10 Methods to Have Summer time Fun With Youthful Adult Children


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Tips for Parents Living with Young Adult Children

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to easy, inexpensive ways to create summer fun for your kids. If you need even more ideas, try these: Fly a kite. Collect summer wildflowers and press them in a book.

Rent a kayak or canoe. Make tiny fairy houses outside. Drag out an old blanket and read books outside. Write a letter to a relative.

75 Free Summer Activities. Summer fun doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a suntanned leg. Here are 75 free summer activities for kids, parents, friends and more.

From camping to coding, use our list to make this summer the best — and most affordable — one ever. children and young people whilst at home. Active Me at Home •Some exciting, engaging and fun activities and home learning resources. All the activities and resources have been specifically designed to be completed at home, making sure children can still learn, be engaged and have fun whilst the lockdown continues and schools remain closed. Here are some fun things to do with your adult kids. UCLA vs.

Washington Football Game. Watch sports. Go on a walking tour of your city or nearby town. Go on a walking food tour. Cook a meal together.

Go to a movie. Take a cooking class. Take a hike.

The dreaded words kids say to adults when they’re stuck in the house. Keeping them busy with fun things to do at home is the key to keeping the peace. After they’ve played with all the toys, watched all the best kids’ movies on Netflix, reached maximum screen-time consumption, and devoured all the snacks (have they always been this hungry.

Have a picnic. Go to a museum. Learn woodworking together. Take a pottery class.

Stargaze together. Find shapes in the clouds together. Go to the zoo.

Learn about the history of your community together. Make a time capsule. Watch a parade.

Go to a professional sports event. Make a video. Make a pillow or quilt out of your old T-shirts and blankets.

Have a campfire. Learn string games like Cats in the Cradle. Have a picnic on the living room floor. Learn clapping games like Miss Mary Mack. Play cards (Crazy 8s, War, Rummy) Family game night.

Watch old home movies or look at old pictures. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest. Build a fort. Fly a Kite.

As a psychologist working with children and teens for over 30 years, I have counseled many troubled, overly dependent adult children. It is heart-wrenching to see these young adults in a self. Experiencing lots of “family togetherness” during the Coronavirus pandemic?

KidsOutAndAbout.com provides over 250 ideas for making the most of your time together and avoid driving each other crazy. Our publisher, Debra Ross, says, “Some of the best parenting advice I ever received was: ‘When it rains, play in the rain.’ There are ways of making the best. Encourage. Throw in the occasional treat, “because you kids have been so responsible this week!” Admire their good work, but don’t pay them for fulfilling their responsibilities.

However, do consider paying your children for jobs that go above and beyond their normal chores. It’s a wonderful way for them to learn the value of a buck. 10.

List of related literature:

If you plan day trips to the pool, beach, or museums in advance, schedule play dates and picnics, and create anticipation for any family trips or camp, then your kids will have a clear sense of how the summer will pass.

“It's All Too Much” by Peter Walsh
from It’s All Too Much
by Peter Walsh
Simon & Schuster Australia, 2009

When asked what they would most like to do with their parents, 23 percent chose the three noncommercial outdoor activities offered: building a snowman or a tree house, riding bikes or doing something outside, and gardening.

“Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture” by Juliet Schor, Associate Professor of Economics Juliet B Schor, Charles Scribner's Sons
from Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture
by Juliet Schor, Associate Professor of Economics Juliet B Schor, Charles Scribner’s Sons
Scribner, 2004

Swim: Most children love to swim; drop them off at the local pool for the afternoon along with some buddies.

“Unschooling To University: Relationships Matter Most in a World Crammed With Content” by Judy L Arnall
from Unschooling To University: Relationships Matter Most in a World Crammed With Content
by Judy L Arnall
Judy Arnall, 2018

As adults, they maintain high levels of participation in these types of activities—outdoor experiences such as camping, hiking, swimming, skiing, ice skating, playing a musical instrument or engaging in arts and crafts; going to amusement parks and movies; sightseeing and attending sports events.

