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Workplace noise. Older adults who work as skilled tradespeople are at a very high risk of experiencing hearing loss. Medications. Hearing loss is a side effect of certain over-the-counter and prescription drugs. These include the Loud noises.

Prolonged exposure to any noise louder than 90. Advanced age is the most common cause of hearing loss. One out of three people age 65-74 has some level of hearing loss.

After age 75, that goes up to one out of every two people. Researchers don. Hearing loss that occurs gradually as you age (the medical term is “presbycusis”) is highly common. About a quarter of the United States population between the ages of 55 and 64 have some degree of hearing loss. For people older than 65, the number soars to almost one in every two individuals.

Hearing loss is a broad umbrella term. Depending on the degree or severity of the hearing loss. Ringing in the ears is a symptom of tinnitus, and can also be a sign of permanent hearing loss. This ringing sound may be heard for a short period of time after being exposed to especially loud noise, or. You may not lose your hearing completely.

If you think you might have it, don’t ignore it and just hope it gets better. Allergies, earwax buildup, and sinus infections can make hearing tough. But.

April 24, 2000 (Bethesda, Md.) Certain factors point to a possible loss of hearing. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, you should suspect a. If you have a hearing loss, try a hearing aid.

As the aforementioned study suggests, that alone may bring you happiness. If wearing a hearing aid or cochlear implant continues to distress you, take some time and contemplate the state of your own joy and happiness and ask yourself why they continue to be elusive. You have difficulty hearing women and children’s voices — High-frequency hearing loss is common — so it’s to be expected that high-frequency sounds become tough to hear. You feel like others are mumbling — If you have a 16-year old son like many do, you’ll swear that they are mumbling. It’s most likely half.

Since the hearing mechanism is located in the head, a blow to the head will also damage the entire hearing apparatus. Bones can be fractured, cochlear hair loss, ear drum rupturing and even more destructive is when the plates of the skull shift and pinch the aural nerve. All of these can cause serious and irreparable.

The most common cause of hearing loss is ageing. Nearly 42% of those over the age of 50 and 70% of those over the age of 70 have some form of hearing loss. According to the charity Action on Hearing Loss, age-related hearing loss normally begins at around 50.

But it’s not just older people who are affected.

List of related literature:

Unfortunately, the fluctuating hearing loss can become permanent hearing loss over time.

“Evidence-Based Geriatric Nursing Protocols for Best Practice” by Elizabeth Capezuti, PhD, RN, FAAN, DeAnne Zwicker, DrNP, APRN, BC, Mathy Mezey, EdD, RN, FAAN, Terry T. Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN, Deanna Gray-Miceli, DSNSc, APRN, FAANP, Malvina Kluger
from Evidence-Based Geriatric Nursing Protocols for Best Practice
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Both of these conditions typically cause fluctuating hearing loss, but sudden, permanent loss also is possible.

“Cummings Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery E-Book: Head and Neck Surgery, 3-Volume Set” by Paul W. Flint, Bruce H. Haughey, K. Thomas Robbins, Valerie J. Lund, J. Regan Thomas, John K. Niparko, Mark A. Richardson, Marci M. Lesperance
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There are two types of hearing loss.

“Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets” by Nancy L. Caroline, Bob Elling, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Mike Smith
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Hearing slowly returns, but over time there may be a permanent loss of hearing.

“Pathology for the Physical Therapist Assistant E-Book” by Catherine C. Goodman, Kenda S. Fuller
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Sometimes people develop reversible hearing loss but for most others it is permanent.

“Foundations of Nursing Practice E-Book: Fundamentals of Holistic Care” by Chris Brooker, Anne Waugh
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But the hearing loss is almost always temporary; normal hearing will be restored once the middle ear is free of fluid.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
from Caring for Your Baby and Young Child
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The population of people with hearing loss is growing fast.

“Deaf Culture: Exploring Deaf Communities in the United States” by Irene W. Leigh, Jean F. Andrews, Raychelle Harris
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How do people know if they are losing their hearing?

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
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Sensorineural hearing loss is due to damage to the pathway for sound impulses from the hearing cells of the inner ear to the auditory nerve and the brain.

“Sports Science Handbook: A-H” by Simon P. R. Jenkins
from Sports Science Handbook: A-H
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Although I am an audiologist, I no longer dispense hearing aids myself and haven’t done so for a long time.

“When the Brain Can't Hear: Unraveling the Mystery of Auditory Processing Disorder” by Teri James Bellis
from When the Brain Can’t Hear: Unraveling the Mystery of Auditory Processing Disorder
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  • I am going through the process of needing 2 hearing aids, I had 1 but as it’s been getting worse it’s harder to deal with. I left it for over 2 years because of being nervous about it. Now I fully regret it because having 1 hearing aid meant it helped me, but I cant wait to hear for 2! I do struggle trying to identify who or what the noise is coming from. it’s scary as my son has to shout at me most of the time to fully understand, and the reaction I get for being so young but because I didnt have it front birth or because I’m not elderly it’s like you get judged so quickly. Hard of hearing sucks because it’s so wide in how much of your hearing you loose! Waited a whole year to see someone at a hearing aid clinic though but so worth it!

  • I’ve been slowly going deaf for at least a year and a half and have not told my family. I took a hearing test and said I passed. I’m 40

  • I’ve been facing hearing loss in one ear for a few weeks now but everything is closed up due to the virus, and my family’s hesitant about visiting clinics… yeah, not the best of times, and this just freaked me out worse

  • I only hear from 1 ear,other is completely deaf due to explosion.there is no infection. All right but completely deaf 1 ear,any solution please

  • So I’m scared because I got hit by a ball on my ear hard and I hear less but when I was at the doctors they said they saw nothing wrong with my ear and I only had liquid behind my ear but I feel like it’s something more wrong

  • thank you for these videos! I’m currently taking a Communication Disorders class and we’re talking all about this. My professor is great but the way you use simple language just makes this entire concept of hearing sooo much easier to grasp.

  • I have problem in my right eardrum was damage since i was young..i just want to ask if i can use hearing aid? because i loss my hearing almost 50%…

  • I dont know if anyone else is having pain. But my grandfathers family told him about sticking warm garlic in my ear as long as its in cotton pad. So if ur in pain i hope u give that a try. If it dont work we can always ask them for another idea

  • I am experiencing nearly all of this, but I am consistently in environments that I cannot avoid such loud noises. I also do not have access to ear plugs.

    I’m only 18, and I’m genuinely frightened.

  • My left ear had weak hearing going 2 weeks from now gosh i think it because of my medicines side effect and also im always wearing my earbuds with higher volume

  • I lost my hearing for a couple weeks. First the left ear due to bath water entering it, then I took the advice of internet forums and poured hydrogen peroxide in both ears. That was incredibly stupid. Both eustachian tubes were swollen shut, which I could tell by the fact they wouldn’t pop open by closing my mouth and pinching my nose with full lungs attempting to exhale, trying to force air out. The pain and pressure felt like my entire jaw ached, my head felt as if I was in a vice grip, and everything sounded like I was under water. There was a major fear of going deaf permanently. Thankfully, over the counter medicine for swimmer’s ear and warm water ear flushing from a bulb syringe (administered several times over two days in sheer panic) helped clear that up.

