10 Child Child custody Evaluation Strategies for Single Parents


Can You “Coach” a Child for a Child Custody Evaluation?

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Beware Custody Evaluations

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Utah Custody Evaluation Series, with Dennis and Julie Tucker, Part 1 of 6

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Top 10 Tips To Succeed In Your Child Custody Evaluation | The Palmer Law Firm

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EP 5 How To Win A Custody Evaluation

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How To Prepare For a Child Custody Evaluation Home Visit

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How To Prepare For A Custody Evaluation

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Prepare for your child custody evaluation with these 10 tips, including what to do before the home visit and how to answer questions about your ex. 10 Child Custody Evaluation Tips for Single Parents. Pin Flip Email Search. Search Clear GO. More in Single Parenting Child Custody Child Support Featured Tools.

Ovulation Calculator Pregnancy. If you and your ex are unable to reach an out-of-court agreement regarding child custody, the judge will likely order a child custody evaluation before ruling in your case. The evaluation will be prepared by an evaluator of the court’s choosing or a guardian ad litem. Whether or not you share custody of your children with another parent or you are raising your child(ren) on your own full time, there is no doubt that single parenting can be challenging and stressful. Sometimes, a few simple single parenting tips can be helpful in the day to day work involved in single parenting.

Child Custody Evaluations & Mediation by Robert | Mar 22, 2020 | Information, Parents, Tips | 0 | Two common aspects of a parental rights and responsibilities case are child custody evaluations. 10 Child Custody Evaluation Tips for Single Parents. Closely heed your lawyer’s advice.

He or she will explain the evaluation process to you and will give you specific instructions to follow. The custody evaluation process is nerve-wracking for any parent. check to learn more. 10 Child Custody Evaluation Tips for Single Parents.

Closely heed your lawyer’s advice. He or she will explain the evaluation process to you and will give you specific instructions to follow. The custody evaluation process is nerve-wracking for any parent. check to learn more. 10 Child Custody Evaluation Tips for Single Parents. Closely heed your lawyer’s advice.

He or she will explain the evaluation process to you and will give you specific instructions to follow. The custody evaluation process is nerve-wracking for any parent. check to learn more. Divorced adults who co-parent and single-parents will face additional challenges during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s tips on how to protect your family. We are lawyers, not doctors so we will not speak directly towards signs, symptoms, spread, or. 10 Child Custody Tips for Fathers. Fact checked by Sean Blackburn How to File for Child Custody Pro Se.

Fact checked by Donna Murray, RN, BSN 10 Child Custody Evaluation Tips for Single Parents. By Jennifer Wolf Child Custody Relocation Rules and. Legal custody, refers to the legal rights a parent has to decision-making rights for major issues, including education (which school the child attends), religion, and medical decisions.

Visitation, or time-sharing, or residential custody are all terms that refer to the amount of time the children spend with each parent.

List of related literature:

Conducting child custody evaluations: A comprehensive guide.

“Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques, and Applications” by Jay Folberg, Ann Milne, Peter Salem
from Divorce and Family Mediation: Models, Techniques, and Applications
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A child custody evaluation should typically include individual and conjoint interviews with both parents, the involved children and relevant members of the extended family, along with observation of parent–child interaction during home visits and reviews of other relevant professional reports.

“The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology: A Contextual Approach” by Alan Carr
from The Handbook of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology: A Contextual Approach
by Alan Carr
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For most referral questions, child custody evaluators should be evaluating each child’s needs independently and providing analysis, triage, and recommendations specific to each child, and relative to each parent’s ability to meet those needs.

“Assessing Trauma in Forensic Contexts” by Rafael Art. Javier, Elizabeth A. Owen, Jemour A. Maddux
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A national survey of mental health professionals who conduct child custody evaluations found that these experts devoted an average of 30 hours to each custody evaluation (Ackerman & Ackerman, 1997).

“Introduction to Clinical Psychology” by Geoffrey P. Kramer, Douglas A. Bernstein, Vicky Phares
from Introduction to Clinical Psychology
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Research update: Children’s adjustment in sole custody families compared to joint custody families and principles for custody decision making.

