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How I manage my chronic pain

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Chronic Pain, Part I

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The Role of Early Life Trauma in Chronic Pain Patients

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Depression and Chronic Pain | Kati Morton

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Struggling to be me with chronic pain

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Chronic Pain: From Survival to Support | Kat Naud | TEDxUNBSaintJohn

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The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH – a division of the National Institutes of Health) estimate that as many as 20-40% of adults globally suffer from some form of chronic pain, 8% have “high-impact” or life/activity limiting chronic pain and up to 10% of the world’s adult population will be newly diagnosed with chronic pain each year. HealthyWomen is studying how chronic pain impacts women’s lives. Please take a moment to share your experience with us. Results will be gathered anonymously and shared with researchers, clinicians and patients at HealthyWomen’s Chronic Pain Summit at the Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City, MD.

Click here to learn more about the summit. Pain is your body’s normal reaction to an injury or illness, a warning that something is wrong. When your body heals, you usually stop hurting. However, you felt sudden and severe pain in your body.

The experience might be stretching out for weeks, which is the sign of chronic pain. You will find yourself in a situation that prohibits you from doing the things you love, which could lead to depression. If you are in constant pain, here are some of the tips you need to follo.

The pain itself is traumatic on a daily basis. It tends to bully you into a behavioral corner through aversive conditioning, like a bad domestic partner. But weirder, and more confusing, because the bully’s inside you.

Then if you don’t have help. Diagnoses for many common chronic pain conditions are higher for women than men. These include fibromyalgia, migraines and tension headaches, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), back and facial pain.

“ Chronic pain is very common in the population and even more common in people who have poor sleep, and it sort of becomes a vicious cycle.” Pain affects your ability to sleep, and the lack of. Chronic pain refers to pain that continues after an acute injury heals or after the passing of a period of time that should allow for healing. Often, for unknown reasons, the injury or tissue. Chronic pain is usually caused by an initial injury, such as a back sprain or pulled muscle.

It’s believed that chronic pain develops after nerves become damaged. The. Did or do you experience any kind of chronic pain? Question. 3 comments. share. save hide report.

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Chronic Pain i Chronic pain is usually gradual in onset, lasts more than 3 months, and rarely serves any purpose.

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Chronic pain is the same as persistent pain.

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Of course, chronic pain is real.

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Some pains are experienced for years that never become chronic pain

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Of course,all chronic pain is “pathological”in the sense ofunfortunate and nolonger serving anybiological

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(I) have dealt with chronic pain since I was 16, possibly fibromyalgia that far back, but after a car accident things got much worse.

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Chronic pain can arise under different circumstances.

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Chronic pain is pain that has lasted for 6 months or longer.

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Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • This is exactly how I feel, word for word. This video did a great job of covering all the important points and is a useful resource that people could use to help explain if need be so thank you. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone but pain is very isolating. For 3 years I’ve had daily pain from cervical disc compression and breathing difficulties due to turbinate disfunction. Wouldn’t mind talking to people in a similar boat if anyone wants to message me. Best wishes to all

  • I do pretty much all these things. KT tape all over me today and splinted my one finger because it’s starting to turn to one side. I’m going to ask my rheumatologist about those meds though, cuz the methotrexate does nothing. The THC though, if you’re still afraid of it; I had a bad experience when I was first getting the dosage right, but it helps me sleep like nothing else! Might be worth trying again if your sleep is screwy. I haven’t had any more bad experiences.

  • Buy Vyvanse OnlineLisdexamfetamine is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as part of a total treatment plan, including psychological, social, and other treatments. It may help to increase the ability to pay attention, stay focused, and stop fidgeting. Lisdexamfetamine may also be used to treat binge eating disorder (BED). It may help to reduce the number of binge eating days. This medication is a stimulant. It is thought to work by restoring the balance of certain natural chemicals (neurotransmitters) in the brain.

  • Death = lack of feeling
    Or if you’re a theist and you go to heaven just good feeling.
    So it’s easy to say pain is worse than death. People ask for death when the pain is to high.

  • his answer is indeed focused on only his sollution towards this problem not showing any other results that have already been produced.
    im rather disappointed he didnt once mention a certain macedonian aproach to this problem which has been shown to be effective in some of the cases where patients suffer from these symptoms. i also think drugs are not the perfect sollution to this problem since its phsychologically rooted like he said.

  • Interesting, it’s mostly what I use too.
    I have very bad nerve shoulder pains that can give pain also in whole arm to fingers.
    I have water therapy and physiotherapy twice a week, which helps a lot with the pain.
    I also use a lot of warm water bottle on my shoulders (just fill it with warm water).
    If it’s not enough I use some essential oil gel, that have a cooling/tingly sensation.
    I used to wear braces on my wrists, but I’ve been off them for quite a while now.
    And surprisingly I take the same medicine as you lmao.
    I do take Duloxetine too, both for both antidepressant and nerve pain action. (though it makes my eyes super dry and sensitive to light, been wearing sunglasses ever since I take it)
    When the pain just is not manageable I take pills that have both paracetamol and codeine.

  • Thank you for sharing your story, it was very helpful. I dont have EDS, I was misdiagnosed by the same doctor (yes I changed doctors, lol) TWICE and now I have chronic joint inflammation and pain. Im going to give some of your ideas a try. Thanks again, be blessed always

  • You’re an inspiration. Most people don’t understand chronic pain. We usually suffer in isolation but there’s always a way to overcome the circumstances we face ����

  • I envy people who come home from a long day n say,”ooh i need a lie down”n they hv d most restful sleep n wake up feeling great. I stay under a hot shower most hours of d day just to lull myself to sleep.but i wake up from d pain anyway.i miss my old self.i dont wana say stay strong coz u tell urself that everyday.i just want to say i know how it feels n im sorry this is happening to u too

  • Thank you for talking about this topic. There are many videos about how depression causes chronic pain but not vise versa. Please do more videos about this.

  • This is so spot on. You slowly loose your best of friends, the people you have worked with for so long and even your family. The worst of all is that they turn against you. You hear the snickers in the background and comments just out your reach of hearing. You slowly get to the point where what you used to be able to hide, can’t be hidden anymore. Don’t ever give up or look for sympathy, but realize that everyone is looking out for number one. And you are indeed number one, only second to God.

  • Hi, I have PoTS, fibromyalgia and RA. I am currently really struggling with a pain flare. I wanted to say THANK YOU for this video, especially for the pillows under the arms suggestion. My fibro targets my left shoulder, jaw and ribs. My RA is basically making all my joints hurt. Stuffing pillows under my arms has been a huge relief and I had never thought of it before!
    I usually use heat for relief but I think my PoTS is out of control and causing me to feel super hot like I have a fever so using my heat pad is miserable. Currently have an ice pack at my lower back and it is helping a bit. I need a bigger ice pack!
    So, thank you so so much for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate it x

  • Take AMare global. You will feel great again. It’s a all natural mental wellness supplement company. Buy the AMare fundamental pack plus

  • I had symptoms that happened when I’m in distress situation which is loud and fast heart beat, sleepiness, fatigue, nightmares, visual problem ( finding stuff in plain sight ) and cold hand ( literally )

  • Due to 3 neck injuries, I’ve had a headache since 10/1/1995…24/7, plus my face droops on one side. In 4/2018 I had the 3rd neck/head injury and the pain level skyrocketed, including new symptoms like blood vessels in my eyes breaking. Way over 100 doctors and healers have not been able to help me. I just exist and am so scared. It’s so hard to hold down a job. I don’t qualify for disability because no one can actually figure out what’s crushing my brain. Pain destroys.

  • I suffer from Transverse Myelitis as well as optic nerve inflammation/swelling for the last few months. Was partially paralyzed, pass out from headaches/pain, and can no longer do anything I used to enjoy. As a highschool student who is/was a straight A student and athlete, its been hard.

  • I need help, I had bone caner 10 years ago and my leg is titanium rods now. Im suffering every second and I lost it and punched everything around me the other day and my fiancé said I’m abusive and left me. I’m so scared I’m never going to be ok.

  • Really useful video, thank you. I too am in chronic pain and have no recollection of what life was like before! Thanks for all the ideas, I will be saving this one!❤

  • I am going through the same for 30 years now I am suffering from depression then psoriasis diabetes high blood pressure and then keep losing all my family just me left I have two children and I don’t want to be a burden to them so I am begging god to just take me too I have a husband who think that nothing happened to me and he expects me to do so much things most of the time I just feel like I can barely move I feel like my body is shutting down and the pain is there night and day I don’t know when I have a good laugh, I feel your pain mam people like us is going through a lot and no one knows what it’s feels like they say I have pain here and pain there but they don’t know what it’s feels to have this kind of pain from your head to your feet your whole complete body so sometimes words that come out of their mouths can really be hurting more. So my dear brothers and sisters we have to lived with this it’s like we are dying but very slowly and no one can see it I just hope that god blessed us all

  • ahh no pain, no pain!!! YES i had a flash of realisation that the severe and chronic pain that i have is indeed a loop a pattern gone haywire. Now i have huge hopeHUGE thank you

  • For my EDS pain I exercise regularly to keep muscle mass on to help support and stabilize my joints, restorative yoga with careful stretching, epsom salt baths, foam rollers, tennis ball to get into areas rollers can’t hit, Icy Hot, and topical lidocaine. I also take low doses of oxycodone at strictly set times each day, and adding Catapres helps the oxy work better at a lower dose.

    Physical therapy is highly recommended for EDS patients, according to the Ehlers-Danlos Society experts.

