Why You Have Discomfort During Intercourse


Is Stomach Pain During/After sex considered normal? #AsktheDoctor

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Pain During Intercourse Patient Testimonial | Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine

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Painful Sex (intercourse) is not normal. Often it is a pelvic/pelvic floor issue.

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Pain during sex in women

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Pain During Intercourse

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Causes of Painful Intercourse

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Surprising Cause of Pain During Sex!

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Interstitial cystitis: This chronic inflammation of the bladder has no known cause (result of breakdown of the GAG, or protective layer, of. Pain during sex often comes down to your position or the position of your uterus. Position. Some sexual positions allow for deeper penetration during vaginal or anal sex, which could cause pain. For a small number of people, “genital fit” can be a cause of pain during intercourse—meaning your partner’s quite large, and you’re extra petite.

Lube can help in some cases, but “in situations. Dryness can not only make sex painful, it throws off the vagina’s balance of good bacteria, which can result in infections that contribute to painful sex. ‘Try using a lubricant if dryness is causing you pain during sex. Many conditions may cause pain during sex. Due to thinning and dryness of the vaginal walls after menopause, some women report that sex is more painful than prior to menopause. Vulvodynia is a condition that causes chronic pain in the vulvar area that is not related to a known cause.

Women with vulvodynia may experience pain with sexual intercourse. Some vaginal infections —like monilia (yeast) or trichomoniasis—can be present even when you can’t see any signs. The friction of a penis, dildo, or finger moving on the vulva or in the vagina might cause the infection to flare up, resulting in stinging and itchiness. As estrogen levels fall as women approach and pass menopause, the resulting dryness and thinning of vaginal tissues can cause penetration and intercourse to be uncomfortable for many women. The discomfort can range from a feeling of dryness to a feeling of vaginal “tightness” to severe pain during sex.

After sex, some women feel soreness in their vagina or burning in their vulva or vagina. Sometimes an infection in the cervix could also trigger pain during sex. This occurs because the penis reaches the cervix during maximum penetration.

Tropical creams that treat vaginal infections. Rather than experiencing pain externally, many women complain of deep, pelvic pain during sexual intercourse. “The most common cause of deep pain is endometriosis,” explains Anthanasias. “This is a condition where the lining of the womb is found outside the womb. It causes scarring, nodules and pain on deep penetration.” Causes of pelvic pain.

Usually, women with painful sex have a clear-cut reason for experiencing discomfort, Lawson says. Common reasons for painful sex include: Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs): Roughly 20 million STIs occur every year in the United States.Common STDs, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, can cause vaginal irritation, which can create pain during sex.

List of related literature:

In women, painful intercourse can be caused by vaginal infections, insufficient vaginal lubrication before intercourse (usually the result of not being sufficiently sexually aroused), and anxiety-produced spasms of the muscles surrounding the vagina, which makes vaginal penetration painful.

“Health & Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
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Painful intercourse, or dyspareunia, may be the result of lack of arousal but is most often due to physical factors such as pelvic infection; anatomical conditions; congenital deformities; or vaginal atrophy due to inadequate estrogen exposure.

“Infertility Counseling: A Comprehensive Handbook for Clinicians” by Sharon N. Covington, Linda Hammer Burns
from Infertility Counseling: A Comprehensive Handbook for Clinicians
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Painful Intercourse In women, painful intercourse can be caused by vaginal infections, insufficient vaginal lubrication before intercourse (usually the result of not being sufficiently sexually aroused), and anxietyproduced spasms of the muscles surrounding the vagina, which makes vaginal penetration painful.

“Health & Wellness”
from Health & Wellness
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Dyspareunia As you saw earlier, the most common cause of dyspareunia, genital pain during intercourse, is physical, such as pain-causing scars, lesions, or infection aftereffects.

“Abnormal Psychology” by Ronald J. Comer
from Abnormal Psychology
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Causes of dyspareunia include a poorly healed episiotomy (an incision made to widen the vaginal opening during the birth process); infections, sores, or lesions of the vagina or vulva; sexually transmitted infections (STIs); or inadequate lubrication during intercourse.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
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Deep pelvic disorders such as infection, tumors, and cervical or uterine abnormalities can cause pain with intercourse.

“Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children” by Kathryn L. McCance, RN, PhD, Sue E. Huether, RN, PhD
from Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children
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Causes of dyspareunia include a poorly healed episiotomy (an incision made to widen the vaginal opening during the birth process); infections, sores, or lesions of the vagina or vulva; estrogen deficiency; sexually transmitted infections (STIs); or inadequate lubrication during intercourse.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
from Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
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Pain during sex can be caused by a number of things – for instance endometriosis, a hormonal imbalance, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, adhesions and scarring from surgery, infection, as well as a history of episiotomy, cancer treatment, or pelvic trauma.

