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HealthDay Reporter SATURDAY, Dec. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) Cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years, a new study shows. In. Worldwide Cancer Rates Up More Than One-Third in Past Decade: Report Privacy & Trust Info SATURDAY, Dec. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) Cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years, a new study shows.

In 2015, there were 17.5 million diagnoses and 8.7 million deaths in the world from the disease, the researchers found. Worldwide Cancer Rates Up More Than One-Third in Past Decade: Report Cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years, a new study shows. Read more. SATURDAY, Dec.

3, 2016 (HealthDay News)—Cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years, a new study shows. In 2015, there were 17.5 million diagnoses and 8.7 million deaths in the world from the disease, the researchers found. SATURDAY, Dec. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) Cancer cases rose 33 percent worldwide in the past 10 years, a new study shows.

In 2015, there were 17.5 million diagnoses and 8.7 million deaths in the world from the disease, the researchers found. Global cancer rates up more than one-third in last decade According to a new study the rise in cancer cases is mainly due to population ageing and growth, along with changes in age-specific cancer. As of 2016, the cancer death rate for men and women combined had fallen 27% from its peak in 1991. This decline translates to about 1.5% per year and more than 2.6 million deaths avoided between 1991 and 2016. The drop in cancer mortality is mostly due to steady reductions in smoking and advances in early detection and treatment.

But not all. By The Numbers In the past few decades the risk of contracting some form of cancer has risen worldwide from 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 people. This is a frightening trendbut requires a little background. Since the early part of the 20th century, the world’s population has increased by 4000%, from 1.8.

Cancer frequency. This is a list of countries by cancer frequency, as measured by the number of new cancer cases per 100,000 population among countries, based on the 2018 GLOBOCAN statistics and including all cancer types (some earlier statistics excluded non-melanoma skin cancer).The numbers are age standardized and data is only available for 50 countries and territories, the majority in. Cancer was responsible for around 153 deaths per 100,000 population in the United States in 2017.

The death rate for cancer has steadily decreased since the 1990’s, but cancer.

List of related literature:

In 2003, the American Cancer Society indicated an incidence in the USA of nearly 10/100,000 population, and the reported incidence has been increasing by more than 5%/ year for a decade [16].

“The Thyroid and Its Diseases: A Comprehensive Guide for the Clinician” by Markus Luster, Leonidas H. Duntas, Leonard Wartofsky
from The Thyroid and Its Diseases: A Comprehensive Guide for the Clinician
by Markus Luster, Leonidas H. Duntas, Leonard Wartofsky
Springer International Publishing, 2019

The American Cancer Society predicts there will be 56,460 new cases discovered in 2012.81 The yearly incidence rate has increased by about 6% each year, resulting in a rate that has more than doubled since 1970 (Figure 58.6).

“Women and Health” by Marlene B. Goldman, Rebecca Troisi, Kathryn M. Rexrode
from Women and Health
by Marlene B. Goldman, Rebecca Troisi, Kathryn M. Rexrode
Elsevier Science, 2012

In most parts of Africa, South-Central Asia and Central America, cervical cancer accounts for 7–13% of all newly diagnosed cancers, with an incidence of 30–40 new cases per 100,000 population (Cancer Research UK, 2005).

“Gynaecology E-Book: Expert Consult: Online and Print” by Robert W. Shaw, David Luesley, Ash K. Monga
from Gynaecology E-Book: Expert Consult: Online and Print
by Robert W. Shaw, David Luesley, Ash K. Monga
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Global patterns show that for men and women combined, nearly half of the new cases, and more than half of the cancer deaths worldwide in 2018 are estimated to occur in Asia, in part because the region has nearly 60% of the global population.

“IAPSM's Textbook of Community Medicine” by AM Kadri
from IAPSM’s Textbook of Community Medicine
by AM Kadri
Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2019

Perhaps unsurprisingly, five-year survival rates for cancer were higher for children living in major cities (81 per cent) compared with those living in outer regional (78 per cent) and very remote areas (75 per cent) of Australia.

“Paediatric Nursing in Australia: Principles for practice” by Jennifer Fraser, Donna Waters, Elizabeth Forster, Nicola Brown
from Paediatric Nursing in Australia: Principles for practice
by Jennifer Fraser, Donna Waters, et. al.
Cambridge University Press, 2014

The age-adjusted cancer death rate in the US was actually lower in 1996 than in 1970, despite increasing cancer deaths from past smoking, and adjusted for smoking the rate has been declining steadily since 1970 by about 17 percent.

