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Act Now! Forest Matters

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Meet the Nurse Who Created ACT NOW to Spot Heart Attacks


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Message from The Heart Of The World! (Corazón Del Mundo) Shortfilm

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Dear Future Ancestor

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Gregg Braden: Your Strategy for Success In The World Of Chaos

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When we let feelings dictate decisions, we act on primal urgings without benefit of higher cortical input. Instead of following your heart, use your head and trust your gut. 1. Your heart, again, is clamoring for your attention, encouraging you to Go for it. Your head, though, has a few more questions before giving you permission to plunge into this possibly good.

Second stimulus check: When the IRS could send a new payment and who would get it first. The timeline keeps shifting, but we’ve mapped out a schedule of when a new round of direct payments could. Country music artist John Anderson performing “When It Comes To You”. This song is from the “Seminole Wind” album. Indeed, following your heart doesn’t initially seem to be the path of least resistance.

Here are 5 reasons why it is imperative that you follow your internal nudge: Intuition gets sharper with. If You Don’t Want Your Heart Broken, Act Like You Don’t Have One. By Paul Hudson.

Oct. 9, 2014. there then comes massive confusion during the comfortable period, wondering if we’re still in. Home › Best Posts-In My Opinion › “What Comes From the Heart, Goes to the Heart” “What Comes From the Heart, Goes to the Heart” By hotguy1 on July 19, 2012 • ( 6) “ What Comes From The Heart, Goes To The Heart “. This is one of my favorite quotes.

It comes from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an mid-18 th century English poet, romantic and literary philosopher. Because of this obsession, they can come off as polite, concise, and punctual. But when you let them get closer, they start controlling your life too, making you just like them. Defying the wishes of an evil person doesn’t always result in outright evil actions back to you.

It may feel subtle. Not a slap to the face but a kick to the heart. There’s a lot of debate about building attraction when it comes to dating.

One of the perennial debates is whether looks make a bigger difference than, say, one’s personality. It’s the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debates as both sides try to convince the rest of the world that the other are shallow homonculi or people deluding themselves about their chances. With Erin Krakow, Martin Cummins, Pascale Hutton, Jack Wagner.

Elizabeth Thatcher, a young school teacher from a wealthy Eastern family, migrates from the big city to teach school in a small coal mining town in the west.

List of related literature:

I say: the heart must know the Way, and only then will it approve of the Way.

“Xunzi: The Complete Text” by Xunzi, Eric L. Hutton
from Xunzi: The Complete Text
by Xunzi, Eric L. Hutton
Princeton University Press, 2016

Therefore, dear listeners, if one of you has heard His voice today, harden not your hearts’; if you feel inspired by any rite, you should not disdain it, nor delay your conversion until tomorrow, for you may not know whether, having spurned that rite, there might never be another, and your heart might be hardened.

“The Mangy Parrot” by José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi, David L. Frye, Nancy Vogeley
from The Mangy Parrot
by José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi, David L. Frye, Nancy Vogeley
Hackett Pub., 2004

But even more important is the heart because what is in my heart will come out of my mouth.

“The Language of Love and Respect: Cracking the Communication Code with Your Mate” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
from The Language of Love and Respect: Cracking the Communication Code with Your Mate
by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
Thomas Nelson, 2009

I listen to my heart and follow its voice.

“7 Mindsets to Master Self-Awareness” by Elizabeth Diamond
from 7 Mindsets to Master Self-Awareness
by Elizabeth Diamond
AuthorHouse, 2010

Do you mean that I am to repent before my heart is changed?”

“Lectures on Revival of Religion” by Charles Finney
from Lectures on Revival of Religion
by Charles Finney
Treasures Media Incorporated, 2007

I know that, with courage, I can follow my heart no matter what.”

“Women of Spirit: Stories of Courage from the Women Who Lived Them” by Katherine Martin
from Women of Spirit: Stories of Courage from the Women Who Lived Them
by Katherine Martin
New World Library, 2010

But I have no intention of changing my heart’s affections.

“The Wellness Revelation: Lose What Weighs You Down So You Can Love God, Yourself, and Others” by Alisa Keeton
from The Wellness Revelation: Lose What Weighs You Down So You Can Love God, Yourself, and Others
by Alisa Keeton
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2017

I will listen with my heart, my soul and my body.

“Trauma and Addiction: Ending the Cycle of Pain Through Emotional Literacy” by Tian Dayton
from Trauma and Addiction: Ending the Cycle of Pain Through Emotional Literacy
by Tian Dayton
Health Communications Incorporated, 2010

I will hold fast (as ever) my righteousness, and leave it not, i.e., let it not go or fall away; my heart does not reproach even one of my days.

“Commentary on the Old Testament” by C. F. Keil, Franz Delitzsch
from Commentary on the Old Testament
by C. F. Keil, Franz Delitzsch
Titus Books, 2014

Similarly, even the prophet David exhorts us in the psalm, “Be strong and let your heart take courage, and yea, wait for the Lord!”

“Physiologus: A Medieval Book of Nature Lore” by Michael J. Curley
from Physiologus: A Medieval Book of Nature Lore
by Michael J. Curley
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  • I’ll be back on every year of the next two decades. Remind me. 2020:✔️ 2021: 2022: 2023: 2024: 2025: 2026: 2027: 2028: 2029: 2030: 2031: 2032: 2033: 2034: 2035: 2036: 2037: 2038: 2039:

  • That’s amazing. I was born in Santa Fe, NM, and I have been interested in Greg Braden’s stuff since I was in my early twenties, circa 2012at the time I never knew he was from NM.
    P.S. I have been getting signs everywhere about Australiait is coming up for me constantlyI think it is very important for us around the world to focus on what is happening in Australia right nowI believe they are using AU as a testing ground for moving forward their nwo agenda. They are testing the Australian population with the controls and infringements that they are planning on implementing worldwide.

