Would You Have Diabetes and never Realize It


Diabetes Prevention and Causes

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What a High Blood Sugar Feels Like

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Could You Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It #Diabetes

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Could I Have Diabetes and Not Know It?

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You May Have Pre Diabetes and Not Know It

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Could You Have Diabetes and Not Know It

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What causes diabetes, high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes

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Many people have diabetes for years without knowing it because early symptoms can be so easy to miss. VSP network doctor Gabriela Olivares, says that’s why an annual comprehensive eye exam is critical for prevention and early detection of the disease. ANSWER Millions of people in the U.S. have diabetes and don’t know it. It’s easy for doctors to check for diabetes using a simple blood test that measures blood sugar levels or a test called a.

You may not notice sudden symptoms of type 2 diabetes, but the warning signs listed above may alert you to an underlying condition. You may be diagnosed with diabetes because you go. 8.1 Million people may not know that have diabetes According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, research suggests that 1 out of 3 adults have prediabetes. Of this group, 9 out of 10 don’t know they have it.

29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes, but 8.1 million may be undiagnosed and unaware of their condition. Could You Have Diabetes and Not Know It? Chances are that you know someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes. Twenty-nine.one (19.1) million people or 9.3 percent of the population in the U.S. have diabetes. Of those, 21 million people have been diagnosed, while 8.1 million people or 27.8 percent of the population are undiagnosed.

People close to you wonder how you can always eat at the drop of a hat. If so, you could you be one of the 7 million people in the U.S. with undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 or adult-onset diabetes does not normally come on like a lightning bolt or. The exact cause of Type 1 diabetes is not known, but genetics, environmental influences and other factors, or a combination of factors, may play a role in the development of the disease.

Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes and is related to weight management. The warning signs can be so mild that you don’t notice them. That’s especially true of type 2 diabetes.

Some people don’t find out they have it until they get. My now-all-too-familiar symptoms were described, and the friend said, “Well, it sounds like diabetes.” The moment I heard the word “diabetes”, it was like a light clicked in my head. In hindsight, I clearly had Type 1 diabetes, but I didn’t have the language or knowledge to identify it.

You might think you’d know if you had a disease as serious as tuberculosis (TB), but that’s not necessarily the case. Nearly one third of the world’s population — about 2.3 billion people.

List of related literature:

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes may eventually include fatigue or nausea, frequent urination, unusual thirst, weight loss, blurred vision, frequent infections, and slow healing of wounds or sores.

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
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Symptoms of type 2 diabetes eventually include fatigue or nausea, frequent urination, unusual thirst, weight loss, blurred vision, frequent infections, and slow healing of wounds or sores.

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, Don Ross, Kimberley McMahon, Melissa Bernstein
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Some of the most characteristic symptoms associated with the onset of diabetes are frequent urination, excessive thirst, unexplained weight loss, and fatigue, although symptoms can be mild in type 2 diabetes.

“Physical Activity and Health” by Claude Bouchard, Steven N. Blair, William L. Haskell
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Although most mild or pre-diabetics have few or no symptoms whatsoever, symptoms of severe diabetes mellitus may include frequent and abundant urination, thirst, hunger, weight loss, and blurred vision.

“Iron Disorders Institute Guide to Hemochromatosis” by Cheryl Garrison
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Classic diabetic symptoms are more often experienced by type I diabetics and include frequent urination, especially at night, great thirst and hunger, fatigue, weight loss, irritability, and restlessness.

“For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment” by Gary Null, Barbara Seaman
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Common symptoms of diabetes include extreme hunger and thirst, frequent urination, irritability, weakness, fatigue, nausea, and high blood and urine sugar levels.

“Encyclopedia of Special Education: A Reference for the Education of Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Disabilities and Other Exceptional Individuals, Volume 1” by Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology Cecil R Reynolds, PhD, Cecil R. Reynolds, Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Ed.D., NCSP
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For individuals with symptoms of diabetes, such as excessive thirst and urination or unexplained weight loss, only elevated FPG (2140 mg/dl) or random plasma glucose 2200 mg/dl is required to confirm the diagnosis.

“Diabetes in America” by National Diabetes Data Group (U.S.), National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (U.S.), National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
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Symptoms of diabetes include excessive hunger and thirst, increased urination, weight loss, fatigue and blurred vision.