“The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World” by Bjørn Lomborg, Michael Hugh Matthews, University of Cambridge (Gran Bretaña)
from The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World
by Bjørn Lomborg, Michael Hugh Matthews, University of Cambridge (Gran Bretaña)
Cambridge University Press, 2001

It is expected that the number of cancer-related deaths may double in the next 50 years and global cases of cancer will rise to 15 million new cases by 2020, when the world population reaches 7.5 billion.

“Polyphenols in Human Health and Disease” by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy, Sherma Zibadi
from Polyphenols in Human Health and Disease
by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy, Sherma Zibadi
Elsevier Science, 2013

With this estimated growth in cancer from 1.3 million to 2.6 million cases per year, it is expected that both the number and proportion of older persons with cancer will also rise dramatically.

“Encyclopedia of Cancer” by Manfred Schwab
from Encyclopedia of Cancer
by Manfred Schwab
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2011

In the United States, more than 1.5 million people are diagnosed with cancer annually.3 Nearly 600,000 Americans die of cancer every year; the current five-year survival rate is only 67 percent.

“Adaptive Markets: Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought” by Andrew W. Lo
from Adaptive Markets: Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought
by Andrew W. Lo
Princeton University Press, 2019

Annual incidence rates of cancer are about 75 and 80 per 100 men and women respectively or around 8,00,000 new cancers per year.

“IAP Textbook of Pediatrics” by A Parthasarathy, PSN Menon, MKC Nair
from IAP Textbook of Pediatrics
by A Parthasarathy, PSN Menon, MKC Nair
Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2019

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  • I heard that the Global warming is normal. The Earth since ever cooled down and up. But the problem is that we start measuring the temps of the earth right at a cool earth season. Because of that it always get warmer. They could measure the temps of the earth before infact measuring the temps with air in ice or so.
    And in past it even was way hotter, so it may will be even hotter.
    Could that be reasonable?

  • Every one should drive an electric car, solar panels should be in ever building and ever state and country should own a dam and windmills.

  • I believe that Rf radiation is behind a lot of it. You will start to see cancer accumulating more and more. And the patients will get younger and younger over time. Mark my words.

  • It is Not the using of salt! It is all animal product japanese people eat nowadays. After the war in japan there wasnt much ill persons back than it is today. Cause japan was getting wealthy so they could bought more and more meat fish eggs and dairy products. It is not the salt consume….how about gyudon and sukiyaki and how about all these fast food chains growing and so the cancer….think about it

  • Chemtrails are the Nuclear War on the people. Chemtrails Block Sunlight 85% of the time. Blocking sunlight makes people sick and kills.
    Watch “Chemtrails Exposed By Pilots, Doctors, & Scientists Soil & Water Tested High In Aluminum & Barium” on YouTube
    Watch “Air Force Academy “Chemtrails” Training Manual 1990 | svenssonsk” on YouTube
    Watch “Geoengineering Whistleblower Ex-Military Kristen Meghan, Hauppauge, NY, January 18th,” on YouTube


  • Title should read, Are men suffering most? Instead it reads. Are men to blame. I genuinely think that’s abhorrently abusive in this day and age for a company like the FT to be inflaming gender issues and with so much mental health awareness, why not give guys one more thing to be blamed for,

  • Move to a country that takes environmental protection and water, food etc. safety seriously and has a proper healthcare system. Don’t smoke, don’t drink (too much), don’t eat fast food or other crap too often. Work out and don’t tell yourself that you are/will become ill some day. I think then you are giving yourself the best chance to stay healthy. And I really think being opimistic and carefree about it and not thinking about it all the time is very important. You can cause all kinds of shitty psychosmatic things for your body if you are convinced you have an illness.

  • A huge percent of it is because of genetics. If cancer patients stopped having kids then the gen would stop for that particular cancer. Sadly everyone feels they need to reproduce even if their gene pool is horrible.

  • No men arnt to blame its up to women when they give birth to kids or not after all its u women who use birth contral like the rod the pill and jab to limit the chances u falling pregnant until u disided to have a kid or not

  • Heres the best question why does anyone even want kids? You have to sacrifice yr whole life for it because its a full time and a half job to do and yeah sure you could say “well id be lonely” but what is it in every one of that mindlessly orders us to reproduce? When in this era its not needed. This planet is overpopulated. We are creatures of logic and reason so why give it to what yr private parts orders us to do? We should all be better than this reproduction is worthless cancer that needs to be controlled.

