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Tangled-Mother knows best

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Donna Murphy Mother Knows Best (From “Tangled”/Sing-Along)

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EPIDURAL | positions to speed things up!

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Young mum paralysed from epidural during birth of daughter

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THURSDAY, Oct. 9, 2014 (HealthDay News) When it comes to pain relief during labor and delivery, mom probably knows best, new research suggests. Doctors tend to be cautious about when to give the pain-relieving local anesthetic known as an epidural during labor. But, a new study says the best time. THURSDAY, Oct.

9, 2014 (HealthDay News) When it comes to pain relief during labor and delivery, mom probably knows best, new research suggests. Doctors tend to be cautious about when to give the pain -relieving local anesthetic known as an epidural during labor. But, a new study says the best time to give an epidural is likely when a woman asks for it.

THURSDAY, Oct. 9, 2014 (HealthDay News) When it comes to pain relief during labor and delivery, mom probably knows best, new research suggests. Doctors tend to be cautious about when to give the pain-relieving local anesthetic known as an epidural during labor.

But, a new study says the best time to give an epidural is likely when a woman asks for it. The Best Time for an Epidural. In the past some research suggested that giving an epidural too early or too late (before or after 4-5cm dilated) could prolong labour and or increase C-Section rates but according to a meta-analysis published in The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews this is not the case.

The review showed that the best time to receive an epidural is when the mother requests it. When it Comes to an Epidural, Mom Knows Best: When It Comes to Managing Pain after Surgery, Women Want a Choice: When it comes to tanning, faux is the way to go: When It Comes to Your Health Care, You’re Already the Expert: When It Comes To Your Hear. Unlike general anaesthesia, which when administered leads to a total lack of feeling, epidural anaesthesia provides relief from pain by decreasing any sensation in the lower half of the body. Although many women opt for it during labour, epidural anaesthesia comes with its share of side effects on the mother and the baby.

If you deliver by cesarean, an epidural will allow you to stay awake to see your baby. After a cesarean, an epidural will also provide effective pain relief during recovery. If you tear during pushing, your epidural numbs your perineum while your doctor is stitching. Having an epidural is a great way to relax your body so that you can be present during the birth of your beautiful baby, but they also cause your body to react strangely sometimes.

It’s still well worth it if you’re going the medicine route. I don’t know why there’s not more. An early epidural means that, if mom needs an emergency C-section, she’s ready. On the other hand, an early epi may wear off too soon.

3 Sign: The Placebo Effect This well-known phenomenon works on the relationship between the mind and body. So on my 37 th week of prenatal check-up, my Ob-Gyn and I agreed to schedule an induce labor without epidural by 38 th week. Within that one last week while waiting for my induced labor schedule, it is slowly sinking in to me – being a first time Mom will now come into reality.

List of related literature:

However, the Gaskin maneuver requires placing the mother on her hands and knees, which may not be possible to sustain with the use of higher dose epidural local anesthetic because of inadequate motor strength.

“Miller's Anesthesia, 2-Volume Set E-Book” by Michael A. Gropper, Ronald D. Miller, Lars I. Eriksson, Lee A Fleisher, Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish, Neal H Cohen, Kate Leslie
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This can sometimes be at the mother’s request, if she has a fear of being awake during the operation, or if she is unable to have epidural anaesthesia for health reasons.

“The Positive Birth Book: A new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks” by Milli Hill
from The Positive Birth Book: A new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks
by Milli Hill
Pinter & Martin Ltd, 2017

I told her how after I had the epidural I ended up with a major complication (a spinal headache), but she just reassured me that they had great anesthesiologists there.

“Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth” by Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
from Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth
by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
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(Mamas often don’t realize that when they ask for an epidural, they may be asking for a catheter, too!)

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
from The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
by Genevieve Howland
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Dads are very much in demand during epidural placement to give mom a person to lean on so she can get into the proper “curled shrimp” position for catheter placement (see Figure 9-1).