“Primer to the Immune Response” by Tak W. Mak, Mary E. Saunders, Bradley D. Jett
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Although they are not as noticeable as symptoms of type 1 disease, type 2 symptoms are similar and include frequent urination, unusual thirst, weight loss, blurred vision, feelings of fatigue or illness, frequent infections, and slow healing of sores.

“New Dimensions In Women's Health” by Linda Alexander, Judith LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
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3 Although polydipsia and weight loss occur with type 1 diabetes, frequent urination occurs throughout a 24-hour period because glucose in the urine pulls fluid with it.

“Mosby's Review Questions for the NCLEX-RN Exam E-Book” by Patricia M. Nugent, Judith S. Green, Barbara A. Vitale, Phyllis K. Pelikan
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  • Perfect timing. I needed this. I have one bag of brown rice left. This week I did some research on carbs and decided to swap potatoes for squash needing a cheap fill up for soups. Thankfully, I prefer cooking from scratch, enjoy cutting veggies up. Thanks so much.

  • So from what i know, diabetes is incurable, and sugar is the main cause. But is sugar really the cause of diabetes? or its actually FAT from all the meat and dairies you ate? Because from what i watch in “what the health” (a documentary on netflix) and backed up with some medical journals and real testimonies, that FAT actually is the main culprit and it says that by stop eating meat and dairies for 2 weeks, the blood sugar in your body decreased. Just watch what the health, if you have hereditary health problem or just simply want to get healthier.

  • So fatties, with type 2, stop stuffing cakes in your mouths, eat healthy and do some exercise. Why should your governments have to support your greed!!! Its a brutal wake up call!

  • It’s good that you made this video. People need to know this. The best thing to start off is to reduce or stop soda drinking. Adopt a low carb/high fat diet/ketogenic diet. Changing eating pattern through intermittent fasting helps too =D you may save on cheap foods, but you’ll pay down the line when metabolic diseases kicks in

  • I gave blood test they told me you don’t have diabetes or any problems but i might develop diabetes in future.
    I eat healthy
    Exercies daily loosing nearly 800 calories a day and eat less
    But I smoke cigarettes only 1-2… is it still bad for me?

  • Hello, when ever I see any Diabetes case I always want to say a special thanks to Dr.hopkins for helping me get cured from Diabetes and chicken pox i was tested Positive 5 months ago, I contacted him base on the testimonies I’m seeing about him
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  • I love your channel!! You talk about all the things I care about, financial independence, frugality, and health. Thanks for sharing your videos and lifestyle and way of thinking.

  • The cause of diabetes is nowhere to be found in this video. Diabetes type 2 is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance results from damage to the DNA of our cells, resulting in dysfunctional insulin receptors that do not respond to insulin. Diabetes type 1 is a further progression of cellular damage, specifically to the beta cells in the pancreas, causing a decrease in insulin production.

    Find out more information here: https://ggenereux.blog/2020/08/01/diabetes-the-pandemic-of-the-21st-century/

    You will be shocked to know what poison is fueling the exponential rise in diabetes.

  • I’m scared because I don’t know if I have diabetes or not because I’m feeling tired more often and my sometimes I can’t focus with my eyes and I also have something else which I don’t want to say, but I just feel that I have it or not

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  • Don’t be fooled by packaging or marketing techniques

    Read, be aware, eat three times a day, exercise and have fun your not built to live forever but live healthy…….stay away from dining out cook yourself……youll save money if u wanna be a sucker be one….if you over eat that can cause diabetes too control and manage and be creative with your food, just stay away from Pork it’s filled with diseases go look up what happens to a dead pig underwater for 7 days!

    Try Turkey instead!

  • Didn’t know he was doctor too.

    Btw my uncle had diabetes type 2 and moved back to Mexico and no longer has it. He use to work the 8 to 7 10hr shift no time to cook so he ate out a lot.

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  • Very interesting topic and close to my heart. It would seem that moderation in eating, no smoking and a healthy weight is the key to reduce the likelihood of diabetes. There is a little too much emphasis on not eating certain foods. My family has a history of Type 1 and 2 diabetes, and I enjoy chocolate or sweets/candy almost every day, and yet my latest test (last week) still showed no trace of diabetes. Recent medical views have identified being overweight is a significant contributor to diabetes and a loss of weight can even reverse Type 2 diabetes.