    I will say this: It wasn’t all bad. At my job, I’ve had to listen to the same obnoxious songs that repeat lyrics anywhere from 20 to 50 times for over 4 years. Those couple of weeks were quiet, peaceful bliss. I didn’t even have to hear people with their annoying stupid logic or them yelling at me for idiotic reasons. Every time I’m in the bathroom, I stare thoughtfully at that bottle of hydrogen peroxide. But I shouldn’t, right? Yeah? Nah.. maybe not.. but what if?

  • My hearing is so annoying as I didn’t hear my phone alarm struggles to hear the doctor calling me when I’m at the doctors get ringing in my ear keep getting infection in my ears not sure why been like that as a kid

  • I got cold so my ears started hurting and it felt like I had water in there. I know it’s because of cold but still I’m worried. ��

  • My headphones are literally hate me so they start going static for second when I was listening to like beat drops and stuff and it literally like shocked me not like “woah” but like it like I could feel feel like electricity on my ear and it hurt my gosh why

  • I lost my hearing due to cancer and over time ive been losing my hearing. I believe the term is called oxitoxity? Is it sensory loss or conductive loss? Someone said its both because i have missing hairs from the inside but there something going on with the bone? I am so confused.

  • My family has me wear them lot when I’m playing video games or when I’m watching videos and most time I have to turn it up cuz they have TV high up so I can’t hear what I’m doing the time.

  • I’m deaf in one ear due to metangitis infection which kinda sucks because I can’t hear anything on my left side do you think I will ever be able to hear again? In my left ear ofcourse lol

  • My left eardrum has apparently flattened and “glued” itself to my ear wall. It was supposedly damaged in childhood whilst gromits were being placed, but only discovered a 6 years ago. Do you think there’s anyway to fix my ear? It’s not even the loss of hearing, it’s the extreme pain when flying, tinnitus, constant feeling of irritation/movement/itchiness in the ear and reoccurring ear infections.

  • Why can’t you give a « sound » description of what you’re talking about? I try to explain to others what I hear in words but an audio description based on what you understand as a doctor would be very helpful…

  • Everyone making light of THIS subject ARE making me angry.
    Im here CUZ my hearing loss has already started and as a musician..
    seriously ANY jokes about this
    See how much you’ll be laughing when it happens TO YOU!!

  • Got a concussion in a rugby game back in September and since then roaring and echo-y crowds/voices and high frequencies (mostly piano/guitar) feel like banging a gong in my ear/head. More serious in the left ear. I have to put in earplugs for choir and band bc it gets so bad. I have a lot of hearing loss in general as well. I always have to ask people to repeat themselves around me at least three times and make sure they’re facing me and are really articulating as well when they speak. It’s extremely frustrating. I’m sixteen and really don’t want to live with this for much longer. Any suggestions on what I should do for this? Thanks

  • I just went half deaf in my left ear a couple of hours ago there was an explosion and it’s fuzzy and clogged I guess how you could say it. I am praying it’s temporary

  • I’ve got left sided conductive hearing loss from a scarred tympanic membrane which has left me with 70% hearing on one side and sensori-neural hearing loss on my right side of viral origin that left me with 40% hearing in my right ear.:(

  • I recently got this hearing loss treatment “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) for my dear grandmother who is slightly losing her hearing. The good thing is, she didn`t protest and she began to use them based on the instructions. She says she seems to hear things a lot more clear than ever before and this is true because she does not constantly say “excuse me” or “what” as much as she used to..

  • My grandma has started to get issues with her hearing, so I offered her this hearing loss treatment “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it). She decided to try them and did so following the directions. It has been a couple weeks and I noticed that she has not been asking individuals to repeat what they were saying, and she keeps saying her hearing is a lot more clear, as well..

  • It’s too bad that hearing aids are so expensive. I live in the US and it’s ridiculous; very few insurance companies offer hearing benefits.

  • This came in the right time. Almost at the same time this video was uploaded, my ear clogged, and it’s still clogged because i used the medication to unclog in the wrong way, and I’m struggling a lot until i can go to the doctor again and this is very helpful:’3

  • Hi Doc, I just discovered your channel and it’s been really helpful. If you could make a video all about sudden hearing losses and their possible causes it would be great. My doctors told me that my sudden HL was probaby due to a vascular problem, which seems strange as I’m 20 years old. I think I’ll never know what truly happened

  • Where low frequency loss classified especially when affect.500 Hz at65/60 in both ears plus notch loss in one ear at 4k some loss in high eg 35/40 at 3k and 6k in one and another ear. Mod remain intact at 20. 1khz at 50/30 at L/R

  • My mom has nerve damage from being pushed into a pool when she was 4. What should we look into as far as hearing aids? �� I also want to be audiologist, you’re awesome!

  • Regarding the first type of hearing loss.
    Prevention also includes refraining from setting off fireworks, revving up motorcycle engines, and creating loud noises.

  • I went into a boiler room at a hospital and I held my ears and it said “Hearing Protection” was required, but nothing happened and that room was loud!

  • I’ve been told that I’m speaking very loudly when I think I’m talking normally I’m apparently yelling. I offen have to ask someone to repeat what they just said. But I clean my ears all the time. Sometimes I hear a vibration in my right ear which scares me so I decided to do some research, THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME UNDERSTAND!

  • After 8 months of pre tests etc, I am about to have my first of two Cochlea Implants fitted. I originally had Menieres in my left ear and then suffered from SNHL early this year. This happened suddenly and my hearing has worsened progressively since then, to a point that the sound distortion makes it almost impossible to understand anything at all. I cannot use a telephone, listen to TV and had to give my music up. I have 5 weeks to go until the operation, I feel confident of the outcome and have been warned not to expect immediate results but to persist until my brain becomes accustomed to the new implant. Personally, I cannot wait.

  • I was born at 23 weeks and have frontal lobe brain damage. Over the last year (roughly) I have noticed a difference in my hearing. For 2 years I working with a headset. On almost constantly until I quit that job. My ears hurt sometimes when there is noise and I went to see an Audiologist and she said I had mild hearing loss in my left ear. But I don’t understand why my ears hurt sometimes and why I have trouble hearing especially in the phone or my tv (i have it at 35-40) with captions so I can hear it clearly and properly without having to focus all the time.

  • I have multiple sclerosis and yup I don’t have hearing loss entirely but I have an issue of inability to hear. Someone can be directly Infront of me clear view and it’s quiet. And I hear gobbledegook or nothing nothing at all. It’s FUNNNNN.
    Oh and I’m losing my voice woohoo. So I can’t hear how loud of quiet I am, can’t tell how loud things are my husband complains about TV loudness. cc do help but guess who’s eyes don’t want to pay attention.
    I was soo excited when I went to a musical last month and this show had subtitles! Omg the excitement was real.

  • In my case, A sudden lack of hearing, which started since 2 years, I always had to rise the volume on my phone when talking to someone, Constantly saying “huh” when talking to people in a (even little) noisy place. I can describe my hearing when listening to people as if you would listen to one of the old radio channels. I feel like i can’t understand people’s emotions anymore. I went to many doctors and they kept telling me that there are no issues with your ears! That really made me even more confused and depressed… Anyone with same symptoms or people who treated from that assist me please!

