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You’re also likely to be inspired by your spouse’s conscientiousness and apply that ethic to your job, a trait your employer is likely to reward. Though people look for many different traits in a spouse, knowing the effects that a spouse can have on your work life may make it all the more important for a very career-oriented man or woman to look for a mate with a conscientious and supportive. You’re also likely to be inspired by your spouse’s conscientiousness and apply that ethic to your job, a trait your employer is likely to reward. You’re also likely to be inspired by your spouse’s conscientiousness and apply that ethic to your job, a trait your employer is likely to reward.

Though people look for many different traits in a spouse, knowing the effects that a spouse can have on your work life may make it all the more important for a very career-oriented man or woman to look for a mate with a conscientious and supportive. Their findings show that having a spouse who scored high for conscientiousness as a personality trait leads to greater career success for both people. In fact, in three-quarters of the couples, both partners worked outside the home. A conscientious mate seems to spur one’s professional success in three identifiable ways. You’re also likely to be inspired by your spouse’s conscientiousness and apply that ethic to your job, a trait your employer is likely to reward.

Though people look for many different traits in a spouse, knowing the effects that a spouse can have on your work life may make it all the more important for a very career-oriented man or woman to look for a mate with a conscientious and supportive. Their findings show that having a spouse who scored high for conscientiousness as a personality trait leads to greater career success for both people. In fact, in three-quarters of the couples, both partners worked outside the home.

A conscientious mate seems to spur one’s professional success in three identifiable ways. Having a partner who takes the lead on household responsibilities frees you to devote more time to your work. Their findings show that having a spouse who scored high for conscientiousness as a personality trait leads to greater career success for both people.

In fact, in three-quarters of the couples, both partners worked outside the home. A conscientious mate seems to spur one’s professional success in three identifiable ways. You’re also likely to be inspired by your spouse’s conscientiousness and apply that ethic to your job, a trait your employer is likely to reward. Though people look for many different traits in a spouse, knowing the effects that a spouse can have on your work life may make it all the more important for a very career-oriented man or woman to look for a mate with a conscientious.

Aside from the obvious monetary benefits to either of you making a good salary, your spouse’s experience as a leader or seasoned professional is beneficial to you–as a job seeker, a professional-in-development, an entrepreneur, etc.

List of related literature:

She may be expected to keep up the home, prepare meals, supervise the children, be active in school or community programs, be a social and sexual companion to her spouse, and be a productive worker, capable of doing everything, while working with everyone, and always arriving on time with a smile on her face.

“Basic Geriatric Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Williams
from Basic Geriatric Nursing E-Book
by Patricia A. Williams
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Whether in a business partnership, a marriage, in the workplace, through community activities, or elsewhere, we find ourselves needing to understand, work through and resolve, and act upon areas of differing interests and opportunities.

“Research Administration and Management” by Elliott C. Kulakowski, Lynne U. Chronister
from Research Administration and Management
by Elliott C. Kulakowski, Lynne U. Chronister
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Together with the husband, my work helps them to understand how each might respond to particular behaviours in the relationship and plan how it might be better to relate to each other.

“Social Work: Themes, Issues and Critical Debates” by Adams Robert, Lena Dominelli, Malcolm Payne
from Social Work: Themes, Issues and Critical Debates
by Adams Robert, Lena Dominelli, Malcolm Payne
Macmillan Education, 2017

The most important roles that I have in life are that of husband and father.

“The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation” by Timothy R. Clark
from The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation
by Timothy R. Clark
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2020

I found that my role was to be there to support my wife and to be patient when things were not being done the way I liked or expected.

“The Smart Stepdad: Steps to Help You Succeed” by Ron L. Deal
from The Smart Stepdad: Steps to Help You Succeed
by Ron L. Deal
Baker Publishing Group, 2011

Through the sharing of roles, the wife is not only validated in her work role but more fulfilled in her marriage and her parenting role.

“The Family: A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home” by Jack O. Balswick, Judith K. Balswick
from The Family: A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home
by Jack O. Balswick, Judith K. Balswick
Baker Publishing Group, 2007

Knowing how to support and help them and how to provide them with information in the form they prefer can make for a smooth boss-subordinate relationship.

“The Portable MBA” by Kenneth M. Eades, Timothy M. Laseter, Ian Skurnik, Peter L. Rodriguez, Lynn A. Isabella, Paul J. Simko
from The Portable MBA
by Kenneth M. Eades, Timothy M. Laseter, et. al.
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Worrying about his/her job interferes with my spouse’s ability to get things done around the house.

“Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques: Abstracts” by John Touliatos, Barry F. Perlmutter, Murray A. Strauss, George W. Holden
from Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques: Abstracts
by John Touliatos, Barry F. Perlmutter, et. al.
SAGE Publications, 2000

A. He will think that its business as usual My last three jobs, where I almost never got home before 11 p.m., trained him well for these contingencies.

“301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions” by Vicky Oliver
from 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions
by Vicky Oliver
Sourcebooks, 2005

Our job is to treat our spouse with kindness and encouragement and to constantly show affirmation.

“Creating an Intimate Marriage: Rekindle Romance Through Affection, Warmth and Encouragement” by Jim Burns
from Creating an Intimate Marriage: Rekindle Romance Through Affection, Warmth and Encouragement
by Jim Burns
Baker Publishing Group, 2007

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  • thank you for sharing. this talk really encourages me because I was not quiet confident about my job changes experiences. I was somehow got the idea that working with no constancy is not good for your career development.

  • I jt started to watch this show jt recently, and I found myself watching all the previous posts, I particularly like this guy Zulu, he’s so talented and informed.. He inspires me in every show.

  • I mainly came here for hair tips. Not like the tips of hair. I see how that could be confusing. I meant hair advice. That’s all, you guys. That’s it.

  • Yes sir u can eat that with ur hand dude I eat most of my meals with my hands since I’m indian and that’s how we usually eat it’s not that bad as long as u wash ur hands and ur hands are clean

  • Hey I love the show a great deal. However, as I am not a Swahili speaker some words escape me. Could the show please have on screen subtitles as YouTube subs really just don’t do it. International audiences like I would really appreciate it.

  • Sometimes the previous identity gives us too much stress and expectations because we carry that with use. We think we need to know everything and do everything; however, being overseas and traveling are the best personal development I’d ever had. It broadens your horizons completely and change the way you see about the world.

  • Incredible talk! Thank you Laura the Speaker for this motivating speech. And thanks TED for sharing countless inspiring melodies to people all around the world.

  • 1 Women who chase men and need to ‘convince a man to marry them’ ��
    2 Women who sacrifice their career for a man ��
    You did everything to accomodate your husband don’t you see that ����

  • What are the skills that you consistently use in everything you end up doing??

    Think of your work as an artist’s portfolio. Tracks growth. Adding to your work, building skills.

    Ditch the title, embrace the opportunities.

    How to land the job: Make meaningful connections.

    *Word of mouth!!!!*

    Plug in with people not devices. Ask questions.

  • Respect!
    In your making of wedding films I couldn’t help but appreciate how well you both work together specially when you are even life partners.. now i understand. Thank

  • 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20
    her: blank stare turns into confrontation “4 THINGS? HOLD ON..”
    him: “okay, whatever talk to the hand
    haha her smile after… she just keeps listening to him ramble. Idk why I found this cute lol.

  • Thank you! This is so beautiful. Like how you explaine the placements is like getting the tools to read your own life story. This is a very beautiful insite that you are giving out. I love vedic (jyotish) astrology!

  • I love u dhar man but you when u do the same message please don’t do new vids because I saw the one you did the same thing with all the notebook and things xx

  • Loving the insight into how you guys function. Very helpful:) Quick question, is White In Revery full time work for the both of you or do you both have other jobs outside of this?

  • Me and my spouse both have darakarakas as vargottama in the D9!! My darakaraka mars is debilitated in cancer. His darakaraka moon is in aries. Me and my spouse’s atma and amatya karaka are both the same, jupiter and sun respectively. I don’t know if all these are good or bad.

  • My dk is moon in 9th house aries in ashwin Nakashatra with ketu, please tell me how would be my spouse profession? And where she is from?

  • This is my actual mom like seriously and my dad has his company and think she dosent do anything and dosent support him they fight and scream dhar you are a Goodman

  • 7th house lord is Mars, and Darkarka is also Mars in 11th house of Pisces. I am taurus ascendant with saturn and venus in 7th house.

  • He is saying the truth, I thought i was being truthful only to be always being reminded every time we fight.thanks lesson learned ����

  • thanks for hitting the like button guys:D and here is the link for the books, reports and consultation. I have new Nakshatra consultations available now.

  • I need a separate video on how to find darakaraka,I am south indian tamil,haven’t heard of it so not able to understand. Could you post one

  • My darakaraka venus in 5th house in birth chart, 10th house in navamasa,and,
    is in 1st house of my spouse chart, and my amatykarka moon is in saggitarius in 7th house in my spouse chart…
    .can you please guide me.

  • You should make this into a series and cover some tips on how you guys shoot on day of and how your workflow works in post under the same roof.  You guys rock.

  • Great content. Earned a subscribe.

    Big struggle with my wife and I is I want to buy all the gear and she just wants to work with what we have. Sometimes she’s been right: I’ve bought shit we didn’t really need. Sometimes I’ve been right: I’ve bought stuff that she realized after using it how much we needed it.