  • well nobody in my family has it, I even have someone that is mad on chocolate and doesn’t have it? does that mean I prob would never

  • One way to prevent the sugar spikes is exercise right after. Exercise triggers GLUT4 expression in your muscle cells, the same response that cells have to insulin. Exercise allows your muscles to naturally store and regulate blood sugar without having a drastic response to insulin.

  • This is mostly regurgitating the food-hype floating around lately, not that much of it is actually fact-based. Some is true, some is just what those-who-want-to-control-you want you to think.

  • Totally agree Mr bush eat right drink your greens & exercise should be fine pre any thing is bull either you have or not it’s like pre qualified, but yes now in days I sorry but Americans are over wight & it’s not our fault it’s all over the place everything is bigger now & free if the government supports you.

  • Carbohydrates do not necessarily cause diabetes.
    Saturated fats are ‘the’ culprit.
    That’s why vegans have a WAAAY lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes. (type 1 is primarily genetic)

    Some saturated fats breakdown/metabolisation products basically ‘encapsulate’ the receptor sites on cell membranes where normally insulin would bind as an agonist, so insulin can’t bind and your pancreas starts freaking out and your insulin levels (and following your sugar levels) start to get freaky.

    Glucose is our fuel. It fuels the ATP that provides our cells with energy.
    The sugars in fruit for example are EXACTLY the same as the sugars in soda/candy/packaged foods (glucose and fructose);
    but fruit is a whole food that also contains fiber, amino acids, some protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, terpenes, polyphenols,…

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  • Thanks for posting this video and raise awareness on diabetes. My sugar level was high and changed to normal after diet change. Check your a1c annually and stay heathy everyone!

  • yes. I agree 100 percent. ive been recently meal prepping and ive noticed that i save so much money and also lose a lot of fat doing so. you should make some videos of microwavable meals you can take to work that are low carb. that would help me out a bit.

  • Eating a “little bit less rice, bread,” etc. wouldn’t help you spike insulin every time you eat. The solution is eating 1-2 meals a day and no snacking in between.

  • Hello!! When my bg is low, I feel irritable, shakey and angry. When my bg is high, I dont feel well, headache, thirsty constantly drinking water, in and out the bathroom.

  • Great video! For more info on this important topic, “What the Health” is a good documentary (on Netflix) about the connection between animal-based foods and diabetes. It’ll scare you straight and make you run to the produce section of Whole Foods ��������

  • I have been responsible for managing our corporate health insurance for 2 decades. Because of this I have educated myself on the reasons that health care costs continue to increase substantially each year. When people ask me how we can fix this, I tell them the only way is to improve Americans’ lifestyle choices. New drugs and frequent doctor’s visits cannot fix what poor nutrition and inactivity is doing to us. You’re the first person I’ve heard that gets this.

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  • Be careful with “pre” diagnoses. They are abundant in healthcare and are somewhat problematic for multiple reasons.
    1) From a scientific standpoint, they are problematic because once you have a diagnosis, then what do you do? While a large amount of the US population may have pre-diabetes what would you do differently? Doctors already advise people to exercise 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week, and eat a healthy diet. Most of the people with pre-diabetes are not doing this. So next you say, could we start treating people who have pre-diabetes? This is problematic because diabetes drugs are not studied to be used in patients with pre-diabetes, and the measurement of how effective a drug is (in research these are known as “outcomes” or “end-points”) are not tailored for this. In the case of diabetes do you use A1C of 6.5% (the threshold for diabetes)? It might seem like a reasonable end-point but doctors don’t care about arbitrary numbers, what we care about are real, important end-points. Some of these would be a cardiovascular event (a heart attack or stroke), the development of kidney failure, eye problems (retinopathy) or nerve problems (neuropathy). These are the things we look at when treating diabetes to improve peoples’ lives. The problem with using these kinds of end-points is that you are talking about a study enrolling tens of thousands of people and lasting 10-20 years. A 1 year study with about 500-1000 people would cost millions to run, for the study I just proposed in pre-diabetics, you are talking about tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. This is essentially only viable for government studies (NIH, government of Canada, individual European studies). And after spending all of that money, what have you achieved that is better than exercise and diet?
    2) From a personal standpoint, individuals should be wary of being labeled with these kinds of diagnoses. In addition to being diagnosed with a “disease”, you will run into issues with insurance for you and your family, ending up paying more for insurance for this diagnosis
    3) While 1/3 of people have pre-diabetes (and around 10-15% have diabetes), it also means that a large portion do not have pre-diabetes or diabetes. By testing for diseases you end up driving up the costs related to healthcare, which everyone then pays for. This is not a minor issue. A $10 test, used on 350 million people very quickly becomes $3 billion dollars. And A1C is not a $10 test, its probably closer to $50-100. In addition, being diagnosed with “pre-diabetes” means that doctors are then forced to test you more often (every 3 months instead of 1x/year). So essentially we are talking $100 billion+ dollars. Imagine if that money was spent instead on diabetes research?

