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Why Aren’t Women Speaking Up About Postpartum Depression? You had postpartum depression after a previous pregnancy. You have family members who’ve had depression or other mood disorders (family history). You’ve experienced stressful events during the past year, such as pregnancy complications, illness or job loss. Why Aren’t Women Speaking Up About Postpartum Depression?

By Vera Sizensky. Created: 11/14/2018. Last Updated: 02/21/2020. If only seeking medical care for postpartum depression (PPD) were as straightforward as seeking medical care for a sinus infection.

If you feel at all uncomfortable speaking up about what you are feelin. At first, baby blues might be blamed for the postpartum depression (PPD) symptoms that crop up about a week to a month after nearly 15 percent of births. But postpartum depression is a mood disorder that can last much longer and can interfere with a woman’s capability to care for herself or her family. We don’t speak up about postpartum depression because society has led us to believe that having a mental illness is our fault.

Admitting to it is admitting that we were one of the weak ones who fell susceptible to the curse that is postpartum depression. One thing that so many of them had in common was the fact that they stayed silent for so much longer than they should have. And there are so many more than 9 reasons why these women chose not to speak up about what they were feeling Here is a list of over 50 reasons why mothers don’t speak up about postpartum depression. But some women, up to 1 in 7, experience a much more serious mood disorder — postpartum depression. (Postpartum psychosis, a condition that may involve psychotic symptoms like delusions or hallucinations, is a different disorder and is very rare.) Unlike. Common themes I hear are that moms who suffer from postpartum depression worry that this is a “failure” that is predictive of several further parenting failures in the future.

Or that, since they endured such horrific depression this time, they might as well give up hope of ever having a second child for fear of having a similar experience. So when women like Drew, like Gwyneth, like Hayden, like Marie Osmond, and Brooke Shields speak out on their experiences with postpartum depression, it gives me hope. Why a new mom would want to keep her postpartum depression a secret is entirely up to her, and is a decision probably made for a variety of reasons.

Viewers were left emotional following last night’s episode of E4’s Supernanny USA after Jo Frost encouraged mother-of-four Maria to open up about her postpartum depression.

List of related literature:

Women who are more susceptible to postpartum depression include those women who suffer from depression, have experienced postpartum depression in a previous pregnancy, have severe PMS or PMDD, and/or are experiencing other stressors in their family, marriage, or life at the time of the birth.

“New Dimensions In Women's Health” by Linda Alexander, Judith LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
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women and their health care providers mistakenly believe that even serious mood symptoms are normal postpartum reactions, and many women may be afraid or embarrassed to disclose that they are suffering from depression.

“Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of General Hospital Psychiatry E-Book” by Theodore A. Stern, Gregory L. Fricchione, Jerrold F. Rosenbaum
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No one knows exactly what causes postpartum depression, but women who have faced depression before are more vulnerable to it.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
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It’s been suggested that women be assessed to determine if they are possible candidates for postpartum depression.

“HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition: The Natural Approach to Safer, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing The Mongan Method, 4th Edition” by Marie Mongan
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However, because of the timing of postpartum depression, the possible role of reproductive hormones, and the special significance that many women and clinicians attach to depression during the postpartum period, specific treatments for postpartum depression have been developed.

“Postpartum Depression and Child Development” by Lynne Murray, Peter J. Cooper
from Postpartum Depression and Child Development
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According to recent estimates, women with postpartum psychiatric disorders have an over 80-fold increased risk of violent death and are about 290 times more likely to commit suicide in the first year postpartum compared to mothers without mental disorders.

“Oxford Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology” by Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, William Ledger, Stergios Doumouchtsis, Lynette Denny
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Although the postpartum blues are usually mild and shortlived, approximately 10% to 15% of women experience a more severe syndrome termed postpartum depression (PPD).

“Maternity and Women's Health Care E-Book” by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, Mary Catherine Cashion, Kathryn Rhodes Alden
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Many women without a history of mental health issues also experience postpartum depression.

“Psychiatric Nursing eBook” by Norman L. Keltner, Debbie Steele
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Some women may be vulnerable to depression during the time when they experience hormonal change; this would account for the link between premenstrual syndrome and postpartum depression history and depression during the menopausal transition.

“Women's Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing” by Catherine Ingram Fogel, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Nancy Fugate Woods, PhD, RN, FAAN
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Women vulnerable to depression prior to delivery tend to have depressions that extend into the postpartum period.

“Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual, Second Edition: PDM-2” by Vittorio Lingiardi, Nancy McWilliams
from Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual, Second Edition: PDM-2
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    You spread that legs like an eagle hungry for freedom. Sperm and egg met. You and Him got no savings, does not even have money enough for babies first month alive. Now you worry about everything financial problems. Now you are sad and missing the life with freedom. Now you are depressed because everything negative came crushing down on you. and where did it all start? It started with the sex. Why it escalated to depression? because you are poor.

  • I’m 2 months pregnant and stopped anxiety med…After a month of stopping med I started feel fatigue it it remains every day..can it be coz of skipping med… I m helpless

  • My mother had mild post partum depression but she never really got help for it and already she had mental health do to past abuse that she suffered like anxiety and ciggeret smoking addiction but it got worse over time and got together with the wrong people so ended up raising us really bad like abuse and neglect and stuff but not all people with mental disorders will abuse people just there risk that if they do have untreated mental health problems it makes it more likely that they will

  • I am certain I was left with un-diagnosed PP depression when i was a teen mom. It lasted for years because of the EX husbands toxic family inability to recognize what was happening and made the situation worse from Extreme lack of support. In the end after 4 years of trying (and failing) to be a mother, I lost my son in divorce from the abusive ex, because the EX fam was able to support him where mine was not able too. Even though i have 30% custody rights, because of the lack of care for myself and my son due to PP Depression, they continue to this day deny my rights of seeing him. PP depression can be disastrous if left untreated.

  • Dr Marks
    My wife I believe had this looking forward to part two. By the way I’m familiar with Lamictal. Also not interested in antipsychotics list but thank you for your help i’m already a zombie ��‍♂️. General repair

  • “relaxing mama prenatal” by secretsoftea a natural cure to get over postpartum depression, this an herbal tea for moms struggling with postpartum depression. Having a cup before meal is the trick to overcome the symptoms.

  • I went through postpartum depression and I was finally able to make a video about my symptoms and my experience with it. It’s hard but we can over come it!! ❤️

  • Dr. Marks, thank you SO MUCH for this video. There really has to be more discussion about post partum depression as it is so debilitating and can have such dire consequences for the mother, the baby and the family as a whole. I was hospitalized with post partum depression with my second child. I consider myself lucky to be alive. Support for the mother and baby is so important, and is something I missed out on. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.

  • My son is already 2 years and a half but I still experienced this kind of thing. I feel I’m not good enough, and not a good mother to my son. I’m sorry baby, I’ll make it up to you. Mama loves you so much. I keep on fighting just to make this go away but it keeps on and on everyday. My son is already affected with my behavior and I don’t want to keep it that way. God please help me!

  • I developed postpartum depression after both pregnancies. Both of my children went on to later be diagnosed with autism. I, myself, was also diagnosed with autism and bipolar 1. I’m not sure if the bipolar came before or after my pregnancies but I did not experience my first apparent mania until years after giving birth. What you described about the more subtle effects of PPD is spot on. Another thing I learned is that OCD-like intrusive thoughts are a common symptom of PPD. Eight years after the birth of my first son, I still feel guilty and ashamed for some of my thoughts during that time. I also did not know to seek help the first time and my son and I suffered greatly because of it. He was a difficult newborn and he cried all of the time. He was diagnosed with severe reflux which exacerbated his crying which in turn, made my intrusive thoughts worse. I am now in treatment but suffice it to say, his and my relationship has taken years to rebuild due to the damage of untreated postpartum depression.

  • when I had my daughter a year-and-a-half ago, I thought I was having baby blues but after watching this video I realized that baby blues don’t last longer than 10 days so I most definitely had postpartum depression. I felt like I didn’t or couldn’t feel love for her until she was six months. Before that it just felt like work that I wasn’t sure I should have signed up for. Thanks for the informative video. ��

  • My mom has this. It’s my fault. All my fault. If I were never born she would be fine. Should I kill myself? Would that make her depression go away?