    You know the struggle?

  • Great video! you guys rock!I found out the hard way how to be critical of my wife while filming. She definitely doesn’t like the criticism. I would say we have very similar personality types as you two.

  • Hi char mann
    I am using my brother’s phone but thanks a lot for ur appreciation thanks alot I wish every men could understand us thanks a lot

  • I have a sun darakaraka in the first house of aries in aswini. My 4th house is cancer and my moon is in the 6th house of virgo. My venus is in pisces in revati and conjunct mercury both in the 12th house, my Jupiter is also in aries like my sun about 10 degrees apart from eachother except my jupiter is in bharani. My atmakaraka is mars and my atamayakaraka (I hope I spelled that right and I’m sorry if I didn’t) is saturn, both in aries as well and in bharani. I kinda get a bad feeling, I hope it’s just me being pessimistic and not actually true. My sun is also my DK in D9, only it’s in taurus in the 7th house. If anyone knows what that means, please share your wisdom with me, I’ll be entirely thankful ☺️

  • Love listening to Aaron!! He Really does add a lot of insight and fun to the videos!! I enjoy both of you talking together! <3 Love you guys!

  • Great tips! Thank you for taking the time to talk about this…. sometimes it’s hard to find a good balance between work and the relationship, especially with kids. My husband and I are currently going through it, and hearing this really helps.

  • Hi, guys. I just watched Marcus and Kristin’s wedding. I have seen a lot of wedding videos, and I have got to say their wedding video is now one of my all-time favorites. May I know where you guys are from? Amazing job on capturing the beautiful moments and the editing was superb.

  • I remember what you said on one of your videos 12th lord in the 10 house… I have Moon as my darakarka and moon is in Scorpio in the 12th house. The 12th lord is in the 10th house Mars in virgo conjuct with Saturn. My Mars have the influence of the moon.. so my husband is a Surgeon? Im a Sag Asc btw.

  • Thanks for this! I’m thinking about possibly starting an online fitness coaching business and my bf was interested in possibly doing it with me. I’d love to see more tips on starting an online business:)

  • Taurus ascendant. 7th box is empty. 7th lord [MARS] placed in 10th place of Aquarius. Also its conjunction with venus. In my D9 chart there are.(Moon Saturn Jupiter) conjunction in 7th place

  • My ascendant lord itself is darkarka placed in second lord with 7th lord mars… (Taurus ascendent) jupiter aspects them from eight house

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  • Such a great talk. I always find shocking when somebody tells me “I cannot afford to quit my job” or the best one ” you are so lucky to have a job and live in the UK”. But I am the living proof with a dream and a plan you can get a lot of fulfilment in life money does not do that. I am not “lucky”, I started in live with no parents no money, I worked really hard and took the path of uncertainty while I could have much easily taken the path of easy. It was scary at time, but mostly exciting. While I studied full-time a degree abroad, I work part time to finance myself. I achieved a career in a number of different areas. I learnt new languages, many new skills, met amazing people and had fulfilling experiences while doing it. But most importantly, I got to know myself. You don’t need to do what I did, my point is, is easier to make excuses for oneself instead of going out there and fighting for what you want. There is always a way forward, as long as you have done the work of knowing what ticks for you and seeing it throu. No matter if you achieve your goal, the goal changes anyway as you move toward it, as Laura (not the lawyer) says, the important is the EXPERIENCE, ditch the title. Don’t label yourself into a corner, that is all she is saying in a very well articulated way! Labels and job titles are an excuse to hide and wither.

  • you say don’t give too many details about your past,but what if your partner keep asking and asking? Even though you might not want to talk about your past too much but rather focus on your future

  • My darakaraka is Sun. I have Sun in pisces in the 6th house (libra ascendant). My 4th house lord is Saturn. I’ve Saturn in the 3rd house in Sagittarius, 12 places from the 4th house ������

  • I love this. Thanks for making this video! It’s so helpful. Thank you for mentioning how you work with your dynamic and personality types.

  • This sounds a bit like me. I’ve been a stay at home mother of 4 for almost 25 years. I homeschooled all of them until 9th grade. Once the last one was in HS I went to and graduated college with my BA degree in ESE. I have been an educator (grades K-12) and substitute teacher for about 8 years. I no longer want to teach. I do not enjoy being in the coffin called a classroom. I want to write books, encourage, speak publicly, and clean my home. I feel so lost.

