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7 Signs You Lack Confidence

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Do you often have that sudden “gotta go” feeling that makes you nervous you will leak urine if you don’t get to a bathroom right away? If so, you may have overactive bladder (OAB). What Is Overactive Bladder?

OAB is not a disease. It’s the name given to a group of troubling urinary symptoms. If you often have that “gotta go” feeling and worry that you will leak urine if you don’t get to a bathroom quickly, then you may have overactive bladder, or OAB. share Tools. Do you often have that sudden “gotta go” feeling that makes you nervous you will leak urine if you don’t get to a bathroom right away? If so, you may have Overactive Bladder (OAB).

What is Overactive Bladder (OAB)? OAB is not a disease. It’s the name given to a group of troubling urinary symptoms.

Sometimes incontinence, which means that you leak urine with the “gotta go” feeling. Usually the need to go to the bathroom often (frequently), day and night. With OAB, you feel that you need to empty your bladder – even when it’s not full. This leads to the feeling that you need a bathroom quickly, right now. Starting to stretch out the time between bathroom stops can help the bladder muscle get acclimated to being a bit more lengthened than it was used to which will result in not feeling.

WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms dizziness, fatigue, feeling faint and frequent urge to urinate including Dehydration (Children. Do you constantly feel like you “gotta go”? When you leave the house, do you always look where the nearest bathroom is, just in case?

Bladder control problems are more common than you might think. Minerals and salts can form tiny rocks in your kidney. You usually feel like you have to go often but don’t make much pee. You also may have nausea, fever, chills, and serious pain in your side and.

Juice WRLD’s Death Race For Love is out now: http://smarturl.it/DeathRaceForLove For all official Juice Wrld News & Merch visit: http://Juicewrld999.com Subs. According to a survey conducted about 15 years ago, he adds, about 33 million people in the United States have an overactive bladder, which is why many people can relate to that “gotta go” feeling.

List of related literature:

Whenever I get that feeling, it means I’m home free.

“Impossible Exchange” by Jean Baudrillard
from Impossible Exchange
by Jean Baudrillard
Verso, 2012

I try to get that feeling every night when I go on.

“The Hypersexuality of Race: Performing Asian/American Women on Screen and Scene” by Celine Parrenas Shimizu
from The Hypersexuality of Race: Performing Asian/American Women on Screen and Scene
by Celine Parrenas Shimizu
Duke University Press, 2007

I want that feeling all the time.

“The Procrastinator's Guide to Getting Things Done” by Monica Ramirez Basco
from The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Things Done
by Monica Ramirez Basco
Guilford Publications, 2009

All the time feeling this stuff.

“Essential Psychotherapies, Third Edition: Theory and Practice” by Stanley B. Messer, Alan S. Gurman
from Essential Psychotherapies, Third Edition: Theory and Practice
by Stanley B. Messer, Alan S. Gurman
Guilford Publications, 2011

‘Indeed I do, very often;—so often that I have to do my shivering inwardly.

“Can You Forgive Her?” by Anthony Trollope, Dinah Birch
from Can You Forgive Her?
by Anthony Trollope, Dinah Birch
OUP Oxford, 2012

I often feel it again.

“The Confusions of Young Törless” by Robert Musil, Michael Mitchell, Mike Mitchell, Ritchie Robertson
from The Confusions of Young Törless
by Robert Musil, Michael Mitchell, et. al.
OUP Oxford, 2014

An’ sometimes jes when I feel gran’ Dere sitting all alone, Dem play some tune dat takes me home In sweet and soulful tone.

“The Routledge Reader in Caribbean Literature” by Welsh Sarah Lawson, Alison Donnell, Sarah Lawson Welsh
from The Routledge Reader in Caribbean Literature
by Welsh Sarah Lawson, Alison Donnell, Sarah Lawson Welsh
Routledge, 1996

I’ve been looking for that feeling everywhere I go.

“More, Now, Again: A Memoir of Addiction” by Elizabeth Wurtzel
from More, Now, Again: A Memoir of Addiction
by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Simon & Schuster, 2003

That’s when I hear it again and again, that “Yes, yes, yes!,” and become overwhelmed and happy at the sound of it.

“Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy” by Eric Metaxas
from Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
by Eric Metaxas
Thomas Nelson, 2011

SomeTimeS i’m reAdy To go.