“Dad's Guide To Pregnancy For Dummies” by Mathew Miller, Sharon Perkins
from Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy For Dummies
by Mathew Miller, Sharon Perkins
Wiley, 2014

What she said to me afterwards was: ‘I didn’t want an epidural.

“Normal Childbirth: Evidence and Debate” by Soo Downe
from Normal Childbirth: Evidence and Debate
by Soo Downe
Churchill Livingstone, 2004

With an epidural, a mother may not feel the labor contractions and is therefore unable to rely on her own sensations to relax into and support the work of the contractions.

“Infant and Toddler Development from Conception to Age 3: What Babies Ask of Us” by Mary Jane Maguire-Fong, Marsha Peralta
from Infant and Toddler Development from Conception to Age 3: What Babies Ask of Us
by Mary Jane Maguire-Fong, Marsha Peralta
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Alternatively, she might choose to have an injection of a strong painkiller, or a ‘spinal block’ (epidural), which is a method of numbing the lower half of her body.

“Making Sense of Sex: A Forthright Guide to Puberty, Sex and Relationships for People with Asperger's Syndrome” by Sarah Attwood
from Making Sense of Sex: A Forthright Guide to Puberty, Sex and Relationships for People with Asperger’s Syndrome
by Sarah Attwood
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2008

It is for this reason, supported by logic rather than evidence, that we discourage the use of epidural anaesthesia because, at least in cephalic babies, this increases the need for traction in the form of instrumental birth.

“Munro Kerr's Operative Obstetrics E-Book” by Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, Michael Robson
from Munro Kerr’s Operative Obstetrics E-Book
by Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, Michael Robson
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There is no evidence that epidural anaesthesia is essential, and its use depends upon the wishes and needs of the woman.

“Mayes' Midwifery E-Book: A Textbook for Midwives” by Sue Macdonald
from Mayes’ Midwifery E-Book: A Textbook for Midwives
by Sue Macdonald
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

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  • Your boy who was medicated birth may
    end up with breast when he becomes a teenager. Depending on what medicine you took. I had a uncle that was born with beast at teenage. Medical begin with a (D). Doctors are making these mistakes this days.

  • I am usually spot on with the picks BUT the mother picked him bc she doesnt want her daughter to leave her and sees this as an opportunity to have them both….. smh! I guess she wants to be the ONLY voice of reason.

  • you can still look after her just in a different more special way and in about 10 years she’ll look up to you as a mother not just a lady in a wheelchair

  • be thankful you have a beautiful baby and still got your life…. you sue the hospital fine go ahead.
    if the NHS goes I bet your the first to moan and your child will have no free healthcare

  • Compare some facts with other movies.

    Shrek and Wallace & Gromit
    Shrek and Wallace: they have love interests for different reasons, Shrek admits that he has feelings for Fiona, and Wallace has fallen for Totty in regards of his Were-Rabbit curse.

    Lord Farquaad and Victor Quatermaine: want to marry a woman for their own gain (Farquaad: become king and having a queen, and Victor: only just for Totty’s wealth from her family)
    Same with Corspe Bride, just for wealth.

    Gothel only sees Rapunzel on the inside and her golden magic healing hair on the outside, rather than seeing the girl as a person.

    Eugene sees and interacts with Rapunzel on the outside and starts to build chemistry between the story, up around the blocked rocks. He was the first boy, she met and cares about her rather than Gothel.

    He got shocked discovering her hair glows and can heal his palm.

  • Thanks so much for posting! I’m feeling the same that I’m not “crunchy” but I’ve decided I want birth #2 to be unmedicated. #1 was aLOT like yours. I was induced due to high BP and had insanely high doses of pitocin but after 21 hours of labor, pitocin being withdrawn twice only to have it amped back up, and an epidural, I had a c-section for failure to progress. I was MISERABLE for weeks. I’m prayyyinnng my BP stays low (currently 33 wks and it’s been great) this go round and I get that 2 hour birth you had!

