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Although women talk about it a great deal, there’s no real evidence that women’s sexual desire decreases in the years just before and after menopause. In fact, one of the largest surveys of women and their sexual desire found very similar rates of low sexual desire among premenopausal and postmenopausal women (24 and 29 percent, respectively). How to Rekindle Your Sexual Connection at Midlife Q & A with Sex Therapist Yana Tallon-Hicks. Diana Whitney. 23 Jul 2020 Sexual Health. sex.

I recently interviewed Yana Tallon-Hicks for my story about sexual health in middle age. Tallon-Hicks is a relationship therapist, sex educator, and sex advice writer. Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond The physical transformations the body undergoes with age have a major influence on sexuality. This Special Health Report, Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond, will take you through the stages of sexual response and explain how aging affects each.

But Yana emphasized that women can reconnect to their sexuality in midlife: “Menopause is a big marker that can loom for many women as representative of this fear [of undesirability]. Luckily, the fields of sexual health, sexual advice journalism and sex education are speaking more openly about healthy and passionate sexuality after menopause.”. Whether you’ve been married for 25 years or are only dating, sex at midlife—we’re talking 40s and 50s—can hold some unique challenges for you and him.

For women, this time of life is one in which your. Most people will tell you a healthy sex life is important to a satisfying relationship, yet when problems arise they don’t know where to turn for help. What’s more, many people find it difficult to discuss intimate issues with a doctor.

To help, Harvard Medical School experts created Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond. The two hormones that most affect sexual physiology, estrogenand testosterone, tend to decrease during midlife, in both women and men. As a result of these hormone decreases, the most common. Can Sexual Preference Change at Midlife? Research suggests that falling in love might open new paths of sexuality.

November 20, 2014 | Comments: 0. Getty Images. Sometimes a person’s life undergoes such a radical transformation that the change was inconceivable before it occurred. Sarah Doherty answers one of the most top midlife questions from clients. In long-term relationships, there are always periods when sexual intimacy is lacklustre.

As a sex therapist I often hear worries from women like these; “I rarely feel in the mood for sex these days” “I just don’t seem to fancy my partner anymore. Midlife is the central period of a person’s life, spanning from approximately age 40 to age 65. It can be a stressful time, as many people come to feel discontented and restless as they struggle.

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  • As a 65 year old woman and a registered nurse I feel confident that I know a lot more about this topic than my physician. He should ask me questions. I could teach him a lot.

  • Men Love a women who is aggressive and takes the lead!!!! and if you are a very good leader trust me he will follow!!!! no one wants quiet sex ok!!!! call his name,tell him how good he is, tell him you like it its good baby etc u get my point…every man want his wife in the kitchen and a freak in the bed room…many men cheat because soo many women are not open minded when it comes to sex with their husbands,but remember what u wont do another women will

  • Well when i was a kid in high school i worked Sat. and Sun. at a cattle feed lot.
    Guess this old cowboy took a liking to me. On day he said boy let me tell ya something. When you get sixty,sixtyfive and get a chance to die.
    TAKE IT!
    I thought wth? Im well past the old cowboys age now and 72 or so years later. He hit the nail square on the head!
    No head might as well be dead!

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  • So is it really such a common thing for men to not do anything around the house? I do about 90% of the housework all by myself while my wife plays with her phone and then always tells me that she’s too tired to have “hurry up and get it overwith” sex more than once a month.

    But it’s all my fault that our relationship sucks…

  • Excellent talk. I’m almost 60 and still extremely active as I’ve always been. Kudos to you, Dr. Kukkonen and thanks for great presentation.

  • English is not my first language,.. she speaks such a clear and well pronounced english, it is just a pleasure to listen to her. is she canadian?

  • OMG! Who is this lady? She is absolutely brilliant! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a women who “gets it” better than this lady when talking about how men view sex in a marriage.

  • OMG. You are a genius. You are an angel. Every woman who is getting married or going through a rough spot in her marriage needs to watch your video.

    Men need sex. If we are in a relationship without sex and without affection, we are going to become very unhappy. We will try to resolve the situation and if we are unable to resolve the situation we will end up either getting a divorce, opening the relationship up or in some cases men will cheat.

    We have our needs. Just like women have deep needs, sex is a deep need for men.

  • What if she goes thru menapause and that’s it? I’m done? I’m still alive and well and want to still be active!! What about those stats?

  • How disappointing that this topic is not being presented by a 75 year old rather than someone who is getting paid for the research. This seems like a conflict of interest just like we see with drug companies.

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  • Wow, interesting group here commenting. I’m 57 and my wife is 60 and we enjoy a sex life that is active and frequent. I can understand if health prevents you have sex, but know that there are those of us out there who still enjoy sex.

  • Dear you are right I am Mahesh from India my problem my pin hot always after I meet one woman my age second time she clearly reply no because reply I am not capable for you

  • At 68, I am a widow since 2013. Also had total hysterectomy back in 2000? Even though I might still like looking at good looking men, I don’t, how should I say it, have the juices on demand. Lol! Sex would be more difficult, but one at my age, could still enjoy romantic relationships and non-penetration sex with a gentleman and I do mean a gentleman. Omg I had to say it. Lol!