    I know everyone will think that knowing you problems are important. But realistically it doesn’t help you in any way. Everyone should be exercising and eating a healthy diet. Why does having “pre-diabetes” matter? The bottom line is that screening (which is testing people for disease when they have no symptoms for it) is an incredibly complex thing to do well, and incredibly difficult to conceptually understand. The underlying problem is that screening is only important if you can change the natural history of the disease. There is no evidence that diagnosing diabetes when it is pre-diabetes does this (this is the concept of lead-time bias).

    I wish you the best nonetheless, and anyone raising money for a legit charity is always doing a stellar job.

  • Thanks for covering this timely topic. Avoiding meat, eggs and dairy products and the over consumption of processed foods can reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Rice is not the problem. A rice diet was successfully pioneered in the early 20th century as a cure for diabetes. I live in Japan (since 2000) and it used to be rare to see an obese person here. Now it is a common sight, even among children. The western diet has ruined the health of both Okinawans and Japanese in just the time that I’ve been living here, with dramatic increases in diabetes and “metabo” or metabolic syndrome. You are so right health care for an avoidable illness is an unnecessary expense that can be eliminated by careful consumerism. Dr. McDougall’s website has free recipes for whole foods, plant and starch based meals. You can count on him for citing peer reviewed research articles. Also, you might want to check out Debtfree Dana’s youtube channel. She has found that going (healthy) vegan has helped her budget as well as her health.

  • Carbs are essential if you have any sort of workout routine. Complex carbs are the way to go and stay lean. I like to get my sweet foods naturally like from fruit. I try to eat candy and soda sparingly. Usually cant drink a whole soda; i get dehydrated or sick. Drink lots of water most of the time.

  • Hi everyone I am getting thirsty more often will in sleep my mouth getting dry too, and getting hungry after 3-4 hours is it the sign of Dibetes?

  • My boyfriend and I, who are highly active (weight train, hiking, Frisbee our exercises of choice), stick to a vegan diet and spend a total of $50 per week on groceries. We buy mostly organic and rarely purchase packaged items. I can’t understand why people say eating healthy or vegan is expensive. Really, meat is more expensive than most items in the grocery store. The trick is to plan meals and make a list. Every Sunday, we take as much time as we need to choose 7 recipes for the week, create our list, and then head to the store! For lunch, we pretty much eat the same thing every day: quinoa prepared with vegetable broth, black beans, and a salad. We cook dinner nightly. Yes, it’s time consuming, but it’s necessary to live a nutritious and healthy life. Of course, we’re not always perfect and we treat ourselves occasionally but at the end of the day, what goes into our bodies is very important. BTB, thanks for touching on the subject; if we’re not healthy, then it’s difficult work hard with the goal of achieving financial independence!

  • YOu are right on all this. I do want to add, though, that barley does contain gluten, so ifyou’re trying to lower that, or eliminate it, then barley may not be right for you.

  • The dude that said you can cure diabetes is trying to get you to buy expensive grocery foods you can only slowdown the effects you can’t cure addiction you can only manage it people that prey on the weak are going to find ways to pay for their habits by making you into a sucker just be smart think long term and buy cheap support the local food marts and not the corporate conglomerate!

  • Wealth without health is nothing! Some people tend to not see that wealth is so much more than net-worth and possessions, it is about a whole lifestyle, balance and mentality. One of the things I appreciate about your channel is that you have an all rounded approach, and are interested in life in general. The sugar addiction, which is a high risk factor for health, is such an important topic to bring to awareness, and as usual prevention and lifestyle are key!

  • No, you don’t need carbs to run your body. The needs of carbs in human is zero. Anything you eat will turn to glucose, which is what you need for fuel. Fat and protein is what we can’t live with.