  • 2:45 rapunzel is translated to lettuce thus the real story where a pregnant lady craves lettuce from a witch’s garden and the witch catches the husband and demands their first born child appropriately named Rapunzel was cursed with long hair and was trapped in a towers a handsome prince hears rapunzel singing and learns the only way to get up is to yell “rapunzel rapunzel let down your hair” so she did and they dated and rapunzel fell pregnant. The witch found out cut rapunzel a hair and when the prince climbed up the witch told him he would never see her again so he tried to kill himself so he jumped down he didn’t die but was blinded by a bush of thorns he wandered the woods and found rapunzel with twins and her tears healed him he sees again
    The end

  • This happen to me im paralyzed on the left side and doctors are not takin me seriously i have nit been able to move my left leg or feel the left side of my hip in two mnths after the epidural and my spine feels as if its on fire with needles jabbing me

  • I have four children, with the first it is always harder as the body has not been through the process of giving birth with the majority the first takes longer also i was a teen and alone so i had an epidural. my second was a drug free birth and natural but it was also quicker. on my last two births it was a c section as i was unable to have a normal birth due to medical issues called symphysis pubis dysfunction, this is where your hips part too much and comes on in pregnancy it is very painful and to prevent more hip damage a c section is done. with c section the recovery is much longer and you are unable to care for your baby for a while. weighing up the pros and cons i would prefer a natural birth over any other.

  • Oh goshthe thought of someone sticking a needle into my spine is scarier to me than all of the pain. Not just that but a catheter. I had one when I was a child and I still get aches. I realized it was probably nerve damage from that because my husband also had one when he was young and complains that it caused nerve damage to him as well. Then the idea of being numb I get slightly panicked when dentist numbs my mouth. I feel like the lower half of my body being numb will put me into a panic attack. Also my body does not handle meds well either and its typical for my gut health to go haywire with medication. I am planning for a natural birth in June (my first) but am TRYING to prep for all of this stuff too in case it hits the fan.

  • In the Tangled Series universe, Gothel left her own daughter (Cassandra) with no one around to protect her, because she wanted Rapunzel’s hair for herself.
    She left her own blood related daughter just to help herself stay young and beautiful.

    Just let that sink in

  • Have you had a natural birth? Have you had an epidural birth? What’s your story?? I would love to hear the good and the bad!! Let me know what you guys all think��

  • Thank you for sharing with honesty! I also want to try to avoid an epidural with my current baby aswell, you have inspired me to try & do it naturally. Thank you for the advice

  • I had a 3 hrs labor and delivery with my first baby and barely tore. I wanted an epidural but there wasn’t time for anything. Arrived at the hospital fully dilated, and ready to push. I want my second to be the same. It was an amazing experience. ❤️

  • I want to give birth naturally so bad! I’m scared to bring it up to my boyfriend because he’s a nurse and has mentioned so many times how many different problems he’s seen in birth…�� I don’t want a cascade of interventions ugh

  • Thankfully everyone’s experience is different. I’ve never heard of epidural in the leg but I guess it happens. After your FIRST baby, labor is said to be easier/faster. With my first I got induced at 41weeks, I was already 4cm since 20wks. I labored with pitocin IV in the tub w/o pain meds from 4cm-8cm. I felt My contractions in my belly first then it radiated to my back. When it hit my back, I had my husband push into back to relieve the pain and it worked! I unsuccessfully did breathing techniques during contractions b/c it’s hard to think about whether or not you’re doing it right, lol! I just kept breathing through it the best that I could. I planned on NOT having meds but at 8cm I was over it and I got out of the tub b/c I was hot and tired that’s when I asked for the epidural. I was nervous but I gripped my nurse as the anesthesiologist did the epi & she reassured me that I was ok. You also have to get a catheter to collect your urine since you can’t get up to pee. 3hrs later I had my baby, I got an episiotomy and I didn’t feel pain while pushing the baby or delivering the placenta but I felt pressure. I had a smooth recovery but the removal of the catheter was painful and of course post partum healing wasn’t fun. Labor pain is temporary and the effects of epidural is temporary. I’m healthy and so is my 16month old son�� I’m currently 38wks preg with my second 3.5 dilated and 70%effaced, so I’m anxious to see how this one goes.

