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Cluster Headache

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Cluster Headache | Characteristics & Clinical Presentation

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Cluster Headaches A Comparison to Migraine

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Cluster Headaches

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Facebook Live: Cluster Headaches with Dr. Deborah Friedman

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Cluster Headaches, Signs and Symptoms, Treatment

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You get a cluster headache when a specific nerve pathway in the base of your brain is activated. That signal seems to come from a deeper part of the brain called the hypothalamus, where the. Cluster headaches are an uncommon type of primary headaches (i.e., a headache that has no structural cause), affecting less than 1 in 1,000 people. Cluster headaches are a young person’s disease, and the headaches typically start before age 30.

Cluster headaches are more common in men, but more women are starting to be diagnosed with this disorder. A cluster headache is a very painful headache that starts quickly, peaks within 15 minutes, and stops suddenly. The headache usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes but can last up to 3 hours. Cluster headaches follow patterns and often occur at the same time of the day or year. You may have cluster headaches once every other day, or up to 8 each day.

Cluster headaches are a severe type of headache. People with cluster headaches can experience attacks in which several severe headaches occur over the course of 24 hours. According to the International Headache Society, a cluster headache is a severe headache characterized by unilateral pain (pain on one side of the head). Usually, the pain starts behind or around one of the eyes.

It can then spread to the temples, causing intense pain. Most cluster headaches last at least 15 minutes and may last up to 3 hours. The changing of seasons can trigger cluster headaches, which happen one or more times a day for a few weeks or months. Clusters are common in the.

Cluster headaches typically affect only about 0.5 percent of the population. The pain of a cluster headache is usually located on one side of the head. Men are four times more likely to suffer from cluster headaches than women, and the age of onset for these headaches is.

Cluster headache (CH) is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent severe headaches on one side of the head, typically around the eye. There is often accompanying eye watering, nasal congestion, or swelling around the eye on the affected side. These symptoms typically last 15 minutes to 3 hours. Symptoms of cluster headache attack Along with severe pain felt on one side of the head around the eye and/or temple, people may experience symptoms such as: Redness and/or watering of the eye. Cluster headaches are a rare form of headaches that are marked by a debilitating one-sided pain.

Cluster headaches derive their name from their occurrence in groups (clusters). They are also known as “suicide headaches,” owing to their reputation of rendering the suffering individual drained and exhausted after an attack.

List of related literature:

Most people with cluster headaches have them episodically—a cluster of one to three headaches a day over a period of weeks or months, alternating with headache-free periods.

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What Causes Cluster Headaches?

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A majority of patients with brain tumors, however, do not have these classic symptoms but instead have headaches that are deep, aching, and difficult to distinguish from tension-type headache.

“Abeloff's Clinical Oncology E-Book” by Martin D. Abeloff, James O. Armitage, John E. Niederhuber, Michael B. Kastan, W. Gillies McKenna
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In chronic cluster headache, there are no headache-free periods or remissions, or they are less than 2 weeks in duration.10 Patients with cluster headache usually describe alcohol intolerance during the cluster episode and generally note intense restlessness during the headache.

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What is a cluster headache?

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Cluster headache Cluster headaches are a rare form of repeated headaches that can occur for weeks to months at a time, followed by periods of remission.

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems” by Diane Brown, Helen Edwards, Lesley Seaton, Thomas Buckley
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ache but much less so with migraine or cluster headaches.

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Bouts of pain in chronic cluster headache occur anywhere from every other day up to eight times a day with a periodicity.

“Chronic Headache: A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluation and Management” by Mark W. Green, Robert Cowan, Frederick G. Freitag
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Cluster headaches are rare and present with unilateral burning pain, more commonly around the eye and orbits on the affected side with a frequency of one to eight times per day (Pavone et al., 2012).

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When headaches recur regularly, the majority are diagnosed as one of the primary headaches: migraine, tension-type headache, or cluster headache.

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  • I hear each and every one of u. Im a sufferer with frickn cluster frickn
    Migraines. Your eyes your teeth. Your jaw line your frickn ear. Im so sick of having this. My head is usually soooo soar after one i cant brush my hair.
    Does anyone else get a HIGH PITCH IN EAR?
    Im sorry 4 all of us. Our lives suck. The depression that grabs you after having this an trying everything to no avail an knowing its coming AGAIN….

  • I dont know if I have this it started yesterday and my right side of my head started aching aswell as my right eye. And when I move like sudden movements my head hurts. My eye pain has gone now.
    P.s I am 14 help me��

  • Yeah I was rolling on the floor crying because of this. Bawling.
    It feels like your skull is caving in, and it also feels like your eyes are being pressed down deep in your socket

  • Dear Doctor Been,
    I am challenging with this cluster headache for 15 years but no doctor in my country could not possibly determine it unless one who told me this is cluster headache but he prescribe some useless drugs and finally I had to inject Dexamethasone or Ketorolac.
    As this year my headaches started since last week I searched and I found you and as I saw your video I started verapamil 40mg once when attack started and the pain killed immediately. but today when attack started I did the same with no result. It longs about 1/5 hour as before.
    So, I just wanna ask how should I use it? how much and how many times a day?
    I would be very appreciated if you answer me as soon as possible.
    Yours faithfully

  • My headache started when the top of my right eyebrow started hurting and then later at noon it started to go worse, when i woke up my head (forehead and above both eyebrows) and now it happens everyday at random times sometimes at day. I am in pain, i am iritated and I don’t know what to do. Please help.

  • Doc, you just blew my mind!! I’ve seen three doctors and they haven’t properly diagnosed my headaches, and you just did! They feel like sinus pressure!

  • Guys! Ive tried alot if things it does not work. But in 2012 my mother prayed for me and i drank Prednisone Pills. Ever since that time its been gone please do try it.

  • since they, as a rule, happen simultaneously every day. An individual might be dozing adequately, at that point stir out of nowhere with a serious bunch Cluster headaches beating in their minds. Self-destruction migraine, since you feel like this agony will execute you. While clinical science keeps on making propels, they presently can’t seem to clarify why some experience bunch cerebral pains simultaneously consistently, at that point they vanish totally for quite a long time. https://kingmora.info/2020/07/11/cluster-headaches-pain-relief/

  • Masturbation gets rid of an upcoming cluster headache. There’s an aura I always feel, kinda like a “knock on the door” that lets me know it’s coming. I just beat my meat and it goes away.��

  • Mint oil helps 2 keep this headache away guys try it. Rub it on your head and nose then try 2 inhale the mint smell You’ll thank me later

  • I had clusters for 20 yrs. This worked for me. I reasoned that I got cluster syndrome by drinking too much coffee, which caused my blood pressure to rise during the day and then drop at night, distending veins, causing the CHthe boomerang effect. Once that trigeminal nerve was injured, CH was made more likely.
    I turned the boomerang effect around, taking a half a verapamil in the morning, which lowered BP during the day, and (boomerang effect!) caused it to not fall so much during the night. Free for five years!
    Many neurologists have not noticed that CHs are caused by low BP/venous distension. One advised me to seek relief by smoking marijuana! A vasodilator!
    Prednisone I could not abide, and for years I simply endured the pain. I found that a strooong cup of coffee at night, along with a strong sleep aid, I could at least have 6 hrs. uninterrupted sleep. The CHs, fewer in number now, would displace to the early afternoon. I could actually go to work,after warning coworkers to leave me alone, don’t try to help, for 20-30 minutes.
    But the verapamil in the morning has made all that a thing of the past.

  • Ive made medical history Pain Free Wishes….have a listen, its my story https://anchor.fm/curechronic/episodes/The-Worlds-Most-Painful-Disease-with-Tom-eeohpl/a-a2b7mrp

  • I’m a 23 y/o female and I have suffered from this since I was around 16, I’m watching this video while my right eye hurts:( my mood changes, I get mad easily when I’m like this.

  • I suffer from these chronic. Could a chemical burn to sinus area and eyes do this? Mine Started after a chemical exposure in Navy 1984, I burn my nose and eyes. 5 Years of HA/mucus, then HA, then HA/dizzy, then dry eyes/HA, but HA comes at 4-5am and it drives me crazy until under control. Now 35 years later and I still get them. You ever see a sinus burn that dose this?

