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10 Keys to Raising a Girl Without a Father in Her Life Give Them Tools to Cope When children have been abandoned by their father, they must be constantly and repetitively reminded that they are not to blame. Women who grow up without fathers often struggle with feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness. Iyanla Vanzant calls these women “daddyless daughters” and, in a special two-part show for “Oprah’s Lifeclass,” Iyanla helps examine what really happens when girls are raised without their fathers. Protects from mother’s angerYou must have heard the scolding of the mother for making a mistake, and in such a situation, if anyone can save from the angry eyes of the mother, then she is your father. There is also the courage to calm the mother’s anger.

Princess is always thereDaughters are always princesses for their fathers. No matter how big you are, but for your dad. 9. Tell her you’re proud of her. Tell her you’re proud of the woman she is, how kind she is, how intelligent and funny she is. Tell her she’s someone others admire and list some of her best qualities.

Tell her she’s amazing, and mean it. 10. Celebrate the good. Have fun together. Seriously!

Just enjoy being in each other’s company. Get involved in her life. Take an interest in what’s going on with your daughter. This helps you forge a relationship with her and also helps you get to know who she is as a person.

If she’s in the band, attend recitals or sit in on some of her practice sessions. If she likes soccer, volunteer to help coach the team or make sure to attend every game. 2. Daughters With Absent Fathers Struggle to Build and Maintain Relationships. According to Pamela Thomas, author of Fatherless Daughters (a book that examines how women cope with the loss of a father via death or divorce), women who grew up with absent dads find it difficult to form lasting relationships.Because they were scarred by their dad’s rejection of.

The father is usually the protective, possessive figure in the girl’s life, and there is the whole “daddy’s girl” business that a lot of boyfriends have to deal with. However, dating a girl without a father is a whole different ballgame altogether, and by no means am I. My life growing up without a father Monday, August 10, 2020 Author of the book Raising the Boy Child in the 21st Century, Simon Mbuvi, says there is a misconstrued notion that boys are doing just fine and therefore, they do not need much attention; the opposite is true. How a father treats his daughter will shape how she views herself and how she expects to be treated by other men for the rest of her life. Girls need the following intangibles from their fathers.

Study hard, work hard, be your best, do your best, without anyone, whether that being your Dad or not, telling you what you’re capable of. Relying more excessively on self-motivation, rather than from both your parents, can be used as fuel. Take that fuel and show the world what you can do, and where you’ll go, with a father in your life, or not.

List of related literature:

Just as there is no way to understate the importance of a mother in a girl’s life, there is no way to understate a father’s.

“The Wonder of Girls: Understanding the Hidden Nature of Our Daughters” by Michael Gurian
from The Wonder of Girls: Understanding the Hidden Nature of Our Daughters
by Michael Gurian
Atria Books, 2002

A little girl needs a father who will be there, a dad who will take the time to love her, to build her up and make her strong in the knowledge that she is special, protected, and loved.

“Bamboozled: How Americans are being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda” by Angela McGlowan
from Bamboozled: How Americans are being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda
by Angela McGlowan
Thomas Nelson, 2009

Again, we can’t provide “five easy steps” to become a good father, but we can look at some characteristics of what makes a good father.

“What a Difference a Daddy Makes: The Lasting Imprint a Dad Leaves on His Daughter's Life” by Kevin Leman
from What a Difference a Daddy Makes: The Lasting Imprint a Dad Leaves on His Daughter’s Life
by Kevin Leman
Thomas Nelson, 2001

Most important was that the father be there for them when needed, that he provide consistency and a sense of trust, that he be honest, reliable, and keep his word.

“The Wounded Woman: Healing the Father-Daughter Relationship” by Linda Schierse Leonard
from The Wounded Woman: Healing the Father-Daughter Relationship
by Linda Schierse Leonard
Ohio University Press, 1982

ideally the presence of a supportive father in a girl’s life provides her with a sense that she will be cared for and protected.

“Fatherless Daughters: Turning the Pain of Loss Into the Power of Forgiveness” by Pamela Thomas
from Fatherless Daughters: Turning the Pain of Loss Into the Power of Forgiveness
by Pamela Thomas
Simon & Schuster, 2009

Second, growing up fatherless increases the chances that a boy will lack a male guide, protector, and mentor.

“Lost Boys: Why our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them” by James Garbarino
from Lost Boys: Why our Sons Turn Violent and How We Can Save Them
by James Garbarino
Free Press, 1999

A good father affirms and validates a boy as he emerges toward manhood.

“Twice Adopted” by Michael Reagan, James D. Denney, Jim Denney
from Twice Adopted
by Michael Reagan, James D. Denney, Jim Denney
Broadman & Holman, 2004

Surrounded by a culture built on myths that girls need only mothers and that fathers are a luxury, an adolescent female will do her best to deny her need for dad.

“Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters, and the Pursuit of Thinness” by Margo Maine, Craig Johnson
from Father Hunger: Fathers, Daughters, and the Pursuit of Thinness
by Margo Maine, Craig Johnson
Gürze Books, 2010

Being available, listening, accepting, understanding, supporting, and warmly encouraging are all things fathers can do while still modeling traditional male characteristics of independence (without isolation), assertion, and action.

“Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships” by Geoffrey Greif
from Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships
by Geoffrey Greif
Oxford University Press, 2008

Real dads give love, that combination of care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect, and trust.

“We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity” by Bell Hooks
from We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity
by Bell Hooks
Routledge, 2004

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  • Sometimes im jealous about my friend whos not living in a single parent family. During quarantines i often hear they parents knock on their doors and communicate and talk but i mom rarely does that for some reasons. I love my mom and ik she tried her best to give everything i need and i know that she loves me but theres always something missing..

  • I remebered every single moment that ever happened when my parents were fighting while my sister just supressed those memories and she didnt even remember why they got a divorce while i remember every single insults thrown,every single threats,every single fights and how it occurs.well someones gotta remember

  • You should do a video with either a couple dads, or a couoke kids who have dad watching these videos, and adding commentary to what your kids are saying that they think dads are like! Like one of those “reaction videos” and them saying “like ok, I can tell you, dad’s definitely don’t (or do) let you get away with more stuff, etc. And just comment like that throughout this video, and also the video of the boys where they answer the same questions about what they think it would ve like to have a dad! I would love to see a video like that!!

  • I grew up in a single parent household. My mum loves me very much and raised me to be independent and resilient. It was a good childhood and she did everything right. The only thing that sucks was we never had much money. Living off one income makes life slightly more difficult. In my 15 years of living I have lived in 12 houses, all of which were rented. At one point we had to move in with my auntie cause we simply couldn’t afford to live. Because of that, I know that I’ll have to be financially independent. I have no other choice. I, alone, will have to pay for driving lessons, a car, university tuition fees ect… I am living an advantaged life in many ways, thanks to my mum. But financially, I am disadvantaged.

  • Why does people always assume that you’re living with your mother if you’re in a single parent home? What’s any of this supposed to day about me, a girl, who grew up with her father?

  • This is a really good video, We tracked down an article about How to Manage Single Parenting Positively let’s see https://www.girlandpower.com/how-to-manage-single-parenting-positively/

  • I’m a daddyless daughter I’m 17, and ive been in denial for a while. I attach myself to not so good guys. The longest conversation ive had with my dad was about 7:21 minutes over the phone. A new record

  • My dad passed away when I was young and I really wish I could have had a strong bond with my mother but she just gets very angry and is very alcoholic so really I kind of raised my self what I would give to have a good relationship with my mom

  • Hi, I’d really appreciate it if you would share or donate to my GoFundMe.

  • I’m 13, as of now. My parents divorced in 2015. I was going to a private school at the time, but it ended up shutting down when I was in grade/year 5. My mother is still intent with letting me visit him every weekend, but I visit less due to COVID. This is because my father hates my grandpa because my grandma never let him visit my grandpa when they were divorced. I also remember in some schools when you are younger there was a circle time event, and when we talked about what’s happening at home. I remember laughing it out with the other children (we were in grade/year 3) when I confessed to hearing my parents label each other a “pig nose” while arguing. I was standing on the stairs, watching them without their knowledge. I also want to ask anyone if it’s the reason my parents divorced that I cry super easily. I don’t know why but even with the slightest mean comment or something tiny that i sob over, and it’s really dumb.
    well thanks for reading my essay of a comment i don’t have it as hard as the others but life is okay, i have really good grades and nice friends etc and my mother has a better job so i guess i’m satisfied ��

  • My mom had 4 girls we never meet our father and have no clue who they still are..I’m grown now and just found out my so call father couldn’t be in my life b/c he was married to someone else when my mom got pregnant with me..

  • Man it’s tough but I’m grateful to have my siblings. Father left, forced into poverty. We made it far enough that we are stable. Although it sucks to come from nothing it’s better than to see it all disappear from my older Siblings POV which they experienced. Adversity is a great learning tool, which some people have not experienced and take things for granted.

    I always think hypothetical like “What if they were stil together” My siblings and I would’ve came out as different people who never knew struggles. I am thankful to still be here and of course thanks to my mother sibilings and parts of our family that have lived or living to the outcome of doing well as of now.