“Child Development, Third Edition: A Practitioner's Guide” by Douglas Davies
from Child Development, Third Edition: A Practitioner’s Guide
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A review of studies of custody arrangements found that, in general, children who spent at least 25% of their time with each parent (joint custody) had better self­esteem, behavior, family relationships, and emotional adjustment than children in sole custody.

“Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Engagement” by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray
from Home, School, and Community Collaboration: Culturally Responsive Family Engagement
by Kathy B. Grant, Julie A. Ray
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A clinicians guide to child custody evaluations.

“Divorce: Causes and Consequences” by Alison Clarke-Stewart, Cornelia Brentano, Professor Cornelia Brentano
from Divorce: Causes and Consequences
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Furthermore, child custody experts rated the different procedures in the following order of importance in later research:

“Forensic Psychology” by Matthew T. Huss
from Forensic Psychology
by Matthew T. Huss
Wiley, 2013

In one small study, couples who chose joint custody differed from those who chose maternal custody in three ways.188 First,the fathers in the former group were more likely to be perceived by both parents as having been actively involved in childrearing.

“Psychological Evaluations for the Courts, Third Edition: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals and Lawyers” by Gary B. Melton, John Petrila, Norman G. Poythress, Christopher Slobogin, Phillip M. Lyons, Jr., Randy K. Otto
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These criteria serve as useful guides to the custody evaluator.

“Handbook of Psychological and Educational Assessment of Children: Personality, Behavior, and Context” by Cecil R. Reynolds, Randy W. Kamphaus
from Handbook of Psychological and Educational Assessment of Children: Personality, Behavior, and Context
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  • This video has been incredibly helpful to me. We recently lost physical custody of my boyfriends son and our lawyers highly suggested a Custody evaluator I’ve been incredibly nervous and wanting to know more but I found this video beyond reassuring

  • We have investigated a case where the evaluator ran a Pro Mom organization which the father felt was bias. With stats on children that was brought out by Attorney Marilyn York recently at the TedX talk it can make a person think “what is going on with the Family Court process” and are these custody evaluations that are not baring much or any differences like mentioned in your video are having any kind of positive impact as a whole let alone warrant the price tag on an evaluation. In your video you have mentioned 50/50 or close to, but the fact is a major portion of fathers get 80/20 or a 70/30 So, the 50/50 or close to projection seems a little misleading.

  • This sounds to me as pointless job because custody is almost always given to the mother no matter what. So you don’t really do anything useful and your advice is unfortunately utterly worthless. Sorry.

  • I haven’t seen my son in seven months my ex and his parents have been telling my son what an awful mother I was while he was growing up, I was a drug addict, didn’t care for him etc. I am not a drug addict!!! his father literally is a on and off again heroine addict. On that note the order reads he has visitation only his mother has shared physical custody because monetarily I could not go against her with what my children needed as door basic needs. Now I do, his mother thinks that she can break the rules of physical custody so she my son lives with his dad, and now my son hates me and will only text me @13 years old. My youngest now stays two nights a week with her dad and she wants to come home to sleep. I see she wants to visit with her dad but she is getting more and more resentful of her dad and grandma because they won’t let her stay at my house at night they won’t let me take or pick her up from school.
    She of forced to go to grandmas school and doesn’t like it and I can’t tell her why she has to go I just tell her to try and have fun. Maybe in the future you’ll get to go to a big girl school. I can’t say anything because I don’t want to break the order so I do it by the book. I’m about to go nuts how they break 80% of the court order. Gladly my lawyer is going to file. His mom and he are truly mean and unreasonable to me and my kids mainly I have them recorded saying so putting me down threatening me telling me and my child that she is a criminal it has gotten so awful. I’ve been in this hell for ten years exploited and my children have been pawns to them in so heartbroken they’ve had to grow up like this. The grandmother triangulates my ex and I and think she owns my kids and is the only person who has say as to how they should grow up. I worry for my son he’s become so hateful to me and he and I got along like best buddies had so much fun yes my ex had constant stress because he was in rehab at least ten times and oded, dui’s, domestics violence with criminal intent. I’ve been through a lot and so has my son and daughter. I just want a normal life and they’ve violated this court order so to the extreme of changing custody not my youngest home or very late. They literally do what they want because I haven’t had the money. I want my kids to be happy and not controlled they are not possession’s they are my lives that I just want to be there to guide and raise them life is hard and I want a non confrontational smug people to realize I’m their mom and I deserve to raise them just as much and be a part of their lives. Is that so wrong?
    And the forged my signature on a document for the grandparents to get legal custody of which I abstracted it not knowing how the he’ll she had this shared custody. She amended an answer that I did agree to and then had her lawyer draw up another. I wasn’t at court because I just had my baby ten days before I never imagined she’d do this.
    When I saw the paperwork I was like how did she get put into this order? The wording isn’t right. It was missing a comma and I’m no lawyer. My life has been so messed up I pray the judge will see this what do you think?