“Song Lyrics and Poems” by Herthey Hill
from Song Lyrics and Poems
by Herthey Hill
AuthorHouse, 2012

Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 (877) 492-3666

Biography: https://medicine.yale.edu/profile/kutluk_oktay/
Bibliography: oktay_bibliography

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  • I act confident, but I’m not really. Social media is toxic and I try to use it less, because I always compare myself to other girls:/

  • This can largely be caused by poor nutrition. He writes about it in his e-book Magnus Myss. He found that the lack of a key vitamin made him social phobia. I will not write what vitamin it is. Let me just say that it is necessary for the production of serotonin and dopamine in the body.

  • hey psych2go, thanks for making these videos as a way to help people with their mental health
    It would be great if you also made videos on how to cope and bettering one’s mental health such as “how to be more confident” or something like that.
    Just a tip but if you already made one, I will gladly watch it

    from a fellow psych2go’er

  • I mean it’s good to know that I have a lack of confidence, but I would appreciate it if you would make a video how I can gain more confidence. And I’m actually not quite sure that I have a lack of confidence, because I am an INFJ and around others I am always very confident and many even look up to me wanting my kind of confidence. But still I can relate to every point you’ve mentioned.

    I would love your thoughts about that.

  • 1. How am I supposed to have a good posture if I have to make myself look just as small as others?
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes.
    4. Kind of, maybe, I guess…
    5. Yes, of course, how am I supposed to just decide?!?!
    6. I’m caring for myself quite good now.
    7. I do isolate myself from all people but my best friend and family since the day I was born…

  • Try living to almost 60 and having been born short changed in the Male Anatomy Department? Why are guys like us born? To be laughed at Brutally by every other normal male on Earth, and females just get wide eyes and all you get is once with them, because either they laugh, have ZERO sympathy, or both! Signed…

    “Better off Dead”

  • It’s weird. I show confidence in my body language, the ways I act, and I feel confident. But as soon as it comes to conversations, all of the sudden I lack confidence

  • Oh!!! I am shocked….��������������������������all points are related to me ��������������….yet I know earlier I hv…no confidence….but this video……gave me a proof….��

  • i’m proud to have grown up in this amazing time. truly the prime of music in my life, now all music is just tiktok songs. i want this back.

  • “you isolate yourself. do you avoid social gatherings or meet ups with your friends?”
    bold of you to assume that i have friends. i dont

  • Loving the weekly releases. Gives time to digest what was watched and build up anticipation for the next episode. Hopefully more shows/services do this in the future.

  • I use to Lack Confidence, I’m pretty sure I have depression.
    But if what I’m doing makes me and the people I care about happy, I’m not gonna let that stop me!
    If it makes you happy then do it! No point in being “Normal” for other people if you don’t like it!

  • I’m not confident enough to achieve my dreams because I am afraid my family will judge me, and hate me. I barely have the confidence to go against my parents’ will, so If they say no, I just feel really pissed, shove it in and say “Ok”. I am trying to get enough confidence so I can at least try to stand up for myself, it’s a work in progress.

  • i clicked this video because i know i lack confidence but instead, this signs were me *before*. i’m glad that i have learned to believe in myself more.

    i hope whoever read this, may you boost confidence and have a worry-free life:)

  • “Bad Posture” sort of relatable
    “Afraid to do things alone” can’t relate, lol. I do things alone 95% of the time. I don’t have that many friends to begin with.
    “can’t say no” sort of relatable. Depends on who I’m talking to
    “validation from others” sort of relatable for social media ��
    “indecisive” extremely relatable ���� I always skip dinner because I can’t decide what to eat.
    “not prioritise self care” sort of relatable, especially in 2020 ��
    “isolation” unfortunately, yes….

  • People say I have no confidence just because I stay out of the crowd or out of the radar. I can relate to almost nothing in this video except isolating myself. But, I isolate myself only because social interactions drain my energy not because I’m afraid to talk or face someone. Does this mean I have enough confidence for myself?

  • I always knew I had a lack of confidence but I never knew I was going to relate everything except the last one.
    However i am isolated… Not that I want to but I don’t get invited to most places, makes me feel lonely
    At least I have my 2 good friends that have my back ��

  • I have no confidence due to my pectus excavatum and a scar on top of my head and half my hair never growing back from two brain surgeries with radiation and chemo. I do everything I possibly like wear hats all the time and exercise to try to do something about my pectus issue but none of it has worked.

  • This song and “Clover Cage On My Mind” are two songs keeping me sane during these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and let you guys know that things will get better. We are in this together…….

  • Tips I recommend to improve since it’s important to be solution oriented after realizing what might be “troubling” you. Take small steps at a time and tell yourself “I am proud of myself” when you complete them:

    1. Poor Posture.
    Solution: Do Yoga (I recommend Yoga with Adrienne Home series), Exercise, take a walk with music and observe the scene.

