You Most likely Have ‘Microplastics’ inside your Poop


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Why You Should Care About the Plastic in Your Poop

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You Probably Have ‘Microplastics’ in Your Poop: Study TUESDAY, Oct. 23, 2018 There’s a good chance a dose of tiny plastic particles has taken up residence in your gut, a new, small study argues. Microplastics, as they are called, were found in stool samples from a handful of volunteers located across Europe and Asia, researchers report. Two new studies find tiny pieces of plastic, or microplastics, in stool and table salt samples from across the globe. What does this mean for our health?

Two recently published studies underline. Every single person out of the group of 8 had microplastics in their stool, on average about 20 particles for every 3.5 ounces of stool, said study author Dr. Philipp Schwabl, a researcher with the Medical University of Vienna. More than 95 percent of the particles came from plastics used in food packaging and storage. TUESDAY, Oct.

23, 2018 (HealthDay News) There’s a good chance a dose of tiny plastic particles has taken up residence in your gut, a new, small study argues. Microplastics, as they are called, were found in stool samples from a handful of volunteers located across Europe and Asia, researchers report. Microplastics, as they are called, were found in stool samples from a handful of volunteers located across Europe and Asia, researchers report.

Every single person out of the group of 8 had microplastics in their stool, on average about 20 particles for every 3.5 ounces of stool, said study author Dr. Philipp Schwabl, a researcher with the Medical University of Vienna. Every single person out of the group of 8 had microplastics in their stool, on average about 20 particles for every 3.5 ounces of stool, said study author Dr.

Philipp Schwabl, a researcher with the Medical University of Vienna. More than 95 percent of the particles came from plastics used in food packaging and storage. Every single person out of the group of 8 had microplastics in their stool, on average about 20 particles for every 3.5 ounces of stool, said study author Dr. Philipp Schwabl, a researcher with the Medical University of Vienna.

More than 95 percent of the particles came from plastics used in food packaging and storage. Every single person out of the group of 8 had microplastics in their stool, on average about 20 particles for every 3.5 ounces of stool, said study author Dr. Philipp Schwabl, a researcher with the Medical University of Vienna. More than 95 percent of the particles came from plastics used in food packaging and storage. TUESDAY, Oct.

23, 2018 (HealthDay News) There’s a good chance a dose of tiny plastic particles has taken up residence in your gut, a new, small study argues. Microplastics, as they are calle. Microplastics have already been found in birds and fish and whales, so it should have come as no surprise that they have now been discovered in humans. “I’d say microplastics in poop are.

List of related literature:

Undigested and unabsorbed foodstuffs, along with the Carbohydrate bile pigments and bilirubin, are eliminated as waste Polypeptides from the body via the large intestine in the form of faeces.

“Pharmacology and Medicines Management for Nurses E-Book” by George Downie, Jean Mackenzie, Arthur Williams, Caroline Milne, Rachna Bedi
from Pharmacology and Medicines Management for Nurses E-Book
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Additionally, well-formed woodchuck feces may have an excess of Giardia sp. cysts.

“Laboratory Animal Medicine” by James G. Fox, Lynn C. Anderson, Franklin M. Loew, Fred W. Quimby
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Feces contain undigested material as well as bacteria and metabolic waste, including bilirubin and sloughed epithelial cells that line the lumen of the gut.

“Common Clinical Presentations in Dogs and Cats” by Ryane E. Englar
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Fecal calprotectin, a zinc and calcium binding protein that is derived mostly from neutrophils and monocytes, may be a more sensitive marker of intestinal inflammation in chronic diarrhea.

“The Brigham Intensive Review of Internal Medicine E-Book” by Ajay K. Singh, Joseph Loscalzo
from The Brigham Intensive Review of Internal Medicine E-Book
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If it has, in connection with all this, loose passages from the bowels and you examine the fissure between the nates, you will find it is red and raw.

“Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica: Together with Kent's
from Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica: Together with Kent’s “New Remedies” Incorporated and Arranged in One Alphabetical Order
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The large intestine may contain similar fluid or pasty green feces.

“Pathology of Domestic Animals” by K. V.F. Jubb, Peter C. Kennedy, Nigel Palmer
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Of course every healthy organism must also contain a certain mucus—lymph, a fatty substance of the bowels, etc., of a mucus nature.