  • You are such a trooper. I have atypical facial neuralgia. It started at 24 and I am almost 44. It is so hard to live with chronic pain. I feel so down most of the days because this pain changed me so much. But I guess we have have no choice and just need to keep on going

  • I have aches in my back and stuff and I’ve had it so long since I was a little kid and I thought it was normal but I guess it’s not normal and it makes me feel uncomfortable and I have a hard time sleeping and I probably have alot of mental issues along with grieving.

  • As a hemophiliac, i know a little too much about chronic long lasting pain. I really hope they make great progress with this.
    PS: April 17th is Hemophilia day.

  • I have gastroparesis and chronic pain as well and I’m also taking cbd oil. But I still cannot take it just right out of the dropper like you did lol you just took that like nothing.

  • I have debilitating fatigue and fibromyalgia. I did have a mom that was emotionally cruel to me. She only allowed me to go out with a family’s son whom was 4 years old and forced me into sex. Then my husband, who knows we loved each other ended up being diagnosed as schizophrenia with bi polar. I hurt everywhere. At first I was diagnosed with lupus due to high DNA antibodies. That’s gone after taking plaquenil but the pain is still here and the fatigue. I take lots of medicines. But still miserable

  • I lived my entire early life under physical and emotional abuse, I’m 29 now and still feeling psychological weird pain thats what inspired me to search this vid. I wanna say Thank you Dr your research really made me feel that I’m not crazy yet��

  • Treatment for pain: Whole Foods plant base diet, get 8-10 sleep, regular exercise, fix posture and under active muscles, diaphragm breathing, destress. Check for SIBO for underlying gut issues regardless of symptoms: you’ll see malabsorption, and inflammation. Also do a comprehensive stool test and organic acids test. Cut out wheat because it contributes to inflammation. Check for small fiber neuropathy. Look for the cause and treat the cause most importantly. Lifestyle changes are the most important to get your back life on track. No alcohol, process foods, meats, & dairy because they all cause inflammation and destroy the body.

  • Hello, I’m Dr Akuza1, a herbalist from Nigeria, I sale and supply herbal herps for all types on diseases/viruses due to your health/body system misbehavior? You can contact me on whatsapp: +2347054702462 or email me:[email protected] gmail.com

  • If I had that issue Chandler did, I would NOT write “Don’t touch” on my arm. You know there is always some ignorant smart ass out there that would see that and think it would be funny to slap it. Guaranteed. Safer to leave as is.

  • I have had chronic pain for about 3 years. I have lost me. I have degenerative spine disease. I have had 2 back surgeries, but I was not helped. Still have pain 24/7. I was an extremely active person with many hobbies. I have a great marriage and get along well with all family members. This lady’s story sounds identical. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if I were no longer here. I pray constantly.

  • Oh my gawd you sound just like me. I’ve always said the same thing you say like about the Voltran Gel. The drs ask well how’s that working,”I don’t really know, I do put it on but I think it helps me more mentally so I keep using it. I’ve had chronic pain since the age of 4 and with age it only gets worse. I take cymbalta and also Lyrica for my nerve pain along with a huge list of other meds. I’d love to come off of everything. Thank you for posting such a great video. I’d love to have that gun but for now I have the blue S looking mechanism for now and let me tell ya that really works. Do you mind telling me where you got the cold machine, it may be in your description, but I’m about to check it out and see. Oh omg my pain patches that I use to use were basically worthless because they wouldn’t actually stick to your skin, but my dr found another brand that is absolutely amazing and does give some relief they’re called Z Tlido (there lidocaine parches) you should add them to your regimen.

  • I have anxiety and depression. I’ve finally got it under controlled, until I was tested positive for an autoimmune disease. My mom has lupus. A diseases that attacks your kidneys, and joints. You are in constant pain everyday. From the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed, and even then you can wake up in the night because of the pain. My mother was told from the age of 18 to 40 that she was making up, or its in her head. But she knew it was lupus. I always say that chronic pain is not a death sentence its a life sentence, I have never been normal because of my anxiety, now I have another bump in my path that I will jump over. Everyday is a battle but I’m glad I have a person that understands my pain alot better then most doctors.

  • I feel like this, too. It’s not our fault. It feels bad enough being in chronic pain. I get treated differently as I think we all do. I’ve advocated endlessly, exhausted. I have fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, many rotator cuff tears, arthritis, and currently frozen shoulder. ‘The medical community’ and general public can’t see my suffering either. I cry alone. I feel alone. Yes, we appear to be too strong and I’m friendly too so no one knows. I live in care early and even the staff don’t help me because of how I look and choose to behave. I am rude sometimes too. I do say I’m not doing well at the moment thanks for asking. How are you? If you can accept that it’s okay not to push yourself like your doing. Good for you for speaking about it. It’s a viscous circle for me at the moment. I was searching for ‘what job can I do with chronic pain and physical disabilities when I found you.

    Ranting in here but I do have understanding and although I can’t help like I’d like, I’d like you to know you’re not alone like you’ve shared this; so others don’t feel alone. I’m at one of the lowest points in my life. And yes, again you’re spot on as all they want to do is medicate with antidepressants when those can be tricky or have too many other side effects. For me, the pain clinics for nerve blocks each week helped my back immensely! I asked for them in my frozen shoulder and while I got better range of motion temporarily, I overdid the stretches to get better and am paying for it dearly.

    I pray and wish they would put more funding into chronic pain conditions and coverage for healing modalities that are currently out of pocket. Sorry, rambling again. Thank you for being you! I don’t care if you’re part not you, as pain isn’t our fault. We try or give up and either way, it still isn’t our fault. If we can learn to adapt it’s okay. I’m passed that point as I’ve lost everything. I’m now just desperately trying to find meaning and do something to earn money. My heart goes out to all of you if you’re suffering. May you stay as fit in mind and body as possible without overdoing it. Easier said than done I realize. Gentlest of hugs all.

  • Hi! I am new to your channel and have been recently suspected by a few of my doctors to have hEDS. I was wondering if you have ever heard of a correlation between EDS and severe drug intolerance. I have heard a little bit about people having low reactions to general anesthetics but I’ve been wondering about intolerance to other types of medications (antidepressants, pain meds, hormones, etc.) I’ve also been having trouble finding a research article or study.

    Do you have any drug intolerance? Do you know anyone with EDS that does?

  • Good stuff. I use many of the non medicine supports you do, the gunmassager is intriguing, i will check this out. I did sensory deprivation therapy where you float in salt water, before the float, you spent 10min in a special massage chair that your whole body fits in and it felt just like a person was under me massaging, it was fantastic. Very pricey chair, would be nice to have and if a doc writes a prescription for one, insurance could assist with payment. Anyhow, great channel. Keep up the journey to wellness. Check out my channel, would love to get your feedback. Peace!


  • I’m finding that the medical community, our families, friends, employers, etc., just don’t get how our daily lives are affected by chronic pain. I have trigeminal neuralgia (which is but one of a long list of health issues I have), and my life is HUGELY impacted by it. Even when it is just at a low ebb, I’m still in pain every day. Most of the time people don’t even know I have anything wrong. Then when it flares badly, I can hardly talk, or chew food it will literally stop me cold. The pain is so bad (it’s a searing burning pain in my face and jaw) all I can do is stand or sit still and try not to cry. My doctor doesn’t ask about it, my friends are aware but far away, I can’t always call and if I could I can’t speak anyway because the pain gets worse with talking. I wish people understood this goes WAY beyond being able to cope. I get mentally enraged at the world not understanding. And I feel alone.

  • This is so true! I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for about 30 years and in constant pain. I have seen everyone from doctors issuing various tablets, physio, homeopathic doctor, acupuncture, chiropractor, support groups and spent an absolute fortune!!!! For me, I have found coming off all tablets (as they gave me headaches) pace myself, keep myself occupied, listening to music, healthy diet, catching up with friends for a coffee (nothing too tiring) has been the best remedy. Its certainly not easy, but lets not give up we can do this! x

  • Man, I honestly have no clue how she is able to take that pain without medication and live through her day. My problems are small compared to hers but still, I feel like sometimes I need a pill to reduce my suffering. The amount of willpower it takes to fight through this is just tremendous. Big congrats to her for being able to do that!

  • She isn’t looking healthy I’m not sure she has any idea I have been though so much more than this women and I wouldn’t carry on like this it’s all about her, not so simple for all of us love clearly you got lucky

  • Sadly mostly true. However I don’t say the word ppl and what they think for years in my thinking…. soon I stopped talking about my pain with ppl because several years ago, only after few month of its advent, I realised ppl don’t understand and don’t want to understand. Human being is a f… up entity and I seriously don’t have physical energy to think of if they care the person in front of them has a daily problem. As Virginia Woolf says: “human beings have neither kindness nor faith no charity beyond what serves to increase the pleasure of the moment. “

  • You are definately not alone I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years and was hit by a car last year please know you are not in anyway alone ♥️

  • i feel it all I’m 19 i have a problem in my nose that makes my breathing process terrible like really terrible i can’t work out i can’t travel i can’t live my age i have been like this for a year now no-one feels me i have cried so many times even my doctor he always say try this med or that saying i will be fine but it’s not the truth for a year now I’m suffering every single day i can’t sleep i can’t eat without my mouth opened i can’t work i thought about sucide i already take meds for depression but i feel sad angry upset no energy all the time idk what to do

  • It’s just that most drugs have side effects which produce their own serious issues. The body is such a careful balance of chemicals. I am wary because I’ve seen my mom nearly die from side effects on several drugs. Thanks for your response though.

  • It feels as though pain really has aged me so much faster than what should have been. The warnings were so there for so many years, and here I sit today, getting worse all the time, and the doctors would tell me, can’t know for sure where it’s coming from. But I sure know, and I also am the one who feels the pain more and more with new body sensations and ridiculous limitations which gets scarier all the time. Talk about feeling rejected by family and community and doctors… all the while It feels like I am slowly, but surely losing my mind, but we are to “buck” up each and every new day! It gets depressing.