  • My wife was cured of postpartum depression. My wife Maya was a 32-year-old fit, vibrant lawyer. we been married for more than five years and was expecting our first child, a baby boy. She had a history of depression and generalised anxiety disorder. She was doing well with a combination of medication and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for many years. Maya had decided in the months leading up to getting pregnant that she wanted to be off medication and worked with her psychiatrist to carefully get off medication. She continued weekly therapy. She was mostly active, upbeat and cheerful during her pregnancy. She gave birth to a healthy 7.3-pound baby boy. After the delivery, she started to feel sad, overwhelmed and consistently tearful. She frequently felt irritable and on edge. This feeling persisted for the first 10 weeks after the baby was born. My wife felt utterly incapable of soothing our baby and get frustrated and tearful. She was so afraid of what she had learned about sudden infant death (SIDS), that she would barely allow herself to sleep. She felt that it was a constant race against the clock—with nursing, pumping and changing. She was always cleaning bottles and diapers. She felt horrified with how she looked. She had expected to wear pre-pregnancy clothes immediately after childbirth. She hadn’t had a meal in peace or gotten her hair or nails done and couldn’t even think about having sex. My wife’s psychiatrist said she could’t control Maya’s mental state. They talked about a variety of tools, including CBT, incorporating 15-20 minutes of daily relaxation, mindfulness skills, hiring help, getting her Mom to stay with her for a few weeks and other support. I understood the urgency of the situation and offered to take time off work and to do some of the overnight feedings. Nor of this could work as she get more worried. She always feel tearful and felt she was a “failure as a Mom.” our baby cry incessantly and she could barely get sleep. Our baby also had high level of bilirubin and had a bit of neonatal jaundice and she blamed herself for it. After being monitored in the NICU, he was sent home. postpartum depression got my wife frustrated until we got to do some search is there could be a permanent way to cure it and found a testimony of a lady cured by Dr odia, After being monitored in the NICU, We decide to contact the Herbalist for a cure. All our pains and sorrows turn to joy and history from the day we came in contact with Dr Odia, Who really help with his herbal herbs, I WAS TOLD HE IS A HERBALS AND HE CAN BE OF HELP, We gave him a try and it really worked for my wife, if anyone having same issue you can reach him via: ( Dr Odia Herbalist Home) on Facebook or via( [email protected]) He will help get your heart desire granted.

  • I think this is just a chemical imbalance because I went through the same. overwhelming stress and anxiety postpartum and exaggerated thoughts lead me to insomnia that lasted for about four months, an organic formula “relaxing mama tea” secrets of tea did help me getting out of that agony.

  • Hi! I experienced post partpum OCD and was never told anything about it and it left me paralyzed with fear. I also had thyroid cancer and had two thyriodectomies within 3 months of having my newborn. I think a lot of it had to do with my thyroid issues. Thanks for the video:)

  • I would like to asked you one more question. I recently saw my psychiatrist am on 5mg lexapro i dont suffer from panic attack i use to around three years ago. I have generalized anxiety and depression. Shes leaving me at 5mg for 3 months. I notice a difference in little things. I know the therapeutic dose it 10mg. I have days where i feel anxious and kinda depress like two days. Would i increase? Should i asked for an increase or wait? I also work out everyday and kinda eat healthy. Would you consider depression resistant even tho, i had suicidal ideation in the past and i was able to get better natural by working out and eating healthy. Now i just nervous about a lot of things an go overthings a lot i know its anxiety. But just want lexapro to work.

  • Dr. Marks, I wish every depressed new mom could hear and believe what you said between 5:39 and 6:07. It would have been so helpful for me when I was depressed.

  • Would you consider talking about the lesser-known post-partum OCD and/or psychosis? I’d be interested to hear about those; I know someone who had intrusive thoughts of hurting her new baby and, despite the fact that she would not have done so, felt like a risk to her own child and started obsessively hiding knives and other sharp things.

  • I’m super depressed right now:( I feel so down, anxious and overwhelmed. I have good days and bad days. I definitely think getting out helps a lot, but when it’s freezing outside and you want to be outside that makes it even more depressing. I feel so cooped up and I want to scream! ����

  • I had my daughter in October, and since the moment the nurse took her away from me I don’t know I haven’t been happy like I should. I cry constantly. Always in fact. My partner the father I don’t know if it’s a sickness that makes me distrust him or what but I’m partial to loving him too much and then not trusting him at all and I just don’t know what’s apart of this hysteria or not anymore. I now suffer with post baby weight to fasting to crying over her father not loving my body or at least I don’t think he does.. I am at a loss. I absolutely can’t help but to drown in this

  • the exact causes of portpartum is unknown. because women wont talk straight to the point. lol.

    when you feel you are starting to get sad, figure out why. do you miss friends? miss the freedom? want to try something. instead of sulking, and subtly asking for TLC.

