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By practicing self-care, we give ourselves a chance to step away and breathe, thus avoiding burnout. Because, face it, it’s not just physical energy and stamina that are threatened by doing too much for too long; it’s also focus and mental acuity. Read about how one woman started prioritizing self-care in motherhood.

When we allow ourselves time to slow down, we are able to attend to our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Caring for all of these areas is vital to our well-being. Self-care simply implies we are making healthy life choices like eating nutritious food, getting enough rest, regular exercise and relaxation. Self-care involves cleaning and removing clutter within our four-roomed house. We house mental, emotional, and spiritual space within this body we are given.

Our skin is our largest sensory organ, housing this incredible innerness that. Self-care is a systematic approach to nourishing yourself as a human being in all areas of your life: mental, academic and artistic, physical, and spiritual. For years, I used self-indulgence as a miserly substitute for self-care.

My husband stayed late at work, so I’d eat an extra serving of Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream. Self care makes you more effective Similar to above, while preventing burnout, taking time away from tasks puts you in a better mindset to take on those chores that need to be tended to. When you take time for yourself and give your body the quality food, rest and activity that it needs, you will actually have more energy to meet the daily.

When we take better care of ourselves and our bodies we are saying that WE matter. That our health matters. When we neglect ourselves we can start to get run down from exhaustion which can often lead us to get sick.

Guy Winch Why we all need to practice emotional first aid We’ll go to the doctor when we feel flu-ish or a nagging pain. So why don’t we see a health professional when we feel emotional pain: guilt, loss, loneliness? Too many of us deal with common psychological-health issues on our own, says Guy Winch. But we don’t have to. Self-care is exactly what it sounds like: it’s the simple act of taking care of ourself.

Why this has become such a foreign concept to most of the world is kinda crazy! It is solely up to us to monitor to our current state and to make sure that state is as happy and healthy as possible. Self-care is a broad term that encompasses just about anything you to do be good to yourself.

In a nutshell, it’s about being as kind to yourself as you would be to others. It’s partly about knowing when your resources are running low, and stepping back to replenish them rather than letting them all drain away. Sometimes, all you need is a reminder of what you’ve achieved and who you’ve helped to brighten your spirits.

If you’re looking for more ways to practice self-care, here are ten more options you can do in ten minutes or fewer. When you regularly practice self-care, you’ll feel calmer, more centered, and better capable of guiding your.

List of related literature:

To somebody else, self-care could entail a completely different set of practices.

“The Refusal of Work: The Theory and Practice of Resistance to Work” by David Frayne
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We can also practice self-care so “perfectly” that it essentially backfires: we are stressed out from how much we attempt to care for ourselves.

“Fundamentals of Crisis Counseling” by Geri Miller
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to build up specific resources for adequate self-care.

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To engage in self-care, persons must have values and capabilities to learn (to know), to decide, and to manage self (to produce and regulate care).

“Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice” by Marlaine C Smith
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Effective self-care includes paying attention to the ways in which our needs for self-care can change over time, calling us to change course and create new strategies.

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Many self-care practices are handed down from generation to generation.

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Self-care requires forming new habits.

“The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur: 366 Daily Meditations to Feed Your Soul and Grow Your Business” by John Jantsch
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Self-care is giving ourselves a break from the many different kinds of hard work we do.

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What does self-care mean?

“Mending a Shattered Heart” by Stefanie Carnes
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There are multiple reasons for undertaking assessment of self-care.

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  • Lovely talk. This concept is greatly used in the East. I am blessed to have been introduced as a child through my yoga teacher. Yoga is not just an exercise regime. Yoga is a way of life, discover yourself.. Namaste annmaree ��

  • This is good, but from my experience eating healthy and avoiding comforting things like caffeine, sugar, and alcohol is a battle, much easier said than done. I think people eat unhealthy things because they’re stressed, they don’t cause stress per se but they’re not good for long term health and strength.

  • Hey Kati i love self care and your videos! Thank you so much! My issue is that  i feel like i always take everything to the max. Like i started out like yeah im gonna exercise everyday and eat super healthy and stay on top of all my work but then it just spirals out of control. Like now i have to exercise 2 hours every day and the list of foods that i can eat keeps shrinking and i dont know what to do, like how do i do something with out turning it into a wierd rule or obsession or whatever?

