10 Common Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make


Why Discipline Isn’t Working! 10 Common Mistakes Parents Make!

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10 Common Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make By. Wayne Parker. Wayne’s background in life coaching along with his work helping organizations to build family-friendly policies, gives him a unique perspective on fathering. Learn about our editorial process. Wayne Parker.

Fact checked by. Fact checked by Andrea Rice on May 18, 2020. Here Are 7 Common Objects That Can Easily Kill Your Kids. Pregnancy. This is What Happens to Your Body When You Have a Home Parenting 10 Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make The Most!

10 Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make The Most! By. Diana L. Clayton. 0. 796.

Share on Facebook. Common Mistakes Yell at or belittle your child Discipline while angry Be inconsistent, enforcing only at times Deliver a long, detailed explanation Focus only on what was wrong rather than how to correct the behavior Think of discipline as punishing poor behavior Break the rules you hold your kids. Here Are 7 Common Objects That Can Easily Kill Your Kids. Pregnancy. This is What Happens to Your Body When You Have a Home Parenting 10 Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make The Most!

10 Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make The Most! By. Diana L. Clayton.

0. 7637. Share on Facebook. Here Are 7 Common Objects That Can Easily Kill Your Kids 10 Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make The Most!

By. Diana L. Clayton. 0. 7637. Share on Facebook.

Tweet on Twitter. 1. Getting angry. Even though your child might make you crazy sometimes, becoming angry with them and losing your temper are traits of a toxic person and do not.

Here Are 7 Common Objects That Can Easily Kill Your Kids. Pregnancy. This is What Happens to Your Body When You Have a Home Parenting 10 Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make The Most! 10 Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make The Most!

By. Diana L. Clayton. 0. 711. Share on Facebook. The child comes to feel responsible for the problems of the world.

Better: Examine your own codependent relationships with your parents, spouse and others, with a therapist, support group or counselor. Physical Punishment. The purpose of discipline-from disciple, a student or follower-is to teach the child to have self-discipline. All parents want their children to have the best lives possible.

Many of them work in order to be able to buy new toys for them, others are strict because they want their children to be disciplined and goal-oriented, others give their children a choice and teach them to make decisions on their own. Every family has its own ways of upbringing, but there is one thing that all parents have in. / Top 10 Mistakes Father’s Make in Child Custody Court. By Nicholas Baker 2 Comments.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Fighting for Custody. When a couple divorces or dissolves their relationship, one of the most emotional and difficult things they deal with is splitting custody of children. The following are mistakes that fathers mostly commit in disciplining. 1. Keep your temper under control. Do not discipline when you are angry.

Children respond best to a calm person. 2. There should be consistency in disciplining for the same wrong activity. Otherwise, the child gets confused.

3. Physical discipline like spanking is not acceptable.

List of related literature:

Discipline is certainly one of them.

“Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress” by Mary Edwards Wertsch
from Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress
by Mary Edwards Wertsch
Brightwell Publishing, 2006

However, parents make a number of other discipline errors.

“Social Development: Relationships in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence” by Marion K. Underwood, Lisa H. Rosen
from Social Development: Relationships in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence
by Marion K. Underwood, Lisa H. Rosen
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Inconsistent discipline is the most common pitfall of parents who are trying to raise responsible children.

“The Five Languages of Apology: How to Experience Healing in All Your Relationships” by Gary Chapman, Jennifer M. Thomas
from The Five Languages of Apology: How to Experience Healing in All Your Relationships
by Gary Chapman, Jennifer M. Thomas
Moody Publishers, 2008

Researchers also assure us that most parents don’t use a single discipline style across the board; they tend to respond differently to different kinds of misbehavior.2 But perhaps the more interesting question is how parents come to decide what constitutes “misbehavior” in the first place.

“Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason” by Alfie Kohn
from Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason
by Alfie Kohn
Atria Books, 2006

Indeed, inconsistent discipline is characteristic of parents who are physically or psychologically abusive.

“Family Communication” by Chris Segrin, Jeanne Flora
from Family Communication
by Chris Segrin, Jeanne Flora
Taylor & Francis, 2011

Discipline should guide, correct, strengthen, and improve the child’s choices.

“Journey Across the Life Span: Human Development and Health Promotion” by Elaine U Polan, Daphne R Taylor
from Journey Across the Life Span: Human Development and Health Promotion
by Elaine U Polan, Daphne R Taylor
F.A. Davis Company, 2019

As the chart makes clear, spanking is associated with one outcome that parents seek—immediate compliance.