“Rational Fasting: For Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Rejuvenation” by Arnold Ehret
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Stools very fetid, and come away with a gush all at once; or mucus and blood, with great tenesmus.

“Physiological Materia Medica” by W. H. Burt
from Physiological Materia Medica
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I thought for sure this was it; but during the past four days I’ve passed a few more stones with each bowel movement.

“The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush: A Powerful Do-It-Yourself Tool To Optimize Your Health and Wellbeing” by Andreas Moritz
from The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush: A Powerful Do-It-Yourself Tool To Optimize Your Health and Wellbeing
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After your meal has been processed by all of these different parts of your digestive system, what remains is a fibrous clump of fecal matter that is to be excreted upon your next bowel movement.

“The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days” by Yuri Elkaim
from The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days
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  • Can’t help but wonder if some of the microplastics in our seafood result from our poop getting in the ocean.

    Won’t keep me from eating shrimp, but…

  • We eat microscopic sand. Probably swallow small amounts of soap and shampoo too during a shower. Vegetable oils from salads. And what about vegetable fiber, which is mostly polymeric cellulose. It will also be in our poop. Should we care about these too????

  • I’d say its probably the cheese lol food manufacturers substitute real ingredients and all that for plastic, look up how much plastic is in a slice of cheese or like in Velveeta. It’s nasty.

  • It is amazing how the human race is so determined to destroy this planet and it’s inhabitants all for the sake of greed combined with an abundance of ignorance and lack of giving a damn.

  • hey SciShow, could any of the microplastics be from toothbrushes? I assume they’re made of plastic and we just rub them around in our mouth every day.

  • Here’s another positive on the front

  • I heard the one invented plastic got Nobel Price. Maybe you should consider that’s a shame to the science community. But Nobel price started by Nobel, so that’s not contradictory after all.

  • I would prefer to return to using glass and make recycling mandatory for all manufacturers using glass & plastic and have some way of recycling capabilities/collections available in every community/town/city!!!!!!!!!!

    What MSM and science fail to recognize and/or admit is that much of the plastic in and waste in the oceans is there due to natural disasters, not so much from people just not caring

  • Its unfortunate how badly the scripts are written, and how awful the videos are edited, the only thing that makes these videos slightly less confusing is the narrator

  • Ironically, the best place for those plastics to be “banished” permanently is the bottom of the sea…
    -> More specifically the subduction zones that will eventually send them into the mantle (to be decomposed by heat as simple carbon & hydrogen molecules like methane).

  • This is so hard to watch. �� what have we done! I can’t believe that all those companies that have made plastic don’t care where it ends and that is going to kill us. I look all around me and plastic is everywhere. I’m trying my best to change my lifestyle but it seems almost impossible. I’m not quitting!

  • Lol last video I saw they were talking about how microplastic is bad but now we know it just goes strait through microplastic is nothing to worry about

  • there are some papers who suggest that microplastic changes the sinkrate of copepod feces. Since copepods feces play a huge roll in the marin nutrition circle, microplastic could change the ecosystem structure in the deeper levels of the ocean. I forgot who the author was but i guess you can find it pretty easily on ISI.

  • so you’re saying that replacing replacing all animal based products with plastic ISN’T a good environmental choice? astonishing /sarcasm

  • Before worrying about the accumulation of plastics in the food chain, shouldn’t we dissolve some fish and animals to see if there is plastic in the residue? (Besides the gut content, which most humans do not eat.)

  • Mankind orchestrates its own Downfall by its arrogant “inventions”, which do not stem from the Divine Light. Plastic will destroy our bodies in the end, unless we stop producing these meterials…

  • I work at Ace Hardware and there is a free soda fountain and considering the amount of large plastic chunks I see just fall in there must be tons of tiny bits that people drink

  • Maybe the people of the world should come to the conclusion to allow plastics only where they are absolutely necessary. Like in medical care…and have them largely banned from private households

  • The specific type of plastic is the important issue along with any chemicals used within the plastic during production. Pure cellophane or polyethylene would be fine for instance since cellophane is just plant fiber and polyethylene is just a saturated carbon chain (both of these plastics can also be burned safely if there are no additives).