“Period Power: Harness Your Hormones and Get Your Cycle Working For You” by Maisie Hill
from Period Power: Harness Your Hormones and Get Your Cycle Working For You
by Maisie Hill
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A variety of physical conditions can cause pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)and result in vaginismus.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
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Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) associated with vaginismus can be associated with many physical conditions including a tilted or prolapsed uterus (both often related to a weak pelvic diaphragm), cysts, masses, menopausal conditions such as thinning and dryness of the vaginal membranes and others.

“Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair” by Jay Glaser
from Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair
by Jay Glaser
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  • Yes it’s possible for air to go up. This happens to me sometimes when me and my husband have sex. It’s uncomfortable and hurts if I don’t push the air out. Yes it sounds like a queef lol but that’s the only way it won’t hurt anymore.

  • The older doctor was trying to he funny, but came across like a douche.Seemed disrespectful to her commentary like it was a debate and they kept cutting her off, wtf!!???

  • why do they keep interrupting her? she’s say really interesting stuff and they’re just raising their eyebrows at her and butting in.

  • I know that when that happened to me and I started to feel cramps my body was pushing my boyfriend out bc it hurt so so bad and I had never felt that type of pain before to the point that me and my boyfriend had to stop and about 2 or 3 weeks later I had found out that I was pregnant. Thar is one of the early signs that alot of women don’t know about and I didn’t know this was an early sign of pregnancy until it happen to me

  • my days… i have had the gas pain which actually made me throw up, the pain was sooo damn intense even shooting pains came with it �������� gas is no damn joke!

  • The only time I’ve ever had air escape (which let me know air had snuck up there in the first place) was with an ex of mine and he was…smaller than my previous but it still wasn’t bad but I think he wanted to do. dare I say, alot of big dick positions…and yeah, I try to forget that one night we were in the middle of it and ALL OF A SUDDEN I heard the loudest longest queef of my LIFE and if I was dying on the inside, soon as I saw his face I could just tell his ass was embarrassed. Now it was never painful during intercourse so that woman may need an ultrasound to figure out what’s wrong with HER but I definitely know that yes, this female Dr is spot on how air can travel up during intercourse and it was really pissing me off that how they not only kept interrupting her but also undermining her every time she spoke. But yeah, needless to say, ol dude felt kinda ashamed about his package deal lol

  • Could be coarse or dry penis skin too. I had this for a long time and it irritated the inside of my wife’s vagina. Now I use one of those penis skin moisturizers (Man1 Man Oil) and my skin stays smooth and soft. Our sex life is a lot better because of it. Keep this in mind, ladies and gents.

  • THANK YOU! im open I know nick I can trust you…I had a partner we would have sex sometimes it was difficult I couldn’t relax and he would say use lube or spit in your hand to make it go in easyr even forcing it in. we didn’t cominuicate well trying to make it happen.

  • I’ve been to the ER 4 times in the last month from pelvic pain during intercourse and this last visit they did an ultrasound and found that everything looked normal. My primary doctor is only doing video chat calls and I can’t see a OBGYN because of COVID and don’t know what I should do. This pain began 3 months ago and was very sudden. From one day to the next the pain started during intercourse and has been intense pain. Should I get a second opinion? A vaginal ultrasound? Can this pain effect me negatively in the long run? I need help and no one will!:(

  • +thedoctorstv Thanks for a vid on a female-exclusive gas problem. The ovaries and Fallopian tubes are gapped much like a scale-up of synapses in the nervous system, which explains the occasional pressurized peritoneum.

  • First I’d like to agree with most of the previous comments the guys were a quite rude by not allowing her to finish speaking and/or interrupting her! Not nice,guys!!
    Now on the topic of “gas” during sex. I’ve been married for 50 years and during those MANY years the “gas” problem has happened quite a few times. However, the “gas” I experienced was only a small amount (each time) and it was ‘expelled’ right after hubby had “pulled-out” all the gas came out immediately after he did. The very first time it happened we both giggled a little because it DID sound a little like a tiny “lady fart” (?) Lol

  • I get exactly what she is talking about. Just bend over and spread em, suck in your lower stomach and push that air out. ������girl struggles.

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  • The fallopian tubes are not actually attached to the ovaries hair like follicles grab the egg is it comes out and pushes it down the fallopian tube it’s a fallopian tubes are nowhere near the ovary the egg actually just goes out in to nowhere also explains some babies and the placenta develop outside the uterus

  • I have not had sex in forever…. and im in a complicated relationship with the very same person i had sex with previously. soo idk whats going on there… he refuses because he thinks its incest lol but its not because we not related.. just because we have same ancestors/culture/nationality/.. does not make us related and is not incest also… i do want to have sex. the closest is sleeping next to him. smh

  • I really wanted her to speak more. Very dissapointing to see Dr. With such rude manners when they should know better. Could at least have respect and let her finish

  • Am so happy watching dis video, cos am facing de same problem i cnt enjoy myself having sex at all. i feel so much pain. can Doctor please tell me Wht to do?

