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Not surprisingly, a recent Swedish study of 3,872 women over 20 years found that the more stressed you are by work, the likely you are to gain weight. Stress also affects your ability to get a. Or, even better, let’s define it as weeks of weight gain. So, for example, if 2 or more weeks have passed and you are consistently gaining weight during this span of time, these are the most likely explanations for it: 1. You’re Gaining Fat. This is BY FAR the most common reason for weight gain that occurs/lasts over a span of weeks.

“Dieting is strongly associated with weight gain over time,” Jacobsen says. That’s because you regain the pounds, and more, when you go off the diet. That’s because you regain the pounds, and. Rapid weight gain or swelling in particular areas of the body can be due to fluid retention and may be a sign of heart failure. According to the American Heart Association, a weight gain of more.

Those two conditions in your muscle fibers are the reason you may gain some weight. Your body responds to the micro tears and inflammation in two ways that cause temporary water weight gain. The first is a healing response. “That stress and micro-tearing damage to the muscle fibers induces water retention in the body,” Dr. Calabrese explains.

If you’ve really been exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep, but notice that your weight just keeps creeping up, you might want to see a doctor, says Machowsky. Thyroid problems and. Simply by making a few gradual lifestyle changes, experts say, you can stop gaining weight and even drop some pounds. There are several reasons most adults gradually gain weight. First, as you get.

Sleep disorders may also lead to weight gain. One of the most common disorders, sleep apnea, is a condition in which breathing stops repeatedly during the night due to soft tissue in the throat. And if you’re seeing a higher number, that could be due to water retention ( that sometimes happens after exercise ). The takeaway: The amount of water in your system has a heavy influence on the number you see on the scale. “Water makes up approximately 65 to 90 percent of a person’s weight, and variation in water content of the human body can move the scale by ten pounds. In a way, weight gain is a sign that the insulin is working — your body is utilizing sugar, fat and protein more effectively and able to store nutrients.

Typically, your appetite is increased when your blood sugars are higher. (This is a main symptom of having diabetes).

List of related literature:

Your body weight changes constantly even during a single day depending on how much and what you eat and drink, your level of physical activity, the temperature and humidity, and the presence of health issues that may cause you to retain water or be constipated.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
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Because muscle weighs more than fat, this may be reflected as weight gain on the scale.

“Nursing Care Plans & Documentation: Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems” by Lynda Juall Carpenito-Moyet
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This weight gain is natural and caused primarily by fluctuating levels of the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
from Body for Life for Women: A Woman’s Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
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Because your metabolism starts to slow down, and because you may be inclined to decrease your physical activity as you reach middle age, gaining weight is easier and taking it off can be harder than it used to be.

“Menopause For Dummies” by Marcia L. Jones, Theresa Eichenwald, Nancy W. Hall
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When you gain weight, it is because you have taken in more calories than you have used, so your body stores these calories in the form of fat.

“Your Vegetarian Pregnancy: A Month-by-Month Guide to Health and Nutrition” by Holly Roberts
from Your Vegetarian Pregnancy: A Month-by-Month Guide to Health and Nutrition
by Holly Roberts
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Excess calories stored as body fat generate hormones that can cause weight gain while preventing the production of healthy substances that can lead to weight loss.

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
from Mom Energy
by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
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Due to hormones, stress, water retention, sleep, and other factors, our weight fluctuates from day to day.

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
from Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out
by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
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Weight fluctuates due to three things in the body: muscle, fat, and water.

“10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days!” by JJ Smith
from 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days!
by JJ Smith
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Because weight gain among the nonobese is generally gradual, averaging almost a pound a year as the result of only moderate changes in diet and activity.

“The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days” by JJ Virgin
from The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days
by JJ Virgin
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Your reproductive hormones have gone back to a prepubertal state, and they will almost always return to normal when your weight is fully normal, your eating pattern is normal, your stress levels are lower.

“Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care and Complications” by Philip S. Mehler, Arnold E. Andersen
from Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care and Complications
by Philip S. Mehler, Arnold E. Andersen
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017

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    good luck

  • i went up 4 pounds since last month but i’m exercising, dieting and i’m actually seeing differences on my stomach, i’m really nervous i’m gaining fat

  • I don’t do any cakes or sweets before during and after Xmas, I feel better that way because I don’t put weight on than I have no worries stress losing it

  • This woman just gave like 1001 excuses to not ‘diet’ for her wedding. Good job. Also marilyn monroe was not overweight by today’s medical standard, there’s a difference between curvy and OBESE.