  • not related at all to the video content i clicked for, but just realized that the double camera angles and accent remind me of tom harlock. love your channel

  • There`s absolutely a very distinct change from before used hearing loss treatment “fetching kamkam site” (Google it) and my hearing now; and it has only been 8 weeks since I began making use of it. I still have problems with noises in my head but the sounds arrive to my ears very clear. I no more drive people away because I could keep up with conversation longer due to my enhanced hearing. I really feel uplifted when I attend partied and reunions. My mood has evolved.

  • I was born deaf. When I was about 4 years old, fluid came pouring out of my ears. They did a hearing test, and I could hear. I’ve always struggled to hear. But, here lately I’m having a hell of a time. I’m having to read lips now more than anything. I can only hear certain tones really good.

  • I`m glad I discovered this hearing problems solution “fetching kamkam site” (Google it) for my granny. It is such an interesting thing seeing her able to hear better and it makes her enjoy her day to the fullest extent as she can communicate with her friends exceptionally better also.

  • I have a question Doctor Cliff I had a tooth that needed a root canal that abscess and got infected I loss hearing in my left ear due to a virus glogged up feeling I have they did a hearing test and I’m about 80percent I just had my first steroid shot a few days ago have 2 more scheduled with your experience how fast does a person’s hearing comes back at my percentage and also how long has a person went with the clogged feeling before it went away with help with the steroid injection

  • I`m very happy I decided to try this hearing problems treatment “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) out for my grandmother. It`s such an interesting thing seeing her able to hear better and it makes her enjoy her day to the fullest extent as she could correspond with her peers exceptionally better also..

  • i’m not even losing my hearing (i have temporarily lost it in the past a few times and even though it wasn’t that serious i remember how scary it was!) but that “you’ll be alright, darling, you really will” both makes me want to cry and take on the world <3 <3

  • I have one-sided hearing impairment. According to the audiologist, my left ear is totally normal, like average hearing, while my right side is basically profound sensorineural hearing loss. They suggested cross-hearing aids and I did get it. But somehow for me, it only works nicely if I was having conversation in a quiet place such as if the person decides to be on my bad ear, the clarity becomes much better and I don’t have to turn my head everytime to get clearer sounds. When in noisy environment, it somehow making me tired more since my ear (and my brain) have to work harder to block out the noise and it’ll be harder if I’m wearing hearing aid due to it’s nature of amplifying sounds which means they amplify the background noise as well. Since there’s only one ear working to block out the noise and more sounds are coming in from the cross-hearing aid, it just making me having headaches. I dont think they have any hearing aids that could block out the noise right? Should I opt to use cochlear implant? I’m almost near 24yo. What do you suggest?

  • I’m 15 and I have 9 out of 10 of these. I’ve been wanting to get my hearing checked for months now but my mum doesn’t believe me ��

  • My dad is using hearing problems guideline “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it). It seems to be improving. He didn`t wish to use a assistive hearing device, but he did not have to anymore due to this product. Now, I don`t even try to speak louder when conversing to him because he could hear me clearly..

  • In comparison to before I used hearing loss solution “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it), my hearing today is certainly much better. The product does what it claims to do. Anything that I hear seems better. Not more louder, but more clear. It is like my brain can figure out the sounds much better. I`m satisfied..

  • I recently acquired this hearing problems solution “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) for my dear grandmother who is slightly losing her hearing. She decided to try them and did so following the instructions. She says she seems to hear things a lot clearer than before and this is real mainly because she does not constantly say “excuse me” or “what” as much as she used to..

  • Hi! Born Deaf here. I had an exercise that was drilled into me as a kid that has strangely helped with lipreading. Take a list of like 20 or so words. Have a friend or partner read or mouth one of the words from that list. keep doing this with all sorts of words. It helps to have them aimed towards a category, as lipreading isn’t just reading lip shapes, its also figuring out context.
    Once you master single words, try it with short sentances. But the sentances are from a specific category. But sentances aren’t set.
    Also! Extra safety tips. When relying on visuals, don’t just rely on the source itself. Watch for shadows, reflections or the room’s reaction. If someone turns their head to look at something I usually will too. Especially with animals! People watching is my job now.

    I’m not sure how well this will work if you haven’t done it, but focus on your body and what vibrations it can feel. I can usually feel someone walking behind me depending on the floor. Using red solo cups or things that conduct soundwaves is very helpful! This is why you’d catch me leaning on the lockers during school all the time.
    Those are the tips that help me that weren’t included in the video. Hope you don’t mind me adding those on jessica!
    Also the “i’m sorry I wasn’t too distracted by my phone to look up its just that IM DEAF” wow im so using this one!
    Like jessica said, it will all be ok. It feels scary right now, because change is scary. But you can still enjoy the same things you do now. Yes. Even music. I promise you’ll get through this.

  • I guess that’s the great thing about learning sign language. You can talk in just about any environment or situation (granted the other person knows sign language too). Personally, I think it’s less work to learn sign than learn to “fit in” to the hearing world.

  • I have been suffering from hearing problems due to my jobs a lot while I was younger. Based on my doctor, the issue was not treatable, which triggered my need for personal study. This hearing loss guide “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) really was useful my tinnitus that was very annoying and disturbing..

  • Honestly, my hearing has gotten a lot worse ever since I started to listen to my music on high volume in middle school. I’m almost done with high school now, and the inside of my ears are constantly clouded and feel like they have water in them. It is so hard to hear people too.. I always have to have them repeat themselves. Same with the hearing check at school, I always have to have the person keep playing the beep noise because I have to really listen to be able to hear it. I don’t know why they haven’t said anything to me about that cause it’s an obvious sign that my hearing is definitely not as good as others:/

  • I haven’t been able to hear out of my left ear all of a sudden. I didn’t damage it or anything, but it’s just been bothering me because I can’t hear out of it. I’ve tried earwax removal but that doesn’t seem to do a thing, because my ear is clean but I just can’t really what people are saying even if they’re right in front of me.

  • I think i kinda lost mine and it sucks cuz for the past week i have been using earbuds and listening to bts songs and now im gonna have an hearing loss ehm thts sad

  • hi good day. i was diagnose with profound hearing loss in my right ear. it start when i hav a cold ang flu and then the doctor give me antibiotic ” azithromycin or acetemax. after taking for 2 day suddenly i cannot hear in my right ear and i hear only ring niose or tinnitus. whats the cause of r
    this? is it curable? if not what should i do ti get rid of tinnitus?

  • I’m in my mid 50’s and just started wearing hearing aids 2 years ago. I don’t always wear them, which I know is not helpful, but I guess my vanity gets the best of me. Who will want to date a middle aged woman with hearing aids? Thank you for your videos. You are so kind and warm and make me feel better about my disability. Thanks for being so open and honest. ����

  • Hearing damage doesn’t start at 85 db, only on very high frequencies thats the case. Still earbuds exaggerate especially very high frequencies.

  • Listen to him guys, he is telling the truth. I have had first hand experience. And I am only 27. And don’t think that you would stop only when you notice slight hearing loss because you could lose all your hearing all of a sudden. It could happen.