  • Love this! Completely agree with the idea self care shouldn’t have to be super glamorous I talk about it in my latest video on self care! ��✨

  • Yes! She’s talking about the different between pseudo spiritualism based on materialism and real connection and self care. Really great. I wish more people realized how terrible stress is for you, and that the basics nutrition, sleep, movement, stillness are so simple.

  • Thank you so much, concise and motivational, just what I needed to remind myself right now �� and the fact that she mentioned whole foods plant based diet: YES, yes yes ��

  • Wait, we can get medication from Canada through the mail? I’m surprised pharma hasn’t bought lobbyists to close this yet! Better get on this before they find out.

  • Yes! Love this. �� Self-care is my JAM! I coach a lot of clients through developing and prioritizing their self-care routines and the main thing I see is that the more drained, burnt out, anxious, tired, or depressed you are, the less energy you have to do the things that will make you feel better. Just like anything else, it gains momentum and can feel impossible to do what will help us feel better even if we WANT to. It’s important to remember that:

    A) It doesn’t have to be long and involved. It just has to be healthy.

    B) It doesn’t have to look like we’re told self-care looks. It just has to leave us feeling a bit better than when we started.

    C) There are plenty of options.

    We have to focus on doing the things that’ll help you move the needle even just a little bit.

  • She is so right about how just being outside makes you happy and helps with self care. Covid-19 and quarantining has definitely given everyone a new appreciation for the outdoors.

  • Love this! Balancing work, being a dad, being a husband is tough so self care gets pushed down the list. I did a video recently on how surfing has definitely help me with self care. Great content. ❤️❤️

  • Hi Kati! How do I try to fix a friendship with my friend. I have tried to help her in every way possible but she disregards the help. She doesn’t even try to get better. She does everything for attention just so she can get her parents attention. She fakes sick so she does not have to go to school so she can watch Netflix. I don’t know how to be her friend anymore. I told her that I think we need to but our friendship on hold. She is also running my friend group. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

  • Hi Kati! Love your channel! The healthcare field needs more of this! Lately, I’ve been playing my guitar, learning guitar riffs, dancing to funk music, and getting actual rest.

  • Well I always knew about the first one,I hate snooze alarm and people who do that are annoying especially when you have to wake up later than them but you end up being restless and tired like them because they don’t get at all that when you do that you feel much worse,just get up like a normal person ��

  • Now you can understand how much free health means. We, from sri lanka, have to fight for it to protect it from this filthy politicians those who are trying to make us pay for our own health…

  • As someone who has schizophrenia, I need to do all five things you have listed. I also like to do some kind of beauty regimen at everyday, eat mostly plant based during the week and a bed rest once a week.

  • My biggest self care is to get out of the house every day. I live by myself and as a phd student, most of my work can be done at home, but getting out makes me see other people, socialize and establish a healthy routine.

    If you can’t exercise or don’t like the idea of doing the same thing everyday (lile running or gym) what I try to do is be as active as possible during the entire day. Take public transportation, walk from place to place, take the stairs instead of the elevator, when at home, I always try to do something like cleaning the floor, doing the dishes, cooking, etc. This helps me feel more energetic and productive, since I also do a lot of things that would have to be done anyway and I only need a good pair of shoes to start.

    One thing that work for me as well is to not do everything you have to do outside your house in one go, so that you have to get out multiple times during the day.

  • YES!! I’ve used CanadaPharmacy for 10 years now. I get my Abilify and used to get Lamictal from them, it was the only way I could afford them when they were still brand new to the market. It’s STILL the only way I can afford the abilify. It’s a fantastic site and service, and I would recommend CanadaPharmacy to anyone and everyone who has to take expensive meds!

  • I find Wysa app very helpful. Writing down my feelings in it and using its meditations and mindfulness exercises help when I get stuck. When I feel down, anxious or hopeless it pulls me out. It’s not a replacement for therapy but it helps between the sessions.

  • I’ve gone through so much crap that I have mastered self-care techniques and now I treat myself with doing what makes me feel happy and loved, haha. My top favourites are hot baths and jazz music, writing, listening to and/or playing music, dance, friends, comedy TV.