    Whoever read this, I thank you too for putting your time and effort just reading about another perspective of the topic. ��

  • hi just ignore this comment i just need to vent somewhere. it sucks not having a dad, i just wanna know was i the reason he left, every time someone brings up the word parents to me, i cry. maybe not on the outside but def on the inside. i wanna be able to say i have a dad but i know even if he comes back i could never say it. i don’t even know if i wanna meet him. my mother doesn’t get me, she doesn’t understand me and my mental health she doesn’t understand anything and every time i wanna complain about her to someone i think of my brothers but then again no matter what i say they’ll side with her. no one sees how toxic she is but me, she’s emotionally abused me. i remember this one time i fucked up and she yelled at me to stop crying, it left a scar on me. my brothers are not very kind to me, even in some moments where they’re somewhat okay to me i still think about how every little thing i say makes them mad and then they destroy me with their words, but again my family thinks im making up my depression. so many things happen that left a scar on me and i can’t take it anymore, i need to move out as soon as i can.

  • 1. Boys tend to be more idle in young adulthood, do poorly in school.
    2. Girls are at a higher risk of teen pregnancy
    3. Less satisfaction in life
    4. Risk of mental health issues
    1. Stressful 2 parent home vs. calm single parent home
    2. Stronger relationship with present parent
    3. Strong relationship with grandparents helps.

  • I have never see my farther as he passed away before I was born so I don’t really know what it’s like to have a dad my brother and sister have though.

  • It can be difficult when either the parent, child/children or both are upset or not feeling happy but at the end of the day, as long as you love your parent and your parent loves you, it’s ok and fun at times.

  • Not just with a single parents with a single mother statistics showing mothers are worse for kids than fathers are and statistics show that kids need their father more than Their mother

  • My dad died of an overdose when I was only two years old so I have never really had any father figure in my life and I do wonder sometimes how my life would have been if I had a father.

  • It’s important to have good parents period. If you have two parents who are happier apart then maybe it is better if it’s financially adequate. But generally across the board having two parents is better. Having two different role models in life is better. I hate it when quote on quote “studies” try to justify single parenting as always being the better option. I live in a household with my step dad I don’t know my real dad and my step dad is a sh*ty person. That being said I have always looked up to my grandpa as a father figure in life. It’s better to have a male and female parent in life

  • Only child + Single parent (woman guardian) raised 25 year old guy here.
    $50k in the bank
    I have two houses.
    Can say that in terms of financial means, no impact (everyone’s situation is different though).

    However, I wanted a father incredibly bad growing up because that initiation into manhood is important for psychological development. A lot of bumps in adulthood due to not being socially adjusted.
    On a side note, if you have not ever talked to your father since growing up a little, don’t blame him because you probably don’t know the full past.
    I say this because I was literally kept from my father and was just under the impression that he just didn’t care until he reached out to me when I was 16 years old when I created a Facebook account. He has two other kids that do incredibly well too, both have masters degrees and one earns over six figures. It’s not always the dads fault. The way the court system works should prove that enough.

  • When my mom had me she was dating my dad. 12 years ago my mom was 8 1/2 months preg. With me. My dad said he was going to walk to cumbys and be back in 30. He didn’t come back the next day. That’s just one story.. then he left when I was 2-3… he left his baby girl for.. things…im upset about this but it’s better now.. I don’t hate him and he’s in my life again. But when I did hate him.. I would cry thinking and asking my mom: “where’s daddy??”

    It was unfair and sad.. not normal and broken. My broken family makes me upset. I’m upset that I’m.. not my mommy’s baby.. and yes.. It’s selfish.. It’s stupid.. but I hate a lot about myself and looking at baby me.. hearing stories.. it all makes me want to remember or be in the est one more time. My insecurities bring me doown.. in depressed because of certain things I didn’t discus. Yes oh, my dad is back in my life and everything is good.. But my mom doesn’t believe that he’s better now…she doesn’t think he changed. But I know he has! It’s stupid.. and unfair.. that some people get to grow up with two parents.. I didn’t. MANY others haven’t.. and won’t in the future. Why? Why did daddy leave? Why am I getting older so fast? Why doesn’t my mom spend time with me.. Or barely talk to me?:(

  • as someone who grew up without a father, ive started to become aggressive with people and push them away because to me if they really wanted to be in my life they would fight to stay with me. because my dad wasn’t there, i feel like people are not allowed to just walk in my life anymore. and them leaving will make me push people away even more. all my other siblings have their dad and im the only one without, so it tears me apart when they get to go with their dad and im still with my mom. i don’t talk about my feelings, and when people ask me if im okay i get mad, “why should they care about how i feel.” i feel worthless.

  • Single parenthood & blended families are mostly damaging & sometimes catastrophic for children’s life chances. Not apportioning blame necessarily, it’s just a statistical fact. Correlation & causation can naturally be argued forever. Children who die of homicide are most likely to have been killed by their mothers new partner. Mothers who have often overlooked & justified previous abuse. Sad but true.

  • Raised by my mom. Can’t say whether I was better off with her or not because both of my parents were abusive in some form (my father just wasn’t there and hasn’t contact me in a decade and my mother was more verbally and emotionally abusive than anything).

    I don’t wish that life on anyone and I wanna make sure my children grow up with both if their parents

  • Its definitely a negative memory from childhood for me…support me pleade im thinking about sending this to my mom and hope that she finally understands what’s wrong with me.

  • Single parent home here too, my mom was amazing, & did the best she could. My dad sucks, & still sucks, I was better off without him.

  • If you single you need times management family in work single mom like me is not easy but needed special bonding every weekend in for my big family.i cook breakfast go to church together back home i cook lunch & dinner for family…..

  • I raised my 3 children with zero help from their dad or even any family members. I worked my butt off to provide and you know what ALL 3 of my kids, 2 boys and 1 daughter are all college graduates. One son is even a PhD so in our case being a single mom was beneficial.. My kids are happy and successful I couldn’t be more proud of them.

  • Every single negative effect she listed I’ve been through and the solution doesn’t apply since I’ve had little opportunity’s to spend time with my grandparents on either side in fact mum (the one that raised me) her parents are both deceased and have been for a while so I’ve had a bad start

  • I can’t speak for girls but as far as boys go, boys NEED fathers, period. When a boy grows up being raised by a single mother the chances of the boy developing psychological issues are very high. I was raised by a mother and a step father and even that was a fucking disaster and has ruined my life in ways that I have never even thought that it would. Single mothers are the #1 biggest problem in United States in my opinion. Only a biological father is able to raise his son from a boy to a man and not only that but the biological father has to be at least somewhat a decent individual himself. Having a child should be a privilege not a right and the couple should have to meet financial requirements in order to have a baby in my opinion.

  • My parents got divorced when I was 12 and my mother told us all the reasons of why he was a shitty father, later on I grew up and at 20 years old I finally got to have a relationship with him again it’s helped me out a lot in seeking closure on what really happened. Growing up I had a step father however it was hard to look up to him as one because he more less enabled us instead of actually pushing us to become our very best and provide that mentorship and discipline that I so desperately needed. My major negative effect now as an adult is learning all this shit on my own and have had a hard time amounting to anything worth while.

  • I’m a fatherless daughter (daddy is too creepy for me, sorry), but I cannot heal myself. Healing can only come from an outside source. There is only 1 outside source that has the power to heal that which has been broken by man. It is a source outside of man. It is God.

    The problem with the doctrine of self healing is that it is self deceiving. She’s on to a great place, but in the end, healing cannot come from ourselves. We may be fatherless daughters in the natural, but we are not fatherless in the spiritual.

    Anyway, just wanted to comment this. I don’t comment often ever, but it’s just so frustrating to see this type of teaching where we must depend on ourselves for healing because it always leads to a dead end.

    My Heavenly Father through Christ healed me inside and out with the Holy Spirit. So, I guess my point is don’t forget your Father in Heaven. He heals all wounds, no matter how deep.

  • its really hurt when someone ask me where “… parents?” and all I answer is “my mum”. i actually miss my dad so much. its been like almost 7 years since we never see each other again.

