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Even though your child may no longer need naps, they can still benefit from a little downtime each day. Rest periods give your child’s body and mind an opportunity to. At age 4, more than 50 percent of children are still taking naps. And even though the majority of children (about 70 percent) stop napping at 5 years, 3 in 10 still need a nap at this age.

That said, every child is different. Much depends on how many hours your toddler sleeps at night. Signs Your Child Isn’t Ready Naps are painless. Responding positively to naps and falling asleep easily, or putting up very little resistance but Attitude in the afternoon. If your kid is irritable, fussy or just hard to please in the evening after a skipped nap, Dozing off in the car.

But make sure to compensate by pushing bedtime earlier. School-aged kids and older: After age 5, most kids no longer need naps. But a mid-day rest can work wonders for. Nap refusal for an 18-month-old is not a sign that he or she is outgrowing the need to nap as it might be for a three-year-old. “If a child doesn’t want to take a nap,” Craddock says, “he or she. “But they still need 10 to 12 hours of sleep over a 24-hour period.” A two-hour nap at daycare can mean a child might only require eight hours overnight—which ex-plains why they may not fall asleep until 11 p.m. if they normally wake at 7 a.m. “It became a bad cycle,” says Dennis.

In the first 12 months of your baby’s life, nap transitions tend to happen fairly quickly. Your baby will transition from 5 or 6 naps each day to just 2 naps in their first year! Then, at some point between 15-18 months, your toddler will transition from 2 naps to just 1. If your child’s birthday is coming up and they just can’t stop talking about it, that’s a good indication the anticipation is more than they can bear. Likewise, a nap-free day spent playing could.

Remember that younger children do need more sleep than older children. Remove sources of stimulation. During the hour you get your kids ready.

For nearly all children, the morning nap disappears sometime between 12 and 21 months, Dr. Weissbluth says. The exception is when a child goes to sleep too late at night and wakes up tired.


List of related literature:

Preschool children, on average, need about 11–13 hours of sleep each night, and younger preschoolers may still take a nap during the day (National Sleep Foundation, 2007).

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The morning nap may be delayed to an appropriate time, such as 10:00 AM, it may be moved into the afternoon as a single nap (if the child is at least 1 year of age), or it may be eliminated altogether (if the child is old enough).

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Babies need between 4 and 2.5 hours sleep during the day (at 6 months and 12 months respectively), and 2-year-olds should have around 1.5 hours naptime (NHS Choices 2013).

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The baby should take about a one-hour nap in the morning and a two-hour nap in the afternoon, occurring at about the same times each day.

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Children 1 to 2 years old sleep approximately 13 hours a day including naps, and 3-year-olds sleep 12 hours per day on average (Ferber, 2006).

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By age 4, most children have outgrown the need for a nap during the day.

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Most babies this age still need at least two naps a day, of from one to three hours each, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

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Most children give up taking naps sometime before age four but may still need a period of quiet rest in the afternoon.

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For example, preschool children may require 11–12 hours of total sleep time and a daytime nap, school­age children sleep on average 10 hours per night, and adolescents need 8.5–9 hours of sleep according to their physiological requirements.

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This may happen when the baby is nine months, but for some babies who crave to sleep, both naps are important and they will continue to take two naps up to the age of two years.

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  • to all impatient people:
    if you nap and find difficulties sleeping at night don’t nap if you don’t have difficulties sleeping after then it’s ok to nap and the nap should be around 40 to 50 minutes not more
    there I just save you 3 minutes

  • Who’s watching these during covid-19?
    ME! and I think I’ve taken alot of nap, it’s almost 1am and I can sleep hehe.
    Stay safe everyone!

  • My LO doesn’t nap at all unless its in my arms. Immediately i put her down she opens her eyes no matter how deep asleep she was.i am at my wit’s end!

  • This is not realistic for all kids and if your child goes to daycare where several other kids are present there is no way to keep 1 toddler up and put all the others down. Ive got one child who does not nap on the weekends and Monday & Tuesdays she is falling apart all day long. She is begging for a nap by 9 or 930 am, whining, throwing tantrums and hitting. Yesterday she threw a 20 minute crying jag because her shoe came off. She is physically exhausted by the time she comes to my house on Monday. Why? Because mom wants her to sleep by 7 (she picks up by 530). This is the same child that wakes up between 430-6 every morning even when she does not come over and she will not go back to sleep. I’ve suggested taking her for long walks in the evening, playing outside, wearing her out I can only do so much in a 10-11 hr day.
    Now, if you are a SAHM or SAHD by all means go for it it may just work for you.

  • I started to nap training after watching this video and just have few questions.

    My baby can fall asleep independently for naps with little to no fuss, however, he does not usually nap for longer than 30 minutes. He will put himself back to sleep after 15-30 minutes of fussing and will sleep for an hour. Is that consider a good nap? When he wakes up after an hour should I let him try to go back to sleep? Most of the information suggests that baby should nap at least 2 hour per cycle.
    I keep his room dark, sleep sack, have white noise, small nap routine and put him down at the same time.