“Parenting: A Dynamic Perspective” by George W. Holden
from Parenting: A Dynamic Perspective
by George W. Holden
SAGE Publications, 2014

Four skills are taught to the parents to provide these sessions: structuring, empathic listening, child-centered imaginary play, and limit-setting.

“Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being [3 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being” by Len Sperry
from Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being [3 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being
by Len Sperry
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I’ve read just about every parenting book out there and tried lots of different discipline techniques, but nothing works.

“NIV, Bible for Women, eBook: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today's World” by Angela Scheff, Shauna Niequist, Zondervan,
from NIV, Bible for Women, eBook: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today’s World
by Angela Scheff, Shauna Niequist, Zondervan,
Zondervan, 2015

All but 5 of the items state that fathers “should” perform certain behaviors; 5 items are phrased in the reverse direction, suggesting that fathers “should not” perform certain behaviors.

“Gender Roles: A Handbook of Tests and Measures” by Carole A. Beere
from Gender Roles: A Handbook of Tests and Measures
by Carole A. Beere
Greenwood Press, 1990

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  • I’m definitely a ‘resistor’…I get SO triggered (and I admit at times disgusted) by negative emotions and the last thing I want to do is have an outburst myself so I just remove myself…which SOUNDS good but it can look like just cutting off and emotionally abandoning someone and I come across as uninvested and unfeeling and can ruin connections as a result. Help!

  • So what is so wrong with all those mistakes you say parents have been doing? The children that were raised using those techniques are decent adults now and as children did not kill their parents or the next door neighbor. We had respect for our parents, our teachers and really any adult. So take a look at the kids of today. Any comments on the violence these kids do? School shootings, parents being murdered, children killing children. What are you people thinking?

  • This fellow is funny, I mean funny!!! His mind just picks out normal things that are so funny when he tells us about it!!! Thanks Fred.

  • My daughter wouldn’t go into a bathroom alone while we at a park one day, even though the br was empty and I was right outside the door. I firmly told her if she didn’t go, we would leave and I would never take her swimming at this place again. She didn’t and I didn’t budge. She remembered it for years and and she learned a valuable lesson.
    Also, my family participated in the ADAPT Program, sponsored by the Yellow Ribbon Program. Warriors, you may think you’re good parents but if you have opportunity to participate, it’s well worth your time.

  • The most horrifying example of parenting I saw recently was my wife and I were at the Drive In, playing frisbee in the parking lot before the movie started. Two young boys ran up and asked to play and we said ok if your parents allow, who were the next car over. The parents took this opportunity to insult the kids on how troublesome and annoying they are, and that they are so clumsy they would hurt themselves.

    Just wanted to share. Modern parents are at least as trash as modern kids.

  • need more info about enforcing the structure. when the child is an unpredictable monsteraggressive, rude, insulting, violent, disrespectful and hatefuland that 2-4yrs-old window passed a couple years back, what can be done to stop chronic bad behavior, when the child is only with you half the time & the behavior is ignored by the other parent… God help me.

  • I feel something that is mostly missed in this video is a key point. You’re not trying to punish your kid, you’re trying to teach them. Your goal is to raise them and teach them what is and is not okay. So, sure, while they are with you, beating them may achieve that. However, once they leave home, many things will be wrong with them. Especially if they have never been told why they are being punished. I think if you ever have to raise a child by fear, you’re doing it wrong. That’s how you get your children to hate you. In my opinion (no experience), it’s better to actually teach them and tell them why what they did/may do is wrong. And if they still do it, sure, punish them. And, no, I don’t mean beat them. That should be only for extreme reasons. Instead, especially these days, try taking their phone away or half their time allowed at the computer. And for god’s sake, don’t ever let your kid leave the house without a phone once they have one. That may save them one day. My point is, don’t abuse your children, instead discipline them. Use punishments that make sense and don’t exaggerate. Like, punishing a child for a single bad grade will do them no good in life. And finally, physical punishment doesn’t equal a well behaved child. Hell, no punishment will equal that. I was punished maybe once or twice from any time I can remember in my life, and even that wasn’t anything severe. Yet, I never was a problem kid. No parents at home, raised by my grandmother. Still, no issues. Why? Because I was shown early on what is and is not right and why. All in all, be a parent. Act like one. Show your kid love, keep them happy. But when you have to, be firm and do it in a smart way.

  • I have watched this a thousand times and I laugh every time. I had 7 brothers in a tiny three bedroom house. There was the boy’s room, my parents room and grama’s room. I was the one who rotated. I can remember hanging upside down from the closet door while my brothers threw giant sewing needles at me and hearing my brothers tell my mom “You said to play with her!” And my dad taught us to be very aware of each other’s behavior when he instituted his program of ” I can’t be sure who did it. All of you line up beside the bed! I’ll get the right one for sure.

