Youthful Teens Who Smoke Pot Might Be Carrying This Out for their Brains


Teen Brain Development

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Marijuana and the Developing Brain: Current State of Evidence | Uncharted Medicine

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Effects of cannabis on the teenage brain NCPIC + Turning Point

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How does pot affect the teenage brain?

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Marijuana and the Young Brain

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Marijuana and the teen brain

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Studies have shown that the use of marijuana is associated with reduced cognitive function in teens. 7 One study found that teens who regularly use marijuana lose an average of 5.8 IQ points by the time they reach adulthood. 8 A recent study found that marijuana has a more negative impact on a teenager’s cognitive development than alcohol. 9. FRIDAY, Feb.

26, 2016 (HealthDay News) Young teens who smoke pot may wind up with brains that look strikingly different from those who start using marijuana later in their lives, a new study reports. Early pot use may alter the physical development of a young teen’s brain. By Shamard Charles, M.D. Teen brains are more vulnerable to the effects of marijuana than alcohol, a new study finds. Adolescents who begin using marijuana regularly may suffer lasting.

Experts have been concerned that teenage brains are still developing, and heavy pot use could alter their neurology in key ways that will affect their future ability to think and reason. Teenagers who regularly smoke cannabis suffer long lasting brain damage and are in much greater danger of developing schizophrenia. American researchers say the drug is particularly dangerous for a. Marijuana research: The teen brain isn’t just an adult brain with fewer miles on it, doctors and scientists say.

It’s a beta version different, and still under construction. Compared to 2007, fewer youths aged 12-17 perceived a great risk in smoking marijuana. In 2013, 39.5 percent had this perception compared to 54.6 percent in 2007. The ongoing use of marijuana among those 12-17 years old, as well as the lowered perception of using marijuana as a great risk, suggests that current drug policy is not effective enough.

Decreased dopamine signals in teenage pot smokers’ brains have been observed after prolonged use, meaning getting high becomes more difficult. In other words, the more weed a teen smokes now, the. I have lost control of my teen son.

Dear Dr. G., I am completely losing it. A few months ago I found out my 17-year-old son was smoking marijuana.I grounded him—no car, no phone.

Teen marijuana use is at its highest point in decades, with teens now more likely to smoke marijuana than tobacco. Teens frequently subscribe to myths about marijuana use, believing that the drug won’t cause long-term damage or that it won’t affect their thinking. But the use of marijuana among teens can cause school problems, memory.

List of related literature:

Beyond increasing the risk of early-onset schizophrenia, teen habitual pot smokers are gambling with their brains.

“Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America” by Bruce Barcott
from Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America
by Bruce Barcott
Time Incorporated Books, 2015

And roughly 55% of teens are curious enough about marijuana that they take this risk by the time they are seniors in high school.

“A Psychiatrist's View of Marijuana” by Timmen Cermak
from A Psychiatrist’s View of Marijuana
by Timmen Cermak
Cambridge University Press, 2020

And evidence indicates that, on average, these children will suffer long-term physical and intellectual deficits, especially if parents continue to smoke around them.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

Most teens who refrain from smoking have a desire to succeed in academics or athletics (particularly high-performance sports, such as basketball, swimming, and track) and plan to go to college (see Community Focus box: Early Sexual Maturation, Alcohol, and Cigarettes).

“Maternal Child Nursing Care E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Kathryn Rhodes Alden, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Mary Catherine Cashion, David Wilson
from Maternal Child Nursing Care E-Book
by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, et. al.
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Findings from one study indicated that “only 14% of the parents interviewed thought their children had experimented with marijuana while 38% of the teenagers said they had tried it” (Wren 1996, p. 1).

“Drugs and Society” by Hanson, Peter J. Venturelli, Annette E. Fleckenstein
from Drugs and Society
by Hanson, Peter J. Venturelli, Annette E. Fleckenstein
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2017

There is no question that young people who lack motivation often smoke a lot of pot and do very little else, but it is doubtful that marijuana made them that way.

“From Chocolate to Morphine: Everything You Need to Know About Mind-Altering Drugs” by Andrew Weil, Winifred Rosen
from From Chocolate to Morphine: Everything You Need to Know About Mind-Altering Drugs
by Andrew Weil, Winifred Rosen
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2004

She notes, “We find that the adolescent marijuana users use larger portions of their brain to complete the same task as non-smokers.

“Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy” by David Sheff
from Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy
by David Sheff
HMH Books, 2013

Thus, while virtually any adolescent has easy access to black­market pot, it’s largely unavailable to research scientists.

“Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know®” by Jonathan P. Caulkins, Angela Hawken, Beau Kilmer, Mark Kleiman
from Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know®
by Jonathan P. Caulkins, Angela Hawken, et. al.
Oxford University Press, 2012

When I believe this to be the case I ask parents to contact the parents of their teen’s closest friends and alert them to the fact that drugs or alcohol have invaded the peer group.

“The Defiant Child: A Parent's Guide to Oppositional Defiant Disorder” by Douglas A. Riley
from The Defiant Child: A Parent’s Guide to Oppositional Defiant Disorder
by Douglas A. Riley
Taylor Trade Publishing, 1997

In looking at an array of explanations regarding why adolescents use drugs, one study by Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse found that children ages 12 to 17who are frequently bored are 50% more likely to smoke, drink, get drunk, and use illegal drugs.

“Drugs and Society” by Glen Hanson, Peter Venturelli, Annette Fleckenstein
from Drugs and Society
by Glen Hanson, Peter Venturelli, Annette Fleckenstein
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

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  • “Give young kids a few more years before the THC starts affecting their heads” DUN DUN DUN!!!

    Clearly somebody doesn’t know how weed works.

  • How did smoking weed control your life to the point that you couldn’t play golf anymore? I feel like there has to be a lot more to the story that he’s not tellin us. I’ve never heard someone say marijuana caused “their inner demons to come out” but if you’re saying that then seriously, STOP USIN’ IT PLEASE!!!!!!

  • You turned yourself “into something I don’t like”, not weed. It is your fault you allowed your weed use to degrade your functionality.

  • Wtf just stop smoking weed!Ive met people who have come off of 20 year heroin habits for christs sake and you can’t stop smoking pot?

  • While chatting with Dilan, I was surprised to notice him being so witty and sharp. Finally, he mentioned that he had googled Nemery Thentel’s website and got everything he needed to quit weed in a week, I’m working on it myself now.

  • Yeah, and alcohol has no negative affects on developing brains either, but it’s legal. How about tobacco? Are there any health cost related to it? And just ignore the prescription drug issues.

  • I hear all this bullshit about cannabis rewiring your brain and it turns out it is an even half as bad as let’s say alcohol and in addicting send coffee is seven times more addicted than marijuana so

  • just because the government says weed is bad doesn’t mean it is actually bad… marijuana doesn’t have any significant long term negative effects. Scare tactics don’t work because they aren’t true

  • Our monetary system if a far bigger hindrance to our youths getting a good education than someone smokes a joint or not and I am sure getting caught and a criminal record is a far bigger problem when it comes to jobs than smoking it is.. addictions no matter the drug is a medical problem not a criminal one…

  • What about the fact that marijuana as you call it which is really cannabis is not even marijuana that’s a Mexican drug it creates new cell growth thus making it more difficult for brains to be conditioned and brainwashed because that’s what you do with kids these days is you brainwash them into thinking the world is completely different than what it is and then they wake up and realize it’s different in the cause all kinds of problems but then you call them bipolar and manic

  • There’s a reason why this video has more dislikes then likes it’s because it’s misleading and bias and done by corporations who own the pharmaceutical companies this is ridiculous

  • any argument against canabis is destroyed by simply stating that alcohol is legal. If one of the most destructive drugs is legal, than all bets are off.

  • Did you know if you take one tenth of LSD it’ll give you a better chance of getting amazing grades in GCSE’s because it gives you the creative side not the hallucinogenic side

  • I’ve been smoking since i was 10 and i’ve just been accepted to Harvard Law School. this stuff isn’t dangerous. we’ve been doing it for thousands of years and nobody who did it suffered consequences. weed is good!

  • I think it’s funny he says it ruins his life. Dude a waterpipe. A waterpipe. He is using the most effective way to get high then says it should stay illegal.

  • Unfortunately some people still want to believe this kind of BS. When the fact is cannabinoids encourage neurogenesis It amazes me that just because someone has Dr in front of their name they can spout any old BS that the gullible will lap up to help strengthen there prejudicial assumptions.

  • Couldn’t we just impose laws that demand moderation where we can? Like don’t sell to someone who’s already clearly baked, don’t sell more than X at one time, something along the lines of that? It also seems a little odd to make the drinking age lower than the age for recreational marijuana since, from what I’ve heard, it affects the brain less than alcohol.