  • I’m freaking out… I was trying on a pair of pants that I haven’t worn since like March (before the pandemic) and they felt tight. After that I was looking at a old tik tok of mine when I was wearing those pants and they fit way better back then


  • Doctor oz I try to eat healthy because I have prediabetes and diabetes run into my family it’s hereditary sincerely yours Mrs Amber McCutchen

  • just watch the cooking shows, every meal is loaded with bacon, cheese, fat. and Drs love it, instead of telling people to lay off the fat, the salt, the sugar, processed foods, they reach for the prescription pad  and schedule an extra office  visit,, it’s a win win for them

  • I weigh 92 kgs and I have stretch marks all around my body because of “sudden weight gain” and I hate them so bad and also don’t like my current weight. I’m hoping to lose about 20 pounds and try not eating when I’m bored (I know it’s a habit) and try stay slim. I want to be that tall skinny girl you know.

  • What do you do if you cannot digest fruits and vegetables, they irritate my gut,it is assumed everyone can eat “healthy stuff” some of us cannot.

  • This probably doesn’t relate to the video but since I can’t find any video to answer my question, I guess I’ll just ask in the comment and I hope that someone can give answer to me.

    I have a thin body with 39kg and 150cm height. So i don’t really have any problem on worrying what should I eat (well I still have to worry but not in that kind of weight problem). But I kinda notice that my weight has been decreasing lately. When I was 15, I remember that my weight was 41kg and when I was 16, it started to decrease by 1kg and I’m now 17 with 39kg. And I dont understand why is this happening because I’m sure I eat a lot like I take a lot of meals in one time. I sometimes skip early breakfast. Most of the times, I eat heavy food late night such as instant noodles. And I never try dieting in my whole life. So, my point is, is it normal to experience weight loss with my eating habit? I don’t feel like I’m unhealthy but I just feel like I’m getting thinner every year. So yeah, just wanna ask is it normal, because I don’t find anyone explaining this and I’m just curious.

  • Stevia???? Basically sugar…..what about in the other videos where you said processed sugar makes the body retain water???? So confused ��

  • Immediately after the ‘expert’ particularly points out to eliminate artificial sweetener, the breakfast bowl has Stevia (artificial sweetener) in it. What an irony!

  • I know is not easy to have healthy habits, but you start changing your mind first and then you pick healthy foods, that’s what I did.

  • The reason why most kids are obese is because of the parents the parents would rather spend money on other things rather then healthy choices

  • No artificial sweeteners, gluten. (Leads ro inflammation so NO)
    Start w high Fiber fat protien berries, hemp seed, stevia,coconut oil, almond butter cinnamon,chia seeds warm water.

    Swap gluten free carbs for these ones!-fistsized. (Whole grains prebiotics fiber nurtures gut bacteria to tolerate carbs & reset gut) space without lunch dinner
    Teff, amyranth, quinoa, wild rice pasta, whole grain buckwheat (doesn’t have wheat in it)
    4 cups prE-biotic fibers the vegetsbles of any cruciferous (broccoli, cauliflower allium garlic onions leeks, fibers etc. Peppers.
    And of course they dont finish what else you can eat in the video

  • I have been trying to lose weight for such a long time, and instead of losing, I’m slowly gaining. It frustrates me but I keep trying. I do exercise but I mainly focus on what I eat. When I go on a diet, it may get me to lose a few pounds, but then I stay at that weight and don’t lose anymore, but gain once I eat anything off-diet. Any advice?

  • 3 Days Train Your Body to Not again Weight

    Gut bacteria to winter is not coming. About reset. Start to own your health by eliminating these things.

    Processed Foods

    Artificial Sweetners (mess up gut biome and doubles risk of getting diabetes and obesity leads to leaky gut)

    Gluten leads to leaky gut

    Breakfast Superseed Bowl (for carb lovers)

    10 grams sugar 12 grams of protein and great fiber plus omega 3’s

    Swap for Gluten Free Carbs like

    Buckwheat doesn’t have wheat in it (whole food)

    4 cups of prebiotic fiber like onion advocadoe and garlic is part of the alien family and sends a signal to the brain that, “I’m not hungry anymore.”

  • people carnt eat chicken or burgers these days without having bacon as well,,that is so greedy i want to shout out how evil that is

  • i have been 9 stone since 1979 i dont eat meat,,only fish,,we are what we eat,,you eat all them cows then wonder why you look like them,,,stop the death of animals that feel things like we do

  • This dudes such a con artist, so aren’t “the dictators” that are literally just a bunch of tv “doctors” as bad as televangelists and traveling preachers