  • 70% increase in diagnosis rates. Welcome to better global healthcare, and people living long enough to get cancer instead of dying from communicable tropical disease.

  • The LAST thing the planet needs is MORE PEOPLE.

    There are too many of us. As soon as it became possible, people stopped going shopping. “I hate driving to the store, finding a parking spot, waiting in line, maybe getting stuck in traffic” online shopping saved us a lot of that trouble.

    We compete for EVERYTHING:
    a spot on the freeway
    acceptance to a good college
    promotion at work

    Search on “decline in fertility” without a country name and you’ll see IT’S HAPPENING in EVERY COUNTRY

    It’s Mother Nature saying “you people breed too much”

    We do NOT NEED any new people.

    Look at all those homeless!

  • EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO HAVE 3 BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just to keep the population level ;p;p;p

    If she wants a man, She can have one??????? not the other way around
    only 50% of men get to pass their genes due to female sexual selection…..

  • Our government is killing everyone, it’s called depopulation!!! stop donating to cancer research. Aspirin a day keeps the doctor away.

  • Hahahaha ��. FT, learn about MGTOW, and Red Pill. You’re globalist scam, with your radical left footsoldiers are losing. It’s all about the economy right? Wrong. Feminism as a political and social economical WEAPON, will backfire. I will relax then, and enjoy the show.

  • EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO HAVE 3 BABIES! Just to keep the population level….. So WHO IS REALLY AT FAULT!!!????????? ;p;p;p

    If She wants a man She can have one………..!
    not the other way around.

  • “Blame”? Curious approach. Why be antagonistic? For what are black people to blame for? Or women? Or middle-children? Short people?
    Women bear children and experience menopause so they are asked about bearing children; a man may decide to have children, yet may lack a willing womb so asking him may be pointless.
    I’m genuinely shocked that people are making such thoughtless and intolerant headlines as this at a time when there is so much unnecessary division. This is a deeply anti-feminist approach.

  • For many, a job doesn’t provide the same standard of living that it used to. People have to tighten their belts somehow, and as property prices go ever higher, the cost of living for those who rent or pay mortgages, gets even worse. The system disproportionately favours property owners over workers. The former get all the tax breaks, the latter get actually penalised for working more. It’s a perverse system that must change unless the goal is to flood the entire country with immigrants from poor countries who are better off in a developed country.

  • Could FT clarify if the figure of 82% of women aged between 35 and 39 being able to get pregnant within 3 years is using ART (assisted reproductive tech) or natural pregnancy.

  • The irony, men are pretty proud and constantly blaming them for every stupid think you can come up with will just make thinks worst… unless its all true hah… fck:D I give up guys.

  • There is no “crisis” about infertility, it is GREAT!
    There are far too many humans on this planet anyway. The world has become a horrible place and I’m glad that at nearly 70, I will be dead soon!

  • The title alone is a symptom of the problem. Blame men for infertility, when women through the feminist movements have been emasculating them.

  • Nope the blame for this situation can be laid squarely on women. Feminists have turned western women into men….they are undateable. Simply put they don’t attract males any more. More blokes are leaving the west to find asian wives who have retained their Femininity.They are setting up home with them. Western women have become like males….who wants that. Many women who get pregnant when they are not ready kill their children. Its your fault girls.

  • Okay i get it. A bunch of fishies die and lots of tornados. Yadda yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah. But cut to the chase. Will global warming make humanity go extinct? How much time we got? How will the time line of the events go down? Can we make a comeback? Is it safe for me to buy beach front property in my life time? Hit me up with the facts that matter

  • Thanks, communist Malthusians. You ruined everyone’s lives. Destroying human relationships.. destroying fertility. Everyone is an “enemy” to you that must be defeated in the competition of your “business”.

  • Not surprised at all. Known carcinogens are allowed in our foods, our hygiene products, and cleaning products, not to mention the affect pollution has

  • It’s women who are choosing to have fewer children-don’t blame this on men. When women gain financial independence from men (from higher education and earning their own salaries), and gain the ability to abort or have fewer children via birth control, then they simply prefer to have fewer children, and/or defer having them until a later stage in life.

  • Aren’t cancer rates even increasing among young adults? I don’t think having better diagnostics and living long enough to get cancer are the only contributing factor in these rates. Ill planet, ill people.

  • If the countries where women are treated well don’t reproduce and countries where women are treated poorly reproduce quickly.
    How does that help women?