  • im so sorry if none of this makes any sense at all-

    i mean i cant really say i grew up (or am growing up) with a single parent since we’re living with grandparents. (my mom, my brother, and i). my dad got in a really bad car accident when i was only 6 months old and unfortunately he didnt make it. my brother was 4 at the time so i always asked him what he was like when he was alive. he told me only what he remembered. i always feel like im alone, because im the youngest in the house, and the only girl out of a long chain of boys in my family. i didnt really have anyone to talk to and to cry to, except my mom and maybe my grandma. and that has led to me throwing very bad temper tantrums. my anger is just something i want to go away and never come back. i asked my mom to talk to me about stuff. my mom was down to talk about anything and she helped tons. i dont really talk deeply with my grandma or anyone else.

    i would really like to type more but i cant even process anything right now, its 4am and my brain isnt working

    but id like to say that i use the internet to cope with my problems, sounds kinda dumb since the internet isnt the best place to gobut on youtube, i find so many amazing people. markiplier has helped me with so many things in the past few years and everything about his content makes me feel so happy

    thank you for reading this and if youre going through anything, please take some time and find something that makes you happy, no matter how strange or weird it might be, as long as youre happy and you feel good

  • I remember when my father was making up his mind on divorce, I begged him to stay. Nevertheless, he still thought about himself only, and made my mom go insane. I’ve been traumatic since then

  • When I think of the term, from a societal perspective these days, it is female related. Male individuals can also be single parents but society does not care, in fact anything good and positive that a male individual does to himself and to the greater good. I get it when one of two parents passes away, that is how I define it but not out of stupidity which seems a common trend. Taking responsibility for your actions is the way forward, becoming a better person, whatever mistakes/bad choices he/she makes in the past or recently. My father was alone for a period of time before he got re-married when my original mother passed away in 1999.

  • My dad has taken a sledge hammer to my life several times. I was lined up with a beautiful 247 PSLE score in Singapore which is pretty much a free pass to some of the best schools and colleges, my dad moved me and my fam to the backwater that is Malaysia. I went thru a pretty bad phase and gained 20kgs and my grades crashed as my will to study disappeared. I wish I could say it’s better now but instead of a future in genetics in Singapore, I am looking forward to MBBS in India.

  • My parents both love me and my dad is the best dad ever people have stereotypes of single parent kids don’t make jokes or assume if you know nothing I live with my mum

  • My mom wasn’t always there for me throughout my childhood, because she was in the military.
    As a result, my grandmother and my great grandmother were the ones I spent the most time with in my childhood. I remember visiting my dad with my mom sometimes when I was younger. He seemed pretty distant then and he still seems distant now.
    I remember trying to get his attention by calling him dad but he just ignored me.
    I’ve been able to spend more time with my mom since my tween years, because she’s retired from the army now.
    My relationship with her is ok but I don’t feel comfortable enough to talk with her about my personal feelings.

  • Every time that I go out and I see a father holding his daughters hands makes me so sad and frustrated, my father never did that too me he wasn’t even in my life that is worse… he left my mom pregnant with me and went to other woman and dint give a shit about my mom and me, and then the thing is that he lies to me about the things he did! I just hate him so much but I want him back

  • Today is father’s day and it feels so weird to me like what am I supposed to do… I’m the type of person who celebrates literally the dumbest dyays to feel happy but what do I do today? All I can think of is if only I had a normal functional family, a father? Aghhh maybe I wouldn’t be struggling soo much in life?

  • every family dynamic is complex and mine is no exception. I can confirm divorce isn’t always the worst thing, I grew up with my dad sort of near? But out of reach if that makes sense. He came and went as he pleased and never was involved. He’s a struggling drug addict and has been since before I was even born. Today he is homeless where he chooses to be and I hardly ever see him. My mother is my rock and tried very hard to be a support system for my father but he always chose to go back to the streets and to the drugs. I love him but now that I’m older I’ve accepted that he is where he wants to be and was probably never meant to be a father. I think my circumstances have made a strong and well rounded person and I’m thankful for that. All I wish for is my dads health but I don’t let it break me down like I use to

  • A single child it’s really hard for me to live cause I have no older siblings nor younger siblings so I’m just everybody’s target outside and in school so I have defend myself against bullies every where but it’s mostly young and elderly kids so it’s hard to fight bigger kids

  • I’m more sad that I’m grateful that my dad is not in my life. He was abusive and even denied me as a daughter. But I will hold my mom accountable for her immaturity to push his buttons and argue all day.

  • Currently in a relationship where she has a son, he just turned 3 this monday �� This video made me think on my personal perspective dating a “single” parent. She’s not with the father anymore ( mr steal yo girl ������), and we’ve been together a year & 3 months just yesterday.
    I am 23 years old, and Im very serious about this girl. Im not a typical guy that cares about getting a high body count,drinking w the homies, turning up, and living a crazy life in general lol,
    I’m very Set on on this girl and its been my longest relationship i’ve had
    We may be moving in together by this year, so obviously the stepdad role is coming on its way. So I’m really curious on the same concept of the video but on the effects of growing up with a stepdad/Step Parent
    I’m staying around for the long run and i know the relationship is different with step-parents growing up w them vs. meeting them when your already older.
    It’d be awesome to see your channell do a video on this i havent noticed one yet ):
    Im trying to take in as much information and guidance as possible to avoid certain behaviors that I might not notice until its already negatively affected him ( like i just learned from your videos that a sign of your parents stressing you out is when they set high expectations it leads to growing up with self doubt)
    I’m really serious on trying to be the best authentic role that I can be in his life as his biological father won’t be

  • I grew up without a dad my daddy passed away with cancer when I was really little and it was really hard for me to just growing up with one parent I also had a sister she was a nice nice to me just because I was different

  • My dad split up with my mom when I was 2 but there was always a male figure my stepfather but I really wish I never had a stepfather because they were very abusive and made it worse but my biological parent was split up anyway

  • I see all those memes about your dad leaving to go get milk and not coming back and it feels weird being the meme, although it was different for me, because I never knew my father and I never even saw him nor has anyone described him to me or the way I was born. There are no pictures of him that we have, so I just assume that somehow, my dad ended up leaving sometime before I was born, or maybe even not ever being with my mom. Also, one of the only positive effects of having a single parent is naught for me because my mom argues with my grandmother a lot. So that kinda sucks. It’s whatever tho.

  • My dad is a horrible person. He even was running to my mother across the house with knife trying to stab her. I’m kinda happy that my mother and father divorced. My mother will not see that terrifying person again.

    If you have a normal family love what you have now! Because it is so nice to have both parents! They work together and you have all! Especially when they love each other… Wish you all guys a better life than mine! Good luck ��

  • This video seems reckless.
    Weird way to phrase it, but it fits. Alot of you guy’s stuff feels like it was made for awareness’ sake, to encourage people to learn about themslves and seek therapy. This video? Is vague, based on raw statistics with no explanation or causality, and unfinished studies. Additionally, listing this as the “effects” of growing up in a single parent home, makes these points seems inevitable, instead of statistically common. That combined with the fact that you linked all single parent homes together, not seperating those with divorced parents, absent parents, adoptions, deaths or abusive parents, indicates this video was made with little thought about the cumulative message of the video

  • im a male 19 year old and my dad left at birth… its weird to think that my upbringing would’ve been different if i had two parents, my mother is disabled so my upbringing was slow. my sister who was 4 years older than me had a teenage pregnancy and after having the child decided to move away and leave me and my mum to raise her, its weird because now shes growing up i am her father figure which brings me joy because i am able to provide her with the thing i was never able to have. i am a very resilient person but everything that has happened in my life has caused depression and loneliness but i keep my chin and and smile

    the thing i like to think is that although its been hard, it couldve been harder, my mother has always tried the best she possibly can to allow me to move on in life, and my only goal is to make her proud and to provide for her and my niece

    thank you for listening

  • My mil and fil loves to spoil my child then put the blame on me when my child is being too dependent i.e wants to be carryinf around, carrying her to sleep etc when I was the only one who taught her to be more independent. And they like it when my child are more closer to them which I always try to control and she still wants me more. And now I am about to get divorce and hell no I am gonna let them have the stronger bond.

  • I am growing with a single mother parent… Yes it’s to difficult for her to be a single parent but in the real sence over come this difficulty she is my superhero.. she is giving me all things love, care, faculty, all those given to others… And she is my best buddy my everything��. Yes i really miss u dad plz come back to life coz we both incomplete without u�� love u mom n dad..

  • I haven’t consecutively seen my dad my entire life he’s always been in and out. He hasn’t spoken to me in 5 years, and today he came to my job and just completely acted as if he didn’t know who I was or that I exist. And he walks in on his birthday of all days. My birthday is 5 days after his, not something u easily forget. The psychological damage he is doing is going beyond what my heart can handle bc he can never let me heal in his absence. It’s like he needs to keep stabbing my heart. What did I do to deserve that? I leave him only I don’t bother him. And I’m his only child, but he fosters kids and has adopted 2. ☹️

  • My mom left when I was about 5 and I never got to do anything my friends or other kids got to do (Vacations, traveling out of State, getting help on school work, going to friends houses, help getting over my problems, etc.) You always hear about single mother childhoods but it seems single father homes are overlooked.

  • My father abandoned me at birth, and now wants to reconnect after 50 years. I have uploaded a couple of videos discussing my feelings about whether I want a relationship with him at this point. I’m working with my longtime therapist and really not sure. But I can attest that not having a father definitely made me cling to many men, and those relationships ending, and the emotional turmoil from those losses, affected every aspect of my life, personally and professionally. There is no way to fully heal the wound of not having a father, I really don’t believe.

  • my dad is never home, we’re well off financially but I hear my mother cry a lot. She always acts like everything’s okay flaunting her riches off but I wish my dad would stop going to “work” and spend time with us. A lot of kids in my school relate to this, some of them see their fathers bring in women to hook up with while their mother is somewhere in her room. My parents haven’t slept in the same bed for over 20 years.