“Reinventing the Museum: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Paradigm Shift” by Gail Anderson
from Reinventing the Museum: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Paradigm Shift
by Gail Anderson
AltaMira Press, 2004

You can add to the fun by having your child dress in appropriate beach attire, such as a swimsuit and sunglasses.

“365 Toddler Activities That Inspire Creativity: Games, Projects, and Pastimes That Encourage a Child's Learning and Imagination” by Joni Levine
from 365 Toddler Activities That Inspire Creativity: Games, Projects, and Pastimes That Encourage a Child’s Learning and Imagination
by Joni Levine
Adams Media, 2012

Family getaway weekends in summer are a fun way to unplug from technology and introduce kids to nature.

“Fodor's The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West” by Fodor's Travel Guides
from Fodor’s The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West
by Fodor’s Travel Guides
Fodor’s Travel, 2016

Cruising kids might find that their parents will use a trick called Strand Our Children on a Beach with Strangers While We Relax to get them to make new friends.

“Voyaging With Kids: A Guide to Family Life Afloat” by Behan Gifford, Sara Dawn Johnson, Michael Robertson
from Voyaging With Kids: A Guide to Family Life Afloat
by Behan Gifford, Sara Dawn Johnson, Michael Robertson
Pardey Books, 2015

Family vacations in the camper take the entire family to regional Disneyland-like entertainment centers or to the beach.

“Ways with Words: Language, Life and Work in Communities and Classrooms” by Shirley Brice Heath, Heath, Cambridge University Press
from Ways with Words: Language, Life and Work in Communities and Classrooms
by Shirley Brice Heath, Heath, Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press, 1983

Outings Dad could take children to:grocery shopping, pet stores, hardware stores (children love the escalators and ceiling fans), errands, playgrounds, parks, picnics, bike riding or sports events.

“Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery” by Judy L Arnall
from Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery
by Judy L Arnall
Professional Parenting Canada, 2012

Continue to encourage children to engage in unstructured physical play with their friends every day, regardless of the weather.

“Long-Term Athlete Development” by Istvan Balyi, Richard Way, Colin Higgs
from Long-Term Athlete Development
by Istvan Balyi, Richard Way, Colin Higgs
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2013

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  • grace but we need truth, single mom here what about them being not grateful and not a team player what do you do,and they have burned bridges to live else where, but continue a destructive behavior love this child so much but she is hard to be around because of the attitude and negative, and she isn’t willing to be counseled

  • lilly: i’m gonnA bE dA bEsT MomMy eVeR
    Lilly agaon: stabs the freaking bottle into the bAbY

    30 years later: No please NO Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    And at da end: I LIKE PUPPIes

    Me: Laughing all nIght

  • Erik was 24 and suicided himself. My son told after his first attempt in the hospital the year before. “I can’t function in society”. I said “but you did so well in school”. He said “I didn’t want to disappoint the teachers”. Been three years that he is gone and a year ago I drempt that he was autistic. That through me curve ball. I now see the signs but I was so blind to it while Erik was growing up. He was like the invisible child, always content or I thought and never complained about anything. He was always grateful for every day little thing, a real sweetheart. Then he was introduced to drugs. Where you are understood you are at home… it went down from that moment on. Thank you for what you do. Information is key for parents that go see the doctors and being told that he or she will grow out of it. Like I’ve lived. God bless and keep on the good work. Love ya! ��

  • I can tell you what happens to those with Asberger’s: We become alienated, lonely and depressed. That’s assuming you don’t manage to off yourself somewhere along the ride.

  • Here are some more questions:
    1. How many families have the 50k+ a year for the extensive therapies needed for an autistic child?
    2. Current predictions are that 1/2 of all boys and 1/3 of all girls will be on the spectrum by 2032 at the latest. Is there a place for all of them to become inspirational speakers, aritists, musicians, cheerleaders, etc.? Who will hold down the jobs required for their support? And where will all the money for the expensive theriapies come from?
    3. Why is qutism now being promoted as a new nuerorype? Even an advanced neurotype by some?
    4. Where or where is all of the critical research that should be being done to shut down the cascade new cases daily?
    5. I applaud the progress this young man has made. Does he live and function completely independently?