  • This is me to a exactly. I was born with it and struggled my whole life. When I was little they were worried about my development, when I was a child they called it growing pains. When I was a teen I was diagnosed with klifelter’s but they called the pain unrelated. In college they called it stress. In graduate school depression and anxiety and in the work places after 10 jobs in 6 years they call it fibromyalgia and tell me to change my lifestyle. Today is a bad day. Cant get out of bed. Have no energy to even lift a glass. I’m not depressed, I’m not stressed and it is not in my head. Bc I want more than anything to run, to work. To play. I’m stuck only physically not mentally for in my mind and with the internet to connect I am free. Thanks for this video. It helps to know I’m not alone.

  • Omg. I feel you. I am sorry for your struggle. Depression has set in for me now. Life is passing me by. There is no joy because pain took its place. I injured my back being a nurse for decades. I gave my heart and soul to help others and it has robbed me of being able to dress myself, shower and use the bathroom even, by myself. I wake up crying almost in a coma state wondering if the pain has killed me or if I’m still alive. I cant cook or clean. I cant sleep some days. I just breathe and wait for death. The first few years I tried every treatment I could find and therapy and pill and oil and exercise and stretching and heat and bemer, electro magnetic therapy and oxygenation and infra red light therapy and raising my frequency and needles and anti inflammation diet etc etc etc….therapy to trick my brain into believing what I tell it. Prayer, meditation, music, massage…..I have lost hope and friends and dignity. I am wheeled in a chair if I go out and am treated like I’m retarded and I am called THE DISABLED…..Its not something I ever thought would be my story. After being a basket ball player and on the swim team and jogging the 10k monthly and always hiking and loving gardening and being active. I would jog in the rain as a younger me and think about how the rest of the world was missing out…..now I’m the one gaining weight and inches desperately wishing I could have my old life back waiting for the silver lining of this tragedy… wondering why, too overtaken by my pain to survive. Now terrified of the ending….
    Fully aware that pain can be intense enough to stop my heart…and wonder as I move in and out of consciousnesses if I’m ready to cross over spiritually but knowing I cant hang on anymore physically….
    My heart goes out to every person that knows this type of pain….may there be peace at the end of the journey

  • i have been struggling with chronic back pain for 16 years. it got worse over the years. when i was 15 it started to seriosly affect my life. i developed a strong depression. i also developed some anxiety feelings: i fear pain, because sometimes it gets worse. because i went swimming, because i went out for a walk, because i had to stand for some time. i am not able to stand for more than half an hour, so i would never never ever be able to work in a shop where you have to stand nicely. sitting is also uncomfortable. studying means pain to me. concentrating is difficult. so i procrastinate. i am 23 now and i feel like a failure because studying is so hard. waking up is so hard, everything is painful. i went to a doctor today and i will get an operation in october. i just hope the pain will end. i am so scared of pain. i am a woman and i dont want to have kids just because i know my back would hurt tremendously. whenever i look for a job i have to make sure that my body would be able to bear it. i feel like someone with a disability that no one can see. i know that many people suffer from back pain but my pain is a little bit different from the “pain” of the others. it never goes away. it never fades. it will just get worse. one intervertebrvl disc broke, it spilled and reabsorbed so that two vertebrae are scratching each other. it is ok if you are 80. not if you are a young lady. the other doctors were shocked but did NOTHING to help me. i need an operation. i do not need physiotheraphy. now i just hope that i would feel less pain.

  • I don’t know if this is what I have, but I do hope it helps my husband understand what i’m going through. Thank you. I think you have helped more people than you know.

  • Hey Ive got ehlers danlos type 3 as well, and I never thought of using pillows to stabilize my legs so thanks for that. I have also just recently started using cbd oils, and creams and they really seem to help a lot and have also found its not so much the company as much as it comes down to which strain was used to make it. Just a heads up though the best thing you can do for pain management is to work out, the stronger you can get your muscles, the more they will help to keep your joints in place, I havnt had a single dislocation in 3 years, which is quite amazing considering I used to dislocate my shoulders while sleeping a few times a week. I also try my best to keep active, I’, 28 and have stayed away from wheelchairs and other assisted devices by keeping my body as healthy as it can be.

  • I got my pregnancy pillow a couple of years ago and I can’t sleep without it! If I move around too much and push it out of place, I definitely notice a difference in my pain levels the next day.

  • Hey I was just put on duloxetene a couple weeks ago! At first when one of my drs suggested it to me I internally rolled my eyes because I am so sick of drs throwing antidepressants at chronic pain patients as if it’s a proven solution (heads up: with the exception of a couple, antidepressants have not shown to be any better than a placebo when it comes to treating pain), but I’m actually kind of feeling hopeful about this one because I’m only like two weeks in and it’s already helping me sleep!

  • This has been helpful to me.I have chronic back pain caused by a spinal injury.I am getting a great deal of support from my doctors,but it never occurred to me that depression has been a serious side effect of my chronic pain.

  • Hey Katie, I’ve had depression for a few years now and for a very long time my back muscle has been very, very sore. It mainly hurts regularly when I relax my back and breathe out it aches very badly. Does that specific type of pain happen specifically due to mental illness? Btw anyone can respond

  • Connect to what one is morally good at in your own perspective to treat your depression. Remember one is also innocent at times in your life. Since depession is a web of sadness, guilt, and shame, it is important to label the moments one felt sad, shameful or guilty and at what times were truly out of joy and innocence and even healthy pride. You are an inspiration Kati. I am happy to view and review your insightful videos!

  • I’ve had back and sciatica pain since I was 9 years old. Though I don’t view my pain person who clings cause it just a reaction to something wrong in my body. But I do view my depression that way. I can relate to everything else she says. I usually don’t get help until the pain is at a 9 or 10 just because I always feel like I’m in the doctors way or wasting their time and was told as much over and over again in my teens. I know a lot of people have it worse than me but I don’t feel lucky at all. Even though it only pains when out or aggravated. But I will always have to be careful with my back for all my life.

  • I have hypermobility (not as severe as yours) and the leg rolling thing has always been with me! I can’t really stand with my weight distributed properly on my foot for the same orthopedic reasons. People always acted like I was doing it on purpose as a kid and I realized seeing you talk about it that I’ve always seen it as a personal deficiency… Same with my difficulties with exercise all my life, which I now think are due to hypermobility orthopedic issues and possibility POTS. The adults around me really treated me like shit for not having the “good attitude” that would have magically transformed me into an athlete.

    It makes me so mad to realize how gaslit I was, and sad to the extent that I didn’t believe myself and my own pain. But also I’m happy to have the occasion to see all those experiences through a properly nonjudgmental lens.

  • This was so well done! I need to see a second one! I am suffering severe chronic back and SI joint and hip pain and worse at night when I need to sleep. Doctors guess or don’t even treat you. I have little faith in the medical field these days. I can only pray now for a miracle cure.

  • At last i dont feel alone,im in pain all day everyday,taking morphine,im 45 and feel alone as no one can understand how i am each day,to live in pain is the worst,unless you do it no one will understand.

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve been suffering from chronic back pain and I feel my depression increasingly difficult to manage. It’s such a scary and dark place to be in and this has really helped to calm myself down.

  • I Wonder what you do apart from caring your own self! I think don’t get too much obsessed with eds. Sometimes be careless free bird.

  • I know how you feel, people even volunteer me for things that if they had a clue how I struggle they wouldn’t have asked me! My chronic pain is due to my herniated discs. I’m sure I look like a slob in the eyes of others!

  • suffer also one thing that stops me doing things i used to do, used to scuba dive loads, used to be able to decorate my home but i struggled to do part of what i used to do now im very limited

  • All true! In addition to all this 1) When you want to do more but can’t because you’ve maxed out your ability to continue and you need to rest. This rest may be hours to days. 2) When you rest, some doctors will tell you increasing your activity will lessen your pain which is not true for all and you are one who has more pain with increased activity. 3) When you need a housekeeper but can’t afford one and not many are willing to help you with your chores without getting paid. 4) When your doctors say support is necessary but your family and friends think it they are being an enabler if they give support. 5) When your family thinks that assistance is not a need but a want. 6) When you’d like to go back to school to learn how to do some kind of work or hobby with your disability but you can’t because you don’t have the money and can’t get someone to help you understand how to get financial assistance. 7) When employers won’t take the time to hire people who can only work an hour at a time here or there so you can’t earn even a tiny bit of money.

  • I’m 29 and I’ve been like this since 18… anxiety is at it’s worse because I have to work to pay all of these specialists… I truly wonder if I will ever be able to bring life into this world whilst this life of mine is being drained and doctors will not stress this issue…

  • Great talk! I’d be curious what your thoughts of Polyvagal Theory are. I’m glad science is getting involved in trauma research more.

  • I was diagnosed with chronic pain recently. I’ve been going through it since 2018, December.
    From 2017 until 2018 my health was starting to get messed up. I would run out of breath, had severe respiratory infections, severe allergies, allergic conjunctivitis. Etc. I waited for it to get better. A couple months after I joined med school, I thought I was getting better. It was calm before the storm. Every single day, is a struggle. I lost my appetite almost fully. I don’t feel like eating no matter how long I starve for. I’m always tired and on my bed. I hate taking painkillers because some could affect you in the long run. Also, it could be addictive. I waited for at least 7 hours everyday until I finally took them at nights/midnights
    The pain is mainly at my eyes and head, and I can’t even cry because that hurts even more. I can’t move. Everything is a struggle. Sitting upright. Walking. Everything. I don’t even feel fresh after/during shower. Some days are better than the others but some days. I wish I died. I have such a big commitment (medical school, which I always dreamed of) and it is extremely hard. While typing this, I’m on my bed, in pain without even having a meal.! The hard truth is that, it is only going to get worse and I don’t know if I could really pull myself together because the pain I go through currently is insane. I can’t imagine going through something more intense. I feel like I can’t make it through media school and I’m goin to be such a failure. I genuinely wish I died, so that I don’t be a burden on my family and friends anymore.