  • Marijuana should be cherished! I get it if you wanna smoke a joint or two on the weekends, but THREE GRAMS a day!? What the hell? It used to be a thing in my day where you’d only smoke one or twice a week on the weekends. The people who oversmoke make others look bad.

  • “Me think weed good
    Me see anti weed gov-o-ment ad
    Gov-o-ment tell me weed make u dum and lazy
    now me tink weed bad
    now me informed
    tank yew gov-o-ment!” The average citizen through the eyes of the elite.

  • I’m on the deans list, 95% average in college, and I use cannabis every day and have been since I was 17 years old. The studies people refer to about teens and marijuana are flawed, they did not account for socioeconomic factors which is one of the largest factors in child development.

  • “You’re not unlocking your true potential, you’re hindering it, you’re keeping it at bay because that’s what the drug does it dumbs you down”. Sick tautology shitlord.

  • excessive eating of cheeseburgers can hinder your professional ability, self awareness and user discretion is needed for many substances.

  • I had some good AND bad experiences with weed. I’m not sure which factors contributed to the bad experiences… perhaps a different emotional state… bad company… laced product…. either way, I’m far too afraid to try again

  • Do you actually develope a problem with remembering things, or you just forget what happens when your high. Cuz from my personal experience that’s how it be.

  • i got high weeks ago. i couldn’t function. i tried to listen to 2pac to cope but i ended up thinking tupac was dissing me from the grave.

  • Iam from India iam started from age 17 now iam 18 every day my body is not growing in still small what I should do please help me…. Please
    There be a solution are not
    It’s my humble requeist

  • Prohibition created illlegal streed ‘weed’.
    Do you even consider whether you’re talking about a specific strain of cannabis out of the thousands of strain potentials? Or are you simply lumping cannabis as ‘Dope’?
    Our society is archaic.. therein lies the root causes.. if our society has allowed our youth to medicate themselves on super skunk from shady gangs. Naysaying about cannabis.. in 2k20.
    It should be available next to the tomatos in the local supermarket. We should be growing it all over the place as it is extremely good plant for the environment too. It’s an overwhelmingly positive plant to the point where I had to click on this video to see what form of propoganda this was.

  • “Marijuana smoke smoke contains a similar range of harmful chemicals to that of tobacco smoke (including bronchial irritants, tumor promoters and carcinogens. As inhaled smoke comes into contact with airway and lung before being absorbed into the bloodstream, it is likely to affect the respiratory system. Risk of respiratory effects from inhaling marijuana smoke are heightened by the more intensive way in which marijuana is smoked when smoking marijuana compared to tobacco, there is a prolonged and deeper inhalation and it is smoked to a shorter butt length and at a higher combustion temperature. This results in approximately 5 times the carbon monoxide concentration, 3 times the tar, and the retention of one-third more tar in the respiratory tract. Higher levels of ammonia and hydrogen cyanide have also been found in marijuana smoke, compared to tobacco. A 2011 systematic review of the research concluded that long-term marijuana smoking is associated with an increased risk of some respiratory problems, including an increase in cough, sputum production, airway inflammation, and wheeze – similar to that of tobacco smoking. However, no consistent association has been found between marijuana smoking and measures of airway dysfunction. Occasional and low cumulative marijuana use has not been associated with adverse effects on pulmonary function the effects of heavier use are less clear. Additionally, many marijuana smokers also smoke tobacco, which further increases the harm. Numerous studies have found that the harmful effects of smoking marijuana and tobacco appear to be additive, with more respiratory problems in those who smoke both substances than in those who only smoke one or the other.”

  • 7:30 I would rather have my demons known and taken care of by the time I’m 30. I kinda agree about it bringing out my demons but you have to deal with them sometime, and it’s better now when I’m 17 with not much responsibility then it is when my kids/wife or family is dependent/in need for something when I’m older and not able to because I have “demons” and can’t be there for them or someone in need of help. I also think not enough people are educate enough on mental disability’s and witch leads to more, and witch should be introduced in schools.

  • Hahahahaha I fucking hate the losers that never smoked a puff that say “awww its harmful,its gonna kill you”. Stfu bitch, I’ve smoked since I was 19 and I’m far more intelligent and have way more common sense than the friends my age. Bud don’t do shit but make you,sleep,eat and laugh

  • This is just superb, I’ve been looking for “how to stop stuttering on the phone” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Rincaas Stammify Blocker (search on google )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbour got great success with it.