  • Post natal depression is fake end of it’s an excuse for phsycopathic women to attempt to kill their children and get away with it and if you want to argue against it dont bother my own mum attempted to kill me as a baby twice but pulled out from doing it and shes been telling me since I was 14 years old that I was unwanted and she tried to kill me twice but also said she loves me now so that’s all that matters and the past is the past but its played on my mind ever since I dont know I’m 20 years old and it’s broken me apart from almost all my family for various reason and this is my first time telling this to anyone so if you think you want to come over and argue just dont

  • ”Relaxing Mama Prenatal and Postnatal Tea” of secretsoftea.com, Seems to help with my anxiety and depression. I suffered from insomnia though. I have noticed it helping with my sleep too. This was the first bottle of relaxing mama tea which I have ordered and tried. I liked it enough to order a second bottle. You have to try once.

  • I was diagnosed with MDD and mood swings in 2015 after having a major mental breakdown. I was almost 18 years old. My depression would fluctuate throughout the years. I struggled with years of treatment. I tried 3 different antidepressants when i could afford the visits to the doctor. I knew i was getting depressed again when i pregnant. Maybe all the hormones. Idk. But i had my baby last july by c section and it was the hardest thing ive ever went through. I would cry all the time. I didnt know what i was doing. Finally i went back to get on something. And the medicine helps. I actually feel closer to my baby boy and i dont really cry and shut out the world as bad as i use to. Im less irritable. Im less mean.


    postpartum depressed given money:
    Can afford baby sitters with money.
    Have freedom if you have baby sitter.
    No worries if you know you got you and baby’s future is covered.
    Can afford meds with money.

  • I have been a victim to PPD for the first fortnight after giving birth, bouts of anxiety were so unbearable but ever since I started drinking “relaxing mama tea” by maternitytea.com the symptoms are fading out. healing from the darkest phase of my life.

  • I had Post Part depression with my first child, it is very real. Luckily I didn’t get it too much with my second baby <3 but now my son is three and half and I still feel guilty for feeling the way I felt back then:(

  • This whole pregnancy was stressful. First, three years ago, I miscarried. Then we needed a infertility specialist because I was not ovulating one my left side as well as my right… We tried for three months and nothing happened. So my husband and I decided to take a break from the infertility and go back to trying naturally just using letrozole to help me ovulate. Two weeks later, we were out a dinner, and I thought I was dying from food poisoning. My husband had taken me to the hospital and we found out that I was pregnant. From that point on, up until 6 months, I was walking on egg shells because I was afraid I was going to miscarry like the last time… I didn’t and found out I was having a healthy boy. I also became depressed during pregnancy because usually families throw a baby shower, and my family is so scattered throughout the US I didn’t get to have that positive experience. Then I was also sad and depressed because my son has no grandparents; both my husband and my parents had passed away.Fast forward to 7 months pregnant and we had to move because they were raising our rent and it was an extra 400 a month!!! So we found another apartment to rent for cheaper with an extra bedroom for our son! Not even a two weeks after being in the apartment, I noticed a leak, and I warned the property manager that the vinyl floor was coming up and that if it wasn’t addressed, black mold could start to grow. The apartment complex ignored me and a week later I had to be labor induced because I was borderline preclampsia. I was induced however when I would push, the labor aggrivated an old neck injury (*I had my C5 and 6 discs fused together…) from a car accident to the point where on a scale one to ten, my pain was a 13!!!! an assisting doctor came in and was very curt and nasty with me, gaslighting that if I didn’t focus and push, I was going to need a C section and I could run the risk of infection with the whole COVID pandemic. That’s right the bitch used COVID to scare me into pushing more, but I physically could not, because I KEPT PASSING OUT FROM THE PAIN. After three hours of trying to push, they did an ultrasound and REALIZED that all the pushing in the world wouldn’t have done anything, because my son was not facing the right way. So they took me down to do a C section. When they strapped me to the table, my neck was violently spasming and I literally couldn’t keep it still because the labor had aggrivated it. The anestheologist kept telling me to calm down and to keep my neck still and I snapped at him and told him I couldn’t they wound up giving me ketamine and something else to cal me down. When I came to I was freezing and shaking and they asked if I wanted to hold my baby and I said no because I felt so loopy and my neck was still hurting me and I didn’t want to drop the baby, being in such a drugged stupor. After spending 5 days in the hopsital I still had high blood pressure and they sent me home. Less than two days home my blood pressure couldn’t be controled and it was 180 over 110 and I had to be readmitted into the hospital for four more days to get post partum hypertension under control. A week later it was under control, and THEN one night, I couldn’t breath! I felt like a snake was trying to strangle me under my chest. My husband called 911 and the paramedics came and did my vitals and everything was fine. Once again, I was gaslighted by the paramedic saying that my vitals were fine and if I didn’t HAVE to go to the hospital, I shouldn’t because there are COVID cases. I snappd at him and said I can’t fucking breath it feels gastric and sure enough, I had a gallbladder attack, and I had gall stones stuck in my bile duct. They kept me over night and they decided to do emergency surgery where I stayed in the hospital an extra 3 days. Three days after they released me, the leak was still ocurring in my kitchen and pushed the floor up, and I slipped in the puddles leak and my right side that had the gallbladder surgery hit the stove. When the pain stopped I checked underneath the sink and found black mold growing. At that point, we had to evacuate the apartment for TWO WEEKS because the apartment needed to be gutted and the apartment property manager had to put us up in a hotel (*which we are still at) I had told the manager that I had ordered several things for my son and she said she would take them and put them in my apartment, and once the items had gotten stolen. So this whole pregnancy from start to finish was a nightmare not because of my baby being a baby, but because everything around me has gone to shit since I have had this baby. I feel like I have the “evil eye” on me and it seems more than just post partum depression it’s like my husband and I got slammed all at once, and I’m still dealing with bullshit from our slumlord! So it’s not just post partum depression and anxiety it’s also the normal mundane anxiety that comes with dealing with assholes, when all you want to do is sit and relax and heal, and just change diapers, give bottles, and bond with your baby, and the world keeps fucking with you and coming between you…