  • When my son cries, you can hear him outside the house, he is extremely loud. He also becomes very hysterical, choking and shaking while crying. It’s extremely hard to watch or listen to.
    He is 4 month old now by the way and we are having issues with night time sleeping. He wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat and can wake up crying like every hour. If you quickly stick pacifier in him then it’s fine, if you let him cry then it gets crazy

  • Really helpful tips, I stumbled across another great product for helping babies to sleep if anyone is interested

  • I starter to sleep staining my 4 months old as he would not sleep anywhere else just while breastfeeding (feeling my boobies) even at night. Couldn’t take it any longer. Now after a week or so he knows when is a bed time and he doesn’t really cry that much 2 minutes the. Is just talking to himself and falling asleep. The best thing I ever did for him and myself. He is more happy now as he is getting better rest at nights. Thank you for your videos!!!

  • 2:16 actually that’s exactly what has been happening to me for many years now 6-7 hours every week night and then on saturday normally I sleep 10-11h (sometime on sunday too, but mostly saturday)

  • I always eat chocolate before bed or I’d I I can’t sleep. It always makes me sleepy and I cuz I cant fall asleep easy it really helps!

  • Hi Susan, i am training my 5months old for self settling. Can you give me an advice please?
    What should i do if my son only sleep 30mins for the nap then wake up and cry? I don not know what to do.
    Thank you

  • As a preschool teacher I loved this video! Its all about having a schedule and helping children learn to self soothe. A little off topic but I have seen many older children start preschool having never been allowed to cry or tantrum or more then a few minutes before the parent gives in or tries to distract. These kids have the hardest time adjusting to school life as they lack the skills to deal with the negative emotions from change, sharing and not always being able to have your way.

  • I never had to sleep train… I think Susan is so great BUT mamas don’t stress out if you don’t or can’t do this. I don’t believe in having a schedule for my son, I let him decide when he wants to nap and sleep and he created his own routine. He sleeps at 8pm and wakes up at 5 am and just naps every hour or two through out the day. every baby is different and if sleep training works for you guys GREAT and if it doesn’t GREAT!!! Just a reminder not to sike yourselves out <3

  • Someone know the specialist I could talk with about this? I study architecture so I can´t avoid naps sometimes, even I have to sleep like 3 hours. My life is a mess:(

  • Help my 4 month will not sleep during the day without his swing. I have tried the Weissbluth and Ferber method, none of which have worked. And I end up caving and just putting him back into his swing because he’s so overtired that he wakes up too frequent at night and then I’m losing sleep. He absolutely just refuses to nap anywhere but his swing… I might be lucky if he sleeps one hour after hours upon hours of trying to get him to take the first nap. He never falls asleep in my arms. He sleeps well at night in his bed if he’s had naps( which we only can get from his swing). Help I am going crazy trying to figure out how to get him to nap. He just cries the whole time everyone I try… he would willingly stay awake all day long if I let him and he does if I don’t put him in the swing. I tried to be consistent with a schedule and a routine for naps for almost a week straight and I just saw he was getting worse, he had such tired eyes, and would wake me up every two hours at night. I gave up and put him in swing where he was able to catch up on his sleep deficit and then he slept well at night…… I am so sad and worried that he will always be like this and eventually grow out of his swing

  • I always feel like short naps are worse but I just realized that when I nap on class after I finish work, I feel a lot better throughout the rest of my day (but then I still take a 3 hour nap when I get home lol)

  • 1:20 next time when you put subtitle be serious. I feel sorry for the people who cant hear but relay on subtitle btw its a good information and love your channel

  • Yeah I particularly like my “nooners” when shifting my sleep schedule, like taking on a night shift job or even getting back to days…

    You know that grogginess you get after a large meal? That’s often from the glucose spike in your brain chemistry… You can salt your coffee at the end of the meal to get a better kick out of your caffeine. You don’t need much… AND the salt destroys the coffee’s ordinarily bitter flavor (in case you’re not a fan). It’s a great compliment to the sugar I tend to like too much. ;o)

  • My daughter is 7 months old and from day one she is not sleeping properly from day one…. she only sleeps for 20 minutes during the day and at night time she wants breast milk…. I don’t know how long it will take her to settle down… or she might be like this 4 whole life… I m FTM…worried 4 my daughter

  • Who the crap let’s their baby cry for an hr?? Poor child needs to be soothed to sleep, observe what they cry for and stop crying for so they don’t manipulate you.

  • my dad thinks that bc he goes to bed at 8:30 pm and wakes up extremely early everyone should wake up at that time too and he yells at me for closing my eyes

  • i Like to nap almost every day. Most of the time its a 2-3 hour nap, but sometimes i’ll just go back to sleep and willingy ruin my sleep schedule for a nap from 1pm 7 pm

  • I started sleep training my baby last night using the same program (Natalie Willes, BST) I most probably am going to nap train as well as the books says. I just have question/concern, if my baby’s on a strict nap/sleep schedule and I am not allowed to put my baby in a car seat or stroller since this is considered sleep assistance. How exactly am I suppose to ever run errands with my baby or bring my baby to the mall during the day or weekends? She’s going to eventually join my husband and I during the weekend or family events, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to prevent her from sleeping in either the car seat or her stroller, so how do I go about this? Thanks,