  • Question if we’re going through court ordered custody evaluation should we provide with DHS case record saying the children are afraid because of the stories their mother tells them, or just request they get the records?

  • I do think my ex loves our son, but he has issues that can end up hurting him and I think all he needs is to work on himself in order to deliver good parenting to our son. He has no self control, but I do know he can make our son laugh and that he loves him. He’s hurt me in many ways, but I’m willing to leave the past in the past to be a better person myself.

  • These videos are really great. I’m a family law attorney and litigate on behalf of parents these tips are so on point & I have used these in my work. Thanks & continue doing this great work!

  • In my situation, my mother in law flies out from China to take care of our 10 month old during the day. I am applying for day care soon as mother in law can only stay for 3 months at a time. My wife wants to separate and now I need to look at child custody arrangements. He is very young. My wife has an AVO that protects my son, her mother and I because she was committing domestic violence in the home. I work full time so I cannot take care of him all of the time in the home hence the reason for needing full time child care arrangements. How can I present a case to the evaluator that I am the one that is looking after his welfare including doing all of the cleaning, taking him to doctor’s visits etc. Meanwhile my wife keeps working full time (gone from early morning and back late at night)? Also, my wife has let my son fall from the bed previously and she skipped off on a month-long holiday just after the domestic violence court matters last year. I had to make emergency care arrangements for my son by sending him to stay with my parents for one month. I commuted to work and visited as often as I could to take care of him. Can my parents submit statements about this and their concerns for his welfare in staying with my wife? Can I detail my concerns?

  • Thanks for being in my team for better parenting. I am going through disputes as my husband being a lawful good person is not taking responsibility of his reactive behaviour at home and when he is hyper he is speaking bad about me or even raise his hand on me if I oppose; and because of these scenes I get worried about my 4 yr old daughter she is fearful of us. She doesn’t want to leave me alone. she also refuses to go to school too. And if she doesn’t listen my husband and my mother in law, they call her with names. These things are not comfortable so seeking help.
    Hope will get out of these disputes soon


  • Hello I’m currently about to enter a custody battle with my ex who’s taking my child away from me because i have decided to move on. She hasn’t had to buy anything for my daughter who is now 4 months. I or my family have bought everything for her. We had a good schedule going on with her staying with me Monday through half of Wednesday and we rotate weekends but she threatens every week to take her away from me and has recently done this, this weekend because my girlfriend liked a picture on Facebook of our daughter. With me she goes to daycare which my mother and sister both work at and is on the most stable routine when she is with me. When she’s with her mother whom we believe to be unstable she stay with some lady i haven’t met that my ex doesn’t even care for herself. My ex is only taking my daughter away because i have a new girlfriend who stays with me now. She says she’s hurting and needs my daughter in her house to “heal” but she’s my daughter too and i want her with me also. I have a great job as a truck driver locally and i take care of my daughter in ever way. Could you please give me some advice I’m desperate to get my daughter back.She always pulls the “I’m the mother what i day goes “ line and has said i can only get her ever other weekend. I’m an just not about to go for only every other weekend seeing my daughter. I need help. the house she’s living in is in my name and I’ve been paying half her bills and we’re not even together haven’t been for at least a year now