    2. You have troubles being alone.
    Solution: Go outside in very daring clothes. Notice how every person you pass stays in your memory for less then 10 seconds. The same applies to you. Do you ever tell someone “omg I saw this person in this flashing clothes the other day, their name must be […] And they live in […]. So lame, let’s harass them”. It never happens so it will never happen to you either.

    3. Can’t say no.
    The next time in a store and someone offers you something, gently decline. Practice polite phrases to decline and you will slowly learn to assert your boundaries in your private life.

    4. Seek validation from others.
    Seek out validation from maximum of 2 close friends/family members you trust and stick with only them, not more. Social media detox is helpful too. Remember: there was a life before and there will be a life without social media. Seek self validation by meditation and listening to your emotions and “confront” them. It can be stressfull and strenuous but reward yourself with a gentle 20 mins nap break.

    5. You’re indecisive.
    Start small, decide what you want to eat, buy and then cook it. It helps you feel more connected to your decisions. Then try deciding to go out for a walk for 30 mins and set up a timer. Be more aware of your decisions and stick to them.

    6. You don’t prioritize self care.
    Work on a small routine, nothing too lavish/expensive/time consuming. Listen to your favorite songs or videos while doing the tasks. Aim to always feel better then you did in the beginning.

    7. You isolate yourself.
    Be daring, accept an invitation even if you have to leave earlier then planned. That’s how you learn about yourself and you can practice healthy boundaries.

    As always, take care of yourself. Life is difficult enough, why do we have to make it more difficult on ourselves? You are a growing flower, take time to water it and give it enough time to adjust your petals.

  • Yes I lack self-confidence. A lot has to do with the abuses I’ve suffered at the hands of my family. But also just how I never seem to fit in at social gatherings. Like for example my sister’s wedding or my grandpa’s funeral.

    I was forbidden to speak about things I liked and knew about. So I couldn’t even join in any conversation with anyone else at the table at the wedding. And at the meal after we buried him everyone again was talking about things I could not add too. Then my twin sister said I gave her an insult when I was trying to give her compliment.

    I ended up crying not because I was sad my grandpa passed away but yet again I was nitpicked and just didn’t belong. Like I’ve always felt I didn’t belong in any group setting.

    I feel I can only be confident or myself with my mental health workers or my online friends. I feel they listen and respect me. Unlike my family who abuses me.

    I’ve no problem being confident with them. But I don’t have it when I’m in the real world.

  • The jersey looks amazing on you bro! Glad you repping it in the video means the world to me�������� letsss goooo REGAN!! 5 weeks out woooooo

  • Woah! Those red shorts look really good? Where’s the link to buy them? I think this is the first time I’ve ever asked this question on YouTube.
    You also said that you get them hemmed, how much longer are they? ��

  • #AskGMBNTech Can I put a 27.5 fork and wheel on the front of my 26in XC frame and make a 27.5, 26 mullet bike and make the geometry a little closer to a trail bike?

  • Yo Mike, just wondering what headphones you use while you’re at the gym? I’m looking for replacements for mine as they keep falling out!

  • Mike Gigachad Thurston. Enjoying the series so far and it’s been very informative; my chest session today was amazing as I tried to keep tension on my pecs throughout the rep range, squeezing when the muscle is at its shortest. You’ve genuinely helped me mate.

  • QUESTION: working arms, wouldn’t it affect the next day workout, cause if u doing either back or chest the next day ur arms sure wouldn’t be recovered yet. I always rest the day after arms, and or do legs the day before. What’s ur thought on this?

  • Watching your videos has gave me the kick up the.. and back at the gym the past two week properly in well over a year.. hardest part was just getting back that first day.. realised how much I actually missed and enjoy it and have much it makes you feel more than anything. I’m 8 pounds off as well.. bad weight lol. Thank you for your content ����������

  • It would be awesome if the Vought PR department decided to defend Homelanders actions as “its a stressful job and sometimes people have to make quick decisions.”