  • I seem to have grown fonder of kittys as I have aged. I just love to pet a kitty especially once it’s motor goes to running it arches it’s back and when it starts making those biscuits why do I just have a burning desire to kill it with old saucer head. Oh today was the best day of this life for me

  • Thats because when we live close by her sister,,she help my wife with everything that i indicated in the previous comment…..she played it off real good until we moved 500 miles away from her younger sister…..she’s the oldest but very old fashion but i dont think its just that….it seems like now that we are married she thinks that her looking sexy for me is not needed anymore but she’s dead wrong,,thats one of the reasons why married men cheat.

  • Isn’t it awesome? The older you get with your spouse, the more comfortable. The more comfortable, the less awkward and the more fulfilling. Can’t wait ’till we’re 80 or 90. Sure, the energy goes down, but the loving experience keeps increasing!

  • im 67 i found a sweet spot,with practice i could feel priapsm say 30 times but not climax kind of unhealthy lol i am going to concentrate on my better half now shes 72 she went into priapism with some some encouragment i have a lot of ideas and a lot of hope a woman has more nerve endings than a man if a woman has the same imagination as a man they seem to be open to masterbation using that feeling for kissing carressing etc etc etc wow i have a big imagination i think i scared my wife off cant use the mad scientist approach apparently lol lol lol im willing to be a romantic gentleman to get love to failure is a means to success i might figure it out who knows

  • I wish the nest was empty. 2 grown sons almost 25 and almost 24 are still at the house who do what they want regardless of what me and my husband say.

  • she is being unfair and not cooperating to make you happy. if you make her happy and cooperate with her she should return the favor..

  • I think that all the people who have obvious age bias in their comments?? Don’t have enough life experience to know what they’re talking about…… They are obviously in that 25 to 35 age group who think time will never happen to them…..

  • Did Stephen read Carl Jung? I read Every Young Man’s Battle, and listening to this it sounds like he’s describing Jung’s male hero’s journey.

  • I’m 55 and there’s nothing I can do that I couldn’t do when I was 17 and that is the truth. Don’t drink don’t smoke and body build. Oh yeah��������

  • And by the way no i did not know…she hide it from me very well….thats what women do in general when they ashame that they dont know how to be sexual or feminine

  • It works both ways, romance and being cherished for a woman is what sex is to a man. You want sex, treat her better. She has a deep need, too.

  • why are you being so closed minded to how to please a man. your talking about faking orgasm, believe it or we know when your faking. its disrespectful and a slap to our face. not every man is the same and not everywoman is the same. you are very far off..

  • Women talk WAY too much….. how come men can master the orgasm without 100’s of how to videos, but women, STILL cant just rub one out.

  • I made love to my lady friend 3 times last weekend. I’m 62 and she just turned 61. I’m not as good as I once was but I’m better once than I ever was.

  • @ProfessionalWeddings Sorry I copied and pasted incorrectly from an email, I’m actually looking for advise for my neighbor who has been a good friend for nearly 20 years and married for 15years…. I don’t know what to tell him. My wife gave his wife the videos of michelle here on YouTube. He said it didn’t even make an impact. He is a very hard working guy that loves his family and wife but I’ve seen he is not happy. His wife is well like by all as well, I just don’t get it? Any advise?

  • I’m almost 60 and I’m so glad that those days are behind me. Life is much more satisfying and expansive without those desires always lurking in the background.

  • Talking doesn’t help when one party insists there is no problem. From their perspective they are right. They aren’t missing it because they aren’t interested, for whatever reason.
    And nothing enrages a woman faster than suggesting maybe she’s got a hormonal issue. Most guys would steer clear.
    As for ED, no guy would want to dwell on it because in many cases it’s mental. The worst thing you can do is start thinking about it. Thinking about it takes you out of the moment and causes it. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • It was too late for us. My wife died before we could make repairs. I loved her for more than anyone but she broke my heart in this regard.

  • Please keep doing what you’re doing and saying what you’re saying.  It might be too late for some of us, but maybe you’ll get through to some of these women soon enough to save marriages and families.

  • This is where older women come together and support the illusion that older women are better than younger women. Just admit you had your time and now your husbands/ex-husbands are looking at the college cheerleaders.

  • men show love in different ways just like women. so communicate with your guy and stop wishing he would just get it. the stuff you want him to get are true of women who get, so a guy and a totally different mind sets and women are not smarter than men even though most would like to believe that. women constantly undermine mens ability and it does get on our nerves..

  • Mad!!! What a surprise!!! I went to Guelph in semester 1 ’04 on exchange from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia. Your passion for the discipline is most compelling no pun intended………….honest!!