  • As a mom of a 23 year old son who is autistic and not a day goes by that I don’t worry about my son when I pass on. I Love him to the moon and back. He has been the most happiest kindest person I have ever known. There are no help from anyone just me. My son has never had friends no party invites no girlfriends and just lives in his own world. He lives with me and I not able to work due to my son’s disabilities so life with a lot of worry and no answers.

  • Autism advocacy for high functioning is really poor. I have that college degree but the only support out there is for high school type work like retail and fast food. I graduated with honors in college and was top in my class as a flight attendant because seeing the world was my dream but apparently my dream should have been to not try and get government help because I would have more money coming in. I lost my independence in the process trying. Not enough employers out there that will support someone with Autism. If they have to provide a certain amount of jobs to people with Autism it’s being a Janitor. It’s sad because I tried to keep up with my peers but instead just get blocked at the door when I am more than qualified.

  • You guys have saved my marriage and sanity in so many ways I can not thank you enough for sharing your advise and lives with us ❤️ all the way from the UK �� #uktoursoon

  • Please keep in mind the heat for summer in vegas. I was pregnant with my son during the summer and its torture. As much as I want to see you guys, I want you to be safe too

  • Hey Jordan, I just signed up for boot camp. Is the amount you set for per family member in 2017 still the same for 2018? Does that make sense?

  • My son was diagnosed with autism this week. I’ve had a mixture of emotions. Mostly worry and fear for his future. Thank you for speaking out it has helped me find some comfort and strength. You are an amazing person!

  • Just heard you talking about the enveloppes. I’ve been using enveloppes for my weekly budget after I needed to get my finances on a tight budget as a single mom. It sure is difficult at first but you will get so much grip and knowing what you are spending weekly. Keep it simple, and enjoy simple things in life. Anyone can budget and save money or lower your dept. ����

  • It’s age discrimination that Autistic people who are 18 years old or over not having any support. They only give support to autistic people 17 and under.

  • My son is autistic he’s 4 years old he’s going to a good school and hopefully he will learn more as life goes on and technology changes

  • My 22 year old severely autistic cannot speak her wants or needs? I’ve tried everythingshe twiddles her fingers and gets frustrated if I put gloves on her to break that habit any suggestions?.I will never ever put my daughter in a home because I put her a dayhab and found out she was neglected there.

  • Have you considered doing the events on a smaller scale…some libraries have larger auditoriums. I’m not sure how to go about using them but something to think about maybe?

  • Dad is dead and mom has a restraining order and a drinking problem. I wanted to help the world���� divorce kills families because mom thinks she is fine…��

  • Hi Jordan! After discovering you randomly on Youtube months ago, I’ve been following your Q and A’s and Instastories ever since. I finally bit the bullet and purchased your BBC! I’m very excited to start. Even though our lives are very differentI’m single, live in California, don’t plan on having any childrenI feel like you speak to a wider audience than just families. I love your Costco tips and advice on having multiple bank accounts (although without kids or a husband I think I can get away with a smidgen fewer than 7! I probably only need 4 or 5, no his and hers checking). I’ve got my savings, checking, and FSA setup already. Now debt repayment mode!

  • Amazing how you developed your speech. Some of these children cannot even evoke expressive speech but can sing and script movies effortlessly

  • Wow what a crappy thing to happen with the Zaycon closing. I’m sorry for everyone involved. But I am happy to see you guys have easy solutions and are bouncing back with other options. AND great job letting everyone know to dispute the charges for pending orders, because a lot of other people wouldn’t have thought of that!

  • Everyday play outside
    Me: that sounds like my brother
    me and bff: SHUSH

  • You mentioned that you’re going on some road trips this summer would you please do some videos about how you do a road trip what y’all pack is next car hacks and what you do to prepare for a road trip and packing videos

  • I’m still completely lost on how I’m supposed to turn my weaknesses into strengths. Am I supposed to be proud of the fact that half my brain doesn’t work?

  • We literally bomb so hard every year on budgeting in summer. Rest of the year…no problem. I have no questions, just comments.
    Happy summer!