  • Haven’t clicked on a video this quick since the Kim K tape tbh��‍♂️ Another amazing video from the girth god himself keep killing it man��

  • Hey Mike…what do you recommend while hitting arms lighter weight or heavier weight?..or lighter for the biceps and a bit heavier for the triceps since they are a large muscle group…

  • For everyone saying that Mike isn’t natural or he is, it has zero importance. This guy in my opinion is one of the best youtubers to watch. He has a strong character, he is motivational, he has a lot of knowledge about fitness and about others. Also, his physic is insane, he is one of the most attractive guys in the world-no homo. For real, very few people will be able to look like him or close to him because he has extremely good genetics-watch his transformation video, he is putting in the work, he is eating well, training smart. And the point is, that even with some sorth of enhacements his physic is one that most of the people can’t achieve. He is that good. So, in conclusion, Mike is amazing and I recommend you watch all of his videos because you can learn a lot!

  • My man mike ain’t natty no more but that doesn’t mean he’s not a fucking savage Hahahah good shit bro you could legit step on stage rn and blow most guys out of the water

  • If you can’t progress with added weight, then go for more reps and then you can add sets week to week… Many paths with progression.

  • I find it extremely hard to not look skinny/small whilst being lean, despite already training for 5.5 years. I guess you just need to be an absolute muscle freak and get insanely big in off season to look somewhat big whilst lean…. idk Im really trying my absolute best all these years but I dont think I will ever have such muscle size/majurity as Mike as Im already very close to my max potential. Mike is a beast, its really hard to keep that physique year around

  • Yo at 6:34 that ‘brutal’ Mike says goes so mad with the beat imagine that was being said over and over with that chilla beat? fucking vibes man!

  • Why train arms if your arms are involved in every exercise anyway and they are already big? Any reason? Genuinely curious… Actually the same question for abs… If you do a lot of compound exercises that use your core do you really need to hit abs specifically?

  • It is shocking that so many people think that mike is not natural, only because Greg said so or for some other reasons like your veins. I mean like there are people who are very veiny. Greg also said he is at 6% body fat, which is a sole ridiculous. Just look at this his transformation video. He looked at the age of 10 better than 80% of the population. Yeah it is possible that he isn’t natural but imo he is. Perfect form, nutrition on point and I mean he has very good genetics.

  • A few years ago, a mate of mine tried putting his fixie’s drivetrain on the left. His pedals fell off after about 20 minutes and no amount of tightening would stop it.

  • React to that greg guy who made a video saying if you were a natty or not LOL its so funny I don’t believe a word he says but id love to see your reaction

  • okay mike, random af question: whats your chest hair routine? do you shave daily, wax, laser? I fuckin hate shaving all the time
    back to topic: great video m8 as always

  • Is there a list out yet for who is doing the show?my feeling is it’s going to be better than the Tampa and New York,and they were awesome except for the lighting,

  • This is extremely unhealthy. Just one single cut could kill you. Also putting your blood through that much stress will make them explode due to high blood pressure.

  • Hola �� eres el mejor culturista y eres muy guapo y eya tavien aver cuado tenes vevis ����������‍♂️��������✅��❤️����������������������️‍♀️��������vevis veves un ijo y una ija ����

  • What’s up Regan? I’m actually good friends with your buddy Chris R. Anyways I was wondering what your activision name is so I can add you for warzone. I’m on Xbox and your ps4 name isn’t bringing up anything.

  • Dude stay away from orange roughy!!, otherwise know as
    “Slimeheads”, they can live up to 150 years and can carry large doses of mercury.

  • That last episode was a snore fucking fest it’s getting a pass because the first 1-3 were amazing we see about this one looks interesting

  • Mikes got one of the sickest physiques out there if not THE best. Been following him for few years now and hes gone from strength to strength. Good on ya lad

  • I don’t know much about BB classes, but I’m just wondering….is Antoine and Quentin in the same class as Regan? Why did they go to the NYPro and Regan going to Spain? Is it because Regan wasn’t ready for the NY one?

  • I’ve been trying to bring my rear delts up for years. took your advice and started hitting them on back day as well and they are starting to come through

  • After meal 5 and meal 6 I’d be all over wifey man sex or just cuddles and have her love me and rub me and scratch me or rub her and hold her video games are shit compared to wifey lovin

  • Stopping in the middle of the street to swap memory cards was hilarious. If Regan wins in Spain, canadians would have won the last three pro shows lol.

  • How did I only realise this, Flo Rida… Florida
















  • I was 12 turning 13 straight out love for 99 and all that grew up with this! Remember Grove Street is king! Our generation are lions, awakening from the slumber!

  • This has bothered me for years but I only now found the video. Flo rida if your reading this the president of the United States of America is sworn into office on January 20th NOT January 1st. Thank you.

  • After watching some videos on this channel, I have found that I have a toxic friend that I can’t seem to make go away, lack of self confidence, low self esteem, and probably some other things.