  • I struggle a lot with skin picking, and it causes me so much anxiety and embarrassment. But now I have this evening routine where I every night when changing into my pajamas, I put body lotion on all the parts of my body where I pick my skin. I think it started out as me trying to make the marks go away quicker, but now it’s turned into a nice thing I do to myself every evening to calm down. I’ve also been trying to put lotions on parts of my body I hate because of my eating disorder, which is still quite hard, but I’m getting there. I have a bunch of different lotions I can choose from, maybe I want one with a specific smell, or I feel like I need something a little thicker and more moisturizing or maybe an oil. I’ve recommended incorporating this into their evening routine to many of my friends as well, some of them had said that it’s definitely a good way to let go of the stress from the day!

  • i have m s and glad to see your involved i have ptsd and looking for help.. i haven’t sleep well sence its been trigger beinga attacked at a walmart sat.. in my eletric scooter.. i have no family and most freind are dead or work full time..

  • I hate going to the gym… I know you’re supposed to exercise when you suffer from depression! But a) I don’t like the environment; b) It’s boring; all I ever do is count the minutes before I’m done. c) if you don’t go for a while the results are gone; it’s like a Sisyphus chore where you roll a boulder up a hill—only for it to roll back down again. d) Its sole purpose is to get healthier to be thin, to have a good body, but I have a fortunate body type so I can achieve that with my diet (protein, vegetables & ice cream ��), so why force myself to do something I hate? e) It doesn’t involve learning anything, becoming better at something. It doesn’t give me joy, it doesn’t stimulate me or make me a fuller person (to myself). [Geez, I can come up with a lot of reasons for not going to the gym, heh.]

    So, instead of the dastardly gym I try to find an activity that I might, where I’ll learn an actual skill, something that I’ll get better at—while becoming fit. Like horseback riding—I took lessons every week for ten years. Now, I was nine when I started so obviously it wasn’t for fitness reasons… But for my love for horses. (There is no lovelier animal, they’re magic.) Think you just sit on the horse doing nothing? Not English style, where you do dressage or jump. Where you want the horse to go ‘just so’—which they often don’t want…�� Or, with your not so stellar riding skills, have difficulty achieving.

    Dancing! I started taking classical ballet lessons in my 20s (when I was old enough to stop looking down on ballet as an activity; to us ‘horse girls’ skipping around in a tutu was about as bad as it got). And it was such hard work, more demanding physically than anything I’ve done, really. As a plus, I also found it very meditative! Ballroom is awesome as well. I took a course in all of them (cha-cha-cha, hello) and it was a gas. And salsa! Which has the huge plus of being something I’ll actually have a decent chance to use. At home, to disco music. Also, at clubs here in New York; Puerto Ricans. And it’s not that hard! (I thought.) It only has a few basic moves.�� Dude. Of course it has any number of moves, don’t be a buffoon. Great exercise; my legs in the beginning would just about buckle at the end of the class (1.5 hs); incourageingly though, already at the 3rd class I noticed a difference. Loved it; it got me out of the house, and it was a scheduled activity. Also, there are coupons. ��

  • Amen to self-care!!!!!!!!!! So important for our mental health! Check out my new Take Care Tuesday series!!! Love you channel Kati!

  • Oh cool!! I have insurance for my meds but my dog takes seizure meds, glaucoma drop and stuff for her ears. No insurance for that! And it costs a fortune!! I’m going to check that pharmacy out. Thanks Kati

    As for the other stuff, sleep is my problem which doesn’t help the depression. I can get to sleep using melatonin but I’m sorta addicted to YouTube on my phone. I keep saying well this video is in nine minute…and then I see another, what’s 15 more minutes when it’s already 2am? Okay just one last video. They don’t have 12 step programs for iPhone addiction!

  • Withdrawal from medication is real. I was in the hospital for a bit too long (in my opinion) and when I came I stopped having my medicine. That first day was awful, I felt horrible, really grumpy and moody and angry at the world. If I had taken my medication that probably wouldn’t have happened, so talk to your doc before stopping!

  • Self care is for people who aren’t overloaded in survival mode…. Care?
    Nobody cares. I can’t pay that much attention to ME anymore.
    I look forward to those times again. But I have been like a fucking mouse on a wheel. And there is an evil group of scientists and students not allowing me to stop.
    I’m escaping finally. I am so angry. I do know time and action will make it better. I have no where to live. It’s fucked.