  • Stop making plastic junk. My mom hated plastic. No plastic toys. But I need the 100 piece grocery set. I suffered. She said they were dirty.
    Half the plastic has been made in last 15 years. USA is the biggest piggie per capital.

  • its not a mystery, you litterally just said it, the reason why whales are eating plastic is, big suprise because you ALREADY SAID IT GRRR, is that the krill is within the algea in the PLASTIC!!!, WHALES EAT KRILL, DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, where theres krill theres whales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you stoned??????

  • Without information about concentration and some sort of LD50 evaluation or thresholds for health effects, this un-reviewed, un-published research amounts to nothing useful (other than potential grant money).

  • The sample was way too small that too from a specific location. Though it’s true that we could consume plastic through our food, we need a better research to establish it.

  • A study from eight people? On the verge of laying off %15. Fake news garbage. Why not talk about the hormones from soy products. This is a much larger issue. Or what about DuPont and 3m altering our DNA. You’re sick Snowflake’s

  • Glass is the best. It’s non-toxic, it can be crushed into small pieces anywhere to dispose of it, not harmful to the environment, and you can melt it down to make new bottles. Plastic floats on water, gives off harmful fumes when burned, and the list goes on.

  • Is water in plastic bottles worse than water in glass bottles? Or is there some kind of regulation forbidding harmful plastics as foodgrade?

  • Just visiting USA from Denmark and I am shocked by the amount of plastic used here some examples apples individually wrapped in plastic, coffee served in styreen mugs,when buying 1 item at the shop they pack it in a plastic bag.. Strange manners 2019,,

  • At the end he said the future is going to be fantastic, BS it looks like the future is getting worse just go back to the point he said it went from 2.3 million to 448 million…

  • awaiting vid #2! hahaha. Loved when you were finally able to get your coffee! That’s my go to brotha! Informative info on our consumption and over use of plastic. far reaching…what it’s doing to our earth and all life forms. what does it mean for the future…

  • Why is the turtle head photoshoped? If its a snapping turtle leave the photo alone! Somebody put a tortoise head on a snapper’s body! Many people are confused enougth!

  • Ya see every school should be made to learn about this in depth. The affect of literrerinynand dumping hazards stuff.

    Huge fines.

    But India and Thai land don’t care

  • Your statement about distilled water not providing minerals is so wrong. If that is true you would need to drink 2-10 gallons of tap water a day to get the needed minerals because those minerals are not bioavailable. You get minerals from the food you eat.

  • Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. Colossians 3:16

  • start avoiding coffee and manage your addictions like a grown person. i don’t get how people are so proud of being “unable to live” without coffee

  • microplastics absorb toxins? if it was controlled would they be a viable way to soak up oil tanker spills and the such? like using a tea bag so it doesnt add to the toxins. That way its potentially reusable and recyclable

  • i appreciate the connection with plastic fiber clothing (synthetics) and water pollution. There have also been several studies that raise concern about health and wearing and living with plastics in our apparel and home goods. The studies found participants absorbed many chemicals through the skin. some of the common chemicals can be found OEKO-TEX 100 website

  • “The future is going to be fantastic and we should all be healthy for that”Words of a young naive boy. oboy is life gonna disapoint u son lolchill abit With the optimism and overly happines, and maybe u wont need a psychic later in life. JS

  • You didn’t have to show the poop. You made your point. But seriously, I’m sharing this video with everyone I know. It would have been nice if you showed the health risks from micro plastics. Thanks for the video.

  • Great, and informative video. But I can’t help but to think that the picture of the stool didn’t have to be shown in order to make the point.

  • I just found you through your video on how to learn everything and boy am I super happy. Subbed instantly. Loving the content!: D Never stop!!

  • You tell me that there’s plastic inside almost every living thing on this planet and then say, “The future’s going to be fantastic.”? Did you mean as in fantastical, the stuff of fantasy because the real version is something too horrible to face?

  • I shouldn’t have seen this terrifying video, most of us know how harm plastics are for our health but we ignored those factoids ��

  • Aqua was sort of right… “Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!” they just needed to change the last part of that rhyme to “it’s so tragic”.

