Your Apple Watch May Help Place a Harmful Irregular Heartbeat


Why doctors are worried about the Apple Watch EKG

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The Apple Watch ECG found something unexpected about my heart

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Apple Watch spots irregular heart beat: Study

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Apple Watch scores well detecting irregular heartbeats

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Study: Apple Watch may help doctors spot heart condition

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EKG watchband helps Apple Watch owners spot irregular heartbeat problems

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Apple Watch Alerts Danielle to Irregular Heartbeat and Memorial Helps Her

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MONDAY, March 18, 2019 Someday soon, devices like the Apple Watch might be monitoring wearers for heart conditions such as potentially dangerous atrial fibrillation, a new study suggests. Atrial fibrillation, or “a-fib,” is a common form of irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart problems. MONDAY, March 18, 2019 (HealthDay News) Someday soon, devices like the Apple Watch might be monitoring wearers for heart conditions such as potentially dangerous atrial fibrillation, a new study suggests. Atrial fibrillation, or ” a-fib,” is a common form of irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart problems. The app can also detect slight changes that might indicate an irregular heartbeat.

If the sensor detects five out of six repeat episodes of an irregular pulse within a 48-hour period, the app sends wearers an “irregular pulse” notification, the researchers explained. The trial included more than 419,000 self-enrolled Apple Watch users. WATCH: Your Apple Watch might help spot a dangerous irregular heartbeat According to data from a large study, the Apple Watch has been able to detect irregular heart pulse rates that could signal. Apple Inc’s Heart study, the largest yet to explore the role of wearable devices in identifying potential heart problems, found the device could accurately detect atrial fibrillation, the most. Abnormal heart rhythms can cause blood clots and stroke, yet an unknown number of Americans may not even know they are at risk.

That is about to change, thanks to new technology on the Apple Watch 3 being tested in the Apple Heart Study.. To learn more, Premier Health Now talked with Mark Krebs, MD, FACC, electrophysiologist, Miami Valley Cardiologists. The watch contains a simple electrocardiogram (ECG) that tracks your heart rhythm and can detect the presence of atrial fibrillation (“A-fib”), an irregular heartbeat that increases your risk for. (Reuters) The Apple Watch was able to detect irregular heart pulse rates that could signal the need for further monitoring for a serious heart rhythm problem, according to data from a. The irregular rhythm notification feature on your Apple Watch will occasionally look at your heartbeat to check for an irregular rhythm that may be AFib.

This usually happens when you’re still to ensure a more accurate reading. Depending on how active you are, the number of readings collected each day and the time between these readings will vary. Tests done on the Apple Watch indicate the device can detect atrial fibrillation early, potentially reducing the risk of stroke.

Atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heartbeat, is a silent.

List of related literature:

The heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch, for example, is proven to be more than adequate to measure heart rate compared to dedicated heart rate monitors.

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For example, one of the new features Apple introduced in their new smart watch is the ability to detect if the wearer falls and send a signal to Siri to request help or its ability to conduct an electrocardiogram to measure heart rhythm or to monitor bloodless glucose for diabetic people.

“ECIAIR 2019 European Conference on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics  ” by Dr Paul Griffiths, Dr. Mitt Nowshade Kabir
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The watch is capable of monitoring heartbeat of the person wearing it and will alert them in any undiagnosed condition.

“Internet of Things Use Cases for the Healthcare Industry” by Pethuru Raj, Jyotir Moy Chatterjee, Abhishek Kumar, B. Balamurugan
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The sort of alerts we’ll see are already starting to make an appearance on Apple Watch and Fitbit notifications, such as you’ve been sitting too long or your heart rate is elevated.

“Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane” by Brett King, Andy Lark, Alex Lightman, JP Rangaswami, Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd
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It allows the watch to record the electrical activity for an episode of irregular heartbeats.

“Engineering Your Future: An Australasian Guide” by David Dowling, Roger Hadgraft, Anna Carew, Tim McCarthy, Doug Hargreaves, Caroline Baillie, Sally Male
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The Apple 4 Watch can detect irregular heartbeats and falls.

“What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age” by Ken Dychtwald, Robert Morison
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The watch alerts the wearer if it detects heart arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation, unusually low or unusually high heart rates.