  • thx for this ha bisky vid and when did canada being able to sell drugs to americans become legal

    i know people have been illegally buying drugs from canada for years but legally this is new i even thought it got struct down in the obamacare bill to do this (i thought it was only some states that made this legal and that the federal government part of things were pissed about it)

  • This really doesn’t have anything to do with this video but it’s your latest one so I was hoping for some advice. I was married for 15 years. I found out that my husband was cheating on me. This was so traumatizing for me because I trusted him with everything in me. Then we go thru a rough divorce which was also very traumatizing. Well now that I’m trying to date again, and I had 2 bad relationships with them because they took advantage of my feelings, broke promises, and just never made me feel loved like my ex husband did in the beginning of our relationship when I had no doubt that he loved me. And it’s just messing with my relationships because I can’t trust and I question everything. I drive them away. I also have depression which doesn’t help either but all this gets in the way of me being who I was before my husband cheated on me when it was easier to trust. I just can’t be comfortable like I used to be. I know I’m broken. How can I get back like I used to be and just relax and have a good time and not over think every little thing? And I also know my depression has gotten worse. So any advice on what I can do?

  • I like to get together with friends on Tuesday nights to play d&d. It helps me to relax and be creative and yes even get a few laughs. Unfortunately I’m also living with my mother right now and she has 0 understanding to how important my nights with my friends are to me

  • Hey Kati, how do we get used to taking care of ourselves and our dreams even when that level of security just didnt feel acceptable or nurtured but rather destroyed in the family. I hope that makes sense but it can feel uncomofrtable and perhaps dangerous, rather than what it should b freeing and comforting….. I guess unhealthy individuals are frightened of that state and dont want you to feel that? Let me know if you have an opinion. Im trying to let myself know that it is safe even if it wasnt in the past, Im okay now, and that it is possible even if its not reflected or seen as a stable way of living. Thanks Kati xx

  • Thank you for your videos. They are extremely helpful. I suffer from PTSD, TBI and I also am about a year away from getting my masters in mft, and your videos help me understand the subjects when the books are too confusing.

  • I always make sure to take my meds at the same time. But I’m just getting a refill on my meds and it’s been 3 days almost 4 since I haven’t taken them and withdrawals is always the thing I worry about. I just need to get back on track with my meds!

  • I have a sneaky way of self care. I reward myself 25 cents for everything I do that I consider taking care of myselfjournaling, a face mask, a relaxing bath, reading (took me a long time to get back into that habit), exercise, etc. Then I get to trade that money in for something fun like a pedicure, some makeup. etc. Its like double rewarding myself.
    I love looking up journal topics to write about and have found so many cool blogs about journal pots

    I love finding a great book to read and recently got my library card. Im rereading the Harry Potter Series. I’ll go places sometimes and get a glass of wine or a coffee and sit and read. I’ve given myself permission to waste a day off reading.

    I do love me a good sheet mask. Especially since its been hot and my face is dehydrated. I look like a mummy but it feels nice.

    I try to meditate in the morning when I can, but don’t get mad at myself if I don’t. I love the guided meditations. There are apps you can pay for but also great free podcasts.

    Are these things fail proof? No, of course not. I still have my not so great days and in the moment I can still notice that I’m overreacting. However, its like making sure there is a decent plug in my boat that there is as little water in it as possiblethat way when a drizzle or a storm does happen, I am better equipped and can take care of it much better than I could have had the plug not been there.

  • What if you can’t afford to go to a doctor/therapist/other health professional? Even the sliding-scale places near me don’t have rates I can afford. I’d love to be in therapy right now, but until I find a full-time job that offers me insurance, it’s impossible.

    Basically, things are pretty rough in the US for people whose incomes aren’t low enough for Medicaid or high enough for a marketplace insurance plan (even with the tax credits). I’m scared of how much worse it might get if Trump finally has his way with the ACA.

  • One of the self care things I like is allowing yourself to be a little self indulgent sometimes. Sit down with a movie and give yourself a mani pedi! Sit outside while drinking a cup of coffee or tea! take a hot bath and use one of those face masks that you can get from Walgreens 4 for a dollar! Reread a guilty pleasure book (for me its twilight)! sometimes when i get down on myself i dont think to do nice little things for myself like that and it can help, even if only a little

  • I moved to the United Arab Emirates to teach second grade and so I haven’t been able to see a therapist for the past year. Your videos have helped so much! Thank you!