  • is doing a pilot to clean-up plastics from our oceans. You should go donate to them. I donated a small amount, every little bit helps.

  • This is a great video! It’s so cool that you took a stand and disabled the ads on this channel. Not many people would go to those lengths. I’m glad to have stumbled upon it. That cob house looks like it’s somewhere in BC! Is it AinBnB-able perchance?

  • I want to save animals and help homeless people when I grow up�� I’ll never do what my parents do..(Kicking animals and not helping homeless people instead they tell us to not give them money..)

  • Worth pointing out that plastic polution of the oceans doesn’t really come from Europe or North America, it’s almost all from Asia.

  • I’m back, xD after almost 2 years without phone. I missed your voice Katrina. In the Philippines too there’s a whale that is found full of plastics which is featured in news before.

  • Honestly, this is very depressing. But as usual, no one will care. But I remain hopeful that people will wake up one day and see the damage its causing.

  • I think about all the time. I feel like my body will never decompose. And don’t get me started about all the hormones I used to eat.

  • The experiment requires to seriously expand their pool of subjects and determine their conditions of living, their environment, economic status, and geographical situation, city, rural etc… For the results to be validated.

    Would it be possible to forage under the first layer of earth’s crust, say in places where the flux would bring down the plastic we’d want to get rid of.

  • The Q-tip and seahorse picture was staged, especially since that kind of Q-tip would degrade very quickly. Besides that the seahorse seems to be using it to help itself through the current. Being out in the open and not in it’s normal habitat. Seahorses live in dense kelp/seaweed forests. So the Q-tip was helping it to survive.

  • Hollywood will come with a super Hero like plastic man in future movies. Who will at end of the movie attract all the plastic in the world and take it to the sun and drop in it. problem solved

  • I usually never comment. But I watch your videos for a long time. And I really wanna say thank you for the great and actually really inspiring content. You seem to really love science and I do too. I honestly enjoy your content:)
    So…. Thank you<3

  • Plastic is collected like medical waste and recycled at my house. Most countries throw plastic on the ground and have no recycling program. This is were your floating garbage is coming from. We can do better but the bigger improvement would be to help other countries start recycling.

  • I’m so sick about this. I cannot believe this is happening to all of us. I do not eat seafood and I’m so happy I do not now. I eat & drink alot of stuff in plastic and breathing it as well. I’m so sick now I do not know how I’m going to do this. Lord have mercy on us.

  • Industry and overconsumption is the plague of this Earth! Animals are effected by plastic consumption and Humans are effected by chemical consumption due to processed food items. We need to change our habits folks, eat fresh, eat healthy and cut down on plastic purchasing and disposal, every little bit helps. ���� ��

  • 12:02 As the whale trawls for Plankton, it invariably takes in the plastic debry. really very simple, isn’t it. These scientists should go back to school, as they obviously don’t know their vocations.

  • 20200102: What about the micro micro plastic particle of from 2 to say 1 million monomers? What about what energy needed to break the chemical bonds? Where’s the physics and chemistry. What is going to happen? The future looks very scary to me with all this to worry about and NOBODY seems to have any real knowledge.

  • I liked this video although I was �� sad all the way through it. We are an invasive species.. we must be stopped. We must stop ourselves from hurting so many animal species worldwide before we end up starving ourselves. Yes I eat animals and not ashamed of it.. BUT… we still must protect the animals and their food sources so they, but not all species, can still be our food source.

  • We humans have a lot to answer for. What concerns me also is the fact that some countries, maybe due to economics, are either unwilling to force the reduction of plastic bags or unable to force the reduction of plastic! WHY, is there so much plastic floating around in the ocean and where is it coming from? There should be worldwide enforcement of illegal dumping of plastic waste and a mass clean-up of said waste. I know I for one am weary of seeing such rubbish and waste being left to float in the ocean or collector at beaches and thereby not only destroying the ambience of the area but also the health and well-being of the native inhabitants! We are ALL responsible for our countries beaches and ocean and its health!

  • A fantastic future can be good, bad or both. Great and terrible things, things most of us can barely comprehend, are happening… Amazing, transformative technologies that will change our lives forever
    Serious changes in this, the only ecosphere in the universe known to support life.