  • Sir i am not able hear low sounds for almost 3 years.
    I went to an audiologist to check my hearing capability they gave me the report mentioning right ear 42 db,left ear 43 db.sir also i feel some kind of windy sound coming from inside of my ears.what does it mean sir please reply grandfather from mother side had severe hearing loss..

  • My right ear used to hear almost nothing. After a couple of weeks of utilizing this hearing problems solution “fetching kamkam site” (Google it), my right hear gradually began to hear again. Not perfect but helps substantially. It seems working fine with my hearing problem. I will keep using it.

  • It’s ridiculous how there’s such little awareness of damaged ears. People blow air horns in people’s faces for a laugh when having no clue what consequences it could have.

  • I am glad I found this hearing loss remedy “fetching kamkam site” (Google it) for my grandmother. It is such an interesting thing seeing her able to hear better and it makes her enjoy her day to the fullest extent as she can get in touch with her colleagues exceedingly better also.

  • I’ve been toggling between Jessica and Life of Boris lately I need my fix of soothing English vocals and funny Slavic psudo-cook. I was surprised to find a Boris video I hadn’t seen before and it crosses with my love of Jessica videos! It’s titled ‘The real reason I use subtitles (and why you should too)’

  • This is so true in real life, my ears got damaged from earphones and now have to wear hearing aids for life. My ears was OK when I was a kid but as soon as the earphones went in, my ears got damaged. People make sure you don’t wear earphones that much.

  • Now hear me out if you ask a person to repeat it could mean that you heard it but didnt process it clearly or around you is really loud

  • I don’t know why people use this shit in the first place. Music all the time, generated inside your Head, with crappy, ear-raping sound? I can’t enjoy music that way.

  • Fun fact realized I had an auditory processing disorder / partial hearing loss when I missed a whole-ass flight just sitting in the waiting area reading a book because I…didn’t hear any of the announcements & trying to explain to the airline people why you missed a connecting flight when you were sitting *right there*, just not facing the announcements board, was a wild ride lol

  • If 1 db is increased then you should know that the volume is not increased by just one level but 10 times…For an example if I am listening music at 80 db and I wanted to increase it to 81 db then the loudness will be 10x than the voice at 80 db. HERE WE HAVE TO APPLY THE LAW OF EXPONENT…MEANS 10^1=10…here 1 is the increment in db.

  • Hmm, I did the same thing with my meter. It is actually the same meter that you have. My good Sony headphones (much better than those crap Apple ones) along with my Creative sound blaster (much more powerful than a PMP) I could only get 110dB at max volume! I usually listen at 8-10% when mixing music about 15-18%. Plus, you used a RadioShack dB meter? You got to be kidding!

  • my ears are already fuckered up anyways…. they way beyond point of turning it down hell my ears are soo fucked itake ear buds and make short work with them on 1kwatt amps at full for hrs and not notice it.. let the db meter try that on fer size..

  • I am just wondering… I haven’t really had the social problems, only a couple times, my main problem is with headphones, I can’t hear them when they are around the halfway mark, I can only really hear them when they are all the way up, and people will poke me telling me to turn them down.

  • Here is why I think I am having hearing loss. My ears, both of them, ring at different tones at the same time. They hurt throughout the day some days if they become sensitive, but the ringing is always there. When I close my eyes, I do this thing where I close my ears slightly by “flexing” if you would call it that, pressure fills mr ears and then they ring even louder. They hurt a lot and ring a lot, so does that mean I’m going deaf? They also ring really loud at random times when their normal again. I am only thirteen so I feel really scared, I don’t want to be deaf or wear hearing aids, please help.

  • Ih god. I think I am suffering hearing loss. Because I keep asking my friends to repeat themselves and I acused a smart smol child of mumbling

  • I can’t hear anything from one ear in so many years.. It’s almost 6-7 years now…I can’t hear anything from my right ear…My eardrum has been working.. And my nerves has been damaged.. I can hear only through left ear. Now I’m 18 years old.. Is there any solution for this.. I’m from Bangalore, India ����Please tell me

  • Thank you for this incredibly informative video. I’m relatively young at 28 years old going on 29 in a month and for that reason alone I’ve always kind of brushed off comments by others about my hearing. About 10 years ago I joined the Marine Corps and did six years in the reserves working around amphibious assault vehicles With large tank engines and equipped with.50 caliber machine guns and automatic 40mm grenade launchers that are housed in an enclosed turret that is no larger than a small broom closet.. of course all of us 18-year-olds thought we were invincible and blew off hearing protection half the time because that didn’t look cool or it was annoying.. on top of all that I worked at indoor gun ranges and gun clubs at home while attending school. Fast forward to 2015 and I became a firefighter/paramedic for Houston where you can imagine I am pretty much constantly surrounded by loud engines, sirens, or other machinery… then of course loud music or movies and concerts. I’ve always had to ask people to repeat themselves whether it’s patients in the ambulance or my girlfriend sitting next to me on the couch at home, and I’ve always been the guy who has to be reminded to stop yelling because we are inside. I was very aware of it all but I guess I sort of refused to accept that my own foolishness over the years was causing an issue. When I was being introduced to a friend’s girlfriend last night at a restaurant a was becoming a little frustrated because I felt like she was mumbling and I had to ask her to repeat herself a couple of times and at one point my friend told her, “Oh yeah Patrick is like deaf you have to yell at him.” I glanced over at my girlfriend and she was agreeing with his statement. It was sort of a reality check so I spent the entire night researching hearing loss and reading symptoms, audiology exams, specialists, and hearing aids… which brought me to your channel. I plan on watching more of your videos at work today to gather more information and already booked an appointment to get a comprehensive hearing exam done. Thank you for this wealth of knowledge and material.

  • My dad is mostly deaf in one ear, and so I have always known that I would most likely lose my hearing to an extent. Even though I had always known it, it started becoming kind of real when I realised that when people talked at a bit of a lower volume than normal or if there was a fair amount of background noiseI found it really quite difficult to understand them!
    I am in my early teens, and so it’s kind of scary, especially since I have a real love of music, singing and guitar, and it terrifies me to think that I may not be able to do these things any more, or at least not to the calibre I would wish.
    All I can do I guess is hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Right now I’m trying to learn sign language and learning what shape lips make when they talk. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being paranoid and silly, but still, better safe than sorry.

  • watching a whole bunch of hearing aid videos because I’m getting mine on Monday for the first time ever and probably forever, I’m scared but excited to hear better.

  • I can still hear out both my ears but u know when u get water in your ears and get get it out for a while well it feels like that in one of my ears (hearing wise)

  • I have been using this hearing loss solution “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) for nearly Eight weeks and also the change is very clear. Sometimes, I could still hear the ringing sound, but I could hear every word clearly now. I could speak with people longer and I hear better. I really feel uplifted when I attend partied and reunions. My mood has changed..

  • I definitely have apd due to my high functioning autism but am probably experiencing minor hearing loss. I’ve just turned 22 and am finding it impossible to get a test from the NHS. They always test me in extremely quiet conditions and I can’t seem to hear higher pitches but they say it’s not an issue at all and just need to learn to lip read. I kind of do but also struggle to focus on lips since I’m terrible at looking at people. But the nhs says there’s nothing else I can do. And this is the first place I’ve felt okay enough to say that.