  • a green economy under a market system? sure. thats more fantastical than the lord of the rings. when you have a bunch of douchebags hunting profits, constantly coercing endless production out of people to flood markets, you cant have a green economy

  • Of what use is blame? That never solves a problem. Blame is a child’s game.. it is pretty clear that men are not at fault for nescience about the chemicals in their food which cause infertility.. and an all out assault on their fertility through the presence of endocrine disruptors in almost everything we come in contact with now.

  • I really feel sorry for these young kids, its so sad. However this is what you get for giving prizes out for coming last place!! Ask any of these climate change activists, simple basic questions about our planets climate and they have no idea. Here are some of the questions I ask them, when they get all high and mighty about it. Try it, it is fun.

    1.What greenhouse gas is largest in volume in Earths atmosphere? I have not had 1 person actually be able to answer this question correctly, it is hilarious.

    Answer = Water Vapor / Clouds (Approx. 95% of all greenhouse gas present in Earths Atmosphere)

    2. What is the Milankovitch cycle and how does that effect the Earths climate?

    Answer = Eccentricity, Obliquity & Precession effect the average temperature on Earth over long periods of time. Based on real scientific data with accuracy measures in place, this can actually affect Earths temperature by plus or minus 10°C over long periods.

    We are so small us humans, we think we are so big, that is the real climate change issue. If you look up national geographic videos from the 70s & 80s, they were also very concerned with climate change, this was when they had recently confirmed that the Earth had been frozen over multiple times in the past, going back millions of years. They were worried that the Earth would become frozen again. Wouldn’t it be really funny if we actually have to save the planet from being frozen over by pumping millions of tonnes of carbon into the air. The plants would love that……. Not many people know but most plants are actually CO2 deprived and use 3 to 4 times more water in this deprived state. The real issue is pollution and not climate change. Climate change has been occurring for millions of years and will continue to occur for millions of years.

  • I am ready to reproduce. The problem is I need a woman. Any woman reading this willing to reproduce with me then feel free to email me at [email protected] We must be married first.

  • Cancer? We’re not even willing to make changes to save the human race. Global climate change is already gonna fuck us up and we’re not doing a damn thing, what makes you think a disease is gonna convince us to do something?

  • Woman are Fickle… Nature never intended them to have full control of their reproduction!!!! so wonder why… u know, female sexual selection is what made Men the way they are.

    DONT BLAME US!!!!!!!

  • Drat! Busted. I admit, I’ve been collecting chemtrails in little perfume bottles and slipping them into women’s purses when they’re not lookng… Yes, I’m to blame and I’m a man…

  • Meet a woman who’s angry and bitter from feminist indoctrination and from being “used” by men (translation: she went for men way out of her league, and then was shocked when they wanted only sex from her, not commitment. She had sex with them anyway). She probably has a useless job, most of the income from which she then wastes, regardless of her income level. She has no life skills, let alone any mothering skills. She is probably loaded up with debt. If you’re lucky, she’s not obese.

    Choose between sending the kids to a crap state school or an expensive private school. At the crap state school, the kids will learn nothing except political correctness. At the expensive private school, the kids will at least learn some useful things, but will also learn political correctness. Hope that the kids don’t turn out mentally ill.

    Hope the kids don’t become ill in any way, because the NHS is crap.

    Housing is expensive. If you have multiple kids and can give them all their own bedrooms, you are doing well.

    From pretty much the moment you ‘settle down’, you can tell that your woman despises you. Her baby rabies has been cured, and now she can see clearly: she’s had the top-quality men in the sack, but, when it came to a committed relationship, you were the best that she could do, and she resents it immensely. Good luck getting sex once a week from now on.

    Next your woman decides to get rid of you. If you’re lucky, you get to see your kids every other weekend, while paying huge amounts in child support that have no guarantee of being spent on your kids. Let’s hope you at least didn’t get married.

    If I sound like a bitter divorcee, I’m not. The Internet ‘manosphere’ means that men can now know what happens in this situation before it happens. For the first time, men are being warned of the danger.

  • Lol i just watched a video feminist women blamed smart phones lol for not having kids. Now its us men. Naw ladies look in the mirror. Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the biggest cry baby of them all.