  • I already went through the evulation my ex wasn’t honest long story short still putting the kids in the middle mentally I rose above it were victims of conjugal abuse meditation isn’t possible unfortunately I feel bad about these children in this I have my boxing gloves on I’m going through the war I will fight for these kids forever my ex is bitter I say nothing about him to the kids I’ve been able to care for them with their own rooms then when the social worker closed the file I brought it to light the kids were told it was my fault they got kicked out of the daycare poor kids it got worse stuff with shared custody for now I find it very sad I’m basically the targeted parent as they call it. I realized who he really is I’ve distanced myself I don’t react at all to him I just document I have proof of this behavior I have taken on extra responsibilities medical appointments and expenses unfortunately they aren’t taking responsibility child support over 2 or more high conflict divorce unfortunately I’ve been honest throughout the entire process

  • My child father is requesting a custody evaluation and I’m against it at this point because I feel as if it can be invalid, objectivity, and affect my children who are not apart of the case. The child who is the subject of the suit is only 7 months and has never had overnight visits with dad. Also, I’m currently living with my mom in a two bedroom apartment with three kids and afraid this lower my chances.

  • I’m curious to know what happens when there is a parent who suffers with mental illness and doesn’t take their meds? Thus creating an unstable and unsafe environment.

  • I love your message. Your videos often make me wonder though, have you ever worked on a case where there was documented domestic violence and emotional abuse that was directed at both the spouse and the children? I’m curious because it sounds like in your experience, those sorts of things almost never happen. I don’t know how common it is from a statical perspective but it seems like you would have had a few cases over the course of your career? Maybe you take this approach because the vast majority of accusations leveled against ex partners aren’t serious or valid, so maybe, your videos are directed toward situations that are most prevalent in your experience? I’m not going to suggest you should be addressing the unicorns in the room lol. That would be weird and entitled. Even if your advice does overlook cases where there is legitimate domestic violence, I find them helpful and interesting. It’s really interesting to me when you talk about the cognitive dissonance that occurs in divorces and how it all becomes some sort of competition. This interests me because my entire goal is to get to a place where my ex can be healthy enough to coparent with me and have MORE time. I see our divorce as the best opportunity we’ve ever had to become a healthy happy family. My kids need a healthy dad. I’m very close to my dad and I want that for them. My ex has serious issues that cannot be ignored but aside from the abuse, he can be a good dad. In public, he’s very playful with the kids and he teaches them handy skills. He helped my son learn to shave. He is valuable in their lives. I believe he just needs some help with his anger. I can’t force that on him though and I don’t know how else to go about all this. I was there to intervene before. Now, I’m not and my kids are afraid to be with him for longer periods of time in private. The point is, for me, my views of my ex haven’t changed from marriage to now. My goal isn’t to take time away from him, my goal is to help my babies to have the dad they need. I hope that custody evaluaters aren’t so inexperienced with this sort of thing that they would not understand that abusers have a public face and a private face and they’ll be presented with the public persona that appears happy and well adjusted. I have to believe you are trained to get to the truth, to really hear the kids, to look deeper than the surface stuff. In my case, my kids are old enough to talk about what happened but even with that, I’m terrified we won’t be believed. This is why I stayed so long. I didn’t trust professionals like you to protect my kids the way I could when I was there. If he hadn’t started drinking this last year, I would’ve stayed until my youngest (5) was grown. Jesus… I hope I was wrong to think the courts wouldn’t protect my kids. Someone please tell me I was wrong. I can’t let them deal with him alone. Maybe I should have stayed.

  • From 7.39, I actually laughed a little when you did, because that is exactly what I’m going through right now.. According to my ex I’m the “bad parent who should have no right to see our child” and “I’m a master manipulator who can put a mask on in public, but I’m lying and I’m an evil person behind closed doors”, when she is the one with an attorney at every meeting, telling her to stick to the script they have, where I’m a “bad parent” with the child custody evaluator doing absolutely nothing about it even though she said “why say stuff that is not true, when you clearly feel a different way?”.