  • Have no family member only had mother and now I dont even have her hahaha my sometime I laugh looking back to my life how I even came this far holding myself

  • Seriously, when he said that to carry them on the shoulders, I started to tear up, I remember when my dad and elder brother used to that when I was little, what a great video ������������❤️

  • I felt that connection even before she was born but after she was born I knew she was the light of my life. I did it all bottles diapers bathes you name it. I show her all the love and attention she can stand. Watching her grow up is going to be hard because I want her to stay my little princess baby girl forever.

  • Ok so I’m 14, and i have a question..
    How does fathers feel when their daughters feel distant from him, I mean would fathers feel than distant too?

  • My daughter was adopted out before I could even know the gender. The mom didn’t believe that I could be a parent. Didn’t have enough money and my family tried to help. They all said I wasn’t ready. Now I’m scarred for life. Nobody cares. I can’t wait until she comes to see me.

  • I’m a guy who’s currently in college, i didn’t had parents to learn from what to do when i myself become a parent someday, so this was a nice watch although i’m usually a little over-protective with everything in my life…so i know i’ll give plentiful love if i ever have a daughter.

  • Because she’s not born again and doesn’t have discernment enough to pick a worthy born again man. It’s just what happens among ppl who reject the gospel hell erupts around them

  • If your parents are divorced and met someone else. The dads should speed time with there daughter and there new girlfriend not push her away. Trust me it hurts

  • I was raised on a isolated ranch, My mother took care of everything doing with the house and kids becuase my dad had to be out and about taking care of everything else only coming in to eat (he would even bring the horse into the kitchen lol). I hope now that i have a daughter on the way i can be a bigger part of her life. I wont do no house work tho.

  • I want to have baby girls.
    The man that I am dating now also said the same thing. He wants baby girls. I pray that that will be our blessing one day. ☺️

  • First. my dad is not my hero. second. my dad say’s only girls work. third. I draw a picture but my dad doesn’t want to see that because he only want me to be a doctor.

  • Uhhhh lol I never asked my dad if I could marry him……, (Probably cause we didn’t. Hang out. and I don’t really like him) (plus I knew what marry meant)
    lol um make sure to ask your daughter if she is afraid of heights before putting her on ur shoulders, my dad did that I was really scared, I felt like I was already falling.

  • Also to bright side no offense I don’t want any children, well I guess I will adopt some but I don’t want to DO IT, if you know what I mean, I don’t want to expose anything to younger viewers ers ������

  • I am a daughter and believe me when I say when the girl reach 12 years old she doesn’t want her father to panic when she trip or fall on the ground we don’t see our self’s as the pinky little perfect princess anymore

  • I’m a 11-12 year old girl. And like I just wanted to compare my dad to bright side. Yeah..I have 3 siblings..Not the best life. I just watched the video to find out who the first princess is! XD

  • Don’t be overprotective with guys. And give her the same attention to her as a teen as you did with her as kid maybe a little more. Girls need their fathers

  • I have one more suggestion. Always listen and respond as best you can calmly and clearly. Children need to be listened to and know that their words matter.

  • “Self-mutilation in the form of promiscuity”, I would say this for men and women. Society tries to treat it as normal, but if you’ve ever spoken to a philanderer there’s a deep hurt or void or an avoidance.

  • I have a donor to and when shessy said that she wishes she had someone to give her piggy back rides and stuff it kind of made me wish I had a dad ��

  • This kinda backfire and give the negative impression of being a dad. Many guys will try to avoid being a dad if they know these responsibilities. Hahaha…

  • Hey, the names dalton, I was woundering since im an uncle of two nieces, I need some tips of dos and don’ts of “how to be a good uncle”.

  • Being the dad of three adult daughters, (and now two granddaughters), one tip I can give you is that, for better or worse, the way a dad treats his daughter will teach her how she can expect to be treated by men when she grows up. If you treat her badly, she will accept being treated badly because she thinks that’s just how men are. If you treat her kindly and with respect, she will look for and be attracted to those qualities because you’ve taught her that there are men out there who will treat her that way.

  • I have two girls also. I made it a point to make videos of them when they were little, because I realized they wouldn’t be little forever. Now that I am close to retirement age, I still watch those videos & it brings me joy every time.

  • My husband is amazing!!!! Of our 3 kids, 2 are girls. I can’t count how many nights that he rescued me when I was so exhausted I was in tears. He happily got up & took care of OUR child. I can’t count how many times I found him asleep with the baby on his chest. Our oldest is now 19. When she was a toddler we would go to thrift stores & buy princess dresses so she could play in the dirt or mud. Not much was spent for a huge amount of joy. We let all 3 of our kids get absolutely filthy. Princesses sand box time? Ok. Princess Mud puddle? Yes, your highness. My husband & I did everything we could to let our little ones figure out who they were and what they liked. They NEVER got everything they wanted. We simply allowed them to be them. It didn’t matter which parent it was with. Princess Mud Puddle can barely be found in a dress. Instead, it’s the 13 year old girl that actually seeks out dirt piles. I will forever be grateful to my amazing husband. He helped through all stages of our children’s lives. He is still right here if any of them need him.

  • Dad’s: Always go to her “things.” Does she play basketball? You know nothing about it? Go anyway! And smile. Find joy in her finding joy. Don’t make her ask you to come. Don’t sit with your arms folded the whole time. Fake it to make her happy!

  • Great I actually do all these things. The only thing I’ve done right in my life. You forgot to mention start saving for her education from when she’s born..20 100 dollars a week. by the time she’s 18 she will have over 50k. Also teach her about God/Jesus/ Sunday school. What a child learns in the first 6 years of life stays with her for life. Thank you bright side!

  • My father does all those things and raises me well, so I grow up to be good girl as he wishes. Thanks & love you the most in my life, my dearest dad.

  • Soon to be dad, 1st time. Im going to learn a lot real quick, never had a baby at the hous.e Im getting ready late July early August for twin girls. Changed my youtube name to Mr. Twice as Nice, hahaha. Thanks for the tips.

  • I found some of these tips to be strange
    I hug and kiss my daughter more than my wife
    If she asked me to marry her I would say yes, as you said, she doesn’t know what that truly means
    She will be 2 next month

  • Stop posting only nonsense daughter stuff. Or post videos telling women to respect men also and not treat men like garbage. I will not respect women if they don’t respect me.

  • This video was really sweet. I hope my future husband is there for my children and me when the time comes. My father was never a part of my life.

  • I say take it to God and try get in contact with the father but love the child no matter how hard it is. Moan and fast and Go to God. He will guide you.

  • Thank you for this great advice. I’m happily married so I’m not a single mom however, I think this applies to anyone that is co-parenting or even those in a relationship. Taking personal responsibility for how we think and feel and being aware of how we operate for the better good of the outcome. I just love your content. Please keep it coming! ����

  • ❤ this. I grew my child in my body, how amazing that process is. I am the also the best possible person to raise him too. It was so hard at first but now I have my mojo and we are both thriving.

  • most single mothers are not! they are single women who deny the loving father/child contact. They need help with their personality disorder!

  • Well, thank you for this fantastic video, as always. I just disagree with the harshness over the “victim” as I understand that the questions “why me, etc” can be part of a grieving heart that will eventually mature to the “agent” position. Death of a spouse, divorce, rape, unplanned pregnancy, never married, etc are ways to get to this ( mostly unwanted) situation. The problem is when one gets stuck in a negative mode forever, you’ve got to move on. We can’t change the past, but we are responsible for the outcomes of our lives. This can happen to anyone. Things are not always as fast and easy and one might want or think, but life always gets better. And if the child does have a dad, they need to have a relationship and spend time together even if he doesn’t participate enough. He might not be on mom’s team but he IS on the CHILD’S team. God bless.

  • WEll that’s a relief because you hear ‘be a mum and a dad’, but I don’t know what that means I should be doing differently, or as well. I am feeling very positive and relieved with how things have turned out, but I think you’re being a little hard on ”victims”. Licking one’s wounds is a part of the recovery process surely, and being left with 100% of the responsibility is a shock. Of course it’s possible to wade through the loss of freedom and get a positive stable enthusiasm for life back again, but asking oneself a myriad of questions including why me is part of the process. Why me? cos I chose badly. why’d i choose badly? because the dynamic felt familiar. I needed to go through this dialogue in my head at my pace. I feel glad I did ask why me. I was a victim and I FORGIVE MYSELF for feeling like a victim. So there!:-p

  • Just because the parents didn’t see eye to eye, doesn’t mean you have to drag the children into the adults drama…LET YOUR CHILDREN SPEND TIME with their dads, even if you are no longer with them. It’s only fair/healthy to everyone…

  • Thank you for this video. I am going through a divorce and often times I asked myself why me but I’ve began to realize that I am qualified for what obstacles arise in my life.

  • Awesome info….as usual!! I raised my 2 daughters alone since they were 5 and 7 and now they are 34 and 36. I had a job working school hours and sold Avon (still an Avon rep) so I could be with my girls!! I just said that I would do what’s best for me and my babies…we are still very close!!! Thank you for all of your very informative videos.