  • My right ear used to hear almost nothing. Taking this hearing problems remedy “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) just a few times, and my hearing is partly back. Not perfect but helps substantially. My hearing problem is now beyond me. I will keep using it..

  • I have some of these symptoms but not sure if I’m telling people to repeat themselves or if I’m just used to saying “huh” since sometimes I’m distracted. Also Idk if this has any meaning but usually I listen to music using earbuds on almost max volume (Not full volume cuz it hurts my ears) but when I’m watching a regular video I can hear fine on 2 bars of the volume bar thing.

  • Sometimes at random, my ears begin to ring out of nowhere a slowly go away. Then sometimes loud things around my ear make my ear hurt and begin to feel pain around my ear.

  • I’m quite young and I related to everything you said in the beginning. I’ve been to the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) and they deemed it as an ear infection (but this has been a very long 7 year ear infection, if that’s the case). The test I’ve taken have all come out to be in the range of “you’re fine so we won’t do anything about it” to “okay stop, you want attention”. My mother says it’s fine (even when I can’t hear her call me down for dinner so she has to send my sister up every time) so I can’t actually test my horrible hearing until I’m allowed to do it alone.

  • I can hear just fine, but my problem is the words sound like gibberish or something..I’m constantly having to ask people to repeat themselves and talk slowly…it’s so aggravating and I don’t know if it’s a common thing or, even a thing at all ��

  • I had some neurological issues as a kid where I couldn’t hear anything at all. When I first started hearing sounds they would register as pain rather than noise, it’s quite hard to describe to people what that is like. I didn’t learn to speak until I was around 3 or 4 years old because of the delay in my ears forming properly and that any sound whatsoever used to scare me, although some sounds were worse than others particularly loud ones.

    I also have m.e. which developed some 14 years ago and which has affected me considerably during this time. I’m close approaching my late 30s now and starting to detect some issues with my hearing again, although my experiences in the past with doctors hasn’t been too great and so I hate to go them if I can help it. My left ear has a reduced quality to it now, if someone is speaking on that side I struggle to make sense of what is being said although it doesn’t sound quieter as such compared to my other ear. If I’m somewhere noisy or there is some other conversations going on then I struggle as well. There is also a varying degree of tinnitus or even hearing sounds which aren’t there if I’m in a quiet room such as my bedroom. This can be melodies or music I have recently heard, which can be quite distracting or uncomfortable.

    I’m actually a bit scared of this progressing any further and yet have been concerned about raising it with doctors although I do realise the problem won’t go away.

    I’ve been watching your channel now for a long time under a different name. Your a very encouraging person and have a great effect on people’s lives by just being who you are so thankyou.. I hope that your examples with help to over come some of my fears and go get things checked out.

  • You are so very soothing and helpful. I’m not losing my hearing, I just love learning especially about people and all their lovely differences, but I do have extremely bad anxiety and listening to your videos, your voice and the atmosphere you create make me feel very calm and even help to give me a sense of control when things feel like they’re spiraling away. Thank you so much for all you do for all of us.:)

  • signs call child protective services please also besides…the abusive part…i have no idea if i have auditory processing disorder or hearing loss because i thought i have the 1 but apparently it seems more like the 2 but i cant get tested because signs abuse

  • I needed to see a chiropractor because my neck was so straight it was actually cutting off nerves and ear tubes that were causing fluid build up. After it became so bad I couldn’t breathe, finally saw a chiropractor, heard better immediately! But I’m extremely lucky there are a lot of medical conditions that can cause hearing loss and it has been proven that the amount of noise our modern world makes is causing younger cases of hearing loss.

  • I LOVE your channel!! I’m so glad I found it. However, as a person with auditory processing disorder, I’m having a little difficulty concentrating on what you are saying because of the background music.:)

  • I’m 15. I’ve been a musician ever since I’ve been 6 starting with drums. Unfortunately, I was too young to have the general knowledge of protecting my ears and what possible risks were. I’m now older and continue music but just recently starting using extreme protection for things like drum set/drum line. I believe that at such a young age, I can save myself. There are some people who 30 or 40 years as musicians without any protection who tend to have problems.

  • I’m 38 and I just got my hearing aid about 5 days ago. I’m losing high frequencies for now mostly on my right ear. Hearing aid have helped me so much for now. Thanks for your video. I will be looking for more of your content on your channel. Cheers!

  • I tend to tell people what I thought they said, which generally makes them laugh, and tell me slowly what they really did say, and then we both laugh. I’ve had horrible tinnitus since I was little, and hearing above the noises in my head is difficult at the best of times…. but it is what it is.

  • I have recently ‘found’ Jessica and I wonder where she has been all my life. Then I realise for half of it she wasn’t even born! A life without Jessica doesn’t bear thinking about now. I watch a lot of You Tube because I am chronically ill and disabled and spend a lot of my time in bed, my condition, unlike Jessica’s, is progressive and I have far too much acute pain as well as chronic pain to do very much else.

    What I really want to ask other people who are deaf or HoH if looking constantly at a person’s mouth to read lips causes other issues by not being able to see a person’s eyes? I was totally deaf from birth to 7 years old when I had an operation that restored my hearing but I never had full hearing and throughout my school years I had to sit at the front in class and attend clinics for tests for levels of deafness. My mum taught me to lip read up to being 7 years old and I always watched a person’s mouth from then on. After my hearing was partially restored I still continued to look at a person’s lips when talking to them or even in a group. I often felt people were wondering why I was looking at their lips when I should have been looking in their eyes. Looking in eyes has never worked for me. Now I am ageing I have lost 80% hearing in my left ear and my right ear is not fully functioning. I have subtitles on the tv and I still watch people’s mouths when speaking with them. I need to consider a hearing aid for my left ear because I find myself saying ‘WHAT?” and “EH?” (a northern England expression) a lot!

    Jessica, you hit the nail right on the head with this video but you have such a wonderful and amusing way of delivering information. I often find myself laughing out loud at your delightful wit and excellent comic timing. You are a true professional performer and presenter. You were born to do this.

    Incidentally I am gay and have a partner of 33 years. Like Jessica I knew when I was a child of 7 that I preferred girls. Coming out in 1966 to my mum saw me dragged off to the doctor who said, “it’s a phase, she will grow out if it”. At 18 I said to my mum, “you know that phase I was supposed to grow out of?” Well I haven’t and I still prefer girls. This got me an hour’s tirade of obscenities hurled at me by my mother, and our mother daughter relationship effectively changed forever from that point. If a boy ever showed interest in me my mum was planning a wedding and bringing him to live with us. When I was 23 I left home to train as a registered nurse. My brother had married and had two small children who I adored and I took them everywhere. One day while visiting home my mother, casually, dropped in to the quietness we shared in the kitchen as we prepared dinner, “do you think you should be spending so much time with the children or seeing them at all given your ‘chosen’ path in life?” I froze that very minute and as soon as I had recovered from the shock of what she actually meant, I gathered my bag and coat and walked out.

    I now see how far LGBTQ rights have advanced and we can actually get married now, however my lovely partner and I still live a discrete life in the community we have lived in for the last 30 years. If any neighbour’s know we are gay then they don’t show it and we don’t give them reason to think it. We are both just as much in love as we were when we met on New Years Day 1987.