  • Why is it always advice for women on having sex with your husband. My husband never wants to have sex with me. I’m not the one constantly saying no, it’s him. It would be nice to hear some advice on how, as a women you can deal with your husband not wanting to have sex with you.

  • My wife is 54 and she has been going through menapuase. But she doesn’t even touch me outside the bedroom never hugs me caress me. I use to do it all the time with her and she is never resipacul like she doesn’t even want me or even try to make me feel unwanted. And I’ve been married only 6yrs.

  • I remember this time. I was having trouble retaining things, i was having seizures and I didn’t know. It came from a number of things. Basically I was working outside a lot in early 50s. I drank a lot of water. Flushed potassium and sodium out of my body and I didn’t know this. By 58, I had gone through 2 surgeries, radiation treatment, then father and mother died, then my brother died. I totaled 3 vehicles in 6 months and I was slowly losing ability to retain things so by 57, I was lost. If you don’t work, be able to drive yourself, what is there. I had asked Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my heart. I talked a lot God. It doctors 4 years to realize I was having seizures and what caused it. After this I was angry no one knew I was having seizures and scared because I didn’t know what I was on this earth. I knew God had a purpose for me or I would be dead. So I’m struggling with this when an opportunity came up so I could train, learn again things I lost, get updated on technology and praise God, use my brain and be of help to others. God opened the door, gave me favor, and I praise God he loved me that much. I’m so happy I’m training for a job I care about and helping the elderly. Being older and coming into my golden years isn’t a nightmare now but a pleasure.

  • Alexa hang in there its not easy. For my self I am in hard thoughts of leaving my wife and having a chance to lie again. I beleive we all deserve this and maybe even good for her. No use living life like this. Blessings. jack

  • Great talk. The reality is with menopause if a woman doesn’t really have much interest she has to keep having sex anyway or her husband will be very unhappy. I have explained the situation to my husband but he still of course wants to have sex.

  • I’m 59 and I have much more often multiples than I had before. It’s a real surprise to me. I thought I was an alien, before reading and listening on the to-pic ��Thumbs down to social bias!

  • but what if my wife just not Feminine to wear the things that i like and do the opposite without caring about my feelings. like getting her hair done at the salon,Pedicure,buying sexy clothes or lingerie to please me.

  • Your categories are a bit over simplified. I would fall in your 50 plus category, my wife, 35 to 500! Does that mean that we’re out of Sinc? Oh, that’ll explain why she insists on having a milkman when we live opposite Sainsbury’s.

  • The source of the problem is conditioning. Women are told that being sexy is naughty, and many women of faith equate that to sin before and during the marriage. People in general think they have to be aroused to have sex, but that is a very major excuse.

    This goes for both men and women. If your intent for marriage is not to establish, maintain and strengthen your bond with your spouse regularly, don’t ever get married. I recently got divorced and this was a major issue that she was causing due to her willful deprivation, and she was supposedly a woman of faith. I probably may never get married again due to a combination of having the stigma of divorce and I don’t trust any woman to understand what marriage is supposed to be.

  • i’m 77 and don’t get me going…just on a mathematical orgasm level i know i’ve had, at least 24,000 orgasms…many with ‘guilt tentacles’ but many not…all unreal and beautiful and i’m sure, now, healthy…i say ‘an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away’…sometimes more than 1 apple…some weeks a gallon of cider, tee…anyhoo…wow…i know 80 year old dudes…oh, never mind….wow…

  • The last 4 years of my marriage has been sexless and it’s to the point that I am looking to get out of this marriage. My wife is frigid, cold hearted and causing me to get depressed. I don’t want to get divorced but I can’t live like this any more.. I need a women that is my soul mate and my wife isn’t it…. I gave her Michelle’s video to her, and nothing…. I’ve tried about everything I know and nothing…. She doesn’t care so I’m done!

  • @FitnessGuru1988
    Everything you’ve married, the exact same could be said for women… being in the mood to pay bills, hold doors, take out the garbage……
    So you didn’t make much of a point.

  • Talking doesn’t help with men. Men judge things 95% of the time through action. So if action doesn’t happen, he might decide to trade up for a new model.

  • What a utterly boring approach! If it weren’t for thelegs in high heels this would have been the boringest. The most leastest interesting

  • My late wife had a cyst and had to have a hysterectomy in her late 40s. She immediately went into menopause and in less than two years my bikini MILF gained 60 pounds, became an alcoholic and had horrible hot flashes. After watching an episode of Dr Phil where Robin, his wife, talked about her experiences, my wife bought Robin’s book and began to follow it. My wife had a blood test done and started on hormone therapy (estrogen patch and testosterone cream), changed her diet a little and started to walk the dog a mile 3 to 5 times a week. While the hot flashes never went away, they were reduced to maybe 10% of the time and were extremely mild. In about 14 months she dropped the weight and quit drinking. By her 50th birthday party, she was back to wearing a bikini and loving it. Because of her I also have been getting my blood tested every year and I take testosterone injections prescribed by my doctor every other week. The most noticeable difference is that I sleep so much better.