  • I have this in my left eye and fells like something is burning or stabbing me non stop in my left eye and make me feel sick and lack of light almost as if i have to shut off all the lights just cause it hurts so bad

  • I can’t be the only person who when starting antidepressants have these cluster headaches and it’s all dam day. Only time it stops is when I’m dead sleeping! Or if I go off of them completely which I’ve done plenty of times. But I actually want to stay on them it’s just waiting 4 weeks is infinity from now. It’s only on the right side. And I just started antidepressants last Monday so next Monday will be the start of 2 weeks –

  • Im 14 and i started having kind of little pains, alkost lingering in my right eye. Now it does not happen often but when it does im littery secons away from blowing my brains out. Its like someone is stabbing me in the eye x10. Its not as bad bc i pnky get it like once a week

  • Been suffering for this for 22 yrs last attack 15 minutes ago… help me here is my profile
    14 21 yrs old continues attacks
    22-23 yrs old none
    24-32 yrs old continues
    33-34 none
    35here it is again started 5 days ago and it will last for a month,

    In my experience the shortest attack lasted 2 weeks, and the longest 2 months

    Moments ago im in pain lasted for 1 hour, The only tell tale that the attack is subsiding is when my left eye go into tears

    None of the pain relievers work for me, but if the the pain is so much i take arcoxia 120 because my heart beat skips sometimes due to pain
    What oxygen do i need? Oxygen tank?

  • So Cluster Headache is pain around the eyes, then what if defective eyes are to blame? I mean people who wear corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses. They can see clear but again their corneas are still not fully corrected?

  • I use to suffer from cluster headache till a visit a chiropractic after a few weeks the cluster headache left I still get regular headache, but not the cluster one. i all so, saw a neurologist and she gave me some meds that was in 2013 it’s now 2016 and they are no more.

  • I have a question that no doctors can answer I need your answer. So basically my chronic tension headaches used to be at the back of my head over time my head became great my headaches went away. After I had a hair Transplant my chronic headaches came back times 5! Now there at the front of my forehead I can’t concentrate well I don’t feel comfortable and it’s been a year since the hair procedure did the hair procedure since it involves the head bring my headaches back to life? What can I do this hurts and I am not myself. My IQ has dropped significantly

  • I have never had a cluster headache, nor have any of my loved ones had any history of them.

    But Jesus, the stories that I’ve heard of, it really makes me sick to my fucking stomach that people have to go through this. Sitting up for hours, sometimes double digits in length, just DEALING with apparently the worst pain KNOWN TO MAN.

    Just being related to someone with cluster headaches must be terrible to deal with, knowing that there is most likely literally nothing that you can do for your loved one except, be there, must be a sucky ass feeling.

    Edit: also, the videos I’ve seen of people having cluster headaches, that shit is staying with me for a long time.

  • I’ve been dealing with them for 15 yrs now. I am losing the will to fight these debilitating head aches my god they hurt soooo bad. How I’m I suppose to keep a job?

  • I have cluster headaches I have had them for 2 years the doctors have given me different medications and they don’t work.Some times I feel that my husband does not believe me because they come and go. My life has taken a toll. I can never make plans to go out because I never know when I am going to get them. Last medication they have given me i

  • I’ve had a cluster headache 1 time ever and that shit is the most horrible pain you will ever feel, I actually considered killing myself at one point to stop the pain in my head, I’m sorry if you ever get one

  • I love how I fit into all the rare aspects of this. I am a female who has suffered from cluster headaches since I was 7 years old and triptans do not work on me. ��

  • Anyone got any tips on how to focus on something else during the onset of an attack? So far all I got is hot showers and hitting a punching bag, but my knuckles are already raw and the skin on my face is already red from burning water.

  • I get cluster headaches and I am have been currently going through them for this last week. I am confused as to what medication to ask for exactly when I get an attack. There is some conflicting info from the different doctors. I just want the pain to go away as quickly as possible, so what exactly do I need to get a prescription for?

  • Thank you. I’m expecting to start another cycle soon. Your video filled me with hope that more people will begin to understand. It was clear and well conducted. I will pass this video on. Thank you.

  • I suffered from cluster headache for almost 40 years. I have finally got rid of my cluster headaches. I haven’t had for 3 years. Get in touch with me. I will explain how.

  • WOW……this doctor sure does understand…….i just finished a five year cycle……just trying to piece whts left of my life back together before the next cycle starts………..
    next cycle might bring homelessness……im in bad shape eh

    She has SERIOUS understanding of what her patients go through with every attack………
    i am absolutely blown away by her comments at end of video about the guns in the house…….those 30 seconds of her advice about guns in the house of a clusterheadeache sufferer is THE MOST ACCURATE DESCIPTION OF WHAT A CLUSTERHEADACHE AKA SUICIDE HEADEACHE FEEL LIKE


    24 years undiagnosed……..lost my mind when i was 15


    I HOPE THIS MESSAGE REACHES Dr. Deborah Friedman…….

  • Hi.. I have history of migraine. But I didnot get the epsiodes for past few years. Basically I am anxious. For the past one year, I am getting tierd when I am little bit anxious, poking pain at my palm. I am getting sharp pain behind any one of the eyes and headache often. They spread to the tip of my pina, jaw of that headside. I am so messed up and tierd of this.. please guide me what to do..

  • My cluster headaches are triggered by my sinuses. I usually sit in the car with the AC on or go in the living room with the AC blowing cold. That usually helps me. It stops everything after a while.
    I can feel my nose stopped up, and then it switches back and forth. My symptoms or; sensitive to smells, jaw hurts, teeth hurts, sinus in the back of the nose, back of the eyes, my left side temple is the worst, feeling fatigue, getting chills, bright lights, ears real sensitive, runny nose, eyes watering, and mouth get very slobbery.
    my remedy to help me is being in the AC and try to eat and drink a little something if you can. I hope this helps somebody out there who suffers like me. Because medicine doesn’t help…sad. ����

  • My cluster headaches are triggered by my sinuses. I usually sit in the car with the AC on or go in the living room with the AC blowing cold. That usually helps me. It stops everything after a while.
    I can feel my nose stopped up, and then it switches back and forth. My symptoms or; sensitive to smells, jaw hurts, teeth hurts, sinus in the back of the nose, back of the eyes, my left side temple is the worst, feeling fatigue, getting chills, bright lights, ears real sensitive, runny nose, eyes watering, and mouth get very slobbery.
    my remedy to help me is being in the AC and try to eat and drink a little something if you can. I hope this helps somebody out there who suffers like me. Because medicine doesn’t help…sad. ����

  • I think the comment about women being misdiagnosed because cluster headaches tend to be associated with men is very interesting. IMO the same is true about men and migraines men tend to think they are just having bad tension headaches and migraines can go for years without being diagnosed. A cluster headache is what drove me to a neurologist wakened in the middle of the night by the worst pain ever (spike being driven into my left temple). Under a lot of questioning, I realized what I had thought were severe sinus headaches were actual cluster headaches and migraines (the biggest difference being 1) cluster headaches always associated with my left eye/drooping eyelid, and 2) severity (cluster headaches are intolerable). I only recently (past few weeks) realized that my getting up and pacing was also a symptom.
    Currently using sumatriptan (usually works best with aspirin/acetaminophen/caffeine). I’m taking Ajovy it has decreased the severity of migraines, but not too much regarding the frequency (15-20 times/month or more). Usually only get cluster headaches a few times/month (but at 11AM and 1AM).
    I definitely have both chronic cluster and chronic migraine. But, what still puzzles me the chronic aspect started suddenly in the summer of 2013.

  • I’ve had episodic cluster headaches for years, very painful. I have taken things for it that never seem to work. I will get them at 4 am and the only thing that works for me is a cold can of Coca-Cola it knocks the cluster headache away in a few minutes. they should do some studies with Coca-Cola

  • Hi can you help please, im new to oxygen i just got flowmeter regulator with humidifier i dont know is it the one i need for cluster headache or should I change it with one without humidifier?

  • I’m a woman dealing with clusters and have smad4/hht so that may be why? Its very painful i will say…..ty for the informational video��

  • Had episodic cluster headaches for about 28 plus years now. I notice I get mine around winter, however as I get closer my 40s now I notice that the breaks I have from them are longer and they are getting less intense in pain

  • I get cluster headaches after taking a warm or hot shower. It seems that im alergic to water, lol. It took a while for me to find that this was triggering the headaches. It usually takes a few days for it to go away. Its the most miserable experience Ive ever had.

  • LSD and DMT prevent and abort these attacks. Find college students and get some of that. You don’t need high doses. Even sub-hallucinogenic doses can abort these attacks. DMT in particular will do so, when vaporized, within a few seconds!!