    To everyone who is young and able to live as full a life as possible, whatever you want to do, do it now and live a great life. You never know when illness /disability might hit you. I was 37 years old when my travelling life ended, I was pensioned off by the NHS, lost my home at the time, my dog and cats, lost my independence and my life really. I haven’t even been in an airplane, but my partner of only 15 months at the time stuck by me, has cared for me and loved me all this time. Tragically in January last year she developed heart failure which was dealt with and that is stable now but tests also showed the breast cancer she had in 2008 had returned in her spine. Her body reacted badly to chemotherapy again and I nearly lost her last summer? Now she is on a hormonal drug and the cancer is, thankfully, stable. She now suffers from chronic fatigue and memory problems and we try to help each other as much as possible. The only help my partner will accept is a cleaner for 3 hours a week and convincing her we needed help took me over a year. Live well and live happy my friends. We only get one go at life. To anyone who is in pain right now, and everyone else, I send healing vibes, love and support. xxxx��

  • my possible hearing loss is currently undiagnosed so i’m always saying “i’m sorry, i didn’t hear you” or “i’m sorry, could you repeat that” just in case it turns out i don’t have an “actual reason” for not understanding properly

  • I cant tell if it’s just my sensory processing issues or if I’m losing my hearing but I get to try and schedule my appointment tomorrow. Lately 90% of what people say sound alike the parental trumpet from Charlie brown unless I hone in and read their lips at the same time

  • you see what i’m getting is random spikes of ringing in one of my ears that slowly fades. everything being heard through that ear is muffled slightly. is that bad or am i fine?

  • I was born deaf in my left ear and I’m really proud of it! I don’t use hearing aids, I have learned to live with one working ear. My advice to anyone who is losing their hearing in just one ear is to get used to doing things on one side (i.e. only wearing one earbud while you’re listening to music) Love you Jessica!

  • Hi Jessica, I have always had issues communicating but never been sure why. I got diagnosed with a rare genetic brain disorder which affects memory and common sense mostly. I have always wanted to learn to sign but I don’t really have the mental capacity to do so. So I have recently spent all my free time learning and finally know how to fingerspell fluently. I just wanted you to know how much you inspired me to do what I want no matter what:)

  • baby didn’t pass the new born hearing test,but when we try to apply loud sound beside him,he it possible that the hospital hearinf test is inaccurate?

  • I have bad hearing due to chronic Sinusitis which can change the pressure in my ears as well as ADHD (so it’s hard to focus) I’ve been tested for work for auditory response and it was deemed “good enough” however the doctor was hesitant. I’m considering seeing my doctor as it seems to just get worse and this vid has really helped. Thank you ❤️

  • I am probably not losing my hearing any quicker than is normal for a young adult who listens to loud music most hours of the day (I’m working on it but it helps with sensory hell) but I do have a history of auditory processing problems that is becoming more apparent (see aforementioned sensory hell) and this is helpful in assisting me pinpoint what is issues that have to do with that and what is attention span issues hahaha.

  • This video was very helpful for me, and I’m a person who really isn’t losing their hearing. I have auditory processing issues because I’m autistic & have adhd and also when I’m sick/dealing with flu my hearing worsens A Lot since the viruses decide to take over my ears as well most of the time. You’re a wonderful strong person and. Thank you so much for doing your thing!:)

  • This video made me so happy and feel a lot more secure�� I’m 14 and have pulsatile tinnitus in both of my ears and in the last year or so the ringing has gotten a lot louder and this scared me (still does) but now I see that other people are just like me and I’m not alone. My hearing has also started to fade on its own and sometimes carrying out a conversation is hard especially if it’s in a crowded area. Thank you so much for this video I don’t think I’ve ever been able to relate more to someone!

  • I’m only 17, and my brothers have both struggled with hearing loss for their whole lives (8 and 6 years old) and I’ve always thought of THEM as the deaf ones in the family. Although I have been struggling more and more with my own hearing. I struggle immensely with understanding conversations especially when I’m in a public place, even if the other person is only 10cm away. People often say to me “are you deaf?!” out of pure frustration after I’ve made them repeat themselves SEVERAL times and I still don’t understand what they’ve said. I always put it down to my lack of ability to concentrate due to my ADHD and my inability to filter out other sounds due also to my ADHD and my ASD but mum made me take the government standard hearing test and I scored worse than both my brothers and that truly terrifies me…

  • I had tinnitus for 2 weeks it wen away I got hit by loud ballon but when I play music I hear it just not the same as my right ear any suggestions

  • In the past, my right ear was deaf. After a few weeks of using this hearing problems remedy “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it), my right hear slowly began to hear again. Although my normal hearing did not return, this item really helped me hear better. My hearing problem is now beyond me. I will keep using it..

  • I`m very happy I made a decision to try this hearing loss treatment “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) out for my grandma. It makes me satisfied knowing it makes her day hanging out with her good friends and talking with them without any hearing interferences..

  • This is so useful, I’m hoping I can get help with aids etc. I always have subtitles on when I watch anything and I can’t focus on secondary noises over more distracting noises. Thank you ❤️

  • I got water in my ear used a q
    tip to try to get it out but didnt work so i used ear drops and water came out but ever since then i have a feeling of muffled but can hear good most of the time

  • Auditory processing disorder sounds like it’s what I might have. I do those sound tests on youtube and I can still hear the same amount as before. But when people r speaking, I have to watch their lips to understand them, or face my ear in their direction cuz autism makes looking at people’s faces difficult (its just their eyes but when I’m looking at other places besides their eyes, they give me these faces that make me want to look away) if my eye’s facing toward them, I can close my eyes and focus on deciphering their words. Understanding people in public requires a whole lotta what’s, I can’t whisper to save my life cuz I don’t say anything without hearing what I say, and phone conversations r hell. I have to leave the room cuz of how loud I have to turn up my phone to hear the people I’m talking to. And if its a long conversation? Forget it. My ears won’t comprehend u anymore and ur just static to me, but only on the phone. In person it takes a lot longer for it to become a droning. And then there’s song learning. I have to be able to read the lyrics, understanding lyrics by just listening to the song requires full concentration on hearing, no interruptions from any other sort of stimulus. My sister always looks at me like I’m insane when I sing the wrong word to a song I hear all the time cuz the lyrics aren’t on screen.

  • My country is pretty great as far as healthcare goes, but getting support as a person who is deaf in one ear and HoH in the other and not a senior citizen is next to impossible.

    The amount of times I’ve nearly been hit by a moving vehicle, especially in busy or noisy conditions, are too many to count, but getting any kind of public assistance just isn’t possible. And yet, if someone loses a limb (or breast) there is public assistance.
    Just really highlights that disabilities or handicaps that are visible get attention, while those that are obvious are often ignored.

  • I’m pretty sure my hearing is starting to go. I can’t hear anyone talk if there is any background noise or if they are talking behind me. I’ve been putting off getting my hearing checked for the past few years and my friends and family are pushing for me to go. My eye sight is also going and I think I’m just scared of not being able to see and hear very well.

  • I’ve been watching you for a while and my husband referenced this video this weekend to ask me to go get a hearing test. YupI need hearing aids. Thank you for creating a video that helps a family member have this conversation.