  • I’ve recently been learning more and more about the importance of self care. Thanks for this vid! Could you do a video on ADHD in women/girls and how the symptoms manifest differently than in guys leading to misdiagnosis or diagnosis of women not occurring til adulthood?

  • Hey Kati, I have a question…. I’m seeing a councillor at the local hospital following a sexual assault a few weeks back. ( this is the second time but diff person and I was younger the first time) we can see them for up to six months then find a therapist from there if we feel we need it. I think over my childhood I was conditioned by teachers and family to not cry or show emotion publicly. Do you think that the councillor will feel like I’m fine and wrap up doing sessions before I’m actually okay? I feel like in a month she will just say I’m okay and that will be the end:/

  • Biggest motivation for self-care is that you cannot give away what you do not have. Even just a simple, warm, & genuine smile to a stranger-especially an elderly one, who rarely get attention-can make someone’s day.

  • My shrink has a horrible receptionist that just tells you no for everything. No appointment no refills no messages, no no no. I was without meds for 4 months. Finally, since no one else was taking new patients I ended up with a liaison with my insurance company call and bitching them out. The office manager called and told me it’s actually pretty easy to get an appointment there. I’m like no. But ok. She seemed intimidated and gave me not only the shrink’s cell but her own cell haha. She was not the stupid receptionist, she was another lady. When I saw the doc, he gave me a year of one med and 6 months of another med. helps TREMENDOUSLY to not have to go back every month or two. When I have to go back next yr, if I call and get the dumbass, I’m hanging up

  • Katie can you do a video on helping aged parents.My parents are in their 80s and have various health issues.My Mum has told me that she is now 40 kilos! I know you are good with eating disorders but how on earth do I get my 82 year old Mum to eat! She is very stubborn and being the family Matriarch is used to giving the orders and not good at listening to advice from her children (she continually changes the topic if she doesnt like it and talks over the top of you!).My brother and I are worried.Mum has always worn layers of clothes so she hid her current weight loss by layering up.I want to help her but in a way that will still maintain her dignity and autonomy as she is very independent.Hope you can help.Thanks.

  • I am just beginning the fifth week of a new medication and I am finally feeling like myself again. This past year my anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia had gotten so bad that I didnt think that I would ever get better or be able to function as a part of society like I once had.
    I was so bad that self care to me was getting into the shower more than once a week or changing my clothes or brushing my teeth. Basic personal hygiene was all I could do. So when I started to feel better thats where I started. This might sound stupid to some people but I feel like a daily personal hygiene routine is so beneficial and can be the basis of a daily self care routine. Along with that I have also started to work on a night time routine. Insomnia is something that I also struggle with and it made me feel even more isolated as I would be up all night alone and then nap during the day out of sheer exhaustion. Im still not sleeping through the night but Im doing a whole lot better and getting between 4-6 hours of continuous sleep, which is huge for me!! every day I feel better and more like myself. Starting cbt in a week and fingers crossed I keep improving.

  • Amazing Plan You Should Add This List Of Self Care Activites https://www.calmsage.com/best-self-care-activity-ideas-for-mental-health/

  • Some of my personal favourite self care activities:
    1. Spending time with my dog! I especially like to take him for a walk because I also get to enjoy the exercise and fresh air.
    2. Listening to music! I try to listen to happy and inspiring music regularly to keep my mind focused on positive thoughts. Some music can also help calm me down if I’m feeling anxious or stressed.
    3. Dancing! My favourite time to dance is when I’m at home in my pajamas. It doesn’t matter if I’m dancing alone or having an impromptu silly dance party with a friend.
    4. Doing yoga! It helps me to breathe better, take control of my thoughts, and gets my body moving. I never thought I would be someone who does yoga daily, but giving it a try was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
    5. Reading or watching things which make me feel happy, calm, and loved! I try to keep things like this bookmarked on my phone or laptop so that I can easily find them when I need them. It’s like my personalised self-care package. It includes things such as vlogs, music videos, poems, bible verses, ASMR videos, inspiring true stories, and pictures of puppies.
    6. Spending time with my friends! Shared laughter lasts longer. Shared burdens feel lighter. Even if I can’t hang out with a friend right away, organising a date to see them gives me something great to look forward to.
    That’s just a few of the activities which I’ve found work for me! Thanks for the video, Kati!