  • Ahh, more “reefer madness”. Does affect the brain, sure it does. So does: alcohol, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, illegal drugs, huffing spray paint/markers/gasoline, nicotine, caffeine, bath salts

    When will we just stop telling people what they can’t do to their bodies? 46 years of “War on Drugs” doesn’t have much to show for it.

  • I started at 15 or 16 (literally can’t remember because of it) and I can confirm it ruins your mind, I can barely remember things that happened last month, I’m scared for my sanity.

  • I used cannabis and felt like my IQ dropped for a week. I don’t think it’s permanent in adults but the IQ decline effects do seem to last a while.

  • Shut up no one cares the point of smoking is to be happy forget eat and sleep like bro i don’t wanna remeber the bad things also a lot of people who smoke already have deppression witch causes memory loss soooooo fuck yourself with a big fat blunt ima go blaze up

  • I’ve been smoking since 17. I’m now 23. 6 years of going nowhere. I recommend weed but once every couple of months, not daily. P. S to the few that came here for the same reason as me (to stop smoking) keep at it. Keep busy and hide and temptations. U got this ������������������

  • When i smoked weed i always felt like i was out of the moment even days after becoming sober. I felt like i was never focusing on what was happening, always thinking about other stuff.

  • Just curious, if i smoked 2-3 time at age 15 and then stopped completely until later, say 18-19, will i still have memory problems or is that only for frequent users?

  • The fact that so many people down voted this only proves the study correct. Cannabis users don’t care about the harm the drug does to youth and inevitably society as a whole as long as they get their fix.
    That’s a self destructive mindset to have. They’d happily accept communism as long as you promise them free weed.

  • I started smoking at 9 but I don’t suffer from any memory problems I always remember the date, how to tie my shoes, and to brush my teeth every morning.
    And they say weed is bad, smh

  • Fuckin right started at 9 when i was depressed asf now can’t remember half of my activities i did as a kid id need a picture to remember my 5th birthday or something but could not remember deep details about it

  • I Smoke Weed For 6 years 6 joints per day & i qualify for engineering job easily now its almost a year without weed,,,,i cant beleive what i did when i was high

  • Started smoking when I was around 14 started smoking heavy 15 stayed high most of my 15th year and just turned 16 currently trying to quit

  • I first tried it once at 13 and started using it when I was 16 on and off then i stopped for a year and used cbd bc i have alot of pain and anxiety and depression ����‍♀️ hopefully I started late enough that it won’t harm me but im afraid of regular depression medicine tbh so weed it is for me it helps me alot

  • Right. Dont legalize marijuana but alcohol is worse, people die because of alcohol, there hasnt been a single case of someone smoking too much and dying.

  • I started at 10. Also raised by a single mom with 3 kids, moved all the time, had 2 head injuries, digestive issues, didnt go to high school or home school, spent 2 years isolated, had a bad diet, and started drinking frequently at 16. My brains moosh. I can’t remember things and usually just think about the past allot. Trying to change it but nothing seems to work.

  • I’ve suffered from a sleeping disorder all my life, as a child this had mental ramifications in fuelling a short temper with violent outbursts caused by stress and lack of sleep. tried sleeping aides and found they were either too powerful and i woke up with drug hangovers that left me groggy and un-energetic, helping to fuel weight issues, or too weak and didn’t work. since smoking pot for the first time at 17 and making it a part of my daily life I haven’t lost my temper and no violent outburst. I revived a 93% average in post secondary, using pot the whole time, and spend much of my time educating my friends and co-workers on little realities of life that they miss such as current political affairs, current events, legal matters, and world events. most of them tell me I should be in politics or some similar field. so I have an issue with taking any of this seriously. he THINKS he could be better! there is no evidence to support his claim.

  • This is censorship on the highest level. Pretty much just wants me to quit my job and not do my best anymore…….. By the way, I go to college and work everyday. I actually pay my own bills.

  • Started smoking when i was 13 im now 21 and have a degree in computer science i still smoking weed daily i have a 34DPH job that i love and hope to learn and progress from so idk man weeds weed if you dumb with it that you but i say it can make u very more persistent in wat u do if you know how too��

  • I’ve been smoking HIGH amounts on THC every single day, multiple times a day since I was 16. I’m turning 20 in 2 days and I can honestly say I’ve never regretted something so much. My brain is practically like scrambled eggs. I can’t hold long/meaningful conversations anymore and My memory is absolutely horrible. I’m truly scared that my brain will never recover. I would love to talk to someone about this.. (stoners don’t come for me I know weed affects everyone differently, this is just from my experience)

  • Drugs that are used to treat psychosis can also cause psychosis. Look up any drug to treat psychosis, and psychosis is always listed as a side effect.