    A new study claims that Oxytocin, a type of love hormone which is important in the regulation of social and maternal behaviour is helpful in treatment for many mental health disorders including postpartum depression.

    “Many researchers have attempted to investigate the difference between the oxytocin system in females versus males, but no one has successfully found conclusive evidence until now. Our discovery was a big surprise,” said LSU Department of Biological Sciences associate professor and lead researcher of the study Ryoichi Teruyama.



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  • Hello Dr. Marks! Thank you so much for your high quality videos. You were a very important and instrumental component of my preparation for the ASWB be national exam. I wondered if you could do a video on the effects of menopause? I am a clinical therapist, currently working on my for licensure and often have women in my office dealing with these issues. Thank you in advance for your help!

  • I’m taking escitalopram 20 mg and lamictal for 2 years why then I get anxiety and depression and mood swings…now today Doctor prescribed me valporoic acid 250…can’t mood swings and anxiety be fully controlled in bipolar or borderline disorders..

  • You people are twisted, preying on desperate mother’s to make a buck, postpartum depression is a serious medical condition and no freaking tea is going to make it go away, stop trolling

  • It’s been very difficult having the depressive symptoms and trying desperately to make sense of it myself 10 months ago because nowhere I search seems to talk about it. It makes me feel insane and I continue to feel that way now and then. Apart from mental effects there are also physical effects and they both have been lingering for more than 8 months. Because I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me, my mental health and physical health has gone down and removes me from being myself and feeling capable of living, I seriously damaged my relationship and this becomes an ongoing loop and i realize gives me a lot of symptoms of borderline personality disorder. My mental health has never been so bad in my life ever since pregnancy. I deeply appreciate this video and feel like i’m on my way to actually managing my health and ability to live life to its fullest

  • wish I could reach you out while struggling with this turmoil, overwhelming stress and anxiety apostpartum and exaggerated thoughts lead me to insomnia that lasted for about four months, an organic formula “relaxing mama tea” secretsoftea did help me getting out of that agony.