“The Innovation Ultimatum: How six strategic technologies will reshape every business in the 2020s” by Steve Brown
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The Apple watch 4 has a basic EKG feature to measure your heart condition.

“Keras to Kubernetes: The Journey of a Machine Learning Model to Production” by Dattaraj Rao
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The sensor’s results are pretty accurate when compared to the conventional heart rate monitor, as mentioned by Apple watch manufacturers.

“Virtual and Mobile Healthcare: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice” by Management Association, Information Resources
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During exercise, shift the tracker to about three finger-widths above the wrist bone — and wear the device slightly tighter than usual — to keep the heart rate readings accurate.

“Fitbit For Dummies” by Paul McFedries
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  • A self-diagnosis machine is exactly what we need! The only caveat is that is has to have a better track record than the average doctor.

  • I love this feature and is the reason I purchased the watch. I had periods of being lightheaded when just walking around. Turned out to have undiagnosed SVT which I had probably had for years..

  • Poor girl. I hope she is doing fine now. Her ECG looks catastrophic, every 3rd or 2nd beat is an irregular premature ventricular contraction called extrasystole. When the doctor said she will be fine he was just trying to make her feel comfortable. I think she had to go trhough a type of heart sugery called radio or catheter ablation very soon after this interview. Or if she has not done it yet I hope at least she is on beta-blocker medicines by now.

  • To much hype. ECG is one of the oldest and simplest medical tech. Of course it works as worked Alivecor couple of years ago. There are much less tech involved than in optical hr monitor underneath. And diagnostic value of ECG is quite overestimated among people especially with only one lead and if cardiologist is not involved.

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  • Except in this over-regulated country (UK), we aren’t allowed to have this app. The UK is SO backward. Although of course, on a positive note, we don’t have a Trump (yet).

  • @ 6:37 I was diagnosed with AFib at 57 y/o, and I had none of the high risk symptoms/diseases Dr. Marcus listed.

    btw, after two ablations I now have a regular sinus rhythm.

  • I personally know a person at my work that the Apple Watch was recommended by a Doctor. The person in question had a Virus Attack a Heart Valve and was out for 2 1/2 months.

  • I know it’s expensive and other watches have something like this. I have very irregular heart Beats thanks to a medical condition and this would help me monitor this and prevent collapsing like has happened in the past.

  • I have early heart beats due to anxiety went to my cardiologist and the ekg came out normal put me on some meds for a while but glad the ekg came out normal the pvcs i have are benign

  • Of course you are dying as everyone else who was born. That doctor is very ignorant to say you are not, there isn`t single human being who lived forever. Get realistic lady.

  • Of course doctors don’t like this. As apple will finally replace them. So many diseases are literally invented and sold by medical industry, and they wouldn’t like patients to know the truth.

  • But if it cannot alerts me it’s basically useless because I’m not a doctor and don’t know how to read the chart. It needs to integrate better I think.

  • If the watch reads you may have a problem.. the doctors are still going to give you a 12 lead ecg.. no doctor is gonna go.. oh.. your watch had a bad ecg.. lets go straight to bypass surgery. They are just afraid ppl will not accept ecgs at hospitals and they will make less money.. or somehow if the watch ecg becomes the standard, it effects them. The watch won’t be the standard..

  • Just FYI this ECG will not work if you have a implantable pace maker device or Defibrillator. So if your buying this for the ECG then your wasting your money.

  • I’m torn. I’m a doctor and I want this. In that sense I think the Australian TGA should allow this. However I can equally see how hypochondriac’s are going to go into a tailspin with benign rhythms…

  • Well at least you have that feature cuz even though I have the series 4 Apple Watch it’s illegal in my country and so that feature is disabled for me:(

  • Why did the Dr lie to her?
    Of course she’s going to die unless there’s been some huge break through in science I haven’t heard about yet.

  • Probably unrelated because I’m writing this at the beginning of the video without watching it, but my mom has the Apple Watch 3 and she has gotten a bruise or burn or something where the watch sits on her wrist. It is from the device itself not the band. I believe it’s from the underside of the sensor

  • Oh my, I have just watched the same video on The Verge so. Now you do not give compelling reasons to buy products. You now copy from other websites

  • With the Apple watch, it gives a snapshot of information rather than the more in-depth info you get from a proper test. All its info should not be trusted completely, but it can give signals and hints to any health problems or irregular activity.