  • this song is genious…and make with heart…its feel when we hear it…its means mika needs our heart to do what this song means….lets act what we should do….future is not far but future is now…its mean we must act now.

  • oh my gosh I am SO happy to have come across this broadcast! Love you Mr. Braden! I grew up in the Land of Enchantment and wish I had known about you back then. You and Bruce Lipton have changed my life! Ms. Lee, I think I’ve caught you on a MindValley? Not sure but if you’re here with Greg then WhooHoo! Twice the power! OK I know I”m 7 hours late but I’m ecstatic Let’s get into it…Peace, Prosperity, and Joy!

  • you are in big bla bla, braden, only to take a big money! you are just and only just a business man of the new age, or N.W.O.
    you are able to take 800 or 1000 euros in paris to see your face! what a robber you are, mister new age! A SHAME

  • Qué bellísimo material!!!! Hermosa la Madre Tierra y hermosa la manera en que reunieron todos los elementos y la sabiduría en éste maravilloso video. Gracias ��✨

  • Sir, Conflict cycle related to the 36 yrs the Hebrew ( Saturn) cycle w.e.f 2016-17 to 2053 along with Economic cycle.��☀️����⛩️����☸️✡️⚜️����.

  • Isn’t this a replay of a prior video? I’m surprised Gregg didn’t spend some time on Heart Brain Coherence and the ability to adapt internally.

  • I totally agree with this because recently my feminine cycles and moods have been coinciding with the moon and sun phases and I am studying about it because it’s making me feel like I’m going crazy but it’s not I’m just on some type of frequency that I don’t know of yet in my mind but my body sure does��

  • Thank you soooo much for all your wonderful work Gregg… watching from Germany… now I am learning, following and changing…❣

  • Thank you Gregg Braden! I’m in the process of making some long overdue life changes and to say you’ve been a guiding hand on my shoulder through these difficult times would be a massive understatement.

  • Is it chaos? It seems well organized to me. Pallets of bricks magically appearing on streets where rioting will occur later, and rioters being bused and flown in from other areas, for instance.

  • Happy to hear your views. This is the song for ENO and ENO is all over the world working for sustainable development. And I don’t think anything wrong by using ” The Girl Who Can Silence the World Again?” and if no one want make more people involved in voting why in first place, get involved in the competition. Again I think this song is supported by 140 countries around the world.

  • No one could define “resilience” better than ‘resilience’ itself (himself?): LIES LIE IN EERIE SILENCE (hidden-in-plain-sight, can you see it? And the same goes for so much in this Universe, in this Life). Mr. Braden, for instance, could never define (or describe) himself the way his own name does can you see it, too?

  • new mexico is much hotter than normal, our well water is warmer, the earth ground is cracking strangely, the sun rays are stronger then past years, strange cycles and patterns are happending,

  • Yes, our bodies know what to do with normal contagion, however, Covid 19 is a bioweapon, designed to hide, spread, mutate and kill. Now what?

  • It’s about time humanity is given the information.
    Our ancestors have known about this centuries before.
    We will servive and we will strive.

  • Chrome doesn’t find that web address correctly. No tab for truth and fiction Maybe because I’m on my phone… Anyone else experience this?

  • La importancia de conservar la naturaleza Madre Tierra o PACHAMAMA, como lo hicieron y hacen los descendientes del Imperio Incaico.

  • Thankyou for sharing with me at yet another time of painful disappointment. We must all insist on real change now, through our voices, actions and votes.

  • I am with you Gregg, thank you so much. Heartfelt thanks for spreading your truth. This is not easy for you to sit up but you did it for the goodness of your heart �� Thank you for your wisdom and for your love to each an everyone ❤️Thank goodness we have you in this world ��

  • we all know he didnt do it he got wrongfully imprisoned���� fuck cops fr a badge dont make u tough�� a gun don make u tough either i go guns 2 #fuckcops

  • Our solar system is crossing the galactic plane injecting huge amounts of electricity into our sun. Over the next two decades the sun will go through a cyclical micronova causing a pole reversal (right hand rule of electromagnetics) in turn causing a rotation reversal (flood of Noah). See Ben Davidson at Suspicious0bservers or
    Douglas Vogt of Diehold Foundation. Cyclical climate change is happening on all the planets in our solar system not just earth.

  • greg braden wants to give advices in this world of chaos with the responsable of that chaos: “satan” or with another name shiva, or yaldabaoth the demiurge! it strange to find shiva nataraja just behind shiva so for who are you working, mister braden? for those devils false gods!!!

  • Gregg thank you!!!
    is that behind you the sympol of Godess Inanna? on your right Hand?
    and the on the left hand is it a sympol of the Arc of the govenant? excuse my curiosity:D

  • I see when the cops came they all started running and u dont run for no reason if u r innocent and the cops dont just come for no reason so he basically just got away with a crime

  • Being resilient is not fearing. Being resilient can be an adventure. Being resilient empowers us. I had my first veggie garden this year and am literally right now, while I’m listening, canning preserves from the bountiful, beautiful garden cocreated with the divine. I am 55 and have never been at such peace within myself as I have been while preparing for whatever may happen during these very strange times. I am in better shape than I was prior to building the garden, I am spiritually tuned in and have tremendous never ceasing gratitude to the Divine. Be prepared not scared. I do believe that we are all meant to be here now to be resilient. Thank you Gregg.

  • This is a great song that highlights the importance of our forests to each and every person on this earth… please listen. We CAN turn the tide for the better. Thanks, Mika!