  • Would rather of watched the the ginna bloke in the car add dancing around his steering wheel than this ego trip but thanks for a fantastic tune I’ve been wankered at stupid o’clock pilled & gurning �� ����❤️x

  • People: I’m from tiktok
    Others: I searched for this
    Someone: this was in my watch later and I found it again..
    A guy: I heard this on the subway

    Me: I heard this on Google assistant’s song quiz

  • Iv

    I love this… The deep music.. memories flooding in… I just. Would like to go back… To those days:’)
    I had the shivers of happiness

  • You lookin’ at the queen of the jungle now. Toodles noodle slurping New World Order fools������☠️��������������️etc…

  • A friend who lived in South Beach took me to Mangos in 2011, I didn’t realise it was so well known. Great night out, thanks Simon RIP brother

  • yea, I don’t buy the driving on the left story. Transmission is on the right because most people are right handed and mentally “right is forward”, so it naturally follows everything we do.
    Chain goes clockwise/rightwise, it’s easier to work from the right, with the right hand, from behind the bike etc.

  • 5:05 Sorry, not true pedals will come undone the way you pedal if the axle builds up enough friction within the pedal body. It IS a safety hazard!

  • Everyone:Tiktok ruined this song

    Me: tiktok can’t ruined songs if you don’t use tiktok

    Btw I did acover of “Savage Love”
    Hope you enjoy

  • Vought had no idea Homelander was a psycho maniac. We offer our sincere opoligies to all the victims and promise NO will ensure our new and bright hero Stormfront brings Homelander to justice. Vought will not stand for such villanness. Vought is good, Vought is the future

  • I might be wrong but it looks like his lazer beam goes over them but uh who fucking knows man that rascist stormfront bitch is fucking with his head

  • I reckon its going to be his imagination of what he would like to do. I dont reckon they will push that particular thread with Homelander just quite yet.

  • Is this gonna be just as effective as training each muscle twice a week because of the volume and intensity of each session? or because of your high level physique you only train each muscle once a week while focusing on the weak points?

  • #AskGMBNTech What would be your first guess for the sudden development of a wheel-timed knocking sound that you can feel in your pedals? I have an outdated 3×7 style Shimano freewheel drivetrain on a brand new (but 20+ year old tech) full suspension bike. It’s been working just fine, but for whatever reason there was a knocking sound while pedaling the last time I was out that was never there before.

  • Homelander ultimately is at his wit’s fuckin end with the entire bullshit, and gotta show his sheer ruthlessness by annihilating those who try to piss him off.

  • Posture?
    Straightening up will boost my self-confidence?

    Straightening up only makes my back tired… I slouch to conserve energy, lmao…

  • Sony has finally made some great Superhero series, I mean yea into the Spider-verse and the MCU Spiderman movies were great but this is unique in its own way.

  • I hope homelander lazering a full on crowd was just him fantasizing about doing it. I think it might be a bit to soon for him to go full on public Enemy number 1 im enjoying thr show to much for it to ve at that end game level lol

  • So butcher vs black noir just like in the comics oh boy nah but they said black noir gonna be a big part in this season so we good I love black noir

  • Personally Looking forward to when Homelander finally kills Stormfront off, or takes advantage of a chaotic situation and wounds her himself, possibly during another run in with The Boys then simply offers no aid and just grins from the air while she’s slaughtered.

  • Homelander going Nuts this early might just have the same effect Danerys going Mad Queen with little no build up…….. I would be a bit careful with this one

  • Everybody thinks Homelander lasering the entire crowd is a fake out, maybe they’re wright but may I remind you this is The Boys..
    This is a show that’s not exactly good at holding back.

  • dude in the background at 2:23 made me cringe. I used to do pulldowns like that before I became a trainer. Now I avoid them and tell my clients to do the same.

    No critique on your content…it’s solid as always, Mike!! Wish you visited Denver, CO so I could try to get a lift in with you lol.

  • You think homelander will blame his war crime and crowd murder on doppelgängers corpse writing it off as some alternate version of himself, and that he ended up having to kill his evil imposter?

  • I remember my father told me when he was young cyclist they were cooking chains the in pot with the graphite grease it was a very smelly and very messy proces but such chain and the grease lasted very long time.

  • Nice Video. But I strongly disagree on the answer about the chainwax. It lasts and works way better than any dry lube and is cheaper too. I get on average 160km out off each waxing. That is more than any other lubricant I have tested. And only the initial cleaning takes some time and effort.