  • I totally agree with everything that has been said in the show. daddyless woman don’t even know. I just didn’t feel the necessity to commit, I was in a 3 year relationship, the guy was into me but I didn’t have feelings for him, I just wanted to have a good time, no feelings, no strings attached. nowadays, I don’t even want to meet someone coz i’m afraid I might be ignored or negected, I’d rather stay alone.

  • It is awesome and refreshing to see how gentle, nurturing and wise a young man can be. Instead of being arrogant, self centered and destructive, he is giving his children a great start in life as well as helping his wife through tricky times by giving them his time and full attention as well as building great relation with them. Reminds me of my wonderful father.

  • I have had 2 beautiful girls ages 11 and 13. Had custody of them for 11 years now. And it is getting hard to be the referee between them. My oldest says that I don’t love her as much as I love the younger one. How do I prove to them that I love them the same??? Mom is only there when she wants to be.

  • I am a fatherless daughter And a daughter of a mother who didn’t pay me attention except when criticizing. Because of this every since I was a teen I abused Alcohol and became very promiscuous looking for validity and assurance in men. Ive only been capable of relating to people on a surface level out fear believing I’m not enough!

  • By far my favorite channel. I thought I was the only one that told my child that I love them and getting the no you don’t response. Lol!

  • Ok Damit! Laughing theatrically ����������������. Kids are so funny at times. Thens they say. Truly a blessing. Gotta back to work now. Love you La Family.

  • I understand how she feels I didn’t know my dad until I was 8. We had an on and off relationship that killed me inside not having my dad around. Few years before my dad passed away we had a strong relationship which I’ll never forget. I’m married now I have a son still I wish I had my dad around me while I was growing up. I felt worthless and empty as a child.

  • My dad left when I was 3. My mother painted our lives as victims. This was our story. He left us. I remember the insecurities as a child. I met him in my 20s. We stay in touch by phone, but there is no real connection. He is broken also from his childhood. He’s also not real about it. I’m not sure he knows how.
    I can’t get back from him what I lost.
    I’m married now with a son in his teens. He is amazing. I would never leave his dad bc I’m happy he has the love of both his father and mother even though we’re not perfect.
    I try to keep it in the past but it always surfaces. I feel lucky to have what I have now and feel sorry my father missed out. The moment I had a child it was incredibly difficult to believe anyone could ever leave their child. All I felt was an incredible love and just wanted to protect my child.
    I do believe that not everyone is strong and not everyone believes they are worthy of love or forgiveness. I’m sure some dad’s stay away for this reason also.
    Thanks to everyone for opening up. I feel your pain. You are not alone.

  • Your kids are savage!
    “What are those things that you’re putting in my head?”

    “Amalah, I love you.”
    “No you don’t.”
    Dude, I lost it ������

  • Ive had to tell myself that I deseve better, that I am worthy of love. Ive had these emotions that ive been trying to find n explainntion for and I did. Fathers abscence is hard. I feel unprotected, im more cautios around males because I assume that they have bad intentions. Im scared of being in a relationship. And because the male role model of my house has treated my mom poorly these feelings have been justified. In my life man are the breadwinners and women are the housewives who get mistreated, looked down upon, and disrespected. I want to break the cycle i want to show my sisters a different path.

  • For all the ladies in pain and have that void in your heart, remember that God loves you. Let him be your Father, your protector and your provider.

  • As a male my openion father and mother both want a child if women says father no need. mens also no need mother that is why I don,t like western culture now its become non civilised soo poor culture.

  • Why were men the main contributors of this? I am actually better off that my dad left my mom with three kids when I was three to start a new family. I saw him about once a year. My mom was so broken and had to work so hard all the time that she barely paid attention to us kids. I was not forced into a mold but grew up wild and taught myself how to think and be in the world. I don’t fit in but I am very happy now that I am older to have my own inner strength.

  • Tbh my mom was my mom and my dad at the same time the only thing my father did by being absent and toxic was having a cold heart for men in-general

  • I never had a dad and I’m realizing now that I crave men’s attention and it’s unhealthy, when I don’t have it I get so sad and hurt. It’s so annoying.

  • To all the females that grow up without a father. Remember this. If I guy really loves you. he will accept you for who you are regardless of your faults. He should be a guy who treats you as if he would want his daughter to be treated. When he closes his eyes and he sees his daughter dating a guy like himself. Would he be happy?? Would he smile that’s a Real man.

  • My dad left me when I was born for an other family for the rest of my life I felt like it was just fault he left I cried so much wishing I knew him

  • I used to be very promiscuous. Recently ive befriended a priest whose been a sort of companion to me and helped me build a healthier self esteem. But i dont think my father issues really went away. Now i have impossibly high standards and dont want to really get close to anyone. But then again, i didnt meet any good man so far.

  • I grew up without a father. I was upset because he wasn’t there… But what was more upsetting to see that he left me and my mother to start another family with someone else

  • Im 24 years old, thought i would be over it by now…. but it still hurts. It makes me feel alot of pain and hurt that i just deal with because i cant afford therapy! And i have major trust issues

  • Self-mutilation! Whoa! It makes so much sense. Like I knew the risks. Talked about the risks. Taught others about the risk and still…Whew!

  • My ex girlfriends dad left when she was 8. The problems it caused her and us were too much. She now goes with a much older man and has a drug habit. I pity her. I really hope she’s okay.

  • My dad has always been absent from my life. He is a truck driver and he only comes home for 3 days a month. I know my dad, but I don’t personally know him I don’t have an intimate relationship with him.
    And I have no desire to have a relationship with him. I see why my mom doesn’t like him and neither do I.

  • This is the most crazy talk I have ever heard. This discussion is about exalting dads over mothers and suggesting that daughters are no good without dad, hence mothers are not capable of raising their own daughters, that they gave birth to. How dare women accept these lies!!. These females are actually thinking they are no good without a dad.
    And Oprah sits there and eats these doctrines up. I am surprised at them.
    The father figure does not set any standards. That’s a lie. The mother is important. How dare you all keep denying the importance of the mother to her daughter. What you people are saying is that mothers don’t know how to raise their own daughters and set standards for her. How dare you Oprah and Iyanla accept these man made lies. The mother is worthy.
    All if us are not easily brainwashed.

  • See, women and girls, are constantly bombarded with bad messages. They come in the form of videos, articles, lectures, etc. Men want women and girls to believe that they are no good, unless dad is there in the daughter’s face and hugging and rubbing on her. Men also want people to let dad teach the daughter. So wrong!
    Mom is the like gender parent and so she is supposed to teach her daughter about how men are. Mother teachers her daughter how to be a woman.. Dads cannot teach the daughter. He needs to be hanging on the son, and guiding and teaching him how to be a man. We know that females are so brainwashed and believe anything that men tell them They have been told, that they are no good if dad is not present. A girl’s mother is the woman who des so much for her. The mother’s presence is vital in her life. Mother is responsible for building the girl’s self worth.

  • My father left me before I was born
    He rejected me
    He still does
    Why do I feel hole in my heart
    His rejection really hurts
    Being fatherless and rejected by him hurts the most
    I wish to forget him and never look back
    I wonder why

  • I’m 29. Have not seen my dad in 28 years.. today I went to court with mother over back child support (he owes 44 thousand) he walked right passed me like I was a ghost. I was expecting it though. Crazy thing is he was there with his wife and she said NOTHING about his behavior she is a sorry excuse for a woman. Will do anything just to say she has a man. I’m so glad my mom was in the restroom when he walked passed me without saying anything. I didn’t say anything to him cause it’s not my job to reach out like what do you say to that. I also found out he has other child support cases. I could never be with a man like that. And because I don’t have a father I know exactly what I don’t want In a man.. a deadbeat. Deadbeat dad deadbeat husband deadbeat anything

  • Thanks to feminism and the high incentives it offers to women who divorce, millions of kids can’t see their father and millions of fathers can’t see their kids. Feminism is cancer.

  • met my biological ��ly father at age of 38 years old, by the time he reached me, my HEAVENLY FATHER �� had already done a fine & grand job with me & keeping me very safe, THE GOOD LORD HAS has been my father for all of my lifetime, THANK YOU LORD FOR BEING THERE FOR ME EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, THANK YOU ��

  • After so many years of holding on and faking it. I let go but I am still healing at 35 years old. I use to tell other people him & I had a wonderful relationship. It was all a lie! God has been my only father!

  • can you do 7 effects of growing up with one toxic and absent parent who clearly doesnt care about you and tries to come back into your life and another abusive parent who is a narcissist

  • It’s because girls/women like myself, raised without a father think that the physical attraction they get from other males is “love” or reassurance in their eyes. I have/they have had no role model In what they should accept as a man in their life. What they offer physical becomes pretty much the only way they will feel loved and accepted from one of these “men”. There are people out there who spot these type of insecure women from a mile a way and take advantage. That’s where the cycle continues. Women are beautiful and are so strong without any man/men! It can be so hard and can just take time.