  • I think im suffering postpartun depression right know. I don’t know what to do my husband didn’t care about my feelings when im angry he’s angry too when Im sad and feeling tired he doesn’t care.
    I yelled my daughter when shes crying

  • This video brought me to tears. I too had postpartum depression it was so bad that I resented my child until he was about 4. Everything you said I felt and I believe it greatly impacted my son because he has ASD and still hasn’t learned to speak. I just want to say if you are suffering get help. I didn’t start treatment until my son was about four and these days I appreciate all the special things about him. I wish I could go back in time but I can’t. Please please get help sooner than later for you and your babies sake ❤️

  • Here’s my story:
    I worked up until June 13th. Then my water broke 1:30am on the 14th. Boyfriend’s mom rushed us to the hospital where they confirmed my water broke then proceeded to put me in a delivery room. I wasn’t contracting fast enough so they gave me petocin. Once the rest of my water broke it was already early afternoon of the 14th, then the unbearable contractions started and I was allowed an epidural. Evening came and I was only 6cm dilated. I was feeling numb, shaky, and nauseous. Drinking water was hard, as a result I was dehydrated. around midnight I was 8cm. The next morning I was checked by my doctor at 6 something in the morning. I was 9 and a half centimeters dilated but my baby’s head wasn’t all the way down. Had to get a c-section at 7am. My beautiful daughter was born at 7:40am. I was fine for a few days emotionally despite already losing sleep. I used to open a lot during the pregnancy so lost sleep wasn’t a big deal to me. The depression kicked in when I began to have trouble nursing her. She has nipple confusion so I ended up crying a lot and blamed myself. Nursing her was the one thing that made me feel useful to her since I’m unable to do much right now. So I pump to feed her, but it hurts me knowing she won’t eat directly off me because of the early introduction of the binky. I know I shouldn’t beat myself up over it, but just typing this out now the tears r coming and I’m shaking so much. I sincerely can’t wait until I can do more so I can do more for her

  • I never hated my baby but I had really bad feelings like my life was over but I loved my son and was happy having him.just going back to my hormones before being pregnant my body and mind could not handle it

  • “relaxing mama” by secretsoftea a natural cure to get over postpartum depression, this an herbal tea for moms struggling with postpartum depression. having a cup before meal is the trick to overcome the symptoms.

  • Then Jesus Christ said: “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.
    Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

    Matthew 11: 28

  • I’m pretty sure I have post natal depression. My baby is 5 months old now, I actually thought PN depression was just sadness, which I don’t have. I have extreme anxiety, mood swings, frustration and the point where I feel I’ve given up with a what’s the point attitude. It’s gotten to the point where I’m struggling to leave the house, to drive, to clean, to even brush my hair and shower. I’m going to the dr today to see if I can get a diagnosis and some much needed medication. Here’s to new beginings, I hope my life improves.

  • 5:58 to 6:06 I’m wondering if this can be applied to other forms of depression. “It’s not who you are, you have a thinking problem.” You seemed to sum it up right there, and I like how emphatic your words are.

  • I had a debilitating anxiety postpartum. I wouldn’t sleep for more than 1-2 hours a day for about 3 weeks and I was going insane. Couldn’t eat either.Lost 10 kgs in a month. I was terrified of my baby and her neediness.The fear was indescribable, just horrible. Then i stared fantasising about giving her away or just running away to my dad in another country. Then I started convincing my husband to give her away because I couldn’t cope anymore. Then I thought about just killing myself. Eventually doctor put me on strong sedatives and I was able to sleep again. Switched to bottle feeding so my husband could help me. Slowly I improved and was able to love and take care of my beautiful daughter. But the anxiety never really completely disappeared.
    There’s lot of talk about depression but is postpartum anxiety a thing too? Or was it possibly something completely different?

  • I’m here because I just saw a news about mother suffering from this.. she killed her 4 Childrens using Machete then stabbed her self.. ��

  • I had it with my first born I was always scared to leave him alone or sleep or imagine things bad could happen to him I needed sleep I needed to see family until 3 or 4 weeks of my bf helping out and going over to my parents I felt extremely better ��with my second it was less than it was before.but my 2nd born has heart defect and a lot went on before and after so it ate me alive and I started having anxiety and I still do but I try my best to control my emotions lol they’re a bit older now and more manageable but I love them so much. My second was not planned very un expected I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was close to 5 months and I had 2 miscarriages before my second child and 1 before my first born

  • I think I may have it again should I see my gp because because they cant help me with this all they do is make you talk to a professional and it’s not like it would go away

  • Im going to see a psychiatrist tomorrow.