  • Great video! 10 years of Clusters for me. Mine are pretty bad, this video will help me when I meet with my neurologist. Working with my primary care physician, we tried triptins and Topamax (Anti Seizure Meds) and ended up with a combo of fioricet and methocarbamol that works really well but you have to get ahead and stay ahead of the pain. If you don’t, you’re screwed. Hope this helps someone.:-)

  • My story. 25 years old right now, experience my first cycle at 21. At 20, went thru a sh*t psychological experience that left me with depersonalization for about a year. Headaches followed after. Idk if its because my brain went thru so much psychological trauma, not sure. But my headaches FORTUNATELY come usually about every 18 months or so. Stay for 30 days usually. Everyday for those 30 days I get this “hot needle poked in my right eye over and over” sensation. My eye is blood shot. The nerve next to my eye is THUMPING like crazy just pumping blood at an incredible rate. They would last about 3-4 hours in total with 2 hours of excruciating pain and the rest is somewhat moderate but still hell. Tried sumatriptan 50mg, even double the dose but would make the pain more acute than anything. Little bit of nausea but no throw up. Right nostril dripping like crazy.. I’ve found out that caffeine works a great deal, use drink coke while pacing back and forth in my bathroom in the dark. Would hop in an extremely hot shower not to wash but just letting the hot water hit the back of my neck. Some relief from that. Doc prescribed me verapamil but very low dose, 100mg SR. Starting treatment when I go to the pharmacy today. Wanted to try an injection or something as they seem to be more fast acting.

    But overall, I’m fighting. And you’re fighting. We all are fighting this shit. And idc what anyone says, if you’ve dealt with this and you still here kicking? You’re a freaking trooper. Hats off to you. This is some of the most painful sh*t I’ve ever experienced and I salute anyone thats still standin here while suffering from this.

    Load up on caffeine, my advice.try to exercise when it first start coming on if you can, especially cardio. Sometimes that helps me bypass it for the day. You not in this alone I promise you! I thought i was, but obviously I’m not. You guys are like fam, we got it!

  • I’ve been trying to find out what this headache I tend to get at night was and this might be it. It’s at the left side of my face, usually just above the eye and it IS SO PAINFUL. I just keep applying pressure towards it and sometimes I hit myself too hard:X
    Thoughts of using an electric drill to drill a hole in that part of the skull pops up in my mind every single time the attack comes, whichs tend to be at night with the pain jolting me awake.
    My preferred method is popping a Nurofen but when I don’t feel like relying on that too often, I will apply a cold compress. Heard that inhaling 100% oxygen is the most useful solution but it’s hard to get lmao.
    I really really hope someone can cure this shitty pain.

  • This by far is the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life, it’s like there’s pain relief….it’s so intense that it’s starting to take a toll on my mental health. I feel like suicide is the only way to get relief��

  • I’ve had cluster headaches since I was 12. I totally remember the first one I got. So bad. I’m a girl so most Dr. Try to tell me I’m misdiagnosed until they see me coming in with one. Toradol is what I use. One Doc even said it brought me back to life.

  • I also suffers from this type of pain. It’s too painful. It happened with me at the age of 18 first time in my exam hall. And whenever I goes to exam hall i suffer from this. It can break someone’s deep sleep. Too much painful it is. If there was any permanent solution…

    And I consult with many doctors but they can’t do anything.

  • Im a female and i have cluster headaches. They diagnose me as a kid with regular migraines,then as an adult they were cluster. All i know is,it messes with your quality of life. I dont wish this kind of pain on no one. There is no medicine to help me,my meds has been changed a 1,000 times. Now i just suffer until i find something that works. Also,does any one have luck with oxygen therapy? I found out i have a pfo and some doctors claim if you have a pfo,mostly likely you have any type of migraines. So,to me it explains why i have been having migraines since i was a kid. So people please check to see if you have a hole in your heart.

  • I was left with nerve damage over my eye small price to pay it just constantly sweats
    Pain is excruciating your description is exactly what it is rocking helped me

  • I have had clusters since I was 40. I am a woman 57, and I have restless leg syndrome, and cluster headaches. Could there be a connection? They tend to happen spring and fall mostly. I described them as contractions that increase to unbearable then decrease to functional. They bloom in moments. Triptans help very little. Fioricet helps with magnesium! It is hard to explain that I am fine one moment, then in so much pain the next. My clusters started after a tooth extraction broke my upper jawbone.

  • I have cluster headache for a month now..
    I have the same symptoms.
    Red eye on effected side
    Drooping eye on effected side
    One sided headache
    Excessive tearing on effected side
    Stuffy or runny nose on effected side.
    Swelling around eyes on affected side.
    What could b more worse than this pain.
    God please help me and all.

  • I need to show the 11:00 min mark to the 11:45 to my doctor because I’m a woman who suffers from these and have some features. I have also suffered a concussion a few years ago from a car accident. Mine switches sides but is almost always on my left side. I’m usually in pain to the point where I’m kicking, screaming, crying, writhing with my eyes watering, insane amount of mucous production to the point where I’m constantly spitting large amounts out… It gets to the point where I’m in pure terror of the pain itself and feeling a complete sense of utter desperation and helplessness. I hate it. Hate it hate it.. ive had it so bad recently that one made me lose most of my ability to speak coherently and it also lasted for 2 1/2 hours, stopped for 1 hr and came back with a vengeance for another 1 1/2 hrs before I could finally lay my weary head down to sleep. This was just two nights ago for me and just thinking about it makes me cry and get scared.

  • I try running by treadmill or clear area for 3 minutes, pain will go immediately or after while breathing. But for sure I go to see doctor’s for preventive medication.

  • I’m 21 and I’ve been getting these for about 3-4 years on and off. I usually get a 5-7/10 on the pain scale. I have only gotten 10/10 a dozen times or so and I can attest that it was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. When I get a 10 I cannot sit still. My stomach aches and I feel nauseous. I become overwhelmingly hot and sweaty. There is nothing like the deep pain behind your eye, temple, jaw, and sometimes the back of my neck. It is an absolute horrible time.

  • I use to have cluster headaches, I first experience did in high school in 10th Grade and the first symptoms was that my eyes started watering it wasn’t until 4 years later that I started to get the pain in my head on the left side it felt like someone was sticking at them in my eyeball sticking a screwdriver my nose taking my teeth out with pliers and I had a helmet on that in the inside was full of needles poking the left side of my head it was excruciating and painful I used to take a lot of ibuprofen and migraine headaches that seem to intensify the pain if you leaders after that it’s starting to feel like someone was trying to rip my shoulder blade off on my left side and they seem to come in the fall for about the next 3 months and I could have anywhere from 223 attacks a day the way I used to describe it to somebody was that getting a brain freeze times a hundred staying with you for about an hour or so and although the pain I sighted the pressure stayed until the next attack begin then the pain came back along with the pressure in 2009 I believe I had an episode at night waking up in the middle of the night feeling like elephants were playing with my head like a soccer ball it took the whole early morning for it to go away 30 minutes before going to work it had exhausted me to where I ended up having an accident at work and cutting my fingers off by half an hour before getting off work that ended up being a blessing in disguise for some reason ever since I cut my finger off due to being exhausted from the cluster headache the early morning before that day I cut my finger off the blessing was that I haven’t had or experienced a cluster headache since

  • I had these headaches several times a day for a week when I was in my mid 20s. Then, about four years later, it happened again. Only the second time did I seek medical help. The oxygen treatment and Naproxen did nothing. Injecting myself with prescribed sumatriptan/Imitrex made them stop instantly. I just hope I never need it again.

  • My dad has cluster headaches AND THE SHIT SUCKS he pukes he beats his head with his fist puts his hand into a wall (drywall) and it scares the shit out of me I’m only 17 and seen him with a cluster 3 times my mom is there for support and also get what he needs (oxygen ice packs and imatrex shot) its unbearable to watch my own father suffer from this shit and wish he never had to deal with this bs

  • My cluster headaches are triggered by my sinuses. I usually sit in the car with the AC on or go in the living room with the AC blowing cold. That usually helps me. It stops everything after a while.
    I can feel my nose stopped up, and then it switches back and forth. My symptoms or; sensitive to smells, jaw hurts, teeth hurts, sinus in the back of the nose, back of the eyes, my left side temple is the worst, feeling fatigue, getting chills, bright lights, ears real sensitive, runny nose, eyes watering, and mouth get very slobbery.
    My remedy to help me is being in the AC and try to eat and drink a little something if you can. I hope this helps somebody out there who suffers like me. Because medicine doesn’t help…sad. ����

  • I could tell no one in this comment section is currently having a cluster headache, as I wouldn’t even be able to fucking watch a video if I had 1

  • I was just dx today with SUNCT cluster. I’m a 52 year old female and having a hard time with this….I initially present in an E.R. With an extremely fast acting migraine made right side of face go numb…. the E.R. Thought I was having a stroke my bp was super high. They came back and said I have Trigeminal neuralgia… Completely in disbelief…I have been going to ortho, ent, dentist, and finally went to neuro today. My headaches came on really hard in Aug.Sept and Oct and it’s extremely sharp stabbing pains from top of head top of eye and my temple. My top teeth always get numb. My eye water, and gets red. It is ALWAYS on the right side. But I also have Thyroid eye disease same location. It’s in check but I do have pressure in both eyes. I can.t handle the eye pain, it’s the worst pain ever. I just want my eye to be gone. Does this sound like SUNCT cluster?

