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Smartphones don’t need to rest often, but periodically shutting them down and restarting them could benefit your iPhone. Most of us probably try restarting or hard resetting our iPhones when. 10 Reasons You Should Turn Your Phone Off Sometimes #1. You’ll be way happier.

Huffington Post Studies show that not checking your phone (or just turning it off) makes you #2. You can be healthier, too. Precor According to Forbes, we’ve been spending more time staring at our phones than we #3. Previous studies have shown that using a mobile phone leads to poorer performance when people are trying to do other things. This study is the first of its kind and shows that simply being aware of a missed call or text can have the same effect, the researchers said.

There are multiple reasons why you’re supposed to restart your phone at least once a week, and it’s for a good cause: retaining memory, preventing crashes, running more smoothly, and. Restarting the phone clears open apps and memory leaks, and gets rid of anything draining your battery. Crashing happens for various reasons, but not restarting your phone can definitely have an. “I would say that shutting down your phone at night isn’t something that necessarily falls under routine maintenance,” he says.

The reason why shutting down your. Phone apps can have problems, like “hanging” in memory, that chew through your battery and eat up space on your phone, he said. “It makes it hard for other apps to run,” he added. “So, turning it off once a week or so is probably not a bad idea. Just shut it down, let it rest for a minute and then bring it back.

We’re consuming about three times the amount of information today that we did in 1960, according to researchers at University of California, San Diego. But. Answered February 5, 2017. It is wise Tu turn off all radiation emmiting options such as Bluetooth,wi-fi, navigation &data before sleeping and not the phone itself. Phone kept on with any of these toggles emit radiation which in turn results in headaches and irritation in the long run.

5.5K views. ·. You really should be turning your phone off periodically, or your battery will die faster than it should. Leaving it on and idle stresses the battery, experts say. If you, like us, use your phone as your alarm clock, consider picking up a cheap (or fancy — why not?) alarm clock, or turning it off for another period of time during the day.


List of related literature:

Studies show that having your phone on silent or in the room is far different from having it off or out of sight.1 This is why the Common Rule habit suggests turning your phone off for an hour.

“The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction” by Justin Whitmel Earley
from The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction
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And obviously, when you’re with friends or family or eating a meal, switch your phone off or leave it out of the way.

“Mindfulness For Dummies” by Shamash Alidina
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Turning the phone off completely, or putting it into airplane mode, would leave you unreachable in an emergency.

“iPhone: The Missing Manual” by David Pogue
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I never turn the phone off.

“Work's Intimacy” by Melissa Gregg
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This is particularly true of mobile phones: you are more likely to come off the phone completely frustrated and exhausted at being cut off every time you lose a signal.

“Blended Learning: How to Integrate Online & Traditional Learning” by Kaye Thorne
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That’s why traditional phones continue to work even during power outages.

“Networking All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies” by Doug Lowe
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Even when she is exchanging text messages with her friends, the music doesn’t stop because her handset is capable of multi-tasking.

“Changing Korea: Understanding Culture and Communication” by Theresa Youn-ja Shim, Min-Sun Kim, Judith N. Martin
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For this reason, some people consider themselves cell phone addicts because they never go out of the house without one, do not turn it off at night, are always expecting calls from family members or friends, and/or they overutilize it in their work and/or social life.

“Principles of Addiction: Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders, Volume 1” by Peter M. Miller
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If you inadvertently forgot to turn the phone off and it starts to ring, hasten to quiet it, even if that means turning it off without answering it, and apologize to those around you, as appropriate and convenient.

“Business Etiquette For Dummies” by Sue Fox
from Business Etiquette For Dummies
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Turning off the device does not always solve the problem, because those who want to track you will want to know why your cell phone was turned off.

“Understanding New Media: Extending Marshall McLuhan” by Robert K. Logan
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  • Thank you, my phone is -896c so i sold my fridge for 809$ and put my phone into termo bag my neightbors was so impressed that they alowed me to mary they daughter. Thank u so much.

  • regarding modern cell phones (>2015)… is there anything wrong with keeping your phone 100% charged or should you only charge it when it reaches a certain percentage?

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  • I have Samsung A5 and I don’t know why it’s turning off by itself nd as u know it’s locked means battery is fixed so what can I do now

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  • I mean i wanted to know how to play minecraft whithout my phone exploding and have to restarts the game after 10 minutes becouse of the overheat but thanks… btw anybody knows why my phone (Huawri P8 Lite) overheat after 10 minutes of playing minecraft

  • Sorry brightside.
    But charging your phone over night IS NEVER OKAY. even in 2020 standards…
    In fact, I have been charging my phones and tablets only up to 90 to 95 percent
    And I have noticed drastic battery longevity compared to my previous phones..