    I just gave birth to my son last month and my dad passed away the same day.. I also have graves disease which causes me to have hyperthyroidism that causes more anxiety. I know i feel lucky I have a healthy beautiful baby boy. But I just cant stop thinking about my dad. I also feel like I’m not a good wife to my husband. I also feel like my mom-in-law is trying to take control of my life. She helps but it feels like she is overstepping. I say this because she would push me whenever I change my son’s diaper because SHE WOULD DO IT. I would have to beg to be able to hold my son. She would not let me bathe my son. All the pressure they have put me through. I do not understand. I want to just scream and grieve. Im tired. I could not even grieve because they wont allow me. They scoff everytime they see me crying over my dad. 2 days after my dad’s burial they were forcing me, my husband and my baby to stay in their house. I WAS SOOOOOOO DEVASTATED WHEN THEY SAID MY PARENTS DONT HAVE RIGHTS TO ME ANYMORE. OMG. I canr even talk to my husband about this because he respects them very much and I dont want him to hate on me for feeling disrespected. I also fear that if they know I have depression they would get my son away from me..

  • I can’t believe you published this just in time for the Royal baby’s delivery! Perfect timing. Hopefully, Megan will get a chance to watch!:)

  • I was amazing with my baby just my body had tons of anxiety after having him and having my hormones changing I had tons of lack of sleep to sorry for so many comments love your chennal

  • This is a great topic Dr. Marks. So many Women deal with this condition, and need to have an understanding not only what’s happening, but that there’s help for them. It’s sad that the joy that can be felt from having a Child can be robbed by this condition when not treated.

  • ”relaxing mama prenatal” by maternitytea.com is an herbal formula which gives relief in postpartum depression. I got tremendous result, and now am giving my ful time to my LO.

  • My wife and I had three children. I think she had significant depression after our third was born. He wasn’t a planned baby and my wife was discovered to have colon cancer 8 months into her pregnancy after a bleed ing incident that scared the both of us. After the birth she was due to have a Major operation to remove and examine the colon cancer. At three months after the birth she had an operation to remove much of her small and all but a small portion of her colon. She was in bed for all of this and her recovery. She had a friend that we asked to come live with us to help her thru all this.
    If anyone ever had a reason for despair after birth and worries about our families’ future she qualified. After moving her friend into our spare bedroom she was in much better spirits. If you have someone like this who can be there to help, make every effort to include them in your wife’s recovery
    My wife was in bed for most of two years but after moving her friend in she was strong and happy doing what she could for the kids and helping herself. I will be eternally grateful.

  • Who feels miserable because nobody in the family or even your partner understands you. They just shrug it off or they think its not that serious. They even get mad at you easily.You only got youself in the proccess but youre slowly losing yourself because of it. Sometimes, i just want to hang myself so that everything ends but i always think about my kids. I dont have anybody who understands me here. My depression and postpartum depression is mixing, its too strong not to bother. I hope i wont get into self harm again. I dont want this to happen again. Hoping everyone will cope up soon, i know its hard but mommas only yourselves will help yourselves especially if you have a partner who doesnt understand you. Godbless

  • This happened to me after I gave birth; I still struggle with it and my son will be 15 in june. I think I was bipolar before I even got pregnant

  • Omg thank you so much! No one ever talks about this and is so important to talk about it! You’re the best ❤️!!!Questions though, can blood loss effect this? I wonder if some amount of hemorrhage that’s not enough for replacement would leave the mother’s brain sort of unbalanced till her blood levels are normally again.

  • I had severe postpartum depression to the point I had thoughts of wanting to harm myself and my baby. Of course, I feel a heavy guilt with such thoughts. I reached out immediately to receive the help I needed.

  • I was diagnosed with PPD, see a reproductive psychiatrist. I have trouble recognizing my baby. Logically, I know she’s mine. But she looks so foreign to me. I’m worried about psychosis. But my doctor and therapist says no. I don’t know what causes this.

  • Will there be a video on how women should be mentally prepared for pregnant and motherhood? I’ve had that issue and couldn’t continue my pregnancy because I was so mentally broken down about myself, my future and my baby.

  • https://clearwoman.com/pregnancy/postpartumdepression/ please read this will heal you, it’s a lack of progesterone. Use progesterone oil to supplement, it healed me!

  • This solidifies my disappointment of possibly not having kids. I have Bipolar II and I’d love to have a child, but I haven’t found any research that says how to successfully go through a pregnancy and life as a new mother. I know there has to be women who manage their symptoms and meds and do well. Do you have any info on that? I’m losing hope.

  • Please do a video pertaining to anxiety and depression during menopause. So many doctors either don’t know about it or they refuse to acknowledge it.

  • Amazing! Thank you Angelina for using your voice to speak about your experience with PPD,as your story is going to help so many people.��������❤��