  • My current: his exalted sun is 7 away from my debilitated sun. And my exalted mercury is 7 away from his debilitated mercury. Both his and my Venus are in mars rules houses. His Jupiter is in the same sign as my 7th. When transposing both of our 5th houses get strengthened. His Venus is in the 10th and my Jupiter is in the 10th. We met at school and reintroduced later. Not a work relationship but i don’t know ����‍♀️

  • Nice, thank you for this video! I’m a wedding filmmaker from Germany and just started out my business. Your videos are really helpful for getting started and answering the questions I had in my mind concerning the process of shooting a wedding and also how you manage to work together as a married couple! Thank you so much for the insight into your work:D

  • I clicked so fast all I saw was “Tips for Running…” but I’m glad about the “…a business” part:D I love Aaron’s tip #2, that is such a good reminder. Just because you are doing what you love doesn’t mean it’s going to be hunky dory all the time. I already know I’m going to like this new series:)

  • I just watched your video about appreciating people, and I thought you might like to hear about the time someone truly touched me my mom took me to the bank and I got out twenty and we went back to the store to get our supper a pizza and a pizza tray and sprinkle cheese,and treat for me taffy. I went up to the counter to pay and I reached into my pocket to get the money and I wasn’t there and I started to panic and a lady in front of me saw the panic in my eyes and she asked me what happened I told her I lost my money and she helped me look for it but didn’t find it the lady opened her purse and handed me twenty dollars she said I don’t normally do this but you look like a very honest person she said you need it more than I do to buy your supper. I told her I’d try and give her the change she said if I’m still here you can give it to me but i might be gone when your done she said if I am just keep it I thanked her and she said you needed it more and told me to pay it forward.

  • Emotionally striking!
    I’ve committed the same mistake as depicted in the video!!
    We just get comfortable without notecing. I’m a good person, I know I am, and YOU that are reading this and feeling the same are too.
    First step is to notice that we are doing wrong, Second step (and easiest, since we love our partners) is to change appreciating the other person as a PERSON and NOT the girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband that we “HAVE”!

  • My darakarka is Sun exalted in Aries in Ashwini pada 3 (the pada of Ashwini ruled by Venus) and in my 11th house not conjunct any other planet (I only have Sun in the 11th house). So this means my spouse will be possibly working as a racecar driver, runner, equestrian or doctor or nurse since Ashwini rules all those occupations. Being in Aries means he may have a mean streak and be fiercely independent and assertive and be quite egotistical. But being in the Venus-ruled pada 3 of Ashwini this means he has an artistic flair and may be a musician on the side or a painter. So basically he could be a doctor, nurse, equestrian, racecar driver, or runner and will be egotistical, confident, assertive and independent to a fault with a strong artistic flair especially since my Venus is exalted in Pisces in Revati nakshatra at the most exalted 25th degree in my 10th house conjunct lagna lord Mercury debilitated in Pisces thus causing a Raja Yoga! So spouse could be of royal lineage or act like he’s royal since my darakarka Sun rules my 3rd house of Leo and my 7th lord Jupiter sits in the 3rd house of Leo in Magha nakshatra, the nakshatra of royalty!

  • This particular approach is named “Tοsοnaz dda” (Google it). The process will disclose the perfect resources that will help you attain 172usd everyday at the comfort of your home. In case you are a competent online marketer I propose this program for hidden gems. If you have just started working on the internet, then this is important for you to get started out..

  • I commend your efforts Ben Zulu, u are so exceptional in your analysis and your delivery, I enjoyed every part of this show thanks for educating and imparting knowledge in the area of relationships
    Thumbs up Ben ��

  • When she retires…. enters those fragile years, starting into the sunset:

    -The people encountered from the many walks of life
    Championing the fond experiences and challenges met successfully will fill her with joy
    Nostalgia of being present in multiple environments, travelling (in her thoughts) through those different moments
    The broad range of personalities encountered who brought a range of personalities out of her

    Simply couldn’t happen being a lawyer, dealing with injustice and battling through cases that would only offer an experience of having to always be in “defense mode” which would have led to a depressing mental state from the experience of working as a lawyer for 25 years!

  • There was a time my husband discredited a girl he cheated on me with by saying that she was bad in bed only for him to tell me that for him sex is just the same. And he just needs that part coz there is no difference and I have no idea why it hurt so badly. I hate dishonesty and I am not sure if that is why it broke me so badly.

  • a wonderful, down-to-earth view of marriage and biz. I enjoyed this very much. Husband and I married for about 24 years and in biz together for 20.

  • Have no fear, God Jesus loves u,died 4 ur sins n arose on the 3rd day, forgave all ur sins n gave heaven,just trust him. C Jesus saves in Google!!…

  • yay! LIBRA powerrrrr!
    but seriously thanks for making this great insight! my husband (gemini btw) and I have dabbled in videography together and now 2019 is the year we hope to market ourselves more seriously, so this is helpful!
    could you make a video highlighting more of having a baby along with your business?

