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How To Deal With Midlife Crisis

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Signs of a midlife crisis can range from mild to severe, including: Exhaustion, boredom, or discontentment with life or with a lifestyle (including people and things) that previously provided. While menopause, per se, doesn’t increase your risk of depression, perimenopausal women are more vulnerable to depression during this time. That risk is higher in women who have previously been treated for depression, are having hot flashes, have had a long perimenopausal phase and have a lot of stress in their lives. In other cases, it can mean a full mental health crisis or “nervous breakdown”.

Some of these have distinct biomarkers and diagnostic criteria, others are more blurry. and “midlife. Signs of a midlife crisis can range from mild to severe, including: Exhaustion, boredom, or discontentment with life or with a lifestyle (including people and things) that previously provided. Your Mental Health at Midlife. Created: 09/22/2009.

Last Updated: 08/15/2012. Share on: Do find yourself snapping at the people you love over small things that didn’t used to bother you? Breaking into tears for no reason? Feeling fabulous and in love with life one day and as if you’re stuck in the bleakest tunnel the next? No, you’re not going.

At any age, mental health is crucial to our well-being. From childhood straight into midlife and beyond – how we think is interconnected with how we feel. Most of us have experienced how anxiety can lead to a stomachache and headache.

We don’t need to be doctors or psychologists to understand how stress and worry can make us physical ill. No one knows for certain if a midlife crisis is separate from a mental health crisis that might simply occur during any stage of an individual’s life. Midlife Crisis vs. Dementia Some people may mistake health issues for a midlife crisis as well.

A shift in behavior or a change in personality could be a sign of dementia. Is midlife crisis a myth? For some time, mental health professionals have debated whether midlife crises are real. The term “midlife crisis,” after all, is not a recognized mental health diagnosis. For years, midlife crisis conjured those images.

But these days, the old midlife crisis is more likely to be called a midlife transition and it’s not all bad. The term crisis often doesn’t fi. Midlife crises can strike at almost any adult age, though. A sense of facing end-of-life issues, regret at missed or mishandled opportunities, a curiosity about what to do about self-doubt, and how to behave for the rest of life are aspects of that sense of crisis. Apathy might complicate matters.

Losing interest in life borders on self-sabotage.

List of related literature:

The major factors involved in negative personality change at midlife were the same factors that caused negative aging at 70; bad habits, bad marriage, maladaptive defenses, and disease.

“Aging Well: Surprising Guideposts to a Happier Life from the Landmark Study of Adult Development” by George E. Vaillant
from Aging Well: Surprising Guideposts to a Happier Life from the Landmark Study of Adult Development
by George E. Vaillant
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Researchers today who have examined people across their life spans, peered inside their brains, uncoiled their hopes and fears, and observed how they deal with love and alienation, trauma and death, good and evil, say that midlife is about renewal, not crisis.

“Life Reimagined: The Science, Art, and Opportunity of Midlife” by Barbara Bradley Hagerty
from Life Reimagined: The Science, Art, and Opportunity of Midlife
by Barbara Bradley Hagerty
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Many lifestyle factors, such as physical activity, social engagement, and cerebrovascular risks, are implicated in midlife and have an enduring influence on mental health in late life.

“Oxford Textbook of Public Mental Health” by Dinesh Bhugra, Kamaldeep Bhui, Samuel Yeung Shan Wong, Stephen E. Gilman
from Oxford Textbook of Public Mental Health
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For example, distinctive stressors occurring in midlife including intensifying or waning career responsibilities, the balance of childrearing and care for older parents, and the first signs of deteriorating health may contribute to mental health decrements.

“Encyclopedia of Mental Health” by Howard S. Friedman
from Encyclopedia of Mental Health
by Howard S. Friedman
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Lifestyle and psychosocial changes such as loss of job, end of a longterm relationship, onset of menopause, ageing, or death of a spouse may trigger the onset of depression during this stage in the life span.

“Tabbner's Nursing Care E-Book: Theory and Practice” by Gabby Koutoukidis, Jodie Hughson, Gabrielle Koutoukidis, Kate Stainton
from Tabbner’s Nursing Care E-Book: Theory and Practice
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Depression during this midlife crisis may also be triggered by a reevaluation of childhood dreams, conflicts in need of resolution, new erotic longings and fantasies, sadness over opportunities lost, and a new questioning of values.

“Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment” by Charles Zastrow, Karen Kirst-Ashman
from Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment
by Charles Zastrow, Karen Kirst-Ashman
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For a perspective on how and why happiness levels improve after the “midlife crisis,” see L. L. Carstensen, et al., “Emotional Experience in Everyday Life Across the Adult Life Span,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 79(4) (2000): 644.

“If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy?” by Raj Raghunathan
from If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy?
by Raj Raghunathan
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In this sense, midlife has come to exemplify what Frosh (1991) considered to be a key problem of the contemporary self: a transition from too much structure to too little.The ‘facts’ of midlife experience can therefore easily become ones of indecision and of uncertainty.

“Handbook of Counselling Psychology” by Ray Woolfe, Sheelagh Strawbridge, Barbara Douglas, Windy Dryden
from Handbook of Counselling Psychology
by Ray Woolfe, Sheelagh Strawbridge, et. al.
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These selected sites provide information on midlife crisis as well as other pertinent issues including adultery, depression, and divorce.