  • Why aren’t my doctors doing this? They kept telling me to user over the counter meds and they did nothing. I’m so tired of living or existing like this. I just want some relief.

  • I use narcotic pain meds. I take one in a high dose that lasts 24 hours, as well as some for breakthru pain. I used to hate it so so much and then my doctors said why should u be so miserable if u don’t have to.
    I also have a medical service dog, along with a heart monitor under my skin. I’m getting a pace maker and feeding tube on Monday.
    Depression is my worst enemy.

  • She does not mention what its like when your family treats you like you are just lazy. You are constantly made to feel like to are just a crap parent, and then you feel even more depressed. And no there is not tons of help. Unless you have tons of money.

  • I could have believed this before I got my brachial plexus injury….but now even if I pretend not to be in pain I always I’m in pain LMAO… Life sucks, oh well..

  • When my father and grandma passed on Christmas Day. My dad passed on, on his 42 birthday on Xmas day, year 1992, grandma passed on Xmas day year 2017. So I sleep with teddy bears


  • I use Deep Blue too! I found the way it works best for my body is to buy the essential oil blend and mix it in my favorite lotion. I find it is also a better value that way too. Great video! ����

  • Oh yeah, grieving the loss of what I used to do with what I cannot do now is very depressing. I was very active and went to the gym 5 days a week, then I have my slip and fall and that did me in for my low back. And I’ve done just about everything to try and recover. We are talking about months and months of physical therapy, many rounds of spinal injections, medication therapy, and a couple of surgeries. After going through 4 years of hope it seems like it was all for nothing. Many thousands of dollars spent on treatment and surgeries, many hours in physical therapy, and many days silently suffering from chronic pain ends up being all done in vain because none of it really helped or it did but the discs became herniated again. It’s not easy and it’s not simple and my mind does it’s own thing even though I don’t want it to.

  • I would recommend this all natural product named alleviate creme. My boyfriend had serious migraine and back pain, once he apply this creme within minutes he’s doing great. You can get this at: https://retail.totallifechanges.com/Kissannagray

  • I’m hear you! My body hurts all over, I went little walk a couple of hours ago, I burst into tears when a nice lady looked concerned by my struggle.
    Now I’m in bed feeling like I have had enough of me.

  • I have widespread muscle pain or “fibro-myalgia” and wonder what’s out there to treat it. Best diet for me is all juice (homemade) but that’s hard to take. I’ve learned to look at pain as “heightened sensation” which helps me tolerate it. I will look into what you mention. Thanks.

  • I get unexplainable pains in my stomach and my pelvic floor. I eat organic, I meditate & I fucking have a big life purpose. I have no idea what I did or do wrong to deserve this

    It’s like I woke up one day, and things turned in my life, as if I’m living in some communist country!
    I had to go through more than ten years of daily constant Pain, of my neck, face, eyes, head, shoulders, upper chest area, arms and hands, due to a C1-C2 fusion, severe head injury not conscious for a month, and multiple head and upper body injuries.
    Finally a Pain Doctor at a Pain Clinic saw the truth of the extent of my injuries and mostly from my fusion, and started to treat me with Morphine.
    I have needed to responsibly use a high dose of Morphine for 25 years. NOT one problem as like I said, I’ve used it responsibly.
    But now my Maine State Government is playing doctor, they are taking my Morphine Medicine away from me, and my life is already a Hell once again. As if I have been taking it for 25 years for nothing, when it is just the opposite, the fusion ruined my life as I know it, and the head injury has played a good part too. But where can I find a Pain Doctor who can treat me like I paid dearly to get to and have the best possible life that I can have. As without Morphine, I’m already seeing the extent and I’m no longer young and can take such a daily Hell.
    Morphine to my life, is like Insulin to a diabetic. They are taking away the Morphine Medicine that saved my life! It made my life far better, and NOT at all worse.
    I am very angry about this, for to me it is an insult for what I have already gone through and what I have lost, and yet it’s as if it never happened. As if Morphine was handed to me on a platter! As if there was no Pain Doctor or Pain Clinic! As if none of this is real and I’m a drug addict who they need to punish!
    I’ve been to 3 different Doctors since first being treated with Morphine.
    There is no Pain Clinic taking Patients that deal with Narcotics for patients.
    So they just are taking my Medicine away, and leaving me like on the side of the road!
    I don’t get this, does anyone know what my Rights are, how they can do this to me!
    It is the State Government who did this. I am told I could still be treated, but on the other hand where’s the Doctor, and I’m not a man of money.
    I’m still suffering, but I’m having it taken away from me for nothing I’ve done. Like I said, as if none of this happened and I don’t have the life ruining Pain that I have.
    Any suggestions I would appreciate it.
    Also if I call anyplace, they never tell you if they deal with Narcotics, they’ll tell you they don’t once you go there, but like I said I don’t have the money, transportation, or time.
    I just can not believe that they can do what they have done to me, just step in and take Medicine away that I’ve been using for 25 years and not given them one problem. I thought this was the United States? Is it too much to want at least some kind of a life?
    Heck this was all due to a drunken driver, caused a head on collision with 18-wheeler truck.
    I just want my life back! To continue my Morphine Medicine that gives me a life, makes things far better for me, as my existence will be very poor without it! In fact I will NOT be able to do it. Already been there, and I know at my age now, that I will not be able to at all!
    I am NOT Superman, and that’s what it would take, and like I said, I’m NOT Superman.
    Any suggestions anyone!

  • What other options do we have for treating chronic pain then? The symptom treating drugs worked substantially, but they aren’t fighting the root cause. This also seems to be an argument about semantics, whatever substance you use to treat chronic pain in the end will be a drug. Unless you are opting for surgery or something akin to that?

  • Yes chronic pain MRI approved! Went to Spain to get a disc replacement on ALL my disc. Said it would be 40 grand and came back at 71 grand. No can do bc my husband had a stroke every before this and I his care giver. We are both completely depressed. Can you i imagine our life? And we are only 52 years old! Very very sad

  • Fatigue sucks! The pain sucks too…my neck, headaches, nausea, shoulders ugh its exhausting. My head hurts so bad when I lay down..just the pressure from the pillow touching my head hurts. And all these symptoms make me constantly think Im dying, so I have health anxiety and panic attacks from it!

    I also get pseudo insomnia from my anxiety so ill be scared to fall asleep for the fear i wont wake up..so when I do fall asleep..I feel like I dont sleep.

    I feel better when I’m out and about and around people (SOMETIMES)..but of course 90 percent of the time I cant muster up the will to leave my house. I just end up staying in bed and dwelling on how shitty I feel and wishing how I could just be around other people..and feeling shitty that I simply…Can’t.

    Anyone else feel this?

  • She’s a wonderful actress with such a soothing voice!
    Thanks to the producers of this film this is a very, VERY real situation!!!

  • what she’s talking about is chronic pain onset from depression but i have chronic pain from two botched hip surgeries and they put me on medications to try to manage the pain and it messes with my mental health. soooo it’s the chicken or the egg sometimes and mine is the pain is actually causing the depression

  • So glad you made this video, I’m always looking for ideas on how to handle pain! I wholeheartedly recommend Stopain (they have it at CVS, I swear by that stuff, no other topical has helped me as much as that one). For me when pain is really unbearable it’s often a sudden onset so I have trouble thinking straight, so what has helped me a lot is having a list of pain fighting measures from least harmful (heat or cold, stopain, etc.) to most harmful (pain meds, at least harmful to me as my kidneys have suffered over the years). So that way I don’t have to think too much, and I can work my way through my list and see at what level I get relief. Idk if that makes sense, but maybe it helps someone. Love your videos, Izzy! Also, more kitties, please:)

  • I used to backpack across the country and hop freight trains, having the time of my life and then my dentist gave me trigeminal neuropathy. It’s excruciating. I live at my mom’s house now because of the constant pain. I hate my life

  • I’m into 2+ years of chronic pain. This video is good information. Pain has to be managed or it will run the immune system down. Dealing with it is about life balance. Pacing techniques help me manage pain and fatigue without becoming overly dependent on drugs.

  • I know how you feel. If only we could plug our pain into our doctors brain. Doctors just push you off to the next and refuse to do anything for you anymore.

  • Thank you honestly. Lately I’ve been in the most darkest head space I noticed my body would ache alot and my appetite has changed and i would look up symptoms and it would tell me all this crazy shit so i would scare myself telling myself either I’m gonna die or i am dieing and I’m still in school, a junior in high school at that, but I’ve been telling my case worker and my family and all these people what I’m feeling and I’ve been tooken to the hospital and they all said they couldn’t do anything becuz I wasnt trying to kill my self,which I find odd that you have to try to commit suicide to get help but that something else, but I dont know I feel so empty and alone cuz no one gets what I’m feeling they get freaked out when I say how I’m feeling but watching this video honestly gave me some answers and a little hope that I could possibly be okay someday.

    Edit: also if anyone can give me advice about this or feels the same way comment. Plz. I dont know what to do lol

  • I once experienced a near death experience, and from that day until now i am always scared of illness or death,, and i have some chronic pain (insomnia, headaches, chest and back pain, and knees pain) and its been 2 years now:(

  • 30 years of pain, tylenol 3 and clonazepam, cant plan one moment to the next, Oh I put on a brave face, done all the pain programs, only relief for 4 hours with alcohol and more t 3 than prescribed. You lose your ability to work, then your house and then your spouse, know i m not the only one. keeping busy helps, get things done before your overcome. The blackness of death almost appeals, and that is my story.