    And putting your soaked phone into the rice container with rice on it is PROVEN EFFECTIVE No matter explaination you give to myth-bust it, that technique just works.

    I’m now beginning to think that not all that you guys said are actually credible and accurate.. ��������������

  • Roblox and fortnite are easily the WORST apps you can run on your iPhone 7! I played for 10 minutes, and I flinch from the heat of my phone �� when put the back of my hand on it!

  • A pencil eraser (#2 school pencil) works great too, mildly abrasive. Used this when installing and troubleshooting Point of Sale terminals. A computer repair guy that we knew through our kids put me onto it before I started installing.

  • How To Cool Your Phone������

    Step 1=Grab Your Phone

    Step 2=Open Your Refrigerator

    Step 3=Grab A Bottle Of Cold Water

    Step 4=Open The Bottle

    Step 5=Wash Your Phone With Cold Water

    Step 6=Dry Your Phone

    And YOU’RE DONE!

  • My phone is oppo f5 when I open it after 2-8 sec then it will turn off but ig I plug in my charger it will not turnoff sometimes it does not turn off for like 1-2 hours ten it will turn off while im gaming

  • Im using an old phone Sony Xperia Z2 i restart it whenever i find bugs or lag, and the phone support says restart at least after a week

  • 0:20 OS updates
    0:46 App updates
    1:02 Reset
    1:26 Hardware issues
    1:55 The case
    2:07 The battery
    4:41 Viruses
    5:08 An intruder
    5:50 Heavy apps
    6:17 Too many light ones
    6:46 A lack of storage

  • But in another video bright side said that charging the phone overnight will harm the battery because even if it stops charging, it will lose charge and maybe go upto 97% then it continues charging and the circle continues. Please explain, have you guys changed your opinion? Which is the correct information?

  • What I want to know is why I keep getting booted out of videos and stories on Facebook. I would be halfway into a video or story and then I suddenly get booted from it. It gets irritating.

  • DON’T drain you battery to 0% every month lithium battery have calibrated memory so no need. And IOS is more vulnerable ANDROID. Hello jailbreak!!

  • in that night all the light flicker when he got a power cat in my house on your house guys did gotta blackout and flicker the lights

  • Okay today back with Gorma star so first you need some of those seaweed pastries then you need to mix it with water in this other liquid that I don’t know of it’s like making sushi just you put prawns chancellor lobsters and fish in anything and then you wrap it all up and you eat it with a smart phone to watch yeah yeah that’s it

  • Can you please help me???

    My phone keeps on turning off, the battery goes all the way to 10% from 90%-100%, and i dont think the battery is the problem because when im using it while charging it never turns off, hope you can help me, have a great day!!!

  • I have a I phone 7 plus and I will just be watching YouTube or something and I will turn my phone forward a little and it just goes black then comes back on again when I move it but it doesn’t fully shut off it just resumes to what I was doing and it keeps the sound on and everything,any tips or explanations for this would really help

  • im using j3,battery doesnt finish,when it reaches 60% or 50 it goes off off..saying the battery is low,could this be the same problem? i boughta new battery,still doing the same

  • Me: Plays roblox on my pink exynos s7 edge i had for a while with a lot of cracks


  • I have the same problem with my A10. I’ve replaced the battery, sent it for a checkup, and the guy told me nothing seemed to be wrong, and that the battery was in good state. I even factory reset it, and it still goes erratic. It turns off by itself when it gets Hot, or when it reaches 90%. It Will require turning it on, waiting for it to turn off, and repeat until it discharges enough to not turn off by itself. It also sometimes does this around 50%.

  • i wish the UPTIME wasn’t hidden so far in the menus, i like to restart our phones about every 10 days or 240 hours to prevent any problems. My wife never restarts her phone and couldn’t find the hour meter to save her life. it would be nice if it were somewhere easier for people to find, like swiping down to see all the Bluetooth and Location buttons.

  • To the amazing people seeing this:

    I hope your all doing well and staying positive and following your dreams

    My dream is 10k. I’m struggling at the moment, any help would me a lot��

  • It’s better to restart your phone once every 12 or 24 hours. So far so good I never had any issues in device as long as I stick to it.

  • you can clean ram on iphones (with home buttons, i dont know about face id devices) by going to the power menu and then release the power button and press and hold home until the homescreen appears again. so in most cases you dont have to do a restart

  • YO TENGO made my tab 4 overheat help or i YO TENGO YO TENGO ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Lol, I’ve gone bout 3 months before without turning my iPhone 7+, probably longer.. I’ve had it since it was the new hotness, and to this day still runs like brand new like a champ!