  • What if your father was an abusive monster? What if he beat you or your mother? Sexually abused you? Why do you automatically assume not having a dad in your life is inherently a bad thing? Sometimes, given the alternative, you’re better off not having a father in your life.

  • I rarely ever saw my dad in my childhood because I learned from a young age he did drugs. I didn’t want to be around that. I don’t regret that decision because last year he overdosed and died. If I would’ve associated myself with him it would’ve been so hard for me to let go but since he wasn’t attached to me and I wasn’t attached to him it made it easier. I’ve had a stepdad since I was two and he’s emotionally unavailable. I’ve never had a father figure in my life. I don’t know how I should be treated. I don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like. And it’s so obvious to me now that I’m starting to date guys.

  • Oprah I love your work. I know of a mother that spent her life keeping a daughter away from her father, keeps that father in court for money. The court system lets this tragedy hapoens. I hope mothers listen to this.

  • I’m 13 years old and I remember when I was younger and my dad said to me and my twin and my little brother that he could’ve had prettier kids with a Hispanic or a white woman and that broke me, I hate that man and i don’t ever wanna forgive him.

  • I never thought about promiscuous people like that. They are violating themselves. I just thought it was about attention ot substitute love.

  • I’m a daddy less daughter, for years it hurt when he would call me names. Until I peeled at the pain like layers of an onion, one by one because the healing process had to be gentle. I refused to cry from a broken heart because I felt if I opened up the well, the tears would come gushing out like a dam. So I pushed down the emotions and began over eating and drinking alcohol to escape the world I allowed myself to create….I gained 100 lbs, and became a productive alcoholic. I drank only at night to be able to sleep.
    A friend of mine and I went to a Christian church for a few months and that’s where I fell in love with My Jesus. I let him into my heart and ever since, I now weigh 105lbs @ 5’5″. I learned to forgive my father and I no longer drink. My heart and mind have been restored❤

  • All but 1 of the positive points are completely wrong for me. None of that exists here.
    I believe my family’s got(now) 3gens of unhealthy personal and/or family habits/styles,all subtle, that have gone rampant. Unchecked forever.
    I fear for my children’s wellbeing if left w/ a single mother(me)….once I have them.

  • Interesting, but is it really true how that girls without a father would really crave more male attention, have more sexual relationships or intentions with men, have early intercourse at a teen age, make bad choices like doing drugs or overdrinking for example, or have low esteem etc? ����

  • So important to hear your personal life! I feel it is so helpful! Bless you and your family! —
    I wanted to marry my cousin? And yes, I had no clue what married meant, I thought it meant hang out and have fun together, lol������
    These conversations are important!
    From my mustard seed of faith heart, may it grow and bless others as yours has!
    Bless you and family!������

  • dam, I need to go and kiss my mom’s head. cause I don’t experience any of this. my mom took care of 4 kids by herself my punk excuse for a father left us and she made it seem like we had 2 parents all in one, she did everything for us. I love you mom.

  • 2nd best dad ever. My father being the 1st! (Miss you Daddy) RIP. La Guardia you are a great Daddy to your girls. Please continue to make videos. What a gem these are for your daughters when they grow up. I know that God has awesome and wonderful opportunities for you and I pray and hope you get your own TV show.

  • I m also fatherless and an only child the man who married my mother divorced her and i don’t know what else he did to my mother but I believe he must have did something horrible as I never saw him once and I hope it keeps that way because if that man comes in front of me I don’t know what I would to him I just have so much anger towards him and its my mother who ALWAYS took care of me so I don’t know what its like to have a father But whenever I see my friends with their father I kinda wish the same

  • “My Sister’s Keeper” is a support group on Facebook where you can share your story, if you like, and meet others who share a similar story. If your on Facebook feel free to join! Facebook support group for all women and girl dealing with, have gone through or are faced with issues due to physical or emotionally absent fathers. Need someone to talk to to help you through or wish to share your story to help someone else please join

  • I can’t raise my daughter in a few stolen hours every month or so. I told her I loved her everyday and held her every day of her life. I can’t watch my daughter be raised by another man. I can’t watch her potential be wasted by her mother. I cant’ protect her while she sleeps as I did when she was under my roof within my arms-reach. I can’t bare to watch as she grows into someone I don’t want to be associated with. I’ve already spent more time away from her than I spent with her, and that’s because I worked my 12 hour shifts to provide for a woman who would rather spend £200 on candy crush before her daughters birthday. I’m not abandoning my daughter. She was stolen, and I am mourning her.

  • I’m biracial my mom is white she was only 15 when she get pregnant and she said my dad was 35 and “they were in love  “. All I had is a picture, he disappear the minute he know that she got had a baby. It  take me time for understanding that I’m a produce of rape..

  • My problem is that I can’t even talk to boys or men, because I grew up with girls and women only. Whenever I’m around males I behave weird and get shy

  • My father had never been in my life and will most likely will never be in my life. My mother said that he was just a friend and that he was married and already had a family. it’s hard not having a father and I hope to see him one day.

  • No girl likes sex or an orgasam! it’s self mutilation! lol the libido doesn’t exists! some people find ways to blame anything for their own u happiness. It’s society that failed and you are blaming the absence of a dad as the root of your pain. it’s not. your just unhappy deep down as your life has no meaning or purpose. Look forward not back. Don’t lament what you don’t or didn’t have and be thankful for what you do have. Life is forward living not backwards thinking. Let go these attachments.

  • Looks like an important series. I would like to see more done on the effects of a Father Less Daughter who lost their father’s in death when they were adolescents. Seems to be a vacant space in references books and subject matter as a whole. I understand it’s a whole other animal when a man makes a conscious decision the leave, however it’s quite another experience when it was beyond their control. Thank you. Peace.

  • +love williams 
     I’am sorry to hear that. Probably your father did not have a father when he grew up or he was not prepared to take on responsibility. You have to let your past go. I think you are stronger now. You are a wonderful human being. It’s no fault of yours that he went away. You should live this life to the maximum and show the world how strong you are.

  • I feel for her I’m seventeen and I have never seen my father it’s hurt like hell. I think about him every day ���� when I see girls with their father I cry because I want that.��

  • Im a daddyless daughter. I spend my days taking on projects in Hope’s of being the best and feeling like it’s not good enough for HIM, that it won’t live up to HIS standards, I abandon it. Because if this feeling of rejection, I’ve spiraled into $123,000 in student debt because I jumped from school to school, changing my major and never really finding satisfaction. I stay single because I know I am safe from anyone having full access to me and full potential to hurt me like he hurt my mother. Although we were his biologically his and he was in the house, but by no means were we a family and he made it very clear that he’d rather be anywhere else but here with us. I never had one birthday party or hanging out with dad. All conversations were arguments belittling us, killing our self worth. He was more interactive with total strangers than us. My mother told me she didnt leave because he gave us financial stability and where was she turn with 4 kids….but in the end, we suffered for due to this strained marriage and struggled at the hands of a man who couldn’t wait to remind us daily how much he did for us and how much we cost him. He scoffed at my attempts of affection and refused to be involved in our lives. He psychologically abused and belittled my mother until by the time I were all grown and moved out, now that we didnt need his money to function, she had no youth and no willpower and no fath in self to move on and leave him. She was unrecognizable to those who he had isolated her from and just shell of the mother I remember from my being a younger girl. Not one play or concert or recital that I was in did he come to and he used religion to control our actions. Work was his excuse or his ministry or the fact that he was a Bishop and more tender with sinners and his followers than he ever was with us. Because of him, I do not trust men. Their ability to manipulate keeps me distant. Only in the last few years have I at least learned to be cordial and interactive with them. Because of him, it negatively influenced everything else. A ripple affect. Job, relationship with daughter, friendships….hes been dead 6 years and I’m still slowly awakening to all my potential that he said I was never smart of enough to follow through with. My father did this and now I forced to fight for my deliverance.

  • There’s studies that have been done…. It’s not the most optimistic outcome for the child’s development for one parent to raise a child. I personally believe that it’s selfish to think of yourself before you think of your children.

  • Your girls are very intelligent and funny ��. I’m currently pregnant with a donor conceived child. These videos are very helpful! I’ll be finding out the gender next month! ���� I’m also hoping he/she can meet his/her diblings as well. ❤️ which I know the donor informed me of who they all were but i also know everyone woman may not want that same experience..

  • Dads are definitely more permissive than moms, I’ve observed. Very perceptive girls! Lol. This for me is the biggest barrier to conceiving via donor, the thought that my kid(s) would miss out and have to carry that sense of loss. I’m also afraid that if I have a girl she would be looking for a father figure and make bad decisions about men.

  • I know its late, but I hope you had a quick recovery. (We had a discussion on the video about your sons growing up without a father).

  • Oh wow! Gypsy looks so like you!

    I’d love to hear about how you have spoken to your children about your health and how you have taken care of them when you haven’t been able to be there. I have moderately severe Crohn’s disease with several extra-intestinal complications, and I was hospitalised, thank-fully, only once after their birth and they were infants, so they don’t remember. But my biggest fear is that it will happen again and I have no idea how I’ll talk to my boys about it.