  • I did the 3 steps just to get a diagnosis. I first went to a rheumatologist, then to a neurologist and third to a psychotherapist. The diagnosis is psychosomatic pain. Now I’m going thru therapy. I’m taking 2 medications a day. Extreme pain is gone but I’m always tired like I want to sleep. It’s very debilitating and being an introvert makes it’s worse. I want to talk to someone but being with people exhaust me. It’s not a good situation to be in.

  • I suffer from three chronic illnesses and all cause chronic pain. I 100% agree that these things can lead to depression because its happening to me. I have an amazing support system however the daily pain has made it tough to look on the bright side of things.

  • Thank you so much for this! I have pretty unmanaged muscle and joint pain. I use a lot of icy hot and muscle rub lotions. My whole family can smell it throughout the entire house ��

  • Yea it’s hard to figure out if its the depression causing my pain or vice versa…my doctor ignores my pain complaints so I guess it must be depression

  • Nice explanation but somehow oversimplified the things and All the time this is not the case. About medicines, future is darker, i guess.

  • Izzy, have you every tried acupuncture for pain or gastroparesis or dysautonomia? I think your audience would benefit from your experience with acupuncture if you ever have the chance to get treatment from an experienced, astute practitioner. Your videos are very well done. Thank you for sharing.

  • With the school topic, it is extremely extremely difficult to get anything done. I have missed so many days of school because of my pain. I need help out of bed pretty much everyday because of my pain. It makes me frustrated but also it makes my teachers frustrated. It is hard to communicate with teachers because my brain gets foggy which makes teachers angry. It is a hard cycle to have when I’m in my senior year of high school and I actually had to leave my school last year because of my pain. It’s very frustrating and hard to get much done

  • ive been in pain now for just over a year. the pain is in my head and is there when i wake up and stays with me all day. i have to take pain killers but try to keep them at a low level. the hospital and my doctor is now saying it is probable caused by my depreshion.

  • I need a hip and back operation and on lots of meds I can’t even leave my bed little alone my house,NHS cutbacks mean I need to suffer….. now after 3 years I’m stuggling with mental health issues I cry everyday and feel like I’ve been left on the scrap heap at 44 years old

  • It’s easy to say, sure. It’s nonsensical, though. Pain only reduces the quality of life (which is something a lot of things do), death is the end of life.

  • You right girl i got the same problem n they want to cut my medication i got bulges disc disease n diabetic nerve damage crazy pain lost my job that i work for 21 years i wake up like that when i was going to work im disable now im worried cus i take mental health issues like panic attack n anxiety n moody disorder that why they want to cut my med it really help me go true life that crazy tremendously chronic pain n panic attacks 40 dollars co pay pluss transportation is $15 go n come back home

  • I am turning 19 this year and I’ve had a chronic tension headace for about 5-6 years.
    I went to a specialised chronic pain hospital a year ago. There, I learned for the first time that I was not imagining my pain. There were a lot of people like me and also a lot of people with much worse chronic pain (chronic migranes, cluster headaces). It was so good to finally have people believe me! Also people around me in daily life seemed to realise: “oh she’s going to a hospital. Maybe she really does have headaces”.
    But other than that, my stay at that hospital was a little dissapointing. They mostly talked about how to make life with chronic pain better (Eat well, sleep well, exercise, keep yourself distracted from the pain), theese things I was already doing. They helped a little bit but noone really talked about getting rid of the pain. I know for tension headaces it is possible. I did get amitriptyline to help my body re-build its serotonin level -> for my kind of pain, serotonin is what my body is missing to ‘filtrate’ what pain must be felt by the body, and what not. At least so I was told. (english is not my fist language, hope this makes sense)

    So the drug helped for a year (wich was great!) but my body did not start to produce enough serotonin on its own again. So after a little bit of research I am considering trying different methods. Reducing stress, mediate / yoga, doing domething creative regularily, working out a lot more…. this may sound silly but right now it’s the only idea I have left. I know I’m having too much stress in my life and this might be a way to battle that.

    Anyways, this is probably only interesting for people who are like me,
    I just want to say I do reccommend theese specialised hospitals/ therapists because they to give a lot of intformation and you meet other people who are just like you and understand your situation. But just know that the healing process is probably a lot longer than that.

  • I do every single one of these… My tens unit has also been helpful, although I currently cannot find mine and need to replace it.

  • Me I was diagnosis with Fibromyalgia about 3 months ago.I am on pain meds for 3 months and also seeing psychiatrist and psychologist.It has taken a toll on me.Its hard for me and now I am using walking stick for 2 years.Its hard for me to face after I was diagnosed.It robbed me of my life and now on pain meds.����������.me from Singapore.Love your videos Kati.God Bless.

  • Ty ��
    Going though a real bad episode
    I’m sick of myself I feel sorry for myself
    I turned bitter an twisted I’ve lost my spark the me I’m no better than next person
    Tho I looked at many areas for explain to cure me
    Other than trying to sell my soul
    I won’t
    I wonder what I’ve done or not done
    You can’t go bk
    Tho forward
    Every time wk month getting harder
    An no help today I went to two doctors one was training the other an kinda bear my soul an pleaded for help my meds not touching it
    One doctor told m they will decrease them
    Not rise them
    Hold on so I go to get help in my time of need an get nothing
    I’m sick of meditation
    I’m sick of looking dressing being
    Old broken l use to have pride
    In my own way
    Now I just exists
    If my mother sister partner child friend told me that they felt crappy
    Was crappy changed I be running them to hospital with them I’ve had tests they telling m this that tho I’m feeling it
    There’s people out there
    Who’s worst of they me tho I’m me an I lost me not gain anything from this why why yes why I’m not bad person
    Bad things happen to good ppl
    An maybe I suffering for pass life deed I don’t know all I know I’m strong person an right now I’m perfetic
    An I feel nothing but pain shame an drained ��

  • My pain has destroyed me and the saddest I’m alone because no one wants he hear about or wants me to talk about it so I have to bottle it up and just keep it to myself and just sit and feel like a freaking loser that cant escape this nightmarish hellish pain that I’m not aloud to talk about

  • I have a sore left ankle fracture which the docs cannot do anything about and a sore right big toe which will be getting surgery on but Im stuck in the house 24/7 because of this

  • Yeah it is hard having people not believe you and then when people ask you how you are they say that they want you to tell them the truth but if he say well you know my back hurts really bad today but you know it’s all right they get upset with you for feeling bad so eventually you just don’t say anything and then when you can’t do something that you’re expected to do they get upset with you and don’t understand why and you try to explain well I can’t do those things I just don’t ever complain because you get upset when I say how I’m feeling

  • As they may be lots of people in the comments who suffer with chronic pain I have a group that I’ve been running for a number of years with 232 members I will post the link below

  • Thank you for sharing. I feel so identified, is hard not being understood and to have to struggle with pain every single day, and even though you are in pain you have to “put on a mask” and smile because people don’t like to be around sad suffering people

  • Advice for anyone battling this.
    Do not believe everything your doctor sais, you see 5 differant people and they will all say something differant. Frustrating and wasted time. Don’t be aggressive but you need to tell them what tests you want if they don’t suggest it.
    The only person who really cares about your health is yourself.
    Don’t waste 12 years like I did being tossed around people not believing you and telling you it’s all In your head

  • Please make more videos about chronic pain and illness! I’ve got fibromyalgia and while I’ve always been mildly mentally ill, I’m very severely mentally ill since I got sick. It’s difficult. It’s been absolutely traumatic. I would love more tips and tricks and education around this topic.:)

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  • Hi well I’m confused I have panic attacks always tired and always aching my body always sore too dr. is this related to chronicle Fatigue pain?? I’m really not sure if I have clinical fatigue

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  • what a great video! love your channel XXX just subbed ;)) would be awesome if we could keep in touch and support each other xx sending love

  • I have social anxiety so I sort of understand chronic pain. My mind automatically sends the fight and flight response as soon as I step outside my house around people. The symptoms in the moment of social anxiety caused me uncomfortable muscle stiffness which is pain. And this is the brain always releasing cortisol which eventually causes damage to the nervous system. That’s why the more I leave my social anxiety untreated, I develop new symptoms acquainted to it. But no one knows how to cure this issue, I’m just given ssri to suppress the issue. They take long for the body to get used to it aswell.

  • Thank you for giving me a voice. I have something to share with Those who I know care about me to help them understand more. What a kind gift. Much love to you for all of your hard work

  • Try water fasting, and inversion therapy. Also a great book called “Love, Medicine, and Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel. Also try 100% pure raw food diet, and quit all coffee. A lot of coffee is toxic since it contains anti fungal chemicals.

  • I’ve been suffering so bad from this. I’ve had such intense pain for years and have even tried to kill myself multiple times because the chronic pain makes me so depressed

  • yey for pillows. I am a big fan of the bean bag style of pillow, supportive and also it warms with your body warmth so unlike wheat bags or hot water bottles 1. no refilling and 2 u can put it anywhere n no risk of it bursting. I want to find an option to support thumbs n wrist for washing up and for unloading the washing machine, can’t use metal splints with washing up gloves but REALLY need them when I have to load my joints when doing those tasks.