    I hope you are right, that my constant focus on the child’s interests and ability to cooperate in the best interest of the child will help me get the best result. Not for me, but for the child. Thanks for the videos! They are great and you explain everything very well.!:)

  • i need help i currently got full custody, through cps, of my 4 children due to mom smoking marijuana and medication. can i legally move out of state since there is no court order?

  • This is extremely helpful, my ex is an alcoholic and we are going through this. You reinforced the stuff that matters.
    The kids always come first. Thanks

  • Hmm.. I don’t know about cognitive dissonance. None of my other Exes are bad people; some of them are amazing people. All of them are people I would trust with my child. I have never trusted my son’s father alone with him. It makes sense that this would happen often, but it doesn’t make sense that it would be the explanation in a case full of documented abuse.

  • I am the exception. I’m not mad and I think she’s an awesome mom. I didn’t want this but here I am. It’s getting better because I’m able to see my children again. I’ve been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder so maybe that’s why I’m different.

  • im confused…the ncp is seeking sole custody and wants me to have supervised visits until child i s 18…ncp lied called cps. cps closed case now ncp told judge cp was never around and has only seen chold 5 times in childs life. child is 9..i have proof that ncp iying. do judges care abkit a huge lie like that? also ncp has temporary custody and has aliemsted both child and mother…how can I provide prood..lawyer sucks doesnt help

  • At 7:39 you just helped me understand how my daughter’s father is thinking & feeling & acting for the first time ever. I’m in tears of joy Dr. Paul I can’t tell you how much clarity you have just given me. I am so grateful for you & this video. I appreciate you more than you will ever know! <3

  • Omg….I agree with u 100%….I fell into hard time. And screwed up with my child support. And that put a big toll on my relationship with my two kids. I have 4 children and I have a relationship with my two youngest. I can say happy me and their mother are amazing co-parenting and put the children first. And she has an understanding of my situation..I promise I’ve been to court and spoke with legal aid and duty office..and was truly not getting n e where. Then I realized on the back of the paper I was signing said they did not have to present all evidence. To me it meant the evidence I had wouldn’t be shown…I never once said I wanted to stop paying over just to go over it and fix it…make it right

  • Thank you so much for the information. I’ve been researching forensic evaluator’s in Massachusetts and they are not easy to come by. We have a GAL who I think is doing a very good job and I am pro se. My ex is a cluster B personality disorder who has a paper trail from hell and my hands are clean other than moments of engaging and being triggered, not in front of my children. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you so much.

  • Hey I’m from South Africa and glad to join in. So my daughter always comes home with behavioural issues after visiting her father.She swears a lot, is rude, she looks depressed and sometimes sleep deprived and she is only 2. So her father refuses advice from me when I tell him about this so how do this when child custody is involved?

  • i need help i currently got full custody, through cps, of my 4 children due to mom smoking marijuana and medication. can i legally move out of state since there is no court order?

  • Thank you for posting these very informative videos. Is it a good idea to request a home evaluation and if so when? I just had my pre custody hearing. But I want the courts to have full visibility on the home I have provided for my daughter. I have even asked my attorney if she would like to have an evaluation.

  • Can you do a video on battling with dcfs my ex is dealing with a dcfs case on her being intoxicated while driving with my son also lied to dcfs about being sober then failed a drug test and also the home has a broken kitchen sink toilet is messed up and shower is also messed also have messages from her saying she dont want to be a single mom anymore and unhappy about her life and that she isnt going to stop her habit that she will sneak it around if she has to do that. That she is going to enjoy it. Can u do a video for some legal advice for me and what I should do and what I will have to battle with

  • i need help i currently got full custody, through cps, of my 4 children due to mom smoking marijuana and medication. can i legally move out of state since there is no court order?

  • I feel like you put into words EXACTLY how I feel. We’re trapped in the system and it is so destructive. At this point I don’t know how to extricate our family from the courts.

  • This can backfire on a person making a false charge. The wife of a friend demanded 100-percent custody and a shitload of alimony and child supprt, and she claimed that my friend “Mike” had “mentally and emotionally abused” their children. A psychologist interviewed the children and reported that no abuse existed. The judge decided that “Mike’s” wife was lying to gain leverage and ruled more favorably toward “Mike.” But, because Mike was initially restricted from seeing his children for several weeks it was a bad situation for everyone, especially the children.