  • The epidural didn’t work on my mom with me or my sister so I’ve been heavily reaching natural unmedicated birthing options and options to prevent tearing and injury when I have babies in the future and I found this video super helpful! some people’s bodies just don’t respond well to medication

  • I think she chose Rex for his money. He spoke about wanting an ambitious woman. I think mom thinks he has money. You see said, I just want someone who can take care of my daughter.


  • The hospital closest to me now gives a shot of pitosin in the leg after birth because they have found that pitosin reduces the amount of blood loss… it hurts and burns but it does work

  • Also, the opioid pain medication is what made your stomach so sick, most likely. Almost definitely. If you don’t have a tolerance for opiates, they can make you VERY nauseous, depending on the dose. And I’m willing to bet anything that that’s what made your stomach so sick.

  • Everyone seems to have the medicated birth first and that labor is always MUCH longer, and they blame that on the medication. And I’m not saying it has nothing to do with it, but I just want to point out that your first labor is always longer and the average time for first-baby labor (actual labor where you’re dilating) is 12-18 hours, and then on top of that, there’s also all the hours you’re having contractions before you start dilating.
    So, I just don’t want people to think that the medication is going to make your labor TEN times longer. It might make it a little bit longer, that’s possible, but not that big of a difference.
    Not telling anyone whether or not to get medication, I think you should do whatever you feel comfortable with, but I just don’t want people to go completely unmedicated just because you’re afraid it’ll make your labor that much longer, because it won’t. It’s about how many babies you’ve had before more than anything.
    The first one is always the longest.

  • I felt like rex was honest. He could’ve chosen to keep hush mouth of the relationship with his sister, but was a man & was honest. the rest was kind of trying too hard to impress.

  • Love the comparison. I was thinking about getting an epidural after my traumatic natural birth story however I’m rethinking it now.Check out my birth story on my channel my all natural labor and delivery story https://youtu.be/7Lz9-gsb5tY.

  • Great video! You have a way of explaining things that makes labor seem less scary. I’m leaning towards epidural, but not sure, but I feel I can make a more informed decision. Thanks! Blessings to your babies����

  • I’m due in February and I’ve said I wanted to do it natural for my babies sake and mine, I’m scared to tear but I do not want an epi. So, like I said I’ve said I wanted a natural birth and everybody says “ookay, you wouldn’t be able to handle it.” What’s your thoughts on this? How should I respond to this negativity?

  • Everyone had a different experiences.
    I just had my 3rd baby.
    1st one is natural birth. And I swear I will never going to have another baby. Until I had my 2nd baby, I decided to have an epidural. And it was a smooooooth birth.
    The 3rd baby came, I decided to have sterilization. Thats mean I must go through C section.
    The operation went perfect. But the aftermath is the worst!!!!!!
    Even worst than non medicated birth.
    So base on my experiences, vagina birth with epidural is the best way to delivering my baby.

  • I’m freaking out about medication keeps putting in my body… that’s why I’m here. I’m torn if I’ll be going through natural or epidural

  • My mom was and is still like Mother Gothel due to the fact that I’m the youngest and my older sisters didn’t make the best of decisions.

    We always give her a hard time for it and because it’s Mother’s Day today, I’m giving her this song instead of a card ��

  • wow this helped me out a lot!
    first time pregnancy, due in a month and I’m so scared about the cutting,
    I don’t want to do the epi, I also want to go all natural, ( am I crazy)
    but I don’t like being drugged up either,
    and I’ve also hurd that you do feel stronger and happier if you go all natural, I know it’s going to HURRRT, but I’m OK with it…. just not the cutting.. thank goodness you told me they numb you.

  • Ideas for possible future vids:

    Translated Idioms/phrases

    Things politicians have said, translated

    A song about chinchillas

    A book review, translated

    A very complicated cake recipe, in song form

  • She said she wants a man who close n love family, but rex dont give a fock about his sister, his father had to beg them to love each other

  • just rewatched itthe mother didn’t like that Phillip and his mom talk every day, Branden has something shifty about him so that leaves Rex…

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  • Mother knows best? i Uhm, i think you mean Mother wants you to rest so she can trap you in a closet is more like it.