  • Yes it feels like there’s someone inside trying to poke their way out, when I first got them I described them jokingly as athena trying to be born. Ughh it’s been 4 days, I’m exhausted. But I don’t feel like moving when i get them

  • I have been a chronic cluster headache sufferer without remission for around 10yrs. I wasnt diagnosed untill 4years ago! Begore i was diagnosed and prescribed sumatriptan injections i attempted to end my life no less than 3 times. Although my injections and lithium tablets have helped reduce my attacks from 12-15 attacks in 24hrs to 5-7 in 24hrs, its still debilitating and soul destroying. Although its recognized as one of medical science’s most painful condition, and destroys lives of the sufferers and their families, its still not recognised as a disability. As a consequence peolple like me who are chronic with no remission live a life of hell, and one of the hardest facts to bare is that theres NO-ONE to turn too for help!

  • Started 27 years ago.
    No more since 6 years ago.
    Source of my clusters was due to subcontious muscle tension.

    Treatment that I accidently stumbled accross:
    Multiple tiny amounts Homeopathic (mix) muscle relaxant injections directly into the “Trigger Points” (or knots) located in the sore muscles on my back around the shoulder blades, on the shoulders and in the neck.
    You can trace the source during a Cluster episode, starting from your temple, round the ear, down the back of the neck, onto the shoulder and also round the shoulder blade by pressing into those sore muscles.

    This treatment is cheap and the most effective…. But, does not make money for the Doctors, Neurosurgons and Pharmaceutical companies who fund the “Research”. Therefore they would not be interested in homeopathic.
    Therefore, what I have said here is very brief & to the point.

  • If you want to help why don”t you give a patient a blood patch. You are a provider than can test my theory. I know that this will be the answer. I hate the fact that no one has tried this yet. If it works this can be your legacy and these people can stop suffering like animals!!!!!!!!!

  • I have had clusterheadache for 24 years now. I would not wish this disease on my worst enemy. They are not life threatening, however they are life changing. Especially in a cycle. Pain free wishes to the one who is suffering ��

  • I think I’m having one right now and it sucks, I don’t have a runny nose though but it is switching sides every few minutes and I am tearing a bit, it’s gotten better

  • Sir im pregnant and hvng these type of pain starting from eyes end behind the neck.. Itx 3rd day of this headach i cant take any medicn..any home remedy?

  • Imigran! Go get it immediately. It’s a nasal spray, horrible taste but the cluster headache is gone very quickly. Life changer for me

  • Wow she’s spot on in explaining. I’ve had them my whole life and always in the fall season. Nothing works in preventing them. I’ve learned putting your body in extreme messures help with dealing with the pain. Run an EXTREAMLY hot shower and buy or fill up bath tube with as much ice as possible and run water. Then go back and forth between the two until it’s done. The hotter the shower and the colder the ice bath the BETTER.

  • Cluster Headache Relief: Tips and Remedies to Feel Better https://thedarker0508.blogspot.com/2019/09/cluster-headache-relief-tips-and.html?view=sidebar

  • Ive had cluster headaches sense I was 15 I’m in my late 30s and just 3 years ago I got them so bad I’ve had suicidal thoughts nightmares a lot of sleepless weeks not nights “WEEKS”
    it has flipped my life completely upside down.
    I can’t work. I think they should have a disability for us that suffer from cluster headaches. No one really understands it the doctors don’t understand me all they can do is try to give you something to control it.
    Most of the times it don’t help and if it helps it helps only sometimes. In the comments someone said “magic mushrooms”I don’t recommend to do unless you want to end up mentally disabled. It’s not something to take lightly. I need help with my clusters. And I pray to god to help me

  • I developed floaters in my eye after a series of cluster headaches. I used to do dynamic morning salutation routine that could terminate headaches within two minutes. I call them frustration headaches because I notice there has been an environmental/personal issue that I can’t resolve that correlate with headaches.

  • my dad have the same signs and it starts at night and he also use oxygen, can you please reply me and give my dad some advice how it gone and how it will be much better… thanks

  • I am interested in the website associated with the clinical trial that was mentioned at the end of the video? Also, it doesn’t seem fair that when procedures are available that it is still almost impossible to get help. Example, I am a chronic “cluster head” for about 7 years… my insurance won’t help at all (blue cross) with the spg blocker. They claim experimental. My neurologist (Shands hospital in Jacksonville Fl), wants to charge $3500.00 a session for something that takes literally 1 minute to perform. With like you said, may help if all all only a few weeks. It’s literally extortion. Where is the hope? Nothing I have been prescribed is helping.

  • Water fasting  helped me a lot. Usually after the 2nd day of fasting with water only the headaches would stop and I could get a good night of sleep with no headaches waking me up.  I usually would continue fasting a few more days to allow my body to heal  Water fasting allows the body to heal.  If the headaches came back when starting to eat again time to do some more water fasting.  I believe juice fasting with green vegetable would get the same results but is safer than water fasting.

  • Sir I have stabbing headaches for half a year or 8 months now.. I have taken indometacine. My body temperature is crazy and I get hot all the time. I also feel weak sometimes and I feel fainting. How do I stop indometacine? Now I’m taking 25 mg every 8 hours for 4 weeks. Symptoms are new and I think it’s the indometacine. The headaches are controlled now but I don’t know how to stop it. My memory has been affected tremendously.

  • I hit my head on the wall, actually smashed a hole in my door two days ago from it, laid on the floor screaming and asking the man up above why this happens. They go away for a few months then come back months later every single day for a month, multiple times a day. Like I knife jabbing my eye ball and it swells shut. Actually have one at this exact moment. Currently trying not to break my phone out of pain

  • I’ve just started my cycle about a month ago. Somedays I have up to 4 attacks. I really can’t bare it on those days. I don’t know if anyone else is the same but I can tell I’m about to get one about 20 minutes before it hits. If I take 800mg of Advil right when I notice that I can usually avoid them. The only problem is when you have 3-4 a day taking that much Advil can cause other problems. So sometimes I choose to suffer through it because I can’t take that much. Anyone who has these knows the dread before you get one. It’s like knowingly walking towards a saw blade towards your eye. Recently they’ve been getting so bad that even for hours after it’s gone I have a residual pain in my head. It’s like it’s done permanent damage or something. However, after I sleep and wake up I’m back to normal…until the next headache hits.

  • Im a severe migraine sufferer. I have a question for people who go thru these…what are cluster headaches like compaired to migraines?

  • I screamed into a pillow all night. It was the purest feeling I’ve ever experienced. No love, no hate, no sadness, no happiness, nothing was as pure as this. It was a thin laser of pain shot through me from the top of my head, through my left eye, out the bottom of my jaw. As soon as one went away, I had about 10 min before it all started over again, all night, over and over again. A cracked tooth triggered something horrible. I ended up taking a hard bristled toothbrush and physically scrubbing the nerve from my tooth out of my head. That wasn’t so bad, it was my head and my eye that hurt, not the horror movie removal of the nerve.

  • I used to have cluster headaches all the time not chronic but seem to come in the fall and stay with me for about 3 months and I experienced anywhere from 3 to 6 a day my last experience was in 2009 when I woke up about three hours after sleep in excruciating pain and left me exhausted it didn’t go away until 30 minutes before going to work in the morning what you left me exhausted the whole day I ended up having an accident that day 30 minutes before getting off work and ended up cutting off a finger but ever since that I have not experienced a cluster headache sense losing my finger could you explain why that is and why it happened but I do not experience no more cluster headaches since losing my finger which I consider a blessing in disguise since I experienced them from the age of 16 to 31.