  • A condition that’s highly misrepresented by organizations and trolls alike. They claim that autism is a disease that needs to be cured when in reality people with autism have had many positive effects on our society. For example, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and even Nikola Tesla were all autistic. If you want to actually know about autism and how we think go to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. This site will give you all of the factual information you need about how we express ourselves and provide opportunities to help out in ways that are actually meaningful to the autistic community.

    I’m autistic, which is why I am writing this, and I urge you to please be careful what you search up on the internet about autism because not all of it is true. The reason why you can trust the source I provided is because it is supervised by autistic people themselves who actually know what it’s like to live with autism.

  • What if a girl whit autism. Gifted I.Q 120. But cant get clothes on. Cant shower. Every day we have to tel her. Put your clothes on for school. You have to eat you have te drink…..wen wil this get better? And yes what wil happen wen we are gone. We are 50 she is 10.

  • I think when traveling with people things should be either split in half or look at the size of your family compared to the size of the other family if yours is six people and there’s is for you paid 2/3 and they pay 1/3

  • Thank you, thank you for mentioning Zaycon, I had no idea!! I immediately hopped on my online credit card account and got the charges disputed.

  • Hey guys! I’ve only recently started watching you guys, gotta say though, already love you guys! Really amazing couple and just the cutest kiddies. I have a question though… How do you guys figure out individual financial goals? So like, do you say ok each of gets $xxx for our goals go figure it out, or is there like a sliding scale or is it just like we’re in this together so we save together for the things that will make the other one happy? Like my BF and I, we usually tend to save for and spend on things that we enjoy together, but like we’ll rotate out monthly or whatever when we get something bigger as individuals, so if he wants a new fishing rod this month then I can get a new baking set next month or whatever, and that system is not working haha so we need help please!! x

  • Jordan, you and Bubba always give the best advice! My husband and I love to host at our home. Most of our friends have kids now that are close in age to our youngest. We have a designated play room for young children. However, some of our friends won’t let their children in there to play with the others and keep them with the adults or they’ll send one parent inside to stay with the child and switch. Is there something we’re doing wrong? Sometimes we feel like they don’t trust our children or are we paranoid?

  • I am father of very handsome boy 8 years old he looks 101% normal no sign of any abnormality but he is autistic diagnosed and only one thing hurt me the same question what will happen to him if I am gone because until I am alive he is not going to see any hard days

  • Kerry thanks for giving others HOPE! Autism is medical and TREATABLE! My son is fully recovered and now an aerospace engineer. But more important than that he has friends and is leading a typical life. The experts told me he would need to be institutionalized. We combined medical, behavioral, and educational interventions. Once we corrected the issues with his dysfunctional immune system, he was able to learn what he couldn’t before. Then we used our own version of ABA to teach him all he missed. Anyone who needs help can contact me at [email protected]@t and my website is @t I never charge for anything I do and all profits from my book I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE go to autism research/treatments.

  • I only have one baby7 months. I’m overwhelmed and kind of hate myself that I cannot seem to get and stay on top. All my out of the home jobs were so easyI managed bakeries (which is actually physically demanding and insane during holidays) I excelled, climbed the corporate latter, achieved so much and was always on my game… but had so much anxiety to be depended on like that because all I ever wanted was to be a momma. Here I am and I am not as good at running the house hold as I thought I would be. My husband suffers the mostcatches the brunt of my tired momma/hormonal drop of the hat rage and has to come home to the mess…i only manage to cook dinner hes on his own for breakfast. Bubba is a lucky man to have a wife as productive as you!!! Seriously, I kind of with you were MY wife 😉

  • you all need to chill the fuck out, it’s a european thing and they do it in hawaii as well. stop being fucking sensitive, it’s not your child to raise, now shut the fuck up and click off the video if you don’t want to see it.

  • Hi! I have 3 kids, 16, 12 and 10. We are a one income family and it seems to get harder the older they have gotten. Budget wise, that is..so I’m hoping to gain some wisdom and tips from you on budgeting.

  • great video my child is also aurtism but we cant help him much cox we dont know how to help please make more video to understand how to overcome this and help them

  • Relationship goals right here! Even my partner loves watching you two! And he hates everyone �� we always learn so much from you two.