  • What about the size of the guy’s penis? I never used to get a cramping feeling in my abdomen with my ex who was a bit under average, but with my new partner I do and he’s a bit over average. I wonder if size plays a part in the abdominal discomfort..

  • In conclusion: No matter how old or educated a male is, the one thing he can’t shake off is the immaturity & fascination with the VAGINA. Sing it a thousand times a day guys! You will not feel the pain of hearing “it” anymore. )I( Eventually.

  • hello, My question is having sex with your partner and there is some pain during that moment not in stomach but in your vagina. what is it caused by?

  • kese pain nehi hoga pls commet or ye bahut taklif hotahai me tolerate nehi kar parehihun kese mere sex karna complit hoga app bataye pls

  • Mam have one question while we do sex my husband control himself when sperm comes out I want baby but doesn’t pay any attention.. I just want ur help

  • She forgot to mention infection and all the serious conditions with the Cervix or entire Uterus that cause Pain during and after sex. She just stuck to what she knew. This was not informative at all. Having pain during and after sexual intercourse??.. PLEASE SEE YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR THE CAUSE of this problem_Not a guest on a talk show with limited knowledge.

  • Mom i am from Tanzania, My Wife faces the same problem severe pain during sex its almost five years now, but i didn’t get Solution yet can you help us.

  • This usually happens doing doggy style position for me sometimes…would love to have heard her finish what she was tryn to say tho

  • This seemed sort of rude and cringeworthy. Why invite het if you’re going to undermine everything she says? Sheesh. She handled it well though.

  • its disturbing when people interrupt eachother, but its even more disturbing when its men interrupting a woman that is explaining something that they obviously dont know yet, thats just painful to watch

  • Hello madam I have question that I want getting pregnancy my doctor tell me important days when I follow it after one day I feel pain in lower stomach I don’t know what is the reason can u tell me plz?

  • Greetings I am Josh from Liberia. My girlfriend always have pain and burn every time we have sex. When we are done she won’t allow me to go for another 1min. We were good during our early years but things have changed. She sometimes have sore little bumps around the vulva. Even If I play with her clictoris she feel sore. Pls help me… Do we need infections medicine? Pls help. I love her so much. I am on what’s app +231770428556.pls email me solution @ [email protected]

  • Nick you were cradling the pelvis for a little bit lol It was a good episode. I have a feeling that the topic of birth control will eventually make its way.

  • i have nothing against male doctors but i find it so rude how these male doctors are totally disregarding what she is saying, like they have vaginas lol not to say you got to have one to know about this topic gas but why question her as though she is not as competent.

  • OH MY GOSH! I JUST LEARNED MY ISSUE!!!! I know that this is my issue because the pain the doctor describe and the feeling are to a tee! ��

  • Feeling painful in sexual intercourse is known as vaginismus in medical term. This is due to when something is entering the vagina of the female the muscles contract and the vagina is blocked. Therefore she feels very painful when this condition happens. Due to this pain, some women refuse sexual intercourse. Some are having shame to discuss this and due to the shame, they don’t go to take medical advice.

  • Uhm for starters these two make idiots would have done gynea/obs during their medical round training so why they both keep interrupting and sounding so stupid makes me want to slap them out…. sheeeesh

  • Those guys are so insensitive! Especially that old guy. What’s wrong with some people, they cannot distinguish between a genuine serious issue and a joke? I wonder what makes people take anything related to sex as a joke!? (with the exception of their girl cheating on them, i suppose).
    Anyway, gas in the abdomen feels very different, so when a girl says gas pain, it’s very different from the gas pain guys experience because gas goes to the uterus and that is extremely painful. It happens to me every period, so I understand what pain she is talking about.

  • Well mostly when in doggy style it hurts so he has to take it out and reinsert it bc I keep saying he’s sitting something and it hurts. What’s he hitting that hurts?

  • hay mam.. i suffering this case(painfull) last one month in my wife.. which doctor can we consult..?

    gynaecology.. serology.. physician.?

    plz hlp..

  • Mate, they are just completely dismissing the diagnosis??? The point here is that it’s unusual and not the normal hence why the diagnosis is unusual.

  • That old guy is an arrogant bastard for questioning & trying to devalue her expertise, not only as an educated OBGYN, but also as a women with a vagina who knows her stuff.

  • I think the lady had gas in her stomach before sex….not from sex, a man’s penis isn’t a air pump…maybe the meal she eat before sex…lol

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  • As a woman I can relate. What she said makes sense. I personally feel like it is important to stop your partner and expel the air. Otherwise it’s uncomfortable and you can spend the whole time waiting for the activity to end….:-(

  • that old doctor really bunked a lotta anat classes to not know that the female genital tract connects the external environment to the peritoneal cavity, thus explaining the risk of PIDs in women.

  • Can painful sex be because of 13mm polyp in womb? Or sciatica I had 6 months ago? All my appointments are cancelled because of Convid-19 pandemic. I’m frustrated.