  • What do you do when you take a toy away from a 6 year old boy and he is literally going biserk? He will yell, kick, try to hit, throw items all around. I try and say calmly, ” i understand you are disappointed, but you made the decision and you did not to listen.” He eventually calmed down and i try to make up amd express how i have to take toya and privileges away because as a mother it’s my duty to raise him. We kiterally went to bed and he still would not hug my goodnight.�� I don’t k ow what I can do to help him with his emotipns. Every time i try and talk later about how we could avoid this probkems he holds his ears and says, “I’m not listening. ” Please help, I feel like a struggling, failing momma…

  • Omg… Can’t believe this guy is being serious. It is not black and white ; either ‘discipline’ or be ‘permissive’. Children are not animals that need obedience training. His information and theories are so outdated. I highly recommend anyone listing to this to buy the books by Alfie Kohn ; who has compiled actual research on the subject of ‘discipline’. Start with ‘Unconditional Parenting’ and ‘Punishment by Rewards ‘. Read them, then come back for comments. I by the way have 2 children and have been teaching children ages 49 for the last 18 years.

  • Hi Dr Peterson. Yes I think you are right that your chapter about how to raise children is controversial.
    I saw this video on YouTube discussing discipline and how parental trauma is unconsciously passed on to their children.
    And how it results in the children’s misbehavior.
    Here is the link: https://youtu.be/GtwP6AbbAUc
    I wonder if you would comment on this idea. Thank you.

  • Watching this, I couldn’t help thinking of this kid I saw at where I worked (broadly, a “hospitality venue”).

    We’d been finding the remnants of a “Drumstick” (prepackaged ice cream cone) on the carpet after a certain weekly event. Like every goddamn week. Always the same flavour. Soaks into the carpet overnight. Not good. One week, I get that night shift. And you better believe I’m looking out for any kid who buys a choc-mint Drumstick.

    Sure enough, I see a kid suck the ice cream out of one of those suckers and just drop the remains on the floor. I walk over, pick it up and ask him, “What would happen if you did that at home?”

    Never. Happened. Again.

    That’s all it took. Someone pointing out that the rules that applied at home, also applied in this other place.

  • shit this insight is so fucking brilliantly described “u know i love my child i would never do anything to hurt them… ur so asleep if u think that… u have to think i´m way bigger than this child and im way meaner and im way trickier and im way more unpredictable”

  • My girlfriend has a 6 year old girl and listening to JP has helped me so much in finding my feet as a parent figure in her life and brought us closer as a result.

  • Born in 1971 and mom and dad would slap the shit outta me. I am glad they did I turned out pretty good. I am mentally and physically strong. Millennial men not so much

  • My pop was a hard motherfucker when my mother got pregnant he went to prison for 10 years for something stupid, got out then made less than my mother who’s was a an RN then end up working for the union and end up making over 100 grand a year, he is a 5,9 motherfucking silverback gorilla doesn’t even speak full sentences, when he got out he said its yes sir and yes mam from now on, he was very hard on me I never slept in a weekend till I got to college, he was a hitter, he explains it tho, if you fuck up you are going to get your ass beat son simple as that, it’s not abuse, abuse is when I beat your ass for no reason, so at a young age I knew I wasn’t getting abused I already knew the definition of discipline, I use to hate his ass for being hard of me but now I’m on my own my mental toughness is far greater than men in my age group, pretty much that kind of discipline I went through a looked at as abuse but honestly I grateful because my dad wasn’t a pussy and now I’m not a pussy I take things on, he honestly molded me into me into a young man and taught me not to be a bitch, so in reality all depends on how your parents are and how they explain it to you, even when the cops came to my school asked ppl if there parents hit them I told the police that my father disciplined me when I’m bad and it’s as simple as that, they tried to make it so other kind of bull hit but they where ok lol. “ if love got the job done all our parents would have bread high performers” Dan Pena/ tough love works motherfuckers, stay hard

  • As parents my wife and I never spanked our children, we were always a united front in disipline and punishment our children were never able to play one parent against to other.

  • Best lesson I learned from my father: discipline includes the why why was the discipline and punishment administered. After discipline is given talk with the child about why they were punished. Fosters understanding, reinforcement of expectations, and communication.