  • I foresee the community of autistic adults learning how to organize to build a large scale support system for young autists. We will have to do this because we know better than anyone what that should look like, and we can make it beautiful and life sustaining. This young man is hugely inspiring and can demonstrate what is possible for an autistic person to achieve given the right supports.

  • My son is 38 and was diagnosed when he was 15 with Aspergers. There was the teasing, bullying and ostracization which Shaun was plagued with and you can’t imagine how much sorrow was in our hearts. He put those struggles behind him and shone threw. The biggest hardship was that he never had a friend and still doesn’t. I, his mother, have been his only true friend and I am so proud of that. We witnessed his fight to know who he is. Shaun has overcome the obstacles and is a strong, intelligent man with a heart full of gold. There are blurring of the lines on the autism spectrum but I never cared because he IS MY SON. God has given me such a precious gift. I am SO PROUD of him.

  • You should look into doing live events in churches! A lot of churches especially in the south will let clean acts preform in their sanctuaries!

  • Excellent!! So great to hear your talk. Will continue to follow you and learn from you! Keep on fulfilling that dream and inspiring others!

  • I have a son on the spectrum and he’s brilliant, especially when it comes to his passions. I’m amazed at his knowledge when it pertains to topics he interested in. He has taught me so much, and I’m so grateful for him everyday. I want parents who have had a recent diagnosis to know that autism can be a gift as long as you channel their interest. Focus on them and allow them to flourish.

  • Hi Jordan, just alittle info on the pogo passes, if u go to there website there’s a special for $39.99. Happy day to you and yours.

  • My grandson never some till 3 just couldn’t understand anything he said he started mainstream school but never seemed to fit in he accepted an invitation to church around the corner and made dozens of friend he eventually went to college far from home and worked in cafe God bless him I have 3autistic grandchildren at different ages I just hope they all get the same help x

  • There’s so much of my th thoughts in this video. Knowing I’m going to die one day. Who will love my son. My hearts so heavy thinking my baby will never speak.

  • Hopefully, you no longer say we “have” Autism. The majority of us are VERY proud Autistics. 2 1/2 is not that unusual! you were lucky to have support, my age group were lucky if our parents loved us enough to accept us and love us. There is NO LINE!

  • Being a father i was worried about my son.. Even i dont know my 6 month old son is autistic or not.. But now im really relaxed as before.. Because society told me that autistic is something like abnormal or mental.. Autism is just social.. Behavioral.. Physical interaction.. Easy its not a big deal.. My son recognized me and its enough for me:)

  • Not enough thumbs up I can give.
    I had tears in my eyes in certain moments. I hope you and your family have a wonderful life. Best regards

  • My son is autistic, after lots of research I found he have over growth candida and leaky gut ant heavy metal,, so I fix his stomach it tok one years and now he’s doing vaccines and heavy metal detox, and he starting to be normal, I know in one year he will be totally normal, message parents look after those things privately Coz nhs does do that, it’s long why depend on ur child but worth it your child will be cured.

  • This is so hopeful. I just watched a ton of Ted Talks about how society is rigged against us, many of us will commit suicide, and we can’t hold down a job. This was so good to hear after that. Happy Autism Acceptance Month.

  • I never get to catch these videos live. It’s the time zone I think. I’ve had a pressing question for a few weeks. I was advised to open a credit card to use only for my auto payments. Car and utilities currently, then pay it off monthly. Building my credit score along the way. Your thoughts?

  • For interest of what I am, it’s interesting to people that are advocates to autism that make people are interested in the making of their minds like technology and arts. I’m saying that I’m gifted to have interests like: art, technology, experienced, and being good at things that are good for me. Some people called me a gamer when I play games, because of that I practice the games that I like. Some people like me because of my interests. And that’s fine, because of what I done is that my knowledge is strong. I love myself.