  • When you think about it in the way this video shows, the government is keeping us in quarantine so they don’t lose us, the ones that make up the government. If they lose us then they lose everything. If rapunzel dies, her hair (which is the stuff that makes up her mother) will lose its power and the mother will become old again. Nothing against quarantine, just a thought

  • I do appreciate how honest Rex was about his family dynamics because not all good people come from solid households or lovey dovey upbringing. What matters is who the person choses to be every single day the person they work hard to strive and become.

  • I had to have an episiotomy with the first and it was fine but the recovery was horrendous. I had infection after infection (about 7 lots of antibiotics) then got referred to the hospital for regular appointments. Luckily it just magically felt a lot better just before my last appt when they were going to scheduled surgery for me. But here is am….baby number 2 in the way �� talk about birth amnesia! Oh…and my labour was 45 hours!

  • Mom made an excellent choice…but her daughter wanted #1 1st then #3. She would have never picked #2. Its because shes not attracted to nice guys.

  • Phil ruin his chances by saying that her mother was his best friend. This makes You look like a mama ‘’s boy. Don’t say that guys ��

  • Im totally with you, we had similar experiences and I’m about to have my second trying naturally as long as nothing interferes out of my control.

  • I didn’t remember much of the gas lighting Mother gothel did when I was younger, and now I realize it’s because my parents don’t like to be made out to be the “Bad guy” either ��

  • Hey, can we just shut up about this movie “predicting Covid” it never did. Corona means crown. It’s not Covid-unique, and Covid is not the Black Plague. It’s not even close danger and death wise. Just stop talking about it.

  • I thought Rex was a good choice. 1. He was honest about his feelings. 2. It’s usually the one that’s less likely to be picked turns out to be the great guy 3. He can probably stand his own because he’s not a Mama’s boy 4. His mama wouldn’t be a deciding factor in their relationship/marriage 4. HE APPEARS to be honest about his feelings.

    Kinda reminds me of my husband. I’ve been married 8 years to a awesome man. I THANK GOD I didn’t choose based on my past… my husband is the total opposite.

  • I don’t think mother made a good choice…rex might not be an emotional person…he feels as long as he possibly shows love he never has to say it…I say tex might be emotionally bankrupt

  • @ 3:02 when all three men are looking at the daughter, their body language says everything. # 1and 3, their hands are covering their genitals. #2 Rex has his genitals exposed which shows his attraction to her. Attraction is a good place to start.

  • Very interesting �� Not sure I would’ve allowed my mother to choose but her input would’ve been very important. I leaned towards Branden for obvious reasons but Rex could definitely work. Rex is a workaholic but as long as he’s willing to take time out for love then he’s a great pick. Once he accepts love, I think his other relationships will change as well. Good luck!

  • Wrong Choice. Smh ��‍♀️. The Mother Went With What She Thought Looked Good ��. It’s Important To Want A Good Mother For Your Children. I Highly Commend Him For That Because As We Already Know Now A Days That’s Really Hard To Come By.

  • I want to thank Disney for making her a villain. Usually, villains are portrayed as old men that are actively trying to kill you. They showed her as a different kind of villain. A parent, she’s a villain not in the sense that she is trying to kill Repunzel, in the sense that she is emotionally and physiologically abusing her. Rapunzel finally gets up the courage to ask to leave and that’s where the manipulation kicks in. She starts lying to Rapunzel about the outside world. She tells her how scary it is, overexaggerating to make her fears higher, then starts insulting her to make her ego lower “they’ll eat you alive” “clumsy” “you’re getting kinda chubby” making her fears even greater. Manipulating her to want to stay with her. Then hides it as love. She might as well said “you’re pathetic, you can’t live out there. Only I can protect you’ showing children that sometimes the villains in their lives are the people they trust the most.