  • This was exactly what happened with my marriage. We lived in the inlaws house and he got comfortable again. I was expected to do all the major house work while chasing a then 2 year old. Then I started working full time but nothing changed.

  • When he said lets assume dhakarka goes in the 6th house, i was glad to get the information because mine goes into the 6th house, then he said the sign in capricorn. i was like huh that’s me again.. then he said let’s make it leo ascendant i was like damnn.. that me.

  • I saw that kid eating her cereal and she pushed the cereal out of the bowl she did it on purpose��. Great video and it’s so important to show appreciation for real

  • Please add English subtitles or use English only because I personally enjoy the show but i miss some important information when you switch to Swahili. Thanks

  • That’s how my dad is my mom cleans the house double times bc of my little sister there is no difference it’s just when u go to a office or something u get money seriously

  • My ex used to threaten with breaking up every time we had a disagreement and I told her that one day I’ll just take it as Is till it happened again and sure enough I said okay. She got used to me coming a day after till the last time when I didn’t and she had the nerve to say that I’m breaking up with her. Legend has it that till today (5 years later) she’s still waiting for me to come and be the bigger person ��������

  • Sir.I have watched your vedio.And Sir I am willing to know about my spouse ‘s karma and his position, and what will be the relationship with me. I am very much worried about my marriage also.Sir Can u give me ur details how could you connect you.Thank u

  • Inspiring talk. I felt much better after listening to this talk. It is okay to keep on changing career. Be open to any opportunity, this way you keep on growing yourself more ��

    Somehow some companies does not look at constant career changes stated in your resume as an advantage. They would prefer candidates with years of experience in the specific career path or position. This disappoints me.

  • Moon is my darakaraka in 9th house in krittika pada 3.Virgo ascendant.
    Wondering if spouse would have aquarius moon. Coz am easily gel with aquarius asc which is my upapada also.

  • I love the Kenyan language how it sounds.I don’t understand it though What is it called.? I am South African.I speak isiXhosa.Great show by the way.I am in stiches all the time ����.The best time of your life is to be single.No drama you can even hear the birds sing in the morning ��

  • I like this show as it is informative��. But can we please get some subtitles so we do not miss fun and important points in the discussions, as some of us are international fans to the show��.

  • Inspiring talk and a really good reminder in step 2 to look at consistent skills over a lifetime, rather than merely the ones used in your current job-thank you Laura.

  • Now I appreciate my mother more because I am single I go to school but I don’t see her effort of doing everything for us ❤️ thank Dhar Mann you make my day everyday

  • I love this show however,Joyce happens not to give Benjamin time to respond to matters men..she leans more on responses to women concerns

  • If the consistent things I did most of the time, totally different from what I’ve learnt in years and things I do until now, even “the roled I played now”, is that what you call your calling, even it’s ridiculously different? (from science to art for example)

  • Its just my story. Accompanied my husband, was thrilled to move & live in USA just to get depression, no work
    visa, sat at home for years n when i got my work visa, learnt technology, went into a new field, but still loosing jobs since Im still a newbie & have visa issues. Had problems of even having kids. Totally lost in life but still holding up & will fight this & becm v successfull on my own. What doesn’t kills u make u stronger. I regret leaving my job back then but had no options then, as i was so excited to come to USA. Life is full if challenges & it will only make me grow & learn more.

  • Topics that ruin relationships;
    1. Avoid discussing your Xs
    2. Never mention or discuss your spouse’s weakness on bed
    3. If your partner has an awful smell either natural or due to unkempt tendency, do not tell them to the face but be polite and smart in the approach-Romantic and or diplomatically
    4. Never compare your partner with an X
    5. Genitals are very sensitive areas that you mention with utmost caution or not at all. “Your…… is so wide I never fill the walls” ” You…. is small I like it 6″ deep to touch my g-spot….” “I wish you had a long…. for leaking…” “your breasts/boots are shagging honey, I wish they were firm and……” “Please go and brush your teeth before entering the bed”.You must avoid these kind of words till death do you part.
    6. I hate your mother…..
    7. Please don’t chase away this househelp/Maid, she is so good in her work
    8. Honey, this houseboy/shamba boy is so hardworking and clean we should keep him/add him salary
    9. “You are good for nothing”
    10. Why can’t you be like so and so?
    11. Why can’t you work hard to buy a family car like your best friend James…
    12. Sammy is so hard working, he has bought a house, car and sired 4 kids when we can’t even afford a bicycle…
    The above and many other similar words shall never be part of your marriage comments. They kill a marriage faster than a terminal disease

  • Hey! Your story as an RD and as an entrepreneur is so inspiring and motivating. I am very happy that I got to discover your channel today and I have watched three of your videos so far. Very impressive and keep going
    Btw, I am a freshman Dietetics Student at the University of Cincinnati, wish me luck in this interesting major.