  • you cant efficiently regulate the marketplace. the structure of the capitalist system is such  that the capitalist not only rankles at the idea of being regulated-since hes so obsessed with exploiting people and resources-he also has the wealth, clout and werewithal to destroy regulation and thats if the regulation passes at all even after all his preemptive attacks. the only solution is to destroy this diseased capitalist system and create one that doesnt have endless exploitation unto profit as its goal

  • If spermcounts drop that is a serious issue. But we all know the pill and contraceptives make the real “problem” of decreased fertility.

  • We are in the danger of extinction, record low birth rates in developed countries and nobody is talking about it. Instead they kill their babys, advocate for the women to work even more and support lgbt. Degeneration is killing us.

  • The fertility male opportunity window is in average 15 to 50 years old. Men can study, work, build some personal wealth, get married and reproduce (a lot if they want) to have their children. Doing all of these and respect their own male nature, their own fertility time. But the female version is only in 15 to 35. Women also choice to study, work, build personal wealth, get married and reproduce… when get 30, 35 or worst, 40 years old. And the low fertility rate is man’s fault?

    Is this a joke? I mean, women choice to postpone pregnancy until get their last fertility time and men are responsible for low birth rate? Do you have idea about stupidity of this argument? Let me say something, MGTOW is the only way for men living in a corrupt and sick society. The only way.

  • You people are the problem.. You were fully aware in the 1920’s that adding iodine to our diets reduced medical issues, then removed int he late 70’s.. Alzheimer’s, cancer, Autism, diseases and even the common cold all have one thing in common… They are all deficient in iodine.. We are treating children under 7 with iodine and having incredible success, but no thanks to you people, you still walk around trying to figure out the problem when you were fully aware of it nearly 100yrs ago.. The problem was never about anything you people post, the problem was always “you people” needed to make a profit from our health and hence why IODINE WAS REMOVED from our food.. To make us sick…. You people should be ashamed of yourself..

  • A great way to save the enviorment for free is ecosia. Ecosia is a 100% free browser that doesent store your searches after 7 days, every 45 searches it plants a tree.

  • Everyone watching this for so school me watching this for a project me and my friend made up and to learn more bc I fail everything at school so I might as well learn world problems instead

  • How can women get pregnant if more and more women since 1961 have been taking the birth control pill, so if shes on the pill and she ovulates once a month and the pill stops 99% or 91% of pregnancies for the average women on the pill, thats a pregnancy chance of about 1%-9%max of getting pregnant over 24 hours max in a month…….. # girls just wanna have fun # your eggs start drying up after 32years old

  • Yes, the title of this video is problematic.
    Why are we blaming anyone about the declining population? If people, or women especially, choose to not have children, it is nobody’s business but their own. I don’t think anyone should be saying things like “women are selfish for not wanting children” because they are the ones actively raising the children, not men (on average), leading to things like men “babysitting” their own children like they are not parents.
    Anyway, title of this video is rubbish, nobody is to blame for this. Education and health care has given women more options, and this should be celebrated.

  • Name was changed to climate change cuz global warming wasn’t happening. Back in the 70’s all the scientists dropped global warming and were frantic that there was gonna be another ice age. Temperature records have been changed countless times, they have no clue. It’s allll a hoax

  • How does this explain the DRAMATIC increase in cancer incidence in children? Not just incidence, in fact, but death. Cancer is taking the lives of many more young people today. Your 2nd explanation does not even account for the HUGE amounts of people who are dying from cancer it only takes into account cancer incidence and so is not a valid explanation for the rise in cancer deaths at all! Your 1st explanation explains nothing except that cancer is more likely among older people and EVEN THAT does not explain the rise in cancer in the older generation.

  • Unfortunately, pollution is only part of the problem. The other factors are populations getting larger, people living longer, and diseases that are linked to alcohol, tobacco, and obesity. You could try to regulate those things too, but people wouldn’t tolerate it. We can’t do anything about a growing, aging population unless governments start telling people how long they can live and how many children they can have, and no one wants that. Almost no one supports Bloomberg-style laws that attempt to reduce the amount of fatty foods people consume. We’ve already raised taxes on cigarettes. Although less people are smoking now in the US, I’m not sure to what extent higher taxes are responsible for that. So, if regulation is not a viable option when it comes to these other factors, what’s the alternative? Education?