  • watching Jessica’s videos really calm me down whenever a mood swing or dissociation episode comes on, really feel safe with the way she speaks and her fabulousness��
    thank you Jessica for your videos!

  • I seriously love you, Jessica! You’re an absolute inspiration! I’m partially deaf in my right ear. I grew up with a friend who is 100% deaf. I know enough ASL to talk to him, but I’m learning more. I also have a crippling autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It affects EVERYTHING and I’m in pain 100% of the time. I don’t remember what it’s like to not feel pain. This disease also affects my eyes and ears. I’ve always worn glasses and my eyes aren’t deteriorating as fast as my ears. I can’t lip read super great, but I’m trying. And when it’s loud or someone has a thick accent, etc., I can only understand them if I can see their lips. I also suffer from tinnitus. So as a disabled, hard of hearing queer woman, your videos mean the world to me. Thank you!

  • in My case I experience temporary hearing loss, sometime the sound will have like a vibrate to it. I have been to earring doctors and they have no clue. I could be one month without experiencing anything but lately its multiple times per day almost every day. Its inconsistent. I am unable to determine that its on hear or both. I suspect both.

  • I’m 60% deaf in my right ear, been like that since kindergarten, but apparently (from a recent doctor’s app) I’m completely deaf in it now and need to go get it checked out, ha

  • When I was born my Staples bone in my right ear did not work all 16 years of my life. I haven’t been able to hear properly and as of late it’s been really sucking because throughout my life my hearing has decreased I’m not the richest person so we can’t afford hearing aids right now. thank you for posting this video. It makes me feel really good. It’s good to know that there is a community and that I’m not two different. I mostly read lips and your lipstick really does help with that lol. I’ve also got to pick up on my sign language I’ve gotten so Rusty lol

  • I’m 16 and I got my hearing aid 2 months ago (I was 15 then) and I was initially very skeptical, until I realized I had been missing out a lot. I can hear fire crackling and the tv from the adjacent room!!

  • I have always had problems with my ears. I was never diagnosed but I know it is getting worse. This scares me because I am young and I love music. I don’t know what to do because I struggle learning sign language or reading lips. I don’t know what to do����

  • kinda weird and funny that i do everything go you just said about signs someone may be losing their hearing but i’m not losing my hearing which leads me to believe i may just be really dumb?

  • Is it possible for rapid vibrations to damage hearing, and make me hear ringing in my ears? I drive industrial trucks for a living. The quietest ones run at 80 decibels, but most of them run closer to 90 or higher, and I’m usually driving them for 10 hours or more with an hour lunch break.

    I’ve noticed my ears ringing as time has gone on, and I’m wondering if the vibrations in the cab don’t have something to do with it. I’m not talking about typical vibrations experienced in passenger trucks, these things are practically rattling themselves apart, even to the point of adding to the noise in the cab. I wear earplugs, and I shove them very deep into my ear canal, and although the sound is dampened, I can feel the vibrations travelling through the seats, and into my body, vibrating my head. Is it possible for these vibrations to be causing my cochlea to oscillate, giving the sensation of hearing, and resulting in the ringing I hear over the years? Especially if the earplugs are moving rapidly in my ear canal, sucking and compressing air on my ear drum?

  • I might start to be going deaf because my tv only had to be at 5 when it was too loud but now I put it to 16 and my parents say to turn it down but then I can’t hear it

  • I’m not even going deaf or losing my hearing, but my health isn’t as good as it used to be and I’m becoming more disabled because of it; and I really needed to hear,you’ll be alright my darling Jessica. Brilliant video as always! Many of my relatives suffer with hearing loss; it runs in our family and this was really informative.

  • I was 5 when my left ear started to lose the ability to hear, by the time I was 16, my doctor suggested wearing hearing aid because I had trouble to keep up with my academic life. I struggle to keep my volume when I talk, that’s usually when people notice something wrong (or just assume I’m rude and loud)

  • This video encouraged me to finally go for the hearing test I’ve rearranged countless times.
    I’ve since been diagnosed with mild hearing loss and have to go for a meeting about getting hearing aids. Thank you for helping me realise theres nothing to embarrassed about x

  • My Mother-in-Law just got new hearing aids that can connect directly to her phone and tv via Bluetooth. They have been a game changer! She’s been able make phone calls, hear her notifications, and watch TV without subtitles for the first time in decades.

  • Hi Sir..i am 29yrs old have conductive hearing loss in both years past 6yrs in my earlier adulthood.. doctor said that ubnormal bone growth in my middle ear and this is genetic type… am very feel abt this pls tell any better solution for this except hearing aid..Sir. I feel uncomfortable for this..operation is successfully cured this 100 or hearing aid which is best one pls guide me Sir

  • You are a beautiful woman and have an awesome personality! I’ve watched two of your videos today and have really enjoyed them. I think I probably need to learn to sign because I have very little hearing in one ear, so if the other goes then I’m screwed! �� About the only thing I do hear in my ‘bad ear’ is ringing. Tinnitus sucks. Anyway I’m subscribing because I look forward to more videos. ��

  • I get into trouble when I ask people to repeat themselves over and over! It is so annoying! People don’t believe me. How do I tell my mom I can’t really hear her and I am not just not paying attention?

  • I’ve only just started noticing that I mishear a lot of things, and I have to ask people to repeat themselves a lot. It’s kind of strange to not hear things properly, especially when I’m only 17, but I’m trying to get used to it

  • I don’t have particularly h
    Bad hearing loss, but I have an auditory processing disorder. I use lipreading to help me a lot. Also, how on earth can ANYONE tell what the tannoy/loudspeaker is saying, I have never been able to get more than a few words from their announcements. It just sounds so robotic and echoey.

  • Not even slightly deaf (Though my Other Mother is very hard of hearing) but watched this entire video for your beautiful voice and upbeat way of dealing with difficulties. ��

  • Hello!!
    I am recently dealing with hearing issue and I’m very scared of it not getting cured. I work at a corporate office where the AC is constantly running which caused me to have a cold. My immune isn’t that good, I can say which causes me to catch a flu or anything quickly. My cold then lasted very long (7-8 months) which then caused me to start hearing less from one ear (though I was on normal cold medicines on and off which didn’t improve). Somehow my cold disappeared but keeps coming n going (very often) in the past 3 years which does effect that one ear of mine. However, recently, in the last 3 months, I can barely hear from that one ear! I am on (regular) medication do steaming gone for audiogram tests (results were not that good) and even had an x-ray. Though the x-ray doesn’t show any cause of damage or issue but the doctor keeps telling me that I have a ear injection which will get okay with medicines. I did go to another doctor and he suggested that I can undergo a minor surgery and the other doc says it’s not necessary as it’s an injection. And because the EAR, NOSE, THROAT is connected I keep getting a cold bcz of the ear too.

    Could you please let me know what and how is wrong with my ears and can a cold cause deafness?? Any suggestions on improving hearing without a surgery or hearing aid?

    Waiting for your response.
    Thank you!

  • I`m really happy I made a decision to try this hearing problems treatment “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) out for my grandmother. It will make me happy knowing it makes her day hanging out with her good friends and talking with them without any hearing interferences..