  • Afib is an irregular heart rate where your atrium quiver instead of pump blood into the heart ventricles. Afib is dangerous because when your heart atrium quiver instead of pump it can lead to blood clots in your heart which pumps into your blood stream and can cause a stroke.

  • I’ve had my first Apple Watch for exactly one week. I tried the ECG function and to my surprise atrial fibrillation was shown. 2 days after that reading I’m now taking prescribed medication and will see a cardiologist next week. Best £700 I’ve ever spent.

  • This would make people go crazy. You never needed to check your heart rhythm, but now that you can, people will feel the need to believe there is something wrong with them…..

    I’d rather just get the Apple Watch 3

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  • This ain’t all that. Most people who wear these will be young fit and healthy. I’ve had an irregular heart beat since I was a kid, never been a problem and I don’t even think about it. Most of these people will still fly on a 737 max and eat in McDonalds.

  • It better than nothing, but what is different between love �� gifts �� for NYSE:AAPL with series four and prisoner surveillance ��leg �� craft? If the prisoners left the cell or jails, will it become�� heart attack�� or organ failure ��

  • Granny— Quick, call an ambulance. I’m having a heart attack!
    iDiot— Ha, ha, granny, you would need an applewatch to know that. Ha, ha!
    Granny—Please! My chest… my arm…!
    iDiot— What’s an ambulance?.. Is that like a computer? (Keeps typing on her iPad Pro)

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  • This girl needs a 24 hour holter and cardiac MRI to see if those PVC’s are coming from any scarred areas of the ventricles. Its also very possible her bigeminy PVCs were due to anxiety of being filmed and having her heart rhythm shown to the world. A holter will tell the whole story for sure.

  • How differently this would have gone if she really WAS going to die! If he came back and said “yeah, you need open heart surgery”. Lol

  • So as a JOKE!
    Doctors want you to come to their clinic/hospital and pay them for an ECG ��
    But wouldn’t doctors check something at least before doing a bypass surgery..?

  • Hey all, a clarification: Dr. Landefeld, and the studies he mentioned, didn’t evaluate the Apple Watch EKG feature specifically — his concerns are about EKGs in general. Those concerns are worth considering, regardless of the brand of EKG device. But, only time will tell whether the Apple Watch specifically will have the effects that Dr. Landefeld and Dr. Marcus are wondering about.

  • Yikes! Electrode placement is way off. With trigeminy PVC’s she’d have known something was up simply by feeling her pulse. But still… it’s cool. I kinda want one myself.

  • the same could be said about diagnosing diabetes. You can’t expect to diagnose someone just based off a few “screenshots” of their life. Further should always be expected! I think this is brilliant. Any chance someone could take preventative measures when they’re able to monitor these things often is always a plus!

  • I was watching this while munching on a McDonalds cheeseburger, fries, large coke… felt guilty, looked at the burger and put it back in the paper bag.. huhu

  • I’ve done multiple ekgs in the past and all was normal… although I tried it on the apple watch series 5 and it keeps going back and fourth first it told me I had (afib) then sinus rhythm. I’m so confused as of now �� and I’m only 16 I’m still young can someone help me with this??

  • Depending on age of user the odds of a false positive go up tremendously. Studies that have been done show that as high as 90% false positive for
    Those under 55. Gets more and more accurate as the person gets past 55. This is on the Apple Watch of course.

  • My Apple Watch series 2 actually alerted me that I was having a problem in 2017. An EKG showed there wasn’t a problem. But as time wore on and then I was starting to physically tell that something was going on, I pushed the issue. I had a stress test, that I aced. They put me on a Holter Monitor for 72 hours. It showed several times of Premature beats, but that was it. Because I could now feel my heart flutter and because my watch kept alerting me, I pushed a little more and I was given an Rx to wear the Holter Monitor for 30 days. Results…I do have Tachycardia, PSVT, SVT and, I’ve gone from having Low Blood Pressure to High Blood Pressure seemingly over night. My new Cardiologist suggested that I get the new Apple Watch! The PSVT’s and the SVT’s are coming from two different areas of my heart, one of which is rare (according to the Cardiologist). All this to say, from my personal experience, I am thankful for the Apple Watch!