  • Haha this golf guy is a liar for this being paid funny I use it for anxiety and panic attacks does great for me sounds like a bunch of liberals at cbs crying lol

  • if you can’t control yourself while smoking weed you shouldn’t be. smoking too much of everything has a bad effect too much water can be lethal oh and dont get me started on how weed has had almost 0 to none deaths ever. dont just believe things because people say them

  • I was watching this stoned and when she said I keep my brain fresh I legit spit my tea everywhere and laughed so hard I almost threw up

  • Yeah if you wanna use drugs just smoke some weed, don’t take pills…
    but that doesn’t make weed safe, it is bad for a developing brain, specially in constant doses, so try to use in a way you don’t develop tolerance

  • Ok honestly I read the comments and I see people saying “oh I started when I was 13 and I’m 25 no problems here” or “oh I started young and I’m fucked up” honestly I think it all depends on what ur family has like if families have memory problems then yes yoo might have problems while smoking weed. But if someone’s family doesn’t have problems with thinking and all it’s just like that. Soo to sum it up I think it depends on what ur family members have.:)

  • My friend smokes weed every day and she’s skipping class and I’m worried abt her (We are both 12) she hasn’t showed up to any zoom classes

  • Yeah, so…. Basically you are sayin that every single brain on the earth should develope the same and be the same, it would be better for us right? But where is the individuality than, Isnt it beutifull to have different point of view for life than everybody else? Every video learning us about drugs ending with message like, “Dont do drugs couse your brain would be different than it should be” but who sad that brain should be like this… You want to have same life as like every person walking on this giant ball? Whats wrong with difference? I belive that one day people would get how difference is really important, by my opinion.
    Im out.

  • Not one state will allow recreational marijuana to be purchased by kids, accidents happen, kids can get marijuana easily at schools. Are there irresponsible parents? Older brothers? Sisters out there? Always. But the option for kids with medical issues that can benefit from the medicinal use should be allowed. She pretty much acknowledges that everything she “states” in this video is based off of inconclusive evidence.

  • The first time i smoked weed was at 12years. But i smoked rare like once in a month o twice and obly eight times before i never smoked again since now. Im 14years now and the only time imma smoke is when im going out of school and with 21years because at this poin my brain is grown out and i have no more big damages. Right now im in a honeymoon phase and im extremely intrestet in drugs but i have to hold myself back from taking drugs.

  • Pot smoking is modern day Cult of:” Brah its just ERBBB from DA GOD” which only lists positive effects and disregards any negatives.
    I could do same with alcohol and other substances.
    Bottom point if you need ERBB to feel happy and fulfilled or relax or whatever means there is something wrong.
    I am High on life and all the wonders of world that offers I don’t need substance to knock myself out of reality to feel happy

  • Even “healthy” things can have negative effects if not taken in moderation but that doesn’t make them bad in general, u just have to moderate ur intake.

  • I tried weed that my friend got from USA. Smoked 2 joints then had severe pain in head and threw up. Since then never touched that bloody booger.

  • I’m 14 and I smoke it occasionally and when I do smoke it I smoke it in small amount. I’m thinking about stopping till I’m atleast 18. But idk is it okay if I smoke it occasionally In small amounts?

  • Get the best and top quality California weed here at a very good price and packaging is discreet and shipping is 100% guarantee. Website: ��

  • What this guy did was he got brief opinions of people in favor of weed. Then he went in depth into someone who blames weed for problems that he caused himself.

  • Imagine living off DADDYS money And then when you Start smoking weed you blame it for “holding back” you’re golf hobby… YIKES

  • Weed smokers feel tough and confident after smoking it, they may engage in fights or crime……..,….which they usually end up knocked out cold or in jail smh

  • Teens will smoke pot even if it’s Illegal or legal I know I did when I was a teen I smoked all the time I quit smoking pot since those days but what ever the case they will do it whether right or wrong.