  • So inspiring��my current situation brought me here��and now, I am 100% sure of accepting the role given to me in my organization which is definitely out of the box (my healthcare profession) and adapting easily to my new title in the higher office. Thank you����

  • Mercury my darakarak (which is also my ascendant lord) is placed in 11th house in aries in Bharani nakshatra… I wonder what my spouse would be like and what would be his profession….

  • I am sorry to say…. I did enjoy your tips!!!
    However, your husband is a BETA meal. Which makes this video hard for me to fallow… knowing that it is your husband’s fallowing you, but you are not following him?.. How does that work?

  • This is one of the saddest Dhar videos I have ever seen and it is so true. The way he treats her at the beginning was truly heart crushing after her making him his dinner and that is only scratching the surface over what she did during the day (that phrase “what have you done all day?” is one of the worst things someone could hear if they know they have worked their butts off)

  • Great video thank you. How do you keep from micromanaging each other??

    My bf and I have been building our business for 2 years, we have a baby and we have had a problem with nagging, blaming, micromanaging… to where neither of us are very much productive ;/

  • It’s true that you don’t have to tell your husband about your past he’s not there to know about your past neither you to know about his past. If you want to keep your marriage only discuss about the future

  • I am guilty of not having wisdom & the foresight to not be too “open”. I’ll say this much I stumbled upon this message & have gone on to watch many more. Thank you @Joyce & @switchtv for this show & @Benjamin Zulu for the lessons.Such Wisdom. Application.

  • Appreciate your partner’s values to the relationship, by letting her know that you love her, your always going to be by her side no matter what happens, and come what may, come what may!!!!!!! You don’t just tell them, you show her that you are very, very serious, and that you are not playing around at all whatsoever!!!!!!! THE HOLY BIBLE SAYS, DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM TO DO UNTO YOU, AMEN, AND AMEN!!!!!!! THE HOLY BIBLE ALSO SAYS, BE CAREFUL TO ENTERTAIN STRANGERS FOR YOU HAVE ENTERTAINED ANGELS UNAWARES, AMEN, AND AMEN!!!!!!! IN THE HOLY, AND PRECIOUS NAME OF MY PERSONAL LORD, AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST AMEN, AND AMEN!!!!!!! MAY THE HOLY TRINITY, AND THE HOLY BIBLE CONTINUE TO BLESS EACH, AND EVERYONE WORLDWIDE AMEN, AND AMEN!!!!!!!

  • So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 7 months. He joined me in business at a financial firm but isn’t as active as he is at his job. We worked together at his last job but he just started working at another kitchen after 5 years almost 2 months ago and I’m just hesitant if I should apply there even though he has told me to do it and has said he doesn’t mind working with me. I think it’s just people telling me not to do it because me and him will start getting tired of each other but I feel like I want my relationship to be different and go how we want it to work. Any advice? Anything helps! If you need more background I can tell you more when you ask?!

  • May the good Lord give this young widower who lost his wife, PEACE with our sovereign God. During this time of grief and healing may the Holy Spirit be is guide to minister to him in his darkest hour where no man will understand his loss. May God have mercy on him and his little son and buffer him from pain and loneliness so that he does not suffer more loss in the absence of his mother. What the enemy meant for evil, may God turn this around for good. May God give them both grace, increase faith and use this loss to minister strength to those who will also go through this path, as you see fit. At the end of the day, I pray that you will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the. God is His own Interpreter and He will make it plain.
    May you reward him another wife who will fill the void that is now left so that he and his son will give testimony of your goodness. It shall be well IN JESUS NAME!

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  • Changed jobs three times in 3 different countries it is not impossible and it a second language. Made it every time. I should give a TED talk!

  • Weuweee! My pick up line, better be late and be right! I love it. Whaaaa? The bull, the donkey and an idiot hahahaha. Mungu saidia.

  • I trying to switch career paths from a benefit specialist to HR Generalist. I have found being an benefit specialist for 5 years has pigeon hole myself. I been told by my connections that my biggest problem on not being hired is being a specialist and wanting to go to being a generalist. It is really frustrating

  • Thank you!!!!!!! That’s what I’ve been doing last several years and I considered most of it a mistake))) I’m so grateful to you for the support and inspiration!