  • Because you would have to ride backwards all the time. The necessary size of your rear view mirrors would not be very aerodynamic and top end speed would suffer in racing situations. For mountain biking though, you should be fine.

  • #AskGMBNtech why do they make 27.5 & 29 forks instead of just 29? Seems you could run a 27.5 rim/tire on a 29 fork. Is there a reason you can’t or shouldn’t run a 27.5 rim/tire on a 29 fork?

  • My new Continental Trail King 2.4 tire has a wobble to it. I’ve checked the bead, and it’s on properly. My wheelset is new and straight. The local mechanic said it’s a defective tire. I’ve contacted Continental and am awaiting to hear back. Is it safe to ride at this point? The bike doesn’t pull to either side. #askgmbntech

  • i wonder why motorcycles went the opposite way and didn’t follow the old push bike when it comes to drive train side choice?
    except the Italian Beta brand, i think, there may be others??

  • There are YouTube video on chainlube. The wax bath has won most of them. I use it on mine and have had great results. Gas bath first, throughly scrub clean chain wax bath, hang over wax pot to drip dry,and wipe off excess before it dries completely. Also stir in the gas bath a few times and move it around in the melted wax until you don’t get any air bubbles. Works wonders!

  • #askgmbntech My rear hub/cassette is creaking when i spin my wheel. i tightened my cassette and it stopped the noise a bit. any suggestions?

  • Been trying to sign up and upload a pic of my bike but not having any luck. Is there a problem with optimisation on iphone. Do you have a direct email address? Cheers

  • This video hits all points for me. Would be nice if you could make a video to tackle all these problems because I watch these and always just leave with why I’m lacking or the cause but not enough info to tackle the problem

  • Just to comment on waxing chains, there’s products like REX Domestique / REX Black Diamond which is good also in wetter conditions, check it out:) #askgmbntech

  • #askgmbntech so I want to convert my 3×9 drivetrain to a 1×9 and I was wondering if it would be able to use the same derailleur for a (not sure how sizing exactly) 11 36 ish tooth cassette with a new 11 48 cassette?

  • Fun fact: yesterday I went to “powder my nose” and I sat there and thought to myself “Why is the chain always on the right” so thank you.

  • #Askgmbntech Hi there, I have an SR Suntour XCR32 Air fork, I’d like to make it more progressive and I can’t find any volume spacers for it. Can I use 80W oil in the chamber to take up some volume or modify existing spacers? Is there a risk of damaging the fork? Thanks

  • I cant remember if it was worlds or olympics, maybe both. The US had left hand drive track bike, aerodynamics or centrifagal force or something, guess it didnt matter much, never heard anything about it.

  • #askgmbntech Hi Doddy! I just got a new bike and I am absolutely baffled at how much bike prices have gone up even in the last 15 years. Why do bikes keep getting more and more expensive? Thanks!

  • Back in the 90s I remember seeing a BMX with 2 chains, one each side. Thought it looked cool, don’t know what the reason was for such a build.

  • #AskGMBNTech I was looking at a 2008 giant glory dh and was wondering how different the geometry is to modern dh bikes and is there a danger of smashing the rear shock on stones. Love the show, ��

  • #askgmbntech what is it that causes oil to come out of the air valve on shock/forks when air is released without using a shock pump?

  • So it’s right hand drivetrain because of the side of the road we drive on?
    So horses were left hand only on uk roads then?

  • Interesting fact, the first chain driven pedal cycle was invented in 1879. Tarmac was not invented until 1902. Therefore for the first 23 years all bicycles were off road/gravel bikes.

  • @ Thoughts on the Giant XCT SLR? I read that the small frame weight is 3 lbs or so and it’s still aluminum. Are most aluminum mountain bike frames this light without the components? Thank you!

  • Thanks Doddy! Can you please expand on the difference in full suspension performance, anti-squat, and feel of different size chain rings? Is there much difference if I go from a 34 to a 32 tooth ring?

  • So Butcher lost his will to fight after Becca told him to fuck off and basically decided to surrender?