  • This is terrible to watch! They are so strong to endure this horrific pain for sometimes hours at a time. I just wish that the government would catch up on laws. The reason: everybody who suffers from these headaches has said that they absolutely disappear FOR GOOD after taking “magic mushrooms,” or “shrooms” for short! Come on! A proven cure, but politicians say its bad, so these people put sooooo much money into the implants mentioned in this video to NOT have relief?! People are stupid

  • I’m 36 male and I just started getting them maybe a few months ago, I think. So far I’ve noticed when there’s a change of temperature or humidity it seems to be brought on, and usually in the mornings when I wake up, but I think I can feel them coming on the night before. Lying down seems to make it worse. Being focused on any video game seems to help just get my mind off of them. Tylenol doesn’t seem to work

  • ​ @TheEndTrend First step you wanna do is shower in cold water for 2-3 hours and make sure the cold water hit were it pain after getting out the shower you will feel a lot of pain but not as much after 6 or 4 hour it was start paining again and that when you put a ice pack on your head or go take a shower again then take a sleep keep doing that routine and you will feel better i been doing it for 2-3 weeks and i do’t have the cluster headache no more

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCtaLNjBId8&t=1643s





  • I experienced it every week we’ve since elementary. Gotten used to it, I can even play while having headache and not show people that I’m in pain but actually I’m in pain.

    Ps: I’m also having a cluster headache while typing this….

  • Mine feels like I’m being electrocuted where my brain meets the left eye and each jolt is cracking my skull above the eye this is my eighth year. I pray you have long remissions, we hit the pain jackpot clusterheads.

  • Cluster headaches are not common. Migraines is a common condition that affects more than 37 million Americans while cluster headaches, more common in men only affect 1 million people. I’m sorry I don’t want to spread hate but my brother has cluster headaches, nicknamed “suicide headaches”. I really don’t want people to think they are similar. It affects a totally different area of the brain. While clusters only last 3 hours compared to a migraine that can last 3 days clusters can happen several times a day. My brothers highest count of clusters is 9 times a day for 8 months. Migraines can be associated with hormones and stress while clusters is a condition. Cluster headache is one of the most painful conditions known to mankind and women suffering from cluster headache describe the pain as worse than childbirth. You simply cant say they are similar. When someone tells my brother they understand cause they got a migraine once its not the same. You are incapable in that state which makes no one want to hire you. My brother had his cycle during college finals. When he gets one he must be rushed to his dorm on a cart for oxygen. This high dose of oxygen is higher than what most people sell and ergo more expensive. I want to clear this common misconception. Because this condition is 20 times more likely than any other pain to make someone take their life. While this video has good information it really doesn’t do this condition justice.

  • I had one yesterday and I’m only a child. It was the first time I did not know how to act. I couldn’t breathe properly and couldn’t talk properly, couldn’t think properly. And my cousin had the nerve to call me a baby and I’m acting like a 4 yo just because I was stuttering and acting weird. And was making fun of me, was I overreacting? ��‍♀️

  • So Cluster Headache is pain around the eyes, then what if defective eyes are to blame? I mean people who wear corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses. They can see clear but again their corneas are still not fully corrected?

  • I’m guessing I have a cluster headache because I either get a aching pain on the left side of my head or behind my eye around the same time for the past few days and today is the first time it’s happened after 9 in the morning. And it isn’t even really bad pain it’s like mabye average pain or a little worse it’s just annoying like damn it’s been going one for like 5 days now

  • I haven’t had a cluster headache for three years….up until today �� I went a long just fine,but deep in my heart,I was dreading them to return….and sure enough….they have �� I really don’t know if I will be able to handle them this time around. What’s bad,is I have to suffer alone. I have no family or friends to reach out to. Only ones around me are my father and stepmother,and they are unsympathetic and only care about themselves. The stress they put me under is too much to handle. So,cluster headaches coming back on me now,a long with dealing with their crap and this COVID stuff,I really don’t know what’s going to happen to me…. �� I can’t deal with this strain,stress and (now) cluster headaches again. I pray that God ends my pain somehow and some way,and gets me out of this hell which I am living in. I have no job and no place to go and get away from the stress I am under….I suffer alone….. ��

  • I feel so unlucky that I always get these types of headaches. The pain is so bad it just makes me think of killing myself just to stop the pain its for real pain from hell

  • Thank you.
    But sorry why dont you mention the stress, anxiety and constitution of the pt. cuz these things has major role in cluster headache and symptoms varies pt to pt acc to individualisation. Our daily life style etc etc. Thanks

  • So Cluster Headache is pain around the eyes, then what if defective eyes are to blame? I mean people who wear corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses. They can see clear but again their corneas are still not fully corrected?

  • Oh my god, I can’t even imagine living with that kind of pain. I suffer from migraines which I get probably 2 or 3 times a week and I find those debilitating enough, the pain is horrible and I vomit and can’t stand light etc. To hear that there are headaches even more painful than that makes my stomach flip. I can’t even imagine.

  • am telling you how i stop mine eye and head from paining follow these step for 2 weeks witch i did if it is worst then process and keep doing it it will feel better get more sleep. First step you wanna do is shower in cold water for 2-3 hours and make sure the cold water hit were it pain after getting out the shower you will feel a lot of pain but not as much after 6 or 4 hour it was start paining again and that when you put a ice pack on your head or go take a shower again then take a sleep keep doing that routine and you will feel better i been doing it for 2-3 weeks and i do’t have the cluster headache no more

  • Feel free to contact me, I was chronic and I am now cured after a treatment at the The Headache Clinic with Dr. Elliot Shevel and his team. [email protected] outlook.com Miguel Sousinha Messenger miguelsousinha instagram.


    This link saved my life. Hopefully it will help somebody else.

  • This is not a medical advice but anyone suffering from this condition reading my comment do your research on magic mushrooms which contains psylocybin lot of people had good results doing them once a month or so and it either drastically reduces the pain or even the frequency of them

  • I get a minor version of this (ie intense but bearable headache behind one eye) when I’m really tired. Not sure if it’s not a migraine though. What’s the difference?

  • Valproate is also a great preventive painkiller. It helped reduce my pain by about 80-90% when i had a cluster headaches 10 years ago. Lucky did not return yet.

  • please try 9 mg of melatonin an hour and a half before you go to bed

    it has to be taken daily and continuously

    this dose ie 9 mg to 15 mg helps reset our (cluster heads) Circadium rhythm

    have been taking it for the past 15 years –

    to abort and on going cluster headache applying/spraying capsaicin into the nostril on the side of the pain helps a lot

  • Known as ‘suicide headache’ for a reason. Up to 25% of sufferers attempt suicide, and one study cites 10 000 attempts in the US alone relatred to cluster headache.

    It hurts so much that you are literally crawling on the floor and banging your head against tables/desks. It’s no fucking joke.

  • When I was in year 8 I began experiencing cluster headaches I’m still traumatised from the pain honestly, the only time in my life I became suicidal. I still have anxiety about them returning with the same pain intensity and it’s been years. I now suffer from migraines but my cluster headaches haven’t returned, I’m grateful to have migraines. Immigran which I think is the summatriptan she referred to, has been helping me a lot! If I begin to suffer from cluster headaches again I’m researching a doctor who specialises in them and knows the difference between cluster headaches and migraines as most doctors don’t and the last thing I need is another doctor lecturing me about stress management. –

  • Shit hurt4 so much, the headache is so pain that i will work me up around midnight. PLS CREATE A TREATMENT FOR THIS(failed an exam because of this headache )

  • Random fact: they are also know as “suicide headaches”, and women say it’s worse than giving birth. Some soldiers say, that they rather step on a landmine, than having a cluster headache.

  • I think I get a combination of cluster headaches and migraines. There are times where I can’t lie down, have to walk around and hit my head against the wall like he described. Other times it’s more mild but lasts all day and just have to lie down in a dark room and just vomit all day. Both are terrible.

  • Take a spoon, keep in freez for 2-3 minutes and put it on eye gently or any metal you have with you. Repeat this for each eye. It will give 100% relief quick way. (Don’t put metal or spoon too much long in freeze and apply gently)

  • Back in late 2008 I had a really bad one sided headache. It was a Friday and I tried to get a doctors appointment but could not get one till the following Tuesday. However on the Saturday morning the headache came back so bad that I went to the NHS walk in centre. There it was noticed that I had a drooping eye lid and the pupil of that eye was constricted. They arranged an appointment at the local general hospital where I had a CT scan and was told I had cluster headaches but they were not sure why and sent me home on the Sunday. On the Monday morning after very little sleep I went to my doctor for advice, he said that the cluster headache diagnosis was just a description of symptoms but told nothing of the actual cause of the headaches. He arranged an urgent appointment at another hospital to see a neurologist.
    The neurologist carried out a thorough examination and said that I had Horners syndrome due to nerve damage. He knew from my symptoms which nerve was damaged but I needed an MRI to find the location of the damage. The MRI indicated a left carotid dissection that was distorting the nerve bundle and causing the problems.