  • I write this hoping you are doing better. My days are filled with pain after my pain meds were dropped to 0. Every patient at the pain clinic was taken off. I need knee, hip, and neck surgery, but would rather take the pain meds to avoid that. I end up no surgeries (Coronavirus) and no pain meds for 5 mths now. Living in pain all day, not being able to do the simplest of everyday tasks is a suffering no one seems to care about. How can this be in the USA?! We shouldn’t have to endure this kind of pain. I pray you are in a better place. I’m tired too. ������

  • Im nothing, im empty, alone, stuck inside my own head. Only thing that makes me happy and comfortable is my father and when the day comes that he’s no longer with me will be the worst day of my life and I don’t think I will be able to live anymore after that:'(

  • Thank you for values. I do release chronic pain with hypnotherapy. It really works. check my web for many testimonials. http://www.nlpsuccesscoaches.com 949-5221616.

  • Until all these “new” drugs that magically fix our nervous systems are found, those living with chronic pain have the right to treat the pain so it wont get worse and worse for the reasons he gave. Chronic pain rewires the nervous system and creates MORE PAIN! The “crude” opioids help chronic pain patients have lives and be more active and social. There is nothing wrong or evil about taking opioids to manage pain. I’m tired of seeing pain killing opioids demonized by Kolodny, PROP and others out to sell Suboxone. That is what this “opioid epidemic” is really all about. 30,000 people die a year from opioids, street opioids not RX. 88,000 die a year from alcohol. So where is that epidemic. Well, chronic pain patients can’t get good treatment for pain anymore, and a lot of them are killing themselves. There is the real epidemic.

  • I’ve been going through this for a few years now and it feels like you’re alone and you’re exactly right I’m being pushed around from Doctor to doctor with no real help I feel so alone thank you for this video

  • That “person” never goes, but everyone else does. I am left behind while others live and I exist. I finally go a proper diagnosis twenty years too late.

  • Your video was awesome! In the beginning when you say you have been in pain for so long you don’t know what it’s like without it, know this is someone who knows what it’s like to be in serious pain. The Doterra cream has the same ingredients as mentholatum (think Vics Vapor rub) but vics is a lot cheaper.
    My pain is not from muscle or bones but from my pancreas. It is an internal pain that is crippling and is 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I use a combination of liquid hydrocodone and gabapentin which allows me to be able to live my life enough to do my own laundry and prepping my meals which are liquid. I also use meditation and conscious dreaming to help with being able to function. The pain meds cause me to be very sleepy and I sleep 6-8 hours a day. Even though you and I have a different kind of pain, I really enjoyed your video because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my pain. Thank you for doing these videos.

  • I really want to try a tens machine or this punching machine. I am on so much pain medication, it’s not nice! I am on the highest dose of Celebrex, novaminsulfon and a regular dose of tramadol and I use two different types of paincreme.

  • Yup, me too. Passed on a date today AND lay at the pool with my sister. I am in bed and can’t even get comfortable to sleep at night. It is literally a living hell.

  • So I’ve been dealing with gastroesophageal reflux disease (basically acid reflux but way worse and more often) and it’s internal pain and not something I can treat with ice, heat, basically anything topical but if anyone has any ideas to help the pain I’d really appreciate it!

  • Excruciating pain 24/7 can put you in a pretty vulnerable state of despair. Everything seems amplified, very loud in the brain. Losing sleep creates a volatile mood but baseline depressed. It’s a common post hoc ergo propter hoc.

  • Sounds like you have a pretty positive attitude about your pain. That is so important. I’ve found, for example, that pain keeps me from wanting to exercise, but doesn’t physically stop me. So that is a mental battle, to move the body when it’s already hurting. I’ve learned the art of self discipline, even if I don’t always practice it. Best to you.

  • Very helpful Izzy. I use heat all the time but I’ve never seen an ice pad like yours. Can you please tell me the name and I’ll see if I can get one here in Australia���� I never bother with ice otherwise as it just doesn’t last long enough when you use ice out of the freezer.

    Can you let me know if you have had genetic testing or was your diagnosis a process of elimination? I am pondering about the benefits of genetic testing����‍♀️

    Hope your knee is doing better. Much love from Oz, Amanda xx��

    P.S. I also don’t like the cannabis oil for the head side effects. I don’t think it helps with my pain at all either and if anything I think it makes my chronic migraines worse. I have an appointment tomorrow and will ask about moving to just CBD oil. Thanks for highlighting that one ������

  • bad THC experiences are often from sativa strains, if you feel like you want to start using it again i definitely suggest indica, as it doesn’t give you that specific type of “high” feeling that causes you to dissociate (or at least causes me to). sativa is often used for chronic pain bc it tends to be higher in THC but just in case you wanna try it out again that’s just my recommendation!

  • So I have several fears about seeing someone about my depression. I suffer from chemotherapy induced chronic pain as well as arthritis and I am so very sad and depressed. I am waiting for disability to hopefully be approved so we are hurting for money, I cant sleep, I dont remember what not hurting feels like. I often think about ending it all but I have a 7 year old that I couldnt do that to. I’m worried if I tell my dr this either I will lose my pain meds or I will be locked up. If you can let me know any advice I would be very thankful.

  • I hope I can post this link, it might be a lifeline for some.

  • Chronic pain is like a night without end,you eventually lose hope that things will ever get better.The only way out is to take back control of your own life and put your trust in a higher power.That is the only way I can get through each day.

  • Izzy when you mentioned Advil not being good for.you but you take it when it’s really bad, please I can not stress this any more than I am, please be careful with that medication. Any pill with Naproxen, Ibuprofen or Aspirin products in them can lead to SEVERE damage to your stomach and esophagus, I should know because I did take that medication for a long time for my chronic pain because doctors didnt want to prescribe anything else, and now I’m paying the price for it, I have damaged my esophagus and stomach, and the damage is irreversible.

  • For me the best state is to be very hydrated and eat mostly non-starchy vegetables and some fruits. Nuts are good but not too many. Sugar makes me ache more, so do heavy meat meals. Juicing and fasting helps so I try to throw in a few of those days when I’m not in places I have to eat with others.
    It is a battle between indulging myself with things that are tasty because I feel so bad, and doing what is best. Living with pain is a burden no one can know who doesn’t experience it.

  • I wanted to like Deep Blue, but ended up having BAD allergic reactions to one of the oils in it. My dispensary has a natural tiger balm type topical with a one to one thc/CBD ration and that one works far better for me.

  • Great video!
    Hello I hope you are still hanging in there. I am also a sufferer. I was kicked off pain management after over ten years of strong opiates. I have had over ten spinal surgeries mostly fusion.
    I went through rapid detox. The Coleman institute. Very expensive, almost killed me. But it got me off opiates. Now I have more constant pain. I am 47. I look forward and I don’t know if I can do this long enough to get very old.
    Take care. ��

  • Have you tried ditching foamroller and stretching exercises to just focus more on stability and muscle gain? I have hypermobility and suffer from backpain for most of my teenage years, but when I started working out a lot, grew in size and also was able to deadlift 150kg I got rid of all my backpain. Btw. rolling the IT band is a big no no. It weakens it and will cause more pain.

  • I use kratom once in awhile and a few puffs off a joint; seems to help with the sweating and overall pain. people need to have this illness for a few days and then they would see we are not hypochondriacs; seeking attention.. I’m ashamed of myself for not being able to pray or read or walk anywhere.. I’m retired but bored silly because I was a professional musician/songwriter and I can’t even tune my guitars!. I long to die and get out of this hell hole world.. I see no hope; even Jesus has abandoned me and that was the last straw for me.. I’ve been betrayed so many times that I believe I caught this after severe trauma and withdrawal from medical Morphine.. I’ve been in this Hell for 23 years now!. they want everyone to turn to heroin and I have been tempted to try and get some but it probably has fentanyl in the cut; so that’s out of the question.. God Bless you fellow sufferer’s and try to out smart this satanic curse from the Devil..��

  • Some memory foam products can be good, if you can get one the right height they are supportive but it needs to be the right height for you, I have one that is too high n that makes my neck hurt more.

  • that aproach in attitude towards a sprained wrist you described might be linked to the reason these people develop this symptom. a healing proces isnt something you get for free from your body. focus will help you heal. to put a bandage around it thinking it will be allright if i give it rest is such a wrong aproach. structure is damaged, it needs to heal and buildt new structure that will handle large stresses, so you need to gradually expose it to larger stresses.

  • i had joint pain for two months. it got to a point that i couldnt move at all without taking strong pain killers. Went to so many doctors and performed all sorts of tests, but nothing came out. unfortunately i did not know about depression at the time. So I quit my job which I really hated. and within a week I started to recover. After i returned home i visited a doctor and only then we found that I was having depression.