  • My dad spent a lot of time with me and my sisters. He was a sales man but he was also a macho Latino man. But he wasn’t too macho to make Scooby Doo and Roadrunner impersonations. He had us helping him with chores a lot. (He had divorced my mom.) He would also tell us what young ladies should do. (It never seemed weird to me, since he had always done it.) I remember people complementing him on how well behaved his kids are in public.

  • I love you guys so much!!!! I love Gypsy so much because she is so confident and she does not care about haters and stuff like that!!! I love Jedi because he is strong the inside! I love Shesscintle because she Adorable and talented! And I LOVE Jayce because his haters are his motivators. I love Amy because she is a single mum but she is still going strong with 5 kids!!! Love from Shellhourbour NSW
    _Alanah Maddie

  • Gypsy is still very pretty but she looks so different I would not recognise her she has grown up so quickly, Cinty is just the cutest little thing.

  • My dad also had his gallbladder removed earlier this week, and is recovering well, bit stiff and sore, but he’s ok. Before surgery he was really sick, and he went jaundice, his skin was yellow, and he was in so much pain, that he would violently shake, and couldn’t eat due to the pain, and throwing up everything….he went to the hospital twice, but there’s only 3 specialised doctors and most of them were away on holiday unfortunately, so he was waiting to see if they could fit him in, but he ended up coming home, but got sicker, and went back because he was showing different signs( jaundice, and vomiting) so he stayed for a week before they could get his infection under control. Thank goodness he’s on the mend now. I hope you feel better soon.

  • If gypsy ever felt comfortable doing so… would she do a coming out video? Just explaining her thought process and what helped her and the support from the family?

  • Can I ask a personal question? I know being gay is not a choice, but did Gypsy always feel differently towards girls? Like when she had a boyfriend, did she actually like him or did she only have a boyfriend because that’s what everyone else was doing? I’m not trying to upset anyone, I’m just wondering. I know I’m straight, but I still look at women, but not in a way that would make me gay….it’s hard to explain, like there are parts of both male and female bodies that I like…..maybe I’m bisexual��

  • Truth….Simping is a problem…Its doing extra work to impress somebody who doesnt care for your company anyway and wondering why they cant stand to live with you….Its all lies…Not to mention we were born into a slave institution…We lie to ourselves so we blame the victims…

  • I’m just wanted to tell you that I had a stroke and I watch all of your videos you and your girls make me so happy because sometimes I get depressed I know God has a plan for me and I appreciate those beautiful faces of your daughters I have a question for you what made you start video in your girls

  • I was the of god no baby

    My mom hooked up with a married man and he got my mom and his wife pregnant at the same time. He left my mom BC I wasn’t black so I wasn’t his kid. His wife divorced soon after so he got no kids now.

  • I’m a fatherless daughter and nowadays my mom’s relationships with men are complicated, all I want is a father

    The bad thing for me is that I don’t hate my biological father for saying to abort me. I really want a father

  • I had both of my parents. I, with good intentions, got into a 5-1/2 loving relationship with a woman with daddy issues. She just didn’t understand my love. I saw her sink into depressed moods, tune out, not trust, not commit, not treat her young kids well, screaming at them. Then she suddenly got into a sexual frenzy and left for another man. From man-to-man. It was over in a flash! It sure seems like self-mutilation to me.

  • I’m a daddy less daughter my daddy was around but I saw him hit woman and drink a lot and manipulated me to think those things were right when I turned 17 I left his house because my mom was on drugs and left me with him when I was 16 I got pregnant to overcompensate and I have been over committed and I want to heal and stop trying to cover it up by trying to be perfect and picking bad relationships

  • NO! No father or husband, the daughter has no father or husband, the granddaughter has no father do you really think she’ll have a good life. Grandma is a matriarch/role model., but she lives in a nasty bed on wheels in a nasty parking lot. She lies every time she talks, she has no job, but has to manipulate and depend on criminal abusers for strength, She gets high/drunk with EVERY man she meets because she’s so nice. she “sleeps” with a new guy every month. Married men, boys who like crime, skanks that hate their mother and steal food from single mothers and their babies. She IS a total sex addict that hates marriage because daddy left when she was 9. Now all she wants to be is happy and all that takes is for her to get raped. that was said in front of her to me, she had no response. even though she is unstable and imature, screams when she hears about things she doesn’t like (oregon liberal) She has been having sex for 2 months non stop! her man has no job and was bragging on face book about mooching 4 thousand dollars worth of beer and weed. Yeah Right. Ruin your life and become her?

  • I’m a daddyless daughter /my dad passed away from cancer when I was 1.5 years old /. How I truly feel about my father I love him and I really wish I had the chance to know him and I feel empty since he’s not a part of my life. And because he’s not a part of my life I constantly feel like there’s no ground underneath me and I’m worthless and absolutely undeserving of anything. The way I cover up is by doing more that needed for school, I’m not overworking but I’m over thinking about being perfect, also I cover up by hiding in my room all the time and not showing people how much I actually care and NEED them because I’m afraid I’ll become dependent on them. Breathe in….

  • They say they are daddyless daughters, but truth should be to understand why was he absent.
    Many fathers are worthless, but so are many mothers. Was he absent because he wanted, because he was providing from afar, because his wife made his life a living hell, because you had a scorned mother, that prohibited him to be in your life, or through the courts, did you resented him, and refused him as he tried to get closer, did you have a toxic family that brainwashed you with lies about him?
    The truth is not just accept that he was not close, is the search of answers that explain why. To know all, is to understand all.
    If he tried to get close, and you refused him, you did it to yourself, no point acting like you are hurting. You had the choice in your hands, and you will regret it bitterly when he passes away, and you cannot do anything about it then.

  • I am a daddyless daughter. He died when I was 11. My mother said my father abused her and she has been making me pay for his sins since he died. She married my stepfather. He was in the house and provided financially but completely unavailable emotionally. I feel like they both failed me seriously but think they are the world’s best parents lol. I do not speak to anyone in my family anymore.

  • I don’t have a dad, and I don’t think about it all the time, but then I have those days where I do and this is one of those days. My mother is amazing and I love her so much. I almost feel guilty for thinking about what my life would be like with a dad, but I don’t know. It’s just aren’t you supposed to have a connection with your kid when they’re born. Well my mom told me that my dad held me when I was a baby while she went to the bathroom, obviously he didn’t have a connection with me. And my dad insisted that he would pay child support, or be in my life but then the people told him how much he had to pay and then He wanted me to take a DNA test. Idk I guess I just don’t understand how you could have a child on this Earth and not be in their lives, when you’re good and well. And I’ve found him on Facebook, and now he’s a priest and is around a bunch of kids all the time. Yet he’s never spoken to his own kid. So yeah, idk it just kinda sucks, and I don’t mean to be rude. But I just wonder if he even knows my birthday and stuff like that.

  • I’m a daddy less daughter. I am afraid of commitment so I’ve spent most of my life single. I tell myself I don’t want children, but the truth is I want that loving family unit. I’m just so afraid of having to raise my children alone. I was raped by a babysitter for 3yrs and never told my mom. To this day she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know who I am. I don’t want that for my children, so I tell myself I don’t want any. I’ve seen so many men come and go from my mother’s life, I don’t want that for my own. Even at 31, I’ve become practically asexual. I refuse to let anyone in. Now it’s gone so long that I don’t remember how to be in a relationship.

  • my dad left me when i was 7, today was my birthday, he never got me anything, said happy birthday, never visits, texts, calls, says i love you, says he’s proud of me, i feel unloved by him, i feel like he doesn’t care and that he left because he hates me, he’s barely in my life so i pretty much have no dad, ik where he lives but he wouldn’t want me to visit, i wish he loved me, i miss when i was little and he loved me and played with me and my older brothers, i feel like i’m only independent cuz i don’t have a dad, i was a daddy’s little girl when i was little he even helped deliver me but he doesn’t love me anymore

  • Both parents for me but I’m emotionally unavailable and I really lack empathy for people because of not having love and any emotions but anger given to me growing up now I just don’t give a damn wish I did but sadly I don’t

  • In the grand scheme your earthly father doesn’t make or break you because compared to who your Heavenly Father is He is the best Father you can have anyway.

  • I’m a daughter whose father has chosen not to be in my life at this time. This is also acknowledgement but a spoken word of truth.

  • I felt that way and till I find JEsus you heal it with Jesus he is the way and the Truth he is the healing I felt all what they are saying Jesus was the answer

  • Fathers are overrated. It’s mothers that everyone is truly looking for. Mothers images hiding behind fathers, bcuz we are not born from fathers, we’re born from mothers. So people look for fathers to be like mothers because the mother side is shut down.

  • well life sucks when you’ve got a single parents who’s an alcoholic honestly i have no idea where to turn to for life advice or emotional support oof maybe anyone has a word of advice?

  • I am a daddyless daughter and i feel betrayed of love from my dad which makes me feel insecure about men and why I feel im not married. My father was in my life…but NOT IN my Life.

