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Robert Lustig What is Metabolic Syndrome Anyway?

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Obesity and insulin resistance, the metabolic syndrome

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Updates on Diet and Metabolic Disease – What Should I Eat?

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Metabolic Syndrome and Sexual Function in Postmenopausal Women

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Metabolic Syndrome

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What is Metabolic Syndrome?

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Metabolic Syndrome: A Dangerous Combination of Risk Factors

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Women with a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are up to 11 times more likely to have metabolic syndrome than those without PCOS. The risk of metabolic syndrome increases with age. Researchers have discovered the risk of metabolic syndrome in women begins to rise around perimenopause, which seems to be related to increases in testosterone.

Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome In Women With Hormone Imbalance. Metabolic syndrome symptoms can be tough to deal with, and may be caused by hormonal imbalance in women. Learn more about female metabolic syndrome symptoms, its causes, and how BioTE ® Medical’s method of hormone replacement therapy may be able to help relieve symptoms.

Find. The metabolic syndrome is estimated to be present in 47 million US residents with a similar age-adjusted prevalence in men (24%) and women (23%). The consideration of various metabolic risk factors as a single entity in the metabolic syndrome provides clinicians with a tool by which they can identify a population at. Metabolic syndrome occurs when a person has three or more of the following measurements: Abdominal obesity (Waist circumference of greater than 40 inches in men, and greater than 35 inches in women) Triglyceride level of 150 milligrams per deciliter of blood (mg/dL) or greater.

Metabolic syndrome is not a disease in itself. Instead, it’s a group of risk factors high blood pressure, high blood sugar, unhealthy cholesterol level. developing metabolic syndrome increases as we age.

In the United States, the prevalence of metabolic. syndrome is higher in non-Hispanic white men than. Mexican-American and non-Hispanic black men. By. contrast, it is more common in Mexican American. women than non-Hispanic black or non-Hispanic. white women. Women who have a personal history of polycystic ovarian syndrome (a tendency to develop cysts on the ovaries) Heart Disease Risk.

Metabolic syndrome increases your risk for ischemic heart disease. Other risk factors, besides metabolic syndrome, also. Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that include abdominal fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and unhealthy cholesterol levels. Treatment is focused on tackling each of these.

Menopausal women are at higher risk for metabolic syndrome. Learn the connection between menopause and metabolic syndrome and steps to take to weaken the link. Aging women experience menopause, a natural end of their menstruation cycle. Menopause is caused by declining reproductive hormones, estrogen especially.

In addition to upping your risk of diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome doubles your risk of cardiovascular disease and increases your risk of death from any cause by 1.5 times. Summary: Metabolic syndrome is a group of symptoms that increase risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and death. Symptoms include abdominal.

List of related literature:

The metabolic syndrome, which is also called the syndrome of insulin resistance, is a group of conditions and laboratory abnormalities that leads to development of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes (described in Chapter 22).

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However, insulin resistance and androgen excess are not confined to obese anovulatory women but also occur in non-obese anovulatory women.259 Although obesity by itself causes insulin resistance, the combination of insulin resistance and androgen excess is a

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The principal factors contributing to metabolic syndrome appear to be central obesity and insulin resistance— factors that are increasingly common among women.

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Although the etiology of metabolic syndrome is not well understood, many theories or factors have been proposed to explain this clustering of multiple vascular risk factors (i.e., abdominal obesity, atherogenic dyslipidemia, hypertension, insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance).

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Many individuals, particularly those with prediabetes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, have some varying degree of insulin resistance, which causes their bodies to store more calories as fat when their insulin levels are consistently high.

“Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Reffetto
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Indeed, many women with hypothalamic amenorrhea display the endocrine, metabolic, and psychological characteristics suggesting the presence of a subclinical eating disorder.”

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The number one biological cause of obesity in our sedentary population, she maintains, must be understood in terms of insulin resistance: “In a normal homeostasis, an individual ingests a carbohydrate and it raises the glucose levels in the blood.

“For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment” by Gary Null, Barbara Seaman
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This multifactorial syndrome (often referred to as metabolic syndrome) is related to obesity, and more importantly, insulin resistance and central adiposity evidenced by the presence of visceral adipose tissue (VAT).

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• Metabolic syndrome: is a clustering of risk factors such as excess abdominal weight, lipid abnormalities, hypertension, and elevated glucose levels that are underpinned by the pathophysiological causes of insulin resistance associated with central adiposity.

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This multifactorial syndrome (referred to as metabolic syndrome) is related to obesity, and more importantly, insulin resistance and visceral adipose tissue (VAT) as evidenced by central adiposity.

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
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  • My doctor says I have this and I’m underweight. I have a small waist line and been told my blood pressure is fine or low if anything.

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  • I am still insulin resistant. I have changed my life, lost 130 lbs, never had high BP, but all the rest and so did both my parents including hearts disease. I eat a modified keto, gotten rid of 5 autoimmune diseases, including stage 2 fibrosis in my NASH, which liver biopsy and ultrasound shows no more fat or fibrosis in liver. I still run 95 in fasting blood sugar, but 5.3 A1C. My mom died of NASH, so I didn’t take it lightly. Any suggestions for insulin resistance?? I have visceral fat still, I do HITT 3 hours a week in pool and run another 2 in pool. Need sleep study. Thank you for any suggestions

  • Average gp doctors are not smart enough to go this deep and differentiate between markers and causes. I’m sure it won’t be during my lifetime, but it would be nice if this became a full course study for every doctor. How is it the most prevalent issue in our country associated with death is so poorly understood?

  • I’m type one diabetic and my insulin requirements have gone up 10-15x in the past 5 years. Just thought I’d add cause i have some relation. Also I’m 5’10 and 155 lbs (muscular)

  • Basically, people take in too many carbs, this causes many, many problems. The answer is not to use the standard American diet. Ever. Low carb, high fat diet is much better. No processed foods. Look up Dr Ekberg, too. If you are really interested in changing your lifestyle, and living a long and healthy life.

  • Look on any death certificate it will state “high blood pressure” as a secondary cause. Did you know if you drop fat content in diet from 40% to 25% blood pressure (diastolic and systolic) drops 10%? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT8K6NcAigo