  • More pain patients will kill themselves due to this insane amount of opiodphobia.
    News flash! The reason people want opioids is wait for it…

  • thans for this❤️��
    i’m 13 and i have much pain but my parent don’t believe me.
    i asked if i could go to the doctor but they just said no.
    the day i’m faking it and if i have eds or hds my joint would pop out/sub lox more but my joints do but i never tell them and this video really helped me❤️����

  • this is one massive time bomb waiting to happen. if someone gets hold of those ‘future’ drugs but makes a batch that force the glial cells to create pain all over the body that’s just one massive chemical attack waiting to happen

  • Thank uou Izzy. You are VERY helpful and so positive. Im st uggling with drs nit kniejnv anyghing ir honedtly theh just remember hearing and reading about the famikh if syndtomos. Ivd gad drs say y me tha “ITS ONKY S SYNDROM,” You have yo ge kidding me I’ve saud, that dhoukd say to yoj ther srd several to many isdues with it and it is a makformation of my g netic crlls. My vologen is faulty. Ivd never had. Surgical dcar heal properly ir fully without reopening. I had stomach acges as a child so oft n I m sedc a lot of elementry school. Which mad me a pretty good stud nt wotking hard alone in quiet. Stufing art n music violin an vocals whrn I was younb an as an adukg was a professional artist, semi retired and mostly due to my illnesses becsyse I still have idsas goals and so many dreams and a couple new product line udeas, thst eoulc grlp me save gir bith m husbsnc an I yo retire. Porr guh us dtill working so I have medical insurance sk J can get diagusnised and he surgetues gastro gyn and dental relatdd all awaiying me yo fin a dr to duaginodis m typr. I vlearl havd it impk. I believ mh dather fid gh more I learn. Mh son was disginised with Marfan and and I eds. My fagher vomes ftom region in Europe utx found misg i was detected irst, sirrh I girget. And it is also mosg ommon in m heritiage. My dreans ard dtill big im not done cresting nc eharin but neec m beslth. I csn evrn do bidros b cahse I cang go on x maera with m teeth. Irs humuliatung gojng o drs in thix ain looking as I do dkjnn divk in pain they hink Im dr shoppin but what am I to do? I’m in LA and there are no Drs to find what seem to be able to help me in this city a huge megatropolis of a city. With one adults genetic kindof local lab. I’ve been trying to get someone to help me submit documents and blood and skin samples from my stomach from a orthoscopy to a geneticists lab to test me fir tge tyoe I have. i do My on can grg tested ir marfsn either. Its so depressin. One local collegd is all sny Dr can gind in the entire city of Los Ang les, is that nit ty most rifuvlous thing yoh havd ever heard. The onky place to get me tested is at UC Irvine,in Orangd County nit evrn in L.A. proper. Its the only local place my Gastro dr can find and get needs to do poroceedures to igure out what and where the problems are repaied. He feels unqualified and asked me to perhapos not focus on eds. THSTS ABDOLU KY NIT HSPPNING THUX US TD LISEST I’VE EVER BEEN I HAVE ACTUAL SAMPLES THAT CAN GO TO THE GENETIST. BUT THE GASTRO DOESDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.
    I too him no way absnolutly certain so to menot thats totsaly ubserd. I can trace my illnesees and connect them all to so so many of my childhood problems with a very strong medical history of typical symptoms that all should have been put together years and years and years ago. I have so much childhood issues teen and early adult to exasterbateted as I aged it all progressed and it has worsed greatly and noone but this one Dr ever put it all together for me. Until I was about 60 to 61 yrs old. I didn’t really take it totally seriously until I started to watch seminars ftom the society and the foundation they are remarkable. I advise anyone searching with similar issues to watch them yourselves yourselves and check those seminars out. It is like they are often telling my life’s stories. It can be both enlightening, frightening, and rewarding that you have a goal to seek out yo hopfully find answers. An unattainable one for me so far, its so hard to not to give up. However you can’t handle the pain it is too and VERY difficult being believed. My Dr who diaginosed me said what do the genetiscts need to know other than you are all stretchy inside. I said “Dr I believe its much more technicle than that.” To which he threw his sholders up. He says yo me its like your son is lthe real living Gumby boy, and you are too stretchy on the inside. VERY UNKIND AND NOT FUNNY TO ME AT ALL. Knowone knows anything about elhers danlos here. It’s so far been extreemly difficult to even get into see a Rheumatologist. To help me get diagnosed with so many major stomach issues like gastritous and food issues elimination issues my entire life. Starting at under ten having sympyoms of eds. I was hospitalized for testing it was so severe at the age of 9. I sytarted having what they were calling “false starts of RA starting at age 12.” They compared me to my father. NOW its full blown RA and spinal canal and arterial canal stenosis thats excruitating throughout my body as well. It is guite concentrated in my spine both cervical and lumbar. I’m prolapsed in a few places. I’ve had lumbar back surgery too in the past. Lots of issues and way too many to cover.
    I just watched your video on how you handle your pain. I am a huge pillow junkie, so I will be trying the two under the arms today.
    My daughter bought that body pillow for herself when she was pregnant and really loves it. You have convinced me. I will be ordering it today. Looks incredible. Thanks so much Lizzy. Sorry so long. I’ve watched a while now but never commented because I knew if I did it would be this long. So sorry.

    I need so much. I almost have no teeth left. They have all broken due to illnesses, treatments that very extreemly harsh on my body and the combinations of the illnesses, eds and the medications to end the diseases destroyed my very beautiful smile and teeth. Thats so beyond depressing, ontop of non stop pain and being humilated by drs. It’s BEYOND embarrassing, I don’t want to go anywhere or see anyone or open my mouth in public. I’m a horrible represenitive for myself. I’m so lost under 100 lbs. My gums are so worn away that its taken a lot of bone as well. I have to get the genetic conformation of my type before the dentist will even consider doing the implants, although he ssys there are no saveable teeth. As well as the more personal issues that aren’t approiate to talk about here. Whats VERY concerning to me is (what if the diagnosis prevents my abilty to get my teeth pulled removed and replaced? What will I do then?) If I can’t get them replaced, what hope do I have? I’ve been eating this meal for a year, at least. Prior to this meal I ate two other meals that I actually flavored that unfortunately were triggering my pain. So I had to cut out all lovely soft pastas that actually helped me keep calories and weight on. I can eat only graham crackers and canned chicken with mayo, a slice of cheddar cheese on soft fresh wheat bread. Honestly Period. The graham crackers basically melt in your mouth so they are very helpful. No teeth that are able to chew anything else and digestion is also a major issue so even before my teeth started to break off and fall out I couldn’t eat even things like grapes, apples, tomatoe skins. These things my can not and doesn’t digest, so I do not and can not consume them. Because they are breaking the few teeth I do have and my redceded gum and bone loss is VERY SIGNIFFIANT. My gums are and like hamburger meat. I’m not a big meat eatter so me even eating chicken is a protein demand of our bodies needs and my only sorce of energy so I pretty much need that food source. Its not possible with my issues to get a fully rounded diet unfortunately. I’m in fear a diagnosis will then prevent ANY dental drs from doing work or any surgergery on me. What then?????
    If you got this far thanks so much.

  • …. I can see it now.. druggies on whatever meds that they’ll develop to make you numb. it’s already bad enough that there is opiate addicts. ah well, the future holds many surprises. maybe even the cure for cancer…

  • I have eds and have found Valor essential oil from Young Living is really good for my shoulder, collar bones and atlas that used to sublux or dislocate daily. With Valor every day on my Atlas, neck, collar bone and shoulders, I don’t sublux it dislocate hardly at all. They actually call it chiropractor in a bottle. Great stuff. I also use essential oils for pain, my favourite is called Panaway by Young Living, it is similar to the Deep Blue cream you use. I am considering braces, I’ve always been told not to use them as they encourage muscle wastage, but as I’m getting older it’s getting worse and I feel I need support. I’m also purchasing a power chair soon as I find walking far extremely hard with hip, knee and ankle subluxations and dislocations and I can’t push myself around in a normal wheelchair as my shoulders and fingers will dislocate. I’ve never really been one to go to the dr but as my pain and injuries are getting worse as I get older I’m considering going to the dr and seeing if I can get onto some kind of pain management program. Argh it’s so hard and especially hard at the moment. Your videos are really good, I’ve been enjoying watching them.

  • Chronic pain = depression. I’m dealing with this right now. I was in a serious car accident that has lead me to depression, loneliness, isolation, irritation, and anger. I am a nurse and have a tough time focusing. I have a lawyer. I have a pain specialist. It’s financial very expensive. I have a therapist. It’s so stressful. �� I started a YouTube channel because of this…

  • I want to add in baths with epsom salt! There is a sport healing salt mixture that I love as well as some other magnesium salts or soothing bubble bath mixtures that have been a lifesaver for me on tough days.

  • IMOThere is no such thing as deathit’s only a figment in the mind of man. Life is eternal and death is only something the living have to deal with. We come to ourselves only after having had a history. With regard to our own death, we never really get to I’m dead. Life is all that anyone has ever really known.

  • I swear by pillow supportsi have so many size and shape pillows, and I also have stuffed animals i use to support my lower back or my neck, since my head tends to feel too heavy for my neck to hold up.
    I also take duloxetine and it has worked wonders for my persistent depressive disorder but has not done anything for my pain, unfortunately:(
    Definitely going to try the underarm pillows and using ice more often!!

  • Done the pillow thing all my life. Started doing it due to the bruises i’d wake up with from body parts being pushed against each other while I slept. Then found it helped with both comfort and joint pain to be able to wrap my limbs in pillows. Still havn’t solved the neck or side sleeping shoulder pain though. No “height” of pillows seems to fit right and I turn over so much that no one height works anyway. I tend to sleep on my side a lot of the time trying to get my neck and head in a more comfortable position, but this seriously hurts whatever arm i’m sleeping on. Can feel it pushing the shoulder out of join. I don’t dislocate that easily, instead getting more of a partial dislocation where it just isn’t fitting in joint correctly or I can feel the tissue tearing. Both hurt like hell, taking weeks to months to heal. Still no actual diagnosis but given my research in the last year hEDS or HSD are the most obvious diagnosis.
    I also have Autism and ADHD, and honestly think the Autism is the only reason I don’t run into more pain management issues. Seems to make it easier for me to ignore bone pain. Spoken with others with Autism and this seems to be a fairly common side effect, that we develop more of a tolerance for some types of pain. I do use pot or cbd. It absolutely helps me, but then i’m treating the Autism, ADHD and whatever this joint hypermobility disorder is; as well as depression. All are currently believed to benefit from medical pot or cbd.

  • I tried using KT tape but it ripped my skin off. I don’t know if it was the brand of tape I was using or if it was just my skin being fragile. What brand of KT tape do you use?