  • Hi Megan, just watched your epidural vs natural birth video and loved it! I’m pregnant with my second right now and I had been induced with my first chose the epidural like you but it was successful. Very long first labor though, so I’m really very jealous of your second experience. I was really really curious though were you having lots of contractions leading up to your water breaking at home with your second? Were you dilated a good amount before your water broke? How hard was it to labor at home? Thanks so much!

  • She choose, Rex cause it will be the mom, rex and her. The other two have great relationships with their family already. Rex didnt have parents to step in and give him advice. Which means she will be always giving advice to the both of them. Anyone who lets their mom choose their man is totally controlled and thats whats going to happen in the marriage if they get that far. Poor Rex he will be dating both of them.

  • Guys lets be honest, old is not cool here and obviously the daughter is not so happy with her mom pick for her. Agree? hit the like button.

  • She went with Rex because the moment he opened his mouth her eyes sparkled �� an moms are real good at picking up on those things ��

  • I’m 24 and at my parents cause my immune system is garbage from cancer, and my mom wouldn’t let me leave to go hang out with a guy on Tinder even though the quarantine restrictions have been lifted, and so I’m bored watching Disney plus. And this came on and I felt attacked

  • If there is a live action adaptation of this I hope they consider Meryl Streep… She is so perfect as the Singing Witch… infact she even played the role Gothel in “Into the woods”

  • why’s no one talking about how mother gothel is almost the same person as Isabella from the promised neverland, just more manipulative and less caring.

  • Teacher: ask your brother and sister to help doing the homework.

    Me: I will ask my mother.

    Teacher: do your mother knows how to help you in homework?

    me: yes

    Teacher: how this questions are really hard to do it’s better to ask your sister and brother!

    Me: no I will ask my mother.

    Teacher: why

    me: because……..


  • She really trusted her mother, but in the end, it was all about her infatuation. It was more important to get to know him first on a real date before making any judgments.

  • Tangled is a true masterpiece, the story, the villain, songs, very impressive how they made Flynn and Rapunzel hating each other to dying for each other in just two days.

  • There’s one thing i noticed about Rupunzel & Mavis have in common, they’re both barefoot, they’re both in someways princesses, and they’re swayed by a “at first” bad man, then reformed into good, what i find weirder is that i just noticed this.

  • gothel reminds me of frollo. even in out there frollo sings saying to always stay inside and that the world is wicked. of course gothel seems to be a better actor when it comes to pretending that she cares about rapunzel than frollo pretends to care about quasimodo.

  • Ok, perhaps I am biased by being Italian, but…Italian version for me is better.
    Likeyes, it’s better, I’ve nothing more to say about it.

  • Mom had her own agenda. Selected the lease threatening. Who do you think has the lease options, he ain’t going on where because his options are slim.

  • I have a question what happens if your water breaks but you are not dilated? Then do you have to have pitocin or can you just wait?

  • She may have a British accent but this is an Italian mother through and through (except that real mothers actually love their kids, unlike Gothel).

  • That really cute single mom raised guy was so fine…. BUT something is a little to the left… Not a genuine… That other fella wants a baby maker, he’s a momma’s boy… LMBO… That girl is obviously a career girl, not saying she doesn’t want kids… But every question Philip asnswered had something to do with kids �� what if she can’t have’em… Goodness… Anyway, mom chose great! I was feeling Rex! I hope it works out…

  • Interesting how gothel calls rapunzel pet just shows she doesnt think of rapunzel as a person. I love gothel she is such a cool villian

  • Sucks because you know the risks but at the moment of giving birth and the pain, you don’t care about anything during that time but getting ur baby out!

  • Hilarious but seriously, amazing performance. You make me want to pursue a career in musical theatre or become a professional voice actress ��

  • How many months after having the first baby did you have the second? I’m going for my second unmedicated birth and I’m freaking out because my first birth was a horrible experience.

  • Rex was the best choice. Philip would have turned her daughter into a housemaid and baby factory and the other one was flat out pretentious.