    I mean… Ufffdd, that went down pretty early… Everything he fight for was for his wife, and now he doesn’t even have that anymore…

  • #askgmbntech Hi, is it possible to fit a tapered fork in a straight steerer bike as there are some external headset cups which allow a tapered fork which could fit in some bikes, I want to know as I don’t want to buy a fork just to have to return it ��

  • #askgmbntech why does mountain bike don’t have an electric shifting (not the wireless one) like some of the roadies have it’s less complex and easier to use so why we don’t have that

  • Greetings from South Africa. Great show as always. I have a question regarding the photo on the wall behind you. Is that you Doddy? what’s the story? #askgmbntech

  • How do u service my fork the bolds and rebond knob are about a inch set In to the lowers (specialized stumpjumper comp 29 from 2018) #askgmbnteck

  • #AskGMBNTech. Hi. I have a Cube stereo 140HPC TM 2020 with Fox Float DPX2 Factory ( metric 185×52,5 /Trunnion) Is it possible to use a spring damper for this frame in the future? I’m not sure there’s enough space for a coil spring. If so, what damper would you recommend? Ideal with pedal lock for climbing. Cane Creek Double Barrel Coil CS Trunnion or Marzocchi Bomber CR?or can i fit Fox Float DHX2 Factory 2-position 185x50mm?

    Is this frame suitable for a spring damper?

    thank you very much! have a nice day

  • Bike component naming is quite clear and logical, far from “anti consumer”. If you can’t understand that far, perhaps better take the bike to bike shop.
    Good luck repairing a car.

  • Hi Doddie, I’m having troubkes on my dt swiss nude 2 shock, it gets hot on downhills, there’s no dt swiss service centers in my country (Mexico), I’m thinking in disassemble it and apply grease on the o rings, is sram butter compatible? #AskGmbnTech

  • Hi Doddy, I found a book just a couple of days ago in a local thrift shop, a book about collectibles and it includes a chapter on the history of collectible bicycles. And this is a partial quote of their timeline of the bicycle: “1870, the Ariel, an all-metal high-wheeler with gears that converted one revolution of the pedals into two of the front wheel, built by James K. Starley and William Hillman in England. 1871, the Tension high-wheeler, with spokes that could be adjusted individually, built by W.H.J. Grout in England. 1879, the Bicyclette safety, with rear-chain drive, built by H.J. Lawson in England. 1885, the diamond-framed Rover safety, prototype of today’s standard bicycle, built in England by James K. Starley, co-inventor of the Ariel, and William Sutton.” And that quote is from one volume of the Encyclopedia of Collectibles-the collectibles that begin with the letter B-from Time-Life Books. And I bought it just for their chapter on bikes. And, as you can see from that quote, English bike builders made it all possible for all of us, amazing. And my little thumbnail is me in ’75 on my Schwinn Sting-Ray in Frankfurt, West Germany, and I didn’t know it at the time, but Ignatz Schwinn worked for a safety-bike builder in Frankfurt right before he headed to the States and set up shop in Chicago to manufacture his own safety bicycles, some of which would later be raced down a mountain in Marin County, California by a bunch of guys who inspired another sort of safety bicycle.

  • A one chain ring also means that you will go through the gears faster, Kind of A 411 Gear ratio is used in a vehicle on a drag strip it’s only meant to go fast at a short distance. That’s what 1 Ring system means to me. A 2 Ring system drive screen means you can go a little bit faster because you have More gears range on the low end, If you know how to use the front derailer it is also a benefit meaning you don’t have to stop flip the bike over but the chain back on the ring as you would with a one rang drive train, And possibly get dirty From it Versus switching the front derailer from which the chain fell off of and go the opposite direction of where the chain fellow of and peddle a couple times while you’re still move in and then put it back on the chain ring without stopping That’s one benefitOf a 2 Ring system and/or 3 ring System. The only good thing of a one by system is if you’re going downhill And getting shuttles backup to the top of the mountain that’s When gear selection does not matter. I ever take away I’m not a fan of this standard of The ring drive train systems, Because either you’re going to go through the gears fast are you going to be worn out faster Which ever comes 1st. Again a one by drive train should be a preference by the individual not by The company That is wasting time and money on this type of arrangement, And I have a 3 ring drive train mountain Bike, And not really had any issues with it, It’s a Kona precept, The only thing that I don’t like is the dropouts on the bike But as far is its performance goes it is better then expected handling wise performance I’m not really has any main issues with the drive train as much as other people would like to make excuses for I the strongly disagree with most of them And ever since they changed the standard, I still can’t believe a few made a mockery of tradition, And there’s no excuse for that. Just go back to the 2 were 3 ring bikes if you want a one by system then it should be up to the individual not a standard that’s a mistake that needs to be corrected. I like McDonald’s am I forcing you to eat it This is kind of like what the industry is going Forcing other people’s habits on everyone else that didn’t ask For it.

  • Another Reason for fork lubrication against gravity: Capillary action in the very tight tolerance space between stanchions and sliders prevents the last bit of oil from falling out. So, it will not run dry as long as the oil doesn’t dry out or something. Because there is always some loss and dirt, a reservoir is a good idea.