  • Hi Kati,

    My grandfather passed away on Thursday, so I’m still grieving his death. The thing is, though, that I am working on getting my certification to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), which requires me to do clinicals, and there’s a resident at my clinical facility that his mannerisms remind me of my grandfather, which triggers the grief and makes it harder. I can’t refuse to care for him and my instructor already hates me; I have my last clinical on Friday, and I was wondering if you had any tips on dealing with this without refusing to care for the resident.

    Thank you so much for all you do! You are amazing!

  • I was just recently discharged from the hospital for a dvt and pulmonary embolism. Do you have any tips on processing everything that’s been going on? And what I should be aware of or looking for as a sign that I need to talk to someone? It’s just crazy to think that I could have died! The doctors always explain what goes on physically, but nothing about what goes on mentally and emotionally!

  • Hey Kati, I have a bit of a serious question that I would have asked maybe a year ago. I truly feel like I am depressed, but don’t know for sure. How can I tell if it’s really depression? Like I said I would have asked this question some time last year, when I wasn’t sure. To be honest, at this point, I’m completely sure what I’m going through is depression. As of the date this comment was posted, I have been struggling for two years. I love watching your videos and learning more about psychology, but sometimes when I watch the videos about depression I think about how messed up my life is, and feel like crying. I hold on desperately to my social life because when I am around friends I can take my mind off of this problem for a bit. I’m scared that this will continue into college and make it harder to focus. How do I get help when I’m afraid of even letting my parents know about this?

  • my favorite is journaling. not just about the negatives nut the positives so I can see how ny mood has generally been over time. I’ve kind of fallen off, but I’ll use this as motivation to start back up again.

  • My only hope is that they’re not inflating the generic prices for y’all. Kudos for finding a company that’s starting to offer this, Kati! I have family in the USA, and I worry about cost: 3 pills of 6 of the generic were three times the price. I’ll share your link to those I know in the USA, so you hopefully get kickback.

  • Hay Kati! I have previously suffered from depression, I got an amazing therapist that showed me how I could control it. After figuring that out, I started to realize that “negative” emotions are just as important as “positive” ones, depression and sadnesses became things I would make myself feel when I needed to be calm, inspired, or focused. Although I have this appreciation for depression, I’m still confused about a few things. If you could help that would be amazing!!!

    1. Is this kind of control, healthy for people to do?

    2. Is it weird to want to feel sad or depressed sometimes?

    3. How can I grow as a person when I don’t know if I can grow, anymore, emotionally?

  • loving your videos! I was wondering; I have been experiencing something that I have seen online called derealization/depersonalization? Is this an actual thing and if it is, what is the cause? Thanks!

  • Hi I hope you are doing well. I am adopted and I am connected with an important woman figure in my life. I am definitely not an affectionate person but I am finding that I want that affection from this woman who is willing to do so but I back away from it when she tries to go for it. I am unsure how to let myself be open to it even when though I am truly wanting it.

  • Hi, I was wondering if i could use this video as an example of self care for a program im running for victims of domestic abuse? thanks

  • I am a stay at home mom so self care isn’t my best subject but I really really enjoy taking a quiet hot shower while my husband takes care of kids house etc. also I don’t know if this would be considered self care but date nights and hanging out in bed talking to my husband bring me joy.

  • My self-care routine is owning, loving, and training my two dogs. The adventures we go on, the daily routines we have to meet their needs, and the goals we accomplish together through dog sports is why I have been so steady for the past 3 years. I still have ups and downs and get stressed out, but overall, my mood and activity levels are so much more predictable. Also, I’ve made amazing new friends through my dogs and have a whole new side career. My dogs changed my life!

  • Self care is way more important than we realize. When we fail in this area, it really leads to burnout. Thanks for the reminder to check in with ourselves and make sure all our needs are being met. So often, we put ourselves last and neglect even important aspects of our own mental snd physical care. Have an amazing weekend, everyone! ♥️

  • Hello, I know that it might be selfish if I talk about me, but my therapist has been in the hospital.
    She says that my subconcious is dominant and not easy to reprogram or something.
    I have GAD and after a life crisis I just fell down and that anxiety just dissappeared, but now I don’t feel anything at all, I don’t care about college, or friends or even family.