  • Hello Dr Olson, so then my 13 year old daughter has sudden hearing loss, because of a virus? The problem we went to 3 different clinics and it was treated like an ear infection they saw fluid in the ear, so we didn’t know, or better yet They didn’t know that steroids and anti-vitals were the answer. It’s sad to see my sweet girl going thru this at such a young age not only the hearing is severe in one ear also tinnitus, and feeling lightheaded daily. I really praying they find a cure for this soon. Thank you for all the great info. I’ll send you her hearing test, they told me it wasn’t ear wax, or conductive. And we did an MRI too even though she has braces it came back normal.

  • I already did on one side ahahahah it sounds clogged and its not water so im saying its maybe this cause i use them overnight for subliminals

  • I need to go get a hearing test soon as people in my family are deaf/progressively become deaf later in life.
    My Mum did, has it bad but her other conditions means she can’t be there for anymore tests.
    And I raised queries with her because I can’t exactly understand people unless I look at them, my migraines lower my hearing levels and I need everything “way too loud” according to my Mum.

    But she doesn’t think I need to get these tests that she has because I’m only 20 and I just don’t pay enough attention to her to understand anything

  • I thought I was horrible at reading lips because I suck and reading lips games. But quarantine has made me confess the little nagging feeling in my head that I might have hearing loss.

    I cannot understand anyone with masks, and it’s starting to feel like everyone is mumbling (even without the masks)

    Since I have a decade-old lupus diagnosis I’m hoping it wont interfere with this diagnosis

  • It’s very annoying for me. I have had a terrible full ear on my left side. There’s so much pressure in it it hurts and everything sounds so muffled on that side. I have to lean in and have people repeat themselves so many times ��

  • Totally not trying to mock you or be rude but I had my ears locked for a whole month in august, couldn’t hear a thing except all the voices from my body, everything was super amplified, chewing, swallowing, heartbeat, breathing. It was terrible. Definitely made me appreciate my hearing so much more when I got better. For a moment I was genuinenly scared that it was permanent, usually ear locks last for a few minutes to max a day if unlucky. That month sucked so much. Not as much as Brexit tho. Good luck with that, sheesh.

  • Would you be willing to do a video on how to lovingly persuade someone you know to get help for their hearing loss? When my grandpa was alive he was too stubborn to wear hearing aids most of the time. Naturally, this made it hard to communicate and interact with him.

  • Being HOH with bilateral hearing aids, I can say as someone who had a very loud noise effect one ear and then, the other one felt left out and joined in with increasing deafness, this video is the best I’ve seen on the issue!

    A trick I figured out one day may be of use for anyone wearing hearing aids. If you want to lay down for a short while, you usually take out your aids so you don’t get the annoying feedback. Try using one of those “C” shaped pillows that wrap around your neck, lay on your side and place your ear in the hollow of the pillow and have your head supported by the pillow. Have the points of the pillow aimed at your shoulder and you may find yourself napping, and being able to hear!

  • i have really bad eyesight that is progressivly getting wrose and recently found out I’m slowly losing my hearing too (these are two completely seperate issues) and trying to describe what it’s like to other people is honestly one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. most people assume its just a mild inconvenience or not that big of an issue. the explanation ive found the works best is that its like this; imagine one day, when you were very young, a doctor told you that your fingers on one hand were going to fall off. they werent sure when or how it would happen, just that it would. so, a little while later, you wake uo with no fingers. you get used to it and adjust. but then your hand falls off. and then your forearm. and then your toes fall off and you think ‘wait, this wasn’t meant to happen’. but then your foot does. and then your calf. and its all so slow that you adjust at each stage and get used to it, but your doctor never told you an end point, where it would stop. and it feels like it never will. for me, the fingers in this scenario is my sight, and the toes are my hearing. and its genuinly terrifying considering im twenty and these are senses i relied on in my childhood and now i have to learn not to

  • So I just found your channel and I’m so glad I did. I’m 16 years old and have been completely deaf in my right ear since birth (we think… I only got tested at the age of 5 because my mother realised I was lip reading a lot). All of the things in this video are hilarious to me because this is my life on a daily basis�� (I am in fact watching this video with one earbud in as there’s no point in using both because.. well.. deafness). Granted I can still hear moderately well in my left ear, but I’m always living with the fear that one day I might lose hearing in that ear as well. This video made me feel a little less terrified. Thank you❤️

  • I’ve recently lost hearing in my right ear, so I’m getting surgery to have a magnet put in place to be able to connect to a cochlear implant. I’ve had the same surgery for my left ear when I was about six years old, but it took a long time to relearn the sounds. I’m a bit worried how that process of relearning the sounds is going to go for me at the age of 17, so this video was a great reliever of those anxious feelings. Thanks, Jessica ❤️

  • The lowest level on my headphones sounds pretty loud to me. I don’t know if its because they are just super loud or my hearing is good?

  • I can tell a very visible good improvement using this hearing loss treatment “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it). The product does what it claims to do. Now, the clarity of my hearing is better. There`s been no changes in the loudness, but the sounds are absolutely much more clear than before. It`s like my brain can figure out the sounds better. I`m contented..

  • You know my mom dragged me to the doctor to get my hearing checked, because all of my friends and family and me were convinced there was something wrong with it. Turns out I have excellent,even above average hearing. But I genuinely don’t get what you just said even after you repeat it for the 6th time. Am I just to stupid to hear..?

  • Me: does a surprisingly amount of these things
    Me: “heck”

    In all seriousness, my dad has some hearing loss and he’s way too stubborn to get hearing aids, even though my mom insists he needs them. I probably don’t need anything, I just have trouble hearing people to the point where I just end up nodding and smiling.

  • I usually tell ppl at work that sometimes i will ask them to repeat what they said,might have to ask 2 or 3 times. But if so then they need to speak slower and clearly

  • I have auditory processing disorder and a little hearing loss. It might be time to think about getting some hearing aids. Thank you.

  • I’m losing my hearing now for 3 years (I’m 25) quite fast. It’s something that occurs in the family. I had some tests but still I feel like I’m in denial. Like it’s just something in my head. You made me realize it is true and this video was very helpfull thank you!

  • I am now watching all of your videos as I’m the grand old age of 30 and I’m losing my hearing… Finding them really enjoyable and helpful! So… Thanks! Everyone else realised LONG before I did… I only realised when I said WHAT repeatedly ��

  • I recently got a hearing aid after months of appointments, tests, scans and tears. I’m scared a lot. Music and festivals and events have not only been a huge part of my life socially they have provided me with a new careerwhich isn’t really all that viable anymore. This video has turned the panic down a bit. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much, I wish I had found your channel sooner, I’ve been listed as HOH and deaf, legal deaf on my left and HOH on my right, if anyone has anything that could help me adjust as I’m 24, knew I had issues at 15 but was told your just being lazy, dont want to do anything but know they have realised I was not and now I’m living in a lonely world as there is no support group here where I live in aus that are near me, thanks for reading my story so far

  • Is there an official video of her explaining how exactly she lost her hearing and how she felt etc? I couldn’t find it:( love all the content!

  • If I didn’t have glasses I basically wouldn’t be able to function without some other form of help. I can’t imagine not being able to have hearing aids if I needed them. I hope the stigma lessens like it has with glasses

  • My spouse just complained from the other side of the house that I was watching this video too loud (said that it was louder than the television right in front of him). Haha