  • Your child can also accomplish more than you. Can do things you can’t do, and that’ll hurt you, you’ll want to take out that pain you feel on your child as a course, of revenge, perhaps even take the ability your child has away from them since you’ve identified it as a source of pain in your life from your emotional perspective.

  • Interesting conversation gentlemen. I believe my Father spanked me twice in my life; he employed psy war as a far more effective method. It would be considered child abuse today probably, but I distinctly remember when he told me, “Boy, I killed kids younger than you in Viet Nam.” A defining macho contest between a 14 year old and a Father which he won handily. I see Dad every day and love that man with all my heart. Discipline matters.

  • Here in UK i see parents not showing authority over their kids, they just speak to them softly even when they do the most dangerous things…. I have been disciplined also with force, yet i have never been aggressive towards people, never had a fight, and I love my parents. My father says: a slap at the right time is more effective than a thousand words. Damn true

  • Man this is hard with autistic children but it works. Tired of people using their special needs as a crutch for their kids. They need it because its going to be hard out there.

  • I have always wondered what my mom thought about my behavior, because at home yeah I was energetic l, jumping on the sofas, rude to my mom but never physically I know better than to hit my parents thank goodness but I was argumentative however in oublic or at someone else’s home I was quiet, patient, “A Good Child” I dont know if I unconsciously understood the social hierarchy as Dr. Peterson states but im sure by accident I behaved good because I was bored. Thats my.50cents

  • How do I take extreme ownership for a father that doesn’t have the guts to discipline my 12 year old brother and just leaves us when he’s not happy

  • It is with great sorrow that I must post that Dr. Zeff has passed. This will not affect the posting of his work by me. But it is a great loss. RIP, Ted.

  • I’ve searched but I can’t find a video of what a Jocko mindset would be like in a kids court battle, I’d love to hear his opinion.

  • My little sister and I did the same thing after watching Mary Poppins. We had a 5 foot stone wall around our patio, and we tried jumping off of that with umbrellas. I wonder how many kids tried that? This guy is so funny and so accurate about the way kids act.

  • have taught kids who are easy to dislike / hard to like, w them you have to do your best to see past it, usually there’s a reason for kids to be fucked up and it’s about the adults around them 99% of the time, after seeing how asians & mexicans raise their kids i’d say that USA & canada kids are fucked, so spoiled & selfish by comparison, so rude & entitled & warped, so steeped in violence & sex all the time, not all but enough that it makes society like that when it’s enough people, that’s how culture is really created,

  • The Bible way is the best we. Proverbs says if you love your children you will discipline your children. Don’t abuse them but make them know that doing wrong is really wrong and in adulthood if you don’t obey the law thenyoull Co to jail.

  • Dr. Peterson is very good at giving advice to people who do not have mental disorders and do not have children with mental disorders. Try this crap with a child who has Borderline Personality Disorder and see how limited his advice is.

  • Millions have already let down their children.
    Dear, President Donald J. Trump
    At this point I just want to disappear. In cultures where circumcision is thought of as a stigma autism occurs in boys and girls at an equal rate. In cultures where genital mutilation is legal to perform on boys but has been illegal for 23 fkn years on girls autism occurs in boys at a rate 5 times more than it occurs in girls. The DSM is rigged so that one event of trauma is not criteria to diagnose Dissociative Identity Disorder. Even though boys who have suffered genital mutilation lay in their cribs for weeks afterward reliving the extreme trauma of having a minimum of 20,000 of the most sensitive nerves in the human body severed and nothing to alleviate the pain. Do you really need to remember this kind of extreme trauma to be affected by it? The majority of circumcisions performed are done so without proper anestia or no anestia at all. Gee guess how many women have a degree in social sciences? 1 in less than 3. Guess what is the greatest crisis our country is facing? A mental health and drug crisis. Drug use is a symptom of DID and PTSD. Most symptoms of DID and PTSD are treated with cognitive therapy. Schizophrenia is treated with intense chemical labotimizing drugs and intense therapy. Guess who falsifies their data or atleast is misguided in researching data on schizophrenia being linked to a genetic causes? The same research facilities that would lose their funding and jobs without falsified or incorrect data. Guess who uses this research to produce medications to treat misdiagnosed schizophrenia? Guess who has no research to validate the drugs work? 1 in less than 3 but what is happening is 100% trash. Dear President Trump when do I get a chance to be human?