  • Cancer is a viral disease. Virus destroys mainly end cells (matured cells in Q
    compartment), to which the organism responds with chronic inflammation and
    increased proliferation to restore the organ and clean the debris. In this
    chronic inflammation tumor may emerge. When stem cells are hit, the entire
    Tissue Proliferation Unit disappears, to which the organism responds with
    dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, carcinoma, etc… According to the hypothesis of
    professor Zajicek MD, tumor protects against cachexia (muscle loss, wasting
    manifested as fatigue and weight loss). Every cure, which silences the disease
    driver, namely virus, cures cancer. Muscle loss is seen in all cancer types.
    Cancer is one disease. Example: Fever is a defensive mechanism. Plus two
    degrees protects while plus five kills. As long as tumor does not block any
    vital function or causes pain, it should be left untreated. Patient should keep
    her tumor as much as possible. Some people find alternative treatments, like
    Ann Vigmor diet, very helpful. With a treatment strategy of tumor dormancy and
    with host resistance to virus, only minimal doses of medication may be
    required. Tumor dormancy is a state:when tumor shrinks or stop growing. In any
    case patient feels healthy.

  • Technology has changed, but reproductive biology hasn’t. Sorry ladies, your window is short, if you want kids choose wisely, and don’t expect Chad to marry you.

  • YOU mean to say your a brainwashed,communist praising liar that needs to blame Men for all problems and never accept responsibilty. Mgtow is real for a reason. If you really want answers we would never get it here.

  • Main cause by far electricity production from coal burning. Effects: 2-300 years from now the Planet will be inhabitable. From the 24th century on, human population will diminish to a few millions as best, and will live again like humans did 1000 years ago.

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  • Of course they blame lifestyle choices not the tons of radioactive particles and gases that have been released into the atmosphere and water by the “brilliant
    people” gambling with our collective future.

  • People are such hypocrites, everyone here whining about how serious this is and yet only few, like myself, really take action in their lives. The rest of you are as miserable, from the point of view of those like myself, as the negationists and it’s questionable whether the Earth is better off with you inhabiting it.

  • The problem is that women in the West are having children way too late. They are starting families at a time when they are old enough to be grandmothers. To illustrate this, suppose you have 2 children at 40, then they grow up to have 2 children at 40. By that time you are responsible for the creation of 6 people. But if you have 2 children at 20, they have 2 children at 20 and so on, then when you are 80 you are responsible for the creation of 2+4+8+16=30 people. That’s 24 extra people.

  • Wifi will increase cancer rates and we have 5g coming. You will see cancer rates rise that’s for sure. ”living longer”?? yeah right.

  • Politician “I’m going to die in 40 years so I’m going to get mine while I can” This is one of the main reasons I believe Life Extension will help the Human Race. If “Leaders” lived long enough to suffer the consequences of their actions they might choose different actions. 

  • Hello everyone who is gonna see this message pls don’t ignore…. you might save a soul! I am A
    George from Johannesburg, am here to share a testimony. My sister was diagnosed with stage 4 primary liver cancer in November 2019, doctor told us there was not much to be done since the tumor was 7 inches covering her lower lobe and also had spread to her lymph nodes, to cut this story short, she was able to be cured with the help of a herbal medicine with 21% THC content we got from Dr Kelly, And I promise to share this testimony to save lives….pls forward to save others as well…. you can reach him for help via ([email protected])

  • Yet, billions of dollars have been used in cancer “research” with no cure because people continued to be steamrolled by big pharma. “There’s no money in the cure.”

  • Well, a lot of those cases could be prevented by not smoking, drinking alcohol, dioing drugs or eating crap. Then there is pollution. And people are getting older and older. And more diagnosis. And more paranoia. If you constantly tell people to freak out and be afraid of this they might literally worry themselves sick.

  • In the US, car insurance is private companies with more money than what to do with.. ever since they lobbied to make ‘car insurance’ mandatory. Is car insurance mandatory in other countries?

  • Women get asked about child bearing more supposedly because of our limited reproductive years and having the womb. But the womb is only half of the puzzle, it doesn’t come equipped with sperm. We’re told to get a donor and single motherhood is normalized in society. But even though men don’t have wombs, they can get surrogates. So why don’t they? Why does no one ask them? They can have kids indefinitely but most of them don’t have kids past their forties so what difference do those extra years make? Why is it that single fatherhood is not as commonplace? You hardly ever hear about a man that was tired of waiting for Mrs. Right” to become a dad and decided to go it alone. But that’s more common for women.
    If there was really a crisis, both genders should carry the burden, though clearly women are doing more about it than men. More men need to be asked, “when are you having kids?”

  • Don’t worry,, if you are rich,, you can afford the best and newest treatments. And if you can’t get in in the US,, don’t worry, The best  most cost effective is only a 17 hour flight away.