  • “This is a terrorist country”
    “Money is good”
    And the fact that “Rupunzel” is “lettuce”
    I’m deadd ����
    Your singing is amazing though

  • When in hell did all those spotlights come from? I knew it! Gothel didn’t want the hair, so wanted to perform a musical number ��

  • I tried doing what you had done, Malinda, and it turned out something like this……..

    Why do you want to go to Rapunzel…!

    It appears in a sack covered with a drawstring

    Some species grow sugarcane in groups

    Do you know why you are standing in this tower?

    It is very expensive, safe and healthy

    I knew he was coming today

    Know that you are leaving home

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    Animals, trust me

    My mother knew it well

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    Fell, is bent

    EV Effect, Quiz |

    Eat with snakes



    This guy has sharp teeth

    I hope you do not mind

    My mother is here

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    Honey, I appreciate you

    Do not accept the game

    These are grandparents

    My mother knew it well

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    Take Mama
    You cannot be alone

    Let it go

    See, press

    . The beginning of life

    Meditation is useless, useless

    Do not like

    Despite the small size, the house is not clean

    Well I think so

    There was some damage

    I say this because I love you

    Her mother understood

    The mother came for help

    I have a request


    Do not look towards this palace

    I love you so much

    I love you so much

    I love you so much

    Don’t forget

    I’m sorry

    My mother knew it well

    Please can you sing this and make a video and upload it on youtube????

    It would be really great if you actually did it

    P.S. I suscribed to your channel and have liked all of your videos! I am a huge fan of you and your voice!!!! Keep it up!

  • This is literally my dad
    He never wants me to leave the house, have social interaction with anyone (men, specifically) and wants me to dress up like an old hag.
    And straight (I’m les)

  • I believe Gothel is a real witch because she says Rapunzel is forbidden from ever leaving the tower like Frollo says Quasimodo is forbidden from ever leaving the bell tower

  • Anyone noticed that she said “plague” it reminds me of COVID 19 as it’s a plague and she wants here to stay home what if mother gothoel wanted to keep rapanzel safe from the sickness and she saw the future
    ( just a theroy not true but think about it???..)

  • Gothel kissed rapunzels hair instead of kissing her forehead.

    And she ran her face on the hair that meant Gothel cared about her hair instead of rapunzel herself.

  • I love how this song sounds so manipulative yet so lovely.

    You just feel more warm yet feel a cold presence the more you listen to this, you can see how Rapunzel’s mother just says she’s chubby, vague, immature etc yet she says she’s saying this because she “loves” her but the truth is she only wants to use Rapunzel.

    p.s. she called Rapunzel pet ( just kinda felt weird to me )

  • If you think about, mother gothel had raised Rapunzel to be healthy and taught her how to walk read, talk and paint. She wasn’t the worst parent ever

  • I would have been pissed if my water broke and they made me get induced. My water broke with my last one and I didnt start contracting for 6 hours after it broke. Then I went to the hospital and they tried to speed things up but I refused. Had her about 13 hours after I got to the hospital. She was healthy. And I got a small dose of the epidural at 9-10 centimeters….idk why, I could have done it without it but I wasnt in the right state of mind

  • Phillip was her soul mate
    No matter what I’m pretty sure you guys will be together
    I saw it in both of you eyes ��
    You are made for each other

  • Juggling dog food for kids to know and Friends jolly UK needs to be a great meal to get me when she eyeshadow or false glib much more up for everyone else I can use in history with the other side effects on her

  • I don’t know how Repunzel’s hair doesn’t hurt after having to pull it through the window every day, since her mother must be pulling on her hair the fact that it reaches all the day down the flower makes me keep wondering how long her hair is and how clean Repunzel’s mother keeps it.

  • I won’t get an epidural because my sister had the same experience with the pain down her leg, and it left her right thigh numb, her son is now turning 4

  • I am 27 weeks and I am planing on going natural, I hear that going natural you do be up on your feet straight after the birth, I think it would be worth it if you feel everything. ��

  • My first thought watching this clip was the dynamic reminds me of the case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and how her mother systematically abused her in a similar way along with Munchausen’s by proxy thrown in.