  • I keep missing the LIVE somehow (and I have the bell notification on!) What happens when one person wants to enjoy the money while we’re living and the other wants to save for being able to live in the future…..???? (The one who wants to spend will NOT stop spending. and he won’t do Dave Ramsey’s system)

  • I actually buy everything at costco, really, everything. I do that because that way we don’t pay any membership, out of pocket, i even get money back which is what we use to pay the membership and we get around 50 after that for us to spend on anything. I save a lot money by going to one store only. It’s just my husband and I, but i think, I’m very good at preserving and storing food and using everything i have.

  • My friend Marcus has a seveare condition of autisim and he has it really Hard he would be locked in a room with No Windows and blocked the door… He has deppression… I try My Best to help him but it’s Hard when i myself has ADHD but I try My Best… To help him as much as I can cause hes My Best friend…

  • For Idaho meet up, try Idaho Falls. It is right in the middle of Rexburg and Pocatello and there are many other places that you could try than in Rexburg.

  • Would it be wrong to hide a savings from my husband? I can’t seem to get him to help budget or save. I don’t want to hound him on it either. I’d rather just do it myself and try getting him on board once i pay off a debt.

  • I love your channel and posts! My question is we don’t live near a Walmart,(30 min away) or Sam’s (1 hour) we only have a Piggly Wiggly or Dollar General. What do you suggest for better saving money effectively. I use the app coupons and it helps but want to know more!

  • *lilly: I’m the best mummy ever! *Stabs bottle into the “baby’s” mouth * me:��️����️ lilly I thought you were the best mummy ever

  • Check into renting churches for your events. You might be able to get a better deal. Also if you have a GFS (Gordon’s food service) in your area they have 40lb cases of boneless skinless chicken breasts for $45. They keep them in the back so you have to ask about them.

  • Yes, for parents this is a daily worry. My daughter is 20, diagnosed with HFA at the age of 17 after years of significant problems. She can’t drive, college is too stressful, restaurants overwhelm her. I wish she could blossom as this man did, but she hasn’t and I worry constantly about her future.

  • The word “mentee” is rather strange, given the origin of the word “mentor” (it’s someone’s name); but I suppose “Telemachus” wouldn’t work either.

  • Also what we’ve done to is when I’ve been at a friend’s place I’ve paid for one meal either lunch or supper and the other person paid for lunch or supper and then every second breakfast I purchased or they purchase so it evens out.

  • I can’t get my husband to sell anything.

    We’re not in debt but we don’t have much money either. No way we can live on 70% of what we make, even with me working. He won’t downsize our house or anything like that, supposedly there is nothing where we live that will be big enough but cheap enough.

  • I was told on one of the groups I’m on that you can contact your bank and credit card and cancel the payments and get your money back that way some of it you might miss.


  • Hope you enjoyed today’s video! It’s so sad… but so true. Make some time this summer to live like a kid! I’ll be responding to your cute little comments for the next hour as part of #SuperSixty. Come say what up <3

  • Ive seen people posting about the zycon closure here on youtube, and everyone is saying something about loosing money and what not but i wondered if there was any issue with the product. I know many stores when they find something wrong with there products they do a recall, but none close there stores right away, but i wonder with them closing all of a sudden that the food itself should not be ruled out on it being any good.

  • In many cases of autism those rigorous therapy sessions you mentioned cause depressions and anxiety.
    Weather you noticed it or not you mentioned how all your friends were making more friends while you were pent up with a therapist, instead of trying to make your own friends, which is pretty anticlimactic.
    Also early intervention plans while helpful for learning to speak and can have a negative mental impact on early children.
    Ask the young adults with autism what they want to do. Don’t just set up a job for them, let them give their input.
    The son with aggressive tendencies is really just a scared child. Just like any scared animal, humans lash out physically in situations which they don’t understand because it’s all they know how to do.

  • My grandson, massively vaccine injured by the MMR at age 18 months. Lost ability to talk, poop and make eye contact. Autistic. He is now 8, self harm, screams, throws things and has numerous meltdowns a day. He will wear a diaper for life. The world has totally abandoned him already.