    Thank You President Donald J. Trump

  • You dam sure think you so learned and imagi you learned to I see but try really being learned or even Americans one time in your life. See how without unbaised unopininated facted cheked news America dead soon a supposed to know this In America all news needs to be close to the same just different people telling me close to the same news see. Imagine now being Americans there yet American real one knows if hears any news not the same we know it’s bullshit. Imagine being learned know and Americans I Know only way this country works is if i hear the truth wesay facts same things Tay with me now. I American I hear truth and form a opinion or bios on my own like big boy my news if told me as a American if station try telling me there bios or opinion I would if need get my hanging role ifeorms didn’t be recant itmany times make Americans know what dirt bag bought there news and like brain Williams fire up to hung if treasonous enough say too be president and try to esh fake news as excuse and make immeditly fix stop hang imprison many because America first without you and is getting close robbed blind to be fucking idiots fake ass Americans be waking up you pukes imagined it try it knvr in your puke fake fuck life’s worm whining it’s them yeah because you fake fucks never been Americans ilife worms anddumb aerogant stupid fucks years I been trying to idiot down for pukes faking it

  • If children and women know that if A happens then B happens, then you will never have to deliver B. They are playing on your guilt. You feeling guilty means they win.

  • have taught kids in 6 countries, kindergarten-high school, i learned that: kids the same everywhere, it’s easy for parents to fuck their kids up, kids need things to be laid out honestly, kids need responsibility balanced w freedom, kids can be trusted unless you have reason not to, don’t handle total freedom well & are immature by definition, don’t respect adults they can walk over, kids need boundaries to grow up healthy, not a wild west cornucopia of freedom w/o responsibility or consequences, can handle tough love better than you think,

  • Yeah, no shit discipline your kids. If this is revolutionary to you, then you probably have way bigger problems that you aren’t aware of.

  • So the tip from this video was to not be controlling to our kids…
    But what if my child is so defiant and has adhd?
    For example, at the mall, my son wanted to buy him something. I told him no because he kept interrupting the class and wasn’t listening to the teacher at all.

    He then proceeded to say, “eww; what’s the food you are ordering. That looks disgusting. I’m going to puke and I’m going to die if I eat that”. That was infront of the owner. I told him that it wasn’t nice how he was being rude.
    He then said. If you won’t buy me the thing I want, then I’ll go and get it myself. He then started to walk away from us.
    I told him that it wasn’t safe for him to be walking around the mall by himself.

    What would you have done in this situation? I think in some circumstances, control is fine. Especially if it has to do with their safety.

    I really want to help my son but it’s still a huge tug-of-war with him.

  • I’m a father and have been a teacher of young kids. What Jordan said about infinite creativity is spot on: firstly, creativity without bounds is not creative, it’s chaotic, it’s cancer. Secondly, a child who has been taught to always have the right answer and not make mistakes is utterly terrified of limitlessness. They will sit there and feel like dirt because they can’t perform what is required, and they’ll be immobilized by the void in front of them. In order to serve the most kids in the best way possible, you must impose a boundary on their creativity.

    Some practical ways of doing this: setting a location boundary around their play area, with a consequential reason they cannot go outside of it (mom’s garden is out of bounds, imagine how she’d feel if…). When you give them an artistic assignment, allow them to choose only 5 colours, or perhaps they can only use 5 different geometric shapes to construct their image. If you set them a writing task, supply them with the “who” or the “where & when” to use in their composition. By locking in these restrictions, it allows them to take creative risks in other areas of their play, and teaches them to begin to solve problems using only the tools they have on hand, instead of getting sidetracked by shiny possibilities that never pan out.

    Hope this helps!

  • Oh this is a comedy but I would not like a new world wimpy dad, wimpy dads raise wimpy children. Give me a man to raise me, one you had to sometimes fear they were tough and raised us to be tough, to be men. The only men nowadays are in the old folks’ home.

  • what if I’ve done all 5 types (given the situation)??? I have a 7yr old, 4 &5 year old. As a single mother its a such a big CHALLENGE… ��

  • The “evolution” of child rearing in 2019, is TREMENDOUSLY disturbing. Glad a discussion on this subject is being addressed. I happen to ADORE children but their PARENTS are making them almost UNBEARABLE (in 2019). One important thing that “parents” tend to forget? Those cute little baby grows UP! We’re in the age of rebellion courtesy of “parents” raising the next generations. May God have mercy.

  • True Talent. my daughter and I have seen this about 5 times. We laugh out loud each time. The jokes, the delivery is outstanding. Class act. Deserves to be known all over the world. Thank you Mr Klett for the belly laughs.

  • I’ve watched this several times and laugh just as hard as I did the first time. My family wasn’t as big, but with our extended family it was like having all them as brothers and sisters. When we got together it was pandemonium….