  • Have run a plus front and 29 rear on a hardtail felt pretty good never thought of it being a thing, just wanted to ride while the 29 front was being rebuilt

  • I actually disagree on the 1x conversion requiring all new parts. I converted my 3×9 to a 1×9 on my cannondale hardtail by simply replacing the middle ring up front with a race face narrow wide and removed the other two chainrings, the front derailleur, and the left side shifter. To get more low end I used a 30 tooth on the front instead of the original 32 and am convinced I could have run a 28 tooth no problem. I didn’t need to resize the chain even. Though you do need narrower chainring bolts to accomodate having only one up front. All in probably cost me $70 in parts. I rode this for years before upgrading to a new bike and had no issues with dropping chains.

  • Great question about the drive chain & excellent answer! Very interesting stuff! Didn’t realise the bicycle was invented in England.

  • Given suspension systems are designed for a specific chain ring size, how is the suspension performance affected by oval chainrings, and more specifically, how compatible is the (Revel) CBF suspension with an oval chainring? #askgmbntech

  • #AskGmbnTech hi Andy(doddy) I’m looking to buy myself some grease for my bike but what greases should I buy and should it be bike specific grease

  • #askgmbntech Hi. I have a Salcano ng650, a spanish mtb, probably one u haven’t heard of. My question is how do you change the brake levers without changing the gear set? The ones on my bike are not single finger ones, they are the length on the handle, and changing the gear set would cost a lot, and my gears are shimano 3 x 7 ones, which are decent. Thanks.

  • #AskGMBNTech Why are coil forks used less on high end Mountain Bikes and more so on entry level hardtails? Is there less to go wrong and less maintenance overall or?

  • SUPERB PHYSIQUE mate…not to big like some of these people in comps that look ridiculous and cant even walk…your similar to Arnie imo very well proportioned and just about perfect dude

  • There is no other feeling that would replace going to a roller rink or arcade with these jams. No child in the future will ever understand the hype of the early 10’s. The nostalgia hurts so bad ��….

  • The comments are super inappropriate/ sexual/ against social etiquette within the first few day’s of a video. Please ban these bad comment spamming bots.

  • #AskGMBNTech
    What are the benefits of a slacker head tube angle? I am looking to upgrade my 130mm travel fork and replace it with a 140 or 150mm travel fork, how would that affect the feel of the bike?

  • I guess the first question comes from smbd who never tried reparing a car. Or even when asked what Camry he drives, answers “red”.

    Also, M700 was first Shimano MTB groupset, since the numbers till 600 including had already been taken by road parts

  • #AskGmbnTech Hi Doddy and Henry, love the show��. I’ve been thinking about getting some more powerful brakes for my Nukeproof Scout which currently has 180mm rotors and 2 pot brakes front and rear (my fork can’t take more than a 180mm rotor). My question is; should I get some 4 pot brakes front and rear or 4 pot up front and 2 pot at the rear? As it is a hardtail and I am planning on doing alot of downhill riding with it. Thanks in advance

  • Doddy, your bike cave is amazing. I think it’s one of the nicest examples of a bike cave and THE best looking “set” of all the shows that your company hosts. Love your show!

  • #AskGMBNTech Hi, loving the show so i have a rockshox tora 302 coil 100-140 of travel somehow when i lock my fork it won’t work and also one thing the rebound settings also won’t work can please help me with this guys

  • Hey regan,, i think you should start hollering Vickie name out like ozzy Osborne did sharon!! Jay cutler did minks!! And so on. Just to get on her nerves

  • #askgmbntech im thinking about buying a Nukeproof Mega 290 Expert to use it as my main/go to mountain bike, are there any flaws or better deals that i should be aware of??? btw the price is 3k-3,5k

  • #askgmbn
    Hey Doddy I have a question! Currently I’m using narrow rims ( stock rims ) and they come with 2.1 tires for XC. I kept on losing grip on the trials I’m riding on and I want to upgrade to 2.4 width tire ( maxxis dhr II 2.4 ) Is it okay to use wide tires on narrow rims? and what are the risks involved?

  • Flip flop hub was designed for bmx racing..for the wheel to be swapped around changing the gear ratio quickly depending on the track.
    standard bmx hubs only went down to a 16 tooth sprocket. With the flip flop it was able to go smaller at least to a 14 tooth. It’s got nothing to do with what side you want to grind on, the sprockets only worked one way right hand drive. Thanks doddy for making such interesting thought provoking content keep p the amazing work