  • I’m so impressed and inspired by watching your show. Mr Zulu is so articulate and very humorous in his discussion. Congrats to you Joyce and wishing you continued success. I will surely continuing viewing. Christina Duplessis from the beautiful island of St Lucia ����������������in the Caribbean

  • Before changing job
    Must watch this:

    I have made a video on my channel regarding the same topice. Can check out for more in detail steps.
    Steps that will help you take up higher responsibilities:
    • Gather Experience
    Experience counts a lot when it comes to going up in life. Learn from everyone and everything possible. Update your knowledge and gather some good skills. The more experienced you are, the better your chances of going up in life.
    • Prepare a Document
    While approaching the people who could promote you, or give you new responsibilities, always carry documents which show your successful endeavours. CVs, portfolios, certificates, press cuttings, reports of the projects you have handled — all these could be

    • Talk about ‘Their’ Benefits
    During the interview, it is very important to discuss the benefits that you can give to your organisation. Talk in terms of definite numbers. Do a little bit of research as you prepare for the interview.
    Whatever new assignment you take up, you have to leave your mark.
    Bob Dole, a former American leader who ran for the US Presidency, once said, “When it’s all over, it’s not who you were. It’s whether you made a difference.”

  • That Child is an evil human being she purposely put the serial on the counter to make a mess and stress her mom what an evil thing

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  • People who are movers and shakers, people in exciting careers,…why would they stop and speak to you. What is in it for them? The world is still motivated by selfishness.I’m a computer programmer because no one likes to learn computer language and code. Coding is boring, spending hours looking for bugs or errors created by you or another developer:(

  • This works only if you are after management jobs and the likes. However, if you are seeking a career that requires high technical skill level such as engineering, programming, or medicine, then you need to stick doing one job for some years since these skills require focus and a lot of dedications. Once you are experienced enough in your craft only then can you move to another job to advance your career and gain new skills.

  • When I first starting listening to this talk, I thought it was too far from my circumstances to be of use, because I felt so sad that I didn’t get the same opportunities. I went off and listened to other talks and videos. Then it came up again, and I gave it a second chance. It turned out to be really helpful. Career advice that centres on “following passion” or “start a start-up” or “be an entrepreneur” really just confuses people who just don’t have any experience.
    It is through trying things out and gaining experience that people get to know who they are, and what they are good at. But, more importantly, what you can learn to do. You aren’t born with skills, only interests and some talents. Learn to do skills.

    Be open to change: jobs are changing, society needs are changing, and job role names change. 12-15 careers per person. Remember, you are gaining skills in being adaptable.
    Embrace the experiences, ditch the “title”: Build skills that can be used in multiple jobs.
    Land a job by making connections: Go and talk to people in jobs or industries that interest and interest you. Or people who are doing interesting things. Invite them to meet up and have a coffee with you and interview them.
    Thank you Laura!

  • The amount of shit that has been proven with this after all these years of watching and studying you’re videos and information is crazy.

  • I needed to hear this. In the last five years I have worked in five different roles in different industries. I am constantly looking for new opportunities.

  • Another great resource is Honeymoon Playbook! The best investment into your couple is to PLAY! It covers communication & sexuality and LOTS of tips and PLAY ideas.

  • I truly appreciate your wisdom! I needed to hear this! I feel lost at 48 having moved to another state and sacrificed a job but now realize I get to write the other half of my lifeby looking at my experiences!

  • LOL LOVEEE the part about your shot sucks… “Let’s get another shot of that.” What a great idea to avoid conflict in the moment. Brilliant! We are going to give that a go. ��Keep rockin it!

    Brian + Erin

  • A lot of these Ted talks are “ happy go lucky” motivational speech. Things are no so simple as she makes it sound. Realistically she and her husband are upper middle class and it seems her husband has good business connections which enabled them to move country to country with ease. Her husbands connections helped her. Most likely being a licensed attorney from America helped her get work out of country if that country needed American laws interpreted for foreign business. Things are not this simple for 95% of people get off the stage lady.

  • An amazing speech and an epic failure to realize who your audience is and what its reality is like.
    The bits of advice she’s giving are limited to Western business culture and, highly likely, irrelevant for the realities of Vietnam. This is not surprising given that throughout her career she was working in the bubbles of Western culture surrounded by her fellow expats; I don’t think that in Saudi Arabia she worked surrounded by Saudi men in the setting typical for Saudi women. A typical “the world is Murica” bias.
    This is why the audience wasn’t excited by her speech the same way as the youtube watchers are in the comments.

    I enjoyed listening to her though.

  • Wanted to tell my partiner about my past full of unfaithfullness felt guilty about it but nooo i wont say anymore..will just keep it in my heart!! Thank you Zulu for the advice!!

  • see..My mothers best friend, she had a big fight with her husband, and.. she drove to my mothers house.. during the ride she dropped her phone and went to pick it up.. and I guess she lost where she was and drove off the rode.. so please, don’t fight with ur partner..