    I had to stay in hospital for further testing, I had serious hypertension which was the likely cause of the problem, which was not serious enough for surgery. For a few days I was tried on various hypertension medications until an optimal combination was found that stabilised me. I had another MRI scan on the Friday which showed some improvement and I was able to go home on Saturday and back to work on the Monday.

    Because Horners syndrome is fairly uncommon while in hospital I had a couple of small groups of medical students come to look at me.
    I had also developed a visual problem in my left eye and had to get new glasses with a prism to compensate for the double vision I was experiencing.

  • Its very painful seriously the pain is over you imagination the way to get rid of it is weed it helps makes you so high won’t even remember what happed or get the sleeping injection only these two method works good I am suffering it’s very painful ��

  • Hello cluster headache fellows, I just came to tell u the fastest treatment for this, I’m suffering from this headache for 7 years now, tried everything, all types of meds, all remedies,butox injections, I even electrified my head with dog’s electric collar, hot water helps a little, jumping helps a little, sumatriptan works but will take time and leave you like a zombie, oxygen and oxygen and oxygen is the magical treatment for this, within 2 minutes of high flow (around 15 liters) will stop the attack

  • I have suffered from Chronic cluster headaches for 10yrs, and was diagnosed by my consultant (Professor in Neurology) 5yrs ago. Since falling victim to this vicious neurological disease, i lost my job, marriage, home, and my relationship with my children, all before being diagnosed. I have on average 6-8 attacks every 24hrs, and this has been the case since being diagnosed and given lithium, sumatriptan, and high flow oxygen. Before diagnosis and recieving these, i had an attack every 2hrs and could set my watch to it. I’ve been told im one of the worst cases known in the UK, and i have had chronic cluster attacks every day without any kind of remission for 10yrs. I also have not had more than 2hrs uninterrupted sleep for 10yrs. Im so drained and weak that most of the time a rabid wolverine could be standing in front of me and i wouldn’t notice. Hell is still one HELL of an understatement for this disease. Sumatriptan injections is a gift from the gods, but can only deal with two attacks in 24hrs, so left clinging to the oxygen for the other six. I live alone and can’t leave the house in fear of an attack, so i don’t have any form of a normal life. Ive tried all oral tablet medications, I’ve triel occipital nerve block, and i have tried Gamma core, all to no avail. Financially i can’t afford to even put the heating on. Claiming Benefits is a nightmare. Unqualified decision makers, and heath assessors telling me my HEADACHE’s dont disable or hinder me from carrying out normal activities that the rest of the population can. ��mmm, if only they knew! Your all alone with this condition. Noone understands or seems to care that we go through an ordeal that’s been described worst than childbirth, up to 10 times a day, nonstop for 10yrs or more. I believe the only people that can comprehend the sheer ferocious ness and cruelty of a cluster headache attack, are those that have them. And unfortunately, in the 10yrs i have suffered, I am yet to meet another fellow sufferer ☹. Suicide is something that i contemplate daily, and not just during an attack. Without a doubt, if it wasn’t for the fact i have children and two elderly parents out there, i would of ended my misery along time ago. Indeed, a life changing and soul destroying disease. May the force be with all you fellow sufferers out there.

  • Just crack your neck do some massages and put a cold towel and by what I mean crack your neck I mean release pressure on your jawbone if that doesn’t work just get a pen or a pencil and press your teeth against it gently and do the other steps as well

  • I’ve had headaches that last 24/7 for months, on my left side, it’s not sharp pain but it’s ALWAYS there and it stops me from enjoying activities i should be enjoying, i’m 23 and it affects my social life very much, i’m not as positive and confident person i once was, i’m too serious and anxious, i’ve gotten to the point where i put on a fake smile and laugh when i’m with my friends, family even though i feel like shit. I’ve seen neurologist, he’s done some basic neurological exams such as me walking the straight line, puting me in different positions, just some basic stuff, when i asked him to make an appoitment for CT scan he refused and said you seem to be fine, my blood tests are fine, thyroid hormones fine as well, i don’t know what to do, this has affected my life so much but you can’t see it from outward appereance, i feel like a shell of a person i used to be, i’m not depressed i just feel down that i’m going trough this pain and i have no answer, i guess it’s not cluster headaches because it’s not severe throbing pain.

  • It’s like something is forcing my left eye out of my eye socket, like my eye is about to explode. Sometimes right before an attack happens, I get a ‘snowblind’ effect and my vision gets dark. The onset ranges from almost instantaneous to about 5 minutes. Triptans help but for me, the side effects are very unpleasant. I’ll take them any day over an attack though.

  • I get cluster pain..and I don’t move a bit I get numb i don’t know why this is my nature to bear pain thay I get numb even if you stab me with a knife I’ll get numb no feeling no nothing not moving 1 place like a statue. Even I get severe kidney pain as someone stabbed me with knives and twisting it I’ll remain numb..and because of that my mum can’t recognize when am ill. Why? And it’s painful for me…i feel like oneday I’ll die being numb no one will know if I’m dead. I feel lonely knowing that

  • I live in west Africa and I really pity those of us who experience cluster headaches here cuz no one takes it seriously…I just got a pack of panadol. Hoping it works cuz I cant even work or sleep for that matter.

  • Yoo y’all crazy or what, I’m 14 and it just started 2 days ago,and reading the comments I’m kinda scared,i thought it will be over and y’all be like”i had sucidal thought” is this all real or just exaggeration

  • So grateful i dont experience this now. Respect to all the people that deal with this, i couldnt do it and hope i never have to. It looks like hell

  • I get the same, during the change of seasons, I get these really bad headaches. Feels like like the front of my skull is in a vice grip..I can however usually deal with it if I take a Tylenol or 2 or 1000mg ibuprofen. Even then I can still feel some pain and I get very nauseous..and usually during the change of season from winter to spring. It looks like these people get it really bad, so bad you want to knock yourself out…yikes.

  • Nose �� ��eye’s circle ⭕ forehead and full head pain..
    Nose and eyes junction, eyebrows = most suffering point.

    And the last lower part of head, and the middle top part of head =most suffering point.

  • I know how they feel. I get more migraines overall, but I get this as well. Thankfully, not too often. It sounds like the people in this clip anyway, get them more often than me. Migraines, that is just another Monday morning for me at this point, I hardly even flinch at a migraine, unless it drags on for too long. These? That is a whole other conversation.

  • I just had one of these, like 5 mins ago. First time it happened to me and i’m almost 28. It was intense. Only lasted like 30 seconds, but holy crap it was awful.

  • Magic Mushrooms prevents Cluster Headaches! Oxygen is a safe effective treatment at first onset of an attack, Triptans are very hard on the body. (make me very very sick and cause major rebounds). Also, other operations included was Occipital Nerve Stimulation, and Deep Brain Stimulation…(both of which I have had).
    The only relief I personally had was magic mushrooms.
    I am a chronic cluster head and chronic migraineur.
    Comparing a cluster to a migraine is comparing a bullet wound to a paper cut.!
    Great interview but one thing almost every doctor related interview seems to miss is the devastation this disease causes. Suicide, loss of friends, family, employment, social life, your vanity, income, PTSD, fatigue, personal self worth.
    The attack lasts upto 3 hrs long, but what it does to us lasts forever.

  • As someone who has had morning cluster headaches for 2 years now, I thought I’d share a tip which has helped me substantially to reduce my attacks from everyday to like once week or so. Firstly, I know what it feels like trust me, the stabbing piercing pain in the eye with a stuffed nose and tears rolling down profusely. The tip may sound very simple but I have trialed it many times and it works for me. My cluster migraine is in my right eye so I always now sleep on my right side. An attack is triggered anytime I sleep on my left side. Sometimes you may accidently realise your sleeping on your left so you must keep your eyes closed and move to the right and go back to sleep. If you open your eyes whilst moving to the right you will have an attack. I hope this helps ��

  • The eye turns red starts to pulse then the pain starts on one side of the head like if you got hit in the head you would die I think I’ve been diagnosed with this illness but have not talked to a doctor please send the doctor I should talk to

  • I get this one headache every year around April, i don’t know if it’s a migraine or a cluster headaches. It sometimes starts of with a aurora (eye illusions) then i get a light headache that gradually gets worse then i puke for 10 to 20 mins and then it goes away but i’m still left with a light headache. Also i get fatigue for the next 2 days like a hangover.