  • Kerry
    I understand that you have made enormous progress due to your perseverance and to the dedicated support from your parents. However, I find there is a glaring omission from your presentation. Autism as I understand it is not a specific disease or syndrome, but is a term embracing a wide range of disorders. So, your presentation does not make any sense until you supply us with the information where are you on the spectrum. In other words, are there not those with autism that is so severe that they cannot ever achieve what you have achieved? Does not this aspect need to be recognised?

  • I was turned down for disability because I am a high functioning autistic person and had a good gpa in school but I’m 29 and never had a job and can’t find a job. I just got turned down for a dishwasher job at red lobster. I’ve got 45k in debt for my degree and I can’t graduate because I can’t pass math. I was homeschooled after 3rd grade, never went to high school. So I never got into programs for autistic people. I have lived at the same house my whole life but because my grandma ran out of money she has to sell the house and move to a rental out in the country. It’s July 28th and I’ve got till the 31st to find a place to live. I have no savings and I’m so scared of ending up homeless especially out in 110 degree heat. I apply for so many jobs but I never get hired. If I do get hired I’m going to spend the rest of my life paying off my debt with minimum wage jobs and living in a cheap apartment. I see these programs for adults with autism and they are all in California or Chicago. I’m in Phoenix Arizona and I can’t afford to move and those cities are even more expensive. The cost of living here has skyrocketed. I got no savings. I wish there were more services for autistic adults. I’m just terrified of my future.

  • Seems like a smart man. I myself was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, back before they took it out of the DSM. So my heart goes out to all autism people.

  • High functioning Autism, use to have depression, and ADHD. (All people with Autism have ADHD) My experience with it is different than others. I had depression from lower school to high school. I had anxiety as a part of my depression. I went to a school for special needs children during middle school after have being bullied all throughout lower school. High school I was going to a school that was part online and part normal school. I didn’t know how to socialize with people in order to make friends until high school. Middle school every my age level weren’t as normal as me so I was alone. I only talk to adults but that is a different type of conversation than with friends. I lived with my parents who they themselves had there own issues to take care of, so it was hard for them to compensate for my needs when it was hard to compensate for their own.

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  • https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAx6CQaFx7E/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link try finding this guy at http://www.sandcastlelessons.com and buiuld one of these using science and fun!  https://photos.app.goo.gl/6cswv3575Z8iDNyLA

  • I am from India. My 5 yrs old son is autistic. Since last year, lot of improvement as he started speaking few words, 3-4 words sentences.. still not properly pronouncing few letters like G J L.. Most of time he repeats question and then try to answer. He can write A-Z, numbers up to 200 but takes lots of time as he goes day dreaming lots of time (not good hand writing). Just recently, I have taught him some math like < > = signs, basic addition,, now starting subtraction.. He can play few rhymes on piano too. He open his games, plays and shut down PC on his own. Lots of improvements. Started playing with elder bro. Just passed Lower KG class, now starting Upper KG. Teacher was so supportive in school, that helped a lot as school wasn’t keen to admit my son initially. Can’t say how long he will be able to continue in school. Trying my best to teach him max. But yes, worried life after me. In my country, most of people dont even know what autism is. Forget about any help or support from any part or govt. Have to manage by our self. His hyperness has come down quite a lot. He has some amazing skills I feel. But unfortunately, will be very tough for me to support him long, as i said no support at all from govt here. So, hope is a great word. God is another. Blessing too. Love you all. Love to your kids

  • For those doing a TEFL or ESL course, find my final assignment based on this lesson here: https://www.stuvia.co.za/doc/702412/i-to-i-tefl-level-3-final-assignment-four-seasons

  • inasmuch as he has much to be proud of (in his own accomplishments), no useful information was provided as to WHAT supports are available for adults with autism. That would have made this a much more productive talk.

  • its not a big deal the little girl doesnt have a top its a european thing but like people dont need to act all defensive if a person doesnt know jeez just calm the fuck down they dont know everything in the world like you do

  • My 8 year old was diagnosed when he was 3 years old and been in ABA therapy since his diagnosis… it has helped him learn to talk, get potty trained and overall help his behavior. He is doing amazing and your proof that anyone’s future can be bright no matter the circumstances!!! Thanks for sharing I subscribed and hit your bell!!!