave it to them but i told them why i was going to and when i did i told them i loved them. They always run to me because they knew Daddy loved them. Everyone who met them couldnt believe what good kids they were and very respectful toward me and their mother and to anyone else. Because i taught them with Love they knew when i said something i meant it. If i said you are going to get a paddleing they knew it was coming. I didnt say wait to your mom gets home. Thats a joke for parents to tell them wait to your dad gets home. When you do that they lost their respect for you. Make a believer out of them. I spent time with them a lot. I was never to busy for my kids. When you are to busy to take time for them you are way to busy. I did whatever it took to show them love even when they got a paddleing. If i told them i was going to take them some where i didnt come up with an excuse to not take them. I kept my word to them. If you cant keep your word to them you lost them. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Men let the kids see you show love toward your wife and wife let your kids see you show love toward your Husband even when you are upset. Dont act up in front of the kids. they will think well mom and dad does it why cant i. If the kids think the parents dont see anything wrong with being mean to one another then parent dont expect the kids to act any different then you do. Dont have the attitude that says Dont do as i do just do as i say. That dont work. Trust me when kids see you acting mean toward other people they will grow up doing the same. I was told i had the best kids in the whole church. I said they are the best because i correct them when they need it. To them kids theres no one like daddy. I can be around mean kids if i can get them away from their parents they will obey me why because they sense when someone has control. And them kind of Kids love for someone to show them a lot of attention. They stare for someone to love them and spend time with them. O i see how kids get attention today take them to the park and turn them loose that dont work. They need mom and dad to take time to play to you talk about them changing let them see you act like a big kid at the park with them. they love it. You change and your kids will. Thats what works. Dont let them run with kids who are mean because they to will be the same way.

  • Great tips my 5 I feel like you just described my 5 year old.. I’m new here just wondering if you have done a video on how to deal with this when a younger sibling is involved

  • I’ve given up on helping my daughter. She feels her child is not disrespectful. He controls her, he has the last word, and he has anger issues. Once he put his hand on me, I was done.

  • Hes saying a lot of “whys” but dont explain HOW you change the behaviour. I understand what he’s saying that kids act out because of how you parent, but unless he explains how to change the parenting skills, then no one is going to change. This is what I never understand. They make you sit through a 45 minute video, but you’re none the wiser at the end of it!

  • We used to get spanked and everyone knew their place.Kids didn’t talk back and respected parents. But now parents have their control taken from them. Spanking has its place. It’s different to a beating.

  • I exercise every single day and it seems to do very little for how quickly our little girl can get everyone in the whole house emotional first thing in the morning. I hate starting my day off on a bad note but it’s like she wakes up ready to start a fight with someone as soon as she opens her eyes.

  • Why does this dude look and talk like a woman. Or is that picture of Dr Kim with the Adams apple, male shoulders and male skull fake?

  • I just took my 4 yr for Adhd but i have more questions he was Dx with ADHD but all they said he need medication
    Can it be Odd and not ADHD

  • By the way, the girl throwing the rocks was probably just mirroring the sanctimonious behavior of her mother.

    Also it sounds like the girl suppressed external behavior to please her mother. Also the going to the bathroom meant a spanking story is heartbreaking.

  • Children need motivation just as much as they need direction. In 1903 the American Journal of Psychology wrote about how habits are developed and how to change them. Have you heard about http://creatingchampionsforlife.com

  • Sometimes I really think these people have NO strong willed child… missmatched socks…. lol… at least yours will wear socks! And oh, we cant tell them what to do, let them choose between doing such and such or face consequences like time out…. you do realize thats still telling them what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A strong willed child, no way in hell they will do what you politely ask OR time out…lol… these people….

  • Coming here learning how to deal with my son who nine whohas adhd who has destructive mood disorder now odd I’m so overwhelmed the fighting at school angry outburst hitting kicking walls he’s very angry lil boy he even put he’s hands on me all I’m trying to do is learn how to deal with these behaviors


  • I’ve been dealing with my very strong willed almost 3 year old. We try to empower her to be herself and try to encourage good behavior. But I’ve hit a wall, I’ve found she’s become increasingly more demanding, bossy, and vying for attention (which she gets loads!!). Often her younger sister is watching her on the sidelines receiving that attention. She has multiple meltdowns a day and there is always a struggle with nearly every task. I’m at the end of my rope and feel so spent. Sending out an SOS. How do I support her but also draw a line with the amount of constant attention she needs.

  • My daughter is 3….soon to be 4 in September. She is generally a sweet and well-behaved child, but recently she has definitely a defiant sort of attitude. I have always practiced “gentle/positive” parenting, but I’m not sure if those methods are very effective now. It’s frustrating….but I am here for advice.

  • Excellent video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Trentvorty Kids Science Theorem (just google it)? It is a great one off product for becoming an excellent parent without the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my close friend Aubrey after many years got amazing success with it.

  • There are several factors in cures for shyness. One place I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Seans Shy Program (check it out on google) it’s the most useful blueprint that I’ve seen. look at all the interesting information.

  • I put my mother through hell as a child and teenager. I was an extremely strong-willed and defiant child, no idea why. I’m still very strong-willed as a 21-year-old, but it has benefitted me immensely in achieving my goals and standing up for what I believe in. Although my mother had to raise me through all that difficulty, she is proud of the fact that I am my own person who doesn’t follow the crowd. It does have some benefits lol

  • I have four children. Oldest has ADHD, twins boy and girl, boy twin has Asperger’s syndrome. My twin daughter has cerebral palsy and lives in a children home right now. My youngest daughter has no issues, but acts out now wonder whether she’s imitating her brothers.

  • Thank you very much. Your tips are spot on. I am a single father of a Strong-willed Child and he is very advance for 17 months. I love him just the way he is but he is a lot of work LOL. Finally I got the answer to my question on your video, I will definitely use your tips.

  • Hello Dr. RENEE. Your last tip was so much useful for what I am facing. My child pushes me away when I M trying to protect her. But what should I do at dangerous places like a public mall or a crowded place where she will push me away and try to run? This is the most challenging for me

  • I have a strong willed 9 year old. She try’s to run the show at home but is a model child at school. She never makes waves. She’s a straight A student. I think I’ve spoiled her too much and now I’m paying for it. I recently had to take the things she likes most away in order to get her to understand that I’m the boss. I’m at my wits end. She is totally so disrespectful to me.

  • This was such a helpful video!!! My little one is such a strong willed little girl… which I know is good… but oh my goodness is it exhausting!! I will definitely be trying all of this… especially since my current strategy is “get through the day” ��

  • This is very informative! I have a 4yr. old Strong minded little girl so this definitly gave me Alot of insight on many behaviors that my daughter is struggling with! And that I struggle with being a single parent as well! Thankyou!

  • H Dr Renee! I am a divine mother of 3 strong willed boys….Your tips are so spot on! My sons are now young adults and, although its been a journey…they continue to be the light of my life. Love your channel xx

  • Super awesome information, I am not a parent but this will help me understand my brother better! Even though he is 20, his frontal lobe is not helping us out fully! hehe!