  • Also in porne to mention that they will make the guy out to be a badd guy and favor the woman no matter what family court is not a great judicial system it’s a corrupt corporation and anyone intrested in finding out truth should view the movie divorce corp

  • We are currently in a large 1 bedroom with my new partner and a baby my little girls stays 50% of the time she is 6 and we have a fold out bed. We are looking for a 3 bed but my ex has withheld my daughter passport to hand in. Also my ex has stopped me talking to my daughter on the phone and due to the coronavirus has cut contact

  • Thank you for the video, I’m thankful that you’re telling the truth about how the court system and evaluators simply do not care. Parents need to understand that they truly do not care beforehand. I’m sure you mean well, but your lack of empathy is exactly what is wrong with the system. Everything is treated with an eyeroll by most judges and evaluators, and frankly, if you don’t have the patience and emotional intelligence to do your job correctly by really listening and understanding that the stakes are high when someone is messing with your children, this probably was a wrong career choice for you. It’s real easy to be dismissive and flippant by trivializing the genuine pain these parents are enduring. Watching your child suffer at the hands of the other parent makes you feel helpless.

    I’ve been stuck in the system for 7 years. My cheating ex is a diagnosed Narcissist (he married the affair partner) and the two of them have delighted in making our lives a living hell. I do not engage or provoke anything with these people. Yes, ONE parent can be the sole antagonist in a so-called “high-conflict” case.

    Being unwillingly dragged into this nonsense is expensive and emotionally taxing. The courts fail to see frivolous, one-sided, protracted litigation AS abuse. There needs to be a LIMIT on the number of times one parent can continually file and lose. TWO baseless cases should be enough to have their filings screened for merit. I’ve prevailed every time with “sanctions” supposedly applied to the opposing party. Sanctions are worthless because all I have are basically debtor’s papers and have to pay thousands in small claims court to enforce them. This is all ignored, owed attorney’s fees are never paid to me and a new baseless case is begun. There also needs to be a way for one parent to pursue legal remedies for slander/libel and years of emotional distress… perjury needs to be punishable the same way it is in criminal court, with jail time or fines.

    I have no legal avenue to pursue justice to avenge the disgusting things I have been called on public documents and there is no penalty for perjury in family court. This needs to changed because one evil parent who is vindictive can use the court as a weapon to humiliate, financially drain and emotionally decimate the other parent because they have escaped from an abusive relationship.

    The courts care about the best interest of the parent with the most money, none of this is done for the “best interest of the children”, it’s a business.

  • Hi i love your videos your recomendations but i will love to see a video of how judge determine custody of a minor when there is violence domestic to the other parent involve. Thanks

  • Hey Dr. Jenkins,

    I just wanted to reach out and extend my thanks in all the advice that Sid and yourself are taking the time to put these videos together and bring to us potential parents or current parents facing relevant issues and concerns while working through this process.

    I myself am a single father engaged in the battle of an ex whom I was never married too but is more in the state of wanting to prevent myself from being engaged with the child. I have taken note, as well as many notes, from your videos that I can use to help myself build a structured guideline and recommendation to keep myself focused and on track through this journey to be involved in my daughter’s life.

    Thanks again!

  • How do you report a custody evaluator? This person seemed to have a vendetta and went above and beyond to make me look horrible. She also didn’t do a home visit. I’ve done all these things you guys recommended.

  • And I think my kids mom tries to coach them you can tell in their body I have three beautiful baby I live one angel and another angel and baby monster �� every firm I have went to says to me so far conflict of interest

  • What can be done when opposing council makes false statements about the law and you have evidence to prove that the defendant forge evidence the previous time in court?

    i.e. they presented a note that wasn’t shared during discovery that they claimed came from the child’s doctor but in speaking with the doctor after trial the doctor claims they never wrote the note.