  • So many damn ingredients. Keep it simple( oatmeal, cinnamon, green apple ) for carbs, whole eggs and olive oils for protein and fats. Drink a glass of water before your coffee. And exercise 3-6 times a week depending on your fitness level. Strength training or muscle training is more important than cardio. Muscle training burns calories during your workout and has that after burn effect because of soreness and recovery. Most people want that quick fix or the easy way out. Work on your nutrition before your commitments to exercising. It’s easy to under eat calories with whole foods so be careful, you might hurt your metabolism. I build muscles then go on cuts. But every 8 to 10 days on my cuts I do a refeeding day or days usually 2. To reset my mind mentally and to boost my metabolism. There is no secret pill, the key I believe is consistency in your exercising and nutrition and more importantly, patients. I still eat so called bad foods, hamburgers, fastfood, icecream, etc. But in moderation, about 2-3 times a month. Another key point is boosting your metabolism for the holidays. Not some stupid gut bacteria, easy way out, sort term solution. And sweeteners are okay, they use studies for mice eating 5lbs of sweetener for 30 days, a 150lbs person would have to eat 300lbs of sweeteners for 30 days for it to have any devastating,life altering effects. Did l also mention I went from 290lbs to 185lbs from Dec.26,2017. I did this using sweeteners to replace sugars, strength training and using complex carbs,healthy fats and lean proteins, (whole foods) to boost my metabolism, I never even heard of gut bacteria in all my research of nutrition. DR. OZ is a commerical Doctor, he’s into health business not health science. So please be careful and eat enough food so you don’t hurt your metabolism. ��

  • Great video sir! On top of your points, id also mention that people close to you often discourage your efforts to get into better shape in your adult years. Every girlfriend I had hated it when id eat less than they did. Lots of my buddies would want me to drink beer if they were drinking it. Foolish demons!

  • Hello, I just wanna to takes moment to appreciate this level of talent �� I just started exploring your channel from yesterday and I have enough knowledge to start my weight loss journey…and that gesture you shown in ending it just Savage���� very few people has thos guts�� keep glowing ��

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  • I am skinny with little fat on the belly and waist and I am 29 M. I eat very less like one meal a day. If I continue with this meal, is it possible that I can maintain my weight? I would hate to be a 40 year old with a belly.

  • Can’t relate. I workout 4 5 days a week. no kids. no marriage. I’m 25. I’m living great. Hahahaha to all of you suffering based on your own decisions and ignorance in the past LOL

  • Yes. The hard truth. He tells the facts and does not try to sell some 2 weeks solution with rocket science explanations, to speed up sales. Now that we know we can choose to apply (or not) the solution and succeed or fail.Cant blame ignorance or fate anymore.

  • The real reason people get fat is for relationship reasons. Men get married and want to hide away from the world as they now have a woman. Women get fat as a way to repulse their husband because she is not sexually attracted to him because he was never her first choice. Harsh but true. The concept is called hypergamy, look it up. If you don’t know how to keep a normal weight look up the Keto diet and intermittent fasting on Dr Berg YouTube channel. If you don’t want your girlfriend to get fat don’t get into an exclusive relationship with her. The minute you yield to her demand for exclusivity she looses attraction for you. Date 3 or 4 girls at a time, you are more valuable to women that way. Sounds messed up and it is but it is reality. Check out the33secrets YouTube channel for more ��

  • Not gonna lie, I’ve been really annoyed having to watch some of your videos for online school, but this video changed all of that. You just got so down to earth at the end, and I also loved how you said of I liked it I should like it and if I disliked it I should dislike it. Being annoyed from online school, I stopped, and instantly pressed like. Your weight story is inspiring. Keep it up, dude

  • Another aspect is how most over-eaters use food as a way of comfort due to lack of emotional stability and comfort in their formative years. You learn that food is always “there for you”, where as a stable loving parent is not.

  • This is really too good channel
    I want to see it’s subscriptions in Millions coz this is the real education he is giving at free of cost!

  • Ah. I now know why I eat less yet somehow my butt keeps getting bigger. When I was young I ate all my food all the time yet somehow I was a size 0! As an adult I eat like a bird and I weigh more than I ever have!

  • Makes me glad that at 38 years old I have a fairly physical job and in my off time ride dirt bike which even good physical shape is exhausting lol

  • I think weight gain is related to lethargy and inactive lifestyle too much of unhealthy fast food and sugar or starch consumption regular exercise proper nutrition in diet and healthy lifestyle is must for you to remain healthy and happy

  • I’m certain my personal weight gain is due to alcohol abuse, I feel like I barely eat anything multiple days a week I’m walking 30K steps or more and not eating yet I don’t lose any weight ��

  • this is by far the stupidest buzzed video I’ve ever seen. “dieting” yourself into starvation does help you lose weight but not the kind of weight loss you want. make healthy eating and working out a lifestyle NOT a “diet”. I absolutely hate the word diet.

  • I’m too lazy to even go to get food sometimes,is that good? ������

    PS: Now I understand why I have to leave my house but sadly my thighs are fat:( but why is my tummy flat?

  • Also you’re the first person I’ve ever heard say if you didn’t like the video hit the thumbs down. I respect that a lot man keep it up!

  • Hlooooooooooooooooooooddddddddd up! Woh-woh female stop growing at 16, are chocolate fudge kidding me, I am all most 16, I am gonna be 16 in 2019….I need to grow more, I don’t want to be short

  • I think your age ranges with regards to activity are a bit off. I’ve never been more active than I am now and I’m way past your predictions of folks turning lazy.