  • nice to see you smile believe me i cant smile or laugh coz the pain is so bad and painfull left eye and temple thick eyelid and neck runny nose and often fomitting im 49 it started when i was 44 and banged my head to the wall i have it 6 days and some take 8 hrs last was on the 4th of jan 2020 i have multiple times a year 4x 5x 6x you never know when it hits it was so painfull i wanted to die i realy thouhgt i had a brain tumor i had a scan and no tumor found idont drink alchol i dont do drugs i dont smoke anymore for 15 years atm started to get a wet left eye so i think it will come soon i have gon injection and i have astma long sicknes

  • As someone who is 33 (in the us) the common factor has & always has been for me, the pressure change in the weather, be it spiking hot like the current way it has been or extreme cold in the winter..

  • May our Gods send every one of our cells and atoms pulsing throughout our bodies, energies and convert that into bliss,tranquility and pain free lives & altered dream states of being unaware to all pain. Unity is a better service than sympathy �� Would be beautiful for the elite medicine men to upgrade the autobahn healing-pain and open more serenity aurora states of mind. in Joseph Rael’s Beautiful Painted Arrow (ASD) and all his grandchildren & Don Jr souls & spirits -> Unity must be enacted among all western shamans to ease the pain of all humans and to be put in dreamlike pain free altered states

  • Sir
    I am suffering from headache & nasal pain from too many years.I concern my physician s that its because of sinus but after taking medicines it cures but after some days its again starts..
    Some times my eys also starts paining during headache & some time when I closed my eyes or open my eyes its starts paining. & I also concerned eye specialist but they told me that there is no issue in that… So sir plzz help me to cure.. I hope you read your comment section

  • Hello cluster headache fellows, I just came to tell u the fastest treatment for this, I’m suffering from this headache for 7 years now, tried everything, all types of meds, all remedies,butox injections, I even electrified my head with dog’s electric collar, hot water helps a little, jumping helps a little, sumatriptan works but will take time and leave you like a zombie, oxygen and oxygen and oxygen is the magical treatment for this, within 2 minutes of high flow (around 15 liters) will stop the attack

  • I have been suffering these exact symptoms for the past 26 years. Since I was 18. This comes every year some times get triggered by hot sun. Some times during cold. For the past 3 years I am keeping a track it come around same time + 30 days and lasts for 15 days around same time everyday for two hours. My eye becomes red and tears come out. And as I tolerate it’s very difficult and I sleep and rest in two hours it’s gone. I have to deal this now for two weeks as it just started. PLEASE help me how can I prevent or treat. You are the only doctor who understood the real problem. Once I went to drs some treat for migraines and some for sinus and they make it worst. And I have never been to dr. For ten years. PLEASE help me with relief.

  • This video is 100% fake, i have had cluster hedaches for over 2 years now, and ithas never been muc more worse than a migraine, in my opinion to help reduce the pain you lay on the side of your head that isn’t expeirencing the aching pain, this makes your head think you’re asleep, this then reduces the pain afer about 10 minutes and after that you can stand up, you will still have a small headache but that shold be gone within about 5-20 minutes.

  • We are timed with Sirius, not the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, your anus or the sun. Sirius is why we use a 365 day calendar. Without Sirius providing a timing signal then summer would be switching with winter every 36 years. Wrap your tiny brains around that. In any case find relief by sleeping according to Sirius or go out and star gaze Sirius. You’ll turn into superman…

  • I too suffer from these, and I greatly suspect they are brought on as a result of accumulated antibiotic neurotoxic sensitivities from childhood to adulthood.

  • When you have a headache when I have a headache when I feel a little bit pain I burped and I feel like I’m going to be about to throw up ��

  • I feel your pain guys.
    Used to get them all the time.
    Haven’t had one in 15+ years.
    So, there is hope.
    I’m not an emotional guy, but my heart goes out to anyone suffering with these.

  • Just listen to the link I sent. If you have ever had any kind of injury, Motor Vehicle Accident, slip and fall etc. this can happen

  • hi after ten years of experiencing migraines could you help me understand why i am affected by this terrible situation. to begin i am a 40 year old male no underlying health issues i guess i am a binge alcoholic meaning i will drink from say friday untill sunday.
    ill make my point quickly if i have not had any alcohol for several days and then have a drink i awake with the most incredible migraine and vomiting it wipes me out the pain is 11 out of ten the vomiting is so bad however if i drink again the next day i experience no problems this is a question i have been trying to find the answer to for many years

  • I get 4. Chroic Tension Chronic Migraines and Chronic Cluster Headaches…and now and undiagnosed one:(
    yes universaly we will all answer the exact same description of an attack of CH

  • Hey everyone, I’m a passionate Physiotherapist who’s interested in trying to better understand the cause many issues, and I’ve put together some thoughts on how to figure out whether headaches are neck-related. Hopefully, it helps those looking for answers! https://yourwellnessnerd.com/neck-related-headaches/

  • There is 3 thing more painful than cluster headaches: penile fracture I do not want this to happen to me, an even worse headache and last is depression. Type in on the internet most painful things and go on the one which says list 25 if ur interested

  • I suffered from them for more than 20 years. The best description of the pain I have seen was “amputation without anesthetic” It’s like someone is removing my left eye with a branding iron for about an hour.

  • I’ve had many cluster headaches and I always described it to my doctor as someone stabbing me the eye with a hot ice pick. I never knew that was such a common description

  • In my each session or cycle I try to find a new way to get rid from this headche.
    And I always try to observe wat leads to this headche on me..
    If you can trigger sneezing at vary starting of headche you may supress the headache

  • This video has a lot of gobbledee dook blab-blah doctor babble that won’t help people in extreme pain that drives them to suicide. And I’m speaking as a sufferer.

    Look up Dr Elliot Shevel. He has published over 30 academic journal articles and devised the only treatment that offers a permanent cure. He is based in Johannesburg, South Africa (same country in which the first ever heart transplant was ever conducted, before anyone craps over Africa).

    For any true cluster sufferers out there this guy will save your life.

  • I was just diagnosed with these this past weekend. Shit is no joke and these documented episodes by the people suffering these is exactly what it’s like.
    I’ve fractured vertebrae in my back years ago and thought THAT was the most painful thing I’ve ever endured. Nah, not even close.

  • My dad has cluster headaches AND THE SHIT SUCKS he pukes he beats his head with his fist puts his hand into a wall (drywall) and it scares the shit out of me I’m only 17 and seen him with a cluster 3 times my mom is there for support and also get what he needs (oxygen ice packs and imatrex shot) its unbearable to watch my own father suffer from this shit and wish he never had to deal with this bs

  • i have this cluster haedache.very worst pain in my eye and 1side head.i cant concentrate in any work.it happens everyday. dr said its migraine..even tablet not work on it.i dont know wht i do for this.i m really so disturbd.pls help me on it.

  • Try taking one of those electric back massagers, crank it up to the highest level and put it under a pillow, then put your face on the pillow. I’ve had cluster headaches for years and this got rid of mine in minutes. Hope this helps. Cluster headaches are the worst.

  • I have cluster headaches and they have lasted much longer than 3 hours. So far 5 days is the most lengthy time I have spent pacing the floor.

  • Anyone who suffers from severe migraines or in my case something called cluster headaches. AKA suicide disease.
    I have been doing research for years now and found a doctor that practices in Cedars Sinai Los Angeles and this is his specialty. I wish I would have known about him 7 years ago. Anyone who has a family who suffers endlessly with any kind of a headache please listen to the links posted below.
    If you ever had any kind of injury, slip and fall, car accident, or just a bad back and had epidural treatments please look into this. They believe that the slightest injuries can cause a positional spinal leak that will cause severe headaches. Please speak with your doctors (Neurologist) and address blood patches. We have to get this information out. People are really hurting themselves because of the kind of pain we go through. Good Luck

    Dr. Wouter I. Schievink (Neurosurgery) of Cedars-Sinai in a Q & A session on spinal CSF leak (intracranial hypotension) hosted by Spinal CSF Leak Foundation…

  • I am suffering from what i think i have is the “cluster headache” for 5 months now and i only knew about this just now…… I don’t know what to do and im only 13 my mom always blames my phone thus im scared to go to the doctor and i am also afraid of my mom knowing about this probably she won’t believe me��

  • i`m 49 and it started when i was 44 i thought i had a braintumor but hen i got a scan the dockter said that i have no tumor thank god i have it multple times a year 3 til 5 times some 3 hrs last one 8 hours left eye and temple on the 4 of jan 2020 for 6 days between 2 and 8 hrs the last day it was so painfull i wanted to smash my head against the wall i have watery eye thick eyelid and it always the same left side it`s no joke the pain is so worse you cant inmagine the pain it f you up i went to the docter ( in the netherlands you see youre dockter first and he decises what the plan is ) and he me sended per ambu to the emergency where dockters told my i have cluster headeace and believe me there are enough persons that dont believe you and saying so you have a headache take a few paracetamolls but they dont know that that wont help i wish it would now i have injection (gon) 2x a day and it softens the pain but i hope you never get this evil thing whenn it`s so bad i have some other idears an they are not funny hell awaits now that i have te that prescription i hope that that feeling goes and i hope that they do more research coz it`s needed

  • I remember quite vividly this one time I was in the car with my dad when I was like 10 when one of these hit me, honestly thought my eye was about to explode if I didn’t vice grip it, though that didn’t do much to help. -10/10, do not recommend.