  • Questions of Psych Evaluations & Rights To Privacy, Presumption of Fitness, or Sanity: There are debates, and various assumptions about evaluations, and warnings as well. So, can anyone please provide any formal papers (i.e. peer reviewed), or case law on the subject of evaluations and/or psychology testing used for either custody or parenting time? For example, this type of evaluation could be ordered, or strongly suggested by a judge, and can involve both the child(ren) and the parents, or possibly just one parent. Likewise, can anyone name legal case laws which clearly state that a parent has the right to refuse such an evaluation, and that action should not be used against her or him? Or is there any case law, or paper which clarifies when it is appropriate to refuse taking an evaluation? These are important since some key persons act like evaluations are either huge factors, or the only factor to make a decision about custody, or parenting time. Any help shall be appreciated. Below is a paper that was printed in a journal for judges. https://www.mediate.com/articles/TurkatI1.cfm

  • Why do you give us hard working parents false hope. Do you ever stop to think how many of us get screwed because of a greedy parent that will threaten their kid and then brags how they are going to take the parent’s money. Kids lie! They lie even if he/she is getting abuse and sexually abused in the care of that parent. Those types of parents that manipulate the system watch your videos! You are a liability and I hope you know that there are thousands of children missing out on a good life and growing up without the other parent that gets screwed over because of your terrible advise. For damn sure know that my children are suffering because of your manipulating videos. Child custody is a money hungry system and the parent that doesn’t work rather stay high, calm mental illness, pop pills, lock the children away in the room and not allowed to social win every time. The court evaluators are a freaken joke. They ignore all legal documents and facts. Then they have the nerve to council the other parent that did pay for their services. Add insult to injury they lie about the hardworking parents life and facts. Come out to Celia Angeles. Come out and see my never ending child custody case. Then make your videos. I want you to see what types of messes your words have created and what worlds you’ve destroyed lady.

  • You have some good advice. However, you have FAR too much faith in the fact that most all humans with children actually love their children and want what is best for them. The amount of childrens services opened cases and removals should tell you that that claim is both incorrect and absurd. Have you not seen the opioid epidemic? Do you know how many of those ppl are involved in custody cases to protect their children? These “special cases” are really not special cases. It is just as common for there to be circumstances that require immediate (even if temporary) removal as it is to have two parents who have safe and loving and acceptable environments to have a child in. Just something for you to think on. Maybe in Utah there just is not as much of an addiction problem or as many people who are abusive. I would not pretend to know what is going on in that part of the country. I certainly hope though that the evaluators in the rest of the country understand how likely it is for a child to have at least one parent who is afflicted by some type of psychological illness including the ever growing population of those with substance abuse disorder.

  • Does the child having/not having their own room become a factor in the evaluation?

    I know a couple that lives in a large studio. The male is going for joint physical custody for his 2 year old. She has her own room at her mom’s (thought doesn’t use it) but doesn’t have her own room at his place. Although, he has a area cut out for the child with a bed and everything for her. What are his chances?

  • There were many times when the mother of my kids left the kids with me so she can spend more time with the guy she was having an affair with before the guy moves. I have text messages of her saying this. Is this a good start in trying to get full custody especially when I’m the stay at home parent?

  • Thank you. My ex convinced the court to have me evaluated. They have me paying for my evaluation. I have paid money that I don’t have. I thought they are the ones that should pay for it. It’s not fair

  • In my direct experience, when required, a custody evaluation by a highly regarded forensic psychologist is a valuable tool to be used in court. I would agree a custody evaluation can be expensive. Often a custody evaluation is part of a team including coparent, reunification, child and ordered parent counseling.

  • I’m devastated I did not hear your video prior to having used an unethical custody expert to submit a report full of lies of my mental health. I lost custody to a pedophile and narcissist due to this woman’s outlandish lies. Now what can I do? I filed a notice of appeal, but due to 2 1/2 yrs of trying to get divorced I’m out of money.

  • My brothers school did this to my parents 5 years ago. It happened after we continued to see Persistent scratches and bruises all over his body. Keep in mind he has severe autism too the point to where he can’t speak and is an angel:). He began to pinch us which was unusual and we assumed it was a form of defending himself (which was and he now continues to do it to us when we aggravate him) and also cried and fell to the floor when boarding him to the school bus. As a result, we began to Emil the school which led them to CALL CPS ON US AS A DEFENSE:(. They did an interview with out while family and left. I don’t know what happened, but did we mess up? Is our family screwed if they call then again? Did we make a severe mistake!? I don’t know pls help:(

  • I love your videos!! Excellent info! So true… The goal is to provide a healthy, happy, and comfortable environment for the child because that’s what good parents do, not because there is an evaluator to impress….