    It all seems to be moving toward some kind of crescendo scheduled to occur sometime around 2035.

    Buckle up!

  • Think about all the tires that wear away on cars… And all the little bits and pieces of tire out there in the world. Oh sorry plastic sounds more dangerous.

  • “The future is going to be fantastic”. How exactly are right-wing conservative and authoritarian governments going to allow for a fantastic and healthy future? Through environmental damage denial and war?

  • I’m trying to reduce the amount of plastic I bring home. I started with reusable fruit and vegetable bags…. they’re nothing new by any means, but I use crocheted string bags, they really don’t weigh that much compared with the cost of the earth…. every little bit helps and you gotta start somewhere. Baby steps.

  • When I watched this, I was eating some cake. It didn’t look the same after this video.

    Knowing I was probably eating plastic too almost made it less delicious


  • Real name brand Tupperware has been BPA free since 2010, and they sell different types of plastic for microwave use than for other food storage use.
    My website is

  • This totally appalling how we are polluting the world. This situation has been caused through ignorance and apathy not just by the normal population like us but by large corporations and countries. We really need to stand up and be accountable for their actions. Even if we stop buying one or two item which contains plastic each time we go shopping or we have to buy something new for are homes. 99% of times there is a more ethical alternative out there. There are numerous websites which do this service. Things are not Jesus sandals and just joshsticks these days on these websites please taking an extra 5 to 10 minutes looking for what you need from an ethical source. You could help to save the Planet and its ecosystem also help future generations to live in a better planet than we are today. Even a couple of small steps can help the environment. If you are not willing to be part of the changes you are part of the problems.

  • Leave it to companies, it’ll be about profits. Leave it to politicians, it’ll be about economics. Use your voices people, it’s the only that can or will change this.

  • Unsuccessful people make their decisions based on their current situations.
    Successful people make their decisions based on where they want to be.��

  • Amazing video just put some realistic thumbnails.
    And can u make a video on ancient Vimanas(flying machines of Indians) or flying machines described by Egyptians and Sumerians?

  • this is sad we all can do better than this it’s our obligation we are the cause let’s be the solution ������������������������

  • We need to fund research and development of biodegradable synthetic fibers for clothing and put pressure on the textile industry to stop using current synthetic fibers until alternatives are found. I urge everyone to avoid buying new clothes made from current synthetic fibers if they are able to.

  • These microplastic have been found in the gut of sea creatures at the bottom of the ocean. It goes all the up the food chain. It’s most probably in the food you ate today. ��

  • Hi, I’m a scuba diver and I’m asking everyone who sees this comment to please eliminate 1 single-use plastic from your day today. Let’s please work together to keep the place where I’m the happiest alive. Thanks

  • 1 participant per country? what is that? that’s the stupidest study sample ever…it clearly makes it seem like they were trying to create the result they wanted through specific participant selection

  • It seems that micro plastic particles inside us are attacked by our immune system. Our immune cells attack the plastic particles but die in their efforts to remove the foreign body. As we ingest more and more plastic, mainly through breathing them in, our immune system is thought to become weaker. There is no long term study to tell us how dangerous this is to our health or if it is in fact dangerous at all. Personally I would rather that my immune system was not depleted by plastic pollution. Thank you for drawing attention to this problem.

  • Isn’t the bigger issue with plastic that it is extremely non-reactive and takes forever to break down? Asking this because this seems like the opposite of something that would affect your health in any way.

  • how do I drink good water, if distilled water is unhealthy, how do I get plastic out of my water.?
    ps. why didn’t you drink coffee?
    pps. this is like Roman’s using lead in their pipes for drinking, right? we all are killing ourselves, being idiots just like the lead pipe water drinkers; but maybe worse, cuz it may take a huge amount of time to correct this. I fear this plastic is alheimers’ causing, since we don’t know causes of Alzheimers, and fear this plastic is as bad for my kids brains as lead was for those romans. this is so sicking.

  • Its not surprising after all we know micro plastics are basically everywhere are found by sampling in the environment really plastics seem to be more and more of an example of something that was too good to be true. Recent studies have found Muscles exposed to micro-plastics struggle to adhere to surfaces potentially making reefs vulnerable to collapse.