  • I’m using YouTube like normal, all of sudden it crash when I’m turn into portrait mode and changing the video quality. Suddenly rebooting itself like sometimes my phone will do the same when I’m playing games…

  • I restarted my phone when I play Codm so I can easily hide it for two weeks maybe than now I don’t do it it lags or drops frame alot.

  • v Mine is, if I remove my charger my phone just shutdowns then tries to open then shutdowns down then tries to open, but when I leave my charger on it works perfectly fine.

  • Sir, can you help me? My phone Nokia 6.1 (AndroidOne) keeps on shutting down by itself randomly. I think it was beacause of the update of android 10. I have done RESETS several times, but it doesn’t help. Please reply.

  • My phone’s battery temperature reaches 55°C while charging, playing PUBGM or on mobile data. Imagine how hot the CPU is by that time

  • My phone gets switched off and when I turn it in back on the battery will be drained to 0% even though the battery would be at 90 or 80%
    Will this technique work for this problem

  • Additional especially to xiaomi users

    One a month
    Go to setting….. storage and find cache data( u gotta wait till the system finished calculating). Press/click the cache data and clear the cache data. If the cache data is big, it’ll take longer to clear especially 1st timers. Cleaner apps doesn’t clear the cache files clearly. So just double check there.


    And other brands, sorry idk how to do it but pretty much the same concept

  • The thing is, I need a new battery, also, the thing is, YouTube used to take up the mot battery and now it takes up the less while everything else takes up the most (iPhone 6s)

  • I have somewhat a similar problem except it’s not my phone it’s my phone buttons at the bottom of the screen they keep turning on and off

  • I was in the middle of a conversation and the chat was suddenly terminated I rang back and it was terminated again yet the phone did not turn off it just terminated my call twice

  • It won’t let me restart my phone, I have a iPhone11. I’m pressing the two buttons on the side of the phone but it doesn’t say anything. Like it’s not letting me. I’m stuck on FaceTime even tho I’m not FaceTiming anyone

  • Bright Side:Dont charge your (any devices here) at night!
    Me:Ok,i’ll leave it here and I won’t charge my Ipad!
    the next morning
    Me:Ok time to check my Ipad-
    Ipad: 1%

  • My phone powers off after a few hours even tho the battery is fully charged that is a bigg problem because thr alarm clock doesnt go off then:(

    How can i fix it

  • I’m pretty sure this will help me with my sisters Motorola Zforce. But why do I get so many likes for this small comment. I’m just so young

  • My phone keeps shuting down for no reason and when it decides to turn on the battery percent is still the same and i have to try to switch it back on over and over by removing the battery and sometimes when it switches on the android logo appears something like that……plzzzz help

  • So sometimes when I take my phone off the charger(I have iPhone 7) it’s at 100% and it just dies. I’m able to turn it back on and it says it’s 10% then dies again then says it’s at 100% and repeats for a bit until it finally works. Would that be considered a battery problem or something else that’s probably broken in my phone?

  • bright side this is only a show from your phone screen and like that you can charge your phone while i got down to from 100 to 30%

  • Hey Bright side…I worked at several motels that uses key cards. We always were redoing them because people would put their key card with their phone and we would have to redo them. The house keepers were just as bad. So get your facts straight please.

  • I haven’t restart my droid for almost 2 months now, while my iPoo for 5 days coz of some updates.. just restart your phone as needed

  • More background apps means more process to your cpu, means more battery it consumes. closing background running apps can help your battery to stay longer before you charge. opening apps consumes lots of energy? I don’t know, but shutting down and re-opening the phone absolutely right. And an anti-virus on android and IOS is unnecessary, it can only affect the files downloaded from the net which is already corrupted when you download it. viruses only works on Microsoft windows, y? coz its business. they created virus to sell an anti virus.

  • Cognamto…yes…my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandpa was a cave man…he used a nakiu…a bit like a nokia

  • I have a Huawei Rio l03 and it keeps turning of randomly and restarting in a loop even when I still have more than half of my battery. At some point it even said that I had no battery and it was going to turn off in 30 seconds even when I had 50+ percent.

  • Dude, I literally got my phone fixed like a Week ago and I don’t want it to get fixed again…. And I Hated that time! This Generation is too Obsessed with Technology! And I Do NOT like it!

  • You did forget about taking your phone out of cheapo cases in summer as the internal temperature without proper ventilation is absolutely cooking the processor and battery.