  • Distraction is my favourite pain relief, not found meds that help much yet, but a good video game can make it way less stressful (if I’ve got energy and mobility to play)!

  • Omg, thank you for the pillows under the arms thing for neck pain!! I’m going to try that next time but I didn’t know that was a thing!

  • This lady can drive
    Walk unaided
    Carry bags
    Lift a kettle
    I fall
    I gave up on “specialists”
    Between 1 to 10 how bad is your pain?

  • I use a hand held electric massager for stiff muscles! I could dm u a pic, if u use it alongside a heat rub i find it so effective!

  • I have a method (non-pill related) that makes the pain go away for about 15 minutes, but usually only works once or twice a day, then stops working. These moments of being pain free are so melancholic. There’s a sweet sadness to being pain free, as I am temporarily right now, and knowing that it will return shortly…like a commercial break.

  • This video made me miss my my brace collection. When I moved I miss placed all or them I changed jobs so I don’t have to take the with me every day. Although I had bad ankle swelling/slipping fun and I just my feet shrunk again so I have tight leather boots I got from a Army surplus store, great ankle support not much padding. I find it interesting how common heds is but until recently I spent more time explaining what it is to doctors. With this move most I have seen at least know what it is if not how to treat it.

  • Can I ask if you get pain EVERY day/have days where you don’t have any pain and actually feel pretty good/able? I don’t get really get joint pain, it’s largely muscle pain/aching all over my body and depending on what I’m doing, it can range from non existent to mild (/bearable) to unbearable (on occasion). Not sure if that still counts as chronic pain or not?
    Massages are a great pain reliever!

  • I do suffer to I’m literally crying right now if you have the pain you probably know what I’m talking about. It hurt you inside it hurts a lot but the pain feel like it is there forever ��

  • Thank you for discussing this topic. I wish more people understood how chronic pain and illness leads to depression (especially when experiencing medical gaslighting).

  • I suffer too and I am 13 years old it has been 3 years and it is hard and I am told you are faking it you need more therapy and more and I do feel alone

  • I have always struggled to explain how I feel and what I go through on a daily basis and somehow you have explained word for word what I go through. I can now show my friends and family this video so that they can understand better. Thank you so much for giving me the abit to let people know how I feel. ❤

  • For your thc/ marijuana use consult one of the bud tenders/ compassionate care givers at the dispensary I can almost guarantee they will be able to help you find strains that fit your needs and if that still just isn’t working for you do 1,000mg of cbd or more and it should definitely help with pain management!!!

  • Ugh! Yes! My neck, shoulder and JAW!!! I got Botox shots in my jaw & I could just KISS dr. Chopra for recommending that to me!! It cost me $400 (total) to get a shot on both sides of my jaw, but it’s been the most effective pain reduction I’ve experienced, this far! My last round of shots worked for 3 months! It was amazing! I just got another round of treatment, and I just wish all meds and therapies were as effective as this!

  • Nobody around me knows I have pain all the time only when my back spasms and i can’t walk right they see something is wrong but everyone has back pain…the other back pain, not the one that you know is not “normal” because nothing makes it better except opioids which I can’t take anymore.
    I’m trapped but planning my escape.

  • I have had a disease since 2011 at that time I was 16 years old, and until now the effects of the disease are still felt, I am afraid that it will relapse again, it feels bad and costs a lot of money ������, I want to be healthy and happy like before

  • It took me almost 12 years to finally get answers for my chronic pain. I finally had a doctor listen to me, and it felt like a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS. I felt so much better after surgery and finally felt normal, but unfortunately there is no cure and it does grow back so the pain has come back. Focusing on what my body is able to do helps! Seeing a therapist has really helped too! I am loving this channel.

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  • All the pillows and movement during sleep makes it fun for anyone else in the bed trying to sleep. LOL But the only alternative is to lie there in pain so you got to get a really understanding spouse/partner then.

  • Took me two years to get the doctors to take action and give me an mri and turns out I have slipped discs the pain is so bad most days I wish I was dead

  • Cannabis hasn’t cured me, but I can finally live my life without pain/ or lessened pain. I have AMPS which is the same pain disorder talked about in this video. If you are diagnosed, I seriously recommend getting a card. I live in NY.

  • I really appreciate that you said everything loud and proud. I have been diagnosed with chronic pain and fnd, unable to walk for a year. My marriage is falling apart, because I am bitter and cold. I don’t know what to do to find some hope. Oh how I would love to go back to old me.

  • I was treated like a piece of crap for years mentally abused and worked like a dog to just be treated more like shit I was over worked over stressed in a very chaotic home life and hard labor on my shoulders and back and knees and now was diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome oh and an older brother who was on the mental side that abused me physically (non sexual)

  • I was a dumbass and signed away my rights to have my pain adequately managed in settling a debt with a clinic,…go guess what happens when I’m hurting?

  • Is there some way to ‘reset’ the nerves? Such as flooding them with excess neurotransmitters? Or possibly depriving the body of the chemicals needed to form them?

  • Chronic pain causes alexythymia in many people, which means chronic pain causes a person to be emotionless. How can someone be depressed if he is emotionless?pretty much a contradiction.Since most alexythymics can’t feel anything.there is no grief actually for most of people in chronic pain.This is a missing piece of information most therapists need to know.suggestion?

  • Dang this is exactly how I feel. As soon as I get my workers compensation and disability payments, it’ll help my stress level but never be enough bcs there’s no cure for this yet……

  • I know this video is 2 years old, I suffer with chronic neck pain and spine pain, nerve pain.. I was in an accident got whiplash and fractured bones in my neck… degenerative disc disease… I depend on pain meds..and the big doctors and pain med creators profit big off of pain patients

  • I was in a severe accident in which I was pinned by a semi between my car and the cement barrier on the highway, I broke my pelvis, and several bones including some ribs, and bones in my legs. I had to have both my legs amputated and now deal with blinding pain 24/7. I hardly sleep anymore because the pain won’t allow my body to relax. I take several narcotic medications and hope to one day find the right doctor that can help me with my pain. I don’t think most people realize how much physical pain some people have to deal with.

  • Oh dear I also have the problem of constantly moving and trying to find a good position! I have about 5 pillows in my bed and all of them get used��
    As for medication I take LDN (low dosed Naltrexone) which my doctor recommended to me and it works wonders! �� oc I dont have no pain but its gotten so much better with LDN! Highly recommend this��

  • I love your videos, this is definitely super helpful. I actually was looking for alternative pain relief options earlier today. I actually officially got diagnosed with HEDS last week, I was also diagnosed with a stomach ulcer last week. I am quite positive that the stomach ulcer was caused by my many years of taking way too many nsaids. Now that I have had to stop taking those, I have found my pain is pretty bad, and I have no really good alternatives to treat it. I used to take excedrin or goody’s for my extremely frequent headaches which is the only thing that really helped. Now the only option is tylenol and that just doesn’t cut it. I will have to try the pillows under the arms thing, since I have pretty bad neck pain.

  • This is completly true. It’s how I feel aswell. Nobody wants us. People In pain are an inconvenience for the health. And now no more pain killers. The doctors dont care about people in pain because they cant see it.

  • Thank you. Some days I wake up like rigor mortis has set in during the night. One time, I was so frustrated by day after day of it that I cried. I noticed that after I cried, my muscles released and I felt a lot better. So now I actually TRY to get a little cry going and don’t let myself get upset about it, I see the crying as a treatment!

  • I fell you it’s hard to deal with chronic pain
    But when it all started…
    What started first though?
    the depression… or the pain. ��

  • As an RN, I wish more of my coworkers would watch this. I think it should be shown in nursing school and to new employees in healthcare. Well done.

  • I’m only 26 and I do very believe I’m suffering from depression I’m always in pain barley could sleep I over think to much I’m always paranoid and even my children say I’m to paranoid and that I think to much i here and there cry a lot and not knowing exactly why am I crying feeling very down don’t have no motivation

  • Ive had severe crohns now for 6 years, every day is a struggle. Everybody else says ” oh my back hurts” or, ” oh my feet hurt” and i just got to say, “buddy i live in pain, i cant take two tylenol and be all better, i know good and damn well im in pain and always will be”.

  • I suffer from chronic low back and leg pain, thank you for sharing your story, I sometimes wish I could let people where my pain for 20 minuets, believe me they will give it back!

  • I’ve had experience with pain of many varieties, pain from chronic headaches that occurred on a daily basis, which cannabis entirely cured from happening.

    I have had surgery where traditional high caliber painkillers (oxys) were given for pain after surgery. I can tell you they did pretty much nothing to abate an instance of the **worst pain** in my life and took a half hour to even take effect but smoking a little cannabis took the pain nearly entirely away. Pot is good for nearly all pain.

  • I have chronic migraines and have sciatica and arm pains. I cannot get myself together most days lately. And the depression is getting bad

  • I JUST started using a foam roller a few days ago. It is surprisingly helpful! I’ve had chronic, constant pain since 2014. I had a spinal that seemed to go perfectly fine, until the numbing effect wore off. The pain stayed.

  • Well that talk sucked. Most people who have chronic pain aren’t like that young girl. I’ve had two surgeries and it’s been five years since I’ve chronic pain. 2 months and 5 years are very VERY different experiences-plus age difference. And he said her pain was burning pain but there are all types…this talk sucked and missed the opportunity to explain SO much more

  • I pulled my chest cavity muscle about 10 months ago and it formed health anxiety. Everything I do like eating, doing too much with my body it freaks me out. I hurt everyday in my chest and stomach and I feel like I am slowly dying. I’m 16 years old and my parents have control over what I do. I feel stuck in life.

  • such a helpful video! I started dealing with serious chronic pain this year, but looking back I can see symptoms of chronic joint pain and issues throughout my life.