  • What exactly would happen if a person was in a vacuum chamber as it was sucking all the air out (to create tge vaccum chamber..)?

  • Can you explain what happens to the micro plastics after ingested and its journey throughout our body?? Will it not be digested and just be on our poo without even damaging any parts of our body because it isnt digested?

    I’ll be grateful for any answers thanks!

  • Distilled water is the only liquid I drink. No coffee, no thee, no plant milk, no sodas, no fruit juices, no alcoholic beverages. I also cook in it. Why should it not be good? I’m curious. Thank you for your response. Greetings from the Netherlands ����. ����☮️

  • a german study in 2018 showed, that fresh cooked food contained micro-plastic after cooking. The food has been absorbing airborne micro-plastic while cooking.

  • Plastic wraps sends message like free advertising..very appealing packaging consumer simply can’t refuse, and people’s mind get the imprint on how to get to the product faster by remembering its look..Sadly many of us take some time to think the domino effect..

  • The brave brave man……my respect Sir because you were brave enough to end this video on the Toilet for thousands of viewers (myself included) to see. I feel closer to you now that we’ve crossed that barrier of trust in this YouTube/Viewer science information/learning relationship. ��������������

  • plastic is created to save the planet from deforestation, with intentionally to reusable it as many times thru reuse and recycle. Plastic is a great material. We should start stop blaming the plastic, instead blaming the capitalist. They is too greed to care. Every new plastic item should be come from recycle plastic. Production and recycle volume must be in balance..

  • You should have mentioned that this isn’t a statistically significant sample size. It’s a start, sure but 6 people or so out billions is miniscule.

  • Thank you for the wonderful research you do. I enjoy watching your videos and I too take as many measures as possible to consume little or no plastics, whether it be eating or in everyday use.

  • There’s a lot floating, and even more that don’t float. Time for everybody to garden and get some chickens. I’m getting better at it…Some of mine are better then store bought

  • Thanks for your experiment because I said years from the beginning of the use plastic that it could be unhealthy and we should continue using bottles. Although, glass was fragile it was easier to clean and use. Hope to see it used more now they have discovered new findings about plastic. I’m old school I feel we should study things longer before using them among the people.

  • All this effort ruined by stepping outside and taking in a single breath of air and being contaminated with heavy metals (and probably plastic) due to chemtrails.

  • At the levels I imagine we are totally surrounded by microplastics all the time, I think we’ll either need to adapt or go extinct… no way we’re getting rid of those anytime soon.
    And living in a bubble would require it to be made of plastic, so… xD

  • Just want to say… Dog mutts are the most healthy!! Dog pure-breeds suffer from arthritis, heart problems, and cancer more often than mutts!!! I am a human mutt but I WILL NOT EAT VEGETABLE OILS!!!

  • That coffee is doing more damage to u than plastic, hahaha.

    Imo, drinking distilled water can b dangerously unhealthy.

    I disagree that we eat “credit card worth of plastic every week”. Where r u getting this absurd idea that plastic is rubbing off from bags containing food to the point of ingesting 1 credit card worth each week?!?

    U don’t think those himalayan salt might contain pink bacteria other then jst minerals?

    Plastic dust?!? U trolling… On the avg, your prob more likely to inhale millions of skin dust and bug poo before u inhale a single plastic dust.

    Seriously, telling ppl not to eat seafood to avoid eating plastics?!? I don’t know anyone having plastic related issue from eating seafood, LOL.

  • Plastics are just everywhere that they are now evolving.
    Every day from now on gets us closer to extinction.

    #CutPlasticUse #SaveOurPlanet

  • I found a baby Gator in my pond a few years ago with a plastic ring around its snout. Poor thing was very thin. After I cut it off I took care of it for a few months and let it go after it fattened back up.

  • We need swarms of self-replicating nano-bots to seek out and destroy micro-plastic molecules. We can either resort to nanotechnology or wait 600 years for the plastic in the oceans to disintegrate naturally.

  • Gee whiz….did you make this tube so that we can see you lay an egg…?what is that exact word for people who get turned on by people seeing them do weird things..?.that chair you were sitting on which is painted red and the cover for your egg nest is plastc…that toilet paper was wrapped in plastic before it came their..! Oh oh…what next…