    Thank God this only happened once.

  • im 13,mimes is on my right eye and it hurts badly that i cry,it happens everyday at any time and it dont stop unless i fall asleep but i can’t fall asleep because it feels like im gettin stab in the eye

  • Thank you for such an informative video. I suffer from Cluster Headaches, Trigeminal Neuralgia and Migraines. Is it common to suffer from more than one of these terrible afflictions?

  • I started getting mine around the age of 30. For the first 2 to 3 years I was getting them 5 to 8 a day with no break. Freaking horrible. I’m 52 now and I just get them one month a year but they are still horrible.

  • I’m a patient of cluster headaches and yesterday during my episode, I punched my right eye so bad that’s its all black (like seen in movies).

  • Every time I get an attack I literally just grab my face bawling and try to fold into the smallest ball possible. Simultaneously feeling like my eye is getting scooped out by a melon baller and a hot iron is being driven through my ear. It’s truly hell. Not to mention my clusters can sometimes come along the same timeline of a migraine so I’ll have residual pain for over 24 hours. Those days I just give up on everything.

  • This happens to me and has happened to me since I was young. Tearing of the left eye, running nose and discharge, and drooping of left eye. Pain is always behind my left eye. Is always debilitating and the pain is so bad sometimes it makes me throw up. Can last up to 2 hours of excruciating pain. My earliest memory of it was projectile vomiting everywhere because of how painful it was. For anyone who is curious how painful it can be, imagine someone grasping your eyeball between their thumb and index finger and squeezing it like a balloon. Constantly. For 2 hours straight. Its hell.

  • As a cluster head thank you for speaking out. I have hit my head on walls, once my husband was taking me to er I opened the car door because hitting the pavement was better than what I was experiencing but I couldn’t think anything through, he closed the door and and was awe struck and continued to the hospital. I was given oxygen to abort the headache but the second headache could not be avoided or medicated. We need more research into cluster headaches

  • My ex-husband had cluster headaches for years. We thought it came because he came back from Viet Nam. He would always get them on his left side and he would lock himself in our bedroom and told me no matter what I heard, do not come in. This was in the early 70’s. What all the doctor’s did were almost barbaric!!!! He was a smoker and an alcoholic. I left him after 6 years. Now our son has cluster headaches on his “left” side also. He using BC powder, 1000mg of ASA and uses my 02 He goes into his dark quiet room and comes out about 1/2 1 later and the headache is gone. I am happy to hear that he can get 02 for his cluster headaches. As you know BC powder is very old. But this seems to work for him. He can get them at any time of the year. He is also a smoker, trying to quit and he does drink beer. But not like his father. I hope this might help other people with their cluster headaches. Oh, my son is now 45 and has been getting them since he was about 25 years old. Same as his dad. My heart goes out to all the suffer’s of these terrible headaches. I have personally seen what they can do to the person that is having them.

  • Its been 4 weeks, im having this, at the back of my right eye, painful headache at the back of the right, im also seeing rainbow colors and kind blur:( is this normal

  • excedrin migraine is the onnnly thing that has been working for me these past 2 weeks.. you only syppose to take 2 pills a day but I take 2 when I wake Up I drink water and dont eat anything because when I eat something triggers it.. then i go to work feeling a little weak feom taking pills and not earing but I dont feel pain..when I get off work I come home eat and wait about 30ins and then take 2 more pills.. i already have a shadow coming on from the ovee due cluster migraine that I was suppose to ger in the am.. now it starts 30 mins afted I eat and its a stdong shadow that I barely make it through.. it is on a scale of 6 out of 10 compared to last year whwn I didnt take amything which was a burning scrweing 10 out of 10 whixh I was sure would kill me.. I have my phone light turned down all dark in my room my left eye is throbbing kinda an feels like another attaxk wants to come but its usually 2 a day for me an I jist ran our of my 24 caps of excedrin.. prayin i make it to the store in the am before a cluster makes it to ky eye or I wont be able to work..ps I took 4 pills a day that bottle was gone in 6 days whixh im over dosing an can damage my liver but its a deal with the devil that is worth it.. less pain hell I rather get one of my balls cut off then to deal with this pain..been going on for 10 years now.. idk if i can take another 1o more years I will probably kill myself if these migraines find away around my excedrin relief

  • Bro i feel so sorry i was curious so i looked up most painfull things we can go thru and this… im so sorry for anyone who has gone thru this

  • Been using Sumatriptan with great success for the last 2 years. On the onset, I take one and within 15-20 minutes I get relief and within 30 it is gone (until the next bout, usually around 12 hour cycle). I recommend you try it if you suffer from these, as you know the hell a cluster headache is. Unfortunately, it took around 8 years of suffering, misdiagnosis, and several doctors, before it was prescribed. I get these in the Spring and Fall, around the times when daylight shifts through the seasons. This makes me believe that the “pineal gland” is involved somehow, as it is the timing center of the brain. I would be curious to find out if there have been any studies in these regards.

  • It can,t attack me. I use ice jel. ผมใช้แผ่นเจลเย็นระงับปวดคลัสเตอร์เฮดเอช ได้ผลชะงักปวดได้อย่างรวดเร็ว วางกดตรงจุดปวดสักพัก นำออกให้คลาย ทำสลับกันไป ไม่นานอาการปวดก็ทุเลาอย่างรวดเร็ว อยากให้ผู้ที่ทรมานลองดูครับ แผ่นเจลเย็นซื้อตามร้านขายยาทั่วไป นำมาแช่ช่องแช่แข็งในตู้เย็นไว้ ใช้ได้ผลดีมากครับ

  • The last medication they given me is Indomethacin 25 mg it has helped some but I am afraid of taken them because of the side affect if a doctor reads this tell me it is safe.Thank you Cluster Headaches Go Alway

  • i’m scared and the more i think about it the worst it feels, it seems to diminish when i’m distracted. It’s been going on for 3 day’s now, not sure what caused it but i’ve had this before maybe 5 months ago. I have no other symptoms just sharpish pain on left side top of head. Rlly scared ): don’t want it to be serious only 19

  • Where are the women with cluster? Recent study have showed that women are many times been overlooked when the also have Clusterheadache!


  • I suffer cluster headaches and when I tell people it gets me so frustrated when they say ‘oh I have headaches aswell’!
    I’ve had them since 2003 and am still trying to get my family and friends to have some understanding what I’m going through.
    No matter how you try to describe it the only way people will understand is if they have one themselves.

  • Doctors are jokers. Did anyone with cluster headaches find this shit useful. Those doctors never offer u anything but the medications they studied in school. They know nothing about medicine or curing people. They just sell you more meds and call themselves doctors with phd n shit.
    Wet cupping is the only and most effective way to take down cluster headaches for good. I regret the 20 years of extreme pain I been living in. Just because I listen to these fake idiots. Wet cupping ( 8 cups ) forehead and side head. Top of ur head and back of the neck. I challenge anyone with cluster headache to have one more headache after this. Please go do it with a trusted person who has knowledge about cupping. Don’t do the 3 cups migraine headaches. Cluster headaches need more cups in various places. Please stop ur pain and start taking it life back. This is Islamic and ancient chinese medicine. I regret listing to effing Doctors. Stop the triptans and all the scam meds immediately.
    Don’t trust those fools again.

  • I was awakened once by these attacks, the attacks usually occurred at night but not always, and worst of all the pain was always around my right eye and also around my head. I have a question to any doctors out there has any other patient suffered similar after effects… after the attacks 24 hours or so it hurt just to move my eyes or even look at something, I could not read, watch TV or play video games. Even after those 24 hours passed I always felt a mild discomfort even opening my eyes and “looking” at something (no I didn’t have an eye infection as I had them checked my various hospital doctors). I had the attacks 1.5 years ago and I had 9 or so of them which lasted 20 to 45 minutes or so.

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