    I’ve been trying to “care”, but the few moments I feel something, the only things I feel are anger, frustration and the idea that I am so complicated that it’s better for the everybody if I’m always alone.
    All the time I know that it’s just like a “mental training” and I have to just chill and keep moving forward. But it kinda worries me that I don’t even care about me feeling better. As if I have given up on feeling happy again.

    You are not my therapist, but at this point, any hand that can help me “care about myself” is good help.

    Thank you.

  • you’re actually the only youtuber i have notifications on! (and i’m subscribed to a lot) your content is that important to me. keep up the very awesome good work:)

  • Hi, Kati. I have been to psychology before over the summer, but I quit do to uncomfortableness. I know, it wasn’t a good choice but I felt 10 times worse going out than going in. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I watched your video recently about BPD, just out of curiosity because I had no idea what it was, and I found that I fit 5+ of the signs you described. So I started watching more videos and researching it more and more and I feel like it really describes how I am/how I feel. I struggle with being abandoned a lot. I had 2 “best friends” who were kind of emotionally abusive, caused me pain and drama, and always made me feel it was my fault. So now I constantly feel like everything’s my fault. I don’t realize that I do this, until after I am out of the deep darkness of my mind which isn’t often. Sorry it’s kinda hard to explain. And my current best friend says that I do that too. She says I overreact and gets mad when I say sorry a lot. Both of which I have saw are symptoms of bpd. There was also some other things that happened when I was younger to make me feel this way. But the two friends led me to self harming and believing that I was total garbage. They wouldn’t call me for weeks, until they needed something. Now, I usually make one great friend at the beginning of each school year. I repeat the same thing. Either I push them away leave or I leave them. I’m really tired of it. I decided I’m going to go back and get help. Should I mention this to my new therapist? Or does that seem like I’m self diagnosing? Also do you have any tips about staying in therapy? I would feel more comfortable in therapy if I had a woman, but my area only has men so I usually end up leaving. Love your videos!

  • Body and mind have to work inn symbiosis when one isn’t functioning properly the other will be suffering
    Physical activities
    Mindful living
    Life long learning

  • I find inspiration from the weirdest places sometimes. Like a recent video by a professional physicist about a “Boltzmann Brain” apparently, it is statistically more likely for energy/matter to have spontaneously formed into an intelligent thinking brain out of nowhere (with false memories) somewhere in the universe, than the existence of our brains via the process of Billions of years of evolution from the initial conditions of the Big Bang. So if something is statistically most likely, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • I cringed at this video because I am lacking on points 1,3, and 4 and I know I need to change I just kinda keep pushing it all off:/

  • the concept of “”earthing”” and the health benefits of doing such practice is something Indigenous Peoples have always known and done… They do not call it earthing.

  • Hey Kati… in previous videos, you have talked about various mental health problems/symptoms being the silent scream of some other problem. That these people have “gone through so much”. I know this is true for one of my friends who has a particularly traumatic past… but what if you don’t have a traumatic past, and yet you still seem to be silently screaming? What about if you haven’t “gone through so much”? What happens then? I know some therapists dig for some sort of trigger but what if there really doesn’t seem to be one? Is that possible? And if there doesn’t seem to be a reason, what would therapy even work on?

  • At 3:12, he told us about HALT which s useful. If one is hungry, one should eat. I guess if lonely, I can call/text someone but may not get an answer until much later (the next day). If I’m tired, rest. But what can one do if one is angry?

  • Yup true that self love & care is the best thing oneself can do to their self i enjoy myself company and discovery & wonder why people fears loneliness. Eww self haters exist please.

  • Hi, I recently started watching your videos and I noticed that you had a formula where you answered questions from different social media on different days… I’m not sure if you do it like that anymore though? Anyway, I had a question… I’m sorry if it is triggering maybe? Remove the comment in that case.

    I have had thoughts about self harm and bulimia, and I feel like the main thing that has stopped me from starting on one of those paths (or both) is the stigma around it. Like I don’t want to be “that person” that self harms.
    And I feel bad about thinking this way. Like I’m adding to the stigma, or at least embracing it sort of, and that is bad, but at the same time, hasn’t the stigma helped me? And if so, how do we break down the stigma without ruining this kind of safety-net-effect-thing it has for me? (I am assuming it has the same effect for others too, if it was just me I guess it would be an ok trade off:p)

  • Chronic fatigue and stress are the most overlooked symptoms of dysfunctional health. This is especially relevant when you are trying to cope with bullies, narcissists and covert racism.