  • I had some diabetic symptoms in my 20s, and I had to dramatically reduce sugar consumption. Recently I bought a blender and I’ve been consuming a lot more Whole Foods in smoothies (chewing takes too damn long!). I’ve seen the results of diabetes later in life… horrifying gangrene. If we were more honest about the results of dietary choices, people would eat very differently.

  • Your message is right that it would cost you money and quality of life when you over eat carbs. Keto is the way to go…. pls do a video on it so people will benefit.

  • Good healthy bread (no sugar added, organic wheat) is hard to find around in this country, but it is not such a bad choice whenever you do find it.

  • Watch what you eat
    By knowing what your actually eating
    He said it…..meat fish chicken squid and other seafood
    Vegetables carrots beets onions (sugar) broccoli spinach potatoes not fried boiled eggs but not too much no soda pop just drink water……stay away from candy period no candy use ice cream that doesn’t have added stuff and top it off with cinnamon or coconut flakes…….i would rather starve myself then eat stuff that will cause diabetic shock!

  • there is a big misconception involving diabetes and sugar over consumption.

    While sugar overconsumption can cause diabetes earlier than normal, what ppl don’t realize rat you would have to consume OBSCENELY LARGE AMOUNTS OF SUGAR OVER AN EXTREMELY LARGE PERIOD OF TIME TO GET DIABETES AT A YOUNG AGE.


    Even if you drink a small amount of soda every day, say one or two cups, that’s not very much, as long as you are active on a normal average level, such as walking and moving around at work.

    normally, there’s no need to be literally paranoid about getting diabetes before 65, unless like you’re sedentary 99% OF THE TIME.

  • I don’t usually buy packaged foods but do eat sweets often which is not good… Now that I’m expecting I really need to think what I feed my body with. I got a check up for gestational diabetes three weeks ago and got a bit worried so I started reducing the sugars I eat. I made some small changes, like having breakfast and that was porridge with nuts and cinnamon on top, then I just got some chocolate covered biscuits that I would eat after lunch instead of eating a complete chocolate bar. One chocolate biscuit is way less calories and was enough to satisfy mg craving for sweet. After a week or ten days I noticed my eating habits got lot more balanced, more set to certain parts of the day and if I’d change those times I would feel hungry earlier. Now my goal is to eliminate sweets all together and watch out for sugar content in foods. Thank you for the great reminder. It made me set up a new goal to look more into quality food, consider buying more products organic and stay away from refined carbs.

  • I think sugar is mostly to blame not rice. More so in US with their high fructose corn syrup. I think it is all about waning your appetite for sugary and sweet things, I don’t eat sweets at all, sometimes I drink organic honey mixed in water instead of tea. Exercise too, minimum cardio/running 3x a week with strength exercises in between.

  • PharmD here (and no, that doesn’t mean I think meds are always the answer lol). I like that you’re raising awareness to diabetes. Although, your video mostly talked about carbs, processed foods and not really about pre-diabetes, diabetes 1 or 2, how to check if you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, etc. You basically just said to lay back on the carbs and I’m wondering if you just don’t know that much about this disease?

    Also, a lot of people with diabetes 2 (the diabetes you’re talking about) DO change their diet and still require meds to keep A1C down, FBG down, etc. Not to mention Diabetes 1, where they need insulin because they don’t make it anymore! My point is, not all diabetes meds are bad and not all are good or good for everyone.

    Diet is only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to health. If people are concerned, they should get their levels checked at a physician’s office, health fair, wherever they can get diabetes screening.:)

  • When I was little I always wanted something special about me because I was alway an average kid! I wanted a broken arm or braces maybe even glasses?! Sometimes I wanted to be unique like having diabetes or something? IDK why but I liked those devices hooked onto your pants when you have diabetes! I saved up money for braces and read in the dark but it was a miracle I didn’t get any of those health problems! I was healthy so I tried harder but nothing happened so I stopped in the middle of 5th grade! I am sorry for the people who have those healthy problems and I think glasses/braces are cute! But in 6th grade I got braces,I LOVED THEM but I couldn’t eat my fav food BUT I STILL LOVED THEM! I thought I was cool but I was still myself…I thought I would change but I didn’t but my teeth were straight and worth it!