“How to Survive Your Husband's Midlife Crisis: Strategies and Stories from the Midlife Wives Club” by Gay Courter, Pat Gaudette
from How to Survive Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis: Strategies and Stories from the Midlife Wives Club
by Gay Courter, Pat Gaudette
Perigee, 2003

However, once you hit midlife, your depression, anxiety, irritability, and other brain symptoms may begin to veer out of control again.

“Heal Your Mind” by Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D./Ph.D., Louise Hay
from Heal Your Mind
by Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D./Ph.D., Louise Hay
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  • I’m nearly 38 with three kids and going through this right now. I crave speed, adrenaline and excitement to feel free and young, and to get back some lost golden years where I settled down too soon. Please could you expand on what the “upgrade” might entail? Thank you.

  • I’m certainly going through one now. Buying a sports car, having n affair, fantasizing about reliving my youth, changing my career, etc. These are all things I can’t stop thinking about…

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  • Kinda ironic that physical activity is in the list. I think I’ve got middle life crysis because of my elbow injury when I was in a gym. My ligaments are not as young as my mind:(. Thanks for video.

  • rewatching this just makes me think of how tiktok makes up for peoples personalities. you cant be mad at them for doing that, they are trying to substitute for something else they lack with something temporary, which is something we all do. they may be out of touch with their passions and it dries you out like a prune. its more beneficial to fill yourself with healthy passions that you actually get something from, and it just takes time for you to see that.
    there is no way i havent said this shit before, i talk aloud so much and form my own thoughts about some serious stuff and i dont even recognize whether im repeating myself or not. im tired as fuck and it feels like its the same things over and over again and theres no way im not getting to a stopping place, im so so sick of it.

  • Gosh i wish Dr. Paul lived next door, I’d be on a restraining order LOL, Kidding Dr. Paul I just love you guys so much. You are aligned with what God made you for in my opinion. I’m an encourager too but My battery gets drained and I feel lonely. You making daily videos blows my mind! anyway Love and peace and strength in your marriage and family!

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  • I have always told myself that I would never have a midlife crises as they are just pathetic, however, can one defeat nature? So if not, I do plan on enjoying my midlife crises, still looking fit, great and dancing with someone in the Caribbean who is very hot and most importantly my own age…. As for a cliche’ red flashy car, babysitting a kid who is meant to be my partner or some fear/depression induced by age…..ERRRR NOOO.

  • Its been more than a year since I accomplished my biggest life goal, sat down with myself and said “Is that it?”
    So much of what you said resonated with me, but the only way I have found that I can now feel alive is by fantasizing about my new life, built atop the shreds of my old one. I am just dying to burn it all down. I know that divorcing my wife and moving to another city would imply that I would end up mostly being lonely. However, I cannot also be in limbo foreover waiting for the crisis to end. I fear I am about to have a major blowup and there is nothing I can do about it.

    After a decade of hardwork and accomplishing my biggest life goal, its strange to find myself in such a deep depression and so thoroughly confused. I was expecting a red carpet and fulfillment.

  • Noel helps me cope, and I relate to him alot when I said about being afraid of becoming vanilla or boring, I get that, that’s what made it so hard for me to quit relapsing on meth and heroin for a while now but I’m doing good and taking care of myself

  • This is the stupidest advice I have ever heard, the assumptions and presumptions made by people 45 to 60 is ridiculous.
    We’re all depressed and raging alcoholics. There are many healthy 45 to 60 year old people on a journey enjoying their life as it unfolds and the chapters that open as we move forward.
    Just stop.

  • I’m 28 and i turn 29 in a few months. I’m mostly just sad because time seems to fly and i don’t want to turn older. I don’t want to turn 30, i want to stay young and free from what’s expected in the 30s. It’s been like that for a while now. I’ve talked to friends and family but they tell me not to worry, but i can’t help it.

  • I met my wife when we were 17. We married at 19. We’re now 42. I’ve had this feeling there’s something more, but having been with only one person and lately recognizing we have nothing in common I have an insane desire to put an end to the marriage to explore other possibilities because I have nothing to compare to to know if Im happy, but my life financially is much better now than in a divorce.

  • I totally feel the pont “i had so many problems back in the days and now i fixed almost all of them and im feeling weird…”, I had so fckin many struggles and problems for 5-6 years and after all that it doesnt stop, its more like an addiction the times i dont have problems for some days are really weird its like im looking out for them and waiting something to happen. I wonder when im older if it stops and what im doing then, all im doing now is fixing shit and thats 90% of my day.. I cant even realize to go on vacation or being without problems or a free mind. Its really fucking weird

  • Great video, im 24 and experiencing this… people around me (including my family) keep telling me im “old enough” for this, and for that… But it’s not coming naturally to me, ie. I dont desire those things that society imposes on you and Id rather be free, alone, happy and ambitious.

    Im not sure what to do tbh, nobody is wrong/right here, its just the way we humans have built our society:/

  • noel realizing that capitalism makes us all bitter, cynical, and removed from genuine meaningful art and giving a shit about fellow people

  • Only 4 minutes in but just gotta say, there’s no shame in being vanilla and there’s no shame in being basic, you just gotta own it, I’ve never done anything exciting in my whole life, u know how I’m doing? Good, bitch.

  • Noel’s sketches are great and original. The problem is that this website heavily favors quantity over quality, so people like Ali-A can crank out shitty fortnite vids 10 times a week and get more recognition and make more money than someone like Noel who actually takes time to make his content good. It’s a shitty situation, and it honestly probably disincentives other potentially brilliant creators from making their own content because they know it just won’t do well online these days.