  • I would love to try out that band!! I was born with heart problems:) so having that would be amazing. Sadly it probably won’t arrive in Europa for some years.

  • This is trigeminy she is having……good for her that she doesn’t feel it! I suffer from horrendous anxiety and PVCs, when I get Bigeminy I freak out and think I am going to die and this lady is just sitting as cool as a cucumber…………


  • I dont like apple and im still trout the vid just shut up. Its cool stuff to have in a watch and if u get fals reading and u got to the vet ur just gona get a proper test and no unesusary treatment will be used.

  • So your saying don’t trust it blah blah blah but then saying if you get dangerous results you might need surgery. Bruh so mr. Doctor is to lazy to do another professional one before saying you need to get 2% survival surgery

  • I think nobody gets this. Apples knows every one of us think of ourself as “health advisor to others”. So they wanted to prank us by providing more health data. So you will fulfill your dream and become a demi-doctor who knows more medical terms.

  • I am a dental student and used a stethoscope to listen to my own heartbeat and noticed that a beat was missing. Using an Apple Watch it diagnosed me as having atrial fibrillation and then after my visit to the doctor, it diagnosed the same as well. I also got an echocardiogram, 12 lead EKG, and Holter Monitor

  • I’m just saying, the first thing they taught us when it came to the EKG was that it’s only a complementary diagnostic tool ONLY, and that you should NEVER base anything solely on an EKG reading.

  • I would be curious to hear your opinion on Apple Watch users with known heart conditions and/or autonomic nervous disorders (which affect the heart) OTHER THAN AFIB….

    I am diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, as well as chronic supraventricular ectopic beats (occurring for more than an hour daily), and other bouts of abnormal rhythm (currently declared idiopathic). —while I understand fully that the accuracy of the Apple Watch features is far less than that of other bulky monitors, I decided to purchase the watch mainly for its heart monitoring and fall detection capabilities.

    What are your thoughts on higher risk populations with known heart (or heart-related) conditions using these features?

  • Why would verge post this?? This is stupid. Shove this video up my crack. There was no point. Literally nothing. I lost my respect for this channel

  • My Apple Watch warmed me of an irregular heart rate. Checked the app and my heart was racing for about 4 hours. Went to the ER, turns out I had aFib and I had no clue.

  • Let’s talk electrocardiograms: Apple uses the abbreviation ECG, whereas AP style (which CNET uses) calls it EKG, which derives from the German electrokardiogram. These terms mean the same thing. Read more about the new heart-tracking features in the Apple Watch here: and watch our Apple Watch Series 4 fitness review:

  • Just watching 2:51 minutes of this video, I think the apple watch series 4 (And models newer) makes a decision whether you need to seek medical help or not. Sounds like Apple is on to something…

  • Apple isn’t the only direct to consumer device with an EKG. There are many other fitness trackers with this same feature. It’s a good feature but nothing new from Apple.

  • Wow 2 and 1/2 minutes and and this quack doctor says sinus arrhythmia is a sign of good health not necessarily true… Sinus rhythm is what any normal person would want.

  • Honestly this video is nonsense… its much better to be always safe no one is going to have a bypass surgery without a full on ECG the apple watch simply can help you discover symptoms early which is awesome… it already proved how much impact it might have since it truly saved many lives… this looks like its hate video directed towards apple.

  • Next they’ll do a video on how fall detection can cause you to get attacked by a bear (even though it has saved plenty of lives already).

  • the watch is a screening tool at best. You’ll need an echo, or an angiogram for a full diagnostic test before you’ll get a bypass. but with its only 2 leads i don’t think there’s a lot of information you can get from the watch

  • This video does a great job of putting the Apple Watch in a bad position where otherwise it’s a good device for people under the age of 65 as well as people over 65 you don’t go get a surgery after one doc says you need one you almost always get a second opinion

  • I’m glad they made this video, but I wish they were more direct in saying, “we’re not staffed to take on the number of patients we may be getting due to the results on an Apple Watch” staffing, is the real issue, but it’s not just Apple users, it’s the aging population, more nurses and doctors will be needed