  • We added barely to our brown and white rice combination a few weeks ago. We must be in sync with our eating ideas! Cutting back on white rice is a good idea. I think if you try to eat foods that look like they came direct from nature, they’re mostly good for you. A lot of stuff in the grocery store doesn’t look like that. Stay away from those plus eat less or restrict the time that you eat to within 10 hours or less of your day so that you’re intermittently fasting for 14 hours or more a day, that will not only lower your blood sugar and allow your body to use excess fat to burn, but will clear your mind of the bloated mind haze from eating too much.

  • Type 2 diabetes is 100% reversible with a whole food plant based diet. Watch “Forks Over Knives” on Netflix. “What the Health” is also on Netflix and is pretty good.

    Bonus: A whole food plant based diet also 100% prevents heart disease!! It even reverses it too (highest quality studies in the most prestigious medical journals show this).

  • If you want to prevent type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, strength training is the best thing you can do. Anaerobic exercise increases insulin sensitivity to a greater degree than anything else. If you strength train 3-4 days per week, not only will you be able to eat all the rice you want, but your body will actually need the carbs. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3881442/

    A couple other tips on the subject: The glycemic load is an average of the entire meal. Eating some rice with a full meal consisting of meat, vegetables, and some oil for instance will lower gastric emptying, and lower the glycemic load. The order you eat food in a meal can also have an effect, if you eat your protein source (slowest digesting part of the meal) first, and your carbs last, it has been shown to lower blood sugar post-meal. Also, I’ve read a study that showed that a group that took a 10 minute walk post meal had exponentially lower blood sugar levels for the full 5 hours after the meal compared to a group that ate and went straight to the couch.

    I definitely would recommend getting rid of any useless simple sugars like soda and candy, but there’s no need to avoid things like white rice, potatoes, and bread if you strength train, eat the protein of your meal first, and make a habit of taking a quick 10 minute walk post meal whenever you can.

  • Yeah I understand, I’m one of those who refuse medicine of any kind, when my blood sugar is high I eat meats and green veggies. I cut the carbs. Sometimes it takes a week to balance my blood sugar.

  • Dr John Macdougal says the cause of diabetes is too much meat. According to him, we should be eating a prodominately starch based diet. He uses the example “When a human is growing its fastest is during the baby growing to infancy stage. In 100 mls of breast milk only 8% is protein”. Thus there is a limit our digestive system can handle. All excess protein is turned to glucose into the blood, which results in your blood filtering organs (kidneys) to work in overdrive and be damaged. Or something like that.

  • I had pre-D. Went keto, and that went away.
    Also normalized my cholesterol and triglycerides (tri was so large it scared doctors… but that is a genetic issue in my family) as well as other markers. All within 3 months of starting and have maintained it as I continue to lose weight.
    I am happy with that, save it costs a bit more…

  • Here is one diagnosed with diabetes type 2 almost 10 years ago. At 55, I control my diabetes without medications. Finally stopped taking Metformin, Lisinopril, and some statin.
    I started going to the gym over a year ago. I educated myself about nutrition and I started adding more fiber to my diet. I got my A1C down, my blood pressure and my weight.

    That is all you need. Nutrition, exercise and extra fiber in your diet. Like flax meal or psylium, to absorb the sugar and cholesterol from your meals.

    It just makes too much sense to some…

  • Interesting to see the diet and culture of other countries where sugar addiction / diet is not a problem. Scandinavian people for example, on the whole, thinner, taller and good skin, no coincidence that their diet has far less sugar. It’s not until you see how the rest of the world lives that you can truly realise that this sugar lifestyle is not normal and is very obviously unhealthy.

  • Sugars, coming from fruit and accompanied by fiber, are the natural energy source of all monkeys and apes. With an otherwise healthy lifestyle, you should not be all too worried about the (very temporary) “glucose spikes” they cause. Think of adding refined sugar as finding a huge, super-sweet, super-ripe piece of fruit in nature because chemically there’s no difference. Every monkey would rejoice about such a discovery, and so should you.

    On the other hand, those happy healthy monkeys don’t usually eat milk/butter/animal fats and whatnot along with the pure sugar, which should make you think about what you do. As an experiment, you can compare the effect of ingesting a quantity of sugar and the same quantity of sugar along with fat. The latter combo will make you feel “satiated” for a lot longer because fat inhibits the uptake of glucose into cells. However, it’s the quick spike, with a feeling of rush, and then quick return to baseline, with a motivation/craving to look for more, is the natural behavior after finding a caloric treasure (which is what natural sugar is). Just mind that in nature the counterbalance of finding food treasures are long stretches of finding nothing… which is when you run on fat (your own body fat, that is).