  • My iq has been tested by a professional at 172 ravens matrices 165 wais age 17 smoked marijuana heavily for about one and a half years a long with alcohol my mind has changed severely I feel after using I’d like to know the cognitive effects of marijuana to see if the information could be any help to me

  • I’m only watching this because me (13) found out my best friends (13) smokes weed. I’m worried yet I shouldn’t be. I just care about them that’s all.

  • Im 15 I smoked(weed) first when I was 13 from then I didn’t do it alot here and then but when I turned 14 almost 15 istarded a new school i didn’t care about learning and I got in to trouble alot so I smoked weed after school I used to take from my dad’s weed afew times a week for like a few months then my dad found a half a joint in my drawer and he was disappointed and i was scared so I stopped smoking it for a while then I came back to it but every once in awhile me and friends used to do bongs so I became addicted at the start of Summer brake and I also got kicked out of that new school and most of my friends didn’t smoke back then so I had this friend always used to tell me it’s bad for me and i did not listen so I checked it out what it does turns out I was running my brain at a young age and all that stuff so I stopped smoking weed now I’m like two months off of it I feel better and I found some jobs now that I’m off of it all of those friends that told me to stop started smoking and it just hurts me to see all of my friends becoming addicted to the plant like I was now nobody will listen to me when I say it’s not going

  • Been smoking since I’ve been smoking since I was 14, and I can go about a good month without smoking weed, I grew up the the thought that “weed will fry your brain” and shut like that. So when I tried weed I swore to myself i wouldn’t become depended on the plant and that’s what happened I graduated from UCLA with a masters…

  • I’m 17 and I’ve smoked about 8 gs a day in the last year and my memory is fine and so are my social skills but when I’m high I can’t remember shitttt

  • Why should something be illegal just because it might have risks? Shouldn’t people be able to have the freedom to choose what they want to do? We still sell alcohol, fastfood, high sugar foods, etc, etc, etc. If you’re going to question the legality of marijuana based on inconclusive findings then go back and do something about the things we do have the long term data on and then make everything illegal… because you could make all things illegal if you’re including inconclusive data.

  • Well you see I’m 14 and ganja has helped me get over most of my depression the main negative I’ve noticed is a nasty cough now and then but I feel happy as shit and I haven’t hit my bong for 4 weeks now

  • I’m a teenager and I smoke weed. I don’t overdue myself and smoke everyday. I’ll cherish the moments when I get my weed and I’ll get high but I won’t go above the board.

  • You should know that marijuana has two kinds theres indica and sativa. Sativa is the one more n likey to ruin your brain because it give you more of a head heah. indica gives you a body high thats less likey cuz it dosent mess with your head as much

  • After she talks about the study, which she never mentioned a source to, she goes on to say that no connection could be drawn. But uses that as her basis for this video. Lady I smoke everyday and I’m a college graduate. Please know that marijuana doesn’t impact you in that way. It can be addicting mentally wear you crave it but you are not in physical pain without it.

  • They can use me as a long term user “guinea pig” example any day. Test away! However I agree strongly that under 18’s shouldn’t be allowed to use ANY drug even if it’s a soft one like Cannabis. Young brains need to develop fully and shouldn’t be exposed to chemicals. In my experience, people who start using Cannabis in their teens can come unstuck later in life.

  • A drop in IQ… hmmm wonder how much of a drop in IQ comes from long term use of opioids? And who knows if this supposed drop is even from cannabis use. This is scare tactics without evidence…

  • Yes….Why don’t parents offer up 2000/3000 of their teens and do a study on them from like when they were?? 15 till they are 55…Then wait what??? A decade and publish the results. So you will need a “Control” group. Of 2000-3000 teens and this “Control” must have none, 0! 0! Marijuana use. 0! For 40 Years. Then compare it to the Non-Control group and then, show the results.

  • Ok you want to talk about kids. If it is legalized recreationally, then that money could go to help build schools and make the schools have better security and then the schools would be able to afford cops to sniff out pot in the school.

  • Im 16 and I’ve been smoking weed everyday since 7th grade and I have 3 plants growing now and I’m probably gonna smoke pretty soon

  • This video’s comment section is mixed with Gamers forced to watch this cause of online class and boomers that wanna feel good about being a dick to their kid…

  • Please make multiple versions of this video and use teenagers of all ethnicities, genders, socio-economic groups and languages! Teenagers are not all blonde white girls �� and teenagers will receive these important messages if they are delivered by other teenagers who they can relate to and look and sound like them! That is what will influence teenagers to pay attention to the message.