  • About tip 3something I see that I need a vacation, and it’s can be helpful, but for the long term it’s can make things worse (I’m a highschool student). What do you thing I should do?

  • …we must all make each other happy, show compassion, empathy, remorse, understanding, love, guidance… Otherways…just run from the motherfuckers, it’s waste of time.��‍♂️

  • If people are happy, other people think they are ‘on something’!! It’s turbulent times, people are suffering. Floods, fires earthquakes, rumours of wars and we all know, it will take wisdom to survive.
    Self care is finding out what works, I like swimming, walking, exercise, you tube, music and affirmations. I am uplifted in my spirit, when I am aware, love and care, trust, believe, rest and be present. Happiness may be fleeting, circumstantial, a goal attained, a special moment, sometimes people catch it from others. I like to bring my mood up to encourage others around me. I try to be positive each day, thankful, patient and content, that gets me through!

  • 1. Make an appointment to see your health care professionals
    2. Find an exercise program you enjoy (physical excerise you personally enjoy) (30min a day 3-4x a week)
    3. Learn to say “no” more often
    4. Get enough sleep and get on a schedule
    5. Take your medication

  • Awww self learn to cook good healthy meals take care in the future with people mental suffer as teen it until it been very difficult time for me

  • The power nap in the middle of the day does wonders! When I worked in food processing I found an unused room on the upper floor of the building that looked like it used to be a Janitor’s storage unit and made it my own by sneaking in a small couch in there. for two years I went undetected and I looked forward to that time everyday.

  • For God so loved the world that is you and me, that he sent his son that who so ever that is you and me, to believe in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life.for God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved.thank you Father for your great love in Jesus name.amen.

  • So true! If you can’t take care of yourself, how do you expect to care to your loved ones? These to people who neglect themselves, to take care, other people in their lives.

  • Hello Kati and kinions! I would like to share with you that there is a free course in the Edx platform called The Science of Happiness. It is really interesting. I found it recently and I’m learning a lot. Thanks.

  • Become SELF CAREFREE:HEALTHFUL for LONG LIFE”. Aim high!!!
    Moderation is GOOD ENOUGH. GOOD ENOUGH”! Be SATISFIED& CALM!!!����������

  • Great video!! Many of these tips are activities few people think about or are counterintuitive, like not hitting snooze. The world needed this. ��

  • Taking care of yourself is mandatory eat well exercise do things than relax you and remember taking care of you prolongs your existence…

  • I have to have self care because every thing I do is helping others. I can’t live without my alone time to watch Brainy Dose. ��

    But my mom calls and threatens I will be sorry if I don’t do what she want. She has Alzheimer’s and is so exhausting. She called and said my stepfather was being mean to her. Usually she is mean to him. This is what happens when you become parents to your parents.

    I love learning things. I love learning new languages, kayaking, music, play guitar and am learning to play the piano and read music. I also love writing and reading. All of this is just for me, except the writing part. I want to be a paid, published author. I finally got paid $14! It’s a start.

    Lastly I have a small goal of amending the US constitution and I volunteer a lot. With that I’m part of wolf-Pac.com.

  • All the stressful things that pop up day to day are impossible to anticipate. And usually it’s the ones that will throw you the worst, that you will never see coming or predict. Like a death in the family, for example.

  • Excellent advice!

    I have been meditating for almost a year now and have found this to be a way of self caring the mind, body and soul. I feel everyone in the world should do this as it really does calm down the nervous system.:)

    Check out The Mindful Movement channel, it’s great!:)

  • Is it normal for you to feel like you are spilling your guts to your therapist and it feels like a big deal to you but your therapist doesnt seem to have react too much? Could they just be listening to process?

  • My teacher posted an assignment about this called “Take A Break Tuesday”. I’m not 100% sure it was an actual break. I kinda hate that ngl. What was I supposed to do, not listen to what it was called or some other complete BS?

    Ain’t no get out of jail free card!
    So to the person scrolling the comments, I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY!! ����

  • Thanks for sharing this most incredible info… it is so important for people. Making plans for self care personally, for the family and work so important.

  • What you’re talking about is essentially a biblical concept. God created us to rest every 7th day because our body needs to recharge physically, spiritually, and mentally. It’s our modern life that ditched order and so we are feeling the consequence of that. Great video by the way!