    Digestion of starch is a fairly recent evolutionary advantage in humans. Some people produce more of the necessary enzymes, some less.

  • I was pre diabetic, I went to Diabeties education. But,then my Dr. and I forgot about it. Now I am diabetic sugar and insulin dependent. Sugar dependency is very hard to break. People say I’d rather enjoy life then die but people don’t realize there are levels of disabling conditions as well.

  • I am originally from Japan, but I have been living in Canada for 12 years. What I realized about north American foods contain too much sugar and carbs for everything without fiber and minerals. Rice itself is not that bad. Eating just white rice is increasing the GI index and would be a cause of DM. The best way to eat rice is mix with barley, some grains. Also, You can eat some fiber for slow down the sugar absorption. Also, Asian people tend to eat too much carb, so reduce carbs and increase protein is also a good way to prevent diabetes.

  • This channel bounces around from topic to topic so much. I initially subbed for money tips, but these other videos are very educational!

  • I know I have pre-diabetes. I’ve found what helps my numbers best are moving around more/walking more, cardio exercise, eating fiber with carbs, eating fat with carbs, and eating much smaller meals and about 2.5-3 hours apart.

  • What are your thoughts on ketogenic diet? I’m currently on No Sugar No Grain diet and feel great. Eating lots of fats (bacon, chicken, beef), proteins, vegetables.

  • Plant based diet. Whole foods. Have you ever eaten a great apple? They are 20 times better than any apple from Safeway. Educate yourself on meat and dairy. Truth be told I fall off the good food wagon too often.

  • Hi. You look so handsome. I just got my blood work. My fasting blood sugar was 78. My doctor was thrilled. I did a video the ten tips of how my daughter stays fit and trim. She may have a sweet, but only eats part of it.

  • How about herbs? Is there a limit to taking herbs? (Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Rhodiola, Yohimbe, Maca) these sort of things. Thanks for the info on this vid. Very helpful.

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  • Hello, I really hope that you’ll answer, so I’m a 16 years old I drink plenty of water (I’m always thirsty) like seriously 6 liters per day I swear, and I go to the toilet each 15 minutes,sometimes I have minor headaches while seeing black but nothing really painful and it doesn’t happen a lot. My parent don’t want to take me to the doctor bcs I’m having these symptoms since a long time ago and they thought that if it was diabetes there could be more symptoms (btw my dad’s a doctor)but I’m actually really worried and I wanna know what’s wrong with me hope you can help

  • Because we are a fat and lazy country plain and simple. I travel alot outside the US and I am always amazed by how fat the US is when I come back. Good video and info bro.

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  • The skittles aspect you mentioned is soooo true! When I was younger, I used to eat entire packs of skittles, sometimes several in a sitting. When I began to learn nutrition and read the ingredient label on foods, I started to wean myself off skittles and other sugary foods. Now, when/if I come across skittles, I only eat one or two. The craziest part: my body does not crave it anymore.

  • I might be type 3 I’m not getting tested till Wednesday but I’ve been feeling like shit and the more research (although not much exists cuz ppl suck type 3 is caused from damage to the pancreas) I’ve done on it the more I feel like I might actually have it

  • Can you help me please?! This month I’ve eaten a lot of food that contains sugar. I don’t have a eating “plan”, i eat when I’m hungry. I’m thirsty and I go to the toilet like 5 times per day. I don’t do any exercises but i dance. I’m not lazy. Can i possibly have diabetes?

  • for me, I nothing to worry about. i literally don’t eat sugar aside from the naturally occurring sugar in the homemade meals I eat, and I RARELY eat or drink artificial sugars. I’m not a huge fan of fake sugar anyway.


  • make your own smoothiesit is so yummy and really no added sugar (unless you add it yourself) and you can get your sweet crave without the sugar spike & slump.

  • I’m a type 1 diabetic, and high blood sugars are one of the only things that can sufficiently make me a threat to everyone else. Ok, maybe not so much. But high blood sugars mess with my body and mind to the point where I usually have to seclude myself from others to avoid snapping at them. I have depression and some underlying anger issues as well, so I’m already constantly on the verge of being enraged even on good days, and high blood sugars only elevate my risks of having a complete mental breakdown. I pray to God that I can find something to help with that, and God bless any of you who have similar struggles.