  • What about fatherless men?
    I would ask how many of these fatherless men or women are fatherless because of their mommy doing daddy dirty…

  • Sometimes I wonder if it’s worse to have a absent father completely,or be constantly mistreated by a father who is physically present but absent at the same time. I guess both leave scars.

  • I’m a Daddyless daughter and I’m so thankful for all the positive male role models who have stepped up and had an impact on my life.

  • OOh my God!!! There are so many of us out here……By the time I was born, my parents were already separated……Ever since that time, almost three decades now, I have not had some solid interactions with my dad…..Have visited him less than five times. The anger and the bitterness I had been carrying around over time is not something to joke about…..But I have been dealing with myself….
    I felt like therapy was not the answer for me so I found what works for me when it comes to dealing with everything….I wrote a book titles THE M.I.A DAD! that is available on Amazon….. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081VMGPGR…… and made the process my custom made therapy sessions.
    But ultimately, I urge us all to work on ourselves…..We may all have our wounds but we must treat them until they are healed….Our fathers may not do it for us but we can do it for ourselves….
    I am glad to have found a group of people that I can relate to

  • Woah!
    I was a Daddyless daughter for 24 years until 10 years ago because I ignited the reunion when I was months away from giving birth to his first Granddaughter. My level of emotional dishonesty has kept me stuck in so many areas of my life for so long and this has really helped me!
    He’s coming down this weekend and I am finally going to speak my truth and I am SO ready for healing.
    Thank you!

  • My dad chose a job out of state and left me and my mom when I was a 8 years old over the years he would call every now and then to say hi to me but I never got close years passed and in my 30’s now I find out I have two older sisters that he wants us to know each other and hang out I have two kids and their dad abuses me physically, emotionally, financially and verbally the only reason why I stay is because I don’t want my kids to grow up without a dad because it messes you up mentally

  • I’m a daddy less daughter and I over compensate by over committing. And I hold back just a part of myself from everyone around me because I don’t feel safe letting go.

  • My parents were married seven years before they had a child. They had a solid marriage yet I still chose not to have children. I saw men leave and did not have a solid education and career to support a child on my own so I just said no, no children. Women should not have children that they cannot afford to support on their own. These kids end up on government aide and that’s not fair to society.

  • my father passed when i was 7, its tough growing up without someone to inspire your mind. Big ups to my mom for making me more in tune with my heart though. I needed a nerf otherwise i would have been OP i guess

  • P a t t e r is the extra spare. He is the first creation of the creature being reproduced. She is the cell and agent. He biologically marries her to be part of her child and to have heirs. A temporary stud. Dad exist mostly in our human and ape social constructs.there’s so many womb in vein guys and narcissus who invented patriarchy and try to override the woman’s authority. People need a dad the same way they need methamphetamine. If you’re never introduced to it you’ll never go through with withdrawal. So too are we so social and adaptable that sometimes not only do we need more groups of people, but extended family might be better than both direct parents. Dad can easily be replaced with the baseball coach. the mother is irreplaceable the first couple of years due to biology. Even she can be replaced with a foster care guardian or teacher. So glad Oprah has started to call out this fairy tail

  • I’m a black woman, now in my 50s. My mother was married 3 times. My biological father, who was absentee, reappeared in my late 30s, just before he died. Her 2nd husband is my sister’s father and he did a fantabulous job of neglecting my sister and messing up her mind. The 3rd husband passed 10 years ago but, was more of a professional man, than a father or husband. Now, I’ve discovered that my mother is a malignant, covert narcissist and I am her major contact. So, I am both a motherless and daddyless daughter, but am grateful that some of this has happened during the mature and later stages of my life as I have been skills and coping mechanisms to handle them.

  • Because of the fact that I’m daddyless daughter, I don’t have a coping mechanism to deal with difficult men (coworkers, bosses…) and therefore I’m grateful that I have a wonderful boyfriend who teaches me how to react in such situations.
    Please accept other men and allow them to teach you what your father was never able to.

  • lol this advice is so stupidly obvious. “Don’t be emotionally dishonest with yourself.” Oprah reacts to this as though this is some sort of deep, ingenious revelation when it is the most obvious advice ever. I feel like I’m in Kindergarten listening to this

  • This is patriarchal nonsense. It’s pathetic women are still buying into male social contracts. You don’t need a dad to grow up and be a healthy, happy, well adjusted woman. Many single mothers raise fabulous children. Many women who grew up with a terrible or lousy dad have more emotional problems than someone raised in a peaceful single mother parent home.

  • 02:15 I laughed out loud “Allowing someone to enter you” Oprah replies unknowingly, “That’s a big one! That’s a BIG tweet-tweet!” I burst out laughing. A funny play on words, completely on accident. Struck me as funny.

  • It had a negative impact on my poor cousins ): the oldest is gone which caused the youngest to suffer even more. The youngest barley gets calls or a single text from her father, is always craving attention, behavior issues, envy, and jealousy. I can understand where the built up frustration comes from and I feel sorry for her and felt like the father failed his children and left a bad stain that damaged them.

  • I’m a Daddyless daughter, but I had a strong Mama who was a supermom, who told me never settle cause I have worth and value I’m a precious gem of GOD’S, I might not have had a Daddy but I have a FATHER who gave me courage when I needed it, wisdom when I felt lost, understanding when I messed up. Cause GOD is in the people around you and I was blessed with a large Family, uncles like mine by twelve I could mow a lawn, change the oil, change tires, pump gas, change an alternator, shoot a.22 rifle, catch my own food, grow my own food, build a tree fort, use a tape measure, lay block, pour cement, use power tools all cause of My FATHER putting great men in my life. Best advice I ever got was from my Uncle Carl never let anyone do for you what you can do yourself, he had worked from fourteen to seventy at the same place only went to the sixth grade but was wise beyond his years and the best blue print designer they had.

  • I never thought of myself as a daddyless daughter because my father was physically there most of the time and provided financially. But emotionally he was a source of fear. I never really acknowledged that I never got to experience what it’s like to have a loving father. I was too busy compensating.

  • So true. A friend once gave me an analogy of driving to explain the problem with focusing on what you don’t want rather than what you want. When you’re driving if you keep focusing and looking at the ditch because you don’t want to drive into the ditch you will definitely drive into the ditch.

  • Was in a horrible long term relationship and when I went to therapy she made me realize that I repeated the cycle and ended up with someone who was just like my dad

  • I’m a daddy less daughter, and I dont let my father in when he tries to be apart of my life, instead I look for approval from other men and how I can change myself to please them

  • She’s dropping so many gems. I was daddyless daughter for majority of my life. Now my daughters are daddyless. My daughter is staying in an abusive relationship bcuz she does not want her children to be daddyless. The cycle is vicious and we must break it ����thanks for this post, sending love & prayers for all

  • I’m a daddyless daughter. I felt this way many many years. Ruined my childhood, but I believe I’ve really worked through a lot of my issues. I’m not a mother yet but I pray that God gives me the strength and resources to give my future children the life they deserve.

  • Women created the problem by procreating with losers. Wake up ladies. One percent of men are father material. So stop procreating with just anyone. 99 percent of men need not pass on their genes.

  • I am so tired of this narrative. The present parent has a bigger influence than the absent parent. Every household has issues, I know more messed up people from 2 parent households than single parent households. Feeling worthless, trying to overcompensate and be super mom is the feeling of most people out there. Everybody is dealing with something.

  • My dad was abusive and no matter how hard I try all I attract is toxic men. I can think I’m choosing better only to discover what lies underneath is the worst yet! It’s so frustrating and I give up. I want a husband (best friend, partner in crime) more than anything in the world, but I have to accept that for me, because of my relationship with my dad, that just may not be in the cards for me. I literally may not be able to attract that. ♥

  • My father left my mother when she was pregnant with me.
    I did’nt See him much in my childhood.
    I have 2 children. I live in a bad relationship with their father. I never married because I don’t trust men.

  • I’m a daddy-less daughter. I honestly feel that my life wouldn’t have been any better if he was in my life. One broken half raised parent was enough.

  • The most important thing for daddyless daughters to remember is NOT to repeat the same cycle. DO NOT do to your children what was done to you. Choose the father of your child wisely or they will carry the same emotional scars you do through this life. The cycle MUST stop.

  • Im a daddyless daughter and bcos i never had a father figure I allowed myself to be in an abusive relationship with my children’s father so they would know and feel what its like to have a father…instead of NEVER having one.

    We eventually broke up but im glad i gave my kids what i will NEVER GET a father who cares..i hate men i emasculate them to make myself feel better but all im really doing is projecting my disappointment of not having a father…

    I belive the bible when its says
    When your forsaken by your parents it will be the lord who will and has taken me up…

  • I am a daddyless daughter and I admit that I’ve often taken whatever man came my way just to have a man in my life. Just to feel worthy of a man’s time.

  • I lost my father when I was 12 years old due to a stroke. This was beyond anyone’s control. I’m not sure if I can still say I’m a daddieless daughter. My father lived with me and my family since before I was born.