  • Oh my goodness!  Preach it!  I cannot believe what I am hearing here.  So much of what I am feeling and going through right now to the point I have established Mothers Against Abuse (on Facebook and in the grassroots efforts) to help victims of court abuse.  I always felt our ‘helpers’ in our case were biased.  I can’t even reveal too much because it is all about seeking recovery of attorney fees and how much of this is one-sided because a parent who paid for an attorney seems to be the one getting the most ‘fair’ treatment. And how the other parent just gets ignored due to handling the case pro se.  It is obvious lack of respect and complete manipulation!Thank you so much for this video.

  • How do you explain to your 9 yr old they are is going to the evaluation to be interviewed? How do you suggest this is explained to them?

  • Does your organization offer service solutions for two parents trying to work together? We are having problems with ex mother in law and wondering if TPR would be safest but I haven’t seen any way of applying for that without a mandatory custody evaluation. Do you know of another way?

  • when you say living in a minivan down by the river… Our property is on the river and we have dubbed it the van down by the river…��

  • you’re so flippant about basically calling everyone over dramatic. You can’t generalize. EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT ISSUES AND YOU SHOULD REALLY NOT PUT PEOPLE DOWN!

  • the farther want primary custody but I’m the primary caretaker who still nurses our 6month. He’s room a complete filth all the time and can never find anything for the baby. the want to go to court

  • Hi again it’s me. They did a follicle test on me and of course it’s negative so I’m hoping things move forward now after 7 agonizing weeks. I’m really sad because my sons won’t really speak to me. My heart is broken.

  • i need help i currently got full custody, through cps, of my 4 children due to mom smoking marijuana and medication. can i legally move out of state since there is no court order?

  • Wow thank you so much for this. My case has gone south. I am in Utah also and my ex has made me out to be the most evil lowlife ever yet we were married 18 years. He stayed, I stayed yet I got the brunting of abuse yet I am viewed as horrible. All I care about are the kids. Period. I’d rather have lived unhappily married over putting the kids through this mess. Breaks my heart. I have my final appointment today yet I was never given the home visit or time with evaluator and my kids yet he was. How do I address that? This is a very distasteful experience. They say we have one of the best evaluators in the state. Not in my opinion. As there’s not been equality in her services. I need prayers fir my case and my children.

  • Have a vagina, dont dress nice or respect the court, you will get everything you want, no matter if you bring the children around new men everyday.

  • I completely agree with this to not discuss ugly things with the child is not needed at all. Children are so special they should always be sheltered as much as possible from ugly stuff like this.

  • Hey, great videos!
    In this one you say that moving the child from his or her home is difficult. Now, if the parents are getting divorced, does that give the parent who is keeping the home an advantage? If for example, my wife is remaining in the home because she bought it prior to marriage, am i at a disadvantage out of the gate because equal parenting time would mean he’d be living somewhere new half the time?

  • Be very weary of these “professionals.” The evaluation (which was a strategy brought on my my ex’s attorney) where the evaluator was to be in my home with my child for 3 1/2 hours, really took place in an indoor recreational facility with my child running around and jumping on trampolines for 40 minutes. She was able to witness me speaking in close proximity with my son for 2 to 3 minutes. Despite having no problems or issues with my son, she mandated 3-6 months of therapy for everyone involved with me not seeing my son until all of this is complete. As a result, I have not seen my son in 2 1/2 years. Heed my warning: do everything in your power to stay away from these “mental health professionals.” I have already paid THOUSANDS, and I am paying someone $125 an hour to have them ask me how my day is going and if I miss my son!!!

  • can you ask the judge to have the child interviewed by a child psychologist and have the psychologist ask the child about the abuse that had/currently are experiencing? If so, when would it be appropriate to ask that?