  • Wow, I was thrilled by her pragmatic insights into shaping a career. Summary of her words: 1. Be ready for change (by now, each professional may change their careers between 12-15 times). 2. Embrace the experiences/ditch those titles. 3. Make meaningful connections ( very true) meaning articulate what you want to do or to be when meeting people who you like what they do.

  • Better be late and be right. Never approached an idiot from any direction, donkey from the back not the bull from the front

  • Thank you, I have taken many risks for money in my life and the results that my son and daughter upgrade their lives and my target was also like that they may happy in their lives, so I haven’t given up important of my personal goals therefore I am not succeed in my goals but it was my dream that if in future may it possible and also many times passed over that. now I don’t want to take heavy risks for money but I am capable to take risks because of I have the experience of taking the risk.also I have completed my one goal that is my son and daughter so they are something good in their lives now. So I am satisfied with their progress. now I have enough time to do what I want.

  • I’m 22 years old, working as a Human Resources practitioner at the moment. I decided to resign from my first job out of college by the end of June. Now, I’m not a hundred percent sure if what’s next. I don’t know if I’ll be Sarah the Guidance Counselor or Sarah the executive assistant

  • It is really interesting how I’ve looked for a Ted talk about change just the day before looking for a new job and I found something I wasn’t looking for but what’s helping a lot. Now I can see I’ve been doing the right thing for these 4 past years by changing jobs, by talking to people about jobs which might’ve interested me. And now I’m crying because I’m so damn sensitive

  • 1 John 2: 15-17 Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world-the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life-comes not from the Father but from the world, The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.

  • Great video! My wife and I struggle to work together as we are both perfectionists. We both think we are better than each other unfortunately rather than collaberating

  • I think this is one of the reasons why women are buying into the lie of “focusing on career” instead of becoming a mother. Yet, being a mother and caring for children is such a beautiful and respectable thing!

  • Leo rules my fourth house. I have mars in the sign of Leo in the fourth house. The ruler of my fourth house, the sun, is in my seventh house in the sign of Scorpio conjunct jupiter. Mars is the darakaraka in my chart.

  • There’s another method I heard of from Planet to Soul Astrology for determining the spouse’s career. The method is looking at the lord of the 7th house in the D1 chart and its placement in the navamsa. From there you count ten houses away and look at the sign and any planets situated there. Have you had any experience with this method? Would you consider it more accurate to just look at the 4th house and darakaraka as you suggested in the video?

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  • Omg the husband is just looking at it in his point of view meaning, that he thinks that working is just going into an office everyday. But no dhar is totally right, as much work that happens in an office happens back at home.poor wife����������

  • I have Moon in Aries as the darakaraka, in the 9th house being aspected by Mars in Capricorn in the 6th house, with Venus and Mercury mutually aspecting Moon in the 2nd house.
    I’m curious about how my spouse will be

  • Excellent Video!! My wife started a craft business a few months ago, and I have started helping move it online. She makes all of the crafts and I do all of the behind the scenes stuff…take photos, edit them, online tech and marketing. For years, I have dreamed of moving from my “9-5” job, to building my own business….but didn’t because of risk and fear. Well, not so long ago things happened and I was kind of forced into making some hard life decisions for my family. So, I decided to pursue my dream and start an online business. At the present moment, it is a little easier because my 3 kids started preschool this year. Trying to build and run 2 different businesses has been a little challenging. My wife and I sat down and built a schedule to help figure out how to spread things out. M-F we work from 8am-2pm while the kids are in school, with Tuesdays being our “date day” where we go, do some errands, eat lunch and spend some quality time away from the business. For me, Thursdays are dedicated to the craft business. I also work some nights after the kids go to bed. Saving Sat & Sun for family activities, only working on weekends if needed during crunch times. But in a few months, the kids will be out of school and that is where the big challenge of time management and work/life balance will come into play. Thanks!!

  • In 2017, I read about AI beating professional poker pros. I felt a stab of fear. My work as a trader was similar. I thought: am I next?

    I channeled that fear into teaching myself to code. I moved to Medellin, Colombia and got busy grinding youtube tutorials. This led to paid freelance work through Upwork and a bootcamp TA position at the University of Texas.

    I learned that fear is a signal for change. I harnessed it to propel myself forward. And, I learned I’m more powerful than I thought.

    Feel free to reach out if you’re facing similar fears and not sure what’s next.

  • Opportunity, then luck, then course correction, more luck, rely on connections, change direction again, given opportunities without merit, rely on some additional luck, then lean on some more connections…

    That’s how a TED talk is born.

  • Thanks so much for watching & I hope you enjoyed this video!! Make sure to let us know if you enjoyed it by giving the video a thumbs up and / or letting us know in the comments below! Also